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You know what? I really wish people were as hyped about Sonequa Martin-Green being the first Black woman to lead in a Star Trek series as they are about the D*ctor Wh* casting. But then again, most feminists don’t care about non-White women so it’s to be expected that most of you guys don’t care about the fact that she’s making history too. And when you factor in Michelle Yeoh, you get it doubly so. Last time I checked, this is a pretty big deal for the sci-fi genre too. 

What’s strange, to me, is people thinking that the D*ctor Wh* casting gives hope to all little girls when we know that’s not true. This issue is just so very layered and complex, but there is something particularly troubling about the fact that people think a White woman should be the symbol all little girls should look up to, regardless of their race. It’s so very arrogant to believe that little non-White girls will be represented by this woman that looks nothing like them. It’s very arrogant to think that little non-White girls should look up to the new Doctor as their new hero, especially knowing this casting is only a win for White women and White women only.

  • Fallout community: why is everything so shitty still? the bombs fell 200 years ago, and i still can't build a decent house or repair the broken ones! All I can build is shitty junk walls and ugly broken down furniture.
  • Preston Garvey: Hey wanna help me rebuild society and get people working together?
  • Fallout community: FUCK OFF

Hey. So this isn’t really a post I’m happy about writing but, I feel like it’s a necessary evil. I’m gonna try to make this short to keep the negativity on your dash to a minimum but I am just burnt. Out. On. Tumblr. The toxicity here is getting too much for me to handle right now. I feel a lot of bitterness and just “not good vibes” (lol what are words rn I’m so tired) from all over this fandom and it makes me sad. I want us to be a community. I don’t want us fighting to compete with everyone. That’s such a shit feeling! Competing sucks! And I don’t want any one to feel like they should compete with anyone… anywhere. This should just be a chill place for friends to share writing and learn how to get better at their skill. Be here because you want to be here! Don’t be here to appease others. Don’t be here for drama Or whatever! Don’t feel obligated to anyone. Just be here for you. Be here for fun and relaxation. Do what’s best for you!!!! And yeah I know “Bleh bleh she’s just saying that” I’m not. I’m really not. So I’m just gonna take a step back for a bit. Maybe for a few days? Maybe for a few weeks? Maybe a few months? Idk. I really don’t know. I gotta think about my health right now. I gotta think about my mentality. And I’ll come back if and when I’m ready. I just can’t handle this ATM, so I’m gonna cut myself off before it becomes too much of an issue, you know? Sorry to everyone who has requests in. And sorry to those who were looking forward to future stuff. I just need a break. I hope you understand and still know I love each and everyone of you. Thanks for your time and I hope to see you soon. And thank you in general for your support the past months. I really appreciate and you’ve all helped me out in life over the past 4 months! And I love you to heck! 😍😘 I leave you for now with a puppy gif and virtual hugs and kisses. 😘🌈💜❤️

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Regarding Kim Taedong

Hello, do you guys know who this kid is? -long post ahead

Yes, he’s the F to A class kid who smiled wide with uneven teeth and wriggles hand when nervous. Who also made the shape of you performance more incredible and amazing by suggesting scarf biting koreo.

Yes, he’s Kim Taedong

Some of you might not know or already know, he’s the original member of JBJ at first (as kencalltaegyun). And currently confirmed will debut with JBJ.

The thing is he’s facing a problem

So he actually wanted to leave his current agency. He terminated his contract and left to his hometown, disappeared for a week with no news, the company couldn’t reach him. So the company told the public that he’s actually absent from all activities (which actually none) because of personal reason.

When some said he’s actually leave to auditioning to another agency (i still need more proof of this). 

The company didn’t accept the one-way decision and Taedong’s disappearance which makes everything more difficult for both. They’re still discussing for what they would do next about this to reach an agreement.

This could affect the JBJ’s debut. Loen doesn’t care about individual problems, their job is only to get the members together and have them debut. There’s a possibility that other companies (who already agreeing for the JBJ debut) will change their minds about JBJ because of Taedong’s problem. 

I’m making this post not to make you guys blame Taedong like what he already get by now since everyone’s afraid of the possibility of JBJ not debuting. I’m afraid too but Taedong doesn’t deserve the hate, he need support.

As an ATM who has been with them since the start, you either stan them as whole or not at all, for the sake of JBJ. If you blame Taedong for JBJ’s not debuting possibility, I’m telling you guys to understand the kid’s situation.

Fans has been waiting for his ig update since forever, however this what we get. A heart breaking post on ig regarding his situation, which we should thank @kimshihyuns who translate this

Kim Taedong is having a physiological pain and a lot of pressure, he has so much on his mind. Guys, Kim Taedong is always the bright kid a group always needed. He didn’t mean everything to be like this, he made mistake but everyone did that when they wanted to be free and already tired with their current situation.

Taedong wanted to leave. We don;t know what is actually happening. Me. You. ATMs. haters. siders. None of us know. But one wouldn’t do something so reckless like this if nothing triggered him to in the first place.

We know Taedong has reasons. At least ATMs know. 

I wanted to say, please support Kim Taedong. We know JBJ’s future is also at risk because of this. But you support JBJ, that means you gotta support Taedong too, because as like everyone says, JBJ is complete with seven member

Debut as whole or not at all. Support JBJ as whole or don’t. Because he didn’t need hate right now. He need support from everyone so he can get up and fight for himself and for JBJ.

JBJ’s members are supporting them too. Why dont we. 

Please support Kim Taedong. He deserve the world and the whole universe. Thankyou. (sorry for my longass post)

sometimes i see those gotham city sirens instagram edits and they always make ivy’s account look so pretty and polished

but let’s be real—ivy’s account (plisley180) only has one photo on it and a little bit of her finger is covering the camera lens. it’s probably captioned something like, “i’m not really sure how this whole ‘instagram’ thing works, but here is a picture of me and my plants” and it’s taken from that awkward mom-angle that makes your face look like you moisturize with pizza grease. 

it was posted three years ago and got two likes—one from harley and one from selina. no comments. she hasn’t posted since.

God the look on Percy’s face when Ioun passed over him. “You do keep your secrets and are selfish with your knowledge.”

Resignation and acceptance all at once. This goddess is everything he beleives in, the written word and the pursuit of knowledge, and she, like the other goddess he put his faith in, however briefly, spurned him.

That has to hurt.

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What are you brush setting if I may ask?,,

okok so i’ve gotten asks like this one a couple other times and i finally put together a thing i think?

this one’s kinda like the only one i use for both sketching and coloring, and i mess around with the texture and the blending sliders a lot, so depending on the settings it can feel and look very different. I hope it’s not too confusing!!! ;v;