and that it's all downhill from here

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Shiro and Allura having tea in a garden. And she's winking and making a move and he's all flustered. Tehe

coran found allura’s old favorite tea set that she presumed lost with the fall of altea, shiro suggested a birthday tea party, and it’s allllll downhill from here (sorry this kind of diverted from the original prompt!! i had an idea midway through sketching :x )


It’s All Downhill From Here

; a bellarke Rogue One au

Captain Bellamy Blake of the Rebel Alliance has completed more than his fair share of extraction missions.

But when rumours of an Empire weapon that wields an unprecedented power start to spread, he’s tasked to rescue and secure the aid of Clarke Griffin – the daughter of the Imperial engineer responsible for building the single greatest threat the Rebellion has ever faced.

He expects all the things one usually comes to expect on a covert mission of this sort: danger, risks and scrapes, tight situations, and perhaps a near-death experience or two. 

What he doesn’t expect is for this one encounter to set him and Clarke on a path that leads to something so much bigger – including, perhaps, a chance at redemption for them both.


Hi hello I have an update

My parents and my high-school drama teacher got my drawing signed by the entire Hamilton cast

I cried


Lost characters according to Sawyer: 3/10 - Charlie Pace

Every Monster in Snowdin, the tol and the smol,

Would gather at Grillby’s, every ship, ‘sona and AU. 

Filled with DETERMINATION, they’d reblog and they’d tag! 

They’d sin! And they’d sin! And they’d SIN! 


And the more Gaster thought of this Whole UnderSinning, 

The more he thought, “Excuse me who gave you the RIGHT???” 




*20 Years from Now
  • daughter: hey mom i really like this new book series...
  • me: omg Im so sorry
  • daughter: sorry?
  • me: ill call the teachers
  • daughter: why are y-
  • me: to let them know your grades will be dropping
  • daughter: why will-
  • me: im afraid its all downhill from here
  • daughter: what are you talking ab-
  • me: you might as well say goodbye to your friends
  • daughter: but i-
  • me: do you want me to help you with your blog?
  • daughter: i dont have a-
  • me: you will
  • daughter: but-
  • me: shhhh... its already done, there is no turning back
It All Went Downhill From Here

25 Days Christmas Romance Challenge || Day 21

Character A is pretending to be their friend’s lover for the sake of the friend’s family. Character B is said friend’s sibling.

(header by the incredibly sweet and talented @katie-dub)

It All Went Downhill From Here; ~ 2, 000 words; FF.NET || AO3

She watches Killian Jones storm out of his own house and wonders when exactly this whole weekend went so horribly wrong. A few instances come to mind.

Possible It-all-went-downhill-from-here moment #1

She bumps into him and almost covers his shirt in mulled wine. She has not been hanging around the kitchen’s doorway, with its fake-as-can-be mistletoe, scotched-taped by someone, who, if Emma has to guess, was operating with one hand. She is not that smitten, thank you very much. But the fact remains that when she looks up and it is Killian who almost got a first degree burn as a Christmas present, Emma doesn’t rush off.

She hesitates. She lingers. Probably seeming distracted to everyone else and completely obvious to herself. She waits and waits and starts wondering if she should storm off in a huff or just grab him by the lapels and snog him senseless, as his brother would put it.

Killian’s chuckle is only a little forced and he scratches behind his ear for just a second and then makes the decision for her. He takes her hand and lifts it to his lips. She barely feels the brush of his mouth but his breath is warm and heavy on her skin and Emma swears a proper kiss would’ve been less sensual. She certainly hasn’t had one she enjoyed as much as this.


No, as nice as it is to relive that one, she should go further back.

Possible It-all-went-downhill-from-here moment #2

She almost missed it, busy as she is with staring at Killian Jones catching every popcorn Robin’s kid throws at him. With his mouth.

There are certain things that should not be attractive and acting like a 5-year-old, in the company of an actual 5-year-old, should be one of them. But when Killian catches her staring and grins proudly (he did catch every single one), she quickly averts her eyes. And that’s when she sees it.

Elsa is most definitely not gonna make the top of that tree, no matter how much she frowns and huffs at it. Emma laughs quietly at her for using her people tactics on a dead plant and is just about to go save said plant from being toppled over when she sees Liam comes up behind her roommate. She sees Elsa jump when his hands come to rest on her hips and almost hears her indignant yelp when he lifts her up without much preamble.

Emma wants to laugh again but then she catches Killian’s frown that melts into concern when he meets her eyes and all she wants is to scream in frustration.

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It was an odd thing, for a mermaid to love fire, but ‘odd’ had never stopped him before.

For anon.

Zayn | Niall

Crystal Episode 28- Tuxedo Uranus

Someone needs to stop me because I’m starting to slip down the slippery slope into Ryoumarx hell where I start coming up with dumb headcanons like how Marx can’t stand being the big spoon because then he has to deal with a faceful of Ryouma’s ridiculous hair. It’s like cuddling with an unruly bush.

…Marx also isn’t usually one for teasing (mostly because his sense of humor is garbage) but he does like refusing to bend down for kisses so Ryouma has to stand on his toes. Ryouma does not appreciate this.