and that is also the reason why this is one of my favourite parallels

reasons to ship jaspnet

or at least, here are a few reasons why its one of my favourite ships!!

  • They are opposites in a lot of ways, (eg. jasper is angry and unstable while garnet is calm and focused) which make for an interesting dynamic, plus the age old opposites attract trope.
  • They are also similar in some ways. Both are very physical and very straightforward, also can be seen as loyal and protective.
  • Some theories say that the homeworld gems can be seen like parallels to the crystal gems, if this is true then Jasper is Garnet’s parallel (with Amethyst/Peridot and Lapis/Pearl) which is interesting!
  • At the moment every experience Jasper has and her views with fusion has been negative, toxic and damaging. As a fusion of love, with very strong beliefs surrounding consent and a very gentle and romantic nature, Garnet would be the perfect person to teach Jasper that fusion can be something happy and positive.
  • For the same reasons, just being around Garnet could go a really long way to help Jasper heal, and also to help her realise that homeworld’s views are wrong.
  • Speaking of old tropes… enemies to friends to lovers, anyone!?
  • Jasper is attracted to and impressed by strength, Garnet is the strongest gem around (and also stronger than Jasper herself lol)
  • They are both ridiculously hot and its the most thigh and ass you will ever see in one place.
  • The height and body type contrast.
  • Garnet was lowkey flirting with Jasper during stronger than you (”you’re just jealous cause you’re single” please omg) and I wonder if Jasper could bring out more of Garnet’s flirty and playful nature.
  • That UST.
  • Just think about how cute and funny they could potentially be together omg.

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