and that he cares to ask


“I know this isn’t ideal, finding out over the phone like this. I just–I didn’t know how long until you’d be back and I didn’t want to freak you out by telling you to come home with no explanation,” you sniffed, wiping at your eyes with the sleeve of Dean’s shirt you had on.

Sam sat nearby, elbows leaning on his knees, waiting with you for Dean’s reaction.

“Dean?” you asked into the ensuing silence. It took a minute, but he finally spoke.

“Y/N, did you say this isn’t ideal? I’ve been working this crap case in this hick town, making absolutely no progress, and I just…I don’t even friggin’ care about any of it anymore. This is…amazing,” he finally said. You let out a breath you hadn’t realized you’d been holding. “Are you sure?” 

“Pretty sure. And the five pregnancy tests I took are sure, too. I have an appointment at the doctor tomorrow, though.” In the background, you heard the familiar sound of the Impala’s engine.

“What time? I’m coming with you,” Dean said.

“You’re abandoning the case? You can’t do that–”

“Garth’s been bugging me about finding him work. He can finish this up. I’m coming to that appointment, Y/N. I’m on my home right now,” Dean said, and from across the room, you saw Sam match your smile.

[x x] [x] [x x]

Honestly, the whole “Snape was totally a meninist” or the “Snape’s whole backstory was that he was ‘friendzoned’” posts are REALLY starting to bother me.

I don’t love Snape. I think the way he treated Neville was absolutely inexcusable. I think he did a lot of horrible things. 


  • Snape was in love with Lily Evans, but he never told her that
  • He never made a move on her
  • He never asked her out
  • He never tried to kiss her
  • He wasn’t “friendzoned.” Lily never knew how he felt.
  • He didn’t give Harry those memories so that Harry would feel sympathetic towards him. 
  • He gave Harry those memories so that Harry could 1) Understand why Dumbledore trusted Snape and 2) So that Harry would understand he needed to die in order to defeat Voldemort. 
  • Lily Evans was the only person (except for maybe Dumbledore) who ever actually cared about him
  • It’s strongly implied that Snape was abused or, at the very least, neglected, as a very young child.

I’m not defending all of his actions. But I do wish people would understand his motivation, and I really wish people would stop making posts like “Harry! Name your child after me! I was friendzoned by your mother!”

That’s not what happened. Snape was friends with Lily as a child. He fell in love with her. He didn’t tell her. He didn’t try to get her to date him. He loved her. He became a bad friend. He betrayed her. He regretted it. He tried to save her life. He failed. He tried to protect her child. He wanted to protect Harry for Lily’s sake. He wanted to at least partially make up for the way he treated Lily. That was his motivation, not “he was friendzoned.”

He isn’t a good person. He isn’t a bad person. He’s a person. A human being. That’s why Harry named his child Albus Severus– because the world is not divided into good people and Death Eaters. That’s something Harry didn’t learn for a long time. That’s what Albus Dumbledore and Severus Snape taught him. Harry wanted his children to understand something he himself struggled with-: good and evil are not always easy to see. Bravery does not always equal kindness. Unkindness does not always equal cruelty. Look at J.K’s characters, like Draco, Dumbledore, Snape, Sirius, and Ron, and you will see that is a major theme. PEOPLE ARE NOT HEROES OR VILLAINS. PEOPLE ARE PEOPLE. THEY HAVE BOTH GOOD AND BAD QUALITIES. THAT IS ONE OF THE MAJOR POINTS OF THE ENTIRE SERIES. 

You don’t have to like or respect Snape as a person, but please understand him as a character.

Two things:

  1. The first person Church asks about when he finds out Tex has been talking to other Freelancers is Carolina. Even if Church doesn’t remember why he cares about Carolina, he knows that he should and does.
  2. There is absolute heartbreak in Church’s voice when he realizes that “Gary” is actually Gamma. He just sounds so resigned.

BIGBANG talks about dating on recent interview!

On May 4, BIGBANG held an interview for their recent comeback, where they answered various questions regarding their dating lives.

Taeyang says, “We’re the same as any other people our age. It’s not a bad thing to date, and you need a lot of experience.”

He continues, “I wholeheartedly agree that, as a person whose job it is to express feelings through music, it’s important to have experience. But Korea seems to be pretty sensitive when it comes to that. So we are a bit careful with it.”

T.O.P jumps in, and says, “I don’t think about whether dating will have an affect or not. But I do think there should be some distance maintained. I’ve seen too many adverse effects from people making too many things public.”

When asked whether they share with each other their dating lives, they said that it depends on the person. Some of them do, and some of them don’t.

Daesung responds to a question about whether he’s a “loser” or a “winner” when he dates. “I think it depends on who you’re dating. Whether you’re dating a femme fatale or not. In the end, you just need to meet sticky rice cake (referring to “BAE BAE” lyrics).”

Source: TV Report
Translated by Soompi

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Let's be honest after zayn tweet I am sure he isnot coming back

That’s exactly what they want you to think…for now. If that truly were the case, then surely they could have taken care of all those business entanglements, which very much so still exist, by now. Seeing as how the trustworthy and reliable tabloid media says he paid £10-16mil to free himself, right?? And why the heck are Louis, Liam, Harry and Niall willing to continue splitting the proceeds of their hard work with Zayn when he abandoned them 1/3 of the way through the tour and before the 5th album?? Because they’re super dude bro pals? Nah, this is business. Nobody is paying Zayn to sit around looking cute (although somebody should). 

Reasonably, Zayn should have been in legal arbitration at a minimum. Worst case scenario, he’d have been sued by now and his dude bro pals would be co-plaintiffs. What 1DHQ is doing now is what they’ve always done: prey on your lack of life experience in order to manipulate you. FFS, show them you’re better than this. This is a super cheap stunt. It requires very little effort but packs a big bang. We should all know the drill by now. Ignorance is not a defense in a court of law. And in 2015, it’s no longer a defense for this fandom.

So Pietro snarks at Clint and trolls Clint and if you asked him what his opinions were re: Hawkeye, he’d have no problem telling you that Clint is an annoying old man who wouldn’t know how to have fun if it bit him. 

And then Clint gets sent out on a mission. 

And the details of said mission end up classified, even details as broad as what country he’s in, how long he’ll be there, oh and how likely it is he might die 

And Pietro? Apparently he’s concerned. Like kind of disturbingly concerned, if he’d care to try to examine it. Which he doesn’t. 

All he knows is that after a certain point, when no one will give him any goddamn answers about where the fuck agent Barton went he kind of sees red, and then it takes Cap and The Vision both to pull him off director Fury. 

Nick is fine, Pietro’s been officially reprimanded with a warning that if he tries to pull some shit like this again he might just straight up be taken out (like Wanda would let that happen, let them try) but honestly? He doesn’t care. If someone would just have the decency to tell him if the person he absolutely only sees as an annoyance and not anything more nope not at all is even alive right now that would be enough. 

He gets put on temporary lock down for three days until he calms down, and being in a cell isn’t anything new, Pietro’s survived worse, but this agonizing pain in his chest that maybe they won’t tell him because something’s gone wrong and Clint is–he can’t think about it. That part is new. And Wanda sits there with him on the outside of the cell for as much of the day as she’s allowed to shirk her training and tells him old fairy tales and snippets of gossip and things she’s read or watched lately, and it helps. If Fury ever tries to send Wanda away without telling him then at minimum he’ll end up losing more than just an eye. 

But Clint’s still gone. 

On the last night Pietro’s stuck though, Tony Stark of all people comes to visit him. He passes a funny tablet over that Pietro has to take a minute to learn to use and then…

There’s Clint. Grainy security camera footage of him, but it’s unmistakably Clint Barton. 

“That was taken six hours ago, so as of then he’s presumably fine. Unfortunately that’s the best I can do, as they would definitely notice if I hacked into official SHIELD files again, but I’ll try and sniff him out the old fashioned way as often as I can. I don’t think it’s right, what they’re doing, but if you want to keep your ass out of here or worse then I suggest you start learning some alternate methods of gathering intel. Hell, I’ll teach you if you want? You’re a smart kid, but I think we’re the same in that we don’t have the patience for politics or red tape. It’s not hard to hack a security feed, it’s just hard to find one specific person, you’ll pick it up though.”

And then he hands Pietro a clunky phone, the kind that Pietro’s only seen on older television shows. 

“Or you could just use that.”

“Why is it not?” Pietro trails off, but Stark understands the question.

“No internet capability makes it that much harder for people to know what you’ve been up to, so it’s primitive but useful. I built in this thing,” Tony seems to consider starting in on a tangent about how awesome he is and how awesome his tech is, but something in Pietro’s expression makes him skip it. “I’ll show you how it works later, but it makes it nearly impossible to tell where you’re calling out from or who you made the call to.”

And that’s great but, “I don’t know Cli–agent Barton’s number.” 

“Try the one that’s programmed in there. It’s the most recent one I could find in the files I already had, but it seems to be his personal number so there’s less of a chance he’ll have swapped it out.”

The phone appears to be the last of the presents Tony has come bearing. “Thank you. You didn’t have to do any of this.” 

“Kid,” Tony pauses, trying to figure out what to say, “I know you have a valid reason to hate me. And this isn’t me trying to get you to forgive me or even like me, I’d understand if you didn’t. But we’re teammates now, and I look after my team.” Then Tony grins. “Plus I think your massive crush on Barton is adorable.”

The guard station down the hall suddenly hears “IT’S NOT A CRUSH!” followed by Tony Stark running away from a very expensive Stark tablet being thrown at his head. 

They don’t ask.   

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If Franziska works at Ministry of Magic, then Gumshoe will work with her there as well? Or he is like Hugrid, cares about hippogriff Polly and teaches Care of Magical Creatures? (i'm not that good at english, but I'd like people to understand what am I asking about...) Раз уж Франц в Министерстве, то Гамшу с ней там же работает? Или же он как Хагрид, ведёт иногда уроки и ухаживает за гиппогрифом Полликлювихой? Ох чёрт. Полликлювиха.

ХАГРИД ХАГРИД. Полликлювиха звучит :’D

вообще, я много об этом думаю и / imagine

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Okay, what I don't get, is that if Louis were to tweet something really out of character, we'd all assume it wasn't actually him tweeting. But, when Zayn does it, it's definitely him...??

This is a difficult ask to respond to but I’m going to do my best.

The first thing I’ll say is just to clarify that I’m not saying this was 100% Zayn. I suspect it was because the motives and wordings are not consistent with a preplanned stunt. But I think we have to be careful here for a couple reasons. One is that we can’t give Zayn a cop-out. If he tweeted that tweet we shouldn’t be giving him the easy way out.

the tweet from Zayn’s account was inappropriate and uncalled for no matter what, but was it really completely inconsistent with his behaviour? Naughty Boy has been consistently rude to the fans and has had previous altercations with Louis publicly and Zayn stayed silent. Not only that, but despite naughty boy continuing his inappropriate behaviour, Zayn continued, and continues, to align himself with him. He even retweeted the tweet that clearly offended Louis, and may well have been a “response” to Liam. In general he has been more distant, and there’s been reason to believe there could be some degree of bad blood.

I mean we can argue that Zayn remains closely policed and controlled but honestly I haven’t seen a lot of evidence for that lately. I think that’s really different than th way Louis was clearly controlled when he tweeted tweets that were extremely opposite to the way he acted in live interviews.

Everything is about context, and I do believe the context of these situations is very different.

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I'm convinced that the real Sasuke isn't in Naruto anymore. Sasuke clearly values family and there is no way in hell he would abandon his kid or even marry Sakura. Hell, I doubt that Sasuke would have any kids in the first place. If anything, I see Sasuke as a strict but caring father who will always be there for his children.

the real Sasuke is DEAD. He doesn’t exist anymore. He was replaced by an ooc clone so fangirls can be happy but the real Sasuke is DEAD. I don’t even care to find any logical meaning in Gaiden crap. because this isn’t Sasuke because real Sasuke is DEAD :/

I’m seeing anti-billdip in the tag going all “see!!?! alex doesnt care about ur stupis ship lol!!!!1!!!111” on Alex’s tweet but I’m just here like

J & Omelette, new OTP.



Rhew Na set his old canvas pack down on a table and began packing it. It had bee quite a while since he had the urge to go exploring again, but the itch had hit him strong the week before to the point where most of his time had been spent trying to get in contact with his old friend, Kharn, to relieve him of his duties on the Dragonic Council. 

The night prior Kharn had arrived and named his price of one burlap sack per day of Rhew’s absence. The cat-folk’s obsession with the rough fabric was still a mystery to everyone that knew him, but no one cared enough to figure out why. 

“You sure this is alright with you? They’ve been droning on for days about some hobgoblin raiders that might or might not need looking into.” Rhew asked as he ensured his medicine pouch was fully stocked.

“Of course! This one can endure much hardship for burlap. Is Kharn’s throne still in it’s place?” the cat-folk asked as he eyed a burlap sack of potatoes in the corner. 

“You mean that pile you left in the middle of my spot in the council chambers?”

That cat-folk was taken aback by the comment of his throne, but quickly regained his composure, “Yes, that is this one’s throne.”

“Then yes, its there.” Rhew confirmed as he added his journal to the nearly full pack.

Kharn nodded and continued to look around the store room while Rhew made on final check of his pack to ensure he had what he needed.

“This one still wonders why you travel as a human. Are you not glad to have your wings back?” Kharn asked while he perused the shelves.

“Of course, but its just ea-” Rhew began, but was cut off by a portion of the floor he was beginning to step on disappeared and he tumbled through. 

Kharn turned around to see a single sandal lying on the floor with no sign of his friend.

“This one trained him too well the ways of the thief. If he didn’t want to answer he just had to say! No need to just sneak off like that… impressive, but not funny.” Kharn said to himself as he walked towards the council chamber.

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i love the scene with Matt and Melvin after they fight so much though. Cause Matt has his hand on Melvin's shoulder and he's comforting him, and you can tell it's not just to get what he wants it's because he genuinely cares and wants to help and it's just scenes like that where I'm struck by how Matt is genuinely just a really lovely human being and is honesty too good for this world. i am a ruined woman help

oh nooo that scene was amazing and i just felt so much for melvin :’( i think it’s so heartbreaking because matt gerald did a wonderful performance, he’s the perfect melvin potter.


I know this has been said before, but please be really careful with Craigslist.

A guy I used to go to high school with just put his car up for sale and got an offer. He drove up to STL to make the deal and was missing since then.  Last night they found his body 400 yards away from the car he was trying to sell.  He was only 19 and he was shot to death.

Please please PLEASE, if you have to sell something on craigslist because it’s easier, either:
1) Bring a cop with you to oversee the transaction.  Call the non emergency police number of your town and ask for an officer to come with you for a sale.
2) Do the transaction inside a police station or in the parking lot (with a cop to oversee the transaction of course.)

These stories are way too horrifying and it’s really harrowing to have it happen to someone you know.

Please spread this around.  I don’t want another family to go through this again.


“Narcisse doesn’t ‘love’ Lola.” Oh contraire. In this moment when he most likely believes she may not even remember the night, he openly cares about her a little more tenderly than he normally would. What really gets to me is the way he looks at her, the look in his eyes, smile of his lips, when he looks are her after asking the nurse to watch over her. Dangerous, devious, sometimes murderious because of the title he has, and the times he lives in. And yet, Narcisse is the only man I believe would love Lola forever. Whether or not they are together. I understand that he’s messing around with Catherine for political and court reasons. Pushing Lola away because he knows it’s best for now. And I see how it hurts them both. (In the recent episode 2x20)

Alt. Ending

into–the–abyss​ Since PSoH taught me you can have an ending where everyone lives and still not be happy: What if at the end of Kuro, an outside party (maybe Undertaker) does manage to break the contract. And Lizzie does succeed in saving Ciel’s soul. So a pissed off Sebastian just leaves because all that hard work seasoning Ciel’s soul was for nothing.

Then the last part of the arc is Ciel having to fight for or against Victoria in another life-threatening mission. And right when it looks like he’s about to die, Sebastian swoops in and saves him again (like ch. 102). Ciel says he knows he’s disappointed the demon but he doesn’t regret it. Sebastian doesn’t even try to contract him again- he just confirms his disappointment and takes care of the final enemy.

Before Sebastian leaves again, Ciel asks him why he came back. Sebastian doesn’t answer but he insults Ciel by saying he’s the same as any other human. Then the manga ends with Ciel surrounded by his loved ones, wondering if all the pain he put himself through was for nothing in the end. And a look of angst over the spot where his butler would have stood.

In the distance, Sebastian comments on how fickle and strange humans are, that even the best of souls can crumble to nothing. Ciel’s question comes back to him- why did you come back for me? And the very last answer we get is, “I suppose it’s because I am no longer hungry…”

Then the fandom can argue to hell and back over what that means lol

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Hello, can you write headcanons or something about how Otbs guys react to a female coworker confesses to mc? Yes I smell yuri and jealousy. Heh~

Oh my…yuri…he..hehe. Ok so, I personally do not indulge in anything yuri/yaoi. Anyways, what I’m trying to awkwardly say is I tried my best, so I hope you enjoyed! (kept them on the shorter side because I just finished a final and yaknow *shrugs shoulders*) As always, if you want me to expand on one don't be shy to ask!

Female Confession


Minato would be confused as he saw a women way to into your personal space. What irritated him even more was that she started to touch you, but to Minato he felt that she was feeling you up. As he made his way over to the two of you, he almost lost it when she affectionately brushed back your hair. Pulling you away from a serious situation, Minato securely held you in his arms. He didn’t care if he was at work, you were his. “This idiot here is mine.” He would remark coldly as he whisked you away.


Shusei would be walking out of the conference room when he would see a woman at your desk, slipping a note into your documents. Curious, he waited for you to return to watch you open the note, blush, and place it on your desk, resting your face in your hands. Curious he approached you and asked what it was about, but when you didn’t answer he swiped it from you, reading the contents himself. Upon seeing a confession scrawled out on the paper, his face went serious as he asked you politely to the roof. Following him upstairs, he shoved you into the shadows of the building, sucking at your neck. “Your mine right Natsumi?” He would ask as you moaned out, taking that as a yes.


Kaoru was confused when he saw another woman hugging you on the roof. Although he was a tad jealous, he was more worried that something was wrong. He watched and strained his ears to listen in, but he wasn’t expecting what he heard, “I love you Natsumi.”

The words echoed in his ears as his body acted on his own, bring him to you and pulling you away from the attempted embrace from the female employee. “What’s going on here?” He asked, looking down at you from above. When you stuttered, not sure yourself, the female coworker tried to reach out to you, but Kaoru firmly pushed you behind his back. “She is mine.” He stated, sending a sharp glare at the women. He didn’t care who it was, he would never let you go.


Chiaki slowly started to glare at the mysterious woman in the break room as she got closer and closer to you. He was wondering when you would push her away when she suddenly kissed your cheek. Enraged, you broke them apart. Seeing your shocked expression, he knew he couldn’t blame you, but he would punish you when you both got home. Glaring at the woman he spoke, “She is not yours to play with. Run along.” His words holding more weight to them as she scurried off, looking back countless times but was met by Chiaki’s glare. Once gone you relaxed in his arms, before coming to your senses and trying to get away. 

“What, now you come to your senses?” He asked, trailing kisses along your neck. Shivering at his touch you still tried to get away, and he reluctantly let you go, “I’ll punish you when we get home you naughty girl.” He said with a smirk as he dragged you back to the office.


Akiyoshi  was surprised when he saw you talking to a female employee that wasn’t Tam. He recognized her as an assistant to another department head, wondering how you to hit it off. Although Akiyoshi felt weary of her as she was leaning in to close to you and you tried to back away, but ended up hitting a wall. Panicking, you heard your name being called by Akiyoshi, “Natsumi back to work now!” He growled, causing the assistant to hurry away. Once gone, Akiyoshi glared at you, not needed to pry you for answers as they spilled out, “S-she just confessed to me?” You asked.

Akiyoshi could not contain his anger as he dragged you to his office, causing all the guys to give you sympathy looks. Closing the blinds and locking the door, Akiyoshi brought you in for a hot and passionate kiss that left you weak in the knees. “You belong to me, no man or woman can have you.” He said as he lifted you up onto his desk. Fidgeting, you tried to get free from the situation, but Akiyoshi caused you to to stop cold, “What, running back to her?” Frozen, he had his way with you.


Tsumugu laughed when you told him about work today, “Honest a female employee confessed to me today! I don’t even know her.” You would say, but only tears streamed down Tsumugu’s face out of laughter. Although the next day at work wasn’t so funny.

There was Natsumi, standing at her desk being confronted be said woman holding a bouquet of flowers. Tsumugu was positive you made the story up, so now seeing it as reality only pissed him off. 

All the guys were trying to hold in their laughter besides Tsumugu as he walked up to the woman, slyly pushing you behind him, “I’m afraid your disrupting work ma’am.” He said politely, although inside he wanted to burn the flowers she held. She awkwardly left, giving her number to Natsumi. As the commotion dwindled down, Tsumugu came to your desk and snatched the number, “You won’t be needing this.” He said, ripping it to pieces.

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Murasakibara and his s/o who's a himedere? (Don't care where it takes place. School, home, whatever you want)

You huffed and called out, “Atsushi.”

“What?” He popped his head from the kitchen. You two broke all stereotypes with his cooking at home and you… well, you were the one being ‘served’. And you liked it that way.

“I don’t like carrots,” you scrunched up your nose and lifted the plate towards him. “Take them out please.”

“Ehh, but it’s good for you.” He pointed out.

“But I don’t like them. Take them out.” You gave him a glare.

He was unfazed and just shrugged, “It’s healthy for you, _____-chin. Just eat them. You can’t even taste them in the curry.”

“Still don’t like them,” you singsonged, refusing to listen to him.

He sighed, “Here, let me taste it.” He took the plate from you and scooped up a carrot into his mouth. “It tastes sweet and salty, it’s good.” You opened your mouth to argue and instead, he shoved a carrot inside your mouth with the spoon and forced you to chew it.

It did taste good but you would never admit that. “Ew,” you muttered. “I don’t like it. Take them out.”

“No, it’s healthy.”

“Take them out.”

It seemed like it was going to be a really long dinner with two stubborn people butting heads.

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Seriously, if that line from Sasuke is real it's the stupidest thing ever. And like... why the fuck shove it randomly in a conversation like that? 'Look at me, I have a family I haven't seen in 12 years, just in case you were wondering'. Urgh.

shawty wrote a hilarious reply to the ask you’re referring to (I can’t reblog it, though, because I went from Firefox to Google Chrome, but xKit ist still acting up at times)

“You didn’t know Sasuke is Thor? “I am Uchiha Sasuke. Son of Fugaku. Brother of Itachi. Husband of Sakura. Father of Salad. And I shall smite thee for encroaching upon my redemption journey and forcing me to go home.” 

Good Guy Sasuke, feeds strangers with random information about his family while he apparently cares even less about them than the stranger… smh