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Happy N7 day, everyone!

I’m starting off the holiday by reposting this old piece that I dug out of my folder from last n7 day, because I ended up first posting it like five months late anyway, and it deserves at least one debut on the actual day it was painted for. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Today my art blog will basically be a continual spam of Mass Effect Things that I’ve been working on in honor of the day, so @ my followers please brace yourselves: the feels are still strong with this one.

(also, this painting is up on my redbubble here)

You want love? You get love! Last night I started to doodle some favorite non-romantical, but very loving relationships and decided to spam you today with them. Maybe at the end of the day I’ll do some OTPs. We’ll see. Until then:

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! 1/? Spread the love! <3

French Kiss

Pairing: Klance
Note: Had to end it with my otp of the show. I know I didn’t do ALL my ships I ship, but I did the ones that are probably most widely accepted hahaa… ANYWAYS HAPPY VALENTINES DAY, I HOPE Y’ALL HAD A GOOD ONE, all kiss fics i did today can be found here, but be warned, i’m a multishipping deviant so, its not all just klance

“Can I just… try something?”

Keith’s heart pounded, his whole body throbbing in time to his pulse. He watched Lance through hooded lashes, nodding as the other licked his lips and ducked his head back in, their lips slotting together.

The two of them had formed this strange, kissing buddy status - where they were friends, occasionally, but they practiced kissing. Well, Lance called it practice, saying he’d eventually want to kiss girls, but Keith… Keith wasn’t sure why he had agreed, but he was glad he did. Because kissing was nice, and kissing Lance was actually really enjoyable. He had soft lips and often took the lead, making Keith feel relaxed - which wasn’t very often.

He hummed against those soft lips, feeling Lance shiver and then there was something warm and wet against his lips, sliding inside and oh… ohh.

Lance’s tongue shied its way in, rubbing against his softly, caressing and teasing and oh, my god… Keith had thought kissing was good earlier, it was amazing now.

Lance must have thought so too because he groaned openly into Keith’s mouth, his tongue becoming more fevered, rubbing and tangling with Keith’s.

Keith was sure he drooled a little just now, as he tried to keep up with Lance’s tongue, he was swallowing spit - his or Lance’s, probably both, he didn’t care, he just wanted to keep kissing, keep feeling this wonderful feeling.

Unfortunately, they both needed to breath - breaking the kiss with a soft pop, a string of saliva snapping between their lips as they both breathed each others breath, their faces close.


Keith let out a shaky laugh to that, his hands reach up, caressing over Lance’s cheeks and moving back to card through his hair at the base of his skull.


He pulled him for another kiss, sealing their lips began. Lance moaned, opening up for Keith this time.

Keith could get use to this and do it all the time.

After all, practice makes perfect.

Imagine Sherlock asking you on a date in a very “Sherlock way”. You remind him of your boyfriend, who, Sherlock knew, you never really liked in that way. Sherlock tells you to break up him immediately.

“You and me. Coffee, now. Didn’t you hear me?”
“What, like a date?”
“Wasn’t that obvious?”
“Sherlock, I have a boyfriend-”
“You mean the boyfriend who you’ve been slowly growing apart from the moment you met and hasn’t been satisfying you sexually? Forget him, he’s an idiot. Besides, judging by your hair you were planning on breaking up with him today anyway.”
“… *shrugs* Alright, let’s go.”

(May end up spamming you guys a bit tonight, who knows :D)

hxnzoshimxdx  asked:

Just earlier today I was playing mercy in game with a friend and we had a pharah that would spam for healing when she had lost barely any health so I began to just ignore them (( even when they were at crit)) cause I was focusing on the rest of the team. They eventually caught onto this and ended up begging in chat. I relented, they had realized their mistakes.

Free readings are open!

Hello my loves! I had such a nice time yesterday that I’m offering the same services again today. You can request a free tarot reading using my Golden Thread tarot app (for open-ended questions) or a free pendulum reading (for yes/no questions). Of course your reading is free, but if you have the means and are so inclined, I’ve set up a tip jar. Half of the proceeds from today’s readings will be donated to the ACLU and half of them will go toward helping me move to New Hampshire after graduation this May.

If you don’t want your dash to be spammed with these readings, I totally understand! I’ll be tagging them #rose-reads, feel free to block it.

So! Send me your questions and let’s have some fun! 😉

yooo i think i’m gonna stop answering asks on this matter now because i don#t really wanna spam my followers, sorry! I got a few more in my inbox both pro and con but I think all’s been said, i think ace people belong in the lgbt+ community no matter what and that’s the end of that

I was in today's MOTD

“Oh no artemis is the worst, we gonna lose. Gg.

"Why did you pick artemis? Ew.”

We end up winning

“Oh yeah, I’m the worst! We gonna lose! Gg!”

“But you were the worst among us, though!”

I’m talking with a Zeus that spam laughs after every kill I give him and uses his voice pack in sarcastic ways.

Well listen here Mr. “I’m better than you”. At least I had fun.

What about you? I hope you fucking did. Just because you play ranked, it doesn’t mean you can just treat me like an inferior person.

Also, I went 6/6/17 and basically gave the whole team kills.


04x18 “The Monster at the End of This Book”
11x09 “Oh Brother, Where Art Thou”
Pick up the Pen, Dean Winchester.

And you know, the thing about this all isn’t that it can’t be unwritten. The important detail lies in the fact that it’s rewritten. Dean re-wrote the ending here when showing up with Cas and he wrote himself into the story in 5x22 “Swan Song”. That’s some big ability there. And just like he averted any prophecy made about him and his brother, I’m sure he’ll rewrite this supposedly “inevitable result” too, because just like this interaction between Sam and Lilith wasn’t love neither is the one between Dean and Amara. And that rewrite we have after all seen all throughout this season. On the big and the small scale. The rewrite of the Grand Story (of the World) and the rewrite of the characters in which they finally find themselves and undo past wrongs.

so i have a crush on this university’s admissions counselor she’s so quirky sweet adorable

so i met her on her booth because im looking yknow im a junior i have to and we just hit it off we spent like thirty minutes chatting and like Wow

by the end of this i give her my standard information so i can receive mail and stuff from the school, my phone number email/mail address yknow the works

well today along with my spam university mail, i got a postcard from her!!! not the regular old mail where they basically say them thing just insert your name in the blank.

she HAND WROTE this!!! fuck!!!! she said she was looking forward to a tour and would be happy to guide me personally so im taking that offer