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You and H get into a fight at Anne's house while staying there please

It had been a stressful week for not only Harry, but you as well. And although you tried hard not to let your mood affect Harry, he wasn’t doing a great job at doing that himself.
Harry was sweet; a gentleman, that until he was pissed off and stressed. He became cold and would have his anger triggered by the slightest thing. Normally, he’d apologize an hour or two after he snaps which sends you both to your happy relationship again, both of you talking everything out.

But it had been a week, not a few hours. You had problems at work, the home cooked meal that you had been dying to try to cook from the internet was burned, you dropped your phone down the toilet and you had two cherries on top; Harry and your period.
But a week ago, Anne had invited you and Harry for dinner along with Gemma.

Harry was dependent on the fact that you remembered that tonight was the dinner night, getting ready with no words shared. You changed in the bathroom while he changed in the bedroom; something that you hadn’t done in so long.

The drive to Anne’s house was agonizing. No tunes playing and no words shared, just the uncomfortable silence and the murmurs of “for fuck’s sake”’s that left Harry’s lips whenever someone did something stupid on the road.
When you arrived to Anne’s house, you expected Harry to stay and at least say anything, anything at all. But Harry was the first to get out of the car. You sighed, unbuckling your seatbelt and getting out, following Harry who now stood on the doorstep and had already rung the door bell.

“Awe! Come inside!” Anne instantly opened the door, pulling the both of you inside before hugging Harry tightly. “Someone needs to shave that.” She patted his chin.

He chuckled, “Was meaning to, slipped out of my mind.”

“Move along, now. I want to greet my future daughter-in-law.” Anne giggled, pushing Harry aside.

You tensed. Although it was something Anne had always said but now, you weren’t sure how to feel about it; how Harry felt about it. You hugged Anne tightly, almost as if she was putting you back together.

“I miss you, too, but I do know that this is not just a greeting hug.” Anne whispered, rubbing your back soothingly.

You didn’t realize your eyes were tearful until you pulled back and Anne cooed sympathetically and pulled you back for another hug. “Is it my son? Did he do this?”

You only sniffled, pulling away to wipe your tears. “Can we talk about this later, please?” You asked quietly.

“Of course.” Anne rubbed your back before you both walked towards the living room where you were engulfed in a hug by Gemma the second she saw you.

She then punched you in the arm, making you wince and hold it. “What was that for?”

“For me having to find out you got promoted from Sarah the other day. We should have celebrated!” Gemma whined.

You bit your lip, feeling Harry’s eyes on you in confusion and shock.

“Uh, it'a nothing really.” You chuckled nervously, shrugging.

“Oh, stop with being humble now, silly. Of course it’s something! Gem, take out the champagne.” Anne grinned. “And come help me with setting up the table.”

“I’ll help you.” You said quickly, walking towards her.

“Nonsense. Gemma owes me a favor for something anyway.” Anne smiled.

“Do I?” Gemma asked, looking at Anne confusingly who shot her a glare, “Oh,” She whispered, “Oh! I do, yeah.”
Anne grabbed her giggling daughter’s arm, dragging her behind her and towards the kitchen.

You sighed, sitting on the chair opposite to the couch where Harry sat.
“Why didn’t you tell me you got promoted?” Harry asked.

Your head snapped towards him in shock before a bitter chuckle left your lips. “Really? Really, Harry?”


“I texted you the day I got it. Told you I have big exciting news. You came home, fucking looked me in the eyes when I had dinner for both of us, candlelit might I add and then you went to bed.” You whisper yelled, not wanting Anne or Gemma to hear.

For a moment, guilt washed over Harry’s face before he turned cold again. “You didn’t even check on me to see if I was fine that day.”

You gasped, “Are you listening to yourself right now?”

“I am actually, yes, very well.” Harry said sarcastically, crossing his arms across his chest.

“Why am I the one who always has to give up my comfort for you? You haven’t touched me, let alone talk to me at all for the past week. Every time I try, you find a way to turn it to a fight. You have been so fucking selfish, Harry.” You let the tears fall.

“I’m being selfish? So I have to fucking pamper you like a child now to actually show I care? What do you want me to do? Buy you stuff? Is that what you want? Is that the kind of comfort you want, Y/N?!” Harry shouted, standing up.

“What are you trying to say, Harry?” You gasped, standing up. “Are you telling me that I’ve been in this relationship for 2 years because I want your money? Is that what you’re trying to say?” You shouted, getting closer to him as he rubbed his face with his hands with a groan. “I told you that you haven’t touched me nor talk to me and you think I want you treating me like I’m a child?”

“Listen, this isn’t what I meant. I’m so-”

“If you’re not happy anymore then just say it. Break up with me. But doing this,” You cried, gesturing between you, “This is hurting me so much, Harry.” You let your head fall, sobbing.

“No, no,” Harry quickly put his arms around you, pulling you to his chest. “Fuck,” He whispered under his breath, “I would never want to break up. I am happy with you.” He cooed.

“You sure don’t act like it.” You mumbled, not hugging him back.

Harry sighed before sitting down on the couch, taking a hold of your arm and pulling you down gently to him to make you sit on his lap where he wrapped his arms around you. “I know this isn’t an excuse for how much of a dick I have been but I’m so scared of how fast my life is going right now, my career. I started taking it out on you because you’re the only one who doesn’t give me shit for being myself and I guess,” He paused, shaking his head, “I guess I took this for granted. I’m so sorry, baby. I love you, so much. I’m sorry I have been a massive dick for the past week and I’m terribly sorry for not celebrating your promotion and making it seem like it didn’t matter to me. I really am proud of you, love. So much.”

“You really were a massive dick.” You mumbled, fiddling with your fingers.

Harry chuckled, tightening his hold around you before pecking your cheek. “I really was.”

“I love you, too.” You sighed, wrapping your arms around him, burying your head in his neck.

“I’ll be better, I promise. I’ll make it all up to you.” He whispered, his head nuzzling in your shoulder as he closed his eyes in satisfaction and comfort. Now he knew what had he been missing.

“Dinner and champagne are ready!” Anne announced with a cheerful tone.

“Also, no make up sex!” Gemma shouted before you both heard a smack and Gemma wince, “Just kidding, just kidding!”

You both laughed before walking towards the two, now with happy and warm smiles.

Issues & Tissues : PART 1 ( Tom Holland x reader)

(Zendaya x  Tom Holland x reader x Cole sprouse )

SUMMARY : You have the biggest crush on your co-star Tom Holland. Although there has always been rumours of him and your other co-star Zendaya dating, you’ve always ignored it. You liked him a little too much to just let go.Too much to even notice another co-star, Cole, looking at you the same way you look at Tom. But what’ll be the outcome of your immense likeness for Tom? Will it be worth it? Or will you be left heartbroken when the fan theories of him and Zendaya prove to be true?

A/N: I’m sorry it took me so long to post! Hopefully, you’ll like this one :) Love you guys x

Since the day he first called you ‘darling’ to the day he shared his cup of tea with you, you were absolutely smitten. You were very much aware of the fact that he simply called literally everyone by that word and he liked sharing tea because he’s a kind man BUT you couldn’t help it, I mean, c’mon look at him! With his messy brown hair and his cheeky smile.. oh that handsome smile. One thing was clear- you were smitten. This quackson guy got the best of you this time.

The fact that you got to work with Tom every single day for 4 months didn’t help your case much either- everyday you found yourself falling more in love with him and his little ways. The other actors on set were Zendaya and Cole Sprouse. Yeah, that’s right- Tom’s ideal match Zendaya. They got along really well, their chemistry was inevitable, no wonder fangirls and the press shipped them so much. You would ship them too, had you not been so hopelessly in love with Tom. Seeing him and Zendaya do scenes together or even interact ! made you sore. Maybe they did like each other but eh, it’s easier to come in set, make-believing they don’t. It has almost been 3 months since you first met and I have to say, you did a pretty good job in hiding your hots for Tom. Nobody knew about it. Well, nobody except your best friend on set- Cole. Cole caught you way before you even admitted to your ownself that you were falling for Tom. You hate how easily Cole reads you. Best friends’ intuition, I guess.

Anyway, you and Tom got along pretty well too. He was always his goofy self, cracking stupid jokes every opportunity he got, doing 100 things at the same time but nonetheless, making sure everybody was having a good time. Work didn’t feel like work when you were with him. He would always give you the warmest hug- and to everyone as well. 

He made horrible attempts to break you out of your shy shell and in doing so, you found yourself falling for him. You don’t know when you started getting butterflies for this young South-west London lad. You found yourself searching for silly excuses to go see him or give him his tea. You would usually end up chatting with him about the silliest things on the red sofa which was placed in the middle of the set were not sure why it was kept there but it had been there since the first day. It became your spot. You and Tom’s, to be precise. You would hangout there almost every 5:30pm because you and his free-time coincided at this hour only. Days when you didn’t have a single scene with him were the ones you dreaded the most. However, you always got to catch him on the red sofa over your mutual love for tea at 5:30pm.

You’re not sure if Tom has the same liking towards you, I mean, he’s just so nice to everyone! When he’s with you, he woud make you feel like you’re the only girl in the room. Pretty sure, everybody in the room feels that way when they talk to him. He’d always make the warmest cup of tea during your 5:30 couch time and tell you stories about his family and his sweetheart Tessa. Tom also had his way of making you blush by telling you how ‘wonderful’ you look every now and then. Yeah, it’s hard to tell if he likes you but you would like to think that he does..even if it’s just a little bit.

Right now, you’re lazily sitting on the couch with Cole. You have few minutes of break before heading for an interview.

 “I think he’s doing an interview with Z in the other room,” you nag as you rest your head on Cole’s shoulder.

He scoffs,”Geez, (Y/n), don’t be that girl”

You abruptly sit up straight,”What girl?”

“You know,” he nervously utters,”The green eyed monster bitten g-“

“Ufff, I’m not jealous,” you sigh and turn towards the other room where Tom and Zendaya are supposedly get interviewed,”I was just saying…” you drop your head.

“Aww,” Cole chuckles as he lifts your head up with his finger,”You’re adorable. I wish he knew how you felt,”

You move away and roll your eyes,”Like he’d ever like a slob like me when he has this gorgeous Z all over him,”

You meant it. You don’t think you have any chance with Tom. Regardless of the wonderful bond you shared with Tom, you always felt like Zendaya had the upperhand since she’s the one who got  to spend most of the time with Tom. She also has millions backing her ship with Tom.

“(Y/N),” you hear one of the crew assistants call out,”You and Cole are up next for  the interview,”

“That’s our cue,” Cole blurts before ruffling your hair.

“Hey!” you hit his arm. He chuckles in response.

You head towards the interview room.

”After you, ma’am.” Cole opens the door for you like a pro-butler.

“Thank you, Mr Sprouse” you chuckle at his fake courtesy.

Little did you know that in a few seconds time you’d be wishing Cole hadn’t let you in first.

Your heart drops. You lose your breath for a second.

On entering the room, you’re greeted by the sight of Tom and Zendaya kissing.

Something you had always seen coming.

Something you wished would never happen.

Something you dreaded.

Something that made your heart break more than you thought it would.

Suddenly all the butterflies in your stomach seem to have fallen dead.

The touch of Cole’s hand on your shoulder made you step out of the blackhole you were putting yourself into. “I’m sorry, I can’t-“ you run out of the room. You don’t know if Tom had seen you since you left so abruptly.


4 hours since the vague scene at the interview room. 4 hours since you covered your mouth and held yourself together as you bawled your eyes out on the bathroom floor. Much to your contempt, shootings were usually 6-7 hours long so that meant you had to stay here for few more hours. Other days, 7 hours felt like 7 minutes but today it feels like a lifetime. You’ve done a pretty good job at holding yourself together and ignoring Tom. You know you have no right to be mad at him, he wasn’t even yours in the first place. But it..hurts.

You thought he liked you. Maybe you were only fooling yourself but you really thought  he did. Maybe you got your hopes up too high but a part of you always felt like he did like you back. The way he’d always make you feel at home, the time you’d spend laughing and talking about everything on the lounge, the way- No, (Y/n), maybe all of those things meant a lot to you because you liked him, or even loved, but it doesn’t matter now. It shouldn’t matter. Because it clearly meant nothing to him. It meant nothing to Tom.

You still can’t get the image of him and Zendaya kissing. It’s funny how you can get your heart broken the same time the other person’s heart collides.


You’re now in Cole’s temporary trailer on the set. He spent the whole day making sure you weren’t alone and invaded the thoughts of Tom and Z. You have few minutes of break before your next scene. Cole has already left for his. You haven’t seen Tom since that incident. And you’re glad you haven’t. You even missed the 5:30 red sofa ritual you shared with Tom.

It meant nothing to him, you remind yourself.

You hear the door click open. You pull yourself up from Cole’s couch, “Cole, I was just-“

“Thought I might find you here,” Tom smiles lovingly.

You feel your stomach tighten. You open your mouth to say something but nothing comes out. You can’t even look at him, “I  was just leaving,” you quickly utter as you see yourself out.

“Wait, (Y/n). I didn’t see you the entire day! Where were you?”

“I was just-“

“And you didn’t show up at the red sofa either. You know that’s our thing,”

The last sentence made your fist tighten and your heart weak. Why, why does he do that?

“I’m busy. See you later,”

It took everything in you to walk past the guy you had loved for so long and pretend that your heart wasn’t breaking when you did.

“(Y/n)..” you could almost faintly hear him but you didn’t turn back. No, you weren’t turning back for him anymore. You had been a fool for too long. How could you have not seen this coming?

You continued to love him even though it was you against all the fangirls and the press. I did this to myself.


You spent the next hours of the day keeping yourself busy and avoiding Tom. Somehow you kept bumping into him more than usual. You ignored every attempt of his to talk to you. You played it cool and mellow to make sure you weren’t giving off any awkward vibes. You continued to remind yourself that he wasn’t even yours to begin with, so you don’t have any right to be mad at him.

           You were just shooting your last scene when you saw Tom walk into your area. Tom was well-known to have the most hectic schedule out of everyone so you have no idea why he was here and not somewhere else shooting his scene.

Just dropping by, I guess.

“And cut!”

“That was a great scene, (Y/n)” Emma, one of the producers, applauds you.

“Thank you,” you warmly smile as you grab a bottle of water to hydrate yourself, completely ignoring the fact that Tom is in here too.

“Great shot, (Y/n)” you hear another familiar voice approach towards you.


“Thanks, Tom” you quickly reply and try to leave-abruptly, again.


He’s too close for you to ignore anymore. “I’m getting late, I have to-“

“I can drop you home,” he says in a low tone, sounding almost melancholy.

“That’s okay, I have a ride! I’m sorry, I have to lea-“ you quickly make another desparate but successful attempt to leave.

You walk towards the changing room to grab your stuffs and go home. You quickly collect your bags  and walk yourself out of the set.

You were just about to get into your car when you heard someone call out your name again.

You turn around to find Tom, again.

 This has never happened before. In all these months of shooting, he has never made himself this available.

“Oh, Tom. I told you I have a-“

“So I’m guessing you saw, huh?” he bluntly utters.

“Saw, what?”

“You know what,”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about, Tom. I’ll see you to-“

“You know exactly what I’m talking about,”

You take a deep breath and a long pause. You’ve been trying to avoid him the entire day to avoid having this conversation but here he is, pestering you for the same. You know he doesn’t feel anything for you, he never did, but hearing him actually say that would be even more torturous. You’d rather pretend your heart didn’t break when you saw him kiss Zendaya and that you didn’t really love him just so you could get past the next days of shooting without wanting to breakdown everytime you see him. It’d be easier to pretend nothing happened.

“So what, Tom?” you sigh,”So what if I saw you and Zendaya kiss?”

“Is that why you’ve been ignoring me the whole day?”

“I wasn’t-“

“Please. I know the way you used to look at me but today you were just-“

“JUST WHAT?” you increase your tone out of frustration,”SAD?HEARTBROKEN? DEVASTATED? Is that what you want to hear? You want me to tell you that I could feel my heart sink and that  I wish that I’d never entered the interview room in the first place? God, I wish I could tell you. I wish I could tell you what you want to hear so badly but trust me, ‘hurt’ would be an understatement to the way I felt when I saw you kiss Z. And as for walking into the interview room, I’m glad I saw it.”

“(Y/n), I’m sorry, I-”

You cut him off. You hold back your tears and gather up all your guts as you complete your sentence,” You’re not the one of blame here, you weren’t even mine to begin with. You made me think that maybe you did like me, or maybe that was just me fooling myself. And there is nothing worse in the world than thinking you have a chance..,” you choke,”.. when you really don’t.”

And with that, you leave.

“(Y/n),”He immediately grabs hold of your hand.

“Let me go,”




“Let me..,” you abruptly pull out your hand from his grip, “..go”.

And he did.


A/N : Please, it doesn’t have to end like this!!! PART 2 coming up  soon ;)


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Imagine your neighbor, Dean Winchester, getting jealous when he sees a guy leave your house in the morning when your parents are gone on a trip.

“Uh who- who was that exactly kiddo?”

You jumped, turning to face your insanely handsome neighbor standing very close “Oh uh” you laughed nervously “Hey Mr Winchester.” you greeted “Uhm just a friend, we were working on a project for college last night and… yeah.” you trailed off.

“Oh friend?” he raised an eyebrow, clearly annoyed if not something else too “Are you sure about that, (Y/n)? Not like I’m gonna tell your parents but bringing boys when they’re gone is kinda- well, you know.” he made a face and you frowned.

“We just had homework to do, I don’t think they would mind it that much.” you shrugged “Why are you asking though?” you couldn’t stop yuorself from asking.

“Oh nothing sweetheart.” he flashed you that smile that made you weak on the knees.

“Really, cause if I didn’t know you any better I’d say you sound a little jealous.” you muttered mostly to yourself, eyes casted down but of course he caught it.

“Just curious is all, (Y/n).” he put his hands in his pockets.

“Curious? About what presicely?”

“What would you want with a boy like him when there are men twice his age than certainly know how to give a woman what she needs.” he said with a casual smirk and shrug, not looking at you, as you gaped at him.

“Doubt he even knows how to please you the right way to begin with.” he added, winking at you as your eyes widened and your face warmed up. 

“See ya, princess.” he said as he smoothly walked the road to his own house.


Jack posts another Anti video, and it’s the usual Anti affair (Anti taunting us, waving knives around, glitching around, etc) but then suddenly the other egos appear in front of Anti, all looking scared. Then Anti says “So…who do you want to save?” and each ego has a link box around them for us to click on to vote. Then in the next video, the ego with the most votes is revealed (e.g. Chase) and Anti steps forward saying - let’s say if it was Chase - “Strange…I always thought he was the favourite amongst you idiots…oh well, your choice!” and then kills the ego we voted for by slitting their throat right in front of the camera! After we’ve watched them die, the still living egos appear again, looking terrified, and begin begging us not to vote for them, and Anti stands smiling behind them. The link boxes appear again, and the video cuts to black with Anti saying, “Alright then…who’s next?!” That seems like a really Anti thing to do: tricking us into killing our “favourite boy” by making us think we’re saving them.

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Angst With A Happy Ending Masterlist

Bad Blood - danisnopeonfire

Summary: In a state of intoxication, Dan forgets that he and Phil have been broken up for the past year and accidentally brings back suppressed emotions.

Brittle - phandabbydosey

Summary: Told from the perspective of a doctor observing Dan’s strangely frequent trips to A&E, always for broken bones. His relationship with Phil seems perfect, but could there be a more sinister cause underlying Dan’s injuries? Or is it something else entirely?

Conversation Hearts (ao3) - Emptylester (timelordangel)

Summary: Terrified that he prevented Dan from having the experience of other sexual partners in his adult life, Phil suggests that this Valentine’s day in lieu of presents they each get a freebie. There is no way this can go wrong, right?

Dusk Between the Blinks - illustriousphan

Summary: Dan was in an abusive relationship. Upon finding Phil, who’s currently in one like Dan used to be, he wants to help… but maybe he needs some for himself before he can offer it to others.

If People Were Colours, He Was Red and I Was Blue (ao3) - midnightskydan

Summary: In which Dan and Phil’s relationship hits a hard patch when Phil has troubles. Dan associates his difficult love with different “colors” like blue and grey. Feat. mute!Dan and depressed!Phil.

If Tomorrow Never Comes - phan-panda

Summary: There’s a tornado heading straight for the Dan and Phil flat. With the inevitable storm on the horizon, Dan knows this could be his last chance to tell Phil how he really feels.

I Need to Love - six-foot-two-phanchild

Summary: Dan gets drunk and cheats on Phil. However, the situation isn’t as black and white as it seems.

Life Has A Hopeful Undertone (And I’ll Be Holding Onto You) - softiejace

Summary: Dan has an anxious breakdown and Phil comforts him.

Liquid Confidence - phangirlingforphan

Summary: The TATINOF afterparty proves to be a catalyst for feelings that needed to be spoken about to finally be admitted.

Nobody, Not Even the Rain - botanistlester

Summary: Dan is fine. It’s what he’s told himself all along. Even though it hurts when he has sex with his boyfriend, even though he shakes for no reason at all; he’s fine. He’s happy. But when he meets Phil, he learns about respect, trust, and how a relationship is truly supposed to be like. Most of all, he learns that maybe he’s not doing so well after all.

Orbit My Heart (ao3) - wekingsandprettythings

Summary: Phil Lester has always had an obsession with space. From a young age he loved looking at stars and imagining what life would be like outside of his plant. Now at age 27, accompanied by a PhD in Astrophysics, Phil’s dream is to find life on Jupiter’s moon Europa. With some special help from Dan Howell, the best Computer Science Engineer NASA has ever seen, will Phil find what he’s looking for in both space and in his heart?

Pieces of You (ao3) - howelllesters

Songfic: Inspired by Photograph by Ed Sheeran.

Saying Yes Has Always Been Easy - crescendohowell

Summary: On softly lit nights Phil will kiss Dan and hold him tight.  But that’s only temporary.  And Phil will leave Dan with words that feel like poison. (Or in which Dan is a writer, Phil is an artist and they’re friends with benefits)

Stick Around (ao3) - limelester

Summary: Phil’s spent every summer of his high school career picking up guys to have his way with, just to drop them before the real school year starts. He’s earned himself a reputation as a brooding heart breaker, and the summer before his senior year was to be no different. A tall, pastel boy named Dan who doesn’t like when people stare at him becomes Phil’s next target. It’s always been a game of one and done for Phil, but this summer he might have gotten more than he bargained for.

the lights are too bright and you’ve got cold feet (ao3) - tinydragon

Summary: it takes Dan a long time to come to terms with his sexuality.

The Man Who Can’t Be Moved (ao3) - thatsmistertoyou

Summary: Dan and Phil meet in real life for the first time. Fast forward and things aren’t as happy-go-lucky.

Things We Left Behind - butterflyphil

Summary: It wasn’t that you expected to live with him forever; you simply forgot that ‘not forever’ meant ‘someday it will end.’

Those Who Trust - theshyauthor

Summary: Dan used to be a submissive and now he’s just a broken shell of a man.

Three For The Price Of One - softiejace

Summary: After getting to know each other online, Dan and Phil spend a promising first date, until Phil gets a phone call and leaves in a hurry.

Dan finds his wallet and decides to drop it off at Phil’s place the next morning, hoping for an explanation.
However, he ends up getting a lot more than he bargained for…

Wishes Don’t Last Forever - crescendohowell

Summary: One day, when Phil’s feeling particularly alone, he wishes on a star for a friend.  He never expected it to work, but all of a sudden there’s a boy named Dan that he keeps running into who helps Phil to realise what it’s like to finally feel better, after being broken for so long.  But there’s something Dan’s not telling Phil, or maybe Phil’s just too distracted by soft smiles and cute freckles to see what’s really happening.

Honorable members of the wizengamot.” Draco was glad to find out his voice was quite steady. “At some point during a war you have to ask yourself, where do you live for? For yourself? Your family? For your friends? For your house? For no one? For everyone? Only for those who share your beliefs?”
“For me the answers to that have always been clear. I live for my family first, my friends second, myself if there’s any time left to spare, which usually there isn’t.”
“Not many people believe me when I say that, because most people see me as the pinnacle of selfish and self centred. But do you think I wanted to take the mark? Kill my headmaster? Torture people who did nothing to deserve that?” Draco was pretty sure he still looked like he could drop dead at any moment, but his voice was gaining a bit of strength.
“Most people say yes. I say no. I was sixteen. I wanted to play quidditch, read books, play chess, bully my childhood crush. I did not want to kill, I did not want to torture, I did not want to join Voldemort’s ranks.” There were quite some gasps as he addressed Voldemort by his name, but most people seemed to amazed by the fact that this child like skeleton could talk at all. Draco himself barely noticed any of it. He just wanted to get this over with.
“However it didn’t matter what I wanted, because there was no time to spare, and my family needed me to play a part. I did not see it as a choice. I did not see it as one of many options.” He looked up, directly into the eyes of Kingsley who now led the wizengamot. “It was my only option, and I accepted that.”
“I have always been a brilliant actor. People still think I am straight for one. They think I support Voldemort’s beliefs for another. I don’t. For me mudblood was an easy insult. A move that always scored, a pick up line that always worked.”
“But as soon as I was confronted with the actual meaning of the word, with actual murder and torture, all I wanted to do was run. Run and vomit.” His voice was shaking now, and every irregular breath he took send a wave of pain through his body. “All my family wanted was for me to join in. There was no spare time. I could not run.”
“I do not have a good versus evil guide line, drawn with the moral compass of a brave and proper hero. I am no Harry Potter. My line is a grey area of people I do and do not consider as family or as friends.” He cleared his throat again and glanced at the audience where Pansy, Theo and Blaise sat. He was vaguely pleased to note that even Blaise was crying.
“Why would anyone from a different house ever be on my good side? Why would anyone from my house switch sides when they are being separated from day one, stereotyped and put in a corner. You are a slytherin. You are a Malfoy. You are a Nott. You are a Black. You are bad. You are a death eater. You may only be eleven years old, you may lack the ability to think independently from your parents, but you are a true follower of the dark lord no matter if you want to be or not. We, the light side, will push you in this mould of a bad guy until you break or until you fit into it.”
He took a shaky breath, which wasn’t even an extra touch of drama but actually necessary in order for him not to pass out. “You are a slytherin. You are evil.”
“I have asked it before and I will ask it again, what reason did I have to invite other houses into my inner circle? Which one of you ever asked any of us to switch sides? You say we had plenty of opportunities. I say the only one I got was at the top of the astronomy tower, wand drawn and arm already marked, a shaking sixteen year old whose mother would die if he did not succeed. What kind of opportunity is that? What kind of choice?”
“During the war my inner circle existed out of people who I loved, and who loved me back. They were bad people with bad intentions, but I loved them nonetheless. I lived for them. I did not even know that was a choice.” His voice was properly breaking now, and he could see the majority of the wizengamot members lean forward to catch his words. Good. Let them hear as well as see what dementors do to a teenager.
“I know this may not be the speech that will get me off the hook, but it’s how I think about my past. It is the story I want others to hear in the hope that they might offer a hand to those who are in the same situation.”
It was with his last strength that Draco lifted his head, and let his eyes drift over the people who would decide over his fate. “I know now that what I did was wrong. I lived for my family and the people they surrounded themselves with. I shared their morals because I never got the chance to make my own.
—  Draco Malfoy, The last hearing

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“With Flash? Are you serious?” You shrugged, taking your books out of your locker. You grabbed your Calculus book and returned your Chemistry one, after putting the Calculus book in your backpack, you shut your locker and headed toward the gym. “Why the hell would you go out with Flash?” You shrugged again, tucking a fallen piece of hair behind your ear.

“Because – I don’t know. He asked, that’s usually how a date goes, MJ. Someone asks, you accept, then – ta-da! you’re on a date.” You hiked your gym bag further up your shoulder and then tightened your ponytail.

“This has nothing to do with the fact that you’re trying to get over Loser Parker?” You stopped walking briefly, Michelle not stopping to wait for you. “It’s not a coincidence that a week after Parker dumps you, you’re going out with his arch nemesis?” You jogged slightly to catch up to Michelle, reaching her before she got to the gym doors.

“No,” you shook your head defiantly. “This has nothing to do with Peter. Peter doesn’t want to be with me,” you shrugged, your heart aching as the words left you, “then that’s fine. I’ll have to be with someone else.” MJ nodded at you, not believing you as she opened the doors to the gym. Upon opening the doors, the first face you saw was Peter’s, heading toward the closet next to the entrance to pick up a mat.

“Oh – uh, hey!” Peter cringed at the dense greeting, giving you a tight-lipped smile. You did nothing but nod at him, your encounter being interrupted before any other words could be exchanged.

“Hey, beautiful!” You looked up, smiling at Flash. “You ready for tonight?” You nodded, going stiff when Flash’s arm wrapped around your shoulder. “So, we’re gonna go see that, uh, old movie, right? What was it–?”

Rebel Without a Cause.” You finished for him, shrugging off his shoulder subtly and standing in front of him instead. He nodded, smiling at you before turning to glare at Peter.

“What are you looking at, Penis Parker?” Peter shook his head, looking back at the gym closet. Flash shrugged, saying he’d see you tonight before heading back to attempt to impress coach by climbing the rope. Peter turned around to say something to you after Flash left, only being met by the back of your head while you and Michelle made your way to the bleachers. Peter let out a sigh, grabbing a mat and sluggishly walking back to where Ned sat, waiting for him.

You and Peter had ended things a week ago – you had gotten too close to getting hurt and it scared Peter into breaking up with you. He regretted it immediately, desperately trying to convince you to go out with him again – you refused only because, to you, it seemed like it was so quick and easy for Peter to break up with you. Even though it wasn’t, Peter understood your hesitation, so he decided to give you your space, not thinking that, of all people, Flash would be a threat to him when it came to you.

“You should just tell her,” Peter gave Ned a look of disapproval, going back to doing his sit-ups. “Dude, you’re never gonna get her back by not telling her why you gave up in the first place–!”

“I didn’t give up!” Peter sat up, quickly becoming defensive. Ned shrugged, getting up when the bell rang.

“Yeah, well, that’s what she thinks.” He walked out toward the locker room, causing Peter’s shoulders to slouch as he realized his best friend was right.

“Hey,” Peter stopped you in the hallway before the end of the day, “I need to talk to you.” You looked down at what he was wearing, remembering the blue sweater he wore on your first date. You shook your head, trying to go around him.

“Peter, I have nothing to say to you. I have to go get ready for my date.” You didn’t mean your words to come out so harsh, but you also didn’t feel apologetic for it.

“I know, but – god, Flash? Of all people, Flash?!” You shrugged. “Don’t – don’t go out with him.”

“Why not?”

“Because, he’s just doing this to spite me!” You scoffed, letting out a humorless laugh.

“So, Flash isn’t going out with me because he might actually like me? Is that such an impossible thought?” Peter’s eyes went wide, his head shaking in disagreement quickly. He opened his mouth to say something but you stopped him. “Peter, you made it very clear you didn’t want to be with me. And, that’s fine. But you can’t do this – I won’t play this game.” Peter’s mouth clamped shut, he found himself at a loss for words. You shook your head, looking at him one last time before walking around him and out of the school. He looked at you, his shoulders falling as his posture slumped and his lip caught between his teeth, watching you walk out the school to get ready for your date.

You opened your apartment door, taking off your heels as you sighed loudly, walking toward your fridge to grab an iced tea. You were about to go sulk on the couch when there was a knock on your door. You internally groaned, stumbling toward the door. “Peter?”

“Please, don’t go on your date.” You shook your head, sighing.

“Peter–.” He interrupted you again.

“I get it, I screwed up – big time! I get that but, but – I just… listen, I – I’m Spider-Man. I know, I know, I should’ve told you. But, I didn’t want you to get hurt – I thought if I kept it from you, that I’d be protecting you, but you almost got hurt anyway.” He shook his head, pacing outside your door. “But, god – I miss you.” He stopped in front of you, his hands coming up to grab your shoulders. “I miss you – I think, I think I love you.”

“Peter!” Peter dropped his hands, looking at you with wide eyes. “You’re – you’re Spider-Man and you love me?” Peter’s face flushed as he began to register everything he just poured out to you at once. “I already went on my date,” Peter’s face fell, but it turned to confusion when you shook your head, “we didn’t even make it to the movie theater. I asked him to bring me home.”

“What happened? What did he do?” You saw Peter’s hand clenching into a fist, causing you to smile as you walked closer to him, his grip loosening when your hand touched his.

“He wasn’t you.” You shrugged. “We have to talk about everything – but, we could do that later. I missed you, too.” You tugged his hand, pulling him into your apartment. He turned to close the door, locking it. He turned to go back to you, being caught off guard when you immediately wrapped your arms around him. “I love you too, by the way.” Peter stiffened, relaxing when you gave him a small squeeze.

“Thank god.”

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✧*ೃ༄ exo reaction: baekhyun accidentally walks into the shower with you, thinking you're a member

Originally posted by veriloquentmind


minseok would be humored, but in a more quiet way. his laughter would be low chuckles mostly, and his jokes would be scarce. maybe something about the baekhyun’s lock picking, like “and this is exactly why you shouldn’t just pick the lock like that. see how badly it backfired on your ass?” he’ll stop if you express embarrassment or discomfort though, unlike some of the members.

Originally posted by ohyaahkkaebsong


junmyeon would sigh in disappointment because it’s already hard enough to contain everyone without baekhyun doing things like this (accident or not). this reaction would only be initial though, as he’ll crack cheesy joke upon cheesy joke about the situation later on, until you’re letting out a disappointed sigh. what was once funny would soon be a dry, overused joke that everyone wants to avoid talking about.

Originally posted by monsieurjunmyeon


he’ll be surprised more than anything; he’ll have no clue what to say. he’s most likely to try to comfort you, if you’re feeling embarrassed, or to say something like “don’t fret, he does that to me all the time!” in an attempt to. yixing would do his best to make sure you aren’t awkward around anyone after this, even if it isn’t really needed.

Originally posted by imaginesofkpopandthings


although he is a bit of a pervert, his initial reaction would be to hop out of the shower immediately, eyes wide and lips hung open in what had been a gasp. “i’m sorry, i’m sorry!” baekhyun will shout immediately, covering his eyes with his hand, for the sake of your modesty. he’ll grab the nearest towel go wrap around himself as well. on the other hand though, he may actually wait a few moments before doing all of this, just so he can say he’s seen you naked and ‘compliment you’ on your body.

Originally posted by baeksilisk


jongdae would be in shambles laughing at this mess of a situation. everything about it, he’ll find funny; baekhyun’s shouting, your shrill screams of “get out!”—even the simple fact that his friend had intended to shower with one of the members would be amusing to him. he’ll be cracking jokes about it for the next twenty four hours too. maybe even longer, depending on the reaction he gets from you and/or baekhyun.

Originally posted by cheolyans


chanyeol’s eyes would go wide with shock. baekhyun does lots of things around the dorm that makes him think ‘what the hell’ but this takes the cake, since he wasn’t informed that it was an accident straight away. after becoming aware that this was unintentional, he’d still be a bit surprised, but not as much. he wouldn’t comment on it himself, but he would laugh along like a cute pup.

Originally posted by itsokay-itslove


as opposed to loud laughter, he would just snicker at hoe dumb he finds his bandmate sometimes. he’ll make a few comments about it, which would be more taunting/teasing than jokes, mostly because he would want to give baekhyun a little grief for managing to do something like this, especially since it’s highly probable that you had been mistaken for kyungsoo himself.

Originally posted by j-jennie


you know that really cute, loud, seal-clap laughter jongin does? expect that. at first, he’ll be like lay, in that he’ll want to make sure you still feel comfortable around the group, but afterward he’ll be giggling at every joke his friends make regarding the situation. given that he laughs at everything under the sun, it’s inevitable. at least you’ll get a little fluff beforehand.

Originally posted by kai-tastrophe


like everyone else, sehun would find it hilarious and laugh at (and make a few) jokes, but and hate me for this all you want i think he may possibly be a little intrigued, since he’s still a bit young. about your body mostly, but nothing too nsfw. he finds your silhouette so nice, he wonders what you’ll look like with nothing on.

crush // v.m.p.

you are seven the first time you hear the word crush. it sounds bad, wrong, not fun. a boy has just stolen your football, said to you “girls can’t play with this.” he tells you to go back to your skipping rope. you do. he’s what your mum would call a bully, he’s not worth your time, she’d say. she always says that when lauren mocks you for your lisp, always tells you not to get too involved. so you don’t. when you get home you tell her all about it, how an annoying boy stole what was rightfully yours – you’re angry, vengeful, upset – whilst your mum simply laughs. “he must have a crush on you,” she says, and you stare at her, shocked. you have never seen your mother not take you seriously. you have never heard this word either.

you are ten when a boy smiles at you across the field. he scurries back to his friends quickly after. your own friends are more excited about this than you are – “he probably likes you!” “you’re so lucky, it’s because you’re so loud!” you hear the word ‘lucky’ and feel important, special to someone. you want to be liked. you want to be loved. next time you spy what’s-his-face across the football pitch, you make sure to smile back. you can play these games, you can become the likeable girl. if it’s a competition you’re sure you can win, and that’s what this is. you look at your friends and suddenly you see competitors. it doesn’t feel fun, being in love.

you are eleven when you first kiss a boy. or he kisses you, you can’t quite recall. it is all action and reaction, the way your lips feel dry and it doesn’t feel as good as you expected it to. one kiss after another, no words pass between you and the mystery boy. there are no “I love you’s”, no passion, no meaning behind it. he leaves at the end of the day when all is said and done, after pulling you aside, whispering, “don’t tell anyone.” you wonder if he’s embarrassed of you. vaguely, you think you recall the same boy kissing another girl in the parking lot before summer camp. he has a girlfriend, you soon find out. romance is dead, you realise.

you are thirteen when you have your first boyfriend. he wants to be a rugby player, but this isn’t why you love him – he’s a musician, a pianist. he sends you videos of him playing songs dedicated to you, and you realise this may be the first time a boy has treated you kindly. you make things official – of course you had to be the one to ask – and you tell your friends. “I have a boyfriend,” you say triumphantly. your friends are happy for you, they really are – but they don’t like this boy and you know it. “he’s always putting you down,” your friend tells you, desperately trying to cheer you up after an argument. he’s been telling you your taste in music is shit, and quite frankly it was music that got you into this mess in the first place. you break up with him and focus on yourself. a boy is a bully is not boyfriend material.

you are fifteen when two unexpected things happen. you date a boy who may as well be perfect for you, and you start to notice a female friend in a new way. the tilt of her chin before she laughs, the way the sun catches her auburn eyes. it is a distraction, and not a welcome one. why can’t you be pretty? you feel threatened, you feel not enough. you never want to be alone again. your boyfriend is your sole consolation. “you’re beautiful,” he tells you, and sometimes you think you believe him. “way better than her,” he assures, and suddenly, you can’t. you can’t stop thinking about it, talking to him about it. you worry you’re talking him into loving her, so you split before he has the chance to leave you. your friends liked this one – they’re disappointed.

you are sixteen and you’ve had three boyfriends in the past five months. apparently, this makes you a slut. it is your friend who uses the word first, jokingly, and you remember laughing. other people start using it, though you can’t recall when it took on such a degrading tone. there is spite in it, but you play it right back – “at least I can get a boyfriend,” you snarl, breaking ties with the friend who first brought this ugly word upon you. it’s her fault, you decide. after all, she doesn’t understand. she doesn’t understand that none of them are interesting, that they’ve all been nice, charming, but it’s still not enough for you. you worry that you fall for every boy who’s nice to you. maybe they were right after all. when you ditch your friend, she calls you a “bitch.” and, well – maybe you are.

you are eighteen and you are a slut. you’ve had a long string of guys and you’re worried they’ll start to think you aren’t trying. your mum loves your current boyfriend. truthfully, he’s everything you’ve ever appreciated in a person. sharp, well-spoken, patient. he’s smart and he’s shooting for the moon. he wants to go to oxford university to study law, he wants to travel the world with you, he wants to marry you, and you aren’t sure why. you’ve been with him for seven months. you’ve reconciled with your friend. everyone likes him. everything is as it should be except it’s not. you don’t want to sleep with him. he’s mused about it before but is too nice to ask upfront. you can’t see yourself with him, travelling with him, marrying him – you are not his wife. you tell him this and he argues with you, says, “but I love you.” you cry in each other’s arms, but you know it’s over. maybe you killed romance.

you are nineteen and you’re out clubbing. at least that’s what you’ve been told, but you’re mostly babysitting your drunk friend. clearly you’ll be the one driving tonight. it seems like everyone is wasted, and you’re standing by the bar when you notice yourself noticing. there’s a girl across the room with dark skin and curly hair. she’s wearing a short, tight-fitted skirt and you know this because you’ve been glancing over at her all night. she’s doing the same. she gives you an obvious once-over and you shiver, turning away. less than a minute later and she’s by your side, ordering you a drink. you feel knots in your stomach and you politely refuse – suddenly you feel woozy, and she gently touches your arm, asks if you want to dance. pin-pricks race up from where her skin brushed yours. you want to accept, you step towards her, but then you think twice, hear the word slut echo through your mind. you leave soon after. you never see the girl again, but you can imagine her vividly when you close your eyes.

you are twenty when you tell your friends you might like girls. two of them are shocked, immediately placing a label into the equation that you never gave yourself – “oh, so you’re bi. when did this happen?” you say you don’t know, but you know that’s not true. you think back to when you were fifteen, to your disbelief your friend even exists, your disbelief your boyfriend couldn’t be interested. you think about this for a long time. you remember not wanting to sleep with boys. you remember you are not his wife when by now, you could’ve been. it is your other friend, your best friend, who isn’t shocked. she walks you back to your accommodation, asks you, “are you gay?” you say you think so, and she hugs you. it’s a lovely moment and you’ll always remember it. you don’t worry you might be in love with her. you know what love feels like now.

you are twenty-two and you have a crush. it seems like such a lovely word now. it doesn’t make you feel bitter, or angry. it makes you feel absolutely everything just that little more vividly, like you’re coming into being for the first and last time. she has copper hair and freckles and you imagine stringing them together into constellations. you imagine her taking you out. you imagine things like kissing, touching, breathing in the scent of each other and it feels weird but then it feels normal. you imagine things late at night when you’re cold and lonely that shock and embarrass you. you hear your peers sneering slut at you across the classroom in your mind. your best friend laughs when you call her at midnight. “it’s normal,” she tells you, “you’re just in love.”

you are twenty-three when you ask her out. she tells you she was waiting for you to ask, that she’d been dropping hints for months but couldn’t quite tell whether you felt the same. like all things, you think about it. how you’d stay up late at night texting her, drive down into the city to see her whenever you had the opportunity. how you called her a “good friend” when your mother asked. how you were afraid to be caught falling, scared of what it could mean, crying at night that you have an inability to love anyone properly. you ask her if she thinks you’re a slut. “how many guys have you been with?” she asks. you’re too unsure to be offended – something like fifteen, you say. she laughs. “you could tell me you’d dated every single guy you’ve ever laid eyes on and I wouldn’t think you’re a slut.” you tell her you’ve never dated a girl. you ask if that still makes you a lesbian. she looks at you seriously. “you just like girls?” you nod. “that sounds pretty gay to me.”

you are twenty-four when everything comes full circle. you are with your best friend and your girlfriend. you’re going home to visit your mum, and this time there will be no mincing your words. there will be no “good friend”. there is no slut, there is no shame, there is no doubt anymore. there will also be no boy, which is undoubtedly what your mother is expecting. when you arrive she is happy to see you, but you can tell she’s surprised. she invites you all inside before you can explain. your best friend offers to go and make some tea, gives you a look that says you’ve got this. you settle down on the sofa, thinking about copper curls and hips and curves and freckles and eyelashes and the quiet intimacy of catching eyes with a girl across a dance floor, how you can iterate that to someone who doesn’t understand. “mum,” you start, your voice shaking. “mum, one time, a couple of years ago, I had a crush.”

you are twenty-four and it’s taken you this long, but rest-assured no one can take this from you now.

His Replacement l Harrison Osterfield

Summary: Tom Holland hires a new assistant after Harrison Osterfield lands the role as the next Harry Osborn in the upcoming Marvel films and Harrison finds himself fancying his replacement a lot more than he expected…

Warning: swearing

Pairing: Harrison Osterfield x reader

Type: Oneshot

Requested: multiple anonymous people

A/N: I actually combined four anonymous requests for this oneshot just to make it a better plot. I thought the four would go nicely together. Hope you all enjoy it!


Originally posted by tomhollandandtessa

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Dappled (Prologue)

Originally posted by huntertainment


EXO Fanfic: Fantasy AU (Other World Chronicles)
Main Pairing: Female Reader/OC x Oh Sehun (Shadowkind)

The Other World has been at peace for many years, the Council keeping law and order between the Kinds and Lands. Even Outsiders live threat free. But in a world so vast and varied - can peace ever truly last..?


AUTHOR NOTE: to anyone new: Hello! This series can be read alone, but it is actually from a collection of stories I have written for the same alternative universe. I would recommend reading those to fully understand everything that is going on (especially my own characters and the whole politics of the place - and especially Charred for Sehun’s backstory in this fic!). But that being said, it should be okay if you want to read it as a stand alone!

to anyone who has read the Other World series already: HEY LOVELIES! It is finally here, Sehun’s time to shine!! I know it is not that long since I finished Roots, but I am all ready to get this fic going. However, I am starting my new course very soon, this will be updated a bit slower than I normally do, I hope that’s okay. Also for anyone who has not seen/does not know - for the foreseeable future: THIS WILL BE MY LAST OTHER WORLD FIC! As lovely as I find it that you want me to write one for every member, the world building takes a lot of time and effort so I need to take a break from it! I might come back one day, but for now… please don’t expect any more! 

Okay! I’ll shut up now: hope you enjoy!!

P.S. I have tried something new, and parts of this story will not be reader perspective, but Sehun’s! Just you know, before you get confused. 


You stared out at the expanse of water below you, watching the way the sunlight was dancing softly on the waves. The breeze played a little with the opening of your silk dressing gown, but you didn’t feel the cold. The Light Islands never get cold. You sighed, moving the glass of wine a little in your hand as you leant against the wall of the large balcony. You watched how the light played in the crystal, the way the liquid seen to turn gold in the sunlight.

‘Shouldn’t you be getting ready to go?’

You looked over your shoulder and saw your father walking towards you. He smiled at you as he approached, raising an eyebrow. You considered him for a moment. Despite his old age, he still seemed full of life. His eyes twinkled beneath his now grey hair, and still the sunlight danced happily along his skin.  

‘Remind me again why I have to go to this wedding?’ you said, letting your eyes drift back to the view.

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The Recruit (Chapter 14) - Mitch Rapp

Author: @were-cheetah-stiles

Title: “Day 75, Part II”

Characters: Mitch Rapp & Reader/OFC

Warnings: SMUT… and dirty talk and cursing and fluff and Shake Shack and ugh. this chapter. 

A.N.: I redid this chapter into a one-shot for Mitch Week, and if you feel like you should skip it because you read it, you could not be more wrong. Enjoy the real version of “Day 75, Part II”.

Summary: Mitch and Y/N arrive in New York City and kill time on their first day before heading to meet Mitch’s brother for dinner.

Chapter Thirteen - Chapter Fourteen - Chapter Fifteen

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

“Ugh, it’s so good. I’m so happy.” You threw your head back in ecstasy as Mitch watched you and grinned. “How’s your burger?”

“Really good.” He crumbled into a fit of laughter as you took another massive bite from your SmokeShack Shake Shack burger. You were sitting across the repurposed wooden table in the crowded restaurant in the depths of New York’s Penn Station when you saw your phone vibrate with a text notification. You slid it over to Mitch. He didn’t have a phone and he was using yours to get in touch with his brother. “Steve is going to meet us at Cipriani Club 55 downtown in three hours. He left a key with his doorman for us to get in and drop off our stuff.” Mitch read the text message on your iPhone, closed it, and slid it back over to you across the table. “What do you want to do for three hours before dinner?”

“Have sex.” You said in a normal speaking tone, eliciting a look from the construction worker sitting next to you eating his own burger. You stared straight at Mitch with a smirk.

“I don’t understand what we are still doing here eating burgers then…” Mitch also ignored the close vicinity of the other burger-eating patrons. You laughed hard. He loved seeing you so carefree and happy. “Should we go?” You nodded and grabbed your bag. “The cabs are upstairs?” Mitch hadn’t been to Penn Station since college, and couldn’t remember the layout.

“Oh, honey, we’re not taking a cab. You’re with a New Yorker. We take the subway.”

“You are so smug right now.” Mitch laughed and pecked you on the lips.

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There are so many great fics out there that need to be recognized! If you find something you like on this list, be sure to show it the appreciation it deserves with likes, reblogs, and messages to the author! I hope you can find something to enjoy!

Just a reminder that no all/mostly smut fics will be added. If they’re part of a series I will link non-smut parts.

This is the last Bunker Reads I will be doing. From now on, my fic recommendations will only be taking place as reblogs, mostly because it takes a lot of time to compile the fics and add my comments. I might come back to this habit next summer, but I can’t say for sure. I’ve loved doing these!


  • Lame by @writingthingsisdifficult (Reader x Sam) - The ending of this was absolutely perfect! I mean, the whole thing was perfect, but Sam was so sweet and the reader’s embarrassment/flustered-ness was something I think that all Sam!girls can relate to.
  • Untitled Fluffy Sam Drabble by @trexrambling (Reader x Sam) - If there was an emoji for a dreamy sigh, I’d put it here. This was adorable from start to finish, and the little repetition at the ending was super duper cute and ugh I just loved this one a whole lot!!
  • A No-Win Situation by @winchesterprincessbride (Reader x Dean) - Ha! This one made me laugh aloud, and I can totally picture this kind of thing happening between the reader and the boys.
  • Imagine Calling Sam to Kill a Spider on the Ceiling by @imadeangirl-butimsamcurious (Reader x Sam) - This would so totally be me. (I had to call my boss to come kill a spider for me just the other week.) The reader’s little rant made me laugh because I relate to it on a very spiritual level, and I’m so very glad that Sam is there to kill spiders for damsels in distress!
  • The Klutz Curse by @idreamofhazel (Reader x Dean) - I loved this so, so much! It kept making me laugh, partially because Dean’s clumsiness is just so laughable, but partially because the whole idea of a klutz curse is definitely something that would happen on the show, and I think that Dean is the perfect character to write for it. Great job!
  • It by @seenashwrite (Reader x Dean) - It is such an interesting concept, and I would highly recommend that those of you who read this read through the description of It that’s linked at the end of the story, but this was so full of fluff and intrigue and humor as well! Your writing is beautiful, and I loved all the description that was linked in among the vagueness of it all.
  • Imagine… Listening to Classical Music by @luci-in-trenchcoats (Reader x Dean) - Dean was so sweet in this! It was short and just the perfect amount of fluff where it was sweet and sappy, yet also believeable and something that Dean woud definitely consider doing for someone he loved. You write a very thoughtful side of Dean, and I love it! Plus, I love the detail about them not using the reader’s car anymore since they typically drive Baby!
  • Silences by @percywinchester27 (Reader x Dean) - This was so, so sweet, and you write really well without dialogue! (Not that I don’t also enjoy your stories with dialogue, but you get what I mean.) I was just thinking last night about how the reader and Dean would definitely have peaceful, silent moments between them in their relationship, and I think you portrayed it really well!


  • Tape Hiss by @lipstickandwhiskey (Reader x Dean) - This was so amazing, and I think one of my favorite little parts is how you described Sam as giving Dean a “dry ‘f*** you’ look.” I also really, really loved the reader showing up. Sam’s line there was so cute and ugh, I love reunions.
  • Useful by @revwinchester (No Pair) - I loved this for many reasons, but partially because it literally could have been an episode! Your characterization of both the BMOL and the American hunters was so spot-on, and I loved the ending with Jody!


  • Scare by @bambinovak (Reader x Sam) - This was so, so good! You’re such an amazing writer and I was head over heels for this story from the moment it began. Their arguing and actions were so real life, it’s almost as if this was an episode! I loved how you wrote Sam, especially the part where he admits why he’s so mad.
  • Don’t Think, Don’t Speak by @wideawakeandwriting (Reader x Sam) - I loved this, despite that there was no happy ending! It was short but you managed to pack such a punch in those words.
  • He Should Be Here by @thing-you-do-with-that-thing (Reader x Sam) - This made my heart hurt! There’s nothing I hate more than the stories of daddies and mommies who left their kids behind, and I just can’t handle it when it’s either one of the boys!! (On the other hand, I would totally read more if this was a sequel, because the ending made my blood run cold. Yikes.)
  • Pieces of Us - You Found Me by @torn-and-frayed (Reader x Dean) - I was so, so hopeful that this was going to be fluffy. And then you broke my heart. So, I’m not even sure what to do because I’m kinda mad after re-reading this, but yeah. It was great and if you want your heart broken then 10/10 would recommend you read this because it’s angsty and it’ll kill you.

Series Works

Links in the series section are always to the masterlist, or if unavailable, the latest post will be linked.

  • The Darkside by @growningupgeek (Reader x Sam) - I love this series! It’s the perfect mix of darkness from Lucifer, plus the little bit of hope that Sam will find Y/N! I was really excited when I saw that this was a series after I went to add the first part to this list, and I can’t wait to see what Lucifer has planned for Y/N, as well as seeing how/when Sam will get to her once again!
  • World’s Best Dad by @luci-in-trenchcoats (Reader x Dad!Dean) - I am such a sucker for dad!Dean, and you write him so well! I love his interactions both with the reader and with Gracie. She’s an adorable kid. Also, the crazy plot twists are my favorite! I loved the proposal, and her parents’ acceptance and willingness to love Dean and Gracie just made my heart melt. Plus, **SPOILERS** the reader wanting to adopt Gracie just killed me! Ugh. This is definitely one of my most favorite series recently!

Non-Reader Works

  • Transplant by @zepppie (Dean) - I loved this! I think I’ve read a book where a similar thing happened, and I’m wondering if it’s the same book you read! **SPOILERS**  This is something you don’t normally read about in fanfiction, and I loved it because my dad is on the heart transplant list. I love getting to read things that are real-life situations similar to my own (kinda), so I’m glad I found this!
  • Homesick by @mrswhozeewhatsis (SamJess) - This was so cute, but it also made my heart hurt. Poor Sam has no idea what’s coming for him. My poor babies! Some part of me wishes that they could’ve just stopped at the Pilot and had a happy life together. Jess was so good for my Sammy.
Fight For Me

Fandom: Marvel/Avengers

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warning: Violence, injury

Writer: @imaginesofeveryfandom​ aka @thequeenofthehobbits

Summary/Request: Requested by anon:  Do you think you could write a bucky x reader piece based off of the song “fight for me” from heathers?

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All Souls Day

October 31st 1981

James can’t bring himself to finish voicing the thought, his gorge rising.

He wants to laugh at the absurdity, but it keeps catching in his throat.

He feels feverish -

- yet his skin is cold to the touch.

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Not Yourself

Dean Winchester x Reader

1000 Words

Story Summary: Requested by @abbessolute from the drabble prompt list. Picked #20: “You don’t seem like yourself tonight.” With Dean.

HERE is the drabble prompt list

HERE is the list of completed prompts

It was easy to see the subtle changes. No matter how hard he tried to hide them, you knew Dean too well. You watched as he withdrew not only from you, but from his brother, and Cas as well. Spending most of his time in your shared bedroom, the door shut, his personal fridge full of beer.

He had grown quiet and moody, often snapping at you and Sam for the weirdest things. Taking Baby for long rides during the day, never letting anyone know where he was going, or when he would return.

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Credit gif -> xxx

  • Boyfriend Taeyong.. A blessing for us all
  • Okay let’s begin
  • At first you just assumed he didn’t like you even as a friend 
  • But that was mainly because he honestly didn’t know how to talk to you
  • He liked you but he didn’t know if he should talk to you so he was really distant at the start of your friendship
  • But he opened up to you and it was a friendship turned relationship
  • He took great care of you
  • Made sure you were physically and mentally well
  • If you said you were just having one of your bad days he would understand and do his absolute best to give you space or make you feel better
  • If you have a messy room just shove everything in the closet 
  • Buys you small cakes every once in a while
  • Because last time he baked something for you he put soy sauce in the batter instead of vanilla 
  • Yeah he felt bad for you and made it up
  • He loves giving you forehead kisses
  • He also whenever you hold him and you rub his back.
  • He’ll automatically just go to sleep
  • Repays you by playing with your hair until you fall asleep 
  • This dork would just do really cute things
  • Like he’ll make up raps about you but not say it all cool like he does for nct 
  • No, he’ll do it in random weird voices.
  • Movie marathon on his favorite franchise once a month
  • You do your best not to cause commotion in the dorm room, but when Nct 127 + Ten and Nct Dream, decided to that it was best to have a water ballon fight
  • Yeah that was the first fight you had with Taeyong.. because he said “I’m furious and definitely disappointed in you guys.”
  • But that’s a different story
  • He cringes with PDA at first but then he loves it because he shows you off a lot
  • Will brag about you to everyone
  • “Your girlfriend did that?? WELL Y/N DID SOMETHING COMPLETELY BETTER!”
hotel; tom holland

pairing: tom holland x reader
word count: 1,409
warning: lol, the word fuck
summary: you and Tom meet one night at the bar in a hotel
not a request!
my other work

‘Ill see you guys tomorrow. I’m going to make a quick stop at the bar’. Tom said goodbye to his friends. Jacob, Harrison and Zendaya. They were staying at a hotel in (your country) for a press conference for Spider-Man Homecoming. ‘okay, goodnight’ Zendaya said and they all walked off. 

When Tom got to the bar you caught his eye. One of the prettiest girls he had ever seen. You were wearing a nice black dress. He really liked that you had (y/h/c) hair. 

Tom walked over to you. ‘Is this seat taken?’ He asked smoothly. You almost choked on your drink and spilled it out of fright. ‘I am so sorry miss. I guess I sneaked up on you a little. Let me buy you a drink’ Tom apologized and sat down. ‘No, don’t worry. I just did not see you coming, you were just.. there’ you giggled. ‘I’m getting you a drink, it was my fault’. He ordered the drinks and turned to you. ‘Hi, I’m Tom’ He held out his hand and smiled. ‘(Y/n)’ You shook his hand and returned the smile. The bartender put down the drinks. ‘Thanks for the drink and cheers’ You held up your drink and clinked your glas with Tom’s. 

‘You’re not from here, are you?’ You asked. ‘No, I am from London. Just here for work. You do live her?’ He asked. ‘Yeah, I live about five hours from here’.

A couple of drinks later and you were in a deep conversation. You told him about your job and your favorite tv shows. A huge part of the conversation was about you. ‘But we only have been talking about me, what about you?’ 

‘Well, I have a dog, I am a dog person. I have three younger brother’s. I like working out-’ He was rambling, not giving away anything about his career. ‘I can tell’ You commented. ‘What now?’ He smirked and laughed. ‘Nothing, nothing’ You said lightly. ‘As I was saying, I like to work out. I love Marvel. Not much more to me’ He smiled. 

‘So your a bit of a nerd?’ You asked. ‘You could say that, yeah’ He said. ‘You hate it don’t you?’ He bit his lip. ‘No, I’m not really into that stuff’ You looked away and clenched your teeth. Awkward. Then you started humming the old Spider-Man theme song. ‘Oh my god, I thought you were serious for a second’ He laughed with you and pushed your arm lightly. ‘No, I love marvel’ You were still laughing together.

‘Excuse me, I am sorry, but my shift is done so I have to ask you to leave’ The bartender said. ‘We’ll be gone in a minute, have a good night’ You said to the guy and took Tom’s hand and dragged him off his chair to the elevators. You realized you were still holding his hand and let it go. A blush crept on both of your cheeks. 

You walked into the elevator and you and Tom’s hands both went to the same button for the fourth floor. They accidentally touched. It did mean you were on the same floor. Tom looked up at you and smiled as he pressed the button.

When you walked out of the elevator Tom spoke up. ‘I had a very nice evening, (Y/n)’. ‘Me too, Tom. You’re a cool guy’. 

'I guess bye then..’ Tom says awkwardly. 'Bye’ you respond. Tom put his key into the lock of his door. You put your key into the door next to him. 'So we’re neighbors too’ Tom says with a chuckle.'Yeah I guess so’ You say with a little laugh. ‘Goodnight’ you say with a smile and walk in your room 'Sleep tight (Y/N)’ He looks at you walk in and sighs. Then walks into his own room.

You let yourself fall on your bed. He was amazing. But what if you never see him again. You also forgot to ask his number. “maybe he’s out for some fresh air” You thought to yourself and rush out of your room. 

When you walked out into the hallway you sighed. There was no sign of him. There was just silence and dimmed lights. You walked back into your room, very disappointed.

You still couldn’t sleep. Your head was full of thoughts about him. He looked so familiar. 

You were sitting down for breakfast, scrolling through your Instagram feed. Someone sat down at your table. You looked up and were glad to see Tom. ‘Hey, Tom’ You said with a warming smile. ‘Hey, (Y/n). Mind if I sit?’ He pulled out the chair across from you. ‘no, not at all. sit down’ You put away your phone. 

‘Do you know those people? They keep looking over here’ You gestured towards a table that wasn’t too far from you. Tom looked at the table and chuckled. ‘Those are my friends, don’t worry about them’ He put a reassuring hand on your hand. You nodded and continued eating your breakfast.

When you took a better look at Tom’s friends you saw that the girl that was sitting with the two other guys was Zendaya. ‘uh, Tom? Is that friend of yours, could it be that she is uh.. Zendaya?’ You bit your lip, not tyring to come over as a fangirl. ‘Yeah, she is. We became really good friends over last year, you’re a fan?’ He was surprised you knew her but not him. 

‘She is my queen. I love that she has a role in the new Spider-Man movie, which is gonna be awesome’ you stopped yourself for a minute. ‘The new Spider-Man movie’ You mumbled. ‘Oh god, now I know why you were so familiar to me. You’re the new Spider-man and- and you were in Civil War’ You were not convincing him that you knew him. You were convincing yourself. ‘Yeah’ He said with a little side smile. 

‘I- I am sorry, I have to go’ You stood up from your seat and walked towards the elevators. ‘No! (Y/n) wait!’ You heard Tom call after you, but you ignored him. 

You stepped into the elevator and turned around. You could see Tom trying to get in, but he was too late the elevator closed. 

When you walked out of the elevator you got stopped by a smirking Tom. ‘You know the stairs are a lot faster’. ‘Could you move out of my way, please’ You said in a very soft tone. ‘Sure, but first tell me what’s wrong’

You sighed and looked up at him. 

'Okay well, I just really like you, I know after one night. Yes I do. I don’t know why but, you have something special. And I get that you’re not interested in me, because if I had not met you I would see your new movie and probably fan girl over you for a couple of months. And I am just an ordinary girl, you are way too good for me. I’ll just leave you alone and won’t tell anybody we’ve met’ You tell him and try to walk away. 

‘Stop walking away from me’ He says as he stops you. ‘Don’t you get it? I like you too, we have this crazy connection. You’re not an ordinary girl! How can you say that? You’re so cool and interesting! I am not gonna let this or you go’ He took your hands in his. ‘You’re not?’ You asked while you were heavily blushing. ‘No, now can I ask you something?’. You nodded. ‘Can I have your phone number?’ He asked very subtle. ‘Yes, you can’ You said before you both burst into laughter. 

‘I- I really want to kiss you, but it may be a bit too fast forward’ He smiled at his feet and scratched his neck. ‘fuck it’ You said and threw your arms around his neck. It was a very cute soft kiss. He pulled away, his hands were on your waist and your arms still around his neck. ‘I am going to check on my friends, they must be wondering where I am’. He pulled you in for a quick peck and then released you from his grip. ‘I’ll call you’ he said with a wink. 

‘You better will’ You winked back at him.  

A/N: Really enjoyed writing this, thought it was p cute.

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