and that frightens me slightly

We’ll Make It Happen

Just a little Malec/Madzie thing that ended up running away from me! I kinda wish this was a Malec/Lightwood Siblings + Clary plot later this season! Let me know if you want more! 

They found Iris Rouse a few days later, out in some dilapidated house in the middle of nowhere. It was a tall black shape, blocking out the already hidden winter sun against the colorless sky, the shadows cast by its hulking form looming over them as they stood and gazed up at it, a chilling air settling itself around them. The house was made of dark wood, rotted to holes in places from disuse, with its open windows creaking in the wind and what sounded like ravens cawing deep within. Alec shuddered as he remembered all the women Iris must have trapped here, the children…

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He walked into the dimly lit room, where laughter and music filled the air. The feeling of uncertainty overwhelmed him immediately. Darcy wasn’t one who enjoyed to be surrounded by people he knew nothing about.

But as he took a glance around, his eyes fell upon your silhouette and just then, he fell at ease.

Every doubt, every worry had all washed away from just a glimpse of you smiling to your friend next to you.

It was strange for him to be so drawn to a woman he’s never met before. And in a way, it frightened him. More than the zombies that lurked around the outside.

“Come Darcy, we must make our acquaintance.” Mr. Bingley muttered.

Darcy snapped out of the trance and nodded, following close behind his friend.

As Bingley introduced himself to the Bennett’s, Darcy had no interest other than to seek you. He had watched you carefully, studied your face and even the curves of your silhouette. He was intrigued of the mystery you held and the radiance you gave off.

“And this is my friend, Mr. Darcy.”

Darcy snapped his gaze back, and cleared his throat. “Colonel Darcy.” He forced a smirked.

“And how is London Mr. Bingley? I hear the library is quite brilliant.” Elizabeth stated.

From the corner of Darcy’s eye, he noticed you walking out of the ballroom.

Elizabeth was able to read Darcy easily, she couldn’t help but chuckle. “That is Miss. Y/N Y/L/N.” She muttered, catching Darcy’s attention.


“The girl you are admiring from afar.” Lizzie chuckled. “Her name is Y/N. She’s quite a warrior, killed more zombies than my sisters and I.”

Darcy was taken aback by the statement. His eyes revering back to you. Though, you slipped out of his gaze in an instant.

“Excuse me.” He exhaled as he quickly bowed and started toward you.

You had your back against the cold wall, staring endlessly up at the night sky. The sound of footsteps nearing caught your attention. Slipping your knife out of the holder that wrapped around your thigh, you held it up, awaiting for whatever was to come close.

As Darcy slowly crept up, he was taken by surprise as you held the knife so close to his throat. “Who are you?” You hissed, pursing your lips.

His breath slightly shook in the back of his throat, as he gazed into your eyes. Noticing the way the moon contrasts them.

“Forgive me, I did not intend to frighten you.” He whispered.

You pushed the knife in, digging it in to his skin. Slightly breaking through. “You do not frighten me. But if you do not tell me who you are, I’m afraid I will have to behead you.”

His lip slightly twitched. “Darcy. Colonel Darcy.” He muttered.

The name rung a bell as you remembered your mother had expressed two very wealthy men were in town.

You removed the knife and quickly placed it back under your dress. Darcy not once taking his eyes off you. But the moment you lifted the fabric, exposing your skin, he felt himself rustle under his pants. “Excuse me.” He groaned.

Before you had a chance to even speak, Darcy walked passed you without hesitation.

You were left alone, confusion flooding you. It was quite strange to see such a man fluster and leave with such hurry.

You looked out from the balcony, watching him as he made his way down to fountain.

The light cold air, filled Darcy’s lungs. His mind raced with images of you. Your smile that captivated him. Your voice that made his heart feel as if it were about to jump out of his chest. Your eyes that almost made him forget there were zombies. And the way you handled yourself caused him to yearn for you, in a way he’s never felt before.

“There you are! Come, you must dance with me.” Elizabeth, one of your closest friends hooked her arm with yours.

You flashed a smile and nodded. You glanced back at Darcy for a moment, who had already been looking up at you.

“Y/N, let’s dance. The ball will be over soon!”

❝ I still love you not matter what…. ❞

Plot: Heechul get jealous when his girlfriend is close with Kyuhyun (because they have same age), so Heechul becomes a bit possessive towards his girlfriend

Pairing: Heechul x Reader

Words count: 1,6k+

Genre: Angst and fluff

For anon, I hope you like it!.


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‘Have you guys seen Y/N?’ A voice asked through the recording studio.

‘Ahhhh the last time I saw her was with Kyuhyun,’ Another responded, ‘Why Heechul hyung?’

‘Aish, she has been spending an annoying amount of time with that maknae of ours.’ A frustrated grunt left his lips. ‘Sometimes I wonder if she comes to work to see me or him, Yesung.’

‘Is someone maybe jealous.’ The turtle man teased, ‘Plus aren’t they close?’

‘That doesn’t substitute the fact that she is MY GIRLFRIEND!’ Heechul stormed out the room.

You and Heechul had been together for a record of three years. Yes you were close to four years younger then him, but he loved you anyway. But out off all the years you both had been together, he never once fell an urge of being jealous. Not even with your close relationship with Kyuhyun. Truth be told, you two got along well because he was your age and you both attended Kwanghee University together. Storming down the halls, he hears a laughter that was music to his ears.

‘YAH!,’ Heechul shouted in the cafeteria, ‘Jagiya!’

‘Why are you shouting, Heechul?’ You asked with a raised brow, ‘I am right here.’

‘Just wanted to show you how much I love you,’ A cheesy grin spread upon his face as he took a seat next to you and placed an arm around your shoulder, ‘Aren’t I the best boyfriend?’

‘The greatest,’ You playfully rolled your eyes before pushing his arm off, ‘But back to answering you question Kyu-’

‘Which was?’ The elder butted in.

‘Hyung, aren’t you recording?’ Kyuhyun asked innocently.

‘Yes, and?’ Heechul snapped.

‘No I was just asking,’ Kyuhyun rubbed the back of his neck, ‘Ummmm I will have to put a pin in this little conversation, Y/N. Bye.’

With that, the maknae was on his feet and scrambled towards the studio where his other hyung’s were. Slightly irritated, you turned to face your boyfriend who had an innocent expression plastered across his alluring features.

‘What was that for?!’ You asked, throwing your hands up dramatically.

‘I have no idea what you are talking about.’ Heechul played dumb.

‘Why are you here Heechul?’ You asked, rubbing your temples to release the tension within you.

‘Can I not spend time with my beautiful girlfriend?’ A raised brow upon his face.

‘You see me everyday at home, Chullie,’ You pointed out, standing up ‘You know I came to see Kyu since he is enlisting next month.’

Before Heechul could say anything, you were gone. Just rolling his eyes and making a childish face toward you, he stood up and walked back to the studio. Upon arriving, Kyuhyun was in the booth and recording his vocals. Sighing, he collapsed on the couch. Days passed and Heechul was starting to get oddly clingy and possessive over you.

‘Yah!’ He shouted from the couch, ‘Where are you going?’

‘To have coffee with Kyu.’ You said, grabbing your purse.

‘Dressed like that?’ He looked you up and down.

‘What’s wrong with what I am wearing?’ You asked as you looked down at the black skirt and white button up shirt you were wearing.

‘I don’t like how short the skirt it.’ Your boyfriend now walked towards you, ‘Your legs are only for me to see, now please go change.’



Rolling your eyes, you just went and put on a pair of black skinny jeans on and tucked the shirt in. You rather not start a fight with him and ruin your mood. Changed, you made your way to the little cafe that you and Kyu often met up at for some coffee and a friendly chat. Thirty minutes into the meet, you hear your name being called which caused you to roll your eyes.

‘Ah hyung,’ Kyu stood up and bowed, ‘I didn’t know you were coming?’

‘Yeah, neither did I.’ You turn to look up at the grin spread on Heechul’s face.

‘Well I figured I might as well spend some time with my lovely girlfriend and little maknae.’ Heechul spoke as he pulled a chair from the nearest table and taking a seat next to you.

‘I’m your only maknae.’ Kyu muttered under his breath.

‘Excuse me?’ Heechul asked, lacing his finger with yours and placing your connected hands on the table for all to see, especially Kyuhyun.

‘No umm it was nothing.’ Kyuhyun smiled at his elder.

You just sucked up the fact that Heechul popped out of no where. He was your boyfriend and you loved him very much, but over the past few days he was popping out of nowhere way to often. He all but followed you when you went to get your hair done, as if not trusting you. You swore he looked through your messages as well when you were asleep because your phone wasn’t in the same position you placed it in before going to sleep.

‘So maknae,’ Heechul started conversation, ‘Are you ready for your enlistment?’

‘Sort of, scared mostly but Leeteuk hyung gave me a reassuring speech.’ Kyuhyun admitted. ‘I am going to miss you all, especially you, Y/N’

Kyuhyun reached over to pat your hand but only to hit the table. Heechul moved your joined hands away before the younger could even touch it, knocking his coffee of the table as a result, ‘You are making a mess Heechul!’

Heechul just apologised and went to ask for someone to clean up the mess and arrived in less then three seconds flat before placing a possessive around you, ‘Now what were we taking about?

‘Nothing, we are done,’ You stood up and yanked Heechul to his feet, ‘Thank you for the amazing coffee chat, Kyu. I will see you later when I don’t have a pyscho trailing my every move.’

‘Who are you calling a psy-’ Heechul was cut off as he was whisked away from the cafe.

Pulling him down the sidewalk, you called a taxi. Both of you got in the vehicle and it was oddly quiet. Giving the address, the driver brought you to the destination. Storming into the apartment, Heechul trailed behind you before shutting the door.

‘What is your problem?’ You finally snap, taking your coat off.

‘I have no such problem Y/N’ He clarified.

‘Then why are you acting like a stalker, Heechul. A possessive stalker!’

‘I wouldn’t be a stalker if my girlfriend would remember who her BOYFRIEND IS!’

At that moment you knew exactly what was happening, ‘A-are you jealous, Heechul?’

‘When did you get so smart?’

‘Don’t be snide, I was just asking.’

You narrowed your eyes at him. You never ever pictured you would have this type of situation on your hands. Heechul was a man who had a large pride and ego, nothing ever got him down. He had confidence in everything yet he was getting slightly broken over the fact that you were close to another member, considering the fact that Yesung is even closer with his sister but  he wasn’t ready to run him up a flag pole.

‘Of course I am jealous, Y/N!’ He admitted, ‘I don’t like the idea that you spend so much time with him, enlistment or not! You are my girlfriend, NOT THAT MAKNAE’S!’

‘I never said I was his!’ A snapped comment swung his direction.

‘Well you sure act like it.’ His eyes rolled.

‘You take that back, Kim Heechul!’ You poked his chest, tears forming in your eyes ‘You know I would never cheat on you.’

Before he could even reply, you stormed to the bedroom and locked the door behind you. Throwing yourself on the bed, you sobbed your eyes out. You heard Heechul banging on the door franticly. The fact that he thought you were mildly with someone else made you sick in your stomach. You would have thought that three years together would have had him trusting you more.

‘Yah, Y/N! Open the door!’ He banged, ‘We are not done here.’

‘Go away Heechul.’ You spit, hearing the door open, Shit, he found the spare key.

‘Can I come in?’ He peeked his head in.

‘Well you are in anyway.’ You sat up, ‘What do you want?’

‘Listen I am sorry, I shouldn’t have said that. You know I have no filter sometimes.’ He confessed, ‘But you can’t blame me for being jealous. You just get along so well with Kyu that it frightens me slightly…’

‘What are you scared off?’ You asked, wiping your nose with a tissue.

‘Of you leaving me,’ His voice fell soft, as he took a seat at the foot of the bed with his back to you ‘You and the maknae are like the same person, I have heard so many comments regarding you two. You are the female version of him, or you should be dating him instead of me.’

Sighing, you crawled towards him and hugged him from behind, ‘Why do you take those things to heart? I thought you were Kim Heechul, the man who didn’t care what others said.’

‘I am Kim Heechul out there, but with you, I am just plain Heechul,’ He turned his head to look at you, ‘Please don’t leave me Y/N, I am so sorry.’

‘I wasn’t planing on leaving you,’ You place a kiss on his cheek, ‘I love you way to much. But next time you turn into a psychopath, I will not hesitate in smacking you on the head.’

Pulling you into his lap, he placed a kiss on your lips before pressing your foreheads together, ‘You smack me on the head anyway jagiya, but I still love you not matter what….’

Silent Love (CalFreezy Pt 2)

Silent Love (Part Two) 

Calfreezy x reader 


(2/2) find Part 1 Here!“

It had been three weeks since Y/N walked out on Cal, not speaking to anyone but Sarah, Callux’s girlfriend. Y/N was a hot mess, Sarah having to force her to shower and eat. Most would be fed up with it by now, as Y/N and Cal weren’t even dating, but Sarah was too nice for her own good and wanted to be there for her friend.

    Sarah was actually quite surprised when Y/N answered the door in something else but a food stained shirt and and old pair of sweatpants. But still proud that Y/N had managed to make herself look somewhat presentable, even if she still looked casual, clad in a pair of black leggings and a long sleeve maroon shirt that went down to mid thigh. 

 "Well look at you” Sarah grinned, shoving a bag of Nandos in Y/Ns arms and moving past her and into the living room. 

 "Simon and JJ are coming round today, thought I’d actually look somewhat presentable.“ Y/N shrugged, sitting down beside Sarah and digging out her food and passing the bag to the girl beside her. 

 "When are they coming around?” Sarah asked, mouth full of food. Y/N glanced down at her phone, in wonder. 

 "Right about…“ she trailed off and as if on cue, there was a knock in her flat door, "now” she giggled and got up, answering the door. 

 "Hey-“ Y/N stopped when she came face to face with the one and only Callum Airey "Cal.." 

 Callum cough awkwardly and scratched at the back of his head, looking anywhere but her face. 

 "Can we talk? I know I kind of showed up uninvited and-” Callum rambled but was cut off by the door widening and Y/N tugging him in by the collar. 

   The tall blonde let out a yelp, caught off guard by her sudden action. Y/N had turned to face the living room but was met by an empty space, Sarah, along with her food, gone. 

 "Have a seat, you want anything?“ Y/N asked politely, trying to cover up how nervous she truly was. 

 "You” cal muttered, praying Y/N didn’t hear what he said, but unfortunately for him, she did. Y/N stared at the blonde, dumbfounded. 

 "What?“ Y/N couldn’t believe her ears. Her eyes trained on the flustered blonde in front of her. Callum sighed in frustration, looking at her as if she were dumb. 

 "You’re really oblivious you know that?” Cal grumbled, running his hand through his hair while standing up on the balls of his feet. He took two long strides up the frozen girl and traced the outside of his fingers along her cheek. He flipped his hand around and placed his palm flat on the rosy skin underneath.

 "I-I never r-realized-“ Y/N stuttered, her eyes shining, but also trying to hide the grin tugging at her lips. Callum rolled his eyes, cutting her off with a grunt. 

"Yeah, I noticed” he caressed her cheek softly with his thumb, placing his forehead against hers. His hot breath fanned her face, Y/N looking up at him slightly frightened. 

 "If you don’t want this, tell me now before I do anything stupid" Callum pulled away slightly, his eyes showing concern as his tone went soft.

 "I…I" Y/N murmured, looking down at her shoes, shuffling them. Callum felt his heart drop down to his feet, a deep frown on his face as his moved away from Y/N. 

 "I… I think I’m gonna go" Cal stated emotionlessly, trying to hide the tears threatening to fall from my eyes. Callum made his way for the door, but before he could leave, Y/N spoke up. 

 "Why are we so fucking problematic?“ Y/N groaned, pinching the bridge of her nose in irritation. Callum turned back to her in curiosity, watching her body tremor. 

 "I mean it’s obvious we like each other but we’re so fucking scared of commitment… and-and going for what we kno-” Callum cut off her heated rant when he noticed the tears tracking her cheeks, racing over and taking her face in his hands. 

 "Cal?“ Y/N whispered, the tears piling up on one another. 

 "We are so perfect together Y/N. we’re both complete and utter messes. So honestly? Let’s do the dating world a favor and take each other off the market.” Callum murmured, pressing his lips gently against hers, Y/N humming in surprise. 

 "Yeah… yeah I’d like that"

EXO Reactions “Person A and B are...” #2 OT9 X Reader

Person A and B are at home together and there is a power outage 



Baekhyun was busy washing the dishes while you were watching TV when the power suddenly cut off.  You yelped at the sudden darkness.  The news stopping half way through a weather report as the wind outside was howling.  

“Baekhyun?”  You called out, the blanket you had wrapped around you, you pulled tighter.  

“__?”  He replied, the water in the kitchen stopping.  He came into the living room to see you huddled on the couch.  He brought out a candle with him.  The glow was low but it was some how a safe feeling.  

“__?” Baekhyun asked as you turned your head to look at him.  

“Hm?”  His hands reached up and grabbed the blanket around your shoulders and quickly pulled in you planting a kiss on your lips.  It only last for a few seconds but it was long enough for you to enjoy.  When he pulled away, you were glad the light was out so he couldn’t see you blush a deep crimson.  

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You were in shower when the bathroom lights went off.  The surprise caused you let out a yell as you looked around the black room.  With a sigh you turned off the water, having completed most of the shower and was about to step out from behind the curtain when Chanyeol, your roommate, ran in.  His flashlight on his phone as he looked huffed.  You let out a scream as he quickly turned around.  

“What are you doing?”  You asked as you held the curtain close to your body, the towel just out of your reach.

“I heard you scream and the lights were out.”  his cheeks red as he walked over handing you your towel.  

“I’m fine.”  He held the towel a little longer looking in your eyes as the glow from the phone light illuminated to the best of its small light.  

“__, I was just worried.”  Chanyeol let go of the towel as you wrapped yourself in it.  A small smile graced your lips.

“I know Chanyeol, I know.”      

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You’re cat was sitting on your lap as he purred under the small glow of the candles that surrounded you.  Jong-dae sat next to his arm wrapped around the back of the couch.

“But I want to cuddle.”  He whined as you pet the small animal.

“He’s tired, I don’t want to move her.”  

“He’ll get over it.” Jong-dae went to touch the cat, but you smacked his hand.  

“Stop it.”  You looked at him as he pouted.  You leaned up placed a soft kiss on his cheek as he wrapped his arms around you quickly startling the cat enough to jump off of you.  

“Yeah! He’s up.”  You laughed as you both fell on the couch, curling into his side.  

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Close As Strangers 4

Ta da it’s finally here! You guys have been requesting this so much and I could not be happier with the love that has been poured out for this story, so thank you so much! And, special shout out to those who have given me ideas for this chapter (aesthetic-michael and smolblondeash and musicismydrug2418) it helped spark ideas for me! Now this could be the last part, but read my announcement and send in requests for a full blown fanfic!

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Close As Strangers 4

Requested; again, highly (thank you so much!)

Luke x Reader

Luke’s POV

The weekend after that phone call with Y/N was a weekend off for the boys and I, and decided I would fly home to confront my relationship with her. I couldn’t let it end that way. The boys decided they’d just party it up near the next venue that we were playing it, and wanted me to keep them updated on things once I got there. With black sunglasses and my black leather jacket, I sat in the back of a taxi frantically texting Y/N telling her I was back home, and that we needed to talk. My phone was saying the messages were delivered but I didn’t know if she turned off her read receipts or if she really wasn’t getting the messages. My heart beat quickened as I approached our apartment and practically ran out of the taxi carrying my duffle bag and pushed the button many times to get up to my floor as fast as I could.

I tried calling her phone upon coming to our door, and my fingers shook and fumbled with my keys. I slammed the door opened and looked all throughout the apartment, calling out her name.

“Y/N! Y/N! Oh my god please still be here…” But she wasn’t. Our furniture, pictures, kitchen appliances, and nic nacs were still in tact, but all of her clothes, beauty things, and other necessities were gone, and the place was still spotless. It was earily quiet, and the heaviness of the room weighed in on my chest as I sank down to my knees. In front of my face I saw a piece of paper, and quickly scooted closer to grab it. It was Y/N’s handwriting, I could spot it a mile away.

Luke, if you’re reading this then that means you’ve realized I’ve left you. Things haven’t been going well for us for a long time, ever since you left actually. It’s been getting harder and harder to stay away from you, and I was beginning to think we were only wasting time. But I just want you know, I never was unfaithful to you. When Andrew came over and told me he loved me, I realized that day that I will always want you no matter who comes into my life. You never let me finish that explanation and then you told me about Arzaylea. I just hope you guys have a good relationship going for you, and I only wish you happiness and success with your band. Tell the boys I miss them. And I miss you, so much. I’ll always love you Luke, but we have to move on. Now it just feels like you’re a stranger. Goodbye Luke.

I crumpled up the paper in my hand as the tears welled up in my eyes. I soft sob came out of my lips, and I threw the paper in the trashcan, only for my eyes to be stopped by something else again. Something that made my heart stop, seriously.

It was a white and pink stick sticking out of the trash can, with two lines etched into it. My arm, without even hesitating, slowly went to pick it up and look at it closer to see if this thing was even real. My chest sank bringing it closer to my eyes and seeing the positive lines. She was pregnant.

My body was feeling so many emotions at this point that I didn’t know what to think; I didn’t know what was true and what was false. Y/N said she wasn’t unfaithful to me, but my mind was going in all different directions and the first thought that popped up in my head was her sleeping with Andrew. And that she was pregnant with his kid. In the back of another taxi, I was huffing and puffing still trying to desperately get a hold of my girl, but still nothing. I was on the way to Andrew’s place since that was the only place I was sure Y/N was. Her parents didn’t live close enough to us and she didn’t trust her other friends the way she trusted Andrew. I’ve driven her there enough times before to remember where he lived.

Once I got to his house I banged onto the door as hard as I could multiple times, the anger coming out in me. I was scared that if I didn’t calm down, I’d do something detremental, and wouldn’t forgive myself if I did. Andrew opened the door first with an annoyed face but once he saw me his face went pale and his eyes wide. I grabbed him by the collar and pushed him against the wall behind him. He started breathing rapidly and his muscles tensed.

“Who the hell do you think you are coming into my apartment, telling my girlfriend you love her, then getting her pregnant! That’s low man! I trusted you! I trusted you to take care of my girlfriend and be her best friend while I was away, not to try and move in on her all of a sudden!”

“Luke!” That voice. That heavenly, beautiful voice, even though she was yelling. Her small figure emerged from his kitchen, pulling off yellow gloves, the ones you use to wash dishes. She chucked them onto the counter and rushed to pull me off of Andrew.

“Don’t hurt him! He didn’t do anything for you to be angry with him!” My body softened at her finally being in front of me, trying to calm down my anger behavior. She seemed slightly frightened by me, but still tried to have confidence as she yelled at me. She sighed, and faced Andrew.

“Give us some time to talk.” She turned to look back at me for a second, then at the ground. “Please.” Andrew gave me a deadly look before rubbing Y/N’s arms then walking out of the living room slowly. Without looking at me, she started walking over towards his couches and sat down still staring at her feet. Her fingers on her temples, and mine rubbing my chin as I sat down next to her.

“How’d you find out…”

“I read your stupid note that about made me lose my mind. And when I threw it away, I saw test. Just tell me Y/N, are you really pregnant?” I heard her sniffle and her hands made their way to her eyes trying to stop the tears from dripping. I could only take that response as a yes.

“Well, Andrew’s a lucky-“

“It’s not Andrew!” she screamed looking up in my eyes finally. I gulped and felt my lungs tightened before I could utter a response.

“T-Then…” she nodded, only causing her to cry harder and this time she didn’t care about letting me see her walls break. This was the saddest I’ve ever seen her. She was broken, confused, terrified, every bad emotion put into one person, and I only wish I could take all of that away from her, but this was the only thing I couldn’t help her with physically.

“B-But…how, I mean it’s been so long since…”

“Luke it hasn’t been that long. I didn’t want to tell you but…the day after you left for tour I was feeling really sick and really down. That’s part of the reason why I didn’t go out a lot. I was throwing up for days and didn’t eat because nothing looked appetizing to me, it all made me sick. And my moods had been changing. One second I’d be so happy then the next I’d start crying into my dinner. I’m guessing that’s why I was so mean to you sometimes. I was just too scared to test out the possibility of being pregnant so I waited until I knew for sure. Then, my period didn’t come, and I just had to finally test out the theory.” She grabbed my hand and placed it on her growing tummy. She wasnt showing yet, but I could already feel something different, something I’d give my whole life to.

I smiled and rubbed her belly, and she giggled at my touch, before having a straight face again.

“Luke, I don’t expect you to be a huge part of this baby’s life…and mine. I know you got Arzaylea and I know for a fact she isn’t going to be happy about this so, just take care of her and I can take care of this baby.”

“What the hell are you talking about? I want this baby more than I’ve ever wanted anything in my life. I can’t wait to deal with your mood changes and food cravings. To take care of you when you’re feeling sick and going shopping with you for baby goodies. Y/N…let me be a part of this journey. You can even come on tour with me. I don’t want to miss a single second of this any further.”

“But Arzaylea, you guys are together now I can’t pull you away from that.”

“Y/N I was lying. I only said I loved her because I thought you loved Andrew. It was my way of coping with pain but I know now that wasn’t the way to do it. I’m so sorry Y/N, please let me be a part of your life again, and our little munchin.”

Her hand fell on top of mine on her stomach and began rubbing circles on her smooth skin. I could tell she was thinking hard about this decision. This wasn’t just a makeup or breakup thing anymore, this was about bringing in another human being together and being responsible adults.

“I know this decision is going to be hard for you, but I love you so much, and now, I love this little baby more than I ever knew I could love anything. You don’t have to forgive me right now, but let me be in my childs life.” She looked up at me with hopefuly eyes, and her lips soon fell on mine. I was shocked, I didn’t expect her to even want me anymore since Andrew has been the one doing my part since tour started. But I wasn’t going to complain, so I picked up her face in hands and deepened our kiss, giving her all the love and passion I had inside of me that I couldn’t and wouldn’t give to anyone else. She smiled as I kissed her, and I pulled away staring into her gorgeous hazel eyes that I missed so much.

“Come on tour with me, we’ll leave tomorrow babe. The boys are going to be so happy that they’re going to be uncles.” She smiled big and nodded, giving me a sigh of relief. I was going to be a father, and I got my girl back. Life just couldn’t get better.

The Moment I Met You

Title: The Moment I Met You

Pairing: Teen!Sam x Reader

Based on this imagine

Author’s Note: This was supposed to be an imagine/drabble, not a one-shot! *sigh* It’s four in the morning right now, I should be sleeping…but here I am!

(As I said before, I’m sleep deprived, so if you see any mistake in my writing please, please let me know!) Your comments are welcome ;)

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The shrill ringing of the bell announced the end of your tedious calculus class and the beginning of a long awaited weekend. Before you could even close your textbook, all of your classmates had already packed their books and notes and were dashing out the classroom to the hall.

All except for one boy.

He was taking his time to write down the last notes scribbled on the whiteboard and to put his books away. You took a deep breath as you tentatively reached into your backpack and retrieved your black Canon; the more you thought about your idea, the more stupid and weird it seemed.

Sam Winchester had arrived a month ago in the middle of the semester, making quite an impression on all your classmates, especially the girls. He was amiable, smart and very handsome, but he kept to himself most of the time, never talking to anyone unless it was necessary. 

By the end of the second week, most of your classmates got bored and moved past the excitement that had been the new guy. You knew from experience the look that sometimes Sam’s eyes held; being the new kid at school was never easy, and there were moments were you could see how worn out he really was, how frustrated. But that didn’t stop Sam from smiling and being as friendly as he had being on his first day. And you’d come to admire him for that. 

You watched as he closed his notebook, got up from his desk and headed towards the door, and so you made your move. 

“Umm, Sam?” you lightly tapped his shoulder and took a step back as he turned around to face you. He met your gaze with a twinkle in his hazel eyes.

“Hey,” he greeted, a smile spreading across his tan face.

“Hi,” you replied, instantly looking away as you felt the heat pooling in your cheeks. You extended a shaky hand towards him and began saying, “We haven’t met, my name’s–”

“Y/N,” Sam interjected, taking your hand in his. “Yeah, I know.”

Both of you stood quietly staring at each other for what felt like eternity to your hammering heart before Sam cleared his throat and gently let go of you.

“So,” he began, rubbing the back of his neck. “What’s up?”

Don’t say anything, you’ll just freak him out.

“Umm…so, I–I was wondering…if–if…maybe,”

“Yeah?” Sam’s voice was incredibly patient, not at all exasperated of your stammering, which was starting to irritate you.

“I was wondering if you could help me with my art project,” you blurted, slightly frightened of what his reaction would be to your request.

“Oh,” Sam looked down at his feet, letting out a faint chuckle. You could’ve sworn you saw disappointment in his face, but you weren’t sure because when he faced you again he had the same gentle smile. “Umm, sure. How can I help you, Y/N?”

“So…there’s a photography exhibition next week, and I was wondering if…if you’d let me take a picture of you and use it as part of my black and white series,” you explained, careful not to sound like a creep but more like a professional.

Sam nodded and remained quiet after you’d finished; you were almost sure that he’d run out the door at any minute, desperate to get as far from you as he could get.

Much to your surprise, the tall, chocolate-haired boy laughed and walked towards your desk, where your camera lay. “Alright, then. What do you want me to do?”

You sighed in relief, immensely pleased with Sam’s keen disposition. “You sure? You don’t have to do this if you don’t want to.”

“I’m pretty sure. Though I’m not sure why you’d pick me,” he smiled shyly, tracing the Canon with his long fingers. “All the guys in our class would literally kill to be in my place.”

You snorted, picking the camera from the desk to turn it on. “Yeah, right.”

“I’m dead serious, Y/N!” Sam exclaimed, moving to stand in front of you. He was too close now, you could practically feel the heat he irradiated warming your chest and your face as he looked down at you. It was now your turn to clear your throat and turn around.

“All the same. Thanks for doing this, Sam,” you beamed. “This project’s very important to me.”

“I’m glad I can help, Y/N.”

It only took you two minutes to explain what you wanted and a couple more to instruct Sam how to pose against the white wall of your classroom. You didn’t need much, just a photo of Sam staring straight at the camera to complete your B&W portrait series. He complied your every indication with a bright smile, commenting every now and then how professional you looked with your eyebrows furrowed in concentration.

“At what time is your exposition?” he asked you, reclining his head against the wall while you took your shot. “I’d love to see your work.”

“At eight,” you answered, lowering your camera to adjust the lens. “It’s a private display for family and friends. You could come as my guest, if you want to,” you said as casually as you could, hiding behind the Canon once more.

Sam’s eyes crinkled at the corners as he gave a wide smile to the camera. “It’s a date, then.”

The flash went on one time, then a couple more times. Once you were satisfied with the results, you walked to Sam’s side and showed him the shots. He leaned forward and helped you hold the camera, brushing your fingers as he did.

“Wow, you’re really good, Y/N. You made me look decent!”

You laughed, poking his side playfully with your elbow. “As much as I would want to, I’m afraid I can’t take credit of your good looks here.”

Sam stared at the photos thoughtfully. “So, what’s the message or idea you want to communicate with these portraits, Y/N?”

“Well,” you began. “My idea was to convey each person’s charisma in these spontaneous shots, to capture the best of them with just one look at the camera.” 

You glanced at Sam, whose hazel eyes were soft and warm as they looked at you. That look in his eyes encouraged you to keep talking. 

“You…you have inspired me, Sam. I don’t know you that well, but I can tell that you’re not happy here, not really. But…nevertheless, there’s not a day when the smile on your face falters. I’m positive that with your portrait, others will be moved by that inner light of yours, just like I was.”

The boy whose bright smile you had come to love bit his bottom lip and blinked a few tears that had gathered in his hazel eyes. He let out a shaky laugh and looked away to wipe his face with the back of his flannel sleeve. 

“This is proof, then,” Sam said then, turning to face you again and reaching for your hand to take it in his own.

“Proof of what?” you asked, your voice barely a whisper as you wrapped your fingers around Sam’s.

Sam took your camera and stared at it, another flashing smile forming on his features. “You achieved to capture the best of me since I came to this place, Y/N. You just captured the moment I met you.”

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Imagine Matt apologizing for frightening you. 

**Sequel to “Imagine Matt scaring you.” [x]**

You tensed as you heard Matt enter your room, staring hard at your hands. The bed dipped as he sat down, not touching you. It was a while before he spoke, his voice quiet and hesitant.

“I’m sorry.”

After another long pause, he continued, choosing his words carefully. “I shouldn’t have lost my temper like that. I didn’t mean to frighten you. Do you think you can forgive me? Please?”

You turned slightly, searching his face. He was genuinely sorry. You swallowed and leaned forwards, pressing a kiss to his forehead. One hand reached up to caress his cheek and he leaned into your touch. Your fingers ghosted over his cheekbone and you didn’t miss the shiver that passed through him.

“I forgive you,” you whispered, forcing a small smile, “For better or worse, right?”

Matt smiled, his relief plain, “Thank you, [f/n]. I love you.”

“I love you too, Matt.”

Gif Credit: Matt

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"You Fainted..... Straight Into My Arms. You Know, if You Wanted My Attention You Didn't Have to go to Such Extremes" ~ Tate Langdon

*Your POV*

I stared at him dumbfound.

“You can’t be serious.” Shaking my head I looked down, “Tate please tell me you are lying to me.”

“Why would I be lying to you?” He whispered in my ear softly, placing a gentle kiss onto my cheek as if fearing I’d turn away. Sniffling and in shock, I moved away from him, placing my hands on my head attempting to think and calm myself down.

“How… Why…..”

“Seventeen time.” He muttered, making a gun out of his thumb and index finger with both hands, making he sounds of a gun shooting in the air. Shivering from his actions, I tried to look away, but Tate followed me and grabbed me from behind, kissing my cheek again, “Why does it matter?” I allowed him to continue as it calmed me down, it also set me on edge again as his cold hands stroked my skin. His cold, dead hands.

“It matters because it does Tate..” I muttered slightly cold, making me almost feel guilty, “I’m frightened.” Turning away I began to pace, counting my foot steps and breathing in and out slowly while Tate just stood there waiting for my next action but then I stopped, facing the door to my room and refusing to look at him, my stomach twisting in knots. “So frightened.”

“Y/N I-” He spoke, but I couldn’t respond, cloudiness covering my vision. I clung onto my wall, a small moan escaping my mouth as I tried to see straight. Blurred spots took over my vision and I clung to the wall tightly, attempting with everything I had within me to keep myself upright. “Y/N…” Tate repeated, walking in front of me clearly speaking something, but I couldn’t make it out or read his lips.

All I could do was whimper and use what little strength I had to cling to the wall. Tate tapped my shoulders, shaking me, anything to get a response but all it did was made me feel worse.

“Tate… Please… Stop…” I muttered barely loud enough that he could hear, “Leave…Leave….leave me-” I stopped holding my breath, nausea growing inside my body. I needed to stand and to walk away… To the bathroom…. But all I could do was run.. The slower the motion the worse it would be.

Little did I know that as soon as I moved that I would stop and freeze feeling so sick that I just wanted to world around me to stop just to give me a chance to take in everything that was coming at me. Everything instead spun around and slowed down.

I was falling, the dots consuming my vision as the world faded to black.


It was warm… Why was I expecting it to be cold? It smelt of smoke and loud music was blaring. I was on the black duvet covering the bed, torn pillow fluff surrounding my body.

All I felt was tension.

You know when you are watching a thriller or horror movie when you have no clue what’s coming next? Like a pit… A strange pit that just builds and builds and builds until BAM

In he comes. My Tate.

My Tate? Surly I no longer care for him in such a manner? I must not. No longer.

He threw a bag on his bed next to me and ran to the mirror his wall, looking at his reflection and wiping specks of red off his face.

Wait… Is that bloo-

“Damnit” He cursed, taking off his trench coat, and throwing himself on the bed with me, “DAMNIT DAMNIT DAMNIT!” He screamed, banging his head against his fist.

Tate… What have you done?

Tears rolled down his eyes as he buried his face in his hands, sobbing and sniffling and I reached out as though to touch his shoulder but as soon as I came in contact my hand singed and I pulled away wincing. Meanwhile Tate jumped and touched where my hand had been, looking strangely at peace with a small smile on his face.

Can he feel me?

Before I could reach out and touch him again, it was my turn to leap in the air as several armed men in all black.. FBI’s maybe pointing beams at Tate. His smile dropped and he stood up, arms raised, and I could hear Constance crying from the door though there were too many soldiers for me even see anyone else but Tate.

Tate who after several minutes formed one of his hands in the shape of a gun and placing it to his head. As he pulled the trigger it was like time stood still.

And I counted each time the bullets hit him, each time feeling a ripping in my abdomen.


















Seventeen bullets for the seventeen year old who now laid bleeding out on the carpet, a solider placing his foot onto his wounds.

“Why’d you do it son? WHY’D YOU DO IT?!” The man yelled, pushing harder onto him bleeding sores.

“STOP! Leave him alone!” I hollered, attempting to push him away but all it did was cause the hand in contact with him to sizzle hard and pass through him and I cried out in pain.

“Y……..Y…….Y… Y/N….” I heard a weak voice mumble as I felt a few tears fall down my face as people left the room,  “Y/N..”

“T-T-T-T-Tate?” I asked, looking down at the boy and kneeling beside him but too frightened to touch him "Can you hear me?“

"Y/N…” He said again, “Wake up.”

“Tate what are you?”



I woke up in a gasp, Tate holding my shaking body as I cried.

Looking at my hand, I panicked seeing the bad burn on my right hand and I teared up, leaning into Tate and sobbing.

“What…What happened?” I inquired once my sobs had turned into sniffles.

“You fainted. Straight into my arms.” He smirked into my neck, “You know if you wanted my attention you didn’t have to go to such extremes. Like your hand… What happened here?” He asked bringing it to his lips and kissing it gently, “It still smells fresh. Still warm. ”

“That’s why I’m so upset Tate…”

“Why? What’s going on?”

“Tate..” I sighed, scooting off his lap and looking him directly in the eyes, “When I was out I saw your death.”

Roadhouse Rage Pt. 4

Note: The final installment to this series! Sorry it took so long. @number-one-supernatural-trash: I loved your prank suggestion, and wanted so badly to work it into this, but I couldn’t make it happen. Thanks for the help, and maybe I can use it in another fic:)

Characters: DeanxReader, Sam, Jo, and Ellen

Warnings: Bullying, little language, detailed gore, blood, and death.

                                                    Jo’s POV

We arrive at the motel after a horribly silent ride. I’m feeling crappy about the whole deal, and actually afraid to face Y/N. I won’t blame her if she hates me forever. I can actually live with that. It’s Dean I’m doing this for.

Dean parks the Impala and kills the engine. “Let’s get this over with, kiddo.”

I wince at the title and climb out. My pride is as bruised as an overripe banana. Dean goes to the door and opens it slowly, gently calling out Y/N’s name. It kills me to hear her name on his lips.

“Y/N? Sweetie, I’m back. I brought Jo with me. She’s-” Something bright green and blurry comes flying at me and next thing I know, I’m pinned to the floor. Y/N’s face is right above mine, her eyes burning with hate. I’ve faced a few monsters in my short life, but never have I been more afraid than right now.

Dean’s grabbing at her, yelling for her to get off of me. Her hands are closing around my throat, tighter and tighter. I cough, struggling to inhale.

“Stop! Y/N, let go of her!” Dean manages to pry her away, pulling her across the room so there are several feet between us. “That is enough you two!”

“She freaking tried to kill me!” I shout hoarsely. My throat hurts and I’m sure there will be bruises tomorrow.

“You heartless, son of a-”

“ENOUGH!” Dean nearly screams. “I can’t take much more of this. One of you is gonna get seriously hurt or worse.”

“Tell that to this stupid-”

“Y/N.” Dean gives her a warning look and I can’t hide the smirk on my face. Her eyes instantly fill with tears and I have to work hard not to roll my eyes. Seriously, this is the girl Dean wants to marry?

“Now you both have been acting like immature children, and it has to stop. Right now, end it.”

Y/N locks eyes with me. She’s waiting for me to apologize first. She’s practically daring me. I stiffen my jaw and meet her gaze.

“Girls, end it.”

We continue to glare at each other. I am not about to back down when challenged. And by the position of her chin, she isn’t about to give in either.

“Y/N, be the better man- er woman. Just end it.” Dean is sounding both ticked off and scared.

“Why me? I didn’t start this. She did.”

“Come on-”

“No, she started all of this. I did nothing wrong, Dean.”

I snort. “My stomach says different.”

“Jo.” Dean warns.

“So far, you’ve been directing all of this to me.” Y/N is crying again, good grief. “You’ve been telling me to end this, to make up, to apologize. Why me, Dean? Why are you on her side?”

“I-I’m not.”

“Then tell her to-”

“Quit blubbering like a baby!” I snap. Seriously, her water works display is getting annoying. “Toughen up for goodness sake.”

“Um, I wouldn’t-” Dean gets cut by Y/N advancing towards me.

“Listen here, missy. I’ve had just about enough of you.”

“That makes two of us.” I refuse to be intimidated by her. “Things were so much simpler before you came along. Dean was happy. He didn’t have to cater to an emotionally wrecked cry baby. He didn’t have to choose between his friends.”

“Jo, that’s-”

“You little son of a b***h.” Y/N’s eyes are sparkling with tears and for a fleeting moment, I regret my words. But only for a moment.

“You wanna fight? Go ahead and take your best shot.” I open my stance to welcome her anger, but instead, she takes a step back. She shakes her head as her chin trembles.

“No. I’m done.” She sniffs back tears and turns away. Dean reaches out a hand to touch her arm, but she shrugs him off. She goes into the next room and closes the door behind her. That’s when Dean turns to me.

“What the heck, Jo?”

I avoid his gaze, my anger subsiding enough to feel ashamed by his attention. Having Dean upset with me hurts a lot. “I-I’m sorry- I-I”

“That’s a little too late, don’t you think? Why couldn’t you have said that to her?”

“I-I don’t-”

“Get out.” Dean strides to the door and swings it open for my exit. I fight back the urge to plead my case and step outside.

“Dean, I-”

The door slams in my face.

                                                     Reader’s POV

                                                   Two Years Later

There is so much blood. I clamp my hand over the open wound, swallowing back vomit as I touch organs.

“Hang in there, baby.” Ellen croons, touching her daughter’s cheek. “Stay with us.”

Sam and Dean lock the doors and begin to pour salt at every possible entrance. The hellhounds are howling outside the door, trying to get inside.

“Sam, we could use some help here.” Ellen calls, trying to remain calm, but I can see the look of panic in her eyes.

Jo clenches my free hand in hers, gripping it so tightly that I feel the bones crack. “You okay?” she asks past gritted teeth.

I don’t even look down at the wounds made by the hellhounds. Mine will heal. Jo’s….. it doesn’t look good.

“Don’t worry about me. You saved my life, Jo.” Never would I have imagined that I would be thanking Jo Harvelle for anything.

Sweat mingles with the blood on Jo’s face. She groans softly against the pain as she tries to focus on my face. She tries to speak, but the pain is too intense. I brush her hair back and squeeze her hand back.

“Why’d you do it, Jo? It had me, that would’ve bought y’all some time.”

Jo gives a short chuckle, immediately followed by a sharp breath. “Yeah, that makes sense now. But Dean would never have forgiven me.”

“He’d have had you to comfort him though.” I try to mean it as a joke, though the truth of it hurts.

“No, Y/N.” Jo’s eyes connect with mine. “It’s always been you. There was never any doubt. Guess that’s why it made me so angry.” She groans and for a moment, she closes her eyes and goes so still, it frightens me.


She stirs slightly. “I’m still here.”

“Y/N, go look for a medical kit.” Ellen orders. “We gotta get this bleeding stopped.”

I scrounge around for medical supplies, while Dean manages to get a radio working so he can talk to Bobby. I overhear him telling Bobby about Jo, and how his voice breaks when he tries to tell him that she’s not going to make it. Jo’s words play in my head again. It was always me. Dean loves Jo like his little sister.

I help Ellen bandage up Jo, but it feels pointless. She’s lost too much blood and no amount of stitching is gonna put her back together.

When the boys propose a way to get out, Jo stops them. Ellen starts to cry when she tells them to leave her behind. We argue for a bit, then agree to follow through with her plan. The boys and I set to work making a bomb that Jo will set off when we leave.

Tears stream down my face as I fill a bucket with nails. Dean kneels beside me to pour salt in and touches my hand with his. “I’m sorry, Y/N.”

“Isn’t there another way?”

Dean tightens his jaw and shakes his head. We finish the bombs and one by one, we say our goodbyes. Dean puts the detonator in Jo’s hand. I watch through the tears as he kisses her forehead, both of them fighting tears.

I kneel beside her, taking her pale face in my hands. “Jo Harvelle, I never thought I’d be saying this, but I’m gonna miss you.”

She smiles through the tears. “Don’t be a crybaby.” I can’t hug her because of her position and for fear of hurting her, so I kiss her cheek. Salty tears and blood linger on my lips as I slowly pull away.

“Y/N,” Jo whispers. “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.”

“So am I.” I give her arm a gentle squeeze, then rise.

Ellen kneels by her daughter and Jo begins cry.

“Ellen?” Dean asks when she doesn’t get up.

“Someone’s gotta let ‘em in. And she ain’t moving. Now go.”

“Ellen,” Sam begins.

“I said go.”

Dean takes my hand and we follow Sam up onto the roof. If it wasn’t for Dean’s hand, I wouldn’t be able to move from being blinded by tears. We get outside and a few yards away from the building blows up. The three of us stop and watch the flames rise up towards the sky.

“Goodbye, Jo. Goodbye Ellen.” I whisper, hoping they can hear me. “Rest in peace.”

Cancer (sun)

Cancer, cancer, cancer! I’m slightly frightened to write this post ‘cause Cancer’s scare me. I don’t know why. The ones I meet are usually nice people but there’s still this I-will-fucking-murder-you-if-you-upset-me persona hidden underneath all Cancers. They’re not the kind of people you want to mess with. Cancer is the first water sign, represented by the Crab and ruled by the Moon. This already brings about interesting connotations associated with the complex Cancer personality.

The Crab shows that they’re defensive, covered in a hard shell with sharp claws they protect the sensitive emotions hidden beneath the surface. Because they have so much going on internally, they need that barrier against the world in order to function. They can sometimes rub people off the wrong way or give an incorrect idea of who they are. 

I’ve never been especially close to any Cancers. I know quite a few and a common trait I found is that they all have a sense of humour. This isn’t attributed a lot to Cancers; they’re always described as the “crybaby” of the zodiac. But most of the people with their sun in Cancer that I know have been funny and sociable, generally likable people. Cancer is probably the most sociable of the water signs. Maybe because they are so good at projecting a certain image, its easier for them to socialise with others than a Scorpio or Pisces. 

Cancer’s are full of contradictions and its difficult to properly describe them. As they’re ruled by the Moon, these are powerful people who can draw a lot of energy and attention to themselves, much like the Moon pulling the tides of the ocean. They are either nurturing to others or feel the need to be nurtured. It’s always been described that Cancers’ are either the mother or the child in most of their relationships - friends, family, partners. The relationship with their mother is incredibly important to all Cancers, so the dynamic of it is something that they carry with them in their adult life.

If a Cancer’s mother was overbearing, they may grow up always needing people to take care of them or give them constant attention and encouragement. If it is the opposite and their mother is someone who was neglecting or immature, a Cancer person can be really independent and nurturing to others as they know how it feels to be ignored.

It all varies, but I think the main thing with Cancers’ are that you have to know them intimately in order to understand what they’re actually like. They are sensitive to the world and people around them; Cancers can see through your bullshit and make deep emotional connections. They can make people feel loved and admired, but they also have the ability to make them feel incredibly small or insignificant.

At the end of the day, it depends on what side of the spectrum this Cancer is on and the other signs in their chart. They can either inspire you or suck the life out of you. They’re usually lovely people who have so much going on inside that you can only be truly close to them to understand their temperamental ways. 

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~ astrology life


Fun Facts About Kelley O'Hara (aka Kevin the Leprechaun)

Today (August 4) is the little leprechaun’s birthday. In celebration, I give you these fun facts:

1.) Kelley once chased Hope Solo through the lobby of the hotel we were staying at whilst screaming “get back here with me Lucky Charms!”. Hope was slightly frightened, and the team still uses the incident for blackmail purposes.

2.) Kelley hides her leprechaun gold in a pair of old crocs, because none of the other players are willing to even look at something as disgusting as those evil, rubber “shoes”.

3.) Kelley once lost the key to her hotel room and slept in a tree, got stuck up there, and had to have Tobin Heath climb up to save her. Tobin ended up getting stuck too. They were eventually saved when Ashlyn Harris managed to find a ladder.

-Sincerely, Jill Ellis

Within the Caste - Chapter 1

author: irwinut

Shuffle into the elevator, go down, get the newspaper, shuffle into the elevator, go back up. That was the intended schedule for the Sunday. Seeing the new neighbour, meeting the new neighbour, and having to travel in the same elevator up with the new neighbour were all events which I did not anticipate. 


“So, what’s up?” he had perked, standing next to me in the lift, holding a single, brown cardboard box in his hands. Disparate to myself, he obviously had not had a long and dreary Saturday night. With blue eyes wide open and eyebrows peaking up to the sun, the impression was portrayed that he had been awake for hours, eager to be moving into his new apartment. As for myself, my eyelids were weighty. My brain was throbbing. My leg muscles strained. I was dressed in nothing more than a baggy grey shirt, the colour ironically matching my mood, and a skimpy pair of pyjama shorts. Atop my head, my blonde hair was dishevelled and likely knotted to a point where one could question if my hair was naturally curly, when actually it is ordinarily straight.

Doing a full inspection of the man was not necessary. Out the corner of my eye, it was already clear that he was quite divergent to myself. Long beige trousers and a blue polo shirt was what I could see. He was dressed to make best friends with everybody living in the town, and I was dressed to make best friends with a bed.


Choosing not to completely ignore the newcomer, I replied, but I could not evade my tone being tired and sombre, “There’s two more levels of apartments, and then a balcony on the roof which has a view over the city. If you do go to the rooftop, though, make sure you don’t let the door shut behind you or else you won’t be able to open it again.”


As the elevator started up its movement, the only sound I could hear was it chugging and clunking upward. The dirty blonde boy remained silent to my statement, making me question if my voice was maybe so grave that it had scared him. Turning my head with sudden remorse, I expected him to be glaring back with disgust or shock from my gloomy attitude and appearance. But, his expression was far from frightened, in fact, a small smirk tugged at the corner of his mouth and on his left cheek, the skin was being sucked inward as though his teeth were chewing on it to avoid laughter.

It was not long before it dawned on me and blood rushed to the area around my cheekbones. “Right,” I choked, “so you didn’t mean what’s up literally. You were just asking how I was?”

A red tongue peeked from his mouth and zipped over his bottom lip before he replied with optimism, “well, at least I shouldn’t ever get stuck on the rooftop now.”

My lungs ached, trying to bust out a reply to cover the previous stupidity, but it seemed my jaw was malfunctioning. No words could escape. And unfortunately, I could not escape the awkward situation that I had created for myself in the lift. Nothing had ever offended me more than how disgusting slow the speed of the elevator was as I painfully existed with the presence of somebody who was probably experiencing intense second-hand embarrassment.

Regret stung my internal organs while I dissed my own decision to ever purchase a flat not on ground level. All I could do was count along as we gradually crept upward. The worst thought buzzing through my head was that I knew where this man was going to be staying. Only one room in the building had had adequate-enough safety and hygiene standards to be eligible for renting lately. The others on different levels were infested with pesticides. And the room, that was cleared by inspectors to be sold, was the room directly next to mine – split only by an unstable wall. 


Eventually, a ding echoed in the small lift to indicate that we had reached our floor. Wasting no time, I ducked out before the automatic doors had even fully opened. Feeling his eyes on me, I quickly fumbled with my keys in my sweaty hand and attempted to open my door so no further conversation could be made. Nevertheless, he was hastier than me.

“I guess we are neighbours then,” he gushed, moving to stand in front of his door, situated side-by-side to my own.

“Looks like it,” I sighed under my breath, moving even closer to my own door so that my forehead was almost leaning on it and my face was slightly hidden.

Either he did not pick up the hint that I wanted to get away, or he ignored it, because he persisted in talking, asking, “maybe you could come over for dinner tonight then, so we can get to know each other a bit better?”

A kind smile and soft eyes were glazing at me when I twisted my neck around to look at him. Sleep was what I needed. Not a conversation or dinner with the neighbour.

There were domineering reasons why I knew I should not actually become friends with this boy. Even though he was evidently nice enough to overlook my ‘homeless-themed’ attire, useless conversation skills and snappy disposition.

“Maybe another day,” I tried to smile back, but my lazy eyes became set on the stitching of a white horse on his shirt. Raulph Lauren.

“Okay,” he presented his teeth now, smiling, for some reason, brighter than before.

Confused that he was not angry about being practically rejected, I dropped my glare to the ground and sauntered through my door, closing it behind myself.  Before I was even able to gather my thoughts or take a seat, I heard the sound of scratching and budging coming from outside. That noise was not unfamiliar, and immediately I knew that it would have been the neighbour struggling to open his apartment.

Rocking back and forward on my heels with indecisiveness, I finally just back-tracked to where I was, opening my own door an inch to see a confused frown as he gently slid his key in and out of the tiny lock in the middle of the door knob.

“Um,” I gulped quietly, “the doors are too big for the frame. So, you kinda have to kick it open a bit with your leg. They just need a bit of persuasion.”

“Oh,” his face lightened once he realised I was there, “okay. Thank you.”

His body leaned back as he brought his foot up to knee height and then pounded the door open. Relief came out in the form of a sigh once he caught the first glimpse of his room. While picking up the brown box, which he had rested on the floor whilst trying to get in, he seized the opportunity to further introduce himself.

“My name is Luke, by the way, I never mentioned that before.”

“Luke,” I repeated, not having time to stop my own sentence as I kept speaking, “may the force be with you… I mean, like… for the next time you open the door… I don’t know… You probably don’t know Star Wars… I’m sorry.”


In a scurry and with lack of thought, I sunk back into my own apartment and slammed the door. Breathing heavily, I shut my eyes, not knowing what to expect, but actually feeling comfort when I could recognise a snort and small chuckle on the other side of the wall. Luke obviously wasn’t bothered by me so far. In only a matter of time, I was certain he would be, though. I was a bother. That’s me.

Stepping carefully, I mutely made my way into my flat. Unlike other Sunday mornings, there were no empty beer bottles scattered on various places over the floor. I was smart enough to clean them up the previous night, or rather that morning, before getting to sleep. That way, there wouldn’t be clangs or smashes when I rose to get the morning newspaper. That way, I wouldn’t have to deal with accidentally waking the snoring devil in the bedroom. That way, I wouldn’t have to be thrown an argument and smugly taught how to stay quiet.

My apartment room was only describable as tiny. And clean, most of the time. When first entered, it would seem like there is only one major section to it – a kitchen on the left, the stovetop and oven facing the outer wall and a counter less than a metre inward; a little lounge area at the back left, consisting of a two-seater couch facing the back wall and a TV; and, a dining spot to the right of the kitchen, having simply a square brown table and four wooden chairs on each side of it. Windows on the far back wall allowed merely for viewing to the skinny alleyway below and another, more prestigious, block of apartments across. The kitchen, lounge, and dining, were all gathered in one open part together, and because the flat was so tiny, they were all visible to the eye with an initial open of the main door.

Like you would hope, however, there was another two segregated rooms in the back right corner of the flat. One door opened to a bathroom, and the other the bedroom.

Vigilantly, I tugged a dining chair out so I could sit and, with any luck, I would have a few hours to myself to indulge in the weekly ‘creative’ lift-out of the newspaper. The few pages were always filled with an abundance of imagination; an escape that I could look forward to. Perhaps the only thing I had to look forward to.

More often than not on Sundays, as my eyes glimmer to the pictures of artwork, or short stories, or poetry, I would be interfered with the sleepy groans of the lump in my bedroom. I was used to that. But flicking through the pages on this Sunday was atypical, as I was met with a different sound. Very calm and delicate in the background was a low hum, recognisable as auditing from next door. By listening intently, I could interpret Luke bustling around his room, shifting and scraping furniture along the floor, moving objects around, and yes, buzzing a tune from his lips.

Luke was the first direct neighbour I had had since I had been living in the building. How dainty the walls between the apartments were was blatant by how they shook with extreme noise or a hefty push. Now, I was truly understanding their thin-ness as I overheard Luke’s every step. It frightened me slightly, because, firstly, if Luke was ever going to be loud, I did not want that angering my monster. And, secondly, if my monster was ever going to be loud, I did not want that angering Luke.


The following day, Luke and I came into contact again. Thankfully this time, I was dressed more appropriately, in denim jeans and a fitted white t-shirt, as I was, after all, headed for a morning lecture.

As I stepped out my apartment, I saw a figure, dressed in a slick black suit, shoes shining enough to blind me, pressing the down button for the lift. Initially, I was confused, knowing too well that the majority of other people in the entire complex did not ever even leave the confines of their rooms, let alone leave in such a formal outfit.

Of course, I understood instantly when he turned his upper body to see me. There should never have been a doubt in my mind that it was Luke. Just from the encounter yesterday, he had made it quite clear he was an optimistic man; a happy one. Someone who probably has a future. A stable office job. A reason to be awake at such an early hour in such credible clothing.

“Hey,” Luke’s voiced chimed into my ears, “what’s up?”

At that fragment of time, as I looked at his gelled back hair, his plain blue tie that matched dynamically with his eyes, and the silver cufflinks that studded around his wrists, I think I may have been feeling desire. I had not seen anybody like that in a long time – presenting themselves so well. The males, even the females, at university came in lazy clothing that demonstrated minimal effort. Not that I blamed them considering the sessions for the course I was completing were always early mornings. And the other one person that I came across more often than not wore only the cheapest of attire.

The ding, signifying that the elevator had reached the level, distinguished my thoughts erratically. Inhaling sharply, I tore my vision away from Luke’s, trying to shut my door and lock it so I could ride the same lift as him and not need to wait half an hour for it to get down and then back up. Scrabbling hopelessly, I fiddled and jingled my keys until the correct one finally scratched through the lock and clicked the door shut.

When I rotated around, I could see that Luke was already standing inside the elevator, extending his long arm outward into the corridor. Upon locking eyes, he smiled, almost as if to say ‘no problem’ for holding the doors, even though I had not said thank you. Although, within a split second, his face changed. Instead of remaining apart, like Luke assumed they would, the doors began to push inward to close off the entrance.  Creasing a frown into his forehead, he used some strength to try and drive them back out with his arm.

But this elevator had a mind of its own. And I knew that no matter what Luke tried to do now, the doors were going to close, and there was no way to halt that. Quickly, I bounded the few steps forward, diving past Luke to try and thrust myself into the lift. In shock, Luke had stepped back, pulling his arm inside and away from the vicious and rapidly shutting doors. With wide eyes, he simply watched in concerned horror as I contorted my body to dodge in between the tiny gap and hopefully not be crushed flat like a pancake.

To my disbelief, and the comprehensive sigh of Luke, I made it. Arms, legs, head and body. All successfully inside, just as the ding repeated itself to indicate it was about to head downward. Leaning my back against the doors, I took a deep breath and shut my eyes, being grateful and forgetting I would have looked like the clumsiest fool when propelling myself in there.

Luke intruded my relief soon enough with a playful tone, “Okay… You need to promise not to freak when I tell you what is happening.”

Opening my eyes in a state of unease, I merely watched on while Luke’s lips dropped ajar. He needn’t actually explain the ‘what’ that was happening, because the sound of an elongated tear of cotton informed me.

My shirt. Had been clamped. Inside. The doors.

And while we were moving downward at a tedious pace, the hem of my top stayed attached to where it had been compressed, lifting upward and leisurely revealing my stomach.

“Ohmygod,” Luke testified, his open mouth splaying itself more so to become a chortling laugh.

Seeing his head throw back, and both of his hands fly up to cup over his mouth and jaw while he toppled backward in heavy chuckles, was probably the reason that I didn’t crumble into a pile of humiliation. Normally, water would have sprinkled in my eyes and trickled down blushing cheeks. But seeing Luke’s reaction made me immediately notice the humour in the situation.

Biting my lip, I let my chest heave up and down with giggles as I had no other option but to raise my arms to the sky and allow for the moving of the lift to literally pull my shirt up, over my chest and right over my head, leaving me standing with only my bra covering my upper body. The chuckles dripping from my throat only ceased when Luke’s suddenly calmed down also. He had not quietened gradually for some reason. Luke went from hysterics to concern in a second.

The contrast stunned me, and my eyes flickered to his, and then followed his gaze onto my hips, and then, I understood.

Swiftly, I employed my hands to act as means for covering my skin. I forgot. I was so stupid. Blue and purple marks, some even green, lined up and down around my hipbones. They were gruesome, and they angrily stained my otherwise white complexion. Now, that Luke had seen them, the mortification and shame of the whole ordeal was setting in.

The air getting choked in my throat and the stutter mocking over my tongue did not go unnoticed by him. Almost straight away, he caught onto how self-conscious I was appearing, and instead of posing questions that I’m positive he was wondering, such as ‘what are they?’ ‘where are they from?’ he chose to ignore the hideous marks.

“Well, now if anyone asks you ‘what’s up,’ you can add your shirt to the list,” his mouth slithered back into a smile.

If it weren’t for the cloak of shame dumped over my body, I’m sure I would have laughed, but my mind was still consumed by the understanding of what was really happening. Pushing his hands behind his spine, Luke began shaking his shoulders slightly, causing his black jacket to slip from his broad chest and drop down his arms. Using one hand, he held the jacket out to me across the small space.

After a couple of seconds, he spoke up to inform of his intentions, “go on, put it on, you can return it to me tonight when you come over for dinner. You don’t want someone to see you just in a bra when you head back up there to get your top. ”

Potentially turning an even brighter shade of red, I snatched the material from his hands and chugged it around my back, slotting my hands through the armholes. Perhaps I even smiled a little when I realised how short my arms were in comparison to the jacket arms. Barely even the tips of my stubby fingers were visible poking out the ends.

Coughing through the discomfiture in my lungs, I quickly questioned, “won’t you need this?”

“It’d be a low blow if they fired me on my first day just because I wasn’t wearing a suit jacket,” he tusked, letting his eyes float to the high corner of the lift while he pondered, “and, if they do, then I can probably sue them for some sort of discrimination case and end up earning a few dollars.”

“That’s true.”

When the ding sounded and the doors opened at the ground floor, Luke snuck his hands into his pant pockets and zipped outside – I guess he didn’t want to be the next victim caught by the doors.

“See you,” he called, dashing through the foyer, his leather shoes clipping on the tiled floor.

Subsequent to being alone, I took a few deep breaths to relax from the previous happenings. When I raised my hand to press the button for my apartment level, the shoulder pads of the suit rose up to my face, brushing my cheek. I hadn’t tried to catch a whiff of the coat, it just happened. The smell was a mixture of fleece and dusky cologne, and it felt light and soft, but at the same time very warm, when travelling in my nostrils. For the continuation of the trip upwards to my level, I let myself take deep inhales to reveal in the scent. It made me feel slightly creepy, but I knew nobody could see me, so I didn’t mind.

When I reached my level and saw my shirt trapped in the doors, I actually rolled my eyes and had to stop myself from grinning while I thought about how Luke had reacted to the scene. He seemed so happy-go-lucky. I was in disbelief that he worked a professional, formal job.

My top fell to the ground once the doors dinged open, and I rashly grabbed it and jumped the few steps to my apartment door. A couple of jiggles on the lock and a kick later, I was inside and greeted by whom I had momentarily forgot existed.

“The fuck are you wearing?”

For some reason, I was really taken aback by his spat words that day. Normally, I would have accepted and responded, as it was a regular thing. Maybe it was because I hadn’t prepared myself. Walking through the door, my head was still replaying Luke’s scrunched nose and throaty chortle while he witnessed the most unusual of situations.

“I’m- it’s- the- we-“

The different ways that I could try and explain the random jacket were pacing up and down my brain, and I could not settle on one that wouldn’t get me in trouble.

“Spit it out.”

My voice was so hushed and rushed that it was stunning I didn’t need to repeat myself, “my shirt got stuck in the elevator and someone let me borrow their jacket so that I wouldn’t have to come back up witho-“

Slowly, my sentence drained out along with his care for what I was saying. Shaking his head, he turned around and wandered away, muttering an insult that wouldn’t be distant from the truth. Only a dirty slut would get her body on show for someone she just met. Only a dirty slut. True. Me.



Later that night, I was alone and buckled into homework when the scuffling of feet and movement next door distracted me. Straightaway, I was reminded of the jacket from this morning and I didn’t hesitate in taking it from where I had neatly lay it on the lounge, leaving my flat to knock at Luke’s. There was barely a second of wait before the door whipped open to reveal a bright set of white teeth.

“What’s up?” he beamed casually, a little lacking in breath after pouncing at the door.

I brought the coat forward to present it back to him, and his eyebrows noticeably raised, “oh, yeah, I forgot about that one.”

For an unknown reason, when I tried to reply, my heart commenced beating at a rapid pace, and when the jacket was removed from my hands, they embarked on shaking – clear nervousness.

“Thanks for letting me borrow it,” I spluttered unexpectedly, the appreciation coming out so speedily and stammered that it sounded like sarcasm.

Luckily, Luke must have taken it genuinely, replying, “not a problem.”

Luke had large, thin hands and fingers, I saw as he bundled the jacket between them. They were quite the opposite of my own. On his, a few veins were visible and drew out a road map underneath his light skin and around his protruding knuckles.

“This is probably terrible for me to be mentioning now, considering this is already our third conversation,” he stated, and when I glanced up, I spotted his blue beads blaring into mine, “but I never asked for your name.”

“Oh,” I was unable to remove my eyes from his, “It’s Aurora.“

Squinting his eyes fleetingly, he hummed my name aloud, “Aurora… Aurora. Aurora, would you like to come in?”

Stepping backward and wrapping his hand around to rest on his backbone, Luke parted a gap for me to enter his apartment. Just the look on his face, as he clenched his jaw, hoping I’d step in, was luring enough. I can’t deny that I wanted to. So badly. I wanted to go in and sit and have him tell me everything about him. His objective in moving in here. Where abouts was his work. How old is he. Why is he so happy. I wanted to know.

However, I don’t often get what I want. So I would live without going into Luke’s room today.

“I can’t,” I swallowed, “Sorry, I have assignments and things I need to do.”

Body and mouth were in two worlds for Luke as, simultaneously, his neck nodded understandingly and his tongue begged for interaction, “may I ask what course you’re studying?”

“Y-yeah?” I questioned awkwardly. Not many people had ever wondered about what I do at university, “It’s the study of literature.”

“So, it’s about reading books?” his tone was feathery, encouraging for me to continue.

“Novels, we have to call them. Not books,” I began, eyesight drifted to the floor now, “and it’s other stuff too. Poems, articles, films… Almost anything and everything.”

It might have been the wind, or it could have been a ghost – I will never know. Nevertheless, a creak was made by my apartment door and it practically signalled me to leave Luke. I guess it was rather a good thing, as more talk with him may have pulled me further into his charm. I could not let myself be heaved into that. Too many problems could be ignited. 

“I should go,” I spoke up, “Like I said, I have a lot of things to do.”

“Alright. Maybe I’ll see you again tomorrow morning?”

“Yeah,” I breathed, forcing my legs into the walls of my own flat, softly shutting the door.






That night, I ended up seated alone with assignment task sheets and crumpled white note pad pages scattered out on the dining table in front of me. Luke didn’t develop much noise next door, excluding the clang of a few pots or pans when he must have been cooking a meal. At 11pm, I comprehended that I was probably going to be unaccompanied for the entire night, and I assumed that desertedness would continue until around dinnertime the next day. I couldn’t help but be somewhat aggravated that I definitely could have spent time in Luke’s apartment and it really would not have mattered. Nobody would have found out.

However, if the devil had returned to my apartment, it would have been very bad luck for me and then I guess, looking from that perspective, it was a fantastic choice for me not to take the risk.


To my confusion, I was jolted awake the next morning by what sounded like a swarm of bees buzzing and an ambulance siren.  Still quite dazed and lost in sleep, I sought for the first possible reasoning for the blare – an insect plague must have invaded the city, and all the paramedics were being called on duty to help the stung civilians. A smacking clap ended the poignant sound just as I came to my conclusion, and slowly, as I drifted back into the real world, it occurred to me that it must have originated from next door. Seeing on my bedside clock that it was only minutes before I would need to rise and begin my own day, I stretched from my quilt’s entrapment and prepared for class.

By the time I left my apartment, I was in a refreshed, content state of mind. Mornings like so, where there was nobody to pick a disagreement with me, or saunter in the way of my getting-ready routine, were always relieving for me. The sight of Luke, in another suit, this one more charcoal than black and almost velvet in texture, departing his flat at the exact timing as me was a final push to raising a smile on face. I wasn’t sure why his presence had that affect.

“What’s up,” he flicked his chin upward to greet me.

The way that he always presented himself so coolly seemed to drip pressure on myself to respond with the same ease. Somehow, the pressure never led me to succeed.

As it was the first thing to leave my mouth for the day, my words squeaked, “good morning.”

A smirk struck onto his face while he fidgeted with the lock on his door, but he did not bring up the mouse-similarities of my voice, and instead started speaking fluidly like he knew he needed to get something out.

“Aurora, I should apologise to you. I bought that new alarm clock yesterday on my way home from work and I had no idea it was going to be so loud. My goal was to have something that could wake up myself, not my neighbour too.”

“Oh,” I stalled for a moment, “that’s okay.”

Both of us now had our torsos directed to the elevator, and our heads were turned to talk to one another.

After my response, Luke continued explaining, “I wouldn’t have felt so bad if it didn’t wake you up. Hopefully you were soon to rise anyway and I only took a couple of minutes of your sleep?”

“It didn’t even wake me,” I stammered, unsure of why I succumbed to, or even had, the need to have him not feel bad.

Luke’s tongue ducked out to slip over his bottom lip, “It did, Aurora. I could hear you groan, through the wall, as soon as it went off.”

I felt really stupid then. The blinking of my eyes as I awkwardly gazed to the floor must have been spotted by Luke, because he continued conversing to take away my embarrassment.

“I think that gap near the floor, between our bedroom walls, must make the lacking blockage of sound even worse.”

Taking in his sentence, my eyebrows furrowed. What gap?

“You know, where the wall is supposed to connect with the floor. There’s a small chipped section. I would say it’s large enough to fit your fingers under, but maybe that would be all.”

Never had I even noticed any gaps there before.

It took a couple moments of Luke’s blue pools staring into the side of my skull to realise he was waiting for me to reply. Out loud.

Clearing my throat, I twisted my head to him, “I’ve never seen that before. I’ll have to look tonight.”

“Yeah,” his bright teeth lit up the entire hallway. Or perhaps it was his glossy hair doing that. Or the clean, white shirt. Or those polished shoes again. Or, hell, maybe just the complete, decorous icon that he was, glowing like an angel in a dump. “Did you press the button to go down?”

When he spoke, his whole figure remained motionless, except for his adam’s apple moving up and down his throat. Usually, he put his hands clasped behind his back, and I was yet to witness a frowning expression on him. Everything he did made the situations with him feel comforting and welcoming. But somehow, I was always incapable of holding a normal conversation. Each reply I made was stuttered or stumbled in a manner I had not intended. Each reply. Reply.

I gasped and snapped, “sorry, what was the question?”

Watching my features bounce back into reality caused a single chuckle from Luke, “did you press the button for the lift? I understand that it’s slow, but today it seems to be taking extra long to reach our level.”

Struggling to even remember if I had pressed the button, I lunged forward and drove my finger into the square button that told the lift to come and retrieve us. After a second or two, the eminent knelling could be heard as the machine heaved itself up each level. Luke and I did not discard a fragment of time when the doors dung open. We essentially threw our bodies inside, seeking to eliminate a repeat of yesterday’s antics.

Once the lift began inching into a downward motion, Luke spoke up again, “anyway, you wouldn’t consider coming over to mine tonight and I’ll make you dinner as an apology for waking you?”

I smiled lopsidedly at his offer – and how it was approximately the fourth or fifth time he’d asked me in three days. The appeal of having dinner with Luke set me into a whirlwind. My brain was set on ‘no,’ but my chest was demanding a ‘yes.’ My head got it’s way, of course, as it planted a mental image of someone in my head. Someone that I knew would not allow me to see Luke. And if they knew I was organising such a thing with Luke, they would castigate me.

“I can’t,” I sighed.

“Alright,” Luke piped immediately, “another day then.”

Unfortunately, I doubted there ever would be another day. Perchance it could happen in my dreams. That would be the only place though.



I really didn’t mind lectures, or just spending time in the student library. For the most part, it was interesting and provided relevant information that would be beneficial in my future career. That’s proposing that the degree would eventually get me into a workplace. My classes also gave me a getaway. Any time that I was not at university, I was virtually always at my apartment. And at my apartment, there was a never ending gamble that the fiend would be there too.

Arriving back home after class and a after few hours in a study room, I was met by that exact brute.

“Where were you?” he beckoned from his slouched perch on the lounge.

“Uni,” I answered.

His head tipped back and I could only imagine his eyes rolled.

“What’s for dinner then?”

 “I’m not sure.”

“Well, I’ll want something to eat in the next hour, so…”

“I’ll go out and get something to cook then.”

“Pasta would be nice.”

Not even time enough for me to settle in anyway, I was back out the apartment, tapping my foot in front of the elevator door.

As soon as I escaped the complex, cold air struck goose bumps onto my skin. Trudging hurriedly, I tried to get to the nearest supermarket in record time. Although it was still bright, the warmth of the sun was no longer, meaning that slowly it was disappearing behind the curve of the globe. The faster I grabbed something to cook, the faster I could be back in my apartment and safe from the night. Kind of safe, anyway. 

Upon reflection, it may have been better for me to stay out in the darkening air. What would happen to me out there couldn’t be worse than what happens to me inside my own flat.

I exhaled when I made it inside the light of the shop. Passing the other aisles, I kept my feet constantly moving until I reached a wide shelf buttressing an array of different pastas. Back at the apartment, there would be something I could mix it with. But for some reason, my mind became insanely tired as I scanned over the different types of spirals and cuts and measures of pastas.


“Fancy seeing you here,” a voice chirped from behind my head, “what’s up?”

Startled, I zipping my body around. It was Luke.

In perfect form, it was as though he had not even been to work at all during the day. Styled back, his blonde hair did not seem at all different from in the morning. The soft suit was still flat, and the shirt underneath unmarked. His shoes even appeared more sheened than ten hours ago, but that must have been the effect of them on top of the white shop floor.

Three yellow containers of 2-minute-noodles were rested in his palm while he probed, “you know if you had let me make you dinner, you wouldn’t need to be standing in front of the pasta shelf for an hour.”

“Oh, and 2-minute-noodles really would’ve been an extravagant meal, as you say,” I retorted, more aggressively than I predicted.

It was good Luke saw the joking side of my rejoinder.

His lips parted to a laugh before defending, “well, according to some of my work colleagues, this is something that needs to be tried – emphasis on the ‘need’ they said.”

“Excuse me?” I hawked, a lighter beam on my expression. “Tried? Try? Are you telling me you haven’t eaten 2-minute-noodles before?”

Luke tittered, “that was the same response they gave me!”

The bafflement must have oppressed my usual awkward nature around him, as I joined laughter and questioned, “what even are you?”

“I’m your friendly neighbour,” he confirmed.

“Friendly neighbourhood spiderman?” I jumped to reply, only then regretting my words when I thought that if he had not seen the film, he would not appreciate the quote. “Sorry.”

Biting on the inside of his cheek, he fleeted, “that’s the second movie you’ve quoted to me, you know. I’m starting to believe you really are a literature student.”

“Film. Not movie,” I corrected, under my breath, but he heard anyway.

“Oh, right. Novel, not book. And film, not movie. Got it.”

I did not know what else to say then. My gaze filled back to the pastas.  

“Well,” he picked up the quiet, “if you can decide what you’re going to buy, I’d love to walk you back home considering it’s getting darker out.”

Blushing at the proposal, I abruptly nicked a packet of penne and began stepping along the aisle, headed to the counter. Luke followed.

The woman behind the register, mid-20s, I supposed, looked quite joyous to spot Luke and I walking to her isle. Placing the pasta onto the bench, I waited for her to recognise my existence, but she kept her eyes locked onto Luke’s. I honestly wondered how long it would be until she saw me. Luke must have pondered the same thing, as he purposely drifted his eyes onto me in the hope the woman’s eyesight would travel along with his.

“Hello,” she screeched when finally noticing my presence. A push of her curled hair behind her shoulders and a few flickers between myself and Luke later, she asked, “are you two paying together?”

“No,” I asserted quickly before Luke could talk.

“Good,” she purred, beginning to hastily scan my two items. While I was pulling the cash from my bag, she tapped her nails and smiled at Luke. Obviously, he smiled back. This is Luke we are talking about. If he could smile at me while I attempted lame jokes or accidentally threw rude replies, he would smile at anyone.

Another three minutes it took for her to scan Luke’s noodles. Who knew that so many winks and high-pitched giggles could be elicited during the transaction of just one customer. I stood by the exit doors in disbelief and observed as he politely kept up the conversation with her.

“That took a while,” Luke laughed later while walking out into the street with me.

“Flirting takes time, I guess.”

“Flirting? I think she was just being nice. There’s nothing wrong with that.”

Luke had made a valid point. I had no excuse for being uptight about it. But Luke had some naivety about him that set him apart from anybody else. Take a randomly selected male from any nearby street and place him in that exact circumstance Luke just devoured. That male, I can assure, would have left the most confident, boastful human to walk planet Earth. Luke had barely grasped that the woman had taken a liking to him.

“Anywho,” he launched, “how was your day? Had another lecture?”

“Uh-yeah,” I began, “it was fine. Your day?”

We begun pacing along the footpath back the apartment complex. Initially, I was on the roadside, but in a prompt action, Luke slowed his walk, dipping behind me and then scooting to my right, becoming the one closest to the cars travelling past.

“Fine, also. It will take me a while to get coordinated with everything because I haven’t had a job like this before.”

“Where is your work?”

“Oh, I didn’t realise I hadn’t said. It’s only a block or two away, further into the city centre, at an accounting business. I never thought I’d be planning taxes and writing profit statements, but I guess this is how things turn out. It was here or I stay stuck in the country running my father’s business anyway. Before moving in here, I had only been to the city once, or maybe twice. My whole existence, I’d been stuck outside and away from the hype of this place.”

It was a shock to learn he was from the country. Since when ever do country folk move into the city already owning a suit and tie?

“What was it like in the country? Were you on a farm or something?”

Luke paused for a second but did respond, “something like that.”

“How old are you?” I couldn’t contain my interest crawling from me now.

“Nineteen,” he ratified, “And how did I get a job so young, you probably want to know? It was just my family knowing other people and so on… But please, I’m not enthralling at all. I would like to know more about you. Tell me what the student life is like.”

“The student life?” I queried, “well, mine is a bit different to most.”



Soon enough, we had made our way back to the apartment block. I couldn’t manage to tell Luke much about myself. There was not much I could say. He seemed so genuinely intrigued about me and found it hard to believe when I endorsed that I truly was a human with nothing exciting to tell.

“I shall have to keep my eyes peeled and discover more about you myself then,” he eventually gave in while we stepped out of the lift onto our room level.

“Good luck,” I leered, walking to my door.

“Thankyou,” he grinned, “Might see you tomorrow?”

“Yeah, good bye.”

He studied me and called out as I pushed through my door, gliding into my open room, “Good night, Aurora.”



The pleasant chatter ended directly after that. I cooked dinner silently and listened to the grunts of the mammoth, who remained spread over the lounge fixated to a comedic show on the TV. Accidentally, my middle finger rested on the boiling pot over the stove and I gasped loudly at the burn. Even then, he kept engrossed in the sitcom.

“Took your time,” was the closest thing to a thank you when I passed down a full bowl into his lap.

“I burnt my finger on the pot when I wa-“

Munches and slobbering covered over the end of what I was trying to elucidate. Not once did his eyes remove from blazing into the TV. I made the choice to eat my food at the dinner table by myself. That way, I could lay a novel out on the wood and allow myself to gloss over the writing while I ate. The magic of fiction never failed to impress me. I could enter the life of another character, another person, and see things like them, become them.

The difficulty associated with imagination is the sinking feeling when you get slapped back in reality. A dirty bowl being chucked into the empty sink was the bang that popped the bubble of my dreams this time.

Across the room, he spluttered at me while picking at his teeth with a finger, “come to bed when you’re ready, yeah?”

Aware I did not have much of an alternative, I nodded, waiting for him to exit to the bedroom before I got up and begun scrubbing at the dishes. I spent a while wondering how he would have me tonight. Heaven forbid, I wanted it to be quiet. There was somebody living next door now. It was alright for me to suffer, but I did not want the burden of it all placed on anybody else. Particularly not Luke.


The skin on my fingertips became washy white and wrinkled because I found myself scouring the bowls for much longer than necessary. Fathoming that, I fastened my pace and efficiently drained the water so I would hopefully make it to bed in time and not be in trouble for keeping the monster waiting. After pressing off the TV and flicking at the main light switch, I prudently treaded into the bedroom, eyeing my surroundings. On the left hand side of the mattress was where he relaxed, with shuteyes and a fallen agape mouth. Not like I had thought he would be.

Taking this opportunity for a break, I did nothing other than, slowly and controllably, crawl underneath the scratchy covers on the opposing side. In my head, a new plan had devised itself – don’t move, and he should stay asleep. Then I would be left to slacken for the night; I would get a rest.

Such a plan was not to be had. Rustles emitted around me and soon a cold breath was prickling on my shoulder. The smell of dinner reeked from his mouth, but it was stanching of staleness and mould when coming from him. A rough finger poked into the side of my knee, and then voyaged up my thigh, across my stomach and to my breasts.

“What should I do with you tonight?” he growled, using his hand as a device to press my shoulders and upper body into the pillow – not that holding me down was required, as I knew too well not to move.

I figured that if I stayed silent, he might too. All I could think was if Luke could hear us. Never before had the creaking of the frame seemed so loud. Or the tiny bangs as the bedhead smacked against the wall. I wanted Luke to be in that section of deep sleep where nothing can wake you up.

Through the pain, I gritted my teeth and even bit my hand, trying to make the agony of another body part distract from what was occurring. When he made his final official rumble, water spilt from my eyes and I had to hastily rub my cheek into the sheets so the tear would disappear from view. His heavy arm slogged across my bare waist while I tried to drift into a slumber.

Following an episode like that, it was always a struggle to sleep. Clawing at the sides of my brain were the few little comments he snarled just minutes before. Do you like that, slut? Feel good, whore? When I was with Luke and he wanted to know more about me, I should have used those names as a description. They would have been honest.   

Upon waking the next day, dark-blackening colours clouding the skin underneath my eyelashes, hinting that my sleep had been minimal. The bags were further a reminder of what he did to me last night, and my heart burned with chagrin and disappointment at myself.

I wanted out at once. I needed to flee this trapping apartment and get out of my own body. It was an uncomfortable physical hurt when he used me at nights, but it was an excruciating mental throb when I woke and felt drenched by worthlessness.

Seeing Luke was the last event scheduled on my list. Under his blonde locks held a functioning intelligence; one that hadn’t been messed or tampered with. He shouldn’t have to deal with someone so ungodly, and probably likely to impale him with negativity. That someone was me. Pushing my ear to the entrance door, I breathed slow so that I could hear and interpret each of Luke’s steps as he left his flat for work. For a long time, he paced along the carpet of the hallway, like he was waiting for something.

Ultimately, he just grew impatient and his footsteps became no longer when he left out the elevator, and the noise of it clanking down informed me that I could then leave too. 

Chapter 2

Sometimes I forget that Stephen Amell is an actor and can do funny voices and accents and those things. Because he’s so integrated as Oliver Queen and Oliver doesn’t do funny voices. Oliver is not an actor. 

 It slightly frightens me when it happens. 

I haven't entered the basement in eleven years now.

original / author

Our house had an interesting setup.

The stairway down to the basement was in the garage, protected by a coded doorknob.

You enter the code, you gain access.

Pretty cool, really. Even cooler, in our family’s house, was the cat flap in the opposite wall.

We had five cats, and enough basement for them to have all the space they needed for their food, water, and litter. Letting them in and out through the garage was a hassle, so my dad carved a hole straight through our living room wall, right into the ledge above the stairwell to the basement.

At a certain angle it was almost eerie, how a cat could seemingly dissappear straight through the wall.

But I digress.

The point, of this promisingly, honest to god true story, is the living hell I experienced with my chore of feeding the cats and changing their litter every night.

I haven’t told anyone else this story, ever, but it seems like it’s time to get this off my chest. To make it known, and real.

Shit, I’m terrified to make this real. But I can’t keep this to myself anymore.

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[[I prefer the original actor from the first movie for Voldemort (the one who played Voldemort when part of Quirrell’s body) to the second. Because he was older (rather than in his 40s, more accurate), more grim sounding and with a slightly scarier (more chiseled?) face imo. He still frightens me a little tbh and something about him was just perfect for Voldemort. (No negativity meant to Ralph Fiennes who did an awesome job though)]]

Dark Nights (Sammy Wilk Imagine)

Y/N p.o.v
The cold weather harshly nipped at my skin while walking through the dangerous streets of LA. Over the past year the city of LA has been taken over by the infamous mafia group called OGOC. I looked up from the dirty concrete floor to the dark and shady building that was letting out a whole bunch of muffled chatter. I quickly glanced inside the building and made eye contact with a platinum blonde who widened his eyes at first but then deviously grinned at me. Feeling slightly confused and frightened as to why he grinned at me I looked away and swiftly fled away from the building but not before hearing loud footsteps walking behind me.
I suddenly felt a big strong hand grasp my arm and pull me to their chest. Fearfully I looked up to see the most beautiful pair of pinkish lips followed by a perfectly shaped nose, dark brown eyes that could lure just about anybody in, and the most curliest eyelashes that looked like they were reaching for the sky.
“Like what you see love?” A voice snapped me out of thoughts and made me look at the guy in front of me in question.
“Wow are my gorgeous looks that mesmerizing?” the platinum blonde in front me cockily let out. I roughly scoffed out loud and firmly pushed him away from me and responded, “Chill out pretty boy, you’re pretty average looking.”
“Well that drool on the side of your mouth speaks for it self.” he said with a handsome smirk.“What?!” I squeaked out before wiping my mouth furiously in fear that I actually had drooled.
He threw his head back with a laugh and looked down at me with his blonde locks flowing in the wind and a smile on his face , “You’re pretty cute you know that.”
I felt myself turn tomato red and heard myself say, “You probably say that to all the ladies don’t you?”
He raised a perfectly thick shaped eyebrow, “Maybe, maybe not. Why? You jealous?” he egoistically let out with a grin.
“Nooo, why would I be jealous I-”
“Yooo boss! We need to leave, we have a situation.” a handsome looking brunette called out from the door of the bar.
“Boss?” I questioned out loud with raised eyebrows.
Without answering my question he once again pulled me against him and ran his nose from the base of my neck to the bottom of my ear and inhaled deeply , “You don’t know how bad I want to take you right now but sadly it looks like I have to go, don’t worry though love ill come back for you and make you mine forever.” he gently whispered in my ear.