and that collateral damage matters

Credence Barebone

It really hurts to find home inside a character, where you can really feel a reflection of yourself in them, only to have them gone in a flash (no pun intended). It’s not really encouraging when their suffering is so real to you, where their road to self-destruction is something you know, and their attempts to reach out for help only lead to dismissal by the coldness of society’s need to hold order no matter who ends up as the collateral damage.

I don’t think I speak only for myself when I say that when your views and self are so far different than those of most of your family, especially the authority figures, you want to hold it in and hide it. Keep it to yourself and change. It’s when you harden a shell around your fragile self and your supposedly shameful secret. When we meet Credence, he’s at his most vulnerable. His shell has been cracked, he finds hope, and he reaches out. It is because of this vulnerability and desperation that more often than not, the ones who reach back have cruel intentions. We can not choose our family but we can choose who to be on our side. This is why people suffer the most when bonds willingly formed are broken.

Credence wanted more from his life than the suffering he was given. Credence wanted to change. Credence wanted and needed help. I think in some way or form, we are all Credence Barebone and we deserve better.

On a side note, Pres. Picquery didn’t do anything and was useless, and when she finally did something she did the thing and I hate her for it.

Visser One’s deducted discovery that the Animorphs are human instead of Andalite purely because she began looking up body-counts and discovered the Animorphs only killed Hork-Bajir and Taxxon Controllers, leaving the human Controllers alive, is honestly one of my favorite Holy Shit! villain moments ever. Because of course middle school kids might consider monstrous looking aliens, no matter how ultimately innocent, as justifiable collateral damage in an alien war, but go out of their way to not kill their own, not thinking that the aliens that they pose as wouldn’t give less of a shit. Remembering back to how Ax, the only actual Andalite in the group, is the only one to not show qualms about maiming a human’s finger or hand off without a second thought, it makes Visser One’s deduction such a brilliant set up and pay off.

Rant on Alison

Now that PLL is approaching again, I’ve been rewatching for fun and I noticed a big change in Ali’s character the most. It actually makes me really sad that they made Alison’s character so dynamic and mysterious in the first 3 or 4 season where she disappeared, she had a pregnancy scare, she had all these different secret relationships, and seemed to be scared of her own family, along with some vulnerabilities and insecurities of her own. When Alison returned it was exciting. But I thought her story would be a little more important. Technically, whatever Ali was doing that night didn’t even matter because she was just collateral damage.

The whole mystery revolved around Alison and that night. But somehow it wasn’t even about Alison or the girls for that matter. They were just bystanders. I’ll accept that Ali isn’t a terrible person anymore - but I feel like Ali’s character should have been explained more. Who got her pregnant? Why did she really pick the girls as her friends? Why did she have a weird relationship with Jason? Garrett? Byron? What was her life like in NYC actually? Did Mrs. D actually think she was alive or was the clothes in Ali’s room actually for Cece? I feel like there was no steady understanding of how evil manipulative Ali became church and kind Ali. I just need a storyline for her dammit. Now I feel like the new season is going to start but much of Alison’s old character won’t be addressed. It’s not like she’s even herself.

How do you feel about Alison’s character development???