and that final line in Thor


Prison Loki Cosplay from Thor: The Dark World

Finally done with this! I’d been procrastinating on certain parts for a while (coughSOCKScough), but ‘tis finished! 

Oddly or perhaps not, I found this costume nearly as difficult as his armoured one to pattern. Strange lines and asymmetry. The vest is made mainly from real leather, with a lighter brown vinyl that I embossed with the triquetra pattern, and faux suede piping. The tunic took the longest, because I actually created the linear texture myself with a twin needle after failing to find a fabric that I liked. And, of course, a Loki costume is never complete without those dratted zipper stops for trim! 

As always, I have lots more photos that I’ll be posting, here and also on my Facebook page! :) And I’m always happy to answer questions! 

Loki & edits | Silhouette Cosplay
Photographer | myrddin-emrys


Remember that rumor about the Avengers lineup changing? It now has far more credence thanks to a statement made by chief producer Kevin Feige, who says “Each of the characters would go on separate adventures and occasionally team up for a mega-event, then go back into their own worlds and be changed from whatever that event was. I envision the same thing occuring after this movie since the roster is altered by the finale.” This shouldn’t be a huge surprise; Chris Evans only has two stints left in his contract, and he has plans to focus on directing while Chris Hemsworth has other projects lined up, delaying Thor 3 to 2017 at the earliest. The others are much more expensive to hire now, with only so many movies left in their contracts. Marvel is notoriously cheap, so newer faces will be introduced. Which character(s) might Age of Ultron debut? It would make sense to include Ant-Man, Black Panther, and Doctor Strange, though I’m hoping for Captain Marvel to make an appearance.

The Avengers: Age of Ultron, by Zach Jordan and Scott Stedman.

Have a drabble, because Jane Foster doesn't get nearly enough love

Jane Foster was not a morning person. Her brain may have been capable of teasing apart the most complex secrets of spacetime, but she would be the first to admit it didn’t start functioning properly until around eleven am. So when the phone rang at 4am she didn’t notice it wasn’t the Avengers’ private line with its special ringtone. She didn’t even bother answering, just rolled over and almost hit Thor in the face with the handset.

“Ss fer oo.”

“Greetings…Speaking…Indeed?…Verily…I understand, the time difference…Yes she is, a moment if you please.” Grinning broadly he handed Jane the phone. “It is for you.”


Judging that coffee would soon be required, Thor made his way to the kitchen, humming to himself. The first droplets were just draining into the coffee pot when the scream he’d been anticipating finally came. Turning he caught Jane as she charged into the kitchen and spun her through the air.

“I’ve won! I’ve won the prize! The Nobel Prize! I’ve won the Nobel Prize!”

Thor smiled at her, his heart almost bursting with pride. “And no one deserves it more than you.”

the best kind of UST with thorki is when they both kind of step over the line of familial touches without realizing it and so at the same they are satisfied by closeness that hardly anyone gets to enjoy, but they also get a taste of what it would be like to have more and they just can’t deal until everything explodes and they finally go for it

Our Best Man, Tom Hiddleston

Hiddleston’s toughest role to date? As a power-hungry megalomaniac in The Avengers and Avengers: Age Of Ultron? Turning on the emotion for Steven Spielberg in War Horse? Or delivering a perfectly timed line for Woody Allen in Midnight In Paris? How about on stage at the Donmar Warehouse in Coriolanus, or on television for the BBC in Henry IV or Henry V? Well, Hiddleston seems to collect well-received work just as easily as digital nods of approval from his army of online fans. Next up is more hammer time alongside Chris Hemsworth in Thor: Ragnarok  and the top billing in Kong: Skull Island, Peter Jackson’s King Kong sequel. Hiddleston’s leading-man potential is finally being unleashed.

GQ Magazine

Did you fall from heaven?

So, I still have some of those pick up line prompts.  And since I finally watched Age of Ultron yesterday, I can actually write the Pietro/Darcy prompt I got!  Did you fall from heaven for Pietro/Darcy from andyousaidtruelovedidntexsist.

               In the wake of Ultron’s attempt to destroy humanity (and really?  A freaking evil robot?  Darcy thought Gods were bad enough), the world wasn’t exactly… enthusiastic about the Avengers.

               Pepper could hold all the press conferences in the world, but they needed more than to just turn the tide of mainstream media in their favor.  That was when Jane had made the suggestion to Thor, who put it up to the other Avengers, and then Darcy was hired as their Social Media PR.

               They needed a fresh, young perspective to twist things to their favor, and she was it.

               Working with the Avengers was, admittedly, pretty cool. And useful.  Like Natasha, teaching her how to defend herself with more than a taser – not that she stopped carrying the taser, of course. But knowing how to throw a decent punch could only be a good thing.  And then there was the amazing tech she had at her fingertips thanks to Social Media. Or the drinking partner she had found in Wanda, who in the aftermath of … everything, had been more than happy to have a friend around her age that could help her loosen up a bit.

               Of course, with Wanda, came Pietro.

               Darcy had been the one to give him the name Quicksilver, because the first time she met him he had given her this… grin, and then just disappeared, and she swore all she saw was a flash of his hair, looking silver, and then he was just gone.

               He had reappeared seconds later with a daisy, and told her that a beautiful girl deserved a beautiful flower, and while she had been flushing bright red, Barton had been scoffing and telling him that he wasn’t nearly as smooth as he thought he was.

               Darcy disagreed of course – she thought he was pretty damn smooth.

               But nothing much had come out of it.  There had been flirting of course, but Darcy flirted with pretty much everyone, and was the point in working with the Avengers if you didn’t take every opportunity to ogle Captain America shirtless and admire how good those men looked in their tight uniforms?  Hell, Darcy was all about the free love – Wanda and Natasha looked pretty damn good too.

               But still, she couldn’t help but look a little longer at Pietro, with his light hair and gorgeous eyes, and she thought she maybe saw him look back once or twice… but, well, he was too fast for her to really be sure.

               “I do not understand why you are upset with my brother,” Wanda told her, when Darcy dragged her out for a night on the town. Darcy had one too many screwdrivers, and somehow that turned into her complaining about how boys – mainly Pietro – were way too hard to understand.

               “Because I wear my cutest low cut tops for him, and give him my best come hither smiles – that always worked nine times out of ten in the past – and yet he always just… runs.”

               “Pietro always runs,” Wanda replied.  “It is his way.  You were the one that named him Quicksilver, no?”

               “Yes, but he’s not supposed to run when I want him to stay.”

               Wanda considered this.  She drank her drink – a gin and tonic – much slower than Darcy, still not sure if she enjoyed alcohol or not.  

               “Perhaps he does not know you wish him to stay. We have spent most of our teen years in the experimental program.  All of the girls he knew… well, they all died.”

               Except his sister, which makes Darcy consider everything.  Because yeah, she had been smiling at him, and he had flirted – a pretty flower for a pretty girl – but maybe… maybe smiles weren’t enough.  Not if he didn’t realize she was smiling at him.

               She turned on her chair an caught sight of him across the bar.  She thought it was sweet, how protective he was of Wanda, even though she was the freaking Scarlet Witch and could more than take care of himself.

               “What are you thinking?” Wanda asked, her expression somewhat uncertain.

               “That you probably aren’t going to want to look toward your brother for a little while, Wanda.”

               Darcy threw back the rest of her drink and set her glass firmly on the counter before she made her way across the bar, to where Pietro watched everything, looking rather uncomfortable.

               “Do you have a map? Cause I keep getting lost in your eyes,” she said with a cheeky grin when she finally reached his side. Pietro startled, and she realized that though he had been looking toward where she had been sitting with Wanda, his mind had apparently been a thousand miles away.

               “I do not understand this statement,” Pietro admitted after a moment, in which his face went through several adorable stages of befuddlement.  

               “It’s a pickup line, Quicksilver,” Darcy replied with a chuckle, nudging him with her shoulder.  “Admittedly, it’s a pretty bad one, but you gotta enjoy the classics every now and then.”

               “Ah,” Pietro looked as though he were considering that, and filing it away for later, then gave her a quick grin that made her pulse race.  “And after this pickup line has been used, would it be natural to offer to buy the pretty girl a drink?”

               “You’re a quick study.  Asking the pretty girl to dance wouldn’t hurt either.”

               She woke up the next morning with a headache and a grin, because memories of dancing with Pietro and plying him with alcohol, only to discover that his increase metabolism meant getting drunk wasn’t an easy feat had left her more than a little tipsy, but he’d totally carried her home.

               When she joined the others, she thought there might be a little awkwardness, but Pietro had given her that smile of his and then gone back to being an utter smartass to Barton, which Darcy was pretty sure was his favorite past time.  When everyone began to go their separate ways for the day, Pietro fell in step with her, an when he leaned down, his breath warm on her ear, she nearly jumped.

               “Did you fall from heaven?” Pietro asked, and he wore that half grin of his.

               “Really?” Darcy blurted, because the combination of his nearness and her own general lack of tact meant that she didn’t really think before speaking.  Pietro’s face fell into confusion.

               “I am sorry.  Barton, he says that is one of those pickup lines?”

               Darcy almost face palmed, because of course it would be Barton, and she shot a glare at the archer who was howling in laughter.

               “He neglected to tell you when you should use them,” Darcy explained.  “It’s typically in bars… when you’re drunk.”

               Comprehension dawned on Pietro’s face, and he turned his own glare to Barton.

               “What’s wrong, Kid?  Didn’t see that one coming?”

               She could see his muscles tensing, ready to go for Barton, but she placed a hand on his arm, making him freeze and look down at her instead.  Throwing caution to the wind – because caution had never really been her thing anyway – she went up on tip toes and pressed a lingering kiss to his cheek.

               “I liked a pretty flower for a pretty girl better,” she admitted, a whisper into his ear, before she went back onto flat feet and went on her way.

               “Oh, c’mon,” she heard Barton whine behind her.  “You can’t tell me she actually let that work, can you?”

               “What?” was Pietro’s reply.  “You didn’t see that one coming?”

               She shot a quick look over her shoulder before she rounded the corner, and saw that for all he was snarking back at Barton, Pietro was watching her go, a goofy grin on his face and his fingers pressed to where she had kissed his cheek.


Couple of reasons I had to take down and repost:

1. Two of the slides weren’t coming up.

2. “Cotton Eyed Joe” is not a song about an STD. It’s a very old song, pre dating 1860 that has been rewritten several times, until finally the Rednex version was published and became the standard. A line from the orginal 200 year old version:

Kase he was tall, and berry slim,
An’ so my gal she follered him.
I’d ‘a’ been married forty year ago
Ef it had n’t a-been for Cotton-eyed Joe.

It’s about a man who stole peoples girlfriends/sweethearts/wives with no intent to marry them once having had some 'fun’.

And for those who would like to play the music along with the slides:

Here’s a funny fact. If you play “Cotton Eyed Joe” over any of his dancing videos/memes/gifs, they sink up pretty perfectly.


Fan Art Friday: Disney Meets Marvel

When Disney purchased Marvel back in 2009, it caused many a jaw to drop straight to the floor, and once people finally picked their jaws up, they began to scratch their heads over what would become of the latest acquisition by the Mouse House. After all, combining Disney and Marvel seemed almost as “appealing” as mixing peanut butter and pickles.

Since then, the combination has proven to be more along the lines of peanut butter and chocolate. Disney has since proven itself worthy of overseeing Marvel, having produced a movie franchise that has reshaped the cinematic landscape, created several animated Marvel shows for its Disney XD channel, and even created attractions for its theme parks.

However, even with all of that, it seems as though this is only but a taste of what Disney and Marvel have to offer. One can simply imagine the possibilities that this partnership can bring about. If the Marvel Cinematic Universe is any evidence, then Disney has much potential in utilizing this new intellectual property, and fan artists of all shape have imagined what that potential can be.

1. Disney Avengers from unknown

Disney Characters as the Avengers. Obvious parallels are obvious.

2. Disney Ladies Meet Marvel Super Heroes by racookie3

Disney princesses as Marvel characters. Again, obvious parallels are obvious.

3. Silver Dash and Violet Witch by racookie3

Two super-powered siblings: an older sister with psychic powers, and a younger brother who can run super-fast. *smacks head* How did I never see the connection?

4. The Incredible 4 by racookie3

Now this connection I always saw. A character who can stretch? Check. A character who can become invisible? Check. A character who is super strong? Check. A character who can become flame? Well, three out of four isn’t bad.

5. deadpool in wonderland by m7781

Laugh all you want, but you know that this crossover would make much more sense than Johnny Depp in Burtonland.

6. fancy meeting you by briannacherrygarcia

Long-haired blonde. Long-haired blonde. Doing whatever a long-haired blonde does.

7. Disney VS Capcom by Tyrranux

Disney owns Marvel. Marvel has crossed over with Capcom. Capcom has made games for Disney. So how come we still don’t have a Disney fighting game yet?

Marvel vs. Capcom vs. Disney? Sure, it sounds strange, but Capcom can certainly pull it off. If Disney and Square can come together to make a great action RPG (Kingdom Hearts), what’s to stop Disney and Capcom from coming together to make a great fighting game.

And don’t try to tell me that Disney would shy away from making a fighting game because it would be “too violent.” This is a company whose movies always have at least one death in them. The company has always had a violent undertone, so let’s just make it an overtone already.

Besides, who doesn’t want to see Disney and Marvel characters sparring off? The Hulk vs. The Beast. Hercules vs. Juggernaut. Mulan vs. Wolverine. Elsa vs. Emma Frost. Genie vs. Deadpool. (Well, let’s face it, Deadpool can beat anybody!)

Loki, are you real? Final Chapter (pt 18)


Here it is! The final chapter. I already have another multi-chapter Loki fic in the works, featuring a teen Loki and his first love. Yes, loads of cuteness. Now, enjoy!

You came out of the cell’s bathroom dressed, you looked at Loki who sat on his bed with his arms crossed, his lips shut into a thin line and his eyebrows furrowed. You breathed in, feeling your stomach twisting, you turned to Loki and his expression softened a tad bit, you pressed a kiss into his forehead and turned to go, wishing you could read his mind.

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unofficialfilmcritic  asked:

Is A-Force not going to be a part of the new Marvel NOW line-up??? I'm was just checking again what the new series were so that I can plan what I'd like to read, and I realized that I haven't seen A-Force listed anywhere in the line-up. I love A-Force; along with the recent The Mighty Thor, A-Force is what got me into reading Marvel comics. I love the MCU but the numerous comic series scared me. So I hope A-Force isn't done. I've loved the story and characters. Also, excited for Hawkeye!!!

Hey. SO I can finally answer this ask that’s been in my in-box for a while.

No, as of A-Force #10 (which came out today 10/19) the book has been cancelled. My understanding is that Marvel will be bringing it back, but I don’t know when or in what capacity, or who the creative team will be (except that I assume it will not be me).

I loved A-Force so much - so much more than I ever imagined I would when I first got the gig - and I want to take a minute to offer thanks to all of you who loved it too.

It was a huge blow to me when I found out we were going to be cancelled and I apologize to all of you (and there were A LOT of you) who asked me about it over the previous months here, on twitter, and even via email, I was under strict instructions not to speak about it until the last issue was released. That was a very hard thing to do but I’m new at Marvel and I have to follow the rules, I hope you understand.

Anyway, I tried to leave the book in the best possible place for Marvel to be able to pick up and carry on again when they’re ready. That wasn’t the easiest task since we had already been planning Arcs 4 and 5! - but we figured it out and I think it’s been left in the best possible shape for someone else to run with in the future.

For what it’s worth there’s also a letter from me in A-Force #10 talking a little bit about the book and my experiences with it.

Carry on my #ACorps, I believe in #A-Force’s return, and you should too! <3

So, after some thought, I finally decided to say ‘screw it’ to Marvel’s lazy copying of Mjolnir’s runes onto Loki’s shackles (and I know some people have made a case for it being significant, but I don’t buy it). Also they literally mispelled 'who’ on Mjolnir and copied the mistake onto the shackles, like, really Marvel?

Instead, I did a little research and used one of the lines from the Lokasenna: “Oe'r all that thou hast… shall play the flickering flames.” It’s spoken by Loki in the original, but I like the irony of having it thrown back in his face in his own bonds. 

And, yes, the words are still English in Old Norse runes. Because I like it. So there. :P 

Empty Arms, Part Four

A savage war that no one won
A prisoner finally freed
A new home with old friends
A missing piece that leaves him with Empty Arms

Part Three

A/N: I swear this one really is relevant to the story line, in the long run. It also takes heavily from 1.1 Firefly, any and all dialogue or resemblance to the show belongs solely to the owners.
Also please keep in mind I have absolutely no idea how long space travel would be, so I apologize in advance if it never makes sense.

Warnings: Language, violence, maybe mentions of blood.

Surveying the group spread out before him, Steve began his practiced ‘welcome speech’. “Meals are taken up here in the dining area, the kitchen is pretty much self-explanatory, you’re welcome to eat what there is any time, what there is, is pretty standard fare, I guess, protein in all the colors of the rainbow. We do have sit-down meals, the next one being at about 1800. Apart from that, I have to ask you to stay in the passenger dorm while we’re in the air. The bridge, the engine room, cargo bay they’re all off limits without an escort.”

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one-secondof-thevamps  asked:

May I have a ship please? I am 5'4, tan, Latina, I have long curly&dark brown hair, brown eyes, I wear glasses, I am thick XD, but not overly. I'm shy, nice, &observant, but I can fight + roast someone if you ever cross THAT LINE. I hate being cocky, but I think boys with that attitude are hilarious. I love art, Takis, music, hip-hop dancing, martial arts, softball & ANYTHING Marvel, especially the x-men rn. FINALLY, I wish I was able to control the elements+have the biggest wings ever. Thanks♥♥

Of course! I ship you with Thor!

Originally posted by thorvalkyrie

“I’ve come to help,” you declared when you arrived at the Avenger complex.

Thor chuckled, “You? You’re tiny.”

“I’m average height for your information.”

“Uh huh.” Thor crossed his arms. “What can you do little girl?” It was then you used your powers lifting Thor up in the air with a gust of wind. He only chuckled, “you can cause a breeze?”

“No, that’s only the start.” You proceeded to wrap him in the earth beneath his feet. Drench him in water. And the surround him in fire. He appeared shocked when he realized your power. “I can control the elements. That’s only a small sample of my powers, wouldn’t wanna hurt you.”