and that it's all downhill from here


It’s All Downhill From Here

; a bellarke Rogue One au

Captain Bellamy Blake of the Rebel Alliance has completed more than his fair share of extraction missions.

But when rumours of an Empire weapon that wields an unprecedented power start to spread, he’s tasked to rescue and secure the aid of Clarke Griffin – the daughter of the Imperial engineer responsible for building the single greatest threat the Rebellion has ever faced.

He expects all the things one usually comes to expect on a covert mission of this sort: danger, risks and scrapes, tight situations, and perhaps a near-death experience or two. 

What he doesn’t expect is for this one encounter to set him and Clarke on a path that leads to something so much bigger – including, perhaps, a chance at redemption for them both.


anonymous asked:

I'm really into Ereri fics where one of them is a famous athlete of some type. I've read "Freedom of the press" and "scoring more than goals". Could you possibly help me find some more? Thanks ♡

I would recommend going through our [sports] tag, because there’s a lot there & you might find some other famous athlete fics. Here are some that aren’t in our tag, though! 

Summary: Levi is a boxing champion, so 99% of the time he’s shirtless.
      Eren Jaeger just happens to have a severe back kink, and doesn’t have a brain-to-mouth filter.

How Forward
Summary: What could possibly be the best gift to give to the biggest soccer nerd who probably (correction – OBVIOUSLY) has a crush on a star soccer player?

It’s All Downhill From Here
Summary: Meet Eren Jäger, 17-year-old alpine prodigy from Bavaria. This is his first Olympics, and he has to remind himself to take it at least a little slower than usual- he doesn’t want to crash and shatter any cameras once he’s reached the finish, after all.
     Meet Levi, 19-year-old pairs’ skater-turned-coach when he tore his ACL several years ago, leaving him with bittersweet memories of skiing in general. This is his first Olympics, and, truth be told, he thought he’d be more impressed (he also thought he’d be competing).
     Or, rather, how about they meet each other?

An Icy Love Story
Summary: Eren Jäger, a rapidly uprising star in the world of figure skating, meets Levi Ackermann, the unsurpassed champion in this devision of ice and cold.
      Erwin wanted to let these two graceful forces clash and see what happens. Whether they may form a destructive power together, that would stun audiences for years, or end up being devoured by the ice beneath them.


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Shiro and Allura having tea in a garden. And she's winking and making a move and he's all flustered. Tehe

coran found allura’s old favorite tea set that she presumed lost with the fall of altea, shiro suggested a birthday tea party, and it’s allllll downhill from here (sorry this kind of diverted from the original prompt!! i had an idea midway through sketching :x )

If this is true, this point in the show would be when their powers are at the absolute peak. I’m guessing that’s why they were sent to the past for the Halloween episode, when the coven needed the strongest witches of all time.

Kind of sad, huh? Phoebe will soon be betraying her sisters by lying about Cole. Their bond will be weakened, and it never has a chance to fully recover before Prue dies. And as much as they love Paige, they will never have that joint childhood experience which made them so close with Prue.