and that he presented it to her

Drabble Bakery / Chanyeol

Fuckgirl!Au / Comedy 

Words count: 900

For anon, I hope you like it! - M.

When you decided to accept the proposal of your best friend to live together, you didn’t think you’d have a third roommate. Not one so boring, chatty and especially annoying.  

Park Chanyeol had been your worst nightmare the day you put your signature on the lease.  

And the fact that he had a dorm where he could live with his bandmates and not stress yourself seemed to fade like thin air. Totally invisible.  
The thing that annoyed you the most was the fact that you couldn’t do what you wanted in your house. Always having to be careful of the words and actions because the famous Exo rapper lived under your own roof.  

And you hated being forced to restrain yourself for the comfort of others.  

So when the possibility, that morning, to ruin the party at Chanyeol and your best friend had presented herself before you, you had embraced her as a trimmed embrace a water bottle after a long journey.  

The sex hadn’t been satisfactory as you hoped, but at least it had been in your bed. In your room, where you could scream and pretend your orgasm without having to get away somewhere to not disturb anyone. You loved sex and couldn’t do it in your house was a torture.  
The sudden sound of a fist torn down with violence against your door made you return to reality. And that sound belonged only to a person, the only one who was able to disturb you even at three at night.  

You jumped off the bed, slipping the shirt that the unnamed guy had left too sleepy back to realize he was half naked and you approached the door. You had no reason to hide anything, so you opened it and watched the giant in front of you.  

He was tired, the dark circles were evident under his eyes and his usual grin was replaced by a mock smile.  



“Fuck Chanyeol, I didn’t know you were so clever!” You shouted by pretending surprise, slamming the door into his face quietly and returning to your bed. The giant didn’t seem to want to let loose the speech and entered your room without even asking permission.  

“Yah, you know I was at home at least??”  

“I thought you were at one of your practices or that kind of crap of you idols,”

“Y/N,” his deep voice thundered into the room and you giggled because you loved to annoy him with every possible means. You threw yourself on the bed, observing the guy who stuck in the middle of your room clearly stressed.  

“Could you have more respect for me or your best friend?” He strove to be polite, though it was obvious that he was on the verge of yelling and venting his fatigue and frustration over you.  

“She’s not here and I thought that you too.. You knew what kind of girl I was, you should thank me that I didn’t bring a bunch of guys in my bed from day one. ”  

“Do you know that the world is full of venereal diseases? You should review your survival plans, Y/N. ”  

“I just know that sex is forbidden in public places, what a big crap.”  

You raised your head to look at his reaction and you were pleasantly surprised to see a little hint of a smile appearing on his lips, so you slipped on the bed to make room for him and he threw himself on the mattress with a tired sigh.  
You hated admitting it, but Park Chanyeol was boring, chatty, clumsy but.. You were fond of him in some way.  

“Really Y/N, did he at least make you have an orgasm?”  

“No, I faked.”  

His eyes widened as he turned to look at you and you shrugged your shoulders because it wasn’t the first time you pretended an orgasm but the first time you admitted it aloud. And then his laughter filled your room, he fell on the floor repeatedly beating his hand against the floor without being able to breathe and you found yourself shaking your head smiling at the way he was laughing.  

“HEY! My floor did nothing to you, stop beating him!”  

“Poor boy. Did he even realize you faked it? ”  

“He was all taken by the heat of the moment that didn’t last even ten minutes……. The worst sex of my life. ”  

Chanyeol failed to get up from the floor, indeed his body bent even more towards it and his laughter increased in volume so that the neighbors would surely complain the next day. You didn’t care, you were giving a laugh at him and the fatigue of his face made you know he needed it.  

“Please Y/N, I can’t breathe anymore… My belly hurts, ” he said in tears, succeeding and resting his elbows on the mattress, while you were sitting and giving small patties on his nape, continuing to smile. “But please, this room really stinks… Do you want me to bring your sheets to the laundry? ”  

“No, don’t worry Chanyeol. But next time remember me, ” you started saying with a smirk that exalted slyness of your eyes, “to never accept having sex with a freshman. too, too inexperienced…”  

“Are you more into the daddy kink?”  

“What a crap, just give me my damn orgasm and I’m in Paradise, Park.”  

His body still shaken by the tremors of laughter left himself completely against the bed, his knees bent against the floor and he kept shaking his head shocked - positively - from your bluntness.  

“Really does forbidden sex in public places annoy you?”  

“Are you fucking kidding me? Chanyeol…. you don’t know what you lose if you don’t try it at least once in your life, believe me. ”  

Two Years Later: A V Route Story

Two Years Later: A V Route “After” Story

What happens when the woman you’ve fallen for, failed to wait the two years you’ve spent away while you’ve discovered yourself. 

Author’s note: This it totally un-beta’d. I’m also very tired. It’s 1:00 am and I fully intend on fixing my tenses. I think I shuffled between present and past as I worked and especially reordered things in my head while working. 
My intention for this story line is to cover two years. From when V leaves to when he returns. He has a lot to answer to, and all those lies have come to roost.

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olicitynowplease  asked:

Simons birthday party, and everyone is forced to turn up

I started with one story in my head and it took a turn for maybe the worst?

“Everyone’s going to be there” Lilly whined in a hopeful attempt to get Raphael to budge as she slipped on her stilettos.

“No everybody” Raphael drawled out and slowly turned the page of his book just to annoy Lilly.

“The entire clan will be there, and Magnus and his warewolf and shadowhunters friends”

“Great, I won’t be missed” Raphael said, his voice high pitched with fake cheer.

“If you change your mind, you know where to find us”

Raphael hummed his response, there was no point in arguing, anymore, he had already been through this with Magnus and Luke and Maia.  He watches as Lilly disappear, present in hand followed by several members of the clan, the others must have used another exist or left before he arrived.

Raphael sighed as he considered going to the party, the fledgling had came to personally invite him since they were on much friendlier term. He sighed and dropped his book on the couch, he was already dressed, no point in wasting a good outfit by staying inside.


Pandemonium was packed as it usually is but the occupants of the club were a mix of downworlders and shadowhunters, the usual mundane crowd was  nowhere in sight since Magnus had reserved the club for Simon’s party. It was easy to find the VIP section that was sectioned off for Simon and his friend’s, Raphael wasn’t sure if he was invited there or not but went anyways.

“Raph, you made it” A very drunk Simon slurred, the red head was at his side along with Isabelle.

Raphael nodded with a small smile, it was no secret among those who knew him well and Alec that he has feelings for Simon, feelings that doesn’t seem to go away no matter how hard they push each other away.

“I’m only here to say Hi to Magnus, Lily and the others are waiting for me” Raphael vaguely waves his hand around, he hadn’t seen Lilly since he got here.

“No, stay” Simon let go of Clary to pull Raphael along with him behind the velvet ropes “promise you’ll stay here with me all night?”

“S-sure” Raphael stuttered and quickly composed himself “I’m going to go see Magnus now” he bibbed Simon goodbye and  went over to where Magnus was sitting in Alec’s lap.

“That’s pathetic Santiago” Magnus smirks “could you be anymore in love?”

“I’m getting a drink” Raphael rolled his eyes and walked away to the small bar that was set up with all varieties of drinks.  

“Party is getting dull” Magnus hummed and lifted his hand, his finger tips sparked to life with magic.

“What are you doing?” Alec asked curiously.

“A little bit of magic never hurt nobody and besides I’m tired of seeing him moping about, he needs to tell Simon how he feels”

“He’s probably never going to talk to you  again” Alec sighed

“If it goes well it’s going to be worth it, if not I’ll take him shopping”  Magnus clicked his finger at the same time Jace came stumbling and falling on to him, sending the magic bouncing off the wall and not only hitting Raphael, but Simon, Maia, Clary and Isabelle as well.

“oh not good” Magnus pushed Jace to get off of him “not good” he shook his head “it’s going to be funny though”

“Mags, what did you do?”

“Love spell sorta, they’ll be confessing their true feelings, it’s going to wear off in a few hours. We have to make sure no one does anything we’ll all regret”

“we don’t have to worry about the worst of all” Alec smirks and tilts his head towards Jace who was passed out on the couch.

“Keep Raphael away from Simon” Magnus kissed Alec’s cheek for good luck.

Alec groaned and walked over to the clan leader that was downing his drink “um Raphael, I need to talk to you like outside”

“mhm maybe later, I want to talk to Simon” Raphael tried to side step Alec only to find the taller man blocking him.

“it’s important, it’s about Magnus”

“He’s not really my dad, you don’t have to ask my permission to bone him” Raphael rolled his eyes and tried to move once again, and once again Alec was blocking his way.

Across the room Magnus was having a hard time to keep Clary and Isabelle off of each other “Okay that’s that” he lifted his hand in surrender and turned to Simon that was frantically looking around.

“Where’s Raphael?” he hiccuped and pouted.

“Why are you looking for Raphael?” Magnus quirked an eyebrow.

“Well, you’ve seen how pretty he is” Simon giggled and continued to look for Raphael.

“C’mon I’ll show you were he is” Magnus grinned, okay maybe he’ll thank Jace for this later instead of packing the blame on him. Magnus steered Simon to where a very annoyed Raphael was trying to get pass Alec. “Alexander, darling I think we should go home and leave them to themselves” he spoke and pushed Simon into Raphael’s arms.

Alec sighed in relief and took Magnus’ hand “where’s Iz?”

“She’s occupied” Magnus smirked and glance to where Clary and Izyy where making out on one of the couches. “Where’s Maia?” Magnus and looked around but couldn’t spot her anyway.  Alec shrugged.

Across the room, Maia was leaning against the bar. A beautiful vampire  in her arms.

Occasion to Live

My Grandma is always waiting for a special occasion to come and lit up her life. She would never wear a new pretty dress just for a regular day or an ‘average’ holiday, she would never use the exquisite old porcelain set just like that, would never use new things and presents but keep them locked in the closet. My Gran never allowed my Grandpa to wear a brand new stylish leather jacket because he might damage it. She never gave him our last Christmas present because why would he use new things without any special occasion if the old ones are still okay? And then he died. Died not even seeing or knowing that we remembered him, that we bought him a present, which became a pile of useless trash just one month after Christmas. The month, when he died.

Me and my mom, we are a bit of shopaholics when we spend time together. She loves buying me dresses saying that I look in them like a princess, her princess. I already have a collection of all those beautiful dresses labeled ‘for a special occasion.’ Occasion that never comes.

I often listen to my friends’ stories, and quite often I can hear those cursed words, ‘waiting for a special occasion.’ They wait for a special day or some time in the future when they can finally do what they want to do: start a diet, go to a theatre, get a post-graduate, go for a cup of coffee together.

When I look out in the window, I see a sea of people, sea of drawn ‘special occasions’ that never come. I can see my Grandpa and the jacket he never had a chance to wear; I see my new dresses with labels, covered in dust; I see a friend, who’s been waiting already for five years for a good occasion to tell a girl that he loves her and wants to date her, while she has already changed three boyfriends during that time; I see lots of people, who are not alive and not dead – dormant, waiting for That Special Monday or any other special occasion to start living. And I’m frightened.

I’m scared that what if I never wear those dresses? What if I never awake and die dormant? What if on my tombstone, and on many other millions of tombstones, someone’s going to write the same phrase ‘Never had an occasion to live?’

© illirein 2017 

I love when these three are in the same room and working towards the same goal. I want to see more of them coming up with and putting into play crazy plans. They each have a specific role. When someone presents them with a problem, it’s Darius who puts forth an insane idea. Grace looks incredulous about it, usually looking at Darius in disbelief, though, really, she should be getting used to this by now. Then Harris contemplates it for a few seconds before jumping on board and now he gets the Grace stare. The best bit, though, is when Grace gives in and calls on her dad to help, all the while not believing that this is her life.

I want more of them interacting like this, though it doesn’t always have to be with the crazy plans. But more of them working together and cooperating because they are all on the same side, after all. 

I can’t believe I didn’t draw this adorable little thing until now!

This is Kink, a munchkin kitten that a friend of mine came up with while we were RPing one day. In the RP, she was found by Aviator after getting seriously injured by other alley cats. Even after Joy healed her, she still had a lot of scars, only one toe on the left front paw, and a kink in her tail from where it broke. She was given to Tiger as a Christmas present, and he was the one to give the name Kink to her. Though she’s cute and has stubby legs, she’s a feisty little thing with a temper. Just like Tiger.

I don’t know if she’ll actually end up in my story, but I do hope I can fit her in, because she’s just the most adorable kitten! <3

Robin Hood, Marian, and the Feelings that Matter. Part 3: Marian’s Performances

Part 1

Part 2

One of the things that makes Marian stand out among the main characters on this show is that she’s able to achieve a degree of complexity (in season one, anyway) that manifests as something other than being a complete asshole 90% of the time.  Marian’s complexity comes from the way in which she negotiates different personas for different audiences.  For the peasants she assists, and the castle guards and sometimes Guy, she’s the Night Watchman, but the self she presents as Lady Marian of Knighton, especially to Guy and the Sheriff, is just as much of a construction.  Her father understands this because he, too, has to feign a compliance with the sheriff.  Marian is honest with him, from 1x5 onward anyway, and he helps her tell he lies she needs to tell.

Robin, on the other hand …

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After his job at the circus, William gathers up the courage to confess his feelings for Grell…only to see her in a jealous fit over how ‘Bassy’ did it with Beast and not her….breaking Will’s heart. Piece by piece. Dropping his patch of red roses that he wanted to present to the red reaper, he turns and leaves….he needed ten bottles of ale.

Little had he known, a spider demon had his golden eyes on Will….with a sickly smile, he quietly follows the saddened Reaper to the nearest pub in town.

“Tonight…he will be mine.”


“Let the hate go.” he said. “Let it all—go. The burdens that you’ve been keeping inside your heart. The darkness that surrounds it. Please do not keep that baggage with you forever. I know, it’s the hardest thing to do, but how will you be able to know if it’s worth it, if you wouldn’t even want to give it a try? This time, listen to your heart carefully. Close your eyes and let it flow. Let the feelings run through. Darling please remember, that we aren’t living in the past. You aren’t in the same position as you were ten years ago. This is the present. This is what you should be thinking of .” he held her hand tightly and said, “I am not him. And he was not me. And just because I am asking you to forgive him, that doesn’t mean that I am also asking you to forget everything he did. I am just asking you not to let him ruin everything we have right now. Because I love you. And I can never afford to lose you. Please darling, not you”.
—  ma.c.a // Past and Differences

the olicity q: [16/?]

Richie Tozier Headcanons :)

~Richie’s favorite time of the year is Summer because he loves going to the quarry and just getting to run around with the losers all day 

~His favorite music to listen to is Nirvana and for his birthday one time Eddie got him a Nirvana T-shirt that he wore at least two days a week for like three years

~The first time that he and Eddie kissed Eddie was the one who initiated it and for the first and only time in his life Richie was left speechless

~ Richie is actually really good at math and it is favorite subject in school (all of the losers usually end up copying his algebra homework five minutes before class starts)

~He collects comic books and has a stack that comes up to his knees in his room

~He once got his nose broken after Henry Bowers punched him in the face while he was trying to get Eddie’s inhaler back from him

~He will NEVER tell anyone this but he enjoys watching The Brady Bunch reruns on days when everyone is the group is busy and he has nothing to do

~Him, Bill, and Mike all joined the wresting team during there sophomore year and he ended up actually being pretty good and ended up doing it through his senior year

~He has a pet guinea pig named Chuckles that he loves more than (almost) anything and considers him the unofficial eighth member of the Losers Club

~ He and Bev have a tradition of skipping P.E and going behind the school to smoke and talk about what the Losers after school plans are

~He tells people that his favorite movie is A Nightmare On Elm Street but all the losers know that it’s really Gremlins

~he is really insecure about his glasses and wanted to get contacts until he heard through Ben that Eddie once told him that he thought that Richie looked “really cute in his glasses”

~Despite his loud mouth Stan’s parents love him and see him as a second son

~He doesn’t have a good relationship with his own parents so he doesn’t spend a lot of time at his house

~One time him and Bill had to do an oral presentation and Bill couldn’t get through a single word without stuttering and when the class started to laugh at him Richie told them to “shut the fuck up” and got suspended for three days

~Mike is the only loser that doesn’t complain about going to the arcade with him so they go together all the time

~Ben’s mom really likes him because he always tells her how pretty he thinks she is (Ben always rolls his eyes at this)

Feel free to add if anyone thinks of anything else :)

Bruised (Richie/Eddie) 3/??

Summary: It’s 1993 and the summer from many years ago is dead and gone. Many have drifted apart from the Losers club and its at the point where there is no club at all. The atmosphere is cold just like the winter months and the only blushes to be found are the ones that are caused from the piercing spikes of cold that heat skin up. Being a teenage boy is hard; especially for the two boys that now count each other as strangers. In which both boys make a plan, but both disrupt each others.

Warning(s): Mentions of Sexual Abuse,  mixture of fluff and angst throughout the series, homophobia

A/N: Listen to THIS beautiful piece whilst reading !! (right click on the video and press loop!). This isn’t my favourite part, but enjoy some Richie and Bev friendship time!

Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 (Soon) | …

Richie tossed and turned, the storm outside loud and frightening. The sound of the wind swishing through the air in ripples was very ear-splitting on this very night. He could barely sleep on this dark; cold night, too many thoughts were swirling inside of him.

His curls were matted against his pillowcase and his legs were tangled between his blanket, in order to get comfy. Which wasn’t working very well.

Richie smiled as he remembered the memories of today, how him and Eddie were reunited. Sure, it wasn’t the same as it was. But who says it can’t be in the future?

A sigh left Richie’s chapped lips as he began to settle into a dark abyss of sleep.


Richie sat up, full alert and his hand reaching to the baseball bat that remained at the side of his bed for protection- his eyes wide and looking around frantically. His eyes snapped towards the window after hearing several repetitive bangs against the glass, only to see Beverly soaked.

“Bev..!” Richie whispered, dropping the bat and scrambling onto his set of feet, dashing over to the window and slotting it open.

Richie then grabbed Beverly so that he was certain that she couldn’t fall from such a high height, pulling her light body inside and onto the carpet below. The rain spat through the gap of the window, leaving one patch of the carpet to be soaking up the moist liquid.

“Bev, Bev…” Richie sat up quickly, looking down at Beverly’s kneeling form, taking her shoulders into his grip, “What happened?”

Richie couldn’t help but glance at the clock that was nailed to his wall, it was 2:47am. Nothing about Beverly coming to see him at this time could be good.

Beverly was shaking from the cold and from the sobs racketing her form, her ginger hair laid on her forehead and stuck to her pale skin. Her bottom lip started to quiver and her shirt was torn near one of her shoulders, exposing a scratch.

“He..He tried to do it again, Rich.” Beverly whimpered, looking up to Richie, “He almost did.”

Richie’s eyes softened, realising the situation and his arms quickly found themselves wrapped around Beverly’s fragile frame, holding her protectively and dearly. Beverly pressed her face into the crook of Richie’s neck, it didn’t take long for Richie to feel the flood of tears run down his bare chest. Richie felt his heart shatter as he held his best friend close to him.

“You’re safe now Bev, c’mon. Lets get you some clothes.”

Richie returned with some warmed clothes, oversized sweatpants and a shirt that would fit Beverly’s form, he leaned on the doorframe to his room, clothes in his hands as he analysed the way Beverly was. She was sat on the edge of Richie’s bed with her knees up to her chin, showing her bare bruised knees and slight cuts that coated her pale skin.

Richie frowned, walking over and bending down in front of her. “Here, wear these Bev.”

Beverly glanced at the clothes, sighing thankfully and taking them from Richie. “Thanks, Rich.” She whispered, standing up and going to the corner of the room, her back to Richie to change.

Richie of course looked elsewhere, having nothing but respect for Beverly in this time and need even though he has seen her naked in a total of three times. He stared out the window, watching the rain splatter down onto the pavement and forming pools of puddles. The night was dark and the tree branches were swaying in the violent wind, Richie couldn’t help but feel more than just pity for Beverly for running all the way over to his home in such weather and at 2am. 

Not to mention, it wasn’t the safest place to be travelling on the streets at 2am.

Richie continued to wait, patting his bare foot against the carpet as he shuts the window over, continuing to pull the curtains across to help block out the outside view.

“I’m done.” Beverly’s voice croaked.

Richie turned around, smiling sadly at his friend, he saw her form hunched over slightly, hugging herself for emotional support. 

“C’mon, you need rest tiger.” Richie reached one arm out as a suggestion for Beverly to walk up to him.

To which she did, she made her way under Richie’s arm with her head lulling into his chest, to which he tightly held her. He then guided her to his bed, helping her lay down. He watched Beverly fall back with her head on his pillowcase. Richie smiled and moved up and was about to go and grab some extra pillows so he could sleep on the floor until he felt a cold hand grab his arm.

“Stay, I..I don’t wanna sleep alone tonight.”

Richie looked at Beverly with sad eyes, nodding. “Will Bill mind?”

“He’ll just have to deal with it.” Beverly whispered, grinning slightly.

Richie of course, hesitated, but then sighed; crawling into his own bed next to Bev, feeling them both squish up next to each other. This wasn’t the first time that they had both slept in the same bed, it happened quite a lot. However, this was the first time they had since Bev had started to date Bill. So Richie didn’t want to do anything that was crossing the line.

Bev pressed her temple onto Richie’s chest, her arm slacked lazily on top of him. The two held heavy hearts, it’s why the connected so well. They also connected well as they both were born into broken homes that were too far gone to be mended. So they had each other.

“Hey, Rich?”


“How are you so strong? You… Your family doesn’t even care and everyone has left you. So how?”

Richie blinked, feeling him laugh mentally. He was the opposite of strong. Beverly didn’t even know half of Richie’s emotions, frankly because Richie didn’t want to look weak in front of someone who was presented as strong and careless. He was a huge softie deep down, but he couldn’t let others see his shattered state. He couldn’t let anyone know his suicidal thoughts.

“Well, I just set my mind on a goal. To not die a virgin.”

Beverly laughed softly, her hair tickling Richie’s skin. “Very funny, but seriously. I want to know.”

“Well..” Richie trailed off, thinking of a quick excuse, “You’ve just got to find that certain someone who will keep you going through dark times.”

“Who’s that person for you?”

“I… I don’t know yet.”

His statement was partly true, but he couldn’t quite pinpoint it on the person he was thinking of. He didn’t know if this person would come back into his life or trail off onto a different track again. But as of now, he could only hope.

Eddie woke up the next morning by a loud shrilled yell downstairs, causing him to sit upright and look at his alarm clock. It was 8am, the usual time he’d wake up. Eddie grunted, climbing out of his bed and fixing his pyjamas.

“Edward Kaspbrak, get down here now!”

Eddie froze, hearing his full name by his Mother’s disgusted tone. He felt his knees quiver and his shoulders stiffen up with fear of what was to come. He felt his feet drag him out of his room and downstairs. He felt each step of the staircase creak, only adding tension to the thickening air. Eddie felt his heart rate speed up irregularly, each beat rattling against his ribcage and causing his breathing to become more shallow.

He walked into the living room to see his Mother stood tall with Richie’s hoodie in her hand. Her eyes were stern through her glasses and her lips were shrivelled tightly with disgust. Eddie felt his throat dry up without any saliva to spare, his anxiety racing through the roof.

“Who’s is this, Edward?” 

Eddie again, cowered away as his full name was used. “I-I..It’s a hoodie.”

“I never asked what, I said who.” His mother’s tone surprisingly turned to calm which only fuelled Eddie’s fear more.

“It’s a friends, Mommy.” Eddie quickly started to ramble, “It was raining and I was getting cold so he-”

“He?!” His mother erupted, fury coating her features as her skin tinted red from anger. “You’re hanging around with boys again, Edward?”

Eddie felt his heart drop to his stomach, feeling himself take a step back. “No, no Mommy it’s not like that-”

“Have you been taking your pills, Edward?” 

He knew exactly what pills she was talking about.

“Mom, because I’m gay doesn’t mean I’m sick!” Eddie finally stood up, his heart hammering in his throat load and clear. 

“You are not gay Edward Kaspbrak! You have a mental illness and you need to take your damn pills!” His Mother spat the word ‘gay’ as if it was the most revolting thing she had heard, her face tightening as if she had tasted something bitter.

“No Mom, I love guys! I love them and-”

His Mother raced over to Eddie, taking a strong and harmful grip on one of his arms. Eddie hissed, feeling tears form on his waterline and running down his cheeks. His arm turned white from the loss of blood circulation. 

“Mom, it hurts-”

She only squeezes harder and Eddie could only feel the bruises form against his skin and blotch all over. Eddie yelped loudly, beginning to struggle,

“Listen to be Edward, you’re sick! Sick in the head! You need to take your pills.”

Eddie was thrown to the floor, causing his head to hit the floor- once again making him dizzy and queezy. 

“If you’d take them willingly, this wouldn’t need to happen.”

Eddie tried to sit up, only for himself to be pushed back down against the wooden floor and his Mother hovering over him. Tears dripped out of Eddie’s bambi eyes whilst sobs echoed from his hoarse throat, his legs frantically kicked at thin air and his hair was all over the place. Eddie’s Mom merely shook her head in disgust whilst one hand held three multicoloured pills and the other forced his mouth open whilst her body held him down and pinned against the wood.

No matter how much Eddie fought, he was too weak to fight back against his Mother.

It was then his Mother slotted the pills inside of Eddie’s mouth. Eddie attempted to push them under his tongue but the woman made sure that they fell to the back of his throat. Her hands quickly pinned Eddie’s wrists back and the other held his mouth shut.

“Swallow it!” She hissed in his ear, as her son violently shook beneath her.

Eddie wasn’t sick, he knew he wasn’t. Being gay wasn’t a curse or an illness. He was just different.

When Eddie shook his head for ‘no’, he felt his Mother block off his nose too. Panic surged Eddie all over, his hairs on his arms standing on ends and his eyes widening and staring up at his own flesh and blood.

“You’ll swallow if you can’t breath!”

Eddie then realised he had no option but to swallow the pills. He weakly closed over his eyes with his eyelashes holding the droplets of salty tears- feeling himself swallow the three pillows down his hatch.

These pills only made everything worse.

“Good boy, good boy.” His mother quickly caressed his cheek, cooing as if she felt pride. Her hand was removed from Eddie’s face and she had stopped suffocating her son.

Eddie had no other option but to lay there under his Mom, sobbing out in utter emotional and physical pain. Everything ached in one way or another. Everything started to fade out as the only thing that remained in his senses was him hearing his heartbeat slow down in his eardrums. Eddie’s eyes started to slowly slide over, feeling the world around him distance himself from the small, fragile state of the boy.

If these pills worked the same was as they did last time, this meant that his depression was going to increase and he’d hear the voices again. He probably wouldn’t be able to sleep again. He was going to hallucinate again.

If only he didn’t tell others his deepest secret.

“You’ll be cured soon, Eddie.”

If only Eddie Kaspbrak wasn’t gay.

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The fucked up things about him

Aries: He low key thinks he’s better than everyone. Even you.

Taurus: Obsessed with loyalty, but he himself has skeletons in his closet slash cheats.

Gemini: you don’t even know who he is, because he doesn’t even know who he is. He even switches up on himself

Cancer: Is all about love, but is still stuck on ten exes ago.

Leo: Says he doesn’t like who he is with behind their back, but could never live without them.

Virgo: Cheat city. Cheats, but feels guilty. Then does it again. His dick and heart aren’t on the same page. So he does love you, but his dick loves everyone.

Libra: This dude is in love with someone other than who he is with. He’s scared of commitment.

Scorpio: Is still in love with the first girl he was with, and thinks about her while he is fucking you.

Sagittarius: He’s in love with all the girls he’s been with. Still is. As in present tense. He loves you and Becky.

Capricorn: His entire worry really is only shmoney. You’re important, but not as important as Benjamin Franklin.

Aquarius: His insecurities could drive him to fuck up every relationship in his life, but everyone really is obsessed with him as much as he thinks.

Pisces: He is that dude that seems perfect, but he is not even remotely who you think he is. He cheats too, but you’ll never know anyways.

Why Goon is my favorite hockey movie

Yes, it’s about a hockey player who beats up people for a living. He plays in a team with guys who say and do stuff that a lot of people might find offensive.

BUT: It’s also the story of a guy who starts fighting because his brother is gay and some player uses a gay slur in his presence. He starts dating a girl who calls herself a slut, who sleeps around and is unfaithful. He is never anything less than a gentleman towards her, doesn’t slutshame her, gives her presents and tells her that he likes her a lot. He strives to do the right thing, tries to be accountable and responsible for his actions. He brings his team their spirit back.

A lot of hockey players have come out and said that Goon is surprisingly realistic in a lot of ways. Still, the film manages to tell a story about hockey that is neither homophobic, racist or misogynistic. Which is more than I can say about other hockey films I have watched. It’s actually more than I can say about the real life NHL sometimes. 

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That does not look like hate   -Tom Holland

A/N: Short cute little drabble. Because Tom’s a lil shit (I do love him, don’t come at me)

I opened the door of our bedroom to go to the bathroom when I heared a hiss and Tom curse at the same time.
“Tom leave the cat alone!”,I called while walking towards the crime scene just to see the two of them staring at each other.

“What did you do?”, I said and leaned my hands on my hips, raising a questioning brow at him.
“I’m not doing nothing! She is just evil.”,he defended himself and I picked her up. She started purring immediatly and pushed her head under my chin.

“I might have stepped on her tail.”

“Tom!”,I exclaimed and he threw his hands in the air.

“She was just there! She is so sneaky. I hate cats. Tessa is always very recognizable when she walks and sits behind me.”,he defended himself and I furrowed my brows while letting her down. She walked away with her tail in the air, showing her affection.

“Just leave her alone. How does that sound?”, I offered and he crossed his arms infront of his chest.
“I would! If she would leave me alone too.”

“Tom she’s a cat.”


“You’re unbelievable.”,I said while pinching the bridge of my nose and shook my head.

After that little incident I went back to change my clothes and we had breakfast together.
“Did your agent call you yet?”,I asked after taking a sip of my tea and he shook his head while flipping through his script.
“I’m staying at home today. Gotta read the script. Learn some lines. You?”, he asked and I put my plate and my mug into the sink after finishing my breakfast.
“I gotta rush out. I got some presentations. Should I take Tessa with me? She’ll be bored with you at home.”,I offered and he shrugged his shoulders.


“Alright. I’ll see tonight then.”,I said while standing up and gave him a quick peck on his cheek before leaving.


I came home really late. It was past 11pm and I was tired to a point where I couldn’t focus longer then ten seconds on something. I took Tessa off her leash as soon as I closed the door and she walked off into our bedroom where her own bed was. I took my jacket off and kicked my shoes off before walking into the living room. And let me tell you one thing: He did not hear me coming.

There he was lying on the couch with my cat on top of his belly, stroking over her furr while humming a song to himself.
“You’re not that bad, you know.”,he said suddenly and took her head between his hands petting her behind her ears. She purred in response and leaned her head against his palms.
“But if you tell Y/N about any of this, I’m gonna have to kill you, is that clear?”,he kept talking to her with a serious expression and made her look into his eyes to which I couldn’t surpress my laugh anymore. His head shot in my direction and he stared at me with wide eyes.


“It’s not what it looks like.”,he defended himself and sat up which made her jump off of him.

“That does not look like hate.”, I teased him while walking over to the couch and he rolled his eyes.

“Shut up.”, he said and I sat down next to him. He wrapped his arm around me and I leaned against his side, my hand resting on his chest.
“So…you and Riceball?”, I asked him and he groaned while pushing me away from himself and made me laugh.

“I’m kidding! I’m kidding. Come here.”,I said and pulled him closer to me and cupped his face with my hands.
“I love you.”,I said and he squinted his eyes.
“Are you saying that because I might not hate your cat or because you do love me?”,he questioned me and it was my turn to roll my eyes.
“Shut up and kiss me Holland.”,I said and a smirk appeared on his lips.
“Doesn’t matter. You’re mine anyways.”, he said before leaning in with a big smile on his face. He kissed my lips gently and tugged at my bottom lip as the kiss got more intense with every passing second. As I was about to slip my fingers under his shirt he jumped apart and almost knocked my teeth out.

“Ouch!”,we yelled simultanously. But while I was holding my mouth he was staring down his leg where a very excited Riceball was climbing her way up.
“What the hell is she doing? Get off!”, he yelled and made me laugh out loud.
“She is just playing with you! She likes you.”

“Playing my ass! She wants to rip me apart.”, he said while gently pushing Riceball off of himself.

“She is a cat, for gods sake!”

“Exactly!”,he said with raised brows and stood up to walk out of the living room, slightly pouting.

a broken promise- h.s imagine

Harry opened his eyes slowly, his eyes adjusting to the small light that entered his bedroom when Anne opened the door. Anne walked into the room slowly with a glass of water in her hands. She placed it down on the bedside table next to the untouched plate of food she brought up just a couple of hours ago.

Harry closed his eyes once more as he pulled the blanket tighter against his body. Anne took a seat on the bed next to him and began running her hand through his hair. “It’s heartbreaking to see you this way” Anne whispered quietly.

Harry remained silent, used to hearing the same words used by all his friends and family:

“Everything’s going to be okay someday”-How could it be? He just lost his best friend.

“Just know she’s in a happier place”- Could it be such a happy place if she wasn’t here on Earth anymore? “She lived a happy life.” - She could be living a happy, longer life. With him.

Anne’s eyes glanced to the picture frame that was on the bedside table. She stared at the picture taken about three years ago. As she continued staring at the picture, her eyes started to well up with tears.

Y/N was carefully wiping the cake off her nose, careful to not wipe off any of her makeup. Harry was standing next to her, rubbing a towel against his cheek. Y/N looked at him through the reflection of the washroom mirror. “I thought we agreed to not be those cliche couples that smash the cake into each other’s face” you joked.

Harry removed the towel from his face and smiled. “Love, it’s a tradition! Everyone does it on their wedding day” he pointed out as he turned to look at you properly. Y/N let out a chuckle as she threw away the tissue into a nearby trashcan. “Did you really have to smash it against me that hard though?”

Harry walked over to his new wife and wrapped his arms around her waist. “I’m sorry Mrs. Styles. It was never my intention.” Y/N softly smiled as she straightened out her new husband’s tie. “It’s alright. I know you’ll make up it up to me tonight” Y/N  smirked, her hands resting on his chest.

Harry’s eyes went wide as Y/N tried to hold back her giggle. Harry placed his hands on Y/N’s waist, careful not to stand on her beautiful, white dress. “Mrs. Styles, are you flirting with me?” Y/N let out a chuckle before she stepped out of Harry’s hold. The newly wed couple exited the washroom and began walking towards where the reception was being held.

Just before they waked in, Harry turned to his wife. “Ready?” Y/N smiled as she nodded her head, “Always.”

The room was filled with friends and family. Everyone static to celebrate Y/N and Harry’s love. There was a sense of happiness that floated around the room. One of the photographers noticed the couple walking in. Immediately he pulled out his camera, “Smile, lovebirds!”

Harry pulled Y/N close to him, his hand on her waist as he placed a kiss on the cheek. Y/N placed her hand on Harry’s check as she looked at the camera and smiled.

Anne fiddled with her fingers on her lap. Lately it’s been hard talking to her son. For all his life, he could talk to her. When he was little and got a scape on the knee, she could put a bandaid on it and everything will be right in the world. When he was a teen and just experienced his first heartbreak, Anne was the one to tell him there were so many other fishes in the sea and to stop dwelling on someone that wasn’t worth his time. When Harry first introduced Y/N to Anne, she was the one that told him that Y/N was special and to never let her go.

What was she supposed to do when he lost his wife?

Harry opened his eyes, his eyes looking everywhere else but at Anne. “Mum, just…I want to be alone.” Harry’s raspy voice let out as he buried himself more into the blankets on the bed.

Anne bit her lip as she nodded her head. Quietly she let herself out of what used to be Y/N and Harry’s shared room.

Harry ran his hand over his face, his bloodshot eyes staring at the papers in front of him. Gemma and Anne quietly sat on both sides of Harry, watching his every move.

“Would you like the deceased to be buried or cremated?”

Harry closed his eyes to prevent the tears threatening to spill out of his eyes. He took a deep breath, his leg beginning to bounce as his hands began to shake.

Gemma cleared her throat. “Buried,” Gemma whispered quietly. Anne reached over and grabbed Harry’s hand. Her heart filling with sorrow.

The funeral director nodded. His mouth set in a straight line. “Will you be going with the traditional ceremony with a casket present or not present?”

Suddenly, Harry stood up and walked out the room. Gemma was quick to go after her younger brother while Anne stayed back with the director.

“Harry!” Gemma called out as Harry was pacing out the door. Gemma placed her hand on his shoulder, trying to get him to slow down. Harry turned around and quickly hugged his sister as he sobbed into her neck. Gemma was quick to wrap her arms around him, her own tears began to pour.

Gemma walked down the stairs, a baby monitor in her hands. Y/N was sitting down on the couch sipping a glass of wine. Gemma let out a breath as she plopped down next to her. “Little bugger is finally asleep.”

Y/N smiled. “You have a beautiful little girl, Gem.” Gemma turned her head and smiled at Y/N. “Thanks love but trust me, when you and Harry have children of your own, they’ll be absolutely gorgeous.”

Y/N blushed at Gemma’s words. Her finger tip tracing the wine glass. A moment of silence passed before Gemma finally spoke up. “Have you guys talked about having children?”

Y/N sighed. “We have. But…I don’t know if we’re quite ready.” Y/N admitted as she turned her body towards Gemma and leaned her head against the couch.

Gemma picked up her own wine glass before turning to Y/N as well. “You guys have been married for two years now. Surely you guys are ready.” Y/N shook her head as she stared into her glass. “His album is almost about to release. Then he’s going to have to go on press tours, then soon enough an actual tour. He’s going to be gone for a long time. I don’t think I can handle being pregnant by myself yet alone care for a newborn.”

Gemma nodded, her mind flashing back to when she first had her daughter. She doesn’t know what she would’ve done without her husband helping along the way. “I think you and Harry are able to take over the world.”

Y/N let out a chuckle. Gemma shook her head, “No, I’m serious. It’s hard and almost rarely seeing a love that you and Harry have. It’s the kind of love you see in movies. I don’t think anything or anyone can ruin that. Having a baby, having children will bring the two of you closer if humanly possible. And Y/N, I know my brother will love that little bug more than life itself. I know he’s willing to drop anything and everything for you. I believe in you guys.”

Y/N’s head tilted as she smiled at her sister in law. Careful not to spill her drink, she leaned over and pulled Gemma in for a hug. “I think the best part of marrying Harry was getting you as a sister.” Y/N admitted. Gemma softly smiled as she returned the hug.

Harry walked into his room and shut the door. He instantly went to Y/N’s side of the bed. He didn’t bother taking off his clothes nor did he bother wiping his tear stained face. He had an excuse. He just came back from Y/N’s fucking funeral.

Harry looked over to Y/N’s bedside table. Everything remained untouched from the last time Y/N was here. Y/N’s reading glasses were on top of her favorite novel that she’s read too many times to count. Her favorite candle to light around fall was halfway gone. There was an empty glass that was always filled because she would  always be incredibly thirsty when she woke up in the morning.

Lying on the middle of the table was Y/N’s engagement ring.

Harry demanded that Y/N was buried with her wedding band on. In his head it meant that Y/N would be with him forever. Harry picked up the engagement ring. As he stared at the beautiful ring that took a pretty big chunk out of his bank account, memories of his marriage started to play in his head: how he asked Y/N’s parents for her hand in marriage, how he picked out the ring with both Anne and Y/N’s mother, how he proposed, how Y/N looked when he got down on his knee. He thought about the pride he felt when he would hold Y/N’s hand and feel her ring on her, he thought about the fights that only made them stronger. He thought about how he was supposed to fucking grow old with Y/N. He thought about it all.

And it killed him.

“Gah!” Harry yelled out in frustration as he threw the ring across the room. Harry wrapped his arms around himself as he laid his head against Y/N’s pillow, her smell still lingering. Harry let out a sob. He stared at the ceiling. “You promised! You fucking promised!” Harry yelled through his sobs, his hands flying to his face.

One night when Harry and Y/N were both 18, they took a drive together. They let the night carry them away. The car ride was filled with laughter, smiles, story telling, happiness. They drove until they were miles away from the city. They were driving away from all their troubles, promising to return.

Eventually they stopped in a field a hundred miles away from civilization. The only light was from the lantern Harry kept in his car for emergencies. Harry and Y/N were laying on the hood of his car, staring at the million of stars in front of them, something you would never be able to see in a busy city like London.

“Does it ever scare you?” Y/N whispered, her eyes never once leaving the beautiful sight in front of her. Harry looked over at his girlfriend, his eyebrows raised. “About what, love?”

Y/N looked at those beautiful green eyes she would always get lost in. “About how fast everything is changing for us?”

And things were changing. Harry was in one of the biggest bands in history, their success growing more and more each day while Y/N tackled the hardship of being a uni student. It was a sore topic. To talk about the idea of someday growing apart.

Harry nodded his head as he gave Y/N’s hand a squeeze. “Sometimes it scares me. It scares me how much I love you. How much I adore you. How I couldn’t see myself with any other person than you.”

Harry’s words brought a smile to Y/N’s face. She leaned up and looked at her boyfriend. “I will love you forever, Harry Styles.”

Harry leaned up, a smile decorated on his face. He brought Y/N’s hands to his lips, placing a kiss on it. “Promise me something, petal?” Y/N nodded her head, “Anything, H.”

“Promise me no matter what obstacles come our way, no matter what life throws at us, no matter how many people are telling us no, promise me. Promise you’ll never leave me.”

Y/N smiled. This was a promise she would be sure to keep. Nothing would make her say otherwise. She placed a small kiss on Harry’s lips. With her forehead leaning against his, “I promise.”

Harry pulled his knees to his chest. He began to rock back and forth, the tears never leaving his eyes. Through his sobs, Harry whispered to himself, “You promised.”

eh idk. is this too repetitive to the things i write? lol at first i was like damn this gonna be good but then i was like oh god AM I SELLING OUT. 

idk! let me know what you guys thought! 

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Percy had been responsible for Ginny two-fold during her first year, but he’d been too busy being a Prefect to be her brother, and too busy trying not to give her “special treatment” to be her Prefect. Her suffering had gone under his radar. 

During his time away from his family, though - isolated and without anyone to confide in - he realizes how terrifying it must have been for her to go through trauma like that and have all of her brothers - but especially Percy, who had had the most power to help - unavailable. 

It’s time to apologize, after the war, after he’s back in to the family. Even if he can’t undo what he’s done, maybe he can ease her mind with the reassurance that he won’t ever let it happen again.

seasons of you- jjk

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the best things bloom in spring. 

all genres, mature content / 15.9k words / reincarnation!jjk au / enjoy !

req(s); Jungkook; Reincarnation!AU, forbidden lovers throughout different lifetimes starting from royalty; but in the present lifetime, the reader is already married (+) a slice of both dom and sub!jungkook smut

a/n; i spent so many weeks and days and hours on this and it is the longest oneshot/fic i have ever written by far, bUt i loved writing it so I really really hope you love reading it ! give me your thoughts nd such if you would be so kind,,,,  i’d super duper appreciate it for this monster, much love <3

“You never know how truly you love someone until you lose them,” your mother always told you. It seemed an obvious thing, nodding your head with a smile as she brushed through the ends of your hair at the vanity. Her opulent necklaces always glinted in the firelight, or the sunshine coming through the windows on early mornings, lips parted with wise concentration and dresses making hushed sounds against the old concrete when she swayed back and forth. She didn’t believe in servitude, allowing them to keep place and tidy things in order to hold appearances, but when it came to personal tasks, and tasks regarding her children, your mother was certain the only way something was done right is if it was done by oneself. An idea that was deemed preposterous by much of the aristocracy.

You never understood the allure of royalty, the title of noble Lady holding such an snobby tone to it, one that your sisters wore with painfully obvious pride and arrogance. The palace felt far too large, even for the multitude of families who lived there, not to mention the king, Queen, Prince, Princesses, and all of the royal families’ bastard children, who ran amok unattended and judged based on their father’s decisions. You kept to the outskirts, never gathered in the fancied gardens, or dinner parties unless required, which was more often than you favored.

Like tonight, for instance, the annual King’s dinner and ball which was to be attended by all royalty and titled people living both within and in close proximity to the castle. Whenever people gathered here they seemed to have a hard time leaving, and those who lingered always ensnared themselves into the most troubling of situations.

Your mother’s fingers are soft and gentle as they work out the tangles of your hair. Since your father died when you were a young girl, your mother had blossomed, no longer kept down by the oppressive tendencies of men. She could go as she pleased, dress as she pleased, and her favor with the queen granted her access to any area she pleased. They were playmates as children in the palace, and while your mother spoke ill of no one, she never failed to minutely scrunch up her nose in distaste at mention of the king. She claimed that he dampened her friends once vibrant spirit, made her nothing more than a housewife, a domestic mother, and while your sisters wondered what else a woman could be for than to make heirs and tend to their husbands, you could see the inequality and dreary living that the scales of renaissance life possessed.

You never sought a husband, half out of disinterest and half never wanting to be controlled by anyone other than yourself, and if that earned you whispers and eyes behind your back so be it. Better to be standing with it to other people than constantly on it.

“What is this occasion for?” You ask, running kohl along the lines of your eyelids, “another ambassador in town?”

“Not quite so,” your mother’s tone dissuades yours, catching her eye in the mirror as she sets the forgotten comb beside you, “the king’s son has returned from his schooling and military exploits in Western Europe.”

“I didn’t hear him announced,” you remark, wondering where you could have been when the trumpets went off, “the queen must be overjoyed.”

“On the contrary,” your mother stays silent for a moment, watching your face work out the puzzle. “He is the son of the king’s first mistress, who died in childbirth. The king favors him greatly, so don’t act as a shutin. Remember, those who favor those the king favors-”

“-get king’s favors, I know,” you mock her, repeating the line she always did in order to get you to play nice, “but if he’s a bastard, why would the king throw a celebration in his honor?”

The light catches the gold in her dress as she spins, firelight igniting her hair while she speaks. “I believe the king is aiming to get him legitimized. He has bribed the church a great deal and sum in order of persuade them into attending this event tonight, therefore we must all be present to show our appreciation and love for his son. You were playmates once,” she adds, “as young children.”

“I don’t remember that,” you state the obvious, continuing with your prior train of thought, “but if he’s legitimized, that would mean-”

“Yes, flower,” your mother silences you with her favorite nickname, “it means he would be king. And that centuries of tradition and birthright would be absconded in the name of male pride.” Her tone savors slightly of bitterness, bringing the trace of a grin to your lips.

“What’s his name?” You ask, setting the stylo down and replacing it with a puff for rouge. “The son’s?”

“I believe it’s Jungkook,” your mother says absently, drifting away to lay out your gown, “I’m quite certain it’s Jeon Jungkook.”

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