and that i will love them forever

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Can we see Basel as a toddler?Thais is probably over asked but I just think he would be sooo cute!

Oh my goodness, I’m so glad you asked this because he is ADORABLE!

Here are his sisters too because toddlers=life

Fifth Harmony and the PCAS

Okay…here is the deal. I liked their performance, but, I didn’t love it. The harmonies seem a little out of it and in some cases it seemed like they were trying a little too hard.
Now don’t get me wrong, I still absolutely love the girls and will forever support them. But I think the pressure of performing as a foursome for the first time…really showed. The change up of the song…it was okay. But going away from the song..the actual sound I loved. It was edgy, it was sexy and it it sounded great. If this will be their new sound…then I’m excited.

What I’m going to say now…might generate hate, but I’m 36 I can handle whatever shit comes my way.

The performance outfits. I’m sorry but they were dressed up to look like hookers. Or someone from a sex site promoting BDSM.

I get that the sexy look sells. I’m all for it, as long as the look has some class to it. Why dress women up like that, when their male counter parts are always dressed down? These are 4 young ladies with great voices and great bodies, you don’t need to majorly sex them up, like they did at the PCAS.

With that being said though. I’d like to say a huge congratulations on thier win. For sticking together and carrying on with thier dreams. I look forward to whatever this new era has to offer us. (I still miss Camila though, but i’ll get used to it eventually)

Hope I haven’t offended too many harmonisers with my views, but even if I have…think of what I’ve said. Most of you are really young…how would you like to be dressed like that for the world to see, all the time?

Peace…out ✌

  • What he says: I'm fine
  • What he means: I still can't beleive that the first thing Sniper ( AKA Mun Dee or Mundy) did upon learning that he was given a second chance to live, was tell his parents that he'd rather stay there with them. Sometimes I lay awake at night and think of this. How much exactly does the death of his beloved parents and the discovery that he was given birth by two strangers who will never love him has affected him? The mercs say that he's a weirdo and we can see that some of them would rather not have him back in the team. When they contacted him again for the first time, we can see his house is in the dark, and filthy. Has he been sitting alone in darkness since the death of his parents? Is Mundy an unhappy man? Why is no one adressing this? Does, ultimately, the Sniper enjoys living?

someone: it’s fr plush night
me: *rubs my hands together and cackles gleefully*

i was originally just gonna share the dog but i have too many good plushies ok

top: a gang of dragons i have. i’ve had the red one since 2015 and i got the other two a few months ago. very colorful.

bottom left: two beanie baby dragon things. i’ve had them for forever. the one on the right used to have wings, idk what happened to them.

bottom right: ok this is jones halloween brindle, he has an absolutely ridiculous name and i love it. i got him about two years ago on a school field trip, he’s an african wild dog plush.

I don't know about you? But I really love this...

“Starcrossed lovers”, “Maybe in another lifetime”, “This Bond is eternal”, “ although body’s never became one, but their hearts and their souls are forever intertwined by fate.” “I am complete when I see myself reflected in your eyes” “You, the one who I have compleat faith and trust in” “You are the one, the one who made my rain stop and who brought calm to my heart.”

Things ichiruki will always have. Regardless of canon. It’s good,that was always so fulfilling about shipping them. Those two will always be a beautiful love story. No one can take that from us.

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why do you hate the scoobies? (except from xander. that i understand)

first of all, when i say the scoobies i mean the group of buffy, xander, willow and giles. i do not like them as a ~friend group. i love some of them individually (buffy and giles, and i love their dynamic more than anything)

but buffy/willow/xander is garbage imo. they are AWFUl friends. 

they are incredibly insensitive towards buffy’s trauma 

  • beginning of s2, calling her a bitch after she caME BACK FROM THE DEAD!!!!
  • don’t even get me started on dead man’s party. i could talk about the issues i have with that episode and willow and xander’s behaviour FOREVER.
  • when xander discovers angel is alive in s3 he straight up attacks buffy
  • willow is bothered that buffy didn’t say thank you after her resurrection… they expected her to be totally fine and back to Old Buffy
  • tbh the scene near the end of after life really encapsulates my feelings towards buffy/willow/xander. she’s telling them what they want to hear, sacrificing her own happiness and peace of mind for theirs, and they don’t even have a clue cause they’re so wrapped up in their own shit that they don’t see what’s right in front of them
  • their responses to discovering that buffy had been sleeping with spike were WAAAY LESS than supportive. honestly their whole friendship is just that, ‘way less than supportive’

sorry i could literally go on for hours but

the reason i don’t like the scooby gang is bc they’re bad friends!!!!!

I already talked about how Gorillaz was like a gateway for me to get into more different types of music at a much younger age. I fuckin love this band. Their work will forever mean so much too me. Godbless them.

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Top mane 6 and top ships?

Top Mane 6(7)

  1. RARITY she’s my favourite forever I just love her so much
  2. APPlejaACK she deserves love and attention, pure and perfect
  3. Pinkie Pie she’s cute and perfect and a precious baby who never did wrong in her life
  4. Sunset Shimmer, cinnamon roll deserves the world
  5. Twilight, Fluttershy and RD are quite in a tie, buut love them a lot anyway

Top ships

  1. Rarijack i mean do i need to explain this
  2. Twipie, underrated and lacking of cute moments but I love it soo much
  3. Sciset, since EQG4 I ship it like fedex help
  4. Flutterdash, the one that closes the holy trihorse along with rarijack and twipie
  5. Raripie, now here’s one huugely underrated, it has a lot of potential and their interactions are soo good ??
  6. Appleshy, tender, soft, pure, perfect
  7. Raridash, same as Raripie, underrated and with a lot of potential. These two would destroy the world with their sassiness
  8. Sunset x any of the mane 6. Sunset deserves all the love tbh
  9. Apple Bloom x Diamond Tiara (Appletiara??) I guess I just have a thing for the classy girl x farm gal trope
  10. Rarilight, sign me the f*ck up in this one, nerd girl falls in love with the popular girl, it’s soo cliche I love it

(tbh this isn’t a reliable list, I pretty much love all of these ships the same, except the first ones, which of course are my very favourites)

i suck at making tops sorryyy 

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We've been talking about Adaars a bit so how about a headcanon for Lya Adaar :D

Hi! :D Thank you so much for asking about my Lya Adaar! <3 I really need to think more of her (and I really need my decent pc to play DAI again), I miss her very much.

In my headcanon, Lya likes to pose as hardcore and tough for people she doesn’t know well. She even tries to scare them by saying unpleasant things like “I could eat you for lunch”, or things far worse, playing the terrible giant. But once you get to know her well, you just find out that she is an adorable dork that loves sweets, buterflies, dances and really good jokes and ale. It’s just that she grew up learning that she shouldn’t trust in anyone if she wanted to survive. Eventually, she learned that she can’t live alone forever just looking out for herself, but she also can’t let her guard down in a world like Thedas. So she usually scares people, because if they can endure her worst, they are worth of her sweet and kind side.  

Thank you again for asking about this adorable dork <3 

I will forever love the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and those wonderful people that played them.

For me, they have always been THE group of superheroes. More o than the Justice League, more so than The Avengers. I didn’t want Supermans ability to fly or Batmans gadgets. I didn’t want to swing through the streets of New York as Spider-Man or have claws in my hands like Wolverwine.

I wanted to be the Red Ranger. I wanted that awesome helmet, his sword. I wanted to be a part of a brightly colored team with a dinosaur motif. I wanted to pilot a giant Tyrannosarus Rex mech and combine it with other dino mechs and create the Megazord.

I mean I love DC and Marvel heroes, but Power Rangers - Mighty Morphin Power Rangers in particular - will always be my team.

I also really like the people playing them and have been given the opportunity on numerous occasions to chat with them via Twitter, in a way fulfilling childhood dreams of meeting them.

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I have never looked at a friend and thought "I want to move in with them and live with them forever and love them with all my eternal being." And romance doesn't fit cause wel, romance is weird and sometimes bothers the hell out of me. QPRs are so important cause it finally gave me a name for this feeling I have to one specific person who is not a best friend. she's someone I wish I was a partner with.

Exactly!!! I don’t want to make “partners” out of my friends, like wtf. The extreme reach to standardize QPRs in attempt to paint us as “special snowflakes” or something is so shoddy its hilarious. Like buddy, two best friends don’t get bullied on the regular for their relationship and it appearing gay if they’re actually just “best friends,” I can guarantee it.

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(( *blushes bc does not deserve this much love* Thanks! ❤❤❤

These are two drawings that I am, sometimes (let me add that), not humble about. I am so so so proud of these.

I love them.

It took me forever to draw them.

They are both different styles. I draw differently depending on the character and on how realistic I want it. My style is more like the first one. It has changed recently bc that one is older but Im so proud of it….My style is ver inconsistent but It’s okay.

But if I get really into a drawing, the style will be more like this:


tae is lucky to have him

Post-it Q. Taehyungie what is Jimin’s charming point? ©
Taehyung: 1) Eyes 2) Abs 3) Voice 4) Park Jimin’s very existence 

Iwaoi - ‘puppy love’ ..
somehow. :D i think. idk. that was the first thing i thought about hearing that prompt.