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Varok was sitting in the dirt in front of bar where he actually went to take a job but ended up in a fist fight with a much bigger alien. He surely had some bleeding wounds but at least he lived. Not like the other. He moved his ars a bit to check if they are okay. It seemed no limbs has broken but he felt stinging pain in his chest. Great some of his ribs got it bad. He had to get home. The mercenary licked some of his wounds, those could reach. and left the others bleed.

Mina had been walking past, she was finally off the clock. And course she decided it was a good idea to dress out of uniform. She needed to have sometime out of those tight clothes. She wore a loose pair of shorts with a simple blue blouse. She was making her way past the bar when she looked down. There was a male…and he was licking his wounds. Something ticked inside her and the small galra let out a little whine. Oh goodness that was not what you were suppose to do if you had a wound. She made her ways towards him before crouching down. “You are not helping your wounds.” she told him, looking down at his arm. “Let me see?” She asked, holding a hand out to him.

Lipstick Stains

Anonymous asked: hey, could you do skimmons, skye has an allergic reaction and jemma gets all overprotective?? i love your work btw x

Thank you so much! Haha, this was so much fun to write. I hope you like this. It’s not exactly overprotective Simmons, but nevertheless I hoped this is what you envisioned. 

“Jem…” Skye says and raises both of her eyebrows when staring at herself in the mirror. “Remember that talk we had about being allergic to stuff in case of emergency?”


“I think I’m allergic to this new lipstick you have.” She snorts and pulls down the collar where the redness has spread down.

“Oh no, that can’t be true. It’s so nice,” Jemma answers with a worried look on her face and walks over to where Skye’s standing.

“I know, you look great. It’s just that this rash doesn’t lie.”

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A Grimm Fairytale


Red high heels clicked against the hardwood floors as she walked. She knew she shouldn’t wear them but she had better balance and reflexes than a human so she was safe, plus they looked great and made her legs look even better. A crimson skirt swished about her thighs, longer than the shorts she used to wear but still short enough to show a bit of thigh. A crisp white blouse was the only part of the uniform she actually wore but it wasn’t like anyone was going to tell her off for her lack of conformity, not when she owned the cafe she worked at.

Walking through the precinct she ignored the looks, her ears picking up the whispered comments. She looked good and she knew it, so what was wrong with adding a little extra sway to her hips as she walked? “Nick Burkhardt? I have a coffee order for a Nick Burkhardt?” He was the last on her list of deliveries for the precinct. Long dark curls bounced lightly as she glanced around for her customer.