and that is kind of key for them

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A married couple of 70+ years says forgiveness is key to marriage. In a relationship how many times should a person forgive the other?

Well, it’s true.
You have to think about the silly things you get upset about and ask yourself “is this really worth fighting/being mad over?”
That kind of forgiveness is a part of loving someone, whether they’re your significant other or anyone else you care about.

Now, you have to draw the live somewhere. Abuse is not acceptable in any way, shape, or from. You don’t have to forgive someone who hurts you just because you love them.

girl groups will have to practically walk on water and cure disease with a hair flip before people will allow them to be even minorly successful in similar markets as boy bands but you can bring any random group of 4 or 5 dudes who can kind of sort of sing on key together and they’ll be thrust into superstardom, (unless they’re the wanted) and it’s just like okay work

we’re always going off about shawn’s reaction to lucas liking maya but can we talk about katy? watching them at topanga’s and giving a knowing smile, asking maya about the pretty boy she’s managed to wrangle herself, lucas low key trying to figure out what kind of guys maya likes by talking to katy while she tries her best not to burst out laughing. like can you imagine katy raising her eyebrows and rolling her eyes and smiling affectionately at them and wondering when they’ll finally date but also feeling very protective over her baby girl??? and im just so

[Trans] Da-ice official blog update - with SHINee 150827 



Managed to take a photo with the 4 of them(SHINee) !
they were really good looking and kind
Their smiling faces are too beautiful  (T_T)
We feel proud having them holding our singles  🎵🎵

Credit: Da-ice 
Translation Credit: Forever_SHINee [4]
Please take out full FULL CREDITS

My opinion on the Break/Hiatus:

I think they will not consider themselves “broken up.” They will just be on a break, being them, eating dinner at their family’s houses, spending time with friends/girlfriends/etc, sleeping in their own bed for months on end and grocery shopping and staying out of the lime light. I think Louis will be a judge on some talent show and search for new talent and get his new record label up and running.  I think Liam will write for other artists as well as Harry and spend time with Sophia (maybe even get engaged?). I think Harry will spend a lot of time in LA enjoying a low key life with his friends. I think Niall will play a lot of golf and drink a lot of beer and attend a lot of concerts all with his buds.

What I DON’T THINK WILL HAPPEN is that the boys will go solo… I truly do not believe that any of them even want to go solo nor could handle that kind of pressure. They are taking this break because they DESERVE IT and they need it. I think in a year or two down the road they are going to want to make music together again. After being on top of each other for 5 years I think they all need time apart from each other as well. Live a normal life for a little bit without everyone knowing their whereabouts.

All I can say is Louis, Liam and Niall all confirmed they are NOT breaking up and that they are NOT DONE YET. This is incredibly normal for musical artists and I feel bad that the boys even had to acknowledge that they are taking a break – that’s how much work they’ve done the past 5 years. Beyoncé doesn’t announce she’s taking a break she’s just doesn’t work on music for a bit than surprises everyone with an album. That’s how musicians typically work. The fact that the boys even had to announce a break just shows how much they really need one.

Fans, do not give up on our boys. They’ll be back – 6 months, a year, 5 years down the road they will be back and they’ll need all of us to support them exactly like we are now.


An Heirloom Restored

This is a watch that once belonged to my grandfather who passed away in the early 1980s. For much of my youth this watch sat in a kitchen drawer that held old rubber bands, random keys, twisty-ties, measuring tapes, exacto blades, a dull bowie knife, an eyeglass repair kit, and other miscellaneous items. Many of you probably have a similar drawer in your house–the place where random objects go to die. The fact that this watch sat in there for decades gives you a sense of the kind of premium placed on luxury items in my house. We didn’t really have them, so they weren’t on our radars. I’m sure there were times when its sale could have been a real boon to help pay for plane tickets to visit relatives in Taiwan, or some other costly expense that would be a strain on my parents’ finances. Perhaps my mother, who didn’t care much for such a thing, refrained from selling it because she thought I might want it one day. 

My grandfather was a professor of animal husbandry (his expertise was in pigs, which could explain–at least in part–my love of all things pork) at National Taiwan University in Taipei, and how he came by this watch is a story no one knows any more. Perhaps it was a gift from students (if only students gave Rolexes to their teachers these days!), maybe he bought it for himself. In any case, when I was in college, in the context of a conversation I’ve long since forgotten the topic of, my mother mentioned off-handedly that she thought my grandfather had a Rolex, and that it was in “that kitchen drawer.” Needless to say, the next time I went home I availed myself of the opportunity to find it and wear it. 

Despite having sat dormant in a drawer for over two decades, the watch kicked into gear with a few shakes and I wore it proudly for several years before it went haywire and started gaining hours within minutes, and the hands became grotesquely misaligned like its arms had been cruelly broken. I took it to several watchmakers to see if they could service it, but Rolex keeps a tight lid on parts so there was nothing I could do put take it to an authorized Rolex service center. When I pursued that route, it quickly became apparent that this watch would not be seeing any wrist time in the foreseeable future given that I was a graduate student subsisting on fellowships that did not include within their stipends disposable income that could cover any extraneous expense other than the copious amounts of alcohol that helped me through my Ph.D.

Having been gainfully employed now for several years, I began to realistically fiddle with the idea of getting the watch up and running last spring. This summer I decided to treat myself to the luxury, and to help finance the service by selling off some items I’ve not used for some time (lots of clothes, but some fountain pens too–I may yet part with a different watch as well). I must say the sell-off was well worth it, not only because I can now proudly wear this heirloom content in the knowledge that its innards are in tip-top shape and will be for years to come, but also because it was itself a real gift to be able to parlay things I’m not using much these days into something I’ll use quite a bit for decades. 

To top things off, I learned quite a bit about the watch from Rolex that I’d not known before, and was given quite a few complements by the watchmaker on some of the more unique aspects of the watch. I now know its from 1962, and that the combination of engine-turned bezel, this particular style of dauphine hands, a blued second hand (it’s now darkened with age, but knowing it was once blue I think I can see faint traces of blue at the point where it attaches to the dial), and the triangular indices was not very common. I wonder if it was a combination that was more common in the Asian market–I’ve found a few pictures of Oysterdates with the same configuration, but many more that have slightly different shaped hands, or, more common still, baton markers for the hours.  

If there’s a downside to this story it’s that my mother seems to recollect that my grandfather also had an Omega. Its whereabouts will forever remain a mystery though as the house I grew up in was sold several years ago.   

The Book Lover’s 9-Step Guide Guide To Keeping The Magic Of Summer Alive

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Summer readin’, happened so fast… Chances are, if you’re a book lover, the past few months have been a blissful blur of reading beachside, turning pages in the extra hours of sunlight, trekking to the bookstore in flip flops, and basking in limitless possibility. So if you sense some serious separation anxiety coming on, we don’t blame you…in fact, we’ve put together a 9-step guide to keeping the summertime magic alive!

1. Set the scene.

image source

It’s key not to let your beautiful book memories fade away, but to honor them. Set up a sanctuary of summer memories in your reading nook so you’ll never forget what it looked like the time you turned the last page of that paperback under a gorgeous sunset.

2. Strategically stack your shelves.

It’s a very special kind of book that replicates the feeling of basking in sunshine: it contains 1 part abundant romance, 1 part beach-breezy feels, and 1 part bountiful heart-warming. Your best bet to hold on to summer is with these beauties!

3. Then form a support group (book club).

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You’re not alone in this. Keep that warm feeling alive by sharing a carefully-crafted list of romantic summer reads with friends, family, and acquaintances who are equally reluctant to let the season go. 

4. Make the sunshine permanent with the perfect playlist.

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Make a playlist now with the songs that kept your spirit going this summer so that come January, you can take a trip back with one click. Oh and dance parties. Always dance parties.

5. Have a serious talk with your favorite bookstore/library.

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Pending weather, you may be better off ordering your books to be delivered for a while. But that doesn’t mean you’re breaking up. You’ll be back come spring, and remember – absence makes the heart grow fonder. 

6. Make sure your reading snacks channel summertime splendor.

If the best reading snacks are ones you can eat one-handed, and the most refreshing summer snack is inherently popsicles, what are you waiting for? Try this recipe from The Comfort of Cooking.

7. Make your book transportation methods an homage to summer.

Image source

As we all know, the optimal way to carry books is via tote bag. So stock up on ones that will safely preserve your tomes AND brighten your day a little. 

8. As well as your page-saving accessories. 

Image source

So each time you pick up where you left off, you pick up a little essence of summer.

9. Above all, remember that this isn’t goodbye, it’s see you later.

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Even though you’re going to love your fall, winter, and spring reading immensely, the glimmer of another epic summer will always be on the horizon.

IchiHime: keys of a healthy relationship

i know we’ve all seen detractors rant about how ichihime is such a ‘’toxic and unhealthy relationship’’ and we all know thats a bunch of bullshit.

based on rieriebee‘s post about gruvia being a healthy relationship

1. Taking Interest: People in healthy relationships take interest in one another. This is usually done in a variety of ways from asking how someone is doing (and not just in the small-talk-passing-on-the-street kind of way), inviting them to do things, and asking deeper questions about how they experienced something rather than just what they did.

2. Acceptance & Respect: This means accepting what we have come to know about the other person and continuing to treat him/her with respect. When we really get to know someone, we find out things that are not that great about them, and they find out the same about us. Continuing to hold the other person in a positive light (and you being held in a positive light too!), are essential practices in healthy relationships. Additionally, people in the happiest relationships also talk favorably about each other in social situations, and also try to honor the preferences the other person has for things.

3. Positive Regard: People in healthy relationships tend to see negative things the other person has done as honest mistakes or due to difficult circumstances, and attribute positive things as the result of the other person just being a good person, due to hard work, or other positive character traits. 

4. Meeting Basic Needs: The basic needs that everyone has in relationships are companionship, affection, and emotional support. People in healthy relationships are focused on meeting these as well as other special needs that the other person has, and they are willing to grow to be better at this. Read more about those basic relationship needs

5. Positive Interactions: Research shows that relationships are the most satisfying when there are quantitatively more positive interactions with the other person than negative. For some relationships there may be a large number of negative interactions, but as long as the number of positive interactions is a lot higher, satisfaction will remain high. For more on this, learn some basics of communication.

6  Solve Problems & 7  Rupture & Repair

There are a lot of unsolvable problems in relationships that will continue to cycle through, regardless of solutions, and people in healthy relationships find ways to reduce these conflicts as much as possible. However, there are also a lot of problems that can be solved, and highly functioning couples will actively compromise and find solutions to those.

People in the the healthiest relationships are able to quickly and effectively repair damage (ruptures) to their relationships. This means a) recognizing that you or the other person is hurt, angry, or unhappy with something, and b) addressing it in a way that fixes things in a timely manner. Many people wait too long to initiate repairs, some try but make things worse because they aren’t sure what to do, and others do not do it at all. A good repair usually starts with an apology, (read How to Apologize), or bringing it up in a constructive way (read How to Say Hard Things)

8. People in thriving relationships take on their partner’s habits, interests, and mannerisms.

Have you ever noticed how friends can change when they’re in a relationship? After dating for a little while, they pick up new goals and interests (You went hiking?); new and quirky turns of phrase (Did you really just say “awesomesauce”?); or new habits (When did you start drinking soy milk?). All of these changes, if they reflect habits of a new partner, are signs of self-other overlap, the process of integrating a romantic partner into the self (Aron & Aron, 1996). Self-other overlap is a sign of cognitive interdependence and predicts closeness, love, and relationship maintenance behaviors (Aron & Fraley, 1999), all characteristics of a thriving relationship.

in conclusion, ichihime fits the description of a healthy relationship. 

The CARYL Investment

*Requested by a bunch of lovelies who wanted a CARYL overview and continuity

One of the most compelling arguments about the value the CARYL dynamic has, and the level of investment TWD has already put in to maintaining that bond, is the fact that the writers have gone out of their way to connect Carol and Daryl through moments where they either aren’t physically together or are in some way unaware of the parallel emotion they are both experiencing. 
There are many scenes pertinent to the CARYL relationships that don’t involve both Carol and Daryl but are nonetheless considered pivotal to the evolution of their connection and their individual character arc. 
The writers have repeatedly and deliberately included both of them in key moments that defined their own trajectory and thereby maintained their importance to one another emotionally on a deeper level without actually having to specifically define the dynamic with a label of any kind of certainty. 

When Norman Reedus says that Carol and Daryl are ‘deeper than that’ (‘that’ being the tryst against a tree in the moonlight) he REALLY is staying true to their bond because the superficiality of traditional relationships has long been surpassed here. 

We are now deep in the 'soulmate zone’ people! 

Carol and Daryl have some intense chemistry going on whenever they share a scene and the unambiguous tension is on display every time they focus on one another BUT the emotional involvement and the sense of 'unfinished feelings’ is palpable even when they are apart. 

We have five seasons worth of CANON situations where the writers have gone out of their way to create situations where the audience is reminded of CARYL without them actually being physically together at all. 
TWD has even used other characters to reiterate the closeness and that special 'something’ between Carol and Daryl by creating moments where their bond would be singled out as one they don’t share with anyone else. 

A relationship is being built between them without them actually being aware of all the moments that went into building it AND it was deliberate, methodical, logical and oh-so-powerful. 

If the writers wanted to keep CARYL platonic or simply familial, the evolution of the relationship would have been finished long ago and it certainly wouldn’t encompass so many moments where the audience needed reminding of the fact that Carol and Daryl are important to one another

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Kid!Tsukki headcanons

so me and Yuki were having lunch when I brought up this headcanon from dudejusthaikyuu:


and we expanded on it LM A O pls don’t take this too seriously

  • when Aki realizes that he won’t be able to get Tsukki to stop eating leaves he teaches them the different kinds because he might as well know what is safe and what isn’t safe to put in his mouth
  • his favorite is brontosaurus
  • when he’s like 10 he has his own dinosaur OC that’s a brontosaurus and when he meets Yamaguchi he makes one for him too! actually he makes two so he can choose - “you can be a T-rex so you can eat your bullies or you can be a pterodactyl so you can fly away from them”
  • without hesitating, Yamaguchi picks T-rex - “I want to eat my enemies”
  • Tsukki makes a lot of his own headcanons like he even gave his brontosaurus a backstory??? “He’s a herbivore but one day he has a taste of flesh and can’t go back to eating only leaves”
  • Yamaguchi is like “that’s dumb but whatever” because Tsukki is his only friend and he gets really invested in Tsukki’s dino imagines 
  • they get dino plushies and Tsukki does plushie surgery so he can give Yamaguchi the uLTIMATE like he puts pterodactyl wings on a T-rex and Yama is like this is so dumb???? but I love it?????
  • when they’re older Yama still has the plush on a shelf in his room and the other first years come over for a study group
  • Hinata pulls it down and asks if it’s a real dinosaur and with a completely straight face Yama says it is but it’s super rare
  • Hinata and Kageyama believe him, but Yachi is like ????? the fuck ?????
  • Tsukki comes over a little later and since the others know he likes dinos, Hinata is like “TSUKISHIMA DID U KNOW ABOUT THIS RARE DINOSAUR?!”
  • and Tsukki just looks at Yama like are you fucking kidding me why do u still have that
  • but his secret that only Yama knows is that Tsukki still has his omnivore bronto too
  • maybe Aki even brings it back up like “maybe you’re so tall because you loved brontosaurus so much” or “LOL remember when u ate leaves u don’t still do that do u”
  • Tsukki’s so embarrass he’s like shu tu pp pp and he leaves

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I'm honestly having the hardest time trying to decode the messages???? Can you please help

Anonymous said: How do you decode the ciphers in your comics…?

Anonymous said: Hey, what kind of cipher do you use?? Also amazing job on the immortal pines comics! They’re so cool and I really like your art.

Anonymous said: Your immortal pines codes have had me stumped for days. I found the key fine and used the correct cipher, but I have tried almost everything and nothing gave me any words! You really worked hard on them though, so I applaud your genius.

There’s a key on my blog!! After you have the key most of the ciphers should be pretty easy to figure out :D

Thank you for taking the time to try and solve my ciphers hehe!

Advice: Filling Time on a Boat

Anonymous said:

So my characters just met each other, and they’re going to be on a big old boat for a week before they get to their destination. I used some time to introduce the characters and have them get to know each other, but how else might I go about filling their time? I don’t want it to be useless, but there aren’t exactly any key events happening on their ride. Do I take time to explain what happens each day or just skip the time and head straight to when they dock? Thanks.

The last thing you want to do in a book is add filler. Every scene must have a purpose of some kind, including character introduction and development. If you’ve run out of reasons to have scenes on the boat, go ahead and skip to the dock or whenever the next important thing happens. Take a look at my post Accounting for Lost Time in Scene Transitions for help when skipping time. :)

Back to school #1

For the first post in my back to school series I will explain how i organize my planner, hope you like it <3

First thing first I truly love bullet journals but sadly they are too fancy and artsy for me so a bought this filofax planner and decided to use it kind of as a bullet journal. 

This is my key, is not really long because I don’t have a lot of different events during my day :) The colored dots beside some tasks are there because I color code them to make them stand out. This is how I color code my planner:

Green is for my tests and usually write in brackets beside them the mark that I got once I get my test back to keep track of my grades. 

Pink is for an event or appointment, it can be both school-related or frend-related (usually is not a medical appointment because my medic gives me small pieces of paper on which he writes the appointment so that my mom and I don’t forgive them eheh)

Last but not least light blue is for the dates/appointments/trips with my boyfriend and the dates of his exams at uni.

(here’s an example of how I color code my planner)

If I have any big to-do list for an event or something I usually take a post-it note and stick it on the page of the week before the event like so:

(this is my list for my back-to-school supplies)

That’s it for my first back to school post, stay tuned for more :D hope ypu liked it <3 have a nice day

If you have any  questions don’t be shy!! my ask box is always open :33

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How would you go about writing a character that is a less than ideal person (selfish, proud, jealous, whiny, no spine etc.) that the audience will maybe like but will definitely relate to? Can this appalling character be the main character without being the protagonist? Thank you so much for all your work and help so far. Your insight and thoughts are a great resource and explore ideas that I haven’t even thought about yet!

Thank you, that’s really sweet of you to say!

So, my number one thing to creating characters is to give them flaws, flaws, flaws. Because no one’s perfect. So I find this great that you have a character that has a negative personality trait.

With the flaws you have listed, I think it’s fine to have any one of these traits. I mean, real people have these kinds of personality traits. We come by them all the time. Maybe be are that person.

The key is to not come on too strongly with that flaw/personality trait until it needs to become prominent. Like most human beings (I’m assuming), people want to become better people (consciously or unconsciously). To see a character struggle and strive to become better makes it seem realistic to the readers.

Maybe they don’t see how they can become a better person at first, but to see a character grow and change (whether good or bad) makes it even more realistic then before.

I do have some other posts that you might be interested in:

Creating Believable Characters

How to Figure out WHAT your Character’s Arc Should be

Character Arcs (Part One)

Character Arcs (Part Two)

I think maybe you should try working on character arcs. What mostly makes a character seem realistic is the way they grow/change in a novel. Not necessarily every character has to change at that point in the novel. But people change all the time, god or bad. So should characters.

I hope this help! If you have any more questions, concerns, or just want to talk, feel free to drop by my ask box!

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Has anyone else noticed how attractive black women in whitecentric shows are treated? How their looks are often downplayed (they put them in unattractive clothes ect) to not upstage the white female lead. Even worse: when the black woman has any kind of chemistry with the male lead. The black woman is often pushed into the background (or is ripped apart by racist fans). Why is a black woman's beauty seen as threatening? Why is it implausible that she is considered attractive by these male leads?

I noticed this too! To be technical about it all, it’s because black female beauty is threatening. It’s extremely threatening to white supremacy, because white female beauty is a key to the dominance of white supremacist power structures. You dismantle white beauty standards, then white supremacy will crumble, because no one is placing the other half on a pedestal anymore. They can buy all the tanning sprays, wigs and plastic surgery they want to, but it’s difficult for white women or the white race to try and emulate the beauty of black women.

SHINee as cops

Onew: Onew would be the perfect cop but always made mistakes. Like, let’s say, forgetting to actually handcuff the criminal. With a lot of close calls, he almost lost his jobs countless times. However, he was a moodmaker in the force and his smile brightened everyone’s day.

Jonghyun: Jonghyun would be the flirty cop that hits on everyone. Man, woman, senior or adult. He doesn’t discriminate. When he is giving out speeding tickets or when someone is over a parking meter, he makes sure to smile and hand them their ticket while complimenting their appearance.

Minho: We all know what kind of cop Minho would be. Minho would take his job too damn seriously. Giving people tickets for being two minutes over the meter, one mile above the limit and someone forgets their turn signals. He’d always be ready to go into action.

Key: Key is the “ain’t nobody got time for that” cop. Key wouldn’t want to do anything too tiring. Instead he’d be patrolling around pet stores when in reality he was looking at dogs. He’d also bring his dog everywhere as he slacked off work. Got a criminal running? Better call a deputy, I’m doing a job taking care of Comme Des.

Taemin: The opposite of Jonghyun, Taemin is the one getting hit on by men, women, seniors and adults. He’d always find boob flashes and or accidental bending overs as he gave out tickets. Taemin would also be like Key and avoid his work. Instead he’d be too busy doing everything else but his job.

(Note: These are all a joke clearly. In no way are representation of the real SHINee members but just a fictional scenario if they were good/bad cops)

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I feel like Niall is low key afraid of committing to someone, like because of his work and the kind of person he is he just doesn't want to get close to someone bc he's scared they're there for the wrong reasons

trust has got to be a huge thing for them.