and that he gives good advice
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… because Robbie is sick. Very sick. All he knows is that he needs help. If there was any time for Sportacus to wrap him in over-protectiveness, it was now. He desperately needed it.

Sportacus doesn’t disappoint.

Thanks to @neyieagetslazy for the good advice on not pressuring myself into writing if I didn’t feel like it, and to just write if I feel like I can.  And also to @eyeonnah because she was awesome encouragement <3


I have a bad habit of destroying my own creativity otherwise, which is why I decided to take a break in the first place!  So I didn’t do that!

This was too much fun to write.

Sorry Robbie. >3>  But I had to give Sportacus a legitimate reason to be a Sportasmother.

anonymous asked:

I have a total cop fetish and I was wondering if you could give me some advice on who from the force I would have a good chance of hooking up with. I'm easy going but I like somebody who has an edge, almost aggressive, but not like scary aggressive just unf romance novel aggressive. Also I prefer if the person doesn't have a hairy back. Somebody who likes to eat would be a plus because I like to watch people eat. Thanks for your help!

“Well boo lemme just tell you I got the hook up, for real. 

Ephram’s the easiest, like easy peasy, he is the training wheels of all seduction. If you basically siddle up to him and ask if he wants to fuck then he’s game. Dude would go down on his worst enemy if the package was delivered juicy enough. He’s got a little edge, but his edge is less sharp and more rusty razor. Also he’s got a demon living inside him always so you gotta be down with metaphysical threesomes always.

The real edgiest aggressive like a clean machete is Shivonne for real. And I’m like 89 percent sure that she has less back hair than Ephram. Plus she’s got the sexiest whole vibe, she’s fallen asleep at her desk before and I swear to god even her snores are even seductive and gravely voiced. She has a kid tho so you know, yikes.

Now if you really really want some one that meets all your criteria and can really strut their junk in that sexy as fuck uniform you want the seal in the dark teal. Officer Bertrand Bellicose Dearhart. Yeah he’s  basically ignored by eeeeverybody else besides myself. Swear to Thor’s staticky shorts that he’s hot to trot, and a foodie. He’s edgy enough that he plays through video game dialogue boxes without saving before hand in case he says something wrong, and romantic enough that he goes on all those goody special romantic side quests in those same video games. Point is I brought a couple of game systems to the break room and it’s fucking awesome, don’t tell Ephram. Oh! also he has alopecia so back hair is not a problem.

Plus he’s hot and I know hot.”

anonymous asked:

Sorry if this isn't the right blog to ask but I saw other posts you answered with some decent advice. I'm ace & a twin. I don't know if the 2 are linked as my twin also ids as ace but hey ho this is just context. I have a friend that is in love with my twin. He came to me for advice but being ace I have nothing but sympathy to give. My twin is also human-contact aware (she doesn't even like people touching her). Do you have any advice to give my friend please? He just wants to be with her.

I mean I don’t know about how good my advice is but I’ll give it a shot.

Side note: based on some research, twins can have different sexualities.

To answer your question, I would tell your friend two things: 1, stay educated. read up on asexuality and ace relationships and see if he still wants to be in a relationship with her; 2, respect her boundaries. if she doesn’t want to have a relationship and would rather be friends, then please be her friend. if she would be interested in a relationship, keep communication constant & open and respect her boundaries


#if anyone understands grief and loss  #it’s magnus bane #an immortal  #who has lost too many people #mortals and immortals alike #he’s been through this #losing his own mother in a shocking way #losing family and friends and lovers #he gives good advice

dating advice: the “captain america” rule

Context: I grew up in a family of nerds, and superheroes were always a really big part of my childhood. Captain America was a favorite, and he kind of became my family’s standard for good behavior and just generally being a Nice Person. (If one of the kids started a fight they’d get hit with, “What would Captain America think of how you’re acting?”, stuff like that.)

So when I got to high school and started dating, my mom told me something that sounds funny but in retrospect actually turned out to be really good advice:

“Date someone who treats you the way Captain America would. Never settle for less.” 

And this has actually helped me so much in my dating life, through high school and into my adult years, because even if it’s a little silly, it’s been really helpful to have that standard in the back of my mind when I’m first going into a relationship. 

Would Captain America ignore my calls? Would Captain America forget my birthday? Would Captain America get mad at me for cancelling a date because a family emergency came up? If the answer is no, then I know that the person I’m currently dating does not meet my standards, and that I need to break things off before they get too serious.

And your standard absolutely does not have to be Captain America, specifically. It can be any person, male or female, real or fictional, who is known for being respectful and considerate. It can even be an imaginary “soulmate” that you make up yourself. The point is to have a specific idea of how you expect to be treated by your romantic partners, and to refuse to compromise or settle for less. (Just make sure you’re holding yourself to the same standards – you can’t expect to date superheroes if you’re going to treat your partners the way a supervillain would.) This is a really good way to keep yourself from falling into bad relationships where you aren’t treated with the respect and care you deserve.

TL;DR: You deserve to date people who are respectful and considerate of you. You deserve a Captain America. Don’t settle for less. 



Honestly Gion can make almost any chemistry he has with his teammates work. But there’s definitely something special and adorable about his relationship with Raita, who’s been taking care of him since the first practice match.

overwatch characters as D&D 5e


Mercy: Life Cleric, successfully resists the urge every day to just not prepare any healing spells for a day and see what the rest of the party does.

Lucio: Lore Bard, knows the cantrip Vicious Mockery but almost never uses it because it’s too mean.

Symmetra: Abjuration Wizard, her favorite spell is Dimension Door and she uses it frequently and to great effect.

Zenyatta: Devotion Paladin, buffs his teammates by giving them sage advice about life.

Ana: Hunter Ranger, likes to put all sorts of nifty poisons and sleep agents on her arrows. 


Reinhardt: Battle Master Fighter, the kind of Lawful Good that gives Lawful Good a good name.

Zarya: Eldritch Knight Fighter, her favorite spells are Absorb Elements and Absurdly Large Crossbow.

D.Va: Champion Fighter, likes to tease her opponents by doing acrobatics stunts in the middle of combat.

Winston: Totem Warrior Barbarian, everybody is surprised by this, which he uses to tactical advantage.

Roadhog: Champion Fighter, he owns actual weapons and knows how to use them but throwing chairs is more fun.


Junkrat: Wild Magic Sorcerer, embraces all the weird shit and backfires of wild magic surges with maniacal laughter.

Bastion: Champion Fighter, favors ranged weapons and aims to kill in one shot so it doesn’t have time to hurt.

Widowmaker: Assassin Rogue, favors ranged weapons and aims to kill in one shot because it’s more satisfying.

Mei: Circle of the Land (Arctic) Druid, likes to sleep with the room cold and everybody thinks she’s crazy for it.

Torbjorn: Circle of the Moon Druid, has a whole posse of awakened plants and beasts that go into battle with him.

Hanzo: Beast Master Ranger, his animal buddy is a giant poisonous snake that thinks it’s small enough to chill around one of his arms.


Genji: Shadow Monk, is equally likely to use his shadow stepping for pranks as actual combat.

Reaper: Fiend Warlock, enjoys using the Hurl Through Hell ability just a little too much and if it wasn’t so powerful people would complain about it.

Soldier: 76: Battle Master Fighter, the kind of person you think of when you think of “Chaotic Lawful”.

McCree: Hunter Ranger, generally a good guy but sometimes his shady-ass skill set makes you wonder.

Pharah: Eldritch Knight Fighter, favorite tactic is to cast Fly on herself and then bring death from above with her bow.

Tracer: Transmutation Wizard, known for her cheery attitude in battle and deadly combo of Haste, Misty Step, and Magic Missile.

Sombra: Thief Rogue, likes to do solo sneaking which people would complain about if she wasn’t so good at making it easier for them to follow her.

Edit: Please please for the love of god ask me questions about why I picked the classes/subclasses I did and how I would build these characters and what spells and feats I would pick and how I would build parties with them please let me geek at you about D&D and Overwatch.

Edit: Wow I really wish there was a better way to reply to replies! But this basically came about because I saw a post about how 90% of Mercy mains absolutely hate their teams all the time.

I don’t actually play Overwatch, but I’m a slut for the lore and in D&D I play a lot of healers - your clerics, bards, and druids. And what I have learned is that like yeah healing the other people in your party is cool but man you want to blow shit up too instead of spending all your time/spell slots keeping your party upright when this was a shitty plan to begin with. So it started with Mercy Is The Life Cleric Who Resists The Urge To Not Prepare Healing Spells and then it all went downhill from there lmao.

shiro with the other paladins: you’re going to be great! don’t panic! just take a deep breath! if you worry too much about what might go wrong, you might miss a chance to do something great! patience yields focus! *soothes their anxieties and gives mentor-like counsel and advice*

shiro on the inside, constantly: 


TW Pack As Youtubers :

(Lydia, Stiles and Scott)


Originally posted by thebrightestplanet

  • i 99% believe she would be a beauty guru
  • most likely already has a fashion/beauty blog
  • super popular instantly
  • gives haters the sassiest comebacks
  • gives styles tips
  • probably makes an occasional rant video here and there
  • asks people from school to be in her video and gives them makeovers
  • a favorite amongst the beauty community in youtube
  • gives good advice and tips
  • lowkey shades people in her videos
  • is very social with her fans and always tries to respond to everyones comments


Originally posted by dylan-ohbrien

  • probably a mix of everything
  • gaming videos where people are entertained by his ‘oh so manly’ screams from jumpscares
  • storytimes like “I was possessed by a demon.” and “FOUND A DEAD BODY IN THE FOREST.” and “Almost got killed…part 4.”
  • stupid, but entertaining challenge videos with his friends
  • rants “My bestfriend wont watch Star Wars with me.”
  • is shipped with literally every person he collabs with
  • pranks..mostly on scott
  • is super relatable and thats why people love his videos
  • leaves sarcastic comments in the comment section of his own videos
  • is actually the one who started #Sciles4Ever and spams it all over Scotts videos
  • people make lots of memes of him
  • lowkey super salty when scott gets shipped with others


Originally posted by secretgif-s

  • makes lots of videos with his bff Stiles
  • lots of lacrosse videos
  • challenges with Stiles
  • pranks with Stiles
  • #Sciles4Ever is all over his comment section
  • gets flustered when people compliment him on his Q&A videos
  • probably gives a lot of life tips and advice videos
  • Melissa is in some of his videos and of course fans love her
  • #MommaMccall
  • knows Stiles started the #Sciles4Ever tag
  • is very sweet to all his fans
  • does a lot of collabs with people
  • haters cant even hate him

I dont get why more fans dont headcanon ushiwaka as autistic i mean??

Missing social cues :
-he really thinks hes giving oikawa good advice w/ the ‘you should have…’ bc he thinks thats the environment oikawas talent would grow best in
-doesnt get why oikawa gets so mad when he says that
-doesnt get why people get mad when he’s overly blunt and inconsiderate of others feelings/circumstances when he speaks
-doesnt catch sarcasm, misses jokes

Special interest:
-in canon, volleyball, all he really cares about is whether he can play, if his opponents are any good, improving is the most important thing to him so he sees it as naturally important to everyone around him too
-in fanon, gardening, linking everything back to analogies to express his sentiments, ideas and feelings.

Probably more stuff idk im typing this as it occurs to me bc ive been in the car for 8hrs feel free to add to this but idg why people only meantion kenma when it comes to autistic character headcanons.

Texting the Marauders in an Emergency:

James: Rushes to your side but doesn’t really know how to deal with the emergency. Will definitely call for backup.

Sirius: His response depends on how much he values your relationship. Spends some time considering how much he likes you before either replying or ignoring the text.

Remus: Texts back promptly. Tries to give decent advice but ends it with “idk tho it’s up to you”

Peter: Texts back 4 hours later like “You good?”

Good things to imagine

-amy wearing jakes flannels around the house

-jake wanting to cook a nice sweet dinner for him and amy so he facetimes charles the whole time for advice

-a sleepy amy in the winter, snuggled against jake in a cacoon of 600 blankets while they watch terrible hallmark christmas specials

-jake giving amy That Look when she starts talking passionately about a neat article she read

-amy and jake showering together, not even for the sexy times, but because they’re dorks and they really like bubbles and kissing in “the rain” and each other

-one day, jake has a day off but amy still has to go in to catch up on some paperwork so he honest to goodness considers going with her because he’ll miss her so much

-jake and amy knowing how each other likes their coffee

-amy can probably lowkey sing rlly well bc she’s musically experienced and shes always invinting cute little tunes when shes doing chores and they always sound like old do-wop songs and jake always sneaks recordings of her because wow he loves her

-jake and amy binge watching stranger things

-watching scary movies together, both acting tough at first but having to hide in the others shoulder by the end. Its a mess.

-couple’s cooking class that goes horribly south.

-they play that “watch me catch this random food in my mouth” game aaaaaall the time bc of their first date

-they never ever go seperate ways without saying “i love you so much” first

-jake being the little spoon and amy snuggling her face between his shoulder blades bc have you seen jake peralta’s shoulders?

-jake rarley ever waking up before amy but when he does he can hardly help himself from watching her sleep because god shes so soft and beautiful and amazing and he loves her so much

-when amy wakes up before jake, which is almost always, she likes to trace his face. His laugh linesm, his eyelashes, his /chin dimple/.

-they probably have so many cute stupid inside jokes its ridiculous

-they bet on everything but its bever an issue bc they are so solid okay?

-just…..jake and amy.

Underrated Voltron Dynamics: Shiro and Hunk
  • The suspicious ones.
  • Shiro sometimes feels uncomfortable voicing concerns about their actions because he worries it’s his paranoia acting up so Hunk steps up to the plate and is cautious for him. 
  • They take care of other people, when Lance and Keith caught the Space Flu, Shiro and Hunk were the ones changing bed linens and making soup. 
  • Make sure everyone is eating enough. 
  • Shiro gives advice to Hunk when he’s feeling anxious about his friendship with Shay. 
  • Hunk is a calm rock of stability for Shiro when he’s stressed. Shiro can always go down to the kitchen and Hunk will talk about stupid things at him and feed him the latest food experiments. 
  • Hunk knows a little Japanese (It’s a fairly widely spoken language in Hawai’i since there’s a large Japanese population) and sometimes he’ll throw a phrase or two at Shiro, which is very much appreciated. 
  • Reminiscing about the Garrison together. 
  • Good at making strong pushes in battle, Hunk will cover while Shiro presses forward. 
  • They’re overall very good at calming each other down, if Hunk is getting worked up Shiro will put a hand on his arm, if Shiro is spacing out, Hunk will try to bring him back down to earth. 

BNHA au where Bakugou is always DTF (Down To Fight) and so a bunch of other students fight him to get their emotions out but Bakugou hates dealing with their emotional drama and so gives out really good advice just so they can shut up and fight him without all that extra baggage

It backfires when people start thinking that he’ll give them life advice in exchange for a fight and Bakugou fucking hates it 

(Aizawa and All Might, on the other hand, feel a little bit proud)

voltron Tumblr au

keith has a blog called knifegayopinions and all he does is post about knives and being gay.

lance has a blog dedicated to MIs (mainly PDs) with some URL like npdmermaid or some shit and he gives that Good Controlling It Advice to his followers while making and reblogging shitposts about the MIs he has and also reblogging advice posts for ones that he doesn’t have (he always checks if op is ok w it first though! he wasn’t raised in a barn smh) so that his followers with those can see them and be Helped

hunk doesn’t fucking have a food blog fuck you. he follows a few bc he likes learning new recipes but he doesn’t have a food blog. he has a naruto blog. believe it

pidge blogs about plants. she has named all her succulents. they’re all trans girl lesbian communists

shiro runs a wholesome memes blog.

Tsukkiyama HCs

-On Tsukki’s birthday Yamaguchi gets glow in the dark paint and paints the galaxy on the roof of his room. (I like the idea of Yamaguchi being good at art.)
-“So you can see before you sleep what I see everytime I look at your eyes Tsukki!” Tsukishima melts.
-On Yamaguchi’s birthday, he gets him a dino plushie like it’s huge man where’d you get it.
-“When… you feel sad… uh… hug it or whatever.”
-Yamaguchi gives the cutest smile ever.
-Bokuto and Kuroo (unfortunately) give really bad romantic advice and end up getting Tsukishima and Yamaguchi on a date that ends in helping them block Bokuto’s tosses.
-Akaashi and Kenma feel soooo bad so they try to make up for it by getting Yamaguchi 2 tickets to a museum with dinosaurs and the observatory as well, and dress Yams up super cute and tell him cute lines to make Tsukishima blush. (It works.)
-Bokuto and Kuroo’s prides have been wounded knowing their bfs are the suave ones in the relationship and not them. Ouch.
-Tsukishima fangirls ovee the dinos like a little middle school girl fangirling over her favorite anime character.
-Yamaguchi secretly records it on his phone and shows Akaashi, Kenma and Hinata.
-Tsukishima knows all the useless dino facts and his eyes light up whenever he recites them.
-Yamaguchi could not be more in love.
-The observatory is filled with beautiful stars and a big moon display.
-“Tsukki… you really are like the moon. So mellow, you’re too lazy to make your own light… but you’re beautiful and light my way in the dark.”
-Tsukishima nearly faints because “Tadashi when did you get so cool.”
-Yamaguchi giggles adorably.
-RIP Tsukishima.
-Saturday nights going star gazing and slow dancing under the stars ♡
-Suga drags Daichi to secretly spy on his children during some dates to make sure they are good children and maybe because he secretly cries over youthful romance. (“We aren’t THAT old Suga….” “We are their parents Dai… now shush or they’re gonna see us.”)
-Yamaguchi baking strawberry shortcakes for Tsukki occasionally and whenever he does it Tsukki is like “Marry me…”

If you’re with her and you wish you were elsewhere then leave. One of the cruelest things you can do to a person is make them feel like home, when to you they’re only temporary. We all deserve adoration and undistracted attention. We all deserve to feel complete. If you can’t give her your whole heart, then don’t you dare hold it hostage.
—  unknown