and that it's all downhill from here


It’s All Downhill From Here

; a bellarke Rogue One au

Captain Bellamy Blake of the Rebel Alliance has completed more than his fair share of extraction missions.

But when rumours of an Empire weapon that wields an unprecedented power start to spread, he’s tasked to rescue and secure the aid of Clarke Griffin – the daughter of the Imperial engineer responsible for building the single greatest threat the Rebellion has ever faced.

He expects all the things one usually comes to expect on a covert mission of this sort: danger, risks and scrapes, tight situations, and perhaps a near-death experience or two. 

What he doesn’t expect is for this one encounter to set him and Clarke on a path that leads to something so much bigger – including, perhaps, a chance at redemption for them both.


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Shiro and Allura having tea in a garden. And she's winking and making a move and he's all flustered. Tehe

coran found allura’s old favorite tea set that she presumed lost with the fall of altea, shiro suggested a birthday tea party, and it’s allllll downhill from here (sorry this kind of diverted from the original prompt!! i had an idea midway through sketching :x )

i’m hurt. and angry. and bitter. and filled with resentment. and sad.

let me be.

what is going on? what … what is this mess of a season? after the high of s3, and the way julie wrote, directed, shot, edited, and gave us s3 … seriously? this is what she is giving us in s4 now? this????

where even the social media updates are so damn sloppy, that they have to keep on deleting them, taking them down, fixing the errors, and then reposting them. why such a low level of care and lack of attention to detail? why? this is your final season, this shouldn’t be happening?

if you’re gonna have a muslim woc as your final season main, when you KNOW how huge of a deal islam and the ill treatment of islam and the escalating levels of islamophobia that are on the rise bc of the current political climate we live in, when you KNOW all these things, when you KNOW you have muslim poc who are pining their hopes and dreams onto you for correct portrayal and accurate representation of them, when you KNOW all of this …

then, why? why is this season not even focusing on islam or sana?

this is not your “i’m gonna tie up loose ends and dump *spins wheel and rolls dice* ah!, sana as my main for it” season. no.

julie, if you can address huge topics like homosexuality, (internalised) homophobia, mental illness and ableism as well as you did last season, then you most CERTAINLY can do the same for islam, islamophobia, racism and xenophobia.

i am hurt, as a muslim woc, with this season. and all of you know how much i love skam. how much it means to me. but this? what is this? this isn’t sana’s season at all! this is STILL HAVING NOORA and her never ending sob story of a waste of time storyline about her bullshit flop romance, that is eating and eating and eating away at the minutes of screentime that should be focusing on sana.

i get it. you wanna show sana as lonely. you wanna show all the girls seperate from her. you wanna show islamophobia in the sense of how your own friends can’t even accept you. but … atleast show some more islam with it too? islam isn’t just the salah and the adhaan app sounding. islam is so vast and huge, that you could have EASILY generated discussion or slipped in a topic here or there about things in islam.

episode 1 was so promising. so, so promising. i thought to myself, finally … finally. but its just gone downhill from there.

having a non muslim character in yousef recalling events that don’t even primarily involve him, and then that causing islam to have a bad name bc of his “bc mikael’s very religious” and then showing him drinking??? and not even providing us answers??? making mikael so ABSENT when he plays such a central role in this story?? and mikael was the one who was breaking up the fight between elias and mahdi, so he clearly doesn’t do violent confrontation. what is up with this laziness of half showing mikael and half not??? not giving us answers for elias’ recent strange behaviour??? THIS IS THE CONTENT we wanna see being addressed, julie, not noora and the russebuss, SO WHY AREN’T YOU DELIVERING?????

and then … “i’ve taken the best parts of religion and dropped the rest”, “if religion is so good then why does it split society?” … what the fuck??? and ever since then, this had fed into this constant running theme of muslims vs the gays, and i’m sick of it. it is testing my patience now. when islam IS being shown, its being shown like this???? especially after sana last season said to isak “hate doesn’t come from religion, it comes from fear” …. WHAT IS GOING ON????

all this suffering sana is going through. it is one thing to show sana lonely. but … i can’t believe she STILL hasn’t corrected vilde as of yet? yes, sana is a girl of few words, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t speak up. so, why has she still not yet?

pitting the white woman vs the woc? seriously julie? seriously? are we really fucking doing this?????? really??? this UGLY ASS age old trope, why julie? WHY? i thought you’d be the LAST writer to use this trope.

i’m just … so, so, so disappointed. so disappointed with the way this season has gone. i feel cheated, betrayed, hurt, as a muslim fan. i know julie can write better, especially after season 3. so why now? why are you not coming through? this isn’t what us muslim fans wanted.

Me 25 yrs from now:
  • Daughter: hey mom i really like this tv show
  • Me: omg i'm so sorry
  • Daughter: sorry?
  • Me: i'll call your teachers
  • Daughter: why will-
  • Me: its all downhill from here
  • Daughter: what are you talking ab-
  • Me: want me to help you with your blog?
  • Daughter: i don't have a-
  • Me: you will
  • Daughter: but-
  • Me: shhh you can't stop it now

Hi hello I have an update

My parents and my high-school drama teacher got my drawing signed by the entire Hamilton cast

I cried

Tarch’s Old Fanarts - Day 46
Title: Dreaming fairytales
Date: 23rd January 2013

You might notice the strange title for this fanart. It has its reason. Life went downhills for me that month. Stress at school, stress with some fandom things, stress here, stress there, combined with all sorts of other concerns and fears ultimately culminated into a series of fanarts, and this one’s the first.

The original description says:

“It looks like only art is able to alter my feelings and mood in any more significant way - for the better. It’s a dream. A crazy and unreal dream, which is as far as the Sun itself, away from my reach. And no way to get to it. Live the bitterness in the daylight, dream fairytales at night.
That’s the course of my life these days.”

If Moon Was Cookie
If Moon Was Cookie

A couple years ago I said I was going to start an album tag for all of my bullshit MIDIs.  I only ever posted one.  Most of them are unfinished and embarrassing, and since I was primarily making them between 2008-2009, I have no plans to finish them.  Might as well put them out there anyway.  A lot of them are bizarre covers/re-arrangements of whatever theme song or video game track I was transfixed with at the time.  A few of them are originals.  All of them were made by clicking in notes with a mouse, no keyboards or MIDI controllers.  I was deranged.  

“If Moon Was Cookie” is a song from Sesame Street, where Cookie Monster fantasizes about the moon being a giant cookie, and how he’d attempt to eat it.  He comes to the conclusion that he’d actually regret it, because he’d miss looking up at it every night, which is kind of moving for a character that’s basically a walking id.   I made it into more of a waltz.  It also does not have a melody/”vocal” track, it’s only an accompaniment.  

I made this track in 2011, which might have something to do with it having the rare distinction of not only being one of the only MIDIs I’ve ever completed, but being one of the only ones I’m satisfied with.  Which means it’s all downhill from here, folks!  I might drop one of these HOT TRAXX every so often so make sure your socks are properly secured.