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Relationship Status: Forever alone…

Favourite Colour: Black; but because people still discusse if it’s a colour or not because of the absorption of all light and colours, blue and turquoise as well.

Lipstick Or Chapstick:  Huh?

Last Song I Listened To: Don’t Let Me Leave, Murph - Interstellar OST (Hans Zimmer)

Last Movie I Watched: The Silence Of The Lambs, because Jonathan Demme died on the 26th of April.

Top Three Fictional Characters: This is a tough one… Erwin Commander-Fucking-Handsome Smith, Vinsmoke Sanji, Tina Belcher

Top Three Ships: Why? I have so many OTPs and I’m cheating now… 

EruRi (Erwin Smith x Levi Ackerman), 
Swarkles (Barney Stinson x Robin Scherbatsky - Actually, it’s Marshall and Lily, but they’ve been dating since the beginning and are too perfect.) and
ZoSan (Roronoa Zoro x Vinsmoke Sanji)
Dutyshipping (Haruka Tenou/Sailor Uranus x Michiru Kaiou/Sailor Neptune)

Books I’m reading: Harper Lee’s To Kill A Mockingbird

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So I wrote a thing- Its a Langst thing.

It isnt finished and its just in the ‘summarize’ stage but… I dont know if I should expand on it?

Read it under the cut if you wantttt

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“Hatter is my truest friend. If he is in need, I will help him, no matter what.” 

Alice traveled through Time, escaped from a mental institution, and nearly destroyed all of Time so the Hatter could be happy and well again. That should tell you just how much she loves him.

Room For Ruby Spoilers

The Crystal Gems apparently were NEVER going to retrieve the rubies and I find this very strange.

When Steven asks Navy if she’s mad about everything they’ve done, he says

“Or when we blasted you all out into space and stole your ship so you would be stranded forever?”

Many people in the fandom were wondering why Steven and the Crystal Gems didn’t get the Rubies after rescuing Greg and seem to have just moved on from it and I was too, maybe they just forgot or something. Steven said they’d get them on the way back from the human zoo. But they didn’t. And then he says plainly they stole their ship so they would be “stranded forever”.

They were planning to just leave them there. STEVEN was planning to leave them there. They were planning to just leave these immortal beings sent to retrieve Jasper, and ultimately are not much of a serious threat to the CGs in a fight, aimlessly floating out in the endless void of space for eternity.

Does–Does anyone else find this prospect deeply disturbing? Not just for the Crystal Gems, but especially for a character like Steven, known for wanting to help people and is supposed to be caring and loving even for his alleged enemies.

And he clearly felt guilty about it leaving them at first! We saw that in Stevonnie’s visions of Eyeball! But now he’s just totally cool with leaving them for dead?

This just seems so…off…It seems so cruel.

It doesn’t even make any logical sense either! It’s incredibly easy to come to the conclusion that since now Blue and Yellow Diamond have their eyes set on earth, if the Crystal Gems didn’t get the rubies, the diamonds would have! And the rubies have vital information on the Crystal Gems that would be very dangerous if the Diamonds found out. Like the barn, the location of two of the gems’ biggest allies?

GARNET has future vision for fuck’s sake, why wouldn’t she at least know that something obvious like that could happen?

Are they gonna address any of this or what

alright im ready to cry and die 

time to find out what my true otp is

(ignore the ones that arent ships i ran out of things to put)


giga-P is gone bless your beautiful soul giga-san



well i guess this was expected you guys dont really know how to handle weapons since you play volleyball




byebye gerita your sausage and pasta will forever be remebered rip


happiness is killing all my ships is this some sort of sick joke?!?!






mikayuu why this is killing me yo






im crying this is not okay i will never be happy in my entire life again 

A STEREK STORY (and delirium)

Do you remember when Scott thought that Derek died (s03e05) and he wasn’t able to heal because he felt guilty for his death?

Well, after Allison helps him to heal, one of the first things he says is: “Stiles, where’s Stiles?” even if there is no reason to believe he is in danger. It’s like Scott’s last promise to Derek was to keep Stiles safe.


I’ve always believed that (until season 4) it was Derek who acknowledged and understood his feelings for Stiles (Stiles was just…well…Stiles. Kinda lost in his Lydia world, wondering about his sexuality). Scott knew it though, like every body else in the pack, simply because Derek made it very clear to them

But he tried so hard to keep him away. For so many reasons:

1) Stiles is a “child”

2) “I killed my first love”

3) “people I love die”

4) Trust issues

5) He knows and respects the feelings Stiles has for Lydia

“Sometimes the shape you take reflects the person that you are. Even Stiles calls her cold-blooded.”

6) He loves Stiles’ smile. And he knows how dangerous and painful a relationship with a werewolf can be.

But nobody can deny that Derek is totally in love with Stiles, because:

1) He makes him smile:

2) And makes him act like a baby (because he had to grow up so fast that he’s still a child in so many ways, SO BASICALLY WHAT STILES GIVES HIM IS WHAT HE NEVER HAD THE CHANCE TO HAVE):

(come on, Derek. No one believes you)

3) This little, defenceless human is a hero, a BAMF and he’s not afraid of him

4) this BAMF is kind and funny and brave and full of love

5) He dreams of him

6) no words needed 

7) Derek kinda freaks out every time Stiles is in danger


And then, finally, it looks like Stiles understands something (and, yes, it looks like our ship is going to become canon)

BUT…Season 3B. Stiles literally loses his mind (STILES WHAT ARE YOU DOING)

While Derek’s still totally and madly in love with him:

And the Nogitsune knows it:

But then season 4 comes, and while Derek finds a distraction (okay, totally fair)…

…Malia decides that Stiles is her mate:

And then Stiles finally gets it:

Because when you’re losing someone… 

…you understand how much that someone is important to you.

And how many lies you told yourself,

how many chances you missed,

how many kisses got lost forever,

and how many “I love you” passed over in silence.

But what’s meant to be will always find a way.

You can call it Fate.

I like to call it Sterek.

Wait for the person who pursues you…The one who will make an ordinary moment seem magical…

The kind of person who brings out the best in you…

and makes you want to be a better person…

Wait for the person who will be your best friend…The only person who will drop everything to be with you at any time…

no matter what the circumstances.

If you comment on my work or posts with the following:

“Great work but I hate the ship-”


“Its nice but could you do this ship-”


“I prefer this ship!”


“[Insert ship that takes one character and replaces another] forever!1!!/is best!!!”


“I hate this ship. [Character A] should be with/likes [Character B]”


“If this ship becomes canon I’ll kms #[shipname]”


“All these shippers are [insert derogatory comment/accusation]”


“Why ship this when you can ship-”


“This ship has no appeal for anyone because it doesn’t appeal to me personally!”


“Why can’t you write this ship instead of-”


“I hate your ship 😌😌😌”


“This isn’t possible because only canon-”


“No no no no [insert incoherent screams of frustration] THIS IS BAD ITS NOT WHAT I LIKE 😒😷😡😤”

[BLOCKED 😌☺😃😆]

“I don’t like this can you do-”

“No thanks”

“[Continuous asking after rejection]


“I headcanon this. Its canon now. Its law. Cuz I like it. You’re wrong for going against it. You’re [insert whatever uncreative insult that has already been thrown in my face]”


I don’t think I can make myself any clearer. This goes for all sites that I’m on. I shouldn’t have to have a zero tolerance policy but here I am. Not only does this happen on my work, but others. If you don’t have anything positive to say, don’t say it. If you hate my ships, you don’t have to tell me? Or other shippers? Do you but not on our posts. If you choose to do it anyways, guess what!

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It’s about that time again. After asking twitter when I should share it and an overwhelming vote in favor of “now, you asshole,” I’m excited to share the official playlist for THE EDGE OF THE ABYSS!

Like last time, I’ve included a note about what each song is there for, and the songs are roughly in story order. This, of course, leads to a caveat: while I’ve done my best to keep things vague, the deeper you go and the closer you read, the more you wander into potential spoiler territory. 

This playlist grew alongside the book—some songs corresponding to certain scenes, others lending themselves more to the overall vibe. Those of you who’ve read already can probably see their influence and the ways they reflect the story. Those of you who haven’t… buckle up.

  1. So Far From Your Weapon // The Dead Weather // there’s a bullet in my pocket burning a hole / you’re so far from your weapon and the place you were born // a song for lookout duty
  2. Winter // Daughter // drifting apart like two sheets of ice, my love / frozen hearts growing colder with time // a song for three weeks of silence
  3. Blame // Bastille // fall upon your knees, saying ‘this is my body and soul here’ / fall and beg and plead, saying ‘you’ve got the power and control’ / don’t pin it all on me // a song for swift at the door
  4. Gun // CHVRCHES // who are you to tell me how to keep myself afloat? / i tread the water all the while / you stuck in the knife that you held at my back // a song for bleeding lips and finding balance
  5. Get Home // Bastille // how am i gonna get myself back home? // a song for a question
  6. Mother & Father // BROODS // ever since i left my mother, it’s much harder to know / how to make my own life here, how to make my own home // a song for a heart too empty
  7. We the Common // Thao & The Get Down Stay Down // all they wanted was a villain, a villain / and all they had was me / all they wanted was a villain, a villain / so then they just took me // a song for cas and the salt
  8. Beggin For Thread // Banks // strapped down to something that you don’t understand / don’t know what you were getting yourself into / you should have known / secretly i think you knew  // a song for cas and the bind
  9. Ships in the Night // Mat Kearney // turn the lights down low / walk these halls alone / we can feel so far from so close // a song for trying to make it work
  10. Black Water // Of Monsters And Men // swallowed by a vicious, vengeful sea / darker days are raining over me / in the deepest depths i lost myself / i see myself through someone else // a song for cas
  11. Trouble // Neon Jungle // they say here comes a hurricane / trouble is her middle name / but i don’t look for trouble / yeah, trouble looks for me // a song for swift at the helm of a needleboat
  12. Hell and Back // The Airborne Toxic Event // and you took me to hell and back / how many times can i walk away from you? // a song for a new year
  13. I’m So Sorry // Imagine Dragons // so you gotta fire up / you gotta let go / you’ll never be loved ‘til you’ve made your own // a song for meeting an old friend in the middle of a storm
  14. Bullets // Rebecca & Fiona // don’t make me show you how weak you are / hurts like bullets between these walls // a song for a punching bag
  15. The Draw // Bastille // in my left hand there is the familiar / in my right hand there’s the great unknown // a song for cas’s turmoil
  16. Leave A Trace // CHVRCHES // i have somehow got away with everything / anything you ever did was strictly by design / but you got it wrong / and i’ll go anywhere but there // a song for cas, the knife
  17. Ghost Towns // Radical Face // but i miss you / but there’s no coming home / there’s no coming home with a name like mine // a song for cas and tom
  18. We Sink // CHVRCHES // we are / i’ve come apart and you made me / float like / a pretty box of your evil // a song for young leadership
  19. Cliffs Edge // Hayley Kiyoko // cliff’s edge, you turn me on / you lead me on / you’ve got me on a cliff’s edge / where i belong // a song for a cold bottle of beer on the trainer deck
  20. Everybody Wants To Rule The World // Lorde // help me make the most of freedom / and of pleasure / nothing ever lasts forever // a song for second times
  21. This Is Why We Fight // The Decemberists // so come to me / come to me / lay your arms around me / this is why / this is why we fight // a song for the last stand 
  22. I Bet My Life // Imagine Dragons // i know i took the path that you would never want for me / i know i let you down, didn’t i? // a song for new ships on the horizon
  23. Home // American Authors // i’m not trying to part the ocean waves / i’m not trying to overthrow the throne / i’m just trying to find a way to make it back home  // a song for the end in sight
  24. Monster Lead Me Home // Sara Hartman // where there is nowhere to hide / stranger on the other side / we walk in shadows / monster lead me home // a song for cutting a deal
  25. Love Me Again // John Newman // i need to know now / know now, can you love me again? // a song for new beginnings in the bones of old ones
Reason’s why I love Got7

To start off they all have different unique personalities 

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Such clumsy dorks

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Not afraid to show off the dorkiness 

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These kids are always so freaken hyper

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They work so hard to get to where they are

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They’re not scared to show affection 

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Those seven dorks bring joy to my life

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Harry Potter / Luna Lovegood  +  Fix You

Because she gets him the best; maybe even more than he gets himself.  Because she knows what he needs and gives him space.  Because she gives him time.  Because she doesn’t try to interfere and let him fix himself.  Because she’s just right there in the right place at the right time.  Because no one other than her knows what to do or what to say when he’s at his worst.  Because no one other than her can ground him like that.  Because she doesn’t even have to try.  She’s just like that.  She’s always been like that.

And he knows she has suffered the same loss, and has been alone, and weird, and bullied, just like him.  And he’s never wanted anyone to call bullshit on him because he’s well aware of it.  And he hates himself for that but doesn’t know how to stop it.  And he’s never wanted to fight with anyone but things just get worse and suddenly she calms him down like nobody could.  And he doesn’t even know why but he thinks he gets her, in some weird way no one understands.  And he cares for her.  He doesn’t need her to fix him; he just needs her.

anonymous asked:

I don't understand how anyone can like Malia, I'm not hating, but I've never liked her, Shelley Hennig is women out for attention, she was Miss Teen USA 2004, they're only out because they want to saw the world their bodies, how has she got any pride? She can't actually act, it's so cringe worthy and hard to watch, I mean when she was crying over her dead sister and mum, completely unrealistic! How can you like Malia with Shelley playing her?

Look here, nothing is going to turn me against Shelley Hennig, she is my idol and I adore her. As for you nasty comments about Miss Teen USA, that’s a bit over the top, considering some of them are intelligent and go on to do great things; Shelley started speaking publicly a lot about how she doesn’t agree with underage drinking, she still publicly does now. Shelley answers for Miss Teen USA were also very well educated and you can tell looks aren’t her favorite thing about her; she has spoken about how she is a Tomboy and how Malia is too, that why she cut her hair for season 5.

Onto the other point that blew me away…’re saying she can’t act? Sorry I can’t compute that, currently she is the only Teen Wolf female to win an award for best female, along with her cast mates Tyler Posey (Teen Choice: male star) and Dylan O’Brien (Teen Choice: Best villain, scene stealer, male star) who have also won Teen Choice Awards for their Teen Wolf performances.

And I think this will demonstrate her acting skills:

This scene was one of the scenes that sealed the deal on me shipping Stalia forever and causing me a lot of pain in the process; it is clear that her and Dylan have a lot of chemistry as friends as this was more believable than the stuff strdia produce:

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Malia is not one to cry, but when she does her performance is impeccable and makes me break down each time.

She is also one who can crack me with her boyish attitude and funny habits:

Onto the comment that bothered me most, I think you were referring to this scene when Malia sees her dead Mother and sister, how is an actor meant to act when they see fictional dead family; are they meant to overact and scream?? She does it calmly and full of pure emotion, you can see how much this scene pains her, in more ways than one, her lip quivering, her holding her breath.

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If you’d done any research in Shelley, you’d know that when she was fourteen, she lost one of her elder brothers in a car accident, this is the reason she is so publicly against drunk-driving, I know actors personally at my college and they all say that they use their own experiences to help them act out a scene, did you even stop for one minute to think that maybe her acting in this scene, was guided by her own personally lost? The characters died in an accident, a lot like her brother and I really think Shelley broadcast that emotion in that scene.

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All in all, I can’t imagine anyone else as Malia Tate:

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Not sure why Jack is glowing, but he is. Not sure why Pitch likes it, but he does…

I can never decide if I actually ship this or not, but I do like the dynamic between these guys. The sketch for this is from forever ago and I finally did something with it! Somehow it reminds me of an epic blackice fic I read a while back. From Darkness We Rise. Very long, very involved, and definitely an awesome read. Mad love to @not-poignant Let’s just say it was inspired by that one ^^;


Every time these two are put together for some reason, it looks like they’re awkwardly flirting. And Kookie can barely look Jimin in the eye, always looking away and even turning away.

That hair flip though, like, okay Jimin that’s totally not obvious.
Kook is it really necessary to slide your hand over his chest every chance you get? And in public too?

I’m rereading Heir of Fire and I just finished the part where Aelin shifts into her fae form and her and Rowan just run and like play with each other it’s so cute omg. Just listen to this quote from it

“Rowan raced beside her, but made no move to grab her. No, Rowan was … playing.

He threw a glance at her, breathing hard but evenly. And it might have been the sun through the canopy, but she could have sworn that she saw his eyes alight with a glimmer of that same, feral contentment. She could have sworn he was smiling.”

This. This is why I will forever ship Rowaelin. Both of them are in such a dark place right now and they help each other to come out of that dark place. Both of them probably haven’t felt true joy like this in a long time. In the beginning and throughout a lot of this book you hear how Rowan has “dead eyes”. She makes him come back alive, and he does the same to her. 

“ I think, ultimately, what my position would be is that unless you love you’re not human. You’re not a complete human being. That’s why the last episode was so much fun exploring, you know, seeing these two warriors, Michonne and Rick, in love, bringing out qualities in each other that you’ve never seen before. They’ve never been…or they haven’t access for a long long time… I mean otherwise what the fuck are we fighting for?” - Andrew Lincoln 😭

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