and that completes my challenge!

Forever You’ll Be There by my Side 

by LadyLondonderry (4k)

Published : 2017-04-25

If asked, Harry would say that he doesn’t live alone; he lives with his lovely and intelligent cat Starberry. He lives on a street full of witches and wizards that he sees briefly before they apparate off their front steps, and his sister floos by unannounced quite often. If asked, Harry would say he lives a rather content life.

If asked, Harry would not say being practically run over by his new neighbour the first time they meet is a positive thing. He may even say that he wishes that new neighbour would stop following him around and let him do his produce shopping in peace.


27.8.16 85 hours +55 minutes/100 hours

And suddenly, I realise that I have a bunch of work pushed towards the end of my holiday. Note that I’m NOT USUALLY LIKE THISヾ(×× ) ツ. Oh well… I’ll have to push through to 100 hours of Korean to complete the challenge, and also find out ways to continue my studies and energise my determination as the school year begins…

Tugging On My Heartstrings 

by FallingLikeThis (Zayniam) (4k)

Published : 2017-04-24

“Almost there, babe,” he reminds Louis as they get ever closer. He sees Louis’ leg start moving faster out of the corner of his eye and bites down on a smile. It’s cute that Louis’ so anxious to get there, sort of makes Harry’s heart flutter happily.

When they finally pull into the drive, Louis barely lets the car stop before he’s throwing open his door and speed-walking to the house in front of them.

The door opens right when Harry reaches the front steps, just in time to see it all go down. He sees Niall’s knowing grin just before there’s a happy squeal and a little bundle of limbs and energy tosses itself at Louis.

Challenge my wife

2017 will be mostly challenges for my wife to complete.

1. I want her to send me a selfie of her covered in at least one guys cum a month for the entire year.

2. I want her to have at least one gangbang in 2017.

3. I want her to get DP’d in front of me.

4. I want her to watch me with another woman.

4a. Then join in.

What else would you challenge her to….?

Reblog with your comments and I will see what happens.

Oh my gosh! Ok so for about a month ago I wanted to try one of these things so I sketched it all out and thought that it was okay and all but then I started my challenge thing and completely forgot about it until today when I found the paper and finished everything! Yay! :3 (Sorry for killing your son Nekophy >w<’)

To the credits!

Normal Goth belongs to @nekophy

Normal Palette belongs to @angexci

Shopkeeper au by @pwnage101 (I’m so sorry I forgot ;-;)

And the song is “one more second” by Marcus & Martinus

TWD Story Cubes Challenge Masterlist

Masterlist of all completed drabble submissions for my Story Cubes Challenge.

If you want to see the original challenge post find it HERE. Submissions are ongoing until 31st March. 

Bad Break by @opheliadawnwalker3 

It’s your first supply run with the Saviors. (Action, Adventure, Mild Gore, SFW)

The Monster by @i-am-negan-trash

You find Negan where you least expect him. (Fluff, Cute, SFW)

The Hunt by @melodicdolls 

Jesus has a surprise for Daryl (Fluff, Cute, SFW)

Blood for the Blood God by @dusty-cookie

You take up a new hobby and Negan is not impressed. (Fluff, Funny, SFW)

Magic by @ashzombie13

You and Aaron go on a run to find supplies for the Saviors. (Adventure SFW)

Bee Happy by @imjustmakingsuffupagain

Negan cheers Amy up (Fluff, SFW, Mentions of Depression)

The Road by @redisunamused

Daryl takes RM back to the Sanctuary. (Funny, SFW, Friendship)

Arat in Wonderland by @lucifers-trash-stash

Arat wakes up in Wonderland and sees some familiar faces. (hilarious, sfw)

Take the Long Way Home by @starshinesupergirl

Daryl has a hell of a time trying to get back to Hilltop. (Action, Fluff, sfw)

A Light in the Darkness by @embracetheapocalypsewithme

Negan see’s a light in the dark. (Negan/OC, Fluff, Pre Saviors,SFW)

Lost and Found by @fangirlindenial

You see a surprise for Negan. (Fluff, Mild Peril, Adventure, SFW)

Reminder by @daintyunicorn

Negan has a present for you. (Funny, fluffy, smutty)

Golfin’ in the Rain by @sherrybaby14

You find some fun on a run with Dwight. (Fun, Fluff, Adventure, SFW)

Probably Aliens by @grab-my-boner

You, Simon, Arat and Negan spend the night under the stars. (AU, Adventure)

The Woman by @may85

The Sanctuary’s children go on an adventure. (Negan, SFW)

Games by @vizhi0n

Negan and Simon play a game. (Negan/Simon, fluff, SFW)

A Place with No Name by @negans-dirty-girl

Negan finds a new kind of sanctuary in the desert. (Romance, SFW)

All Mine by superprincesspea

Arat wants you and the feeling is Mutual. (Smut, NSFW)