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anonymous asked:

nearly every single post on my dash is filtered and i have no fuckin clue how to fix this, also the blogs i follow dont post adult content/gore/whatever so like, tf?

So basically, it sounds like Tumblr has taken the censoring they began a year ago (randomly hiding posts from the tags in the default filtered mode even if there’s no adult content in them) and ramping it up to a hundred by now including the main dashboard as well as the tags. To fix this for your own viewing, go to Settings. On the Account tab there’s a filtering option below Language:

Make sure Safe Mode is deactivated if you want to see everything that crosses your dash (other than blacklisted content). But if you keep Safe Mode activated, you’ll see randomly filtered posts appear like this:

If you hit View Post and find that this is one of the 99.9999% of posts that are flagged that don’t contain sensitive media, you can help by letting Tumblr know. Under the post, they will have this option:

I’ll be keeping Safe Mode on for a while just to help anyone whose content has been incorrectly flagged by letting Tumblr know that it was mislabeled. 

Dang what a mess this is…