and that is clear to me at times like these

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Hi!! Sorry to bother, but I was thinking.. isn't this a not-so-smart thing to do for H right now? I mean, I'm SUPER excited for his music and I can't wait to hear it, but I honestly thought he was gonna wait till after Dunkirk. Do you think one will overshadow the other? I mean, im sure they thought about that obviously, but.. the two things just seem a little too close in time to me... (ps sorry for my English, it's not my native language, and thank you for your time!)


So, here’s the thing. This fandom has been saying that the best way for Harry to release his music would be to wait for Dunkirk promo to be over. I, for one, months ago, when asked how I’d handle Harry’s career moves, had theorised something like that. In the last weeks, though, it started being clear that their plans were different. And you know what? I think I’m gonna trust them over fandom’s talks, because they’re professional and they’re inside and close to the situation. Sure, to go with his first music project right at the same time as his first movie project, that mean they MUST be really confident they have great material in their hands. If they only put out average stuff, that’ll end up not so good. This also mean something people might not have considered. That yes, Harry wants to be an actor and a respectable one (he wouldn’t have gone for this kind of role otherwise), but that he wants to be a musician just the same, if not more. 

To do a joint, double promo push, you have to be brave and take a risk. What’s about to come for Harry is so so very delicate. They seem to be quite confident and I don’t see a reason to be worried about it. I’m personally excited and tend to trust them, if only for the huge bet they’re about to make. Harry’s been so very queit and hidden for an infinite time, he’s ready to handle this now. And if it works out as it’s meant to do, well, he’ll make a very big boom.

Your English is perfect and if it weren’t- just like mine- it certainly wouldn’ be a problem xx

this chapter has interesting implications that are so clear to me, because im a walking encyclopedia, but like. the way his genuine romance counters directly with his brainwash of guila is really fucking incredible… i wish i had the words to go into depth about it… but its so NEAT. even down to the release of the chapter… 111 vs. 211.5… and the older sister thing… and the brainwash plot was the first time we as the audience heard gowther mention his heart (which we now know as something literal), along with it being the catalyst to him being revealed as a doll… nakaba never sleeps. jesus christ.

what happened to guila was the result of gowther erasing his own memories and emotions because of nadja. because he abolished his own emotions, he felt the curiosity to explore love… scientifically, experimentally. not for his own pleasure, but just because he literally doesnt understand it, despite him actually living through love once… but love was actually what caused him to remove his feelings… he just doesnt remember!! there was no lustful intent in what he did to guila, as we know… and now we know for a fact the point isnt going to develop anywhere, because its shown as a comparison to his past. and a connector to his motivations and inner character narrative. like, this really elaborate plot device.

it really is to develop character rather than dynamic. i cant even do words properly right now, but its really cool… the brainwash was something purely bad originally perceived as good, his romance with nadja was something purely good that ended up being perceived as bad. he used guila by force just for understanding human emotions as an experiment, and with nadja he learned about humanity and emotions alongside her by actually becoming her friend and falling in love with her. but there is the explicit detail of gowther learning from her, which pretty clearly compares to his intents with guila. but gowther actually genuinely loved nadja.

theyre situations that look more gray than they actually are (especially compared to characters onlooking it in the narrative), but when compared together, theyre black and white. its just supposed to explain an outcome of his person in a really in-depth way. it makes a lot more sense as to why nakaba did the brainwash. i always wondered why he felt the need to? it felt cheap to me, but now it makes more sense. 

it’s just supposed to garner a comparison to how he’s changed… and how weirdly its connected through gowther learning and understanding (albeit in a really backwards way.)

but its clear that the comparison isnt meant to be “oh the guila situation will spin to romance because of this parallel” and its more like… itll do the exact opposite and stick on its badly connotated path and maintain itself as a falsity, which fits the trend nakaba has set for it since it happened. but now it has so much context and clarity. im not even typing words anymore. i just think this is cool!! sorry. it just totally counters the brainwash and even further exemplifies how nakaba isnt doing anything positive with that lol

howl, part 1

Pairing: The Joker (Leto) x Reader
Rating: M
Warnings: Graphic violence, mild torture, eventual unhealthy relationship
Words: 1500
Requested by: Anonymous
Summary: The Joker doesn’t mind spilling a little blood to get back what’s been stolen from him. Usually, he wouldn’t think twice about torturing a pretty young woman for information. But this time? This time will be different.

The saints can’t help me now, the ropes have been unbound
I hunt for you with bloodied feet across the hallowed ground

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“Seeing her clamor back into that power has been interesting to me,” Maslany said. “There are a lot of character-specific episodes where we really got to dig into who they are in a more focused way. The Rachel episode is really exciting for me.”

Manson was quite clear that there’s no turning back for Rachel. “Yes, she’s a villain,” Manson said. “Rachel is very deep this year.”

Fawcett added, “We wanted Rachel to rise to the top through her villainy. At the same time, we love her so much. We can’t help but try and make people sympathize.”

“I feel like Rachel’s had one of the biggest arcs… a lot of transformations… things that changed her power entirely,” said Maslany. Manson added, “Rachel is very deep this year, she’s very powerful.”

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so i'm nb and i've been having a problem where i came out to my friend and he, being a cis boy, has proceeded to do literally nothing about it, refer to me with she/her pronouns all the time, call me a girl/ma'am/etc., and insist that i'm biologically female and all that jazz. it seems overly petty to drop him as a friend because of this, but, like, there's only so many times you can explain your stance on identity politics just to get the same response. help?

It would definitely not be overly pety to drop him as a friend because of this. He has made it very clear that he doesn’t respect you, and that is not the kind of person that deserves your friendship.

If you haven’t already, I’d suggest letting him know how much it hurts you to be misgendered like that and that you need him to make a serious effort to stop. And if he doesn’t do that, I would advice you drop him. You deserve far better friends than him.

I've never had a day where mental illness just cleared up, it's more like a brief ten seconds where I sort of feel like a normal functioning human being

I call this “experiencing tranquility,” Zenyatta-style.

Anyway, I felt it, like ten seconds ago, and the feeling hasn’t quite faded.

But this is incredible.

Right now I actually feel fine.



Do other human beings feel like this all the time, those ugly lucky fuckers?


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Just to make everything clear: You are not fat and you are not sickly skinny. YOU ARE YOU. All of those people are trolls and don't know how to take an eating disorder seriously. Please don't listen to them and make your judgements abt your body with their dumb ass statements. I love you so much and if I could, I'd definitely take the pain away from you. You don't deserve having an eating disorder and being treated like this. I love you & I want you to grow strength.

You make me want to cry that you took the time to write me this ❤❤❤ I love you too and thank you so incredibly much

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// GJHWLEKJHGKLWETG THANK YOU SO MUCH Q___Q!!! I WAS SUPER PROUD OF HOW LIE, MAMA, CYPHER, & OUTRO CAME OUT ; THEY ARE LIKE SUPER CLEAR O___O It was like the first time I ever used that camera too, so I had no clue how the focus worked HAHAHA and a bunch of the videos was like me just zooming in and out of focus lol but for the 4 listed above I was super proud of how they turned out. (My fancam for Outro is probably my all time favorite lol even though my camera died at the end of it and cut it off awkwardly ;;)


Andromodo update - I loooooove this gaaaaame it makes me happy

The exploration is SO MUCH FUN. It’s clear it’s the same engine as Inquisition. But yanno with guns and jet packs and spACE and it’s beautiful. I love all the characters. It feels like you’re forming a family on the Tempest and it’s adorable. You can talk to so many people. The Angara are very interesting and I love them. Same with the Kett. 

I already know I’ll be replaying it like 50 times much like the original trilogy. I have characters planned

Ryder is a bean. Noah in particular is just the sweetest thing and it’s so different from Shepard. Shepard was a badass. No matter how you played, Shepard was a badass. Ryder. Ryder is just a constant “WAIT WHAT” and trying to look cool in front of their friends. I like it.

I have no idea how much more I have to do but there is A LOT. I think I’m almost at 30%? I’m sure you could speed through if you just did main story but I really like running around doing side things cause the combat is actually really fun. And I haven’t really tried any biotics or tech (beyond a thing peebee gave me). My next Ryder I wanna try out biotics.

I love the Nomad. It’s basically the Mako and gives zero fucks and I can drive up mountains.

and I’m not trying to say it’s perfect. I’m disappointed in a few things that have less to do with gameplay and more choices bioware made that make me go 8\ and a few gameplay things. like. SAM. Please shut the fuck up. I know it’s cold. Stop telling me.

Overall it’s feeling like a solid game. I’m not done yet though, I don’t know how the story is going to play out yet. but yeh. If you’re a fan of Mass Effect, I’d say give it a chance. And you do not have to have played any Mass Effect games to play this one, so if you’re wanting to try it, go for it. (though you should play the original trilogy cause A++++++)

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I wish that people understood that you can still like an actor's films and body of work, but not condone their actions at the same time. The people slut shaming Amber on J*hnny's behalf really upset me.

I REALLY don’t want to get into that whole thing as I’ve made it clear that I’m on her side and, while I can kind of agree in theory, I think the practice of such a belief is a lot messier. But yeah I don’t like Them trying to target her at all. Especially when most are just conspiracy theorists insisting that he’s innocent even when he admitted it. 

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this week i saw a psychiatrist after a trip to the ER, and after about 5 minutes concluded i must be bipolar, but when i said i don't experience flunctuating mood or mania, he then decided i must have bpd. i have about 3 symptoms of bpd but that's because they show up in the schizophrenia checklist. i'm literally already diagnosed with schizophrenia. Not to mention i can't make eye contact and this guy wouldn't stop staring me down silently when i didn't answer a questions how he wanted

A diagnosis (self or professional) should- at least with BPD- take time. It’s not quick and clear cut, especially with comorbid disorders. He likely has a stereotype of what he thinks people with BP/BPD act and look like, and maybe you fit that. Either way, he hasn’t made an educated diagnosis

i envy people who have dreams with clear rational plots like “i was on my favourite tv show for a day” my dreams are like i’m in a diner and i’m pregnant. i leave the diner and i’m in a forest watching the pregnant woman who is no longer me. she turns around and now we’re in a jeep and she’s my dad. we’re listening to music which is somehow numbers. he asks if i remember the time we went to pakistan and i say yeah because i do. i wake up and remember i’ve never been to pakistan in my life.


Kubo confirmed Victor and Yuri kissed and yes, it was their first kiss. In the tweet you can see above she said something like “Is it just me or something synchronized with Nigehaji this week?”

Nigehaji is a current airing drama on Japan, the main characters just kissed for the very first time. She was subtle but clear enough to make us understand the message. Love wins, people!

keith and lance ft. arguing+in love:

  • they’ll get bickering and all up in each others’ faces and it hits them at the same time how Gay they are
    • “No way, dude.”
    • “Uh, yeah way.
    • “REALLY?”
    • REALLY REALLY” and then they just. start making out
  • “every time you call me “mullet” you have to kiss me.”
    • “fine. but every time you don’t address me either as “the tailor” or “sharpshooter” you have to kiss me
    • “guess we better have a practice run just to make sure we’re clear on the rules then, huh lance?
    • “looks like it, mullet.”
  • they’re piloting their little fighter drones and lance’ll elbow keith when he one-ups him, and keith’ll shove him back and lance will giggle and be like “stop” and poke keith in the ribs and keith laughs “I’m not doing anything!!” and before long they’re just a tangled puddle
    • allura: “boys! we are under attack!
    • lance: “I knOW keith is attacking me please hELP”
  • the only thing that can keep them from bickering with each other is when they team up on someone else. 
  • one of the blade of mimosa ppl offhandedly mentions that their fighting is sloppy and keith and lance devour him
    • “uh? Excuse You? did you see keith’s moves out there?”
    • “were you even watching the same battle? lance did great.”
    • “he freaking destroyed those guys and if you think he didn’t then you gotta answer to me”
    • “yeah and I’d like to see you pilot a 10,000 yr old warship, buddy”
    • “so just, turn around? and never insult my bf again”
    • “the door’s right over there. away from lance.”
  • the dude just backs away slowly, then turns and runs from the sheer burning force of their gay power

So I’ve been having this theory, and it’s a bit complicated but hear me out….

Main point: it’s not anti that’s returning again, cos as proven by “Jack”

So if anti’s always been around, of course it’s not him appearing in that glitch in Detention. Cos in actuality…

It’s Jack himself.

Every time Anti appeared in a glitch he was either smiling, freaking out, covered in blood, or all three. But it doesn’t look that way this time. It’s different.

(i tried to get a better screenshot, but you can see it clear in the gifs) This isn’t a menacing looking face. Rather, it looks like Jack’s confused by something, maybe wondering if the camera can actually see him? cos when you look at when he’s adjusting his camera in a past prop hunt episode (couldnt get a better screenshot sorry :P)

He has the SAME LOOK as he was fixing the camera so it could see him.

And when “Jack” is responding to anything about anti, it’s all normal, even (dare I say) a bit too excited about all of it??

Oh but what about the pointing and the whole “Forgotten but just too afraid to remember biz?” Why would Jack point and why emphasize that?

well my friend, it’s definitely not cos we forgot about anti. pete’s sake, we were still including him in oxenfree fanart. NO, INSTEAD WE FORGOT ABOUT SAVING JACK!

WE FORGOT THAT THERE WAS NEVER A RESOLUTION TO “SAY GOODBYE”! We freaked out, tried to figure out how to save him for a bit, then poof jack’s all hunky dory saying he’s ok WHEN IN ACTUALLY IT WAS ANTI THE WHOLE TIME.

Jack saying how much fun he had with the community freaking us out, who’s to say Anti didn’t have fun either?? i mean he practically thrives off of it right? So all this time, we thought Jack was ok, when in reality we’ve just moved on from him, FORGOT ABOUT SAVING HIM, and carried on watching Anti like normal :). That is until the real Jack started to finally rebel a little by giving us a major clue…

It’s our fault that all this anti stuff happened, we were too afraid to think that we were never able to protect Jack from him. Quite possibly the real Jack knows this sad fact all too well and possibly blames us for it, and anti will never let us forget that we failed….

So don’t be surprised if in a video you hear somewhere in the distance:

H̢҉͚͕͈͙̙̦̼̤̮̳̗ͅE̵̶̴͉͔̣̮̤̮̻̘̕ͅL̨̩͎̜̙̕P̀͜͠͡҉̻̺̼̩͇̠͖̰͙̣̼͈͎̪̘̠̲͎ ̧̦̩̙̰̝̩̠̹̼͚̞͇̰̹͍͇̞̯̯̀͝M̷̵̝͍̫̬̼͔̣͎͓͟͞E̸̡̬̺̣̘̫̜̰̱̯̞̬͚͔͖̜͡ͅͅͅ.̴͔̲̮̗͇̫̲̝̮̩̗̣ͅ.̴̷̡̝̦̤̟͖͍̹̭̣̭̺̼̥͍͎̭͙.҉̴̡̠͎̲̼͈͕̯̫͍͙͚͔̘̜̩̀͝.̵̴̡̥̜̼͔̻͕̞̗̯̞̻̥͚͚̦͖͍



“Cover My Ass” Anti-Harassment Charm

Intent: To attach a “leave me alone” spell to one’s underwear to keep gross and grabby people at bay.


  • Your undies
  • Bathtub or laundry sink
  • Large bucket
  • Laundry detergent
  • Drying rack or clothesline
  • Sachet bag
  • Herbs: Cherry Blossoms, Heather Flowers, Agrimony, Lemon Peel

Ideal Timing: This spell can be performed at any time, but is likely most effective during a full moon.

Note: Protection magic should ALWAYS be worked in conjunction with practical protective measures. No amount of magic will help you if you don’t also take mundane steps to protect yourself. If there is clear and present danger, DO NOT rely on a spell to save you. Get out, get safe, get help.

Gather up your underthings and get them soaking in a bucket of warm water. (Check the garment tags for specific washing instructions first, just in case.) Add a TINY amount of detergent (seriously, a spoonful will do it), then roll up your sleeves, and get scrubbing. Agitate the clothes in the bucket, mix them around, stick your hand in and swirl it like the motion of a washing machine, rub the clothes together, whatever tricks you know to get clothes clean by hand. I don’t generally recommend a scrubbing brush or washboard, since undies tend to shred easily if stressed.

As you scrub, mutter, chant, or hold in your mind any words that mean protection and defense to you. It can be a rhyming incantation, or it can be as simple as “When I wear these, no one is allowed to touch me.” Whatever works best for and resonates most strongly with you. Use the words that fit your situation best.

After a few minutes of scrubbing and muttering, hold the clothes down in the bottom of the bucket and carefully pour out the dirty water. Rinse the clothes thoroughly with cold water, several times if necessary, until the water runs clear. If need be, give each item a quick rinse under a cold water tap before moving to the next step. Leftover detergent in the cloth can irritate the skin, and believe me, that’s an itch you do not want.

Carefully wring out each garment and hang it on a drying rack or a clothesline. (I’d suggest something interior. You probably don’t want your dainties flappin’ in the breeze for all to see.) Once everything is hung up, fill the sachet bag with equal parts Cherry Blossoms (or bark), Heather Flowers, Agrimony, and Lemon Peel. Hang the sachet from the drying rack or clothesline post, or attach it with a clothespin.

(If you do not have access to these particular herbs, other protective or banishing herbs may be substituted. The herbs listed are my go-to materials for deflecting unwanted attention and discouraging entitled jerkwads who don’t mind their manners.)

Leave the clothes to air dry. If you need to speed things up, you can roll the garments in a towel before hanging to remove excess water, or position a fan nearby, as air drying can take several hours. Make sure you place a towel or a mat beneath the clothes, as they will drip while drying, and you don’t want to have to clean up puddles later. My personal solution to this problem is to place the foldable drying rack inside the bathtub once I’m done bucket-washing all my delicates.

If you’d rather, you can always just toss your undies in the dryer for the final step. DO NOT put the sachet bag in the dryer; it will probably rupture and then you’ll be picking herb grit out of your clothes and the machine for months. If you use the machine method, just leave the sachet bag on top of the dryer while it’s running.

Stay safe, witchlings! <3

yuri on ice: smash gender roles and tackle the controversial topic of masculinity within ice skating instead of staying clear of it

yuri on ice: has a well written gay relationship that is continuously developing and is also healthy

yuri on ice: have well written characters that show to develop outside their typical tropes such as yuuri who grows to be more confident overtime but still slips up and loses confidence at times like any normal human being

“La Que Tiene La Información, Tiene El Poder”

This is it. The most amount of effort I’ve ever put into a single piece of fan art.

I adore Sombra, she’s everything I wanted her to be and more. I simplified her design a bit, so it’s easier for me to draw, but also I couldn’t find a clear enough ref of her so. 

I wanted to make a pixel for my sidebar but it quickly got out of hand. (turns out she didn’t fit my sidebar) This is the enlarged version, by the way. 

I’ll always advocate for stimming and stim blogs being available to all neurodivergent people, and I still don’t really care if they’re available to everyone.

But I have seen a few people talking about stimming without a clear understanding/clearly not having spent time around tumblr’s autistic community.

“Stim” is not a synonym for “aesthetic.” It doesn’t mean “anything I happen to enjoy.”

Stimming is a real thing with meaning. A lot of stim blogs have an FAQ explaining what stimming is. Please read them, or ask someone like me, rather than making up a definition and telling it to other people when you don’t have an understanding.

I genuinely mean this in the gentlest way.