and that he knows how she feels about this

An observation.

So i was rewatching 5x10 when Jo and Ellen die and we all know how much Dean was fucked up by Jo dying. But when the building exploded Dean looked very visibly heartbroken. But he was able to walk away with Sam because there was a bigger problem (Satan) that they needed to deal with right. He was still responsive. And yet with Cas dying in 12x23 there was kinda a bigger problem (Satan Baby) and he couldn’t he dropped to his knees. He wasn’t responsive. We all know how much Dean cared about Jo everyone shipped them if she didn’t die maybe they could’ve been together with the closest to happy they could get and yet Cas’ death effected him worse even if “destiel isn’t real” it just shows how much Cas means to Dean and it made me a sad. Too many feels happening at once.

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(SingleParent!Inquisitor) The Inquisitor's kid going up to the Inquisitor's romance (before they're officially together) and the kid just blabbing to them about how their [momma/papa] likes them. "I think [Momma/Papa] likes you. [Ma/Pa]'s always worried 'bout you and they talk 'bout you alot and I know you make them happy. Do you two kiss? 'Cause kissing is gross." Etc.

Cassandra- She blushes. Hard. She hopes that no one is around to see and tells the babbling child that ‘No’ they do not kiss (yet) and that telling other people how someone felt for them is best left secret. The child (to her dismay) does not care and simply continues on. Still it does make her happy that the Inquisitor feels the same but she would need to talk to him about it. To make sure that it’s real.

Solas- He remains calm while on the inside you know he’s panicking. He tells the child that such things are better to be said by the person who feels that way and the child offers to fetch their mother. He quickly and rather loudly tells them no and says he will handle it.

Iron Bull- He finds it charming that the Herald tells their kid about these thing and really it’s all he need to hear. He thanks them and says that he and their parent don’t kiss but they will soon. That causes the child to make a face an leave. He can’t help but smile and makes a mental note to visit the Inquisitor later.

Blackwall- He sputters and looks a the child with wide eyes. The child has no shame as they continue on about how much their mother loves him. He flattered really but he shoos the child away and they simply shrug and say that it’s true. It leaves him a lot to think about and wonders if he’ll ever be the man they think he is.

Sera- She laughs. Thinking it’s a joke only to realize the kid means what they say after they ask why is she laughing. She doesn’t need a child to play matchmaker for her as she had a hunch that the Inquisitor liked her. “Listen, tell your mom to meet me here in ten minutes. I have to talk to her.”

Dorian- He’s surprised that the Inquisitor of all people truly did mean what he said. Hearing it from the child made it feel real to him but he doesn’t let it show. “Why of course your father loves me! Who wouldn’t?” His proclamation makes the child smile and laugh with glee.

Cullen- Y'all know the awkward rubbing he does to his head? Yeah that basically his reaction but with a massive blush. The child does not sense his embarrassment or simply does not care as they continue about how much their mother loves, cares, and worries for him. He eventually manages to get the child to leave and he’s left wondering if what the child said is true.

Josephine- She handles it a gracefully as she can with only mild embarrassment. She tires to get the child to stop but they do not and she wonders how the Herald deals with such a talkative child? Once the child does leave she thinks back to what the Herald has said to her and wonders if it really is true.

I will literally never stop loving that scene where Jack admits he still has a thing for Elizabeth and Henry fucking wrecks him.

Because I know, and probably most women who went to see that movie know, how agravating it is having a dudebro™ that keeps pestering you for your affections even when you’re in a relationship and don’t even want anything to do with him. And seeing the son of Elizabeth and the unironic nice guy she loved, completly destroy Jack’s expectations about Elizabeth feels so releaving for me. I might never get back at the dudebro who pestered me, but I sure as shit will share in Elizabeth’s victory.

Insomnia Diaries Pt 1 - Dean x Reader

Supernatural Smut Series

Warnings: smut, oral sex female and male receiving, language and sex

Y/n was laying in bed with her boyfriend Dean, who was sound asleep, she however was wide awake. Her insomnia had her unable to sleep, she just stared up at the ceiling. At the moment she was counting ceiling tiles for the third time, she could tell you the number of ceiling tiles in each crappy room at every hotel they stayed in.

She heard Dean snoring beside her, she thought about waking him up, but he and Sam had a tough fight with a ghost that day. No matter how bad she wanted to wake him up, she wouldn’t.

That was until he rolled over and put his arm around her and she could feel his erection pressing against her ass. She tried to resist the urge to grind her ass against his cock. Little did she know Dean was awake and just teasing her like normal, he laughed and ground his cock into her ass. “Dean you ass, I thought you were asleep” she said.

“Hey sweetheart, let me help you with your Insomnia, roll over on your back” Dean said. She rolled over onto her back and he got on his knees next to her. Dean grabbed her sleep shorts and pulled them off along with her panties.

He spread her legs and put his between her legs and kissed the inside of both of her thighs. Y/n put her hands on his head and grabbed his hair moaning softly as he kissed her clit. Dean sucked her clit and attached his lips around it as she put her legs around his head.

Dean got her hint and licked down to her entrance and slid his tongue inside and pumped it hard fucking her with his tongue. She gripped his hair between her fingers and pulled it gently, he moaned into her pussy.

That was all it took and her orgasm ripped through her, “Dean, oh my God yes” she moaned loudly. Dean chuckled into her pussy and he pulled her clit back into his mouth and worked her through her orgasm.

Dean lifted his head from between her legs and grinned at her, she saw her juices dripping down his face. She motioned for him to come down and kiss her, so he did and she could taste herself on his lips.

She pulled away from the kiss and said “Dean baby, it’s my turn to return the favor”. “Not yet sweetheart, I need my cock inside your beautiful pussy” he said. Y/n nodded and put her hands on his shoulders as he lined himself up with her entrance and slid his cock in her gentle.

Dean grabbed her breasts and massaged them roughly while kissing and nibbling her pulse point. “Dean, move please move” she moaned, while she threw her head back and moaned.

Dean thrust into her slow at first, he tried to keep going slowly so he wouldn’t cum too soon. He knew he was close but he also knew she it hard and fast, so he started pounding into her.

“Dean yes, just like that baby” she screamed, she thrust her hips up meeting his pace “fuck Y/n, I’m too close” he said. “It’s okay Dean, it’s okay pull out I got you” she said.

He pulled out and she took his cock into her mouth and sucked it hard. She put one hand on his balls and massaged them roughly while her other hand was on his back.

He put his thumb down finding her clit and rubbed rough hard circles on it. Y/n ran her tongue over his tip and he shot his cum inside her mouth. “Fuck Y/n oh fuck” Dean yelled, he still had his thumb rubbing her clit.

“Come on baby girl cum for me” he said, she swallowed his cum trying not to choke. Her orgasm ripped through her. She arched off the bed and screamed his name and dug her nails into his thighs.

Dean rubbed her clit until she came down from her orgasm, he fell on the bed and pulled her with him. Y/n laid her head on his chest, she looked at the clock that read 5:45am. “Thanks Dean, you know for the great sex and tiring me out” she said.

“Anytime sweetheart, I really need to get some sleep” he said. She kissed his forehead and got up out of the bed, “you get some sleep and I’ll go get breakfast” she said. Dean just waved her off as he fell asleep, “sweet dreams babe” Y/n said closing the door behind her.

Hope you guys liked this, Pt 2 is coming tomorrow!

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Elias arranged the basketball meeting?

Elias was worried about Sana and of course he tried to connect with her sister by using also his best friend, who just happens to be the guy Sana really likes.

That’s why Elias was so fast on the spot when Sana cracked a smile. Ready to bond with Sana again.

That’s why Yousef couldn’t speak directly about Noora and the kiss. Elias was nearby waiting for a right moment to join them.

Yousef looked worried after he saw how Sana shut out Elias. He has to know by now that Sana DID have feelings for him. Her reaction in the kitchen was so clear: she was hurt by him. She couldn’t even look at him anymore.

So Yousef decided to contact Noora and make things right. And I suppose Noora would be worried about Sana also, right? Sana has been clearly avoiding her. Noora has to suspect that something is wrong.

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oooooh philinda + 66 and/or 80 thx babe

66. “How could I ever forget about you?”

80.  “Does he know about the baby?”

(u ask, u get fam xx)

(also it’s a little au, hope that’s ok and that you enjoy anyway)

She woke up in a bed, tangled in white sheets, looking at the ceiling and searched for a difference within. She should feel different, after all. Waking up today should feel different than waking up yesterday had felt like.

She sat up and reached for the glass with water on the nightstand beside her. The water was cold and felt refreshing running down her throat. Once the glass was empty, she put it down again. She took off the blanket and moved her legs over the edge. The fuzzy mat felt nice under her feet. She smiled to herself. Andrew had come home with that mat a couple of weeks ago after she’d complained that the floor was so cold. She stood up, stretching her arms and thought about how much she missed him. Especially today.

There was a ring at the door.

She drew her eyebrows together in confusion and glanced at the clock above the bedroom door. Yup, only a little past eight. On a Sunday.

The doorbell kept ringing. Yeah, yeah, I’m coming, she thought and hurried through the corridor.

When she opened the door and saw who was behind it, she wasn’t surprised. She should’ve known.

She leaned against the door frame, arms crossed and a smirk on her face. “Well hello, Coulson.”

Phil was carrying a big, white box, a wrapped present and some flowers. He actively looked at only her face and seemed a little flushed. She wondered why, until she realized she was only wearing one of Andrew’s white shirts. She pulled it down a little, very nonchalantly, (she hoped) and tried not to focus on the fact that the only thing she was wearing underneath was a pair of black strings.

He reached out the flowers to her and he smiled, (one of those dorky Phil smiles) and her heart stung. She hadn’t even realized just how much she’d missed him until just now. Shit, shit, shit, she’d missed him so damn much.

She took the flowers. Yellow tulips. Like the one’s her mother used to have in her garden. It was so thoughtful, so sweet, she had trouble not throwing them on the pavement and rushing into his arms. Instead she smiled and smelled the flowers. “Thank you.”

He smiled back. “Happy birthday, Melinda.”

She’d missed him so, so much.

“You remembered. You never remember anything.” He really didn’t. She was practically his walking calendar.

He slightly tilted his head. “How could I ever forget your birthday?” All of a sudden, there was a serious gloss over his eyes and his voice lowered. “How could I ever forget you?

Her heart clenched at that and she made some room in the doorway. “You coming in or what?”

He immediately walked up the stairs and joined her side. She sent a pointed glance at the big, white box. “That better be donuts. You owe me that after waking me up before 8am on a Sunday.” He smirked at her. “Yeah, it is. But don’t you try to guilt me. We both know you were up already.” She playfully hit his arm and rolled her eyes. “Just get in, will you.” He bowed. “Yes, Ma’am.” She turned her head and watched him take of his shoes and carefully placing them at the side, putting her present on the table under the mirror and making his way into the kitchen, unbuttoning and rolling up his sleeves. 

She’d missed him so, so, so much.

She went to the mirror and picked up the present. It was wrapped in red wrapping paper and had a little silver bow on it. It looked fine from the front, but the back was a mess of paper and tape. He’d wrapped it himself, apparently. Her body warmed at the thought of him sitting at his kitchen table, cursing over the tape getting stuck to his hands. Fuck, how much she lo-

She stopped herself. Don’t go there. You promised yourself you’d never go there again.

She began to tear up the paper. She knew he’d left it for her to open alone because she hated being the focus of attention in that way. He was so respectful and kind, it was sometimes annoying.

When she’d torn away all of the wrapping paper and opened the box it’d been hiding, she almost felt tears building up in the corner of her eyes. It was her grandma’s favorite tea, the kind that she’d drank every every time she’d visited China as a little girl, the kind that could only be bought locally. 

Fuck. He made it so damn difficult not to go there.

When she stepped into the kitchen, after changing into a pair of black jeans and a grey t-shirt, he’d already the table and the teapot was on the stove.

She stopped at the door and just looked at him. He was in the process of making pancakes and absentmindedly whistled ‘Dock of the Bay.’ She could so very easily get used to this. It was so terribly dangerous to have him here.

He looked up from the stove, and the smile he gave her as he spotted her there was terribly dangerous, too.

“You’re making pancakes.”

He shrugged. “Well, I had some making up to do, didn’t I?”

Her smile faded and she grew serious again. “The present.,,” She couldn’t look right at him and slightly avoided his eyes. “Thank you.

He looked at her and blinked. You’re welcome.

He pulled out a chair. “So, you want pancakes or donuts first?

“Donuts” she answered, gratefully sitting down at the table.

They were in the middle of eating and talking about past missions, when he put down his fork. “So, how’s Andrew?”

She stilled in her movements, sitting up straighter. “He’s at a conference in Australia. He’s in his element. But…” She took a breath. “I miss him.”

Phil nodded. “Have you told him?” He shifted, suddenly a little uncomfortable in his chair. “I mean, does he know about the ba-”

She quickly shook her head. “I don’t want to tell him until he’s back.” She could’ve called him. But they’d lost their happiness before, and she’d just found out. Nothing was sure yet.

“You’re gonna be an amazing mom.”

He sounded and looked so sincere, like he didn’t doubt that for a second. He’d always believed in her. He’d always believed she had light and love inside her. 

She drew her hands together in her lap and stared into her plate. “I’m… I’m not so sure I’ll be able to…” She looked up at him, and she felt her eyes water. “I couldn’t save her, Phil, I couldn’t save the girl and I-”

He leaned over the table and put his hand on hers. “Listen to me. You’re gonna be the best mom there is. No one is gonna love as intensely or take better care of that kid than you.”

Her voice quivered and it felt like her whole body was shaking. “How do you know that? How can you be so sure after what I’ve-”

He was stroking her hand now. “Because I do. Because I know you.”

She cried into her pancakes. She looked at him again. “Phil, I’m just so scared, I’m so, so scared and I-” Her words drowned in her sobs.

She heard a chair move and suddenly he was beside her, squatting by her side, stroking her arm. “I know, I know. It’ll be ok, it’ll all be…” 

She melted down onto the floor and grabbed him, pulling him closer, leaning her head on his chest. He put his arms around her and placed a soft kiss in her hair. This was so terribly dangerous. But right now his heart was beating calmly and he smelled like he always did, and she just didn’t care.

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What's your headcannon on hugo's and sucre's personality?


Most often, I imagine Hugo is like, WAY older than he looks since he’s been in the Room for who-knows-how-long; so he’s gathered up a surprising amount of wisdom, but lacks some emotional maturity since he’s still physically a toddler.  An ambitious and creative little guy, too, very smart!  But he’s deeply fretful and lonely, and just wants his mom back.  I think he’d feel very confined, understimulated, and helpless, and eventually would have built up quite a bleak outlook as the world decayed around him.

I’m less sure about Sugar.  I often imagine her as someone who’s fairly carefree, or at least tries to be.  She’s got a pretty good sense of humor, is best buddies with Zacharie, and has known him for a long time (I love the idea of them being best friends).  I wonder about why she’s hiding in the cellar, though, and why she seems so insistent on ignoring what’s frightening and stressful.  That’s a side of her I’d like to see explored more often.

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So I'm curious as to what Seeker thinks about Spy being Scout's dad. Does she figure it out later on? Does she sort of guess along the way? How does she figure it out and how does she feel about it? :)

First off, spy never told her. At least, not directly. They never really got along so I see no reason why he’d tell her such a personal secret (even though she is surprisingly trustworthy).

Seeker kind of figures it out along the way, but ends up asking heavy if her assumption is correct. He confirms her assumption since he knows her more personally than most of the team and knows she’ll keep quiet.

She started figuring out by watching the way they interacted, the way spy glanced at scout occasionally, some of the perks that they shared, etc. It took her a while longer than other mercs, but she did start getting the notion.

Avian felt pretty indifferent to the fact that they’re related. If anything, she kind of liked how scout had his father on the team, may he know it or not. It, in a sense, brought the team even closer together and that’s all she wants. Avian’s main personal goal in life is to find a family and I don’t know about you, but I think she’s done a pretty damn good job of it.

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(( don't chase the rabbit ))

 It was a bright day, not a cloud in sight and sunlight warming every surface it touched. And the shallower end of the pound was like glass in the light. That was Yves’s favorite part of visiting his grandmother, being able to see all the tadpoles racing across the surface.

 He swayed back and forth as he watched them, counting every time they surfaced and then ducked back into the mud. Dragging his finger through the grass beside him as if keeping score. It was a game, and it was cathartic. It kept him occupied and less concerned about his mute surroundings, how he’d never know when someone was walking up behind him.

 Unless he could feel the vibrations of their slow, leisure steps through the grass. He grinned to himself and turned back to watch his grandmother strolling up to him. He watched her lips form words and giggled despite not knowing what they meant. She returned his grin and squatted beside him. More words he couldn’t hear tumbled out of her mouth but it didn’t matter, the way she felt, the idea that she was talking to him, was what delighted him the most.

 His grandmother sat down beside him, making a show of rolling up her pants legs and plopping her feet down into the pond. Yves giggled again as some water splashed up against his cheeks, watching the tadpoles all rush away from his grandmother’s barefeet. He looked back up to her when she patted his back gently, her lips forming a phrase she’s said a lot. He tried to shapes himself, sounding it out with how he thought they would go. Whatever he had babbled out pleased his grandmother and he could feel her laughter as she pressed a kiss to his head.

 She pulled him under her arm and began swaying with him. She was singing, not that he really knew, but he could feel the vibrations from where he was tucked against her side. He loved her, loved how she never looked disappointed when he couldn’t reply, how she never grimaced because he couldn’t say words perfectly. His grandmother treated him like how people treat every other six year old that wasn’t him.

 He smiled down at the pound, sticking his own feet down into the water. As they swayed, he attempted to babble the words one more time, hoping it came out right.

 ‘I love you.’

‘Meow’ Chapter 3: Cat-tastrophe


I’m not sure how I feel about this chapter, but I do know the last bit made me laugh with the mental image! Let me know your thoughts!

“Meow.” Toby was nudging his head against Molly’s cheek as she slept.

“Toby, stop,” she groaned.

“Want me to get him for you?” Mary offered.

“No, it’s fine. He just needs some food,” Molly responded. She got up, slid her feet into her cherry decorated slippers and poured food in his bowl. “I’m going to grab some crisps.”

“I’ll come with you,” Mary said, hopping up from her own bed. “I’m in need of food that’s bad for me.” Stepping out of the room together, they heard shouting.

“Bloody hell, Sherlock, the next time I find another one of your experiments in MY fridge, they will be thrown out!” John exclaimed, storming out of the dorm. He turned to see the amused faces of Molly and Mary.

“Everything alright?” Molly asked.

“Oh, you know, Sherlock,” he brushed off. “And, uh, who might you be?” John inquired, his eyes flicking over to Mary.

“Mary Morstan,” she replied, a glint flashing in her eyes. The immediate chemistry was more than noticeable.

“John, we need to scour our room for cameras; it seems my brother doesn’t know how to respect boundaries,” Sherlock complained.

“What do you know about respecting boundaries, Sherlock?” John asked, his eyes never leaving Mary’s.

“Fine; Molly, will you help me then?” Sherlock asked. A small mew came from inside 219B.

“Oh, this is the one with the, uh,” John began but then lowered to a whisper, “cat.”

“Yes, uh, Molly Hooper,” she introduced herself.

“John Watson,” he nodded.

“Yes, yes, we’ve all been acquainted, but can we focus on my problems now?” Sherlock whined.

“Oh, for God’s sake,” John sighed. “Let’s take care of this now. Let your brother know it is my room too. It was very nice to meet you, Mary. Molly.” With that, they stalked back into 221B.

“Well that was interesting,” Molly commented.

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Do you think Zen would stay with someone very different from him? Like, someone that not know how express feeling, and is not delicate or gentle, sometimes even rude unintentionally. How he react when he discover she is insecure about it?

I think he would find it cute that they didn’t know how to express feelings, I don’t think he would mind it. He would sometimes say how acting, art and such could help them express themselves better. 

Not delicate or gentle, unintentionally rude… in what way? If it is clumsy, well he would find it cute, or clums in a way they end up breaking everything they touch? I don’t think he would mind it, yet he’d get sooo stressed out when they break something, cuz money.

Or even if they were brutally honest! or didn’t know what should be said and what not, he would still stay with that someone. Just.. he would apologize so much. 

If it’s someone who’s used to curse, I mean, he wouldn’t love it, but he would not break up with them because of that. (D O N’ T  swear like a sailor, tf). 

But he could not stand being with someone rude, just plain rude with people. His gf/bf would be someone, yes, fearless, but kind hearted, not picking a fight with everybody and DEFINITELY not someone self-centered. 

He would like, support blindly, if that person feels insecure about it, he would do anything he can for she/he feel better about themselves. you know what I mean?

Well that it what I think, what do you think?


I’m listening to the end of the Phantom of the Opera AND OMG MY HEART IS THINKING OF NOTHING BUT REY AND KYLO REN. I HOPE THEY GET THS TYPE OF ENDING JUST FOR THE FEELS. Mainly the whole “god give me courage to show you, you are not alone” *kiss* scene) 

Like, I made my post a few days ago about “how could she love him?” WELL Christine kissed the Phantom and he’s a murderer, stalker person! She loves him regardless of things.

OH YES PLEASE! They love each other but they know they can’t be together… my shipper heart is breaking here. 😂😂😂


every westallen scene ever (133/?)

6 years is so long, like the magnitude of it is so hard to grasp. For example, it’s longer than this fandom has even been alive. Bellamy and Clarke have been separated for that long, and yet she’s called him every single day. Clarke was 18 when this happened- for a quarter of her life, she’s called the same boy, not even knowing if he’s alive. Everytime I try to conceptualize how long 6 years is, it blows my mind how much she loves him and how deeply she feels about him.

Among the Crowd (Soulmate AU)

Summary: Soulmates’ worlds go from black and white to colors when they are in the same room for the first time. Bucky is a famous actor in the middle of a convention, trying to find his soulmate, you.

Word Count: 2,232

A/N: This is a re-write of a Dean W. fic and I hope you all like it :D 

Originally posted by v-writings

Bucky took a swig of water, tightening the cap on the bottle before setting it to the side. His meet-and-greet was about to start. He could hear the bustling of the crowd right outside the door and took a deep breath. Alongside him was Clint, a co-star.

“You doing okay, buddy?” asked Clint, eyes concerned as he placed a hand on Bucky’s shoulder.

Bucky smiled. “Yeah, I’m alright.”

After a few minutes, Nat Romanoff and Sam Wilson took their seats next to each other and the writer of the show, Bucky’s oldest friend, Steve Rogers, emerged from behind the black curtain that had been put up behind the actors.

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a-jedi-in-purgatory  asked:

Billy would totally set up a Power Rangers Instagram and Twitter and they would post pictures and stuff. No one can hack him obviously. Plus no one else knows they're called the "Power Rangers" so it would get their name out there lol.


  • Zordon would absolutely disapprove because it’s too risky but they don’t care. 

  • Billy gives them all the password and the entire account is them in their suits in progressively ridiculous poses.

  • They make the picture of them dabbing their icon.

  • One day Billy tags Jason in one picture by reflex and immediately corrects himself but he legit felt his heart stop for half a second.

  • People following the account start commenting on how the Red ranger and the Pink ranger would make a cute couple and Trini gets gradually more annoyed and grumpy for days and nobody knows why until one day she scrolls through the comments and

@PowerRangerFan: Pink and Red forever
@KimHart: ew gross they seem more like brother and sister to me
@JayScott: I agree

  • she feels a little better after that
  • For Pride Month, they take a very dramatic picture with their respective pride flags as capes and caption it “NONE OF US ARE STRAIGHT, DEAL WITH IT”. Even if she is wearing a mask, Trini feels so good about finally sort of coming out, along with all of her friends. Jason too, but he doesn’t say anything. This same evening, his Dad tells him how much he loves him and would always love him no matter what, out of the blue, Jason is confused but very happy.

  • Zack posts 7 selfies of himself in a row like “me in a pit”, “me with a cool tree”, “me and a rock I found on the ground”, “me and a second rock I found on the ground” etc. He also posts a video of him yelling “I LOVE MY MOM” in the mountains so it echoes. Trini deletes all of his selfies but leaves the video.
  • Kim posts a video saying “I need people to know that my boobs aren’t that big, the suit is a lie. That’s all, have a good day. Oh and also, I’m not dating Red please stop with this nonsense. Okay bye!”

I could go on and on but this is getting long

Neil’s blood went cold. “What did you tell her about me?”
“Doctor-patient confidentiality, Neil! But I know she likes you. Bee has a thing for lost causes.”
“I am not a lost cause.”
Andrew put his hand over Neil’s mouth to shut him up and said, “Liar. But that’s what makes you interesting. It’s also what makes you dangerous. I should know better by now. Maybe I’m not as smart as I thought I was.”

( this moment. Just think, Andrew told Bee about Neil. Just think he wanted to touch him. Just think how it was hard for Andrew to have feelings for Neil… I just thought he wanted to do something like it)

SJM books ranked from least emo to most emo


okay yeah i know, rowan gets shot, and like, Chaolaena shippers probably cried a lot but Arobyn dies so over all it’s a good experience.


ALRIGHT LOOK I KNOW IT WAS AN EMOTIONAL ROLLERCOASTER BUT. No one important actually dies aside from Suri and Feyre is way more recovered from her trauma in this one so the first person PoV is just happier in general, and Nesta and Elain take down Hybern so really who can complain 


The emo book that started it all. Pretty emo bc it opens with the protagonist getting released from the slave mines and she is emaciated but Dorian and Chaol are Hot™ and Hetero™ so it’s all good


Pretty depressing that there are 5 books more emo than this one seeing as how in this one the protagonist goes from a shit home life to a shit boyfriend to dying in order to save the entire world. But you know, all in a day’s read??


Okay so this is where it really goes downhill. WTF Maas. Why’d you have to write Sam Cortlans’s death. I don’t think any of us really wanted it but you gave it to us anyway. But the rest of the book is like, not too emo, except it does hurt seeing Celaena systematically ruin all of her personal relationships. 


Um alright, so this one, idk….emo because Nehemia, like why why why?? I’ll be asking that question until my own death honestly. But also, the end of Chaolaena, the end of Dorealna/Doraelin, also, Aelin?? Who the f is that?? Well now we know, and Chaol’s not pleased about it, and Celaena/Aelin has to be sent away on a ship and wow, this book was just, not a happy read. (this is the only one with a starred review on Kirkus so go figure…)


Ik wtf, this should be last you’re thinking. But nah, I said emo, not painful. And without the last 100 pages, this would rank at idk, number 3 or so. But those last 100 pages. Fuck me up Maas. I’m still not capable of forming complete thoughts about it and I read it 8 months ago. It’s like she sat down and said, How can I write the MOST painful, bloody ending ever? Idk, maybe have Aelin whipped, have her refuse to count the lashes bc shes waiting for Rowan, but Rowan never comes, oh and here’s an iron coffin let’s shove her inside there too, and ps they are mates and carranam and husband and wife and also Lysandra is going to pretend to be Aelin forever because Aelin is the literal sacrifice to save the world, okay bye now thanks for reading. No, F u Maas. F u. 


Okay so this is a fan favorite but it’s also almost the MOST emo. Coincidence? I think not. Anyways, this is emo because the narrator is suffering from PTSD for the whole book and also suffers through an abusive relationship and her ex bf tries to hunt her down and her new bf lies to her about being her Mate and Immortal Husband and she’s just…not pleased. Basically read this if you hate men but love bats. Not the most emo though because Mor is in this book, and also Velaris. 


Where do I even start? Aelin’s hella depressed and doesn’t really know what name she should use, she’s bitter and angry and depressed about the burden of being queen, and Rowan thinks she is a little shit. Except he is also bitter and angry and depressed, because his mate died, and they have to learn how to stop being bitter and angry and depressed together except it takes aelin burning herself out and nearly dying and then aelin almost dying for real again when fighting valg to get them to realize that. Also, Manon is in this book and she doesn’t know how to feel anything yet, so that’s pretty emo as well. Also idk, i think this might be when the wyrven dies? Not sure, but emo. Dorian and Chaol- also emo a lot. Emo because Aedion is alive?? And has no clue where Aelin has been all these years. Emo because Sorscha dies. Emo because it ends with Dorian enslaved to the Valg. just. Not a fun book. But also a fan favorite. 

thepersonalblogofsh  asked:

What do you think is the (symbolic) meaning behind having all the mains on the same place, trying to support sana (s4's main) in the clip today? :) x

you know what I didn’t even think about it until you mentioned it, so thank you so much for bringing this up!

wow, it’s kinda nostalgic isn’t it? 

like think about it, Eva, Noora and Isak have all been in the position Sana is in now. Alone, inside their own head afraid of what’s to come next (same tbh)

and now here they are sharing this moment with her. Could they be a reminder for us to show us how much they have grown and the ‘evolution’ of the mains?

or maybe….

okay so Sana has served as an important character in each of their seasons. she helped each main move along in their story in a different way. 

for example with Eva

Sana gave Eva the push she needed to finally confront Ingrid as well as all the feelings she has been repressing and torturing herself with from the beginning of this season. If it wasn’t for Sana we might not have gotten the most emotional heart to heart in this entire season. We wouldn’t have gotten Eva to finally let out all of her feelings as well as realising who she is and what means the most to her. She wouldn’t have gotten the push she needed to gain closure with Ingrid if it wasn’t for sana…and then of course she wouldn’t have caught Iben and learnt about Snakesak…so yeah Sana pushed Eva’s season along when she needed it. 

then Noora

Of course Sana and noora had that massive beautiful clip where she told Noora that it’s impossible to expect people to think like you do, but it is possible to try and understand them, and for them to understand you. This convo of course encouraged Noora to try to connect with William and talk to him…pushing her in the direction of Nico where the next part of her story began. Again you could say Sana pushed her story along…leading her to the next chapter of her journey and growth. 

Now angel Isak Mikki doesn’t have favourites I love my children equally

oh my gosh I loved this clip. I don’t know if Sana knew or not but she gave Isak exactly everything he needed to hear right in this moment of his story. She reassured him that he still means the same to her as he always has and that maybe his mum would feel the same way. she gave him the courage and the love he needed to tell his mum about Even. She made him feel less scared about how she would react and calm in knowing that she still sees him the same way herself. ahhh oh my god if it wasn’t for Sana I don’t know if Isak would have gotten the guts to tell his mother about his sexuality and that was one of the most important parts of his story. His mother accepting him and loving him when he needed it the most (hell he had been needing it since we met him) ahhh it was everything. and Sana helped him reach to that point where he could reach out to his mother. So again, she pushed and impacted his story…in the best way. 

So now why were all the mains here in this clip? 

Maybe they were here to remind us just how much Sana has been there for them. How much she has impacted their lives and had such a strong hand in moving their journeys of growth and development along. Because now Sana is the one withdrawing herself from everyone and believing that none of them see her as someone they can connect with because she is too different. She is beginning to take herself out of their world…to push them away. But they are here trying to remind us (and her but she can’t see it rn) that god dammit she is a part of their world. She’s not just a part of it but because of her their worlds have changed and grown. She has been there for all of them. They need her and they love her and they respect her. 

but Sana feels like no one does. 

someone needs to tell her just how important she is and why she is needed so much in their world…because their worlds are her world. <3 

They each had Sana to move their story along…but who does Sana have? maybe that’s what they are trying to show us by involving them all here. Who is her Sana? What happens when the friend who is always there for everyone, needs someone to be there for her and get her to talk and listen? 

lets find out ahhhh