and that he knows how she feels about this

Curtis Sister

-You did not just grow up with 3 brothers. You grew up with 7.

-Being the only girl in the gang, you were the gangs pet. Even to Johnny.

-Darry would yell at you and Ponyboy more than Sodapop, so you and Ponyboy developed a strong bond from understanding how it feels.

-Ponyboy telling Cherry about you when they first met.

-“I feel like I know Soda from as much as you talk about him, tell me about Y/N! Is she wild and reckless like Soda or dreamy like you?”

“Cherry, she’s her own person. Golly, she’s like a combination of all of us! She can protect like Darry but have fun like Soda, yet calm down and read a book like me. I love her more than anyone.”

-Everyone referring to you as their sister.

-Keeping Dally in line whenever he’s close to losing it.

-Learning a lot about cars from Sodapop.

-Helping Darry cook all the time. It’s a bonding moment for you and your big brother.

-You love to surprise Two-Bit by jumping on his back.
“Hey! Careful Kiddo!” He would say.

-Being Johnny’s best friend.

-Going to the movies with Ponyboy.

-Picking on Steve.
“She’s a smartass kid like her brother.”

-Whenever you got your first boyfriend, it was time for him to meet the family. He did not just meet Ponyboy, Sodapop, and Darry though, he met the whole gang. They are your family.

-When you were a baby, Sodapop always popped the bubbles you blew to bother you.

-Play fighting with everyone.

-You actually did good in rumbles, even though your brothers tried nonstop to get you to stay away.

-Because you happened to be a girl, Socs thought you were an easy target.

-One night, you and Darry got into a fight. To cool off, you left the house to go to the lot. Not even a good thirty minutes passed before you got jumped by Socs. Steve found you and carried you home.

-Darry raged, Ponyboy cried, and Sodapop panicked.

-It was a mess.

-Johnny helped clean you up, he was so gentle, you could barely feel him touching your skin.

-Dally barged in and tried to get you to identify the Socs that attacked you.

-He made it his business to get the guys that hurt you this badly.

-Ever since then, you had someone with you all the time, while it annoyed you at first, it was actually heart touching.

-Everyone shoved themselves in front of you whenever a Soc appeared.

-Darry’s always uneasy when you both are around Socs in public.

-Before you became a teen, you and Ponyboy use to share a room and color the walls together.

-Some girls just wanted to be your friend for your cute brothers.

-Without a mom or a sister, life was hard.

-Nobody knew how to handle your mood swings or dramatic phases.

-Sodapop loves to braid your hair.

-He helps you pick out your outfits for important events.

-You are the only one who can bother Darry without getting yelled at.

-You are also the only one who can bother Dally without getting beat up.

-At the awards day ceremony at school, Your gang cheered and hollered for you even though they were suppose to “hold the applause for the end.” Same with graduation.

-Everyone getting emotional whenever it’s your birthday. They go out of their way to buy you something special.

-If you ever feel unloved, you shall be reminded every time that you are loved no matter what.

-Because you are.

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EXO reaction to their girlfriend feeling forgotten

Anonymous said: EXO’s reaction to their gf passionately singing Hello by Adele bc she feels forgotten

A/N: I know you asked specially for her singing Hello and all, but I changed a little bit if you don’t mind :), here’s some angst for y’all sort of.

Suho : (happy birthday best leader mom ever!)  He’d easily pick up on how you sounded different on the phone and when you said ‘it’s nothing’, he’d sigh and tell you how much he misses you , when you’d deny it and tell him you feel that he has forgotten about you, he’d spend a good amount of time trying to reassure you otherwise and he’d apologize for making you feel that way.

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Lay : Aw this boy will worry so much, he’d feel deeply sorry about this situation and would promise you that he’d be there more often, even if it was by the phone or anything of that sort, he’d probably also tell you how you’re always on his mind.

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Baekhyun : Will feel really troubled by you feeling this way and will talk smoothly to you explaining how it isn’t true and that he’d make you understand that , also will think to himself for days to come and reflect on how much he treasures you and your happiness.

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Kai : Probably wouldn’t understand at first but would eventually pick up on your change and worry over you, would ask you to understand that if it wasn’t for his schedule, he would be with you and ask you not to feel like that.

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Xiumin : Will absolutely deny any claims that he had forgotten about you and would want to meet you as soon as possible to clear stuff up, “you know I love you, why would you make me feel like that? that only makes me miss you more”

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Chanyeol : Will feel absolutely horrible about you feeling like he had forgotten you, so he will spend a lot of time talking to you about it over skype (or others) , would probably send you songs he has been working on and telling you that he wrote them thinking of you to prove that he would never ever forget you.

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Sehun : This boy will either apologize after hearing you out or will argue about it claiming that it isn’t his fault but will end up talking about his feelings in the middle of the discussion, afterwards, he will spend A LOT of time thinking about what you told him and trying to come up with a solution, resulting on these moments of him mumbling to himself and even asking some other members their opinions.

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Luhan : His heart will break a little hearing how sad you are about this, he will do absolutely anything in his power to make you understand he never forgets you, even when he is acting or performing, he is always thinking of you and how he’d like to enjoy every moment with you, even though work doesn’t allow him a lot of the times.

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Tao : Will take sometime to understand too, but when he does, he will tell you how much he misses you, will probably check with everyone when does he have a clear schedule so he could spend it with you and will unconsciously call/text you more during the days.

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D.O. : “y/n, what do you mean ? it’s fine, just tell me what’s going on inside of your head” , after hearing you out for a long time, he will try to explain in a soft way how what you said was not the case and that he will contact you more during the day, will probably also set out a date for you two to meet.

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Chen : Will be suprisingly serious about the whole thing and will feel a little guilty about it, even if he knows he can’t help it and will try his best to make you feel good and happy again, will also search for an avaiable day to spend with you and will make you sure you’re always content afterwards.

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Kris : “I’ll talk to you more often, don’t worry, I miss you a lot too” , he will feel guilty about making you sad and will make arrangements to see you soon, will also contact you more often even if you didn’t ask him to, will reflect on it for a while and decide that he would do anything for you not to feel like that again.

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for other reactions click here

A/N: It’s been such a long time I’ve written a reaction so I’m sorry if this sucked and the reactions are quite similar, I’ll try to get more reative next time, but I always try to be faithful to how I think they would truly react , regardless, I hope you like it and I’m sorry for taking so long with this request, I’m back to posting everyday now and I feel really happy about that <3

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So if Jellybean and Betty ever met, how do you think they would react to each other? Would Jellybean like Betty? Would she support Bughead? Would she guess it herself or would Jughead tell her about it? Am I the only one thinking of these things? Thoughts like these are what keep me up at night 😂😂

Same here! I think JB might be a bit cautious of Betty at first, I like to think she’s very protective of her older brother and his feelings. But I think he must have spoken about her during one of their calls and she’ll know that she’s kind and helpful and completely badass. And then she’ll totally tease Jug about how in looooove he is and maybe let something slip about how it’s about time because he’s had a crush on Betty for years!

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Along with that, the whole thing with him constantly questioning if its real and then calling her beautiful. At this point, im legit crying?? And then when he finally embraces her/kisses in that second to last panel you can feel the desperation and love he has for her just by the way that he holds her and the way she holds him?? I

OH OH OH and that full panel of touka like clasping her hands together while kaneki is hovering over her and it just radiates warmth like I feel like that needs to be talked about I just dont know how                  

I am embarrassed to tell you how many times I’ve reread this chapter by now. And I have been staring at some panels for much too long and just let those emotions portrayed in this chapter and the art slay me. To me, this chapter was everything but sex tbh. I’ll talk forever about this all.


Elizabeth: “Ladies, I’m so sorry but I have to run off to work. But before I go, I need to ask you something, Denise.”

Denise: “Sure, what’s up?”

Elizabeth: “We weren’t expecting my brother to try and interrupt your wedding. Is there something more going on that we didn’t know? Nicholai was surprised, but you almost looked like you were expecting it…”

Denise: “Oh…uhh…I was…kinda. After you guys went home from my hen night I was talking to your mother and she said that Wesley was in a bad way and hadn’t talked to anyone about what had happened. I visited him to try and get him to open up about how he was feeling. He was quite…receptive…”

Elizabeth checks the time on her phone and groans.

Elizabeth: “I’m sorry, guys, I need to finish this video or my upload schedule will be out of it’s expected time! Denise - I need to hear more of this! I’ll call you!”

Denise: “Ok…bye, Lizzie…”

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Hey! I know people were acting pretty terrible during the Supergirl finale screening, but if this makes you feel a little better I know that at the Heroes and Villains FF Con in London this weekend, Chris is going to be there and his photo ops sold out really quickly. I'm exclusively a Flash watcher, and I'm not going anymore, because I was only going for Candice Patton, but she had to cancel. But I know a lot of people who are going for Chris and Melissa, so he's def loved <3

That def makes me feel a lot better! Yeah I knew Chris and Melissa were going to HVFF together this weekend and tbh I was really nervous about how the fans would treat him and what they would say to him and Mel. Especially after what happened at the screening today. But knowing that he sold out really quickly and that a lot of people have expressed love and are going for him makes me happy and makes me feel better <3 If any of my fellow Chris/Mon El/ Karamel fans are going to HVFF this weekend make sure to let him know he’s loved!

So I haven’t really seen the clip (trying to get ready for work) but the bit I saw of Sana walking into school and past the boy squad, I have feelings about.

It looks like Isak wants to talk to her, say something. Because let’s be real, he fucking knows Sana inside out and he can tell she’s not her normal self. He notices how she’s all on black, how her resting bitch face isn’t there. How she looks sad and the fact she’s not with girl squad. He notices and he realises because wasn’t he like this with Even? When Even was like ‘actually I think this is all to fast’. Wasn’t he closed off? He wasn’t with the boys anymore. HE NOTICES AND HE GETS IT
And I really want him to just be like 'yo wanna grab some pizza, vegetarian obvs’ and just chat shit with her.

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jotaro about to lose his s/o because he's more reluctant but it's because he wants to propose and has no Idea how to do it and is so lost in thoughts

look at this, Jessica’s depressed and not revising again. i can deadass feel myself falling asleep at this laptop, also I strayed a bit but pls i am a tired child with 5 exams this week

Reluctant Jotaro Kujo Headcanons 

  • Jotaro would have probably been hounded by Holly on several occasions about when he was planning to tie the knot, especially if he had been with his partner for a while. She doesn’t mean any harm by it, Holly just knows Jotaro sometimes need a push in the social interaction department and she’s willing to step up if needs be. In Jotaro’s mind, he’s already committed to his partner by the time he actually gets into a relationship, since realistically he would have to have already known them a while before even getting to this stage. His commitment to them isn’t going to change.
  • He’d grown up with the romanticised idealisation of marriage since the major influence on his childhood was his mother; whom was seemingly happy living with a perpetually absent husband. Although it had no major appeal to him, he could at least understand why it was important to some people, and why it would be important to his partner. 
  • Jotaro, however, is not a man of many words. From what he’d seen, and from what his French Acquaintance had told him down the phone, there was often a dramatic gesture of affection and/or an extravagant confession of love; both of which sounded like dreadful ideas to Jotaro. He wouldn’t like the idea of disappointing his partner by not being able to pull off such delicate moves, while being simultaneously aware that they were waiting on him to pop the question. It’d sit in the back of his mind while they got more and more impatient about it; thinking he was either too apathetic or that he didn’t care enough for them to want to marry them.
  • If they were to confront him about it, he’d try to wave it off. To Jotaro, he’d think that this gave the impression that they should just leave the matter in his hands for him to take care of and sort out, but to his partner; it’d appear as though he was trying to completely disregard the issue. Honestly, they’d be fine if he just told them that he perhaps wasn’t ready or something, but it’s the fact that he’s just not saying anything about it-
  • Eventually, his partner would have to either put forth an ultimatum of them leaving, or stepping up to propose to him themselves. Jotaro would probably be shocked by such the sudden turn of events, realising that he’d probably left it a little late to attempt to plan any sort of romantic situation (under Polnareff’s insistence) and that his partner hadn’t understood what he was trying to say and justs;
    “Yare yare, you’re so impatient. Give me a chance-” before disappearing upstairs for a moment. He’ll return and hand his partner a box, not bothering to get on one knee or anything.
    “So, did you wanna get married then? The ring’s already two years old, you may as well put it to good use.”
Skam spoilers ahead so be careful

Sana, my girl!!! My love!!! You can’t shut yourself down so much, please, you can’t hold the weight of everything on your shoulders, you can’t fix everything that’s wrong by yourself, you can’t do this alone and isolate yourself, please… 

She was totally projecting her own loneliness on Isak. He looked so sad… And I totally get that she’s upset at Vilde (she’s got all the right to be imo) and sad about Noora, but I wished she would at least talk to Eva or Chris about what’s going on. Or Evak or her family, I don’t know… And I miss the old interactions between the girl squad, but I guess this is Sana’s pov and how she feels…

And also, I still have all the questions I did before. It’s been ten days, and you’re telling me she still doesn’t know the answers to these? What’s the actual reason for the fight? Where’s the baloon squad and how are they? What actually happened in the past? Does Isak know?? Why did Noora and Yousef kiss? What’s the deal between them now? Also, I’m sure Noora didn’t know that Sana liked Yousef. She never opens up!!! She’s bottling it all up!! I wished she had someone to talk to. 
How are we gonna solve all of this and save all the friendships?


(now a little shout out to the boy squad, Magnus and Even hugging next to a very jealous Isak, Evak holding hands and the cute little flower.)

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Do you think Zen would stay with someone very different from him? Like, someone that not know how express feeling, and is not delicate or gentle, sometimes even rude unintentionally. How he react when he discover she is insecure about it?

I think Zen is a pretty flexible character romantically, and he’s very loyal too. I think he would fit with most people to be honest, because he’d be willing to pursue some who’s perhaps has trouble expressing their feelings. It wouldn’t put him off (unless they were just totally uninterested in him). He loves having his ego stroked, but he also loves a challenge.

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Ciel accidentally takes all the power of Lu and finishes his transformation into demon but Lu becomes human...

Ciel looks at himself, feeling the surge of power flowing throughout his body. He doesn’t know how he managed to take all of Lu’s powers. It wasn’t his intentions to do so in the first place. “Lu?” He looks down at the girl and notices how she doesn’t have her horns and tail. 

Lu just looked like any average human girl and Ciel feels guilty about it. 

“My powers…” She mumbles. “I can’t feel anything.” Lu looks at Ciel with fear and all the man can do was to hug the former Demon.

“Lu, I’m sorry for taking all of your powers.” Ciel whispers, rubbing the sobbing Lu’s back. “I’ll try to find a way to restore your powers back to you. I don’t have any ill intentions of doing what I did.”

“Mmm! Y-You better find a way!”

Chris Pine Imagine

“Is it hard? It must be. She’s on the other side of the world and you are on the other.” Chris looked at the interviewer and trying to find a way to tell how he feels. He knows if he talks too much about it he will get tears. He misses you. He never thought he would miss someone so much but when he met you his world turned around. He couldn’t go a day without talking to you or seeing your face even if it is on a picture you’ve sent. When the two of you got together you talked about how this would go and how hard it would be. You both loved each other a lot so you could do the distance. With time it got harder. Chris promised he would visit you every time he was free it was harder for you to visit him, because to you it was too expensive for you and you didn’t want Chris to pay for the ticket. If he did it would make you feel bad, like you were using him. 

It took Chris a few seconds to answer. He got lost in the memories of you and him, cooking together, going on adventures. And the thought of marrying you one day was always on his mind. He didn’t want to rush it but also he didn’t want to miss his chance. He was scared to wake up one day and realize you are not there. Not hearing your laugh, see your smile, not being able to talk to you or just hold you killed him inside. 

“yes.” he finally answered. Still having the image of you and him in the future. You in white dress walking down the isle and him standing at the end with a smile on his lips. He couldn’t vate for that image to become reality. “It is hard. I miss her a lot. I love her and being away from her is more then hard. So I’ve come to the realization that I will movie to (Y/C/N) and live there to be closer to her. I just can’t live so far away from her.” 

“That is a life changing decision. Does (Y/N) know about his?” Chris looked down to his pocking as it vibrated letting him know you were calling. He smiled 

“He will know in few minutes.” he laughed, the interview ended and he went to tell you his news. Yes it was life changing but to be honest his life changed the day you came in his life. Everyday Chris thinks about how he wouldn’t have it other way. He can’t even understand how he lived his life like before. He thanks God for bringing the two of you together. 

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How does Jules reacts when she finds out she's pregnant? And since she never really wanted kids, did she ever consider abortion?

Below is a snippet from something I really, really can’t post anytime soon… with parts redacted, covering what Jules says when she tells her husband she’s pregnant and he asks how she feels about it. 

“Terrified,” she says immediately. “Really, really… terrified. And surprised. And… and… and I keep picturing you holding him. Or her. And I just… I don’t know. I didn’t want this. We didn’t plan this and I wouldn’t have chosen it, but I think maybe… I think it could be a good thing. Maybe it could be a great thing.”

She doesn’t care for babies, has never wanted to be a mom, but the idea of a baby with <name redacted>… well, that’s a little different. She’s still wary, still not thrilled with the impact a child will have on their lives, but <name redacted> will be a fantastic father and she’s surprised to find a part of her really does want to give him that experience.

“Really,” she promises him. “I’m scared as hell, but I know you’re right here with me and that makes it all a whole lot better.”

Because of the situation, she does not consider abortion. Had she gotten pregnant when she was… say dating Miles or messing around with Tyler… yes, she would have. I think she would have terminated the pregnancy and I don’t think she would have ever regretted it. With her husband, it’s different. He very much wanted kids and gave up any plans for them because Jules didn’t want any. He’d rather have her with no kids than have kids without her. She wouldn’t have tried to have a baby, but the idea of him as a father to their child is a little different once she finds she’s already pregnant. If it were anyone else - anyone else - I don’t think she’d have had a child. 

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I know this is old, but I'm bringing it back up because I have a feeling tomorrow's 3:00 livestream will have something to do with this, but I can't get over how enraged I am about M being involved in the CG music video. He knows shes incredibly polarizing yet is going along with putting her in the video. It's possibly the biggest middle finger he could have given half his fans. It's one thing having her in his personal life, but to now have to deal w her in his professional one is too much. Ug.

Funny enough seems to be that Amelia fans are just as annoyed. Some thing about not showing her in the beat light or something


I mean. Woah..

I actually thought I posted this this morning. I hit save draft instead so edited my answer. Whooops

But you know what I really love about Sense8 it’s how they not only love each other so much but it bleeds into their connections with how they feel about people outside of the cluster. 

You see it in RIley’s look of pure affection when she see’s Amanita’s face for the first time. How she’s a bit of awe because this is the person who makes Nomi feel beautiful and like the sun is touching her face. You see it in how Wolfgang bleeds into Nomi’s speech about her sister. How he will destroy anyone who hurt’s his family and by extension that now includes anyone his cluster loves. You see it with how they war with sun’s emotions in regards to her brother. How Will knows that she’s feeling conflicted how she wants to be able to keep old promises, how Sun is many things but heartless has never been one of them. How Wolfgang wants to kill him for her because he’s hurt her too far. How Capheus is so excited to see Detective Mun because he’s expressing the part of Sun that wanted to believe in this person, that wanted to believe that someone who owed her nothing would help her. 

it’s so absolutely beautiful.

 I was thinking and the thought “what if Voltron was a musical” crossed my mind. So….

  • The musical starts with Shiro, Matt, and Mr. Holt getting taken by the Galra and it’s all like really threatoning harmonies but then it switches to Lance, Pidge, and Hunk at the Garrison failing their simulation and it becomes like way more upbeat. 
  • The whole rescuing Shiro bit is a song where Lance is way too eager, Pidge is being all science nerd-y, Hunk is afraid™, and Keith is introduced as a bad boy rebel who sings a couple lines as he fights and it sounds like?? fuckin gorgeous?? and Lance is in the background with his mouth wide open.
  • They literally cut the song so Lance and Keith have their first introduction as the argument like in the show (but it has these notes every line like when people are talking in a musical but there’s still background music). 
  • Allura has a song where she’s training the paladins and they’re all shit until they start improving. At the end, they form Voltron. (kind of like make a man out of you) 
  • Lance’s solo starts all upbeat and fun like most would expect but then he starts singing about his homesickness and insecurities and it ends with him kneeling on the ground and reaching out with his arm 
  • Hunk’s solo is just?? great?? He narrates the teams’ actions in song and is skeptic about all the situations like in the show. He also sings about his anxiety a bit. 
  • Pidge sings about her family and how she’s on a mission to find them. It also has flashbacks to her home life, revealing that she’s a girl. It ends with her realizes she has a family within Voltron and stays with the team. 
  • Keith’s solo is about his past and how he lived alone for so long. The song is basically about Keith discovering himself. 
  • Shiro’s solo seems very formal as he leads the team but it turns into a “WHAT AM I DOING WHAT AM I DOING I DONT KNOW HOW TO DO ANYTHING IM JUST WINGING THIS HELP” 
  • There’s also a song about his Galra imprisonment
  • Coran’s solo is just?? fuckin weird man
  • Lance and Keith have a rival song kind of like “What Is This Feeling?” from Wicked but it ends with them actually confessing they admire eachother but they’ll never tell (Happens like right after the bonding moment after Lance get’s out of the pod)
  • Everybody is their correct ethnicity, it’s done really well, and they give an even amount of time to each character with equal development 

just…imagine a voltron musical


every westallen scene ever (133/?)

Neil’s blood went cold. “What did you tell her about me?”
“Doctor-patient confidentiality, Neil! But I know she likes you. Bee has a thing for lost causes.”
“I am not a lost cause.”
Andrew put his hand over Neil’s mouth to shut him up and said, “Liar. But that’s what makes you interesting. It’s also what makes you dangerous. I should know better by now. Maybe I’m not as smart as I thought I was.”

( this moment. Just think, Andrew told Bee about Neil. Just think he wanted to touch him. Just think how it was hard for Andrew to have feelings for Neil… I just thought he wanted to do something like it)

SJM books ranked from least emo to most emo


okay yeah i know, rowan gets shot, and like, Chaolaena shippers probably cried a lot but Arobyn dies so over all it’s a good experience.


ALRIGHT LOOK I KNOW IT WAS AN EMOTIONAL ROLLERCOASTER BUT. No one important actually dies aside from Suri and Feyre is way more recovered from her trauma in this one so the first person PoV is just happier in general, and Nesta and Elain take down Hybern so really who can complain 


The emo book that started it all. Pretty emo bc it opens with the protagonist getting released from the slave mines and she is emaciated but Dorian and Chaol are Hot™ and Hetero™ so it’s all good


Pretty depressing that there are 5 books more emo than this one seeing as how in this one the protagonist goes from a shit home life to a shit boyfriend to dying in order to save the entire world. But you know, all in a day’s read??


Okay so this is where it really goes downhill. WTF Maas. Why’d you have to write Sam Cortlans’s death. I don’t think any of us really wanted it but you gave it to us anyway. But the rest of the book is like, not too emo, except it does hurt seeing Celaena systematically ruin all of her personal relationships. 


Um alright, so this one, idk….emo because Nehemia, like why why why?? I’ll be asking that question until my own death honestly. But also, the end of Chaolaena, the end of Dorealna/Doraelin, also, Aelin?? Who the f is that?? Well now we know, and Chaol’s not pleased about it, and Celaena/Aelin has to be sent away on a ship and wow, this book was just, not a happy read. (this is the only one with a starred review on Kirkus so go figure…)


Ik wtf, this should be last you’re thinking. But nah, I said emo, not painful. And without the last 100 pages, this would rank at idk, number 3 or so. But those last 100 pages. Fuck me up Maas. I’m still not capable of forming complete thoughts about it and I read it 8 months ago. It’s like she sat down and said, How can I write the MOST painful, bloody ending ever? Idk, maybe have Aelin whipped, have her refuse to count the lashes bc shes waiting for Rowan, but Rowan never comes, oh and here’s an iron coffin let’s shove her inside there too, and ps they are mates and carranam and husband and wife and also Lysandra is going to pretend to be Aelin forever because Aelin is the literal sacrifice to save the world, okay bye now thanks for reading. No, F u Maas. F u. 


Okay so this is a fan favorite but it’s also almost the MOST emo. Coincidence? I think not. Anyways, this is emo because the narrator is suffering from PTSD for the whole book and also suffers through an abusive relationship and her ex bf tries to hunt her down and her new bf lies to her about being her Mate and Immortal Husband and she’s just…not pleased. Basically read this if you hate men but love bats. Not the most emo though because Mor is in this book, and also Velaris. 


Where do I even start? Aelin’s hella depressed and doesn’t really know what name she should use, she’s bitter and angry and depressed about the burden of being queen, and Rowan thinks she is a little shit. Except he is also bitter and angry and depressed, because his mate died, and they have to learn how to stop being bitter and angry and depressed together except it takes aelin burning herself out and nearly dying and then aelin almost dying for real again when fighting valg to get them to realize that. Also, Manon is in this book and she doesn’t know how to feel anything yet, so that’s pretty emo as well. Also idk, i think this might be when the wyrven dies? Not sure, but emo. Dorian and Chaol- also emo a lot. Emo because Aedion is alive?? And has no clue where Aelin has been all these years. Emo because Sorscha dies. Emo because it ends with Dorian enslaved to the Valg. just. Not a fun book. But also a fan favorite.