and that he's thinking about her

A quick review: Future refused to meet Russell, lied about child support & custody on twitter, publicly called Ciara a bitch, wrote multiple songs trashing her and this

is all it takes to redeem him? Nigga wrote 2 run-on sentences and suddenly he’s not a trash ass human being anymore. She literally had to take him to court to see his son regularly and y’all want her to wish him a happy father’s day and ready to talk shit if she doesn’t? Y’all love to make Ci the villain.Get the entire fuck outta here.

Kitty was trying to be smooth (again) but the Princess knows all of his tricks. 

She is not going to fall for any, Chat. Maybe you should change your ways…

…altho who knows. There are many ways to fall.

Dupain-Cheng 6 - Agreste 1


also fucking

god bless summer smith as a character

she went from a characiture of Bored Shitty Teen Daughter to digging up her grandpas grave to use his portal gun to try and rescue him from space prison because she knows damn well he hasnt abandoned them and that he shouldnt be there


“ naomi misora … so it’s her. she’s the one from the labbmc, that’s right. “

“ ….no, the naomi misora i knew was strong. “

don’t touch me this scene broke me inside.

pssst, emma canonically sailed on the jolly roger before she was even born.


the olicity q: [16/?]


You were the first to ask me if I’m okay. It’s not even a big deal, but those words…strangely comforted me.

In which somehow they got their hands on a functioning old world TV and vhs or dvds and Furiosa is totally not buying this horror movie at all, NOPE she’s just being considerate to Max who clearly is the distressed one. Max is not going to argue.

Number 12 for Prompts.

I just realised this whole time when Magnus calls Clary biscuit, he means the American biscuit, the weird roll things you Americans put in that white gravy. Being British, I always just assumed he meant what Americans call a cookie like he thinks Clary is this sweet precious little thing but no. my life has been changed. nothing is the same. life is meaningless.

i can’t wait until vilde starts figuring out her sexuality and goes to isak for help and he introduces her to even’s 2 moms to show her that she can have exactly the life she wants being exactly who she is!!


Z Nation meme | four relationships [¼]  —– Murphy and Warren

I’m counting on you.


I know who you are, and I doubt Kara would like the truth.