and that he knows how she feels about this

About Barbara’s and Strickler’s Bond:

I know that Strickler binding himself to Barbara is supposed to be a serious issue, but I can’t help imagining what it would have been like for Strickler if Barbara was on her time of month and she was experiencing cramps.


Strickler suddenly feeling the cramps that Barbara has to go through every month.

Strickler, after realizing that, no, he isn’t dying, immediately searching the internet on how to make them stop.

Strickler spending forty minutes clinging to a heating pad, before realizing that in order for his pain to subside, he must stop the pain to the original source: Barbara.

Strickler driving to the nearest Walmart to buy a new heating pad and chocolate (because the internet seemed to suggest that women need the sweet substance to survive the dreadful time).

Strickler staring at Barbara in shock when she answers the door in her work clothes, because he thought for sure she’d be spending the day resting during this painful time, but, no, she’s gotten used to it because she deals with it on a monthly basis.

Strickler finally realizing how weird it must look to be giving her a heating pad and chocolates because he shouldn’t know anything about the timing of her cycle.

Strickler leaving the gifts there while trying to keep his dignity in tact as he goes back to the car.

Strickler, upon realizing in horror, that this is going to last several days and then repeat itself in a few weeks going to buy himself some chocolate, because he’s going to need it to survive.

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"T – TOYBOY" Regardless of the rest of this paragraph, this word describes how Cheryl feels about Liam completely. She has never shown any public support of him or his music. He is nothing but an accessory to feed her ego. Can this end now please?

I dunno that he feeds her ego. But maybe so since he is young, rich, famous and hot. I guess the narrative, however creepy, helps with her mouthbreathing fanbase.

I do know he’s collateral damage in the hot mess that is her life. Even if he drops new music soon, it’s gonna be made out to be about her. Just like Zayn’s first single got Gigi a ton of publicity. It’s absolutely by design. This is 100% why his music with TGod Mafia was scrapped even after they were actively promoting it last year. It’s a raw deal.

They all must have signed a motherfucker of an awful contract. Where were the adults advocating to protect 5 teenagers from exploitation? I don’t blame the parents. I blame the industry for their willfully predatory ways. Because I’m sure the whole story is even worse than what we’ve been able to piece together. I wonder if they’d have had more leverage if the contract had been executed in the US? It’s just a really sad and infuriating situation.    

It Must Be Love

Based on the song by Ty Herndon

Originally posted by netflixandi

I just dropped her off I’m thinking, ‘Oh, what a night’ I oughta be flying But I’m sitting here at this green light I thought I was in control Though I knew where I wanted to go She’s got me turned inside out I’m wondering what it’s all about

Spencer waited at the green light, holding his chest, begging his heart to slow down. He just dropped (Y/N) off from their movie night. They were best friends, every Friday was movie night and he never missed it. Never. He couldn’t understand why he was feeling like this. He couldn’t stop thinking about how sweet her smile was, how nice she smelled.

He huffed and pulled out his phone, starting to drive again. When Morgan picked up Spencer started spouting the first thing that came to mind.

(Is she there in your dreams?) I don’t know, I can’t sleep (Is she breaking your heart?) Yeah, but isn’t it sweet? (Does she know how you feel?) It’s right on the tip of my tongue. (Are you walking on air?) Well, I’m sure feeling tall (Does she trouble your mind?) It’s no trouble at all. Oh, I don’t know But something tells me it must be love.

“I need help. Can you help me? I’m panicking and I just missed my turn- dammit.” He frowned, trying to pay attention to his driving.

“Woah, what’s wrong pretty boy? What’s happening?”

“I just dropped her off and I’m- my heart is beating so fast. I don’t know why, I can’t stop thinking about (Y/N)..“ Spencer pulled over, waiting.

Derek was laughing on the other end of the phone, “You can not be that dumb. Spence, you’re in love with her!”

“No- No I’m not. At least I don’t think so, we’re best friends!”

“Spencer, listen. It’s easy to tell. Do you dream about her?” He was being sarcastic.

“I can’t even sleep when I think about her!” He was blushing furiously at this point, “She’s just so wonderful and I wish we could hang out more..”

Derek laughed again. “Any good girl is gonna break your heart a little. Have you told her?”

“God, no! I mean, I want to, but..”

“No buts pretty boy. She’s got you all turned around, you’re flying high and unless you tell her you’re gonna fall hard.”

He sighed, starting his car again. “You’re right.. You’re always right. I’m going to tell her. Thank you.”

“Go get her, smarty pants.” Derek was smiling when he hung up, glad to help his friend.

I just missed my turn Guess I’m not thinking straight Oh, and what’s with this car It’s driving me back to her place I’m out here circling around I’ve already covered this ground These feelings just can’t be denied So what am I trying to decide?

Spencer sped down the road, hoping he could make it back before she went to bed.

When he arrived the lights had just flicked off, so he ran up to the door, knocking furiously.

“Spence?” She opened the door, rubbing her eyes.

He paused, taking in her adorable bugs bunny pyjamas and messy hair. “I need to talk to you.” She let him in and he paced around, biting his nails.

“Spencer?” (Y/N) touched his shoulder, jumping when he did.

“Listen, I… I love you. I mean, yeah. You’re beautiful and god you’re so nice and sweet and you make my heart skip when you smile, when I’m with you I feel incredible! I love you so much and I had to tell you..” Spencer looked away bashfully.

(Y/N) paused, surprised, then smiled. She gently took his hands, leaning up slowly to kiss him. “I’ve been waiting for you to confess.”

He wheezes, relieved, and laughs softly, pulling her into his arms for a crushing hug.

(Is she there in your dreams?) I don’t know, I can’t sleep (Is she breaking your heart?) Yeah, but isn’t it sweet? (Does she know how you feel?) It’s right on the tip of my tongue. (Are you walking on air?) Well, I’m sure feeling tall (Does she trouble your mind?) It’s no trouble at all. Oh, I don’t know But something tells me it must be love.

I don’t know, but something tells me it must be love.

There was a girl with brown eyes who fell in love with a boy with brown eyes. When they looked at each other, it was as if they could feel each other being tied together. He tried to win her heart. He chased after her for years with that playful smile, not knowing she was already in love with him. Then, he gave up. He fell for every beautiful girl, but she still loved him. They were inseparable friends, and everyone assumed they’d grow up and get married. They never knew how to tell each other. So they both lay awake miles apart, thinking about all they’d been through. Eventually, the boy with brown eyes took an interest in blue eyes. The girl had fallen so deeply in love that she didn’t know what to do. So she waited. She waited so long. He kept her waiting.
—  she’s still waiting even now
My thoughts

So I can’t sleep so seeing as everyone else gave their thoughts on ‘just friends’ I thought I should as well. I think this should go without saying but spoilers ahead.
Now let’s get right to it, I will admit, I was sad for Star, very sad, but Jackie isn’t a bad person and Marco is happy for her. Because of that, Star is sacrificing her happiness for her best friends happiness. And to be honest, what alternative does she have? Or does she think she has? We technically still don’t know how Marco feels about Star (from the live chat either he thinks of her as a very good friend or is in denial or doesn’t want to say that he loves her for whatever reason) so she can’t gain anything by telling him how she feels right now. The downside, jealousy isn’t that much of a choice for some so it is effecting Star rather harshly and if I could get the picture I would show you. She is hurt because she can’t do anything, she is (at the moment) in a no win situation. Marco is happy and Star doesn’t want to risk that by trying for a relationship that she might not even be able to get when he is happy with who he’s with … at least for now. Thing is,Marco said it himself, he doesn’t know if he likes the image of Jackie or for who she really is, they might break up mutually if they find that they don’t feel that way about each other. Marco sure didn’t know what Love really was, that’s for sure. There are many things that could happen that lead to Starco eventually … or not. But that is all for now, my shipping heart can now rest easy now that that weight has been lifted from it. Good night everyone. See you in the morning!

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What do you think the touken talk will be about? I think touka just wants to say that she wants to fight with him and for him not to push her away or something like that.

Mmmh… I feel like they will talk about that first, that will be the main topic of the conversation, like how he’s leaving her behind (because that’s what Touka was thinking about after she told him she wanted to talk to him) and maybe the punch too, but the talk will lead them to argue about other stuff as well. You know when you argue with someone about one specific topic but there are so many unsaid things between you that both suddenly end up bringing out old topics and the conversation deflects elsewhere, and both start to reproach things to each other. I feel like it will be that kind of talk. I’m not sure if Touka’s intention is to apologize for beating him up? If it’s not, then it can be a good opportunity for Kaneki to mention it (he thought of it while saying “… again?”), that way the conversation can take a different path and it can happen what I said above. I’m not really worried for Touka, because she always speaks her mind and she’s very honest, I’m worried about Kaneki because he always keeps everything inside and their relationship can’t move forward if he just shuts his mouth. Since this arc started, many people gave Kaneki motivational words that he accepted (Ayato, Irimi, who else?), I’m wondering if Touka will try to do the same, considering that Touka always turns Kaneki’s world around with her words/actions. This talk can turn out in so many different ways, I really don’t know what to expect. 

What do you do when everything's falling apart

I don’t know why I’m doing this. I’m just really sad right now and everything’s coming out and I needed to put it out before I explode. So some of you may know that my childhood was really a large mess I don’t really want to say why but I ended up with my mum and brother and it was all good. But really I grew up way to quickly and right now things are just getting really hard. My brother is starting to war so much like my dad and he doesn’t get it. He says he wants to change but I know he will still treat me like shit tomorrow. My mum has sort of lost touch with how I’m feeling cause she’s always worried about him. She’s working herself into exhaustion and doesn’t have any time for herself. She doesn’t ask me about how things are going for me anymore unless I initiate it. That may sound selfish but stuff is really hard now and I need more support. Also something that has really hurt me is so people have started having bigger parties now and that involves alcohol of course and it’s all just became very much out of my comfort zone. Like I went to my friends birthday and all my friends bar one or two were drinking and I was highly uncomfortable being around all these drunk people. And my mother didn’t understand how being sober around drunk people would make me feel. I basically grew up with that I don’t feel comfortable with it now. I don’t want drink now I might not drink later that’s a decision for later. So as of right now I hate it all and it makes me feel horrible but she didn’t get it. She’s like you have to get used to this is what happens now. But why the fuck must I get used to it. Why. I’m not comfortable and I will only go to these things cause I care about most of my friends and to be the sober mum friend. But I can’t deal with all this right now when I’m not being supported. It was just like when mum called me out on my fangirling telling me it was just a tv show not understanding what that show does for me. I was really hurt. Today when my brother was trying to apologise she says that I need to tear down my wall and listen to my brother. But how am I meant to when that wall is there because everytime I trust someone they hurt me. My heart thinks I need that wall to protect myself.
So this has become a long thing and I don’t think anyone will answer but I just needed to put out my feelings cause everything’s becoming too much

Violet’s hand flew to her mouth, “He’s okay, he’s okay? The money was enough?” The emotion in her voice was clear, but this time it wasn’t just out of hopeless or of sadness. It was out of relief. Because her son was safe, because he had finally requested a ransom and due to her paying it, he was safe. He was safe with his dad. “N-No, you don’t need to tell him about me, just say an anonymous donor paid, that he doesn’t need to worry about that because he’s six years old and needs to get healthy again.” There was a pause. “Let me know how he goes okay? And if you need anything. Bye.” Hanging up, she stood there for a moment, not even knowing how to feel in that moment. There was just too much going on for her to process much of anything really.  So she stood there on the street, staring off into the distance as she tried to process it all. That was when she noticed someone talking to her, something she hadn’t noticed for however long they’ve been there. “Could you repeat that please love, I was off in my own world a bit there, sorry.”

“Write novels.”

I have a friend who’s a journalist. She’s ridiculously awesome and I really want to name her because everyone should know just how awesome she is, but this isn’t a time where it feels wise to reveal the political thoughts expressed by a journalist in private, at least not without her permission.

The day before I saw her last week, I’d locked myself out of Facebook and Twitter. I’d been forced to realise the psychological harm they were doing me outweighed any political good my frantic clicktivism could possibly be accomplishing. My brother had called, on my sister-in-law’s instructions. “R. says you’re tweeting and facebooking constantly about politics,” he said. “She said ‘call your sister, I don’t think she’s doing well.’”  

“I’m okay, probably,” I’d told him.

“I don’t think you are,” he said. 

I felt a little better, though not by much, by the time I met my friend for lunch. She was shaken, she said. Democracy was falling apart. I muttered weakly that perhaps it wasn’t quite that bad. She said she’d rather act now than hope for the best.

I agreed. But act how?

She said she was getting onto the board of various charities. She was writing about the best way to report on extremism, avoiding the terrible false equivalencies of the “he said/she said” approach which has blighted our discourse with such ghastly effect.

I said I was supporting the Stop Funding Hate campaign. Giving to Planned Parenthood and ACLU over there, refugee charities over here. Writing letters. Trying to think of useful ways to get involved in local politics.

“You know what you should do,” she said.

No, I really didn’t.

“Write novels,” she said.

I told her that in the days after the election I felt as if art had been revealed as an empty joke. An indulgence we could no longer afford. As if I would never be able to justify doing it again. What we were even going to write now? Flimsy, tinselly distractions from ghastly reality? Or sharp-eyed, unflinching commentary that no one except the already-convinced would ever read? What was the point of art?

No, no!” she said. “Art is what will save us.”

“But it hasn’t,” I wanted to scream. We tried and tried. We’ve filled the world with our stories, our songs – we’ve tried so hard to make our stories better - with diverse casts and empathy and hope – and it’s not enough; no one’s saying it was perfect, or that the attempt was anywhere close to  finished. But we were trying. And now look. 

It is so important, she told me, that there is art already made and due to come out in the coming year that embodies the opposite of this. Diverse, progressive stories, that are not going to go untold whatever happens.

I’d had in my mind two quotes. Peter Cook, on Germany’s satirical clubs of the thirties “that did so much to prevent the rise of Hitler.” 

And Kurt Vonnegut:

During the Vietnam War, which lasted longer than any war we’ve ever been in - and which we lost - every respectable artist in this country was against the war. It was like a laser beam. We were all aimed in the same direction. The power of this weapon turns out to be that of a custard pie dropped from a stepladder six feet high.“

But if they hadn’t been there? I thought, looking at my friend. Who was fierce and bright-eyed and smiling. Those useless satirists and artists and musicians pouring their spirits into their art and watching it land on the floor of history like that dropped custard pie?  What if there was nothing to look back on in those times but a culture in militaristic  lockstep, or perhaps worse, slumped in dead-eyed indifference?  After those years-long nightmares, what would there have been to wake up to? Maybe it was absurd to find the thought more chilling than the reality of what had happened, to feel that it would have been an international death of the soul,  but .. still …

If artists couldn’t prevent disaster, could they at least preserve something precious from being lost while it endured? If they hadn’t stopped a single war, had they at least kept the rot from penetrating the human culture unchallenged? 

It’s not enough. It’s not enough.

“Write novels,” said my friend stubbornly. “Write novels.”

The Last Of Us Part II Panel

For anyone who can’t or doesn’t want to watch the panel, here’s the stuff they talk about:

  • Neil says the theme of the game is hate
  • We’re playing as Ellie in the game
  • Ashley says she missed playing Ellie but didn’t realize just how much until they started shooting the trailer
  • Troy and Ashley say they’ve had to lie so much the past two years
  • Ellie is 19 now
  • Neil says that he knows people are worried about this spoiling the first game and all that and says they all feel the same but that nobody loves the characters more than they do and that they wouldn’t do it unless they felt the idea was right
  • Neil says he played with the idea of new characters but it never felt right because TLOU is about Joel and Ellie
  • Asks fans to put their trust in them because “we’re gonna do right by you”
  • Troy says Joel is the character he misses the most and finds himself thinking about the most. He also talks about how he almost didn’t audition for Joel.
  • Neil sent Ashley the trailer scene two years ago and the actual trailer was shot a year and a half ago
  • They’re gonna hold off on giving a release date until they’re certain about it
  • Gustavo Santaolalla is returning!!
  • Neil says that Joel and Ellie are the heart of TLOU and he can’t see it without them

Me: Okay brain, what new fic ideas do you have for me today? I’m thinking angst.

Brain: Oh, I’ve got a great one! How about Marinette finds out that Adrien is Chat Noir and finally works up the courage to confess her feelings to him. Of course, he doesn’t know she’s Ladybug so he rejects her as kindly as possible. Marinette, in a moment of panic, admits that she’s Ladybug to him but he doesn’t believe her. The next day, Chloe (having overheard the last part of their conversation) starts berating her in front of the whole class for claiming that she’s Ladybug just to win Adrien’s affections.


My Kind of MariChat
  • Chat and Marinette hanging out as friends and talking about their crush struggles with each other.
  • Chat not saying who he likes, because he knows that Mari is best friends with the Ladyblog girl and he can’t risk Ladybug finding out how he feels through the Internet. How tacky!
  • Mari not saying who she likes, because she’s afraid Chat will see her love for Adrien as just a celebrity crush. Also she has a tendency to malfunction when speaking his name aloud.
  • Chat giving Mari advice about how to calm her anxiety and be more confident when talking to her crush.
  • Mari giving Chat advice about how to come across as more genuine and less flirty when talking to his crush.
  • The two being 100% oblivious.
  • The two practicing on each other and totally NOT blushing  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • The two encouraging and pushing each other to ask their crush out.
  • The two making a pact to do so the very next day.
  • Mari going up to Adrien at school and remaining 50% calm as she asks him out for ice cream.
  • Adrien internally screaming because he didn’t realize Mari had a crush on HIM and now he feels like a jerk.
  • “OH, uh that sounds like it’d be a lot of fun, but I can’t eat ice cream… model diet, you know?”
  • Marinette trying to recover. “Oh, right. Well, uh…what about a movie?”
  • Marinette regretting her decision the moment he says “Look Marinette-”
  • Adrien trying. “You really are an incredible girl and it means a lot to me that you’d even ask. I just- I already have feelings for someone else.”
  • Marinette accidentally blurting out, “Who? Chloe?”
  • Adrien not knowing whether to laugh or gag. “No, no, no! She uh, she doesn’t go here. You wouldn’t know her.”
  • Marinette thinking that it’s probably some gorgeous model.
  • Marinette sending only one text to Alya instead of her usual 50.
  • “He likes someone else.”
  • An akumatized villain showing up at the absolute WORST time.
  • Chat Noir noticing that his lady is off her game for some reason.
  • Ladybug noticing that Chat is making fewer puns for some reason.
  • Chat pulling her away from the press after the battle.
  • “My lady, I need to tell you something… I love you.”
  • Marinette’s gut clenching because HOW did she not realize Chat had been talking about HER and then she’s reminded of Adrien’s rejection and she’s overwhelmed by hurt and confusion and guilt and-
  • BEEP BEEP go the earrings.
  • “Chat… this isn’t a good time. I- I have to go.” 
  • “Then meet me tonight on the Arc de Triomphe at 11 o’clock.”
  • Ladybug just nodding before she swings away.
  • Chat trying not to be discouraged.
  • Marinette checking her phone after she detransforms.
  • Alya: “Oh girl. I’m so sorry.”
  • Alya: “Are you okay?”
  • Alya: “I’m mandating an emergency sleepover tonight. Just you and me.”
  • Crap.
  • Marinette trying to “go to bed” early so that she can sneak out and meet with Chat.
  • Alya making her stay up because it’s a Friday night and “you promised me we’d watch Moulin Rouge”.
  • Chat somehow managing to set up a candlelit dinner on the Arc de Triomphe because he’s a hopeless romantic.
  • Chat pacing back and forth with droopy ears as it gets later and later.
  • Chat growing incredibly disheartened as he picks at the food and thinks about how he rejected Marinette only to be rejected by Ladybug.
  • Mari worrying about Chat and crying over Adrien.
  • Chat finally heading home around 1:00 AM but stopping when he sees Mari on her balcony. 
  • Mari feeling awful and tearing up when she sees Chat.
  • Chat feeling awful when he sees how upset Mari is.
  • The two hugging and crying and realizing how much they hate seeing the other hurting.
  • The two trying to comfort and encourage each other.
  • Mari telling Chat how funny and brave and kind he is.
  • Chat telling Mari how talented and beautiful and endearing she is.
  • Mari and Chat looking into each others eyes, each wondering if they’ve been pursuing the wrong person all along.
  • Chat leaning in slowly and kissing Mari.
  • Mari kissing back.
  • Alya opening the trapdoor and screaming.
  • The End (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
the signs and moments in hamilton that make you feel something

aries: the song take a break. philip is reciting his poem and he is nervous, he’s injecting a little joy into his dad’s busy day and paving a path for himself and eliza is beatboxing and she is proud, and alexander is watching and smiling and he is goofy and happy and proud and before you know it you’re smiling too.

taurus: the song dear theodosia (reprise). burr is singing about the death of his wife, the death of his daughter’s mother, the very woman who he spent his life with, the woman who he’d waited for for so long, she’d dead, and he chokes up. there’s a catch in his voice and he starts crying in the middle of the song and you feel how broken this man is and how the very light in his life is banished and no matter what you can’t help but get choked up too.

gemini: the song stay alive. it’s the middle of battle and lee and washington are yelling at each other to attack, retreat, attack, retreat, and your heart pounds and your pulse picks up and you feel the urge to run right into the song and throw in your two cents.

cancer: the song guns and ships. lafayette is on top of a table, rapping faster than the speed of light, he jumps down and i’mnevergonnastopuntilimakethemdropandburnthemupandscattertheremains, i’m and you try to rap as fast as you can right beside him and your pulse is racing as well and you’re stumbling over your words and having a lovely time.

leo: the song stay alive (reprise). philip is singing softly to hamilton, hamilton is cradling him and holding his head, i know, i know, and philip is so insistent, he wants his role model to know i held my head up high, i was aiming for the sky, but all of a sudden his chest hurts and his muscles clench up and his voice catches on “sky” and all hamilton can do is let the tears fall and hold his dying son, and before you know it those aren’t hamilton’s tears but yours and they’re falling down your own face.

virgo: the song say no to this. one mister james reynolds has just sent a blackmail letter to hamilton and hamilton is at maria’s and she’s on the floor sobbing and clutching at his knees, begging him to stay, hamilton is distressed and how could i do this and maria remembers what was written on the letter and she gets up and grabs at his arm and tells him if you pay, you can stay, and her voice is so loud and full and clear and your heart swells and your eyebrows furrow and all you want to know is will he stay? will he stay?

libra: the song washington on your side. washington and jefferson and burr are mad and they’re so pissed and oh so ticked at hamilton and they’re jumping around the stage and jefferson spits out if washington isn’t gon listen to disciplined dissidents this is the difference this kid is out and they all join together and get even madder and before you know it there’s SOUTHERN MOTHERFUCKING DEMOCRATIC REPUBLICANS and you’re so awake and vivid and everything is so angry.

scorpio: the song satisfied. angelica has just finished recounting her tale with alexander and her flashback has ended and reality and the present is swirling around her feet and all she can do is raise her glass to the groom, to the groom, to the groom, to the groom, and she doesn’t want it to happen but there’s tears streaming down her face for both love for her sister and mourning of what she could’ve had if only she was a bit more selfish and your heart is so very full and all you can do it sit back and let her voice and her story overpower you.

sagittarius: the song who lives who dies who tells your story. eliza recounts her tales of the soldiers, of washington, of angelica, of everyone, and she never forgot a single soul, just did everything in her power to get everyone the recognition they deserved, and before you know it there’s the orphanage and eliza didn’t do a single thing wrong and are those your own tears streaming down your cheeks, or are those hers?

capricorn: the song what’d i miss. jefferson is hopping around in a velvety purple jacket and cane and bopping along with everyone and there’s so much jazzy joy in the air and everyone is happy and welcoming of the great thomas jefferson but you can’t be there to dance and celebrate along with them so all you can do is bob your head and hear the music cascading to give him a warm welcome home.

aquarius: the song blow us all away. philip’s voice is so full of hope and energy and pride and the whistling in the background makes it seems like everything’s okay. as the song progresses there’s a growing sense of dread, and when the countdown to his duel begins and halts out of nowhere with a crack, your heart drops and you know something horrible has occurred.

pisces: the song the story of tonight. the voices of laurens, lafayette, and mulligan mix together in a melodic harmony, and it sounds like a lullaby of hope. hamilton joins in and they raise a glass to freedom, to the future, and you can’t help but smile to yourself and feel cozy and warm, as if you’re burying yourself in a warm sweatshirt.

my literal favorite character trait abt lance is how emotionally intelligent and perceptive he is? like,, its something that i don’t often see explored in fics and whatnot, but its one of the most important aspects of his character that allows him to be so quick on his feet when the moment calls for it. like:

  • despite having not spent much time with her in the beginning, he was able to deduce that pidge harbored some strong feelings about the garrison’s talk of the kerberos mission, and made the decision to take the brunt of iverson’s anger for her when she confronted him
  • when he was overcome with homesickness, he left the party so as not to bring down the mood, and was able to deduce within seconds that the rover copy was fake because it wasn’t with pidge
  • he was able to make quick judgements about the honesty of the mermaid queen when it was revealed that she and her people were being controlled the whole time
  • he knows how wary allura is of the galra & that it took a lot for her to trust shiro and go to the blade of marmora, and when the red lion started attacking the base, he expressed concern for her 
  • you could even argue that, even though it was under the guise of flirting, lance stayed with allura on the ship in episode 3 because he was well aware of her lack of trust in ulaz

basically, lance’s emotional understanding of both himself and others is a really important and beautiful aspect of his character, and i wish more people explored this trait in fanon.

Love Live Irene Adler

I love it when Irene comes up, because Irene is the embodiment of Sherlock’s sexuality. She’s the question that he tries very hard to ignore. She is the road not taken, but a road he could still take, possibly, if he wanted to. When Irene pops up, it’s a cue to think about Sherlock as a sexual being. It’s that for John as well, clearly. 

I don’t want to be self-referential about this, but I feel compelled to be tonight: we fanfiction writers know how great it is to have Irene crop up as a conversation between Sherlock and John. It’s a crisis point conversation. It’s the best way for John to ask all the questions he wants to without actually asking them, and that’s pretty much what happened here as well. He wants to know: are you straight, are you gay, what are you, Sherlock? What do you want? Do you love her? Is it her, or is it me?

That conversation usually ends like this: “I could go to her, but I’d rather stay with you.” (Why would he do that, John? Ohhh right, because he loves you!) We’ve all done that, haven’t we? Haven’t we all written that in one way or another? I don’t want to disparage my favourite screenwriter by saying “low hanging fruit,” but…Irene is low hanging fruit, we all grabbed it, didn’t we?

I like this idea that Sherlock sometimes responds to Irene’s texts. That’s good; that’s some ice melting off of him. To me that says he’s been thinking about the possibility that maybe a sexual relationship is something he wants. With her? Probably not. But she’s an entry point to it, she’s his libido, and yes, he has one, and he just acknowledged that. That’s great. Tonight, in this episode, Sherlock acknowledged that he sometimes considers the possibility of engaging in a sexual relationship. That’s huge.

I’m so glad Irene came back up just now.

John was about to leave. He was going to abandon Sherlock 20 minutes early, why? He’s trying to put distance between himself and Sherlock because he is not the man Mary thinks he is. Does this make sense? What does that have to do with Sherlock?

And why does he suddenly need to tell Sherlock what to do about Irene?

Because it’s not only Mary who needs him to be a good man. Sherlock needs him too, and John feels that he’s failed both of them. Why is he sending Sherlock off to Irene? He’s saying: I’m not good enough for you, Sherlock. Irene loves you too, go to here instead.

But that’s ridiculous. We all know Irene can’t keep Sherlock right. If anything, she’d send him down the worst paths, as she’s done before. John says to Mary, and to Sherlock: I can’t be the man you need to be. I cannot live up to your expectations. I am not that man.

And both of them say, yes you are. You’re human, you do the best you can, and that’s why we love you, and it’s good enough for me.

And John hears that, and he doesn’t leave.

I like it.


#can we talk about this scene for a hot second #can we talk about how soft it is #how careful william is with noora #he’s just like #you’re just having anxiety #like there’s nothing wrong with it he doesn’t make her feel ashamed or more stressed out #and then he carefully gets her to calm down #and when she’s fallen asleep he lays with her until he’s sure she’s completely calm and asleep #and then he kisses her forehead very softly to make sure she doesn’t wake up #and gets up to write the last of her essay that he knows is so important to her #while she sleeps for 15 hours straight #a prince


#Can we talk about this? #This scene takes my breath away. #Every time i see it my whole body shakes and my tears start coming out of my eyes. #She has just remembered the love of her life. #She has just remembered how scared she was when she knew he was going to be taken and she couldn’t do anything for him. #She wasn’t able to say a word. She wasn’t able to do anything to stop the ghost riders and help Stiles. #She was too scared to lose him. #And all of those feelings came back to her. #And she feels guilty about it, because she knows now she could have stopped them from taking Stiles, but she didn’t do anything. #She lost him and she never get to say him how she feels. #She never got to say him she loves her back.


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