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If you ever just wanna feel a lil emo, take a second to remember that nakhun (one of the eliminated mydol trainees) still makes sure to keep up with vixx’s activities and supports them any way he can.

he bought tickets to elysium, watches their v app streams, requests their songs, “do well taekwoon and wonshik hehe 😆”, tweeting mvs, and again, even more tweets abt lr, you can absolutely bet he listened to vixx n kpop too


You’re allowed to still enjoy problematic things/people as long as you acknowledge it and don’t try to defend the problematic actions

Okay but imagine if ASoUE Netflix was filmed in a mockumentary style (à la Parks and Rec or The Office). 

The Baudelaires just stare into the camera every time Count Olaf shows up again. Or whenever Mr. Poe does anything.

The camera person is Lemony Snicket, who occasionally makes cast members hold the camera for him so he can give his own interviews, which are always just things like him repeating the word “ever” for two and a half minutes.

Esmé interrupts everybody’s interview segments, and Olaf spends all of his time self-promoting his plays.

Every time a scene is getting dramatic and someone’s life is in danger or things are about to be revealed, Lemony decides it’s the perfect time to turn the camera around and examine what’s going on out the window.

  • person: what would you like for Christmas
  • me: what no we can't say that
  • me: no
  • my brain: THE MEMBERS NAKED
  • me: new makeup


I have an envelope in my mailbox that I’ve been ignoring for a couple weeks, it looks like a generic “Seasons Greetings” card from some stuffy city council member… Anyway today I finally opened it and it’s a delightful picture of him with his boyfriend at a community garden, and I’m just


Hobbit/LotR Ask Meme: Thepievanquisher, Fangs-and-daisies and Myforlornplace asked 25. Character you’d like as your friend? 

“A descendant of nobility and a Dwarf Lord in his own right, Balin is one of the oldest members of The Company of Dwarves. Wise and gentle by nature, he has been forced to live a life fraught with war and the ongoing struggle for survival. Related to Thorin Oakenshield, Balin is one of his closest, most trusted advisers – but deep in his heart, this wisest and most loyal of Dwarves harbors troubling doubts about the wisdom of the Quest for the Lonely Mountain.”  

'big bang is like the beyonce of kpop'

i have never heard anything more accurate tbh

Things I would like to see in DA4

- being able to toggle helmets on every individual party member
- dwarf romance
- m a b a r i
- tameable dragon
- decent eyebrows in cc
- real grey morality (like choosing the new king of Orzammar in origins that shit was tough)
- zevran
- rivain, antiva, anderfels, tevinter etc
- easier modding (again, origins was best at this)
- if you’re gonna have blood splatters make it realistic and put some on the characters’ faces and hair too pls (*cough* origins *cough*)
- more qunari ladies
- more dwarf ladies
- more ladies
- the opportunity to punch at least one (1) orlesian prick in the face
- the remaining hawke twin… if there is one :’(
- shapeshifter specialization
- ranger specialization
- body sliders

Gorillaz and Grocery Shopping
-As blank as his mind is, 2D is good at remembering what each of the members like
-They always opt for the off brand cereals because they are cheaper and they think they taste better (they do)
-Noodle likes to ride in the basket
-2D also likes to ride in the basket
-He looks ridiculous
-Cart racing down the isles
-Russel having to literally drag them away from the holiday candy section
-ESPECIALLY the day after the holiday
-Noodle clowning on Murdoc with a jar of pickles
-“Look, I found your long lost little brother!”
-Murdoc dreading going to the grocery because of their antics
-Russel is an extreme couponer

ᵗʰᵉ ʰᵉʳᵒ⋅ || ᵖʳᵒᵐᵖᵗ ᵈʳᵃᵇᵇᶫᵉ⋅

          the scare of a demonic being residing somewhere on the island, commanding people he had called his clubmates. albeit, he often called them his underlings, but it was all out of love. takumi was the president of the dueling society, how could he let the members of his club be taken under control of some succubus? he believed he hadn’t had much of a choice to save them since they had vanished before he even woke up, but there was still that small part of him that urged him ‘you could have protected them,’ ‘it’s your fault you lost most of your club.’ he had to take down the succubus, he had to free them all.

          luckily for him, he wasn’t the only one at hiraeth academy who knew how to fight – he managed to recruit himself a group of people, all pretty able-bodied and rather skilled. a group of six people, including him. nam, a healer who could also manage to take some damage and soak it up for the rest of them. blake, an assassin who could get the group out of a bind, while she can still fight and manage on her own. keith, a fighter adorned with some fiery powers – though he may not understand them entirely, it’s still a great addition to his skills. corrin, his ‘brother’ who was the reason for so much suffering in takumi’s life… though, he was a great asset: skilled with a sword, and could turn into a dragon when things got dire. and he had even made an ally of robin, as a teacher, he must have the skills that could assist the marksman in rescuing his fellow classmates.

          the six had to train, they all knew that, to hone their skills as quickly as they could to assure that none of them fell during the upcoming battle. they trained to make sure they were good at their each individual skill and couldn’t possibly falter during any dangerous situations. during one of their training sessions, takumi had seen something dash around a corner away from them, presumably in fear.

          shhh – he shushed the group, pulling his fujin yumi off of his back and putting his hands into position to shoot if need be. he bent his knees and hopped his way over to the corner where the shadow disappeared behind. takumi gestured for the group to come closer so he could make sure he had backup in case anything went awry. some hand gestures at the gang, before he hops to turn and point the bow around the corner –

           agh – ! his arms scramble to grab for something, anything that will help prevent the fall that he just so clumsily caused. the bow dropped to the floor with him, and he just hoped that he hadn’t harmed it in any way. he rubbed the back of his head below his ponytail; that hitting the ground before the rest of his head definitely didn’t alleviate any of the pain. a moment later he realized what had just happened – he’d fallen in front of his entire group. takumi, the one who had organized this entire group to take down the enemy, takumi, the hero of hiraeth – he just fell to the floor while trying to seem cool. the marksman stood up, retrieving the bow off of the ground, ignoring any chatter that might be coming from his group… …shut up. he said, despite the fact that he wasn’t paying any attention to the crew. he wasn’t going to let himself lose his cool. it happens, okay?!


you: seungkwan you’ll only be gone for a couple of hours…