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The war goes on

i did a lot of research on the eeveelutions, yes bc i love them, but also bc i wanted to make a more accurate eeveelution personality quiz than the ones ive seen around!

and i wanna share w you guys some neat eeveelution facts most people dont know! ^o^)/

(if you would like to take the quiz i made send me an ask and i’ll link you! ^u^)

♡eevee: the only one of the eeveelutions (and one of the only pokemon that i know of) described as a mutant pokemon. their cells are so strange and unlike any other pokemon which is why they can evolve into so many different types. in other words, by pokemon standards, eevee is a total weirdo. its body automatically adapts to its surroundings! eevees can live p much anywhere yet they are most commonly found in cities
also eevees are described as “naive” in quite a few pokedex entries but they are aware that they are cute. they just dont fully know how to use it to their advantage like sylveon does haha
but they can learn moves like “charm” and “fake tears” to use their looks to garner mercy from an opponent/attacker!

vaporeon: the only eeveelution that can become its element! vaporeons have the ability to actually turn into water when in water  >83c (part of the whole mutant cell thing)
according to legends within pokemon lore when people would see vaporeon swimming in the ocean they often believed they saw mermaids! (hence the mermaid aesthetic question in the quiz). also unlike other eeveelutions who actively want to be around people (like eevee, flareon, and sylveon) vaporeon is very comfortable being on its own, while also being very comfortable around people. its never really lonely either way c:

jolteon: this poor thing is the most emotionally fragile of all the eeveelutions ;;
and its not even like a singular personality trait THIS IS JUST HOW JOLTEON ARE
they are extremely sensitive and totally wear their hearts on their sleeves. they love big, and they hate big haha
they do a thing where they store negative ions within their fur and then when needed (or when they feel like it) they lash out BIG TIME w a mighty electric attack. supposedly jolteon are the hardest to train out of the eeveelutions bc they take EVERYTHING personal. are you hanging out w one of your pokemon more than your jolteon? jolteon will be hella offended. do you have a new love interest in your life? jolteon is offended and hurt you need someone more than jolteon. etc
basically trust is a HUGE issue for jolteon so you really need to have a tight bond/relationship with one in order for it to feel secure and happy.
but if you CAN do this then you have a MIGHTY ALLY. bc jolteon is one of the strongest eeveelutions! and is the absolute fastest! a good ally and friend who will always come to your aid UuU
i hate how misrepresented jolteon is bc most people try to make it this super edgy/mean pokemon but according to nintendo jolteon is the one eeveelution who really wants a hug the most ;w;

flareon: this puffball is the ultimate cuddle beast and will love you most of all the eeveelutions! (except maybe sylveon)
it is the shortest, chubbiest and weakest of all the eeveelutions. but gosh darn it tries its best.
think of it like a toy breed of dog. it can bark really loud but its not really made to pull a sled or anything. what it wants most is to be by your side but it wont be offended if you dont pick it for battle haha

espeon: the only eeveelution that is the MOST mythologically based,
espeon’s design pulls from about 3 or 4 different legendary mythical creatures found in japanese, chinese and latin folklore! also it is the only eeveelution specifically based on a cat, despite eevee (and the other eeveelutions) being dog based. its the only eeveelution aware of its beauty (besides sylveon) and while it doesnt really use it to its advantage for anything, espeon are known to just…admire their reflections bc theyre so pretty haha
its also one of the weaker eeveelutions and not really fond of fighting or anything that would mess up its beauty in any way. it will fight if it has to, or if in battle for you, but theyre content if they never fight at all haha

its scared of EVERYTHING
its the only eeveelution who has created a fear based defense mechanism! it has poison sweat :I
so if it starts sweating bc its scared out in the wild (which is p often) it sprays its sweat to make a quick get away!
umbreon is not some creepy/evil/loner omgg they adore people and pokemon and cant wait to make friends!!

leafeon: the only eeveelution described as a “pacifist pokemon”
they NEVER want to fight
pls dont put them in battle bc you will just make your leafeon very unhappy. it hates the thought of hurting anyone ;;
they also always smell good! it is said that young leafeon smell like fresh grass and old leafeon smell like dried leaves.
leafeon dont eat like other pokemon. they gain energy through photosynthesis like a plant, so there is always clean air surrounding a them UuU

glaceon: the most adaptable of all the eeveelutions! (besides eevee ofc)
it can live comfortably in a volcano as well as an iceberg
its the only eeveelution that can regulate its body temperature meaning that if it does live in a volcano it can make its body temperature low enough to be comfortable there!
also they are similar to vaporeon in that they are happy and comfortable around people as much as they are alone in the wild. either way they can be happy.
however if they do make a friend (human or pokemon) and that friend betrays their trust in some way (hurting them or smth) glaceon will literally build a thin wall of ice around its entire body so that the one who hurt them can literally never touch them again
if you hurt a glaceon you’ve lost them forever u_u

sylveon LOVE being the center of attention and would NEVER be happy in the wild
they wanna be surrounded by lots of people and pokemon who will tell them they are pretty all the time haha
sylveon is the most confident of them all too
it is one of the most powerful of the bunch AND KNOWS IT and is one of the most pretty/lovely to look at AND THEY ARE AWARE OF THIS TOO haha
they hold the ones they love very dear to their hearts and love to “hold hands” aka wrap their ribbons around the hands of the one they love while they walk around w them.
it loves to battle!! p much any chance to be the center of attention is a-ok w a sylveon haha
also, even if it is incredibly strong, sylveon still really enjoy outsmarting their opponents
they have the ability to trick and outwit them w their sweet looks and they do it often haha
sylveon are no angels
if you are not someone they already hold close then they will happily try to outwit you to get what they want

i could go on and on about the eeveelutions aaa i love them so much ;u;
i hope you enjoy reading about them!!


Kai Parker x Reader
word count :
3 252
warning : smut
summary : Kai and Reader are best friends. After the transition Kai finds himself wanting to bite her , feed on her and … (lets just say the deleted scene got to me in a way and this story is the result.)
* gif by wood-x-chris

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It wasnt the first time Kai had shown up at Y/N’s place at midnight hours. It was their thing , or one of them at least. None of them knew that this night was going to change everything between them. Ever since Kai had turned into a vampire it became clear he had a thing for the real thing - no blood bags but feeding directly from someone. He liked how the warm blood dripped down his throat. Problem was Kai wanted one person’s specific blood - his best friends’ Y/N’s. Only her blood was able to wake up every fiber in his body. The young heretic didn’t know why that was and at first he had been worried to ask her , afraid she might push him away and he’d lose their friendship. After one accident with Damon , when the vampire tried to kill him again , Kai had shown up at Y/N’s place and she had been the one to offer to open up a vein for him. Later on Kai had told her how he cant stop thinking about her , biting her and being around her and she had agreed to help him , hiding a secret of her own.

It was one of those hot summer nights and Y/N laid in bed with a book in her hands. Reading was her escape from reality and every spare moment she had she took as an opportunity to do just that. Her life wasn’t ordinary , not in the traditional sense of the word anyways. Most of her friends were supernaturals and she was one of the few humans left in the group. Her best friend was a vampire witch hybrid. Though he was more than a friend to her - he was the missing piece in her life she never even knew was missing until he showed up.
Y/N flipped another page of her book when a gust of wind blew through her window and with a muffled thud someone’s feet landed on the floorboards. Her heart skipped at bit when she looked up from her book and saw Kai standing there looking hotter than ever. He was wearing jeans , a white shirt and his favorite dark blue / black jacket.
“Hey.” said Kai grinning motioning towards the window. “Why do you keep your window open so widely at night ? Don’t you know it’s dangerous ? Someone might sneak into your room.”
Y/N laughed , putting her book away moving a little on her bed to make space for him.”It might be , but not with you around.”
“Your friends would say the opposite.” replied Kai , kicking his shoes off climbing onto the bed next to her. “I am a dangerous sociopath , remember ? Even more so now that I am a heretic.”
“The only thing I find dangerous about you is how I could never get enough of your constant talking.” she laughed.
“You don’t find it annoying ?” he asked amused. “Most people would literally put a sock in my mouth to keep me from talking you know. Damon tried once.”
“Not at all. I love the sound of your voice.” she laughed. ”Are you hungry?”
Kai smiled at her , his hands behind his head. “Always am , sweetheart. Being a vampire is so weird. I can hear things from miles away and thats awesome except when I have to listen to your friends bicker. They do that a lot by the way.“
“Yeah , things are a little on edge lately.” she sighed tossing herself onto the pillow next to him. Kai turned to his side , his fingertips touching the skin on her neck feeling her blood flowing , pulsating in her veins.
“May I?”
“How many times do I have to tell you Kai ?” she said smiling moving her hair to the side. “You don’t have to ask.”
“Yeah but its nicer when I do.” he said rolling on top of her , his knee between her legs. Y/N smiled as Kai gripped her wrists holding them on either side of her head , purple black veins flickering under his eyes. The sight of Kai’s vampirism always did things to her - send butterflies to her stomach and shock waves *down there*. He smirked devilishly and sank his teeth into her neck.
The feeling of having a vampire feed on someone’s blood is hard to explain. Its a rush , pleasure and the good kind of pain at the same time. Of all three when Kai was feeding on her , Y/N felt the pleasure most of all. That night as every other night Kai had fed on her she felt the waves vibrate through her body , concentrating mostly on her heat. It was impossible to avoid the feeling. Her crush on him had grown into strong feelings and having him this close and personal did things to her nothing and no one else could.
A low moan escaped her lips as Kai drained an artery , slowly pulling away from her feeling Y/N slide down a little and grind her crotch against his knee. He wiped away his mouth looking at her with a surprise and curiousity in his eyes.
“S-Sorry.” she muttered. “I dont know why I did that…”
Kai was starring at her , only then realising the feeling he always got while feeding on her went both ways. He had thought it was one sided , a side effect of his vampirism or something but maybe he had been wrong. Y/N’s eyes met his , noticing a different kind of glow in them. He smiled nervously , brushing his fingers against her cheek for a moment before his lips touched hers , kissing her gently for a second but long enough to make her head spin even more than before.
Y/N’s heart beat faster than ever and she had trouble remembering how to breath, blink or function for that matter. Kai gazed into her eyes , trying to figure out her reaction. He could hear her heart racing after the kiss but had no idea what that reaction meant. Her heart always raced like that when he was around.
“Kiss me again” she whispered and his lips crashed against hers again ,demanding and hungry for more. He leaned towards her pressing his crotch against hers as their lips felt like they were glued together. Y/N moaned into he kiss feeling Kai’s hand slide between their bodies towards her heat. Kai pushed his way into her panties , rubbing her clit slowly with his fingers. He wanted her , not just her blood but her , all of her. He wanted to kiss every square inch of her body and make her his again and again.

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“Cheer me up Buttercup” 🎭 - Peter Parker Imagine

Setting: Your bedroom
Description: You called your boyfriend Peter over after finding out good news, however, Peter had bad news in return.
Warnings: Just pure fluff with some kissing and flirting.

You squealed in excitement as you opened the letter regarding the scholarship you scouted last week. As you discarded the tattered envelope and unsealed the scotch colored paper you halted in your movements as you suddenly felt sick. If you got the scholarship you would receive $10,000 which would go straight to your college fund, but if you didn’t, well you thought your whole planning would be ruined.

Feeling now too nervous to see the results you quickly reached in your pocket and dialed Peter’s number. You and him had been dating for 6 months now, your relationship had begun junior year when you transferred to Midtown. You took one look at the letter before down at your feet as the phone had rung a few times. You contemplated just hanging up but peter picked up.

“Hey y/n” He spoke lowly. You remembered it was reaching 9:00pm so he probably was already in bed.

“Peter my letter came-for the scholarship” you contained your giddiness as you heard him lean from his bed and snuggle the phone closer to his ear.

“You got it? Thats good” He spoke straightforwardly with a hint of emotion but he sounded drained. Your lips frowned as you sat down on your bed. You peeped out your window, a direct display of the apartment complexes Peter lived in. Behind the building was the coral colored sky with a setting sun.

“Well thats why I called. Im too scared to open it alone.” You highered your voice as you blushed. You felt so extra for calling Peter just to help you read a piece of paper but you wanted to see him anyway. “So step away from the legos or Mr. Délis Spanish homework and get your butt over here.” You demanded with a laugh.

“I dont know y/n. Im not feeling too good.”

“What’s wrong..peter what happened. Is Aunt Ma-“

“Aunt may’s fine. I-I’ll tell you after we open your letter. Be there in 15.”

With that Peter ended the call and you placed the phone down on your lap as you stood to start cleaning your room, however, all you could think about was Peter’s news.

20 minutes later you heard a knock on your door and rushed from the kitchen to to the front door. After taking a peak in the peephole you unlocked the door and took a long look at peter. “You look…ready for bed” you teased stepping to him to give a hug. Peter wrapped his arms around you, giving you a tight squeeze as he nuzzled his face in your neck.

“No comeback?” you questioned pulling away to let him inside. Peter only offered a weak smile, trudging his way to your bedroom. You both entered your bedroom and you had closed your door behind you. Peter plopped on your bed and crossed his arms before saying “Wheres the letter?”

“We can open it later. Now Im just worried about you” You walked near his form and ran a hand through his hair detangling his slightly damp curls. “What happened tater-tot?”

“I- I lost the stark internsh-“ he cut his words off once they only became incoherent mumbles. He gripped onto your hips bringing you to him as his tears began to wet your shirt. You only held him close while rubbing his back as his body shuddered. “Im s-so stupid” he constantly shook his head in disappointment as he looked up into your eyes. You looked down at his hands holding your hips rather tighter than he probably meant before he realized and let go.

“Dont say that.” You instructed.

“But I am..I screwed up Y/n. So bad” you could tell he was about to cry again so you shushed him with a kiss to his lips.

“Just, look…lay down. Okay.” You placed a hand on his chest guiding him down before hitting the lights in your bedroom making it pitch dark. You could hear peter getting situated in bed so you hit the switch for the fairy lights wrapped along your bed posts. Peter looked up at them, his eyes dancing among the tiny bulbs that looked like stars. “They look nice yeh? My dad bought them last night.” You informed crawling into bed. Peter flicked his eyes to you before nervously analyzing your bed sheets.

“Its okay. I only want to talk.” you said laying down with your back facing him.” Peter seemed relieved, laying his back onto your pillow. “I dont know how-or why you lost the internship. But my baby isn’t stupid and you like never make mistakes, even at school so dont be so hard on yourself.” You looked down at your skin with golden sparkles lining the surface as Peter exhaled. “So Cheer up buttercup!” You smiled chuckling at the quote peter would often tell you.

It fell quite soon after, only you and Peter’s breathing. “Peter-I…” you began but warm kisses on the back of your neck made you shudder and clamp your mouth closed. Yes, you and peter shared kisses before, more like cheek pecks but nothing else. You turned to look at him as he appeared with a adoring focused face. “I like you so much” you stated leaning down to kiss his lips, as you moaned he reached to grab your hips again.

You contemplated a bit in your mind before swinging your leg over his body to straddle him. Peter immediately shot up, his eyes focused on yours as you smiled shyly. “I-Lets open your letter. Yes. I came- I walked over here to um.” Peter jumped over his words as he looked down at his chest. However, the “I survive my trip to New York” made him shudder in embarrassment as he looked away again.

“Right now I just want to cheer you up” You spoke softly reaching a hand out to cup his cheek. Peter nodded sporadically as you trailed the hand to his chest to push him back down.

“Mmmh cheer me up then” he cooed with a heavy breath securing his hands on your waist again.