and that blouse looks great on her


She was achy, her eyes were killing her and the constant thrum in her head was just a friendly reminder that she had cried herself to sleep last night, and was now paying the consequences.

She was sure she didn’t look that great either. Her normal put together look was just not gonna happen today, she was too damn tired. Running a hand through her messy ponytail, she sighed, buttoning the blouse she had on, holding her hands to her heart. How did she get here?

She had never thought he would hurt her, she trusted him. He knew how important that trust was to her, so how could he do this?

The “he” in question was none other than her boyfriend of six months, Jughead jones.

Leaning against her locker, gently resting her head on the cool metal grates she closed her eyes. She was early and she allowed herself a minute to enjoy the quiet of the empty halls. She had to wake up practically an hour early to avoid Jughead, he always walked her to school and she couldn’t even look at him right now.

Thinking of the beanie wearing boy, her eyes welled with unshed tears, she loved him. She was so stupid. She should have learned, it was nearly impossible to love her. Archie had made that clear, and now the picture in her phone of Jughead and Sabrina spellman further cemented that fact.

She had been having an amazing day, cherrleading with Ronnie, manicures with Kevin. She settled into her bed content and happy last night.

That was until she received a picture message from Cheryl blossom with the words

“I know we aren’t besties, but I wanted you to see it from me first. Sorry girl.”

Attached to it was a picture of Jughead kissing the short haired blonde in a booth at pops, it was taken from a distance so it was a bit blurry, the beanie was visible and the curvy blonde was recognizable from any distance.

Obviously he didn’t care about her at all,he didn’t even try to hide. It all happened right there at pops, she was humiliated, heart broken and just sad.

Suddenly students started filtering in and she lifted her head from the locker. Immediately she noticed the looks, people were staring at her whispering. Holding her head high, she clutched her books to her chest. They wouldn’t win, not with her.

Suddenly the front doors slammed open and jughead stood feet away from her, he looked almost worse than she did, the blood shot eyes, dirty flannel and missing beanie.

Woah. She had only seen him without a beanie a few times and that was never in front of other people. She wasn’t going to stand here and admire his mess of black waves though, she had to go. Get out of this hallway. Turning on her heel, she took off, shoulders slumped and tears steaming. She heard his heavy, quick footsteps behind her.

“Betty, bets, please. Talk to me, you wouldn’t answer any of my messages last night and when I came over your dad said you wouldn’t see me, I have to explain, please let me explain.” He was pleading. She could hear it in his voice. Jumping to stand in front of her he reached for her face “bets” she flinched away. All she could see was that damn picture.

“Just…just leave me alone.” She whispered

“Betty.” He choked out.

Suddenly she was ushered into a classroom and was being embraced by the gorgeous raven haired girl she was lucky enough to call her best friend.

“It’s not what you think B, I was there I saw it all. That skank pretty much jumped him. I know it looks horrible, but you have to believe him. He loves you.”

Betty couldn’t comprehend all this. It was too much

“ I have to go, class is starting. Thank you Ronnie.” She walked out the door.

Maybe she was right, maybe it was all a misunderstanding. But could she let her heart be that vulnerable? She’d allowed her heart to be destroyed by Archie, she couldn’t let that happen again.

Walking into her chemistry class, she took a deep breathe, she forgot. She sat next to Jughead in this class. The room went quiet as she took her seat. Everyone was waiting for her to explode. Fortunately for her, her family had taught her to only explode on the inside.

As soon as professor flute started speaking, Jughead turned to her.

“ I am so sorry baby.” She straightened a bit, he only ever called her baby when he was scared.

“I didn’t even realize it was happening. One second she’s asking for my ketchup and the next she’s sitting there, talking to me, touching me. Than before I knew it she attacked me. I’m such an idiot. I shouldn’t have let her get that close, I don’t think. I’m the biggest asshole in the world. But I promise you, I did not kiss her. I would never. I.. betty .. please you have to know how much I love you.”

She looked into his eyes finally, her heart ached when she noticed the tears in her eyes.

“She’s beautiful juggie.” She whispered

His eyes widened and he shook his head, placing his hand under her chin

“Betty.. don’t you get it? You’re everything.”

Her eyes closed and she let the tears hit his palm.

“I love you Jughead. I can’t.. I can’t let you break my heart.. I don’t..”

“No.” he said drawing the professors eyes towards his. Even the old man seemed to realize this couldn’t wait “No Betty. That’s not me, I will never break your heart. Not on purpose. You know me, I would rather die than hurt you. You’re so beautiful and good and kind I… God please don’t leave me. ”

She closed her eyes when she felt his tears hit her arms, that he was gripping.

“I believe you ” she finally breathed out, grabbing his hand.

Almost all of the tension he was holding in was instantly released. “Thank you, thankyou so much.”

“I’m gonna kill Sabrina, you know that right?” She said her face hard as stone.

Jughead nodded

“If it makes you feel any better, I pretty much lost it on her, called her a few choice names and then very gently shoved her out of the booth.”

Betty laughed, leaning into her boyfriend.

“That’s nothing compared to when I see her.”

He snorted
“I know, I expect nothing less.”

Looking into his eyes, she saw the love shining through them, it made her heart flutter

“I love you Jughead.”

He dropped his lips to hers, with the brightest smile she had ever seen he whispered

“Not nearly as much as I love you Betty Cooper.”

As soon as there lips touched each other’s the class erupted into simultaneous

And professor flute cleared his throat effectively ruining the moment.

“Now if we can continue.” He raised a pointed brow towards the couple.

Swinging his arm over Betty, Jughead smiled at the teacher

“After you.”

Betty giggled.

The Other Woman

Genre: Angst

Word Count: 2508

Everybody knows the timeless, clichéd love story of two best friends who promised to stay best friends for the rest of their lives. But when one friend develops feelings for the other, of course the other is already in a relationship and the friend is forced to watch and endure the other love and cherish someone that isn’t them.

Usually, the other’s partner seems jealous and arrogant to the friend, leading them to wonder why the other chose them in the first place. But destiny is kind and rewarding, and soon the other realises his love for the friend, ultimately leaving his jealous, arrogant partner behind. The two best friends become lovers and live happily ever after. Sounds perfect, right? But it’s not. Everyone always overlooks the one person who suffers the most.

The day you met Minah, you knew your relationship with Jongdae would inevitably turn into this same clichéd love story. Unfortunately, you were on the losing end of the bargain.

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baby pt. 1

- there’s so reason for me to post this -

Dan frowned at the paper that clearly did not read his name, sticking out his bottom lip in a pout. This wasn’t fair! They couldn’t do this!

He sighed, feeling his lip tremble, and ran his pink nails through his hair. He felt like crying, but he didn’t want to at school. He buried his face in his sleeves, pulling the soft baby blue fabric over his hands.

“Oh Dan, baby, what’s wrong love?” He felt two arms wrap around him gently, and he let himself be enveloped into the girls arms, burying his face in her chest.

“T-they didn’t accept me.” He sniffed, curling his fists in her blouse.

“Oh, Dan.” She sighed, running her fingers through his hair. “I’m so sorry. You did so good!”

“N-no I didn’t.” He squeezed his eyes shut. “Cause if I did good they would let me join.”

“Hey.” She pulled back, grabbing Dan’s shoulders and looking him in the eyes. “Look at me. You did great, I saw. Better than most of them. It’s bullshit that they didn’t let you on, and you know it.”

Dan let his gaze fall to the floor, a strand of curly hair falling in his eyes. He played with the hem of his tennis skirt, biting his lip.

“I really wanted to get on, Lou.” He pressed his lips together. She pulled him back into her arms.

“I know, Danny.” She sighed. “I’ll talk to Cat, but you know she won’t budge.”

“I know.” Dan felt a tear stream down his face, and she wiped it with her sleeve.

“Hey.” She offered him a small smile, trying to get one out of him as well. “Don’t cry, pretty. You’ll ruin your makeup.”

Dan nodded, smiling back weakly. Louise pulled back, unzipping Dan’s white backpack and digging inside it for something.

“Here.” She handed him a small brown teddy bear, and his eyes lit up. She smiled, and he snatched it from her, holding it to his chest.

“Thank you, Lou!” He went up on his toes, kissing her cheek gently. “I love you.”

She grinned, patting his head.

“I love you too, Danny. Try not to cry about stuff like this, alright? They’re dumb.” She gave him a quick hug. “They just don’t understand.”

“Okay, Lou.” He flashed her a huge smile. “I’ll get to be a cheerleader next year, right?”

“Right.” She nodded. “We’ll work really hard.”

Louise left to go to her next class, leaving Dan alone in the hallway. He straightened his large baby blue jumper, and tugged down his skirt so that it covered his bum and his lace panties nicely. He smiled, holding his teddy closely to his chest like it would protect him.

Dan was rounding the corner when he bumped into someone, stumbling backwards and dropping his teddy bear.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I-” he bit his lip, his voice trailing off as his eyes ran up the boy he had run into, from his sneakers and tight jeans to his black t-shirt and football jacket that clearly read Lester on the collar.

The boy brushed black hair out of his eyes, looking Dan over carefully and grinning with one side of his mouth.

“Don’t apologize, baby,” he said finally, breaking the silence and leaning over to pick up Dan’s teddy. Dan felt his face heat up. “It was my fault.”

The boy handed Dan his bear, and Dan took it cautiously, not breaking eye contact.

“T-thank you.”

The boy smiled and winked. Then he was gone around the corner, leaving Dan breathless.

Who the hell was that?

The Wedding Planner (Part 4)

Summary: Being a wedding planner is all fun and games until suddenly you’re saved from an accident by the man of your dreams–later discovering that he happens to be your latest client’s fiancé.

Word Count: 1,421.

A/N: Surprise! I was honestly not even expecting to write a new part for this until later during the week but of course, inspiration just slapped me in the face. Hope you enjoy!

Part 1 Part 2  Part 3

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Never Felt So Much

Anthony Ramos x Reader, ft. Hamilcast, Lin, Leslie, & Oak

Fake Dating AU

Author: Lil Lambie

Words: 2209

Warnings: Fighting, kissing, mild language

Request: Hi!! Can you please do Anthony and fake dating au??? I’ll love you forever and ever @linmanuclmiranda (I already love you forever and ever oops)

A/N: I did it guys! I kept my promise! I really am sorry about yesterday. Thank you the anons and asks today, you were all so sweet and made me feel so loved. It really made my day. Thank you all so much, without further ado…Fake Dating AU, with Anthony. Enjoy, lovelies!

“Hey! (Y/N), wait up!”

You stopped in front of the taxi cab and turned back in the rain.

Anthony was holding his jacket over his head, splashing in puddles as he ran.

“What is it, Anthony?” you asked, folding your arms over your chest, shivering in the rain.

He shook out his jacket and wrapped it around your shoulders. “Can we talk sometime? Like outside of work? Or now?”

You rolled your eyes and looked back at the taxi. “Cup of coffee?”

“Yeah.” he smiled. “That sounds perfect.”

He jumped in front of you and opened the door. You blushed and smiled at him, and slid in the back. He slid in next to you. You were both drenched.

“Where to?” the driver asked.

You told the driver the address of the coffee shop. He started driving. You pulled Anthony’s jacket off and rubbed your hands together, blowing warm air into them.

“Sorry,” Anthony said, “I just really wanted to talk to you.”

“Well, you sure don’t talk to me at work. Plenty of time there.” you said bitterly.

Anthony frowned. “Yeah.” he said softly. “I’m sorry.”

The rest of the drive was silent, aside from the hum of the taxi, filling the empty space.

“This is it!” the driver shouted.

“Thank you,” you smiled at him, reaching for your wallet. Anthony threw his hand in front of yours and smiled at you.

“I got it.”

He handed the driver a wad of cash, then put his wallet back in his pocket. He opened his door and helped you out, reaching for your hand. You reluctantly accepted it.

Anthony waved off the taxi driver as he drove away, then turned back to the coffee shop. “Let’s go in!” he shouted. He put an arm around your back and hurried you into the shop. He let go when you walked inside.

“Thanks.” you smiled awkwardly as he opened the door for you.

You ordered two hot chocolates and sat down in a booth. You sipped yours slowly, savoring the flavor and warmth. The feeling returning to your fingertips.

“So, Anthony…what did you want to talk to me about, so badly?” you teased.

Anthony smiled and rubbed his hands together, taking a quick sip from his cup. “I need you to pretend to be my date.”

“What?!” you shouted. A few heads turned, but the shop returned to normal after that.

Anthony spoke cautiously. “Please, just listen. A bunch of the guys like Chris, Lin, Leslie, Daveed, Oak, and I are all having a party get together sort of thing. They are all bringing their wives and girlfriends. I need a date. I-I…forgive me for the lack of a better word, I don’t want to show up empty handed.”

“You mean, single?” you spat.

“No! Please, (Y/N), it’s not like that!”

“Oh, but I think it is!” you shouted. You slid out of the booth, grabbed your jacket, and put a five on the table. “Thanks for the drink, Anthony.”

“Wait! Please!” Anthony ran from his chair to catch you.

He caught you at the door.

His hand was around your arm. You wouldn’t look at him, otherwise he would see you were crying. You felt so stupid and betrayed. You had thought Anthony just wanted to hang out and talk. Something you had always hoped to do. You weren’t close to anyone on the cast or crew, you were just there. Trying to fit in. Now you felt like Anthony was treating you like an object. He didn’t want to show up empty handed.

You bit your lip to calm the quiver in your chin.

“Please, (Y/N),” he said softly, “just let me talk.” You stayed silent, so Anthony took it as his cue. His hand dropped from your arm. “I didn’t want to ask anyone but you. I genuinely like you and think we should hang out. Look, I’m just trying to fit in too believe it or not. I may smile and look like I’ve got everything together. But some days I don’t. It’s the simple things that drive me crazy. Please, (Y/N), I need you. It’s just a favor. Nothing needs to come of it. Just one night. Please. You don’t have to do to it if you don’t want to.” He took a step back. “I don’t want to force you to do anything.”

You stood there for a moment, staring at your feet, watching the tears drip down the bridge of your nose. You tighten your arms around yourself.

“Fine.” you mumbled.

“What?” Anthony asked softly.

“I said, fine. Just text me the address and I’ll meet you there after the last show.” you glanced up at him before you walked out the door. He wore a face of bewilderment and guilt. His eyes were full of hope and were beaming at you. A single tear rested on his face. His lips in a small smile. His hair was obviously messed with, as it hung in his face.

You ran down the street without even thinking. Running away from the coffee shop, crying. You called a cab and rode it home.


You fixed your hair, humming a showtune. You had put on the best clothes you had. A red elegant dress. You dropped the iron from your hair and let the curl fall against your face. Checking the time, you finished getting ready.

You looked in the mirror and took a deep breathe. “Okay. You can do this.” you said to yourself. “Just one night. One damn night, and you are damn gorgeous. Let’s do this.”

You checked your phone for the address and went downstairs to the lobby,  and called a cab.

You arrived a few blocks away, at a large fancy apartment building. You took the elevator up to the top floor, and knocked on the last door.


He stared at you in awe.

You stared at him with disappointment and embarrassment. He was wearing a simple dress shirt and blue jeans. You saw past him and everyone was dressed in nice casual. Lin’s wife in a soft blue blouse and a skirt. Aside from her, no one wore formal  attire.

“You look…beautiful.” Anthony said.

“Thanks.” you pushed past him and walked in, taking off your high heels.

“(Y/N)?” you heard Lin call from the kitchen, “(Y/N)!” he ran to greet you and wrapped you in a hug. “It’s great to see you!” he said, when he pulled away. “You look marvelous tonight! So, you are here with Anthony then?”

You nodded slowly. “Yeah, Anthony and I.”

Lin smiled at you. “Well, go get him!”

“Oh, yeah.” you said softly. Lin walked back to his wife.

You walked over to Anthony, who was mid conversation with Oak.

“Hey, talk to you later, Oak!” Anthony waved as Oak went to join his date. “Hi,” he said softly when you walked up to him.

“Hi.” you replied.

“It’s good to see you. I’m glad that you made it.”

“Anthony,” you said sharply, through gritted teeth, “you didn’t tell me no one was dressing up for this. I thought it was a party at Lin’s. Not a beer and booze and blue jeans sort of party.”

Anthony frowned. “Sorry, I should’ve told you. But, don’t worry you look gorgeous tonight, no one is going to care.”

You sighed. “Well, if I’m your date and we are dating, what is our PDA?”

“Um, depends,” he said softly. “What are the boundaries?”

You eyed the bedroom. Anthony chuckled. “Hand holding, minimal kissing preferably on the cheek, and you have a limit of saying cute.”

“What’s the limit?”


Anthony laughed. “You’re cute, (Y/N).” he smiled.

You smiled and bumped your hand with his. He laced his fingers through yours and you didn’t protest. The two of you sat down on the sofa. There were beer bottles and Lin brought over a bottle of wine. Anthony poured you some.

“So, how long have you guys been going out?” Leslie asked, his arm around his wife. He was beaming.

“Oh, um,” you and Anthony looked at each other for a moment.

“A week-” you said “Two months-” Anthony blurted out.

Leslie raised his eyebrows at you and grinned.

“Two months and a week,” you smiled, squeezing Anthony’s hand.

“You are a finish each other’s sentence kind of couple?” he laughed.

“Yup!-” you said

“-that’s us!” Anthony finished.

Everyone laughed.

“Okay, here is a juicy question.” Oak said. “Why? You work together everyday and have been for almost six months now, why the sudden interest?”

You looked to Anthony. “You wanna tell them, sweetie.”

“Sure.” he smiled. He turned to Oak and the rest of the group. “We’ve been on stage together for a long time now. Backstage, we would just chat here and there and (Y/N) really made me laugh. If I was tired, she really brightened my day and I was able to get back out there. I guess it’s just because she makes me smile and laugh, and I wanted to get to know her better.” Anthony smiled at you. You watched him, marveling at his words. “Because, I always had a crush on her since day one. She was and still is, the best dancer I’ve ever seen. She is my everything. Her smile. Her laugh. Her face,” he chuckled, “everything about her makes me happy.”

“Woohoo!” Everyone cheered. “Kiss her! Kiss her! Kiss her!”

You and Anthony blushed. You went in and he kissed you on the cheek.

“Boooooooo!” they yelled. “Come on!”

Anthony smiled and kissed you. Quick and subtle. Just enough for a spark. He pulled away.

“Yeaaaaah!” they cheered.

Anthony pretended to bow, “Thank you, thank you! I’ll be here all week!”

Everyone laughed.

As everyone resumed their normal conversations, you turned to Anthony. “Hey, can we go outside? It’s a little stuffy in here.”

“Yeah, of course.” he smiled.

You walked to the balcony, with his hand in yours. He closed the sliding glass door behind you. “Wow.” you said.

“Wow, indeed.” Anthony laughed.

The two of you were marveling at the distant city below.

“The city is so amazing, like mountains. They are so large not in their size but their heart and soul, the lights and windows are like a million stars all in one small. It’s all so beautiful, unique, and amazing.” Anthony turned, his voice softening. “Just like you.”

“Wow.” you laughed. “That was cheesy.”

“Yeah.” he laughed, letting go of your hand. “It was pretty cheesy, wasn’t it?”

“Anthony, I didn’t mean it like that.” you sighed

“No, it’s fine. It’s just a fake date,” he shrugged, “watcha gonna do trying to make it not so awkward.”

“Anthony?” you asked softly.

“Yeah?” he hummed.

“Did you really mean all of that?”

“Mean all of what?”

“You know,” you laughed, gesturing back to the party. “Everything you said in there. How I was beautiful, funny. How I made you smile and made you so happy. The things you said out here too. Or was that all just for show. You know, for the fake date.”

“No.” he said after awhile.

“Oh.” you looked down at the street. “Okay.”

Anthony turned to you and reached for your hands. “No, it was not all for show. None of it was. I was being cheesy comparing you to stars, because it’s unreasonable. You are more beautiful than the stars. They can’t make me laugh, smile. Not like you. They can’t dance. They can’t light up a room-” he stopped, laughing, and held your hands “okay maybe they can. But a million stars does not even compare to your smile, both on your lips and in your eyes. I am cheesy, because I am being genuine. I genuinely like you, (Y/N). I’m interested in you. I really have had a crush on you since day one. But, I didn’t think you liked me. So, I just took a chance and asked you to be my fake date, at this fake party, hoping you would fall in love with me.”

“What?” you said, “Fake party?”

“This party,” he said, “it didn’t exist when I asked you yesterday. It didn’t even exist an hour ago. I had Lin put all this together. Everyone basically knows, (Y/N), but I don’t care. Because, it doesn’t change how I feel about you.”


“I love you, (Y/N),” he smiled, tears in his eyes, “and I’m not afraid to admit it.”

You let go of Anthony’s hand and put your arms around his back. You kissed him. For real. It wasn’t quick and subtle. It wasn’t perfect. It wasn’t something out of a fairytale. It wasn’t magical. But there was a spark. A spark that stayed and kindled like a flame. He was warm and soft. His hair softer than you ever imagined it would be.

His hand moved to just above your shoulder and one to your hair. It curled it back behind your ears and kissed you gently.

You were on a balcony, looking over the city, kissing Anthony Ramos.

He felt like home. He made you feel protected, safe, warm, and loved.

Love never made you feel so much.

Chamber of Secrets - Part 2

Originally posted by gamora

Pairing: Bucky x Reader (eventually)

Summary: After the Avenger’s falling out, you were put in charge of putting Bucky together. Under King T’Challa’s orders, you were given a month’s time to create a new arm while simultaneously figure out how to get the triggering memories of his past out of his mind. As the time goes by, you found yourself confiding in him, despite his frozen state.

A/N: I’m literally in tears of joy seeing the response from the first part, I never thought so many people would read it, let alone enjoy it! Ah, you guys make me so happy, I love you guys so much it’s insane! 


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The Golden Girls (Stark!Reader x Wanda Maximoff)

Word count: 1345

 Summary: Wanda’s boyfriend dumps her, and the reader is to the rescue.

Warnings: none

 A/N: Oh, I love these best friend stories. Sometimes we just need a little girl time, you know? Hope you all enjoy! I’m sending you my <3

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anonymous asked:

Could I get 2 with 2D? Because lord that poor boy and his mom jeans

Also for the other Anon who also wanted 2 with 2D xx

2. “Why on earth are you wearing that?”

You were sitting in one of the chairs of the clothing store, waiting for Stu to come out of the dressing rooms. Your phone had died along the way, so you were practically staring at the ceiling. 2D was “the ultimate woman” while going shopping. It could seriously take hours sometimes to just be in one store and you thought it was kinda funny. The curtains flew open and you looked at him while lying kind up side down. 2D started laughing by the position you were sitting/lying in, but you started to laugh harder by the sight of him. He wore big mom jeans in this bright blue color and he wore a neon orange blouse. 

“Why on earth are you wearing that?” you asked, as you sat up straight. 2D his smile faded a bit and you felt bad right away.

‘Aren’t those from the women apartment?’ you asked as you pointed at his pants. 2D stood awkwardly in his dressing room and you stood up to stand in front of him. 

‘I thought it would look nice,’ he whispered, so that only you could hear it. ‘I want to wear it when we are going on tour again. So that everyone can see that it is totally fine to wear women’s clothes.’

You sighed and pressed a kiss against his lips. 

‘It looks great on you 2D, I am sorry,’ you said. ‘I just was expecting some more skin to show.’ A cheeky grin grew on your face when you unbuttoned two buttons on his blouse and pressed a quick kiss on his cheek. His face turned bright red and he mumbled something you couldn’t understand. 

‘Damnit Y/N,’ he whispered as he looked around nervously. ‘Not here.’ You laughed and took and sat down back in your chair. 

‘You can pull of anything Stu,’ you said. ‘You could stand her in a dress with holes in it, with a neon yellow wig on and bad make-up. And you will still look more beautiful then me.’

2D walked over to you and placed a kiss on your lips. He let his hand go in to your hair and pulled you further in for the kiss and once he let go, you were almost out of breath.

‘2D you cheeky boy’ you grinned but he looked dead serious at you.

‘I could never be more beautiful then you,’ he said. ‘Never forget, okay.’

You turned red and nodded softly. He smiled at you and placed a quick kiss on your temple, before he went back in to his dressing room and left you blushing in your chair. 

You’re A Plus Size & Nervous About Asking Calum Out - Part Two

.Calum x Reader

.Part Two

.Calum P.O.V

.A/n: Here is the second part to ‘The Calum One’ and this one has come early because I have now reached over 1000 followers. I never expected to get that many! Thank you everyone, it means a great deal that people like my writing. xxx

“Hey Y/n, what about this one?”

You asked as you tugged lightly on the hem of a blue blouse that would suit your girlfriend down to a tee.

Y/n turned to look in curiosity back at you, but her face fell softly as she shook her head.

“It’s beautiful Cal, but they don’t have it in my size.”
Frowning lightly, you turned to the rail and began to rifle through the packed railing; how could they not have her size somewhere on here?

Three quarters of the way through the tops and only having reached a size twelve, you began to accept the fact that you weren’t going to find what you were looking for.

You felt Y/n walk up to your side and she spoke in a soft voice as she ran her fingers along your thigh.

“Come on, how about we just go for a coffee? All this shopping is giving me a bad head.”

She smiled softly but you knew she was disappointed.

Y/n didn’t go shopping very often because she said she could never find anything in her size and unfortunately, it was true. Almost every rail of clothing she walked up to didn’t have her size, why is it that they had so small sizes and nothing else?

“Okay Princess.”

You smiled encouragingly as you took her hand, and you noticed the light blush on her cheeks as you wandered away from the clothes in search of a warm drink.

It was a weekday so the shopping centre was much quieter than normal and you managed to get a seat in a booth all by yourselves. Y/n looked much more relaxed as you shared some lunch and chatted easily back and forth.

It had been roughly six months since you had asked Y/n to be your girlfriend and even though she was a little unsure at first, she eventually said ‘yes’. Her company was everything to you; as soon as you woke up to the moment you went to sleep she was all you thought about. Of course, each of you had your own commitments but you understood this and gave each other the space you need. Thankfully she was always over the moon to see you when you had spent some time apart and you were only more than happy to give her the attention she deserved.

“Are you sure you still want to come with me tomorrow?”

Y/n asked before taking a sip from her coffee cup and you nodded your head enthusiastically.

“Yeah, I’ve been looking forward to it for ages. This will be your first big break Y/n and I want to do all that I can to help.”

You insisted as you rested your hand against the top of hers against the table, causing her to smile happily.

“Thank you, I really appreciate you being there.”

God, you were falling for her so badly, so much so it made you want to take her hand and just run away. Guessing you had zoned out in thought, Y/n’s delicate but deliberate cough snapped you out of your daydreaming and you apologised with a quick smile.

“Sorry, I was just thinking…”

Y/n shook her head as she shuffled off her bench seat and came to stand by your side.

“It’s time to go now, I need to pick Harry up.”

You almost sighed, you had forgotten about Y/n’s younger brother.

Getting to your feet, you took her hand and kissed the side of her head warmly before walking out hand in hand, dreading the moment when you had to let go.


The following morning took ages to roll around but when it did, you were happy to find Y/n already waiting for you outside her house when you pulled your car up along the pavement.

Before she had chance to get in, you flew out of your seat and rushed around to her side where she met you in a deep, relieving kiss that caused you to beam.

“Are you all ready Princess?”

You asked as you took her large duffle bag from her shoulder and placed it in the back seat.

“Yes, I’m so excited.”

She enthused as you opened the passenger side door for her to climb in before walking around to seat yourself back behind the wheel.

Just before you pulled off, Y/n leaned over and sweetly kissed your cheek.

“Thank you for taking me Calum.”

You blushed warmly as you shook your head in dismissal.

“Anything for you.”

You assured as you pulled away from her house to begin the long drive towards today’s shoot destination.

Y/n had secured little bits and bobs of different modelling work since you’d been together but today was different; if everything went well, this was going to be her big break. A leading fashion high street retailer was holding auditions today for their next catalogue and advertising campaign and Y/n had so far made it down to the final stages. Today was the day their chosen model would be picked and you were positive Y/n had it in the bag.

As you drove, you could tell she was nervous. She was sat dead straight as she squeezed her fingers and focused her attention mainly out of the window.

Trying to take her mind off the daunting afternoon, you playfully sang along to everything that came on the radio much to her amusement, and you were pleased you could cheer her up at least some.

It took you just over two hours to arrive at the venue and you proudly walked hand in hand with her inside. Once Y/n had checked in and spoken to a couple of the team members she was given a number and instructed to wait until she was called for.

You sat with her on a row of chairs as you watched people coming and going, some looking rushed and flustered whilst others just waited quietly. A few more confident potential models were boasting about past experience and after a while, Y/n turned to you as she spoke quietly.

“Cal, I’ve never been to auditions like this before… I don’t think I’m on the same level as some of these people.”

Tipping your head towards hers so your foreheads could rest comfortably together, you rubbed your finger encouragingly under her chin as you muttered back.

“This may be your first audition but by the sound of it, this is her eighth. She’s obviously not doing something right. Just be yourself and they’ll love you.”

Y/n closed the short distance between you to softly kiss your lips before sitting back in her seat, a more confident smile now gracing her face.

You were both waiting patiently for Y/n’s turn but about after forty five minutes, your phone started to ring. Fishing the device out of your pocket, you frowned at the unknown number but answered it anyway.


“Good afternoon, is that Mr Hood?”

Frowning further, you nodded your head slightly as you replied.

“Yes, who is this?”

“Mr Hood, this is Mary Chapman, I’m calling regarding the Sports Teacher position you applied for. If it’s convenient for you, we would love for you to pop down this afternoon for an interview, the team and I were very impressed by your resume…”

Your eyes widened slightly in shock, you had applied for that position over two weeks ago and never expected to hear anything from it.

You felt like now you had Y/n, your life was starting to head in a certain direction and no matter what the future may hold, you wanted to be able to support your girlfriend as much you could and that meant getting a good job with a steady income.

Y/n sensed your hesitation and when she caught your eye, she fixed you with a questioning look. You didn’t want to ditch Y/n, you couldn’t; she wouldn’t be able to get home and you wanted to be here for her on her important day.

“Wow, um… Thank you for giving me a call back. I’m so sorry but I won’t be able to make this afternoon, is there any chance we could make it for a different date?”

Y/n’s look of confusion turned into one of doubt.

“That’s unfortunate, I will give you a call back Mr. Hood once I have discussed possible dates with my team. Thank you for your time.”

You couldn’t help but feel slightly anxious when you ended the call; you highly doubted they would call back.

“What was that about Cal?”

You shrugged it off as if it was nothing.

“You know that teaching job I applied for? They wanted me to go for an interview this afternoon.”

Y/n’s eyes shot open in surprise as she started to slightly panic.

“What? Then what are you still doing here!? Call them back and tell them you’ll go today.”

Shaking your head, you remained stubborn.

“No. This is your day for your job and I’m not leaving you here.”

You insisted, but Y/n started to look upset.

“It’s fine, I can catch the train home. Calum, this is more important than you being here for me… This could be the start of a good career for you. You have more chance of getting this job than I have with mine, please go.”

You would have liked to go for this job, but it was just out of the question. Y/n must have seen the look on your face and that was all she needed for confirmation.

“Go Calum, ring them back right now.”

Before you could give her an answer, Y/n’s name got called out from somewhere down the hall, signalling that she was up next.

“I’ll get the train back.”

She reassured as she got to her feet and you followed, taking her hands strongly in yours.

Y/n beamed happily as her name got called again, but you quickly pulled her into a hug.

“Good luck Princess, you’ve got this.”

Y/n squeezed you back lovingly and you swiftly pecked her lips when you pulled away.

“You too. I’ll see you later?”

Kissing her again, you finally stepped back and let her go.

“Text me, I’ll pick you up from the station. You can do this.”

Y/n shot you a nervous smile as she turned and walked towards the member of staff who was calling her. You watched until she was gone before re dialling Mary’s number, hoping she would still see you as you made your way out of the building to your car.


The evening sky was beautiful lilac, pink and fading orange as you waited on the platform for Y/n’s train to roll in. She had only texted you with the time she was arriving, nothing more, and you were rolling back and forth onto the balls of your feet, anxiously awaiting her return.

When the train finally did arrive, you easily spotted her familiar face within the few people that got off and even though you were a little distance away from her, as soon as her eyes met yours, you could tell she was upset and your heart sank; this chance was everything for her.

Pulling your hands from your pockets you jogged over to her side and she immediately cuddled against your chest, her arms fixing securely around your neck as you held her waist.

“Y/n, Sweetheart…”

You sighed softly as she sobbed against your collar and you soothed your hands in large circles over her back to comfort her.


She murmured softly as she pulled away slightly to look back up at you.

“Calum, I got the job! They wanted me, can you believe it!?”

It took you a second to digest her information and once it had sunk in, you couldn’t help but beam in excited happiness.

“Are you serious? Y/n you tease I knew you could do it! Princess, I’m so proud of you.”

Your grin matched hers as she practically shook with the thrill of it all, and you both expressed your happiness in a passionate kiss.

“How about you? Did they see you?”

Y/n asked anxiously but you soon settled her worries with a gentle grin.

“They saw me. I even had a kick about with some of the students and they really liked me. They offered me the job right then and there, and I took it.”

Y/n squealed with excitement and you couldn’t help but laugh as she pulled you into a tight embrace.

“Cal, this is amazing, I’m so pleased for you! When do you start?”

“At the start of the next month.”

You smirked as you took your girlfriend’s hands in yours and kissed her deeply.

“How about we go and get something to eat? My treat. It’s been a long day.”

Y/n nodded enthusiastically before adding.

“Will you stay at mine tonight?”

It was a rare occasion that you could spend the nights with each other, what with Y/n having to take care of her little brother and yourself having to get up early too, it wasn’t always suitable for you to be together but seeing as it looked like you were both free…

“I’d love to.”

You purred huskily as you held her close, suggestively curling your finger underneath her chin.

Blushing bashfully, Y/n pressed a swift press against your lips before stepping back and you fell easily to place at her side as you walked hand in hand to your car.


When you and Y/n found out you had both landed jobs you couldn’t be happier; Y/n was finally doing what she wanted to do and you now had a good wage so you could treat her, but that was the problem.

That was four months ago, and you hardly saw each other anymore.

With her numerous catalogue shoots, Y/n often had to travel and be away for a few nights at a time and with you having to put in a good effort at your new job, it was getting increasingly difficult to see one another.

Of course, you were on the phone and texting and calling when you could, but it wasn’t the same as having her by your side; you couldn’t see the shine in her eyes over a telephone call.

Every time you finished speaking, you could hear the masked hurt in Y/n’s voice and the pressure of it all weighed down aching on your heart.

When you finished your conversation on Sunday night you were left alone, standing in your kitchen feeling cold and empty now that her voice had gone, you couldn’t stop the tears from spilling over.

You knew you were in love with her, you had been ever since you’d taken her out on your first date.

It had taken you all week to collect and borrow as much money as you could to take her out to the fanciest restaurant in town. You could still clearly remember the absolute horror on her face when she glanced at the prices but you told her not to worry, she was more than worth it.

The last thing in the world you wanted to do was lose her, but you couldn’t carry on like this.

Hastily wiping your eyes, you redialled Y/n’s number and she picked up, as always, within a couple of seconds.

“Cal! Are you alright?”

She asked with a slight giggle as if she knew you’d forgotten to tell her something.

“Y/n… I can’t…”

Y/n could tell straight away that you weren’t yourself and her cheery tone changed to one of great concern within moments.
“Calum, what’s happened? What’s wrong?”

Taking a deep breath to steady yourself, you tried to keep your voice straight as your eyes clouded with tears once more.

“Y/n. I’m so sorry I’m telling you this over the phone but you need to know. I love you so much, everything about you; your laugh, your eyes… the way you look when you look at me… But I’m sick of this. I’m sick of this situation that we’re in and even though I’m so pleased and proud of you, I can’t stand us being so distant. I want to be with you always.”

Y/n was silent for a few moments and you could clearly see the look of concentration on her face as she tried to process your confession.

“Do you really mean it? Do you love me?”

She asked quietly, sounding anxious and very unlike herself.

“I love you Y/n. You’re the most important person in my life.”

You replied confidently but Y/n didn’t say a word for a while, and it took you a few seconds to pick up that she too was crying.

“Calum, I need to see you.”

She sobbed softly and the corners of your lips tugged at a smile.

“I don’t want to come around and disturb Harry.”

Your words were gentle but she quickly replied.

“He’s in bed. Come over.”

You had picked up your car keys from the fruit bowl and started to make your way through the house towards the front door before she had even finished.

“I’m coming Princess, don’t cry.”

You teased lightly.

“I’m not crying… Don’t be long, but be careful.”

“I’ll see you soon.”

You promised before ending the call and climbing into your car, and it wasn’t long before you were on the way to sort things out with your girl.


You Like Her (Smut*)

humormehowell; i had this idea for an imagine where it’s from his pov and his friends always tease him and stuff and you can take it from there idk😬:)                                                                                                                Anon; could you do one where his friends always bring him up around you and tease him from his POV                                                                        Anon; You have good imagines,Can you do where  he’s jealous because his friend is flirting with her               

Notes: There were 2 requests about very similar plots so I thought I’d just make them into one  and then there was a third request which I thought would go really great with them and yeah.

Words: 1,417

H/L/N: His Last Name, Y/L/N: Your Last Name, Jasper: His Friend, Malia: Your Friend

(Not my own gif)

Goddamn. She was wearing that little black skirt again. The one that stopped just a bit above her knee but still showed those fucking legs she had. She was talking to her friend, Malia, when my friends started laughing and brought me back to reality.

“Dude, just go talk to her!”

“You’re gonna lose her.”

“Fuck you guys.” I rolled my eyes.

“Oh, I think he just did.” Liam pointed past me. I turned around to see Jasper with his arm around Y/N. What the hell? A small rage of jealousy built in me when I saw her laughing as he whispered something in her ear. What the fuck was Jasper doing? He knew I liked her and now he was all fucking over her.

“Well, what are you going to do about it?” Liam patted me on the back, a fucking smirk on his face. Luckily the bell rang, sending everyone back to class. For the rest of the day all I could think of was Y/N and how she giggled when Jasper whispered something in her hear. How he put his arm around her waist and how I wanted to be the one doing so much more to her.  How I wanted to be the one whispering in her ear, making her beg me to do the things I whispered.

“H/L/N! And Y/L/N! You two are working together.” Mr.Bawler’s loud voice boomed through the classroom calling out partners. I forgot about the project we were going to do in this period and I was going to be working with Y/N. Frankly, I didn’t know how I felt. I was kind of mad at her now. I turned to look at her and she smiled almost mockingly at me, not knowing the thoughts I had about her.

As soon as the bell rang she was already in front of me, her brown curled hair bouncing as she stopped.

“Hey partner.” She bit her lip, smirking when I caught her. I tried not to pay much attention but the blouse she was wearing didn’t help.

“You can stop by my house at 5? My parents are gone.”

“Yeah. Sounds great.” I sighed.

                                         Time Skip- Later that day

He pulled up to your house at exactly 5 pm. Hm. Right on time. You thought. Today you actually had no intention of getting any work done considering the project was due in 3 days. Instead you had a plan. The same plan you and Jasper had made so H/N would finally make a move on you. It was no secret that he liked you and Jasper had made sure he was watching him flirt with you to make him jealous.

You fixed your blouse and skirt making sure to show just enough before opening the door. There he was, wearing a black t-shirt that exposed his toned arms and his jeans that hung low on his hips making you want to explore what else was down there. His hair was the same messy dark brown color it always was when he ran his hands through it and his lips were the same light pink as always.

You let him in and led him upstairs into your room where he set his stuff down and you continued with the plan.

“So you can just set up on the bed while I look for something.” You told him as you pretended to search for something.

“What are you looking for?” He asked.

“Um, it’s this box that has something we need. Can you look under the bed right there?” You tried not to laugh knowing what he’d find under there. You saw a furrowed expression cross his face as he got back up.

“Is this Jasper’s shirt?” He showed you the shirt Jasper had given you for this. You could tell his voice was a bit angry and the jealousy was very obvious. You tried to keep a straight face and simply shrugged as you got up and took it from him.

“Why is it here?” His voice was agitated.

“Well do you really wanna now all the details? Cuz its pretty personal.” You hinted, a smirk forming on the corners of your lips.

“You think I don’t know he’s been flirting with you?” His voice turned dark as he stepped closer to you.

“What? Are you jealous?” You teased, knowing your plan was working. You were startled when he grabbed you and pressed your body against the wall his black pupils taking over his eyes.

“Of course I’m fucking jealous.” His soft pink lips murmured as he started peppering kisses everywhere but your mouth. This is what you were waiting for.

“Jealous of all the things Jasper did to me. Jealous that he made me feel so good. ” You smirked, edging him on and earning a low growl from him.

“I can make you feel so much fucking better than him.” He pressed his lips against yours in a harsh and demanding kiss, his tongue gaining entrance into your mouth. You let out a low moan at his words and the way he portrayed how he thought about you.

“Then prove it.” His hand slid under the layer of your skirt grazing your covered core making you gasp out those last words. His hands gripped your waist and pushed you onto the bed, his body hovering over yours as his dark eyes met yours in a fierce battle. You tugged at the hem of his shirt and pulled it off doing the same to his pants and boxers, his member shooting up against his stomach. Your hands roamed freely around his chest, feeling every crevice of his body. His mouth found yours again while his hands pulled your shirt over your head and quickly began to pull your skirt and panties down your legs.

His warm lips sucked red and purple marks along your next as his fingers fumbled with your bra. “How convenient.” He mumbled across your skin as your bra unclasped from the front, the vibrations of his words sending heat through your throbbing pussy. You pressed your thighs together trying to create some friction as his tongue ran over your hardening peaks. If he didn’t fuck you now you were going to do something about it. You cried out when you felt his fingers dip inside your folds, spreading you open before him as he traced patterns along your bundle of nerves. His fingers were soon joined by the tip of his member sliding along your entrance, a low moan coming from the both of you. He slammed into you and you were glad he wasn’t being gentle, you loved this so much better. Yours nails raked along his back as his lips crashed onto yours again, his thrusts gaining speed and elevating you both to your high.

his hands lifted your legs around his waist allowing him to hit your g-spot with every thrust and groan that came out of his mouth. You nearly screamed as his fingers started playing with your clit again and you dug your nails into his shoulders. “I wanna hear you scream. I wanna fuck you till you cant walk.” His words making you soak even more around him.

“Mmm, keep talking like that H/N” You moaned. You saw his satisfied smirk as his teeth bit down on your nipple setting you off the edge. Your back arched off the bed, eyes rolling back, as you orgasmed cursing out his name one last time. His release filled you as he carried out his own high and collapsed beside you, pulling the covers over you and pulling you in. You both sweaty and out of breath as you let out a breathy laugh.

“What?” He asked, peppering soft kisses against your neck.

“I never fucked Jasper. It was all a plan.” You turned around to see his expression, his face contorted in a confused way.

“What plan?”

“It was no secret that you liked me.” You smiled. His face was flustered, he was embarrassed.

“You knew?” He sighed, closing his eyes and hiding his face in the pillows. You took his hand and kissed his cheek.

“Well I didn’t fuck you for nothing.” He reappeared and smiled, pressing his lips against yours in a soft passionate kiss and this time you both savored it, completely forgetting the reason he was here.

shouldernova  asked:

i feel embarrassed to even suggest this but um. Crack fic where they somehow discover theyre fictional

what if……

what if it’s a normal day at the palace. it’s post curse: the sun shines lovely on their faces as lumiere and plumette waltz in the kitchen; the evergreen trees bristle bright green as adam walks into the forest for a bit of fresh air; the marble walls of the palace are cool and calming as lefou takes tea with mr. cogsworth. In the hidden heart of France, belle curls up happily in her new home to start her new project.

Ah, yes. The bookshelf. A cranky old piece of work, tucked in the back of one of the unused bedrooms, full of all the books nobody bothered to put in the library. They had been sitting here, undusted and unloved, for many years now; adam, even, hadn’t known what was in them or what they were.

“probably medical journals, or something,” he had said. “something boring, i don’t know. if they were interesting i would have insisted they be put in the library.”

“If you don’t know what they are, how do you know if they’re interesting?”

“Stop being cheeky.” Adam grins and goes for his walk, and Belle is smiling with the memory of it as she cracks open the glass doors—goodness, they’re grimy, Plumette hasn’t been in here—and lifts out the first book.

What do you know. A medical journal. Adam would never let her hear the end of it.

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I wanted to know that (Gabriel x reader)

Continuation of I didn’t want to know that

You sighed when you messed up your hair for the third time. You were meeting Gabriel, and if he was gonna give you the whole “truth telling” thing, then you didn’t want to hear how weird your hair looked. 

 When you were finally happy with yourself, you went outside, but not before catching up with Sam. 
“Gabriel loves when you wear green,” he said when he noticed your green blouse.
“Well, that’s good for him then. Bye Sam!” you said and slammed the door. 

 You got inside the diner and looked around, finding the golden eyed archangel quickly.
“Hey Gabe,” you said cheerily and sat down. “Sorry I’m a few minutes late…” “That’s okay! I didn’t want to be late, I cherish every minute with you, so I was like twenty minutes early.”
“Oh… okay. That’s flattering,” you said and laughed nervously, ignoring the butterflies in your stomach. 

“I like flattering you. Your cheeks turn such a pretty shade of pink and it makes me happy.”
“Wow, I.. thanks? Wanna order?”
“If you do.”
“Yes I do, I’m hungry." 

 You waited until the waitress arrived.
"Hi, how can I help you? Wow, that blouse had a deep v-neck, you must really be into this cutie, am I right?” she asked. “Uh…” “Sorry, I don’t know why I said that. I have low self esteem and don’t like my small breasts. Sorry! Can I take your order? I hope you order the most calorie rich thing so you’ll gain weight.” “Um… yeah, I was gonna get the bacon cheese burger and a chocolate milkshake…” you said with a frown. 

“I wouldn’t mind if she gained weight, that would mean her boobs got bigger as well!” Gabriel said and grinned.
“Okay! Gabriel, order, please.”
“Right, yeah. I want a chocolate milkshake as well, and the mud cake, extra cream.”
“Alright! I wouldn’t mind spraying cream on you and licking it up. The lady can even join. I’ve never had a threesome, and I’m bicurious. Sorry! I’ll go get your food…” the waitress mumbled and rushed away, her cheeks red.

You couldn’t help but laugh.
 "So Gabriel, what do you think of my outfit?“
"Your blouse looks amazing, you look great in green and I wanna rip it right down and palm your boobs. And those pants, daaaaaamn they make your ass look good! Not that it’s not good already, I stare at it every chance I- why am I telling you this?" 

You smiled and shrugged.
"What did you do before you came here?”
“Well, I jerked off to get that out of the way, so that I could have a nice meal with you without thinking of taking you right here on the table, but it didn’t work because I still do. Other than that I just played with my dog, ate candy and planned a prank.” Gabriel looked mortified when he finished talking, and you were chuckling.

“I didn’t know you carried the torch for me, Gabriel!”
“I’ve wanted you for years, since I first laid eyes on you. I’m starting to think it’s not just your sex appeal, I think I’m in love with you! Dammit!” He smacked his own forehead and by now you had stopped laughing.
“You’re in love with me?”
“Yes! So bad, dammit sugar, I want you to be mine!” His voice was almost a whine and he slammed his head against the table. You wrapped your hand in his hair and gently tugged him up again. He stared at you with puppy eyes that made your heart melt. 

 "Something happened so that everyone has to tell the truth to me. I’m glad we got together before it wore off.“
"Why, so I could humiliate myself in front of the woman of my dreams!?”
“No, silly. So that I wouldn’t have to humiliate myself in front of the man of MY dreams.” Gabriel’s eyes went wide. 
“No, Obama. Of course I’m talking about you! You can read minds, Gabe, haven’t you read mine and seen that already?”
“I don’t read your mind because I respect you to much. I don’t want to violate your thoughts.“
"Awww… this would have happened faster if you had though! But I appreciate it.”

“So you’re in love with me too, huh?”
“So bad,” you said and squeezed his hands. His puppy eyes were now happy and sparkling.
“That’s amazing, and now I really want to kiss you, but it’s awkward to kiss over a table like this, so I don’t know what to do.” You smiled and got up, walking around the table and pulling him to his feet, then you crashed your lips against his and the two of you shared your first passionate kiss, but not the last.

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Girl Meets Awkward Moment

A Joshaya Fanfic

Story by: @hoffkk

Requested by: Anonymous

Prompt: Could you plz plz plz write a one shot where Maya is wearing Josh’s shirt or something and it’s completely innocent but The adults see it and they think that Maya and Josh slept together and coz of this they both are embarrassed and blushing.


Maya Hart walked into the Intro to Art classroom, feeling both nervous and excited.  When  her art teacher, Mr. Jackson, mentioned that some local universities were reserving spots in some of their entry level classes for high school juniors as part of a special program to promote post-secondary education, she jumped at the opportunity.  A couple different schools offered art classes, but of course Maya picked New York University.  Not just because a certain someone was a junior there, but because NYU was a great school for studying art and where she planned on applying next year.  Luckily, the art teacher at the university liked the piece she submitted and picked her right back.  It was like it was meant to be.

Maya glanced around the room that smelled like paint and clay and watched other students file in. They seemed to be picking seats at random and sitting down, so Maya shrugged and sat down in front of  the nearest wooden easel in the middle of the room. She smiled as she traced her hand along the oak edges of the easel and smoothed out the large white canvas staring back at her, then Maya began to reorganize the paints that sat along the easel’s ledge, undoing the ROYGBIV color palate it was preset in.  She was moving the yellow to the far end when a voice interrupted her.

“Maya?” Questioned an all too familiar voice.

Despite the familiarity of the voice, Maya was still shocked to hear it. Obviously, she knew he went to this university, but she never thought she’d actually see him, especially in Intro to Art.  So, turning her head in surprise, she simply and automatically repeated his sentiment.

“Josh?”  She queried then added, “What are you doing here?”

He gave her one of his boyish grins then replied, “It’s my university.  What are you doing here?”

“I asked you first.” Maya retorted cheekily as she crossed her arms over her chest.

“I have to take a certain number of art credits to graduate.  I’m not much of an artist, but I already took Intro to Music, and this sounded less painful than Intro to Theatre.” Josh explained, half-serious, half-joking.

“So, basically, you picked the lesser of two evils.”  Maya responded.

“Pretty much.” Josh nodded, putting his hands inside his jean pockets.  "Your turn. How did you wind up in this class?“

Maya quickly told him all about the program that her art teacher recommended and how she was accepted. Josh couldn’t help but smile at how she beamed with pride and talked with such enthusiasm.

"Well, congratulations. I’m really happy for you.” Josh answered truthfully.

Maya smiled back, but before she could respond, the teacher burst through the door.  She was a tall, skinny woman with short, gray hair that poofed out from her purple headband.  The professor, who had to at least be in her sixties, called out to the class, “Sorry, I’m late! Please, take your seats, take your seats.”

Maya noticed the professor was wearing jeans and combat boots with her purple blouse.  She smirked, immediately liking the woman. Maya couldn’t wait to learn from her. Unfortunately, her smile didn’t last long after hearing the chirp of another female voice.

“Hey, Josh, over here!” Called a pretty brunette from two rows up.  Her hair was long, straight and absolutely perfect just like her outfit, which consisted of a sweater and mini-skirt.  Maya thought the skirt was a weird choice for January, but it looked cute nonetheless, and the pale pink of her sweater looked great against her mocha colored skin tone.  "I saved you a seat.“  She finished, patting the stool beside her.

Maya suddenly felt deflated. She was officially jealous of mystery girl’s style, beauty, and access to Joshua Matthews.  By the way she was talking to him, they clearly knew each other. Who knew how many classes they had had together before or even had together now or maybe… maybe they knew each other outside of class.  Ugh… that was something Maya really didn’t want to think about.  She wasn’t stupid, Maya new that he probably hung out with college girls, that there were tons of them that paid him lots of attention. She just hated being reminded of that fact, and now Maya got to be reminded of it every Thursday for two whole hours.

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Another submission

From timandbrenda69

A First for Us…

Brenda and I had finished packing the last few items we had left in our old house and we headed north to our new home. It was a long trip. We had left the kids at home and we made this weekend trip by ourselves.

Whenever Brenda is in a playful mood, she will flash me in our car. It doesn’t happen very often, but when it does, I really enjoy it. As we arrived at the outskirts of Pocatello, I told her how much I had enjoyed it any time she would let me get a glimpse of her luscious breasts when we are driving. She smiled and said, “Is that right?” I said, “Yeah”. She then unbuttoned her blouse and exposed her beautiful breasts for me to enjoy.

I smiled and gently brushed her breasts and nipples. They are so soft and tender and warm. I enjoyed the view and the thought that she was doing this for me. She smiled back and gave a little wiggle. We both smiled at each other and enjoyed the excitement of the occasion. We were both in an amorous mood. Her breasts are a great sight to enjoy on a long ride, or any occasion for that matter. I was no longer tired of driving.

We drove on for about another 28 miles to Idaho Falls and made a stop for gas and a snack. I started to gas up the car, while Brenda went into the store. I was filling up the car with gas when I remembered that Brenda had had her blouse unbuttoned and her breasts out, and I did not remember her buttoning it. I started to get a semi hard-on thinking about it while I was cleaning the front windshield. I kept an eye on the doors waiting to see if she had remembered. I had almost finished washing the window when she came walking out. She had a large Cheshire cat smile and her blouse was still unbuttoned. I figured that she had just forgotten about the blouse, but with that smile, maybe not.

I smiled a great big smile and enjoyed the view of her luscious breasts and cleavage. We got in the car and I asked her if she knew she had not buttoned up from flashing me. She said that she knew and thought it would be sexy to leave it and see what would happen. Hmmmm… That caught my attention!

I was really aroused now! I asked her to tell all the details, what had happened. She said that as she was walking in, a breeze blew her blouse open as a guy was walking beside her. He just looked and smiled. A smiling police officer opened the door for her as she entered the store. She ordered two small pizzas and chatted with the guy making them while she waited. She was there and available for the viewing and enjoying. She then paid for pizzas and drinks and opened the door to go out to the car.

When she opened the door, I was watching. She was watching to see if I would notice. Hoping that I would notice what she had done for me. There was no problem there, our eyes met as she opened the door. Wow! What a thrill! I was really turned on!

We were driving on the freeway as she was telling me all about what had happened and I was as hard as a brick and I told her so. I told her that this was the sexiest thing she had ever done and I was excited and loved every bit of it! I thanked her for being so sexy. She was really turned on and said it was very sexy to her and that she really enjoyed it also.

She then unbuttoned her blouse all the way, pulled it totally open. “Ahhh” she said and gave them a little shake and squeeze. She smiled a big smile and winked at me as if to say, “There you go! They are out and staying out!” Now she had me harder than I have ever been, and I was just throbbing. “Wahoo Big Time,” is all I could say! I thought to myself, “It don’t get any better than this!” Brenda’s breasts just looked so fantastic and the trip in and out of the store and all that had happened was great! Very arousing!

Then she said, “I have always wanted to do something, but never had the chance and everything work out.” She then got up and reached back between the seats and unzipped a bag. She returned to the seat with two dildo vibrators in hand. Off came her jeans and panties. She had the very large vibrator up between her legs in no time. Her legs were spread as wide as they could go on the dashboard. She had the other dildo on her clit and she was pumping for all she was worth. She got a nice rhythm going and was oughing and ahhing and just really getting into it.

In the mean time, my jaw dropped! My eyes almost popped out of my head! Wow! My dick was so hard it could of cut diamonds. What a Fantastic Surprise!

This was a first! Nothing like this had ever happened, and it was just amazing. Folks on both sides of the freeway had a great view of two luscious breasts and her pussy was wide open and humming to beat the band! She said, “This is a great position and angle,” and rolled her eyes and said “hmmm…”! The two vibrators were doing their thing and she was on one major high just pumping, feeling, oughing and ahhing and really really enjoying herself. I folded her blouse under so I could enjoy seeing her breasts and pussy. I could not believe my eyes! I just drank it all in! I was savoring this Big Time! It was Absolutely Fabulous! I was stoked and hard and just enjoying every moment, sight, sound, smell and feel of it all. I could not believe this was happening! I just rubbed my hard-on as she was enjoying herself and what she was doing for me and herself. There were no inhibitions. No worry about anyone else. If anyone else happened to see her and enjoy her, more power to them, if they didn’t, that was their loss.

One of my major fantasies was just to see Brenda flash another guy. This was way way above and beyond what I had ever hoped for or dreamed of happening. And now, it was happening right now, right before my and anyone else’s eyes. What a major turn on to say the least!

We drove for about 26 miles on the freeway until we came to Rexburg. Cars and trucks were passing and Brenda was just working it and enjoying it for all it was worth. When we entered the town, Brenda came all over the place. She had the most intense orgasm she had ever had. We are talking major eruption here. I was just about creaming in my pants as she was groaning and screaming and gasping, delirious in her pleasure. Everything had worked together to bring her to this major orgasm. In the car, out in the open, no inhibitions, the vibrators, the timing, the gear, the situation, everything was just right. She blew her wad big time and it was a major highlight of our sex lives together!

Brenda looked so radiant after the explosion of her passions. She looked very satisfied and a little exhausted as she sat there in all her glorious resplendent erotic beauty.

She sat there a few moments just relaxing with the two vibrators in her hand.

All this time, while all this was going on, I was wishing that I could just dive between her legs and just eat her creamy pussy. I love to eat her, it is my favorite thing to do. I would eat her anytime and at any place. All she has to do is ask or hint at it and I am there.

Since I was driving, I didn’t have the option of joining in, besides I was really just loving what I was seeing and hearing. As Brenda turned to put the vibrators away, I asked her to hand them to me. I took the large one and placed it in my mouth and sucked her love juice from it. It was too big to get totally in my mouth, so I just licked the rest of it from top to bottom and licked up all the nectar. I then put the other vibrator in my mouth and sucked it dry. Hmmm… they tasted so good! I love the taste and smell of her pussy. It really turns me on. I love to get between her legs and kiss, caress, lick and suck on her clit and everything else between her sweet warm tender thighs. I could spend the night there. She is just delicious! Talk about a Happy Meal! She is it! She is the Meal and I am Happy!

When I had finished drinking all her juices from the vibrators, I handed them back to her and she just smiled and winked at me as to say, “How was that?” I was totally ecstatic!

This was without doubt, the hottest, sexiest, exotic and most erotic day of my life! Wow!

It is a day and experience that we will never forget! We enjoyed the sensuality and sexuality of it all! What a great day! A fulfillment of fantasies for both of us in a major major way!

Man that’s hot. Keep the submissions coming.

I wanted to write some KaiShin today, so I threw this together in a few hours.  Hope you guys enjoy!

Kaito watched his reflection in the mirror, his eyes following the lines of the dress, trying to decide if it was a good fit.  If he gave himself breasts, it would probably look better.  The lines filled out, his curves made softer…  He mentally checked it off for use in disguises and began changing into the next outfit, a cute striped skirt and a loose blouse.

As he was adjusting them, he heard voices outside the door, one of them a familiar masculine one and the other a familiar (somewhat shrill) feminine one.  They seemed to be arguing about something.

He turned in place, watching the skirt swish around his legs.  This one was good for general use as well as disguise use, he decided.  He liked the way it caressed his legs, and the blouse’s coloring made his skin look amazing.  Not to mention it drew attention to the slender cut of his waist.

“Listen, Sonoko,” Kaito could hear from the walkway outside the changing rooms, “you should have brought Ran, I have no interest in watching you try on clothes.”

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I grew up in Baghdad in a middle-class family. My father served in the Iraqi Air Force and often travelled internationally; my mother was a math teacher; my siblings all attended college. I graduated from the most prestigious high school in Baghdad before getting my degree at pharmacy school.

I grew up reading Superman and Batman comics, playing with Lego’s and swimming at the pools of the fancy clubs where my parents were members. I was 12 during the first Gulf War in 1990. And until then, my childhood was uneventful: I was a happy kid.

Until 1990, I never heard a mosque call for prayer. I almost never saw a woman covering her hair with a hijab. My mom wore make-up, skirts, blouses with shoulder pads and Bermuda shorts. She never covered her hair.

Since moving to Los Angeles in 2009, I’ve realized that most Americans don’t understand that Iraq used to be a modern, westernised and secular country. From the 1930’s to the 1980’s, Iraq’s neighbours looked to it as the example. People from different Arab countries came to Iraq to attend university. The country had an excellent education system, great health care, and Iraq was rich — not the richest, but rich.

Of course, Iraq is not like this today.

After Iraq invaded Kuwait, 24 years ago, the United States destroyed most of Iraq’s infrastructure during the Persian Gulf War. Bridges were bombed, along with power stations, rail-roads, dams and oil refineries.

I remember that we would turn on the faucet, and barely any water would come out. It was worse during the summer. To take showers, we had to rely on water tanks on the roof, which supplied extra water to our home. To keep the tanks full, we had to fill containers with dripping water from a hose. Sometimes it would take hours for one container to fill because there was so little water. Then we would have to carry each container up and down the roof in many shifts. To make things worse, the water would come out boiling hot because it had been sitting in the sun. We also had limited electricity — which remains a problem, even 20 years later. Sleeping was difficult. You would wake up, sweating, in the middle of the night. You couldn’t open the windows because of mosquitoes. I would sleep in my underwear on the marble floor because it was cooler.

In 1990, an embargo was imposed, which prohibited Iraq from exporting oil. Iraqis suddenly found themselves poor.

Prices became inflated, and everything cost more. Before the war, you could buy a flat of eggs for two Iraqi dinars. By 2003, when the U.S. invaded Iraq again, those eggs cost several thousand dinars. (My monthly pay check after I graduated from pharmacy school was 50,000 dinars a month.)

People’s values changed after 1990, too. Robberies increased. Houses were even built differently. There used to be low fences separating one house from another. But after the war, people built high fences and covered their windows with bars. Our home was robbed three times over 10 years. If you parked your car by the street — even for just three minutes — you risked your hubcaps being stolen.

Gradually, people also began turning to religion as a result of all the hardships. Religion changed the country: more censorship, more rules, more rigidity. Alcohol, which was once widely accepted, was frowned upon. Mainstream TV shows and movies — even cartoons — were censored to remove kissing scenes, partial nudity and other elements viewed as immoral.

Neither of the United States’ wars changed life in Iraq the way the U.S. government had intended.

I think the United States wanted Iraqis to revolt against Saddam Hussein and depose him. If only it were that easy.

The notion of democracy is foreign to the Arab world. Although the West saw the “Arab Spring” protests as movements for democracy, they were really uprisings against various dictators, which are not the same thing. What we know is that for countless generations, we’ve lived in a hierarchical society. It’s not about individualism or personal freedoms. It’s about following your father, your family and your tribe. There’s no culture of respecting different opinions.

As a college student, I looked to the West in awe of the personal freedoms and human rights that let people follow their dreams. In the U.S., even animals had rights.

But many Iraqis I know don’t see freedom the way Americans do: a political right afforded to everyone who lives in the U.S. I’ve heard crazy comments that equate freedom with loose morals and women having sex without being married.

The very idea of freedom rocks the whole foundation of Iraqi culture. So, when Iraqis were given their freedom, instead of turning to democracy, they, like many others in the region, turned to religion and religious leaders for guidance and political advice.

Shiites voted for Shiite candidates. Sunnis voted for Sunnis. The Shiites came to power because they were the majority.

What’s happening in Iraq today is merely a continuation of the failure of democracy. And a failure of the United States to understand the psyche of Iraqis.

The people who might have been able to change Iraq — the educated, the artists, the moderates — began leaving in 1990, after the embargo was imposed and their comfortable lifestyles came to an end. People with connections fled to friends and family in other countries. Almost all of them left the country illegally.

In 2003, Saddam Hussein fell and the floodgates opened up, with even more people leaving the country for good at a time when they were most needed. Until that year, I was barred from travelling, along with other pharmacists, doctors and certain professionals.

I wanted to leave, but what would I do? Where would I go? Only a handful of countries even allowed travel on an Iraqi passport. My parents and siblings fled to Syria, and later to Jordan. I stayed in Baghdad, where I worked at the International Republican Institute, a non-governmental organization that promotes democracy in post-conflict countries. Later, I got a job as a translator at the Los Angeles Times.

With my friends and family gone, I felt very isolated and alone. It also became unsafe to move around, even to do simple things like go to a restaurant or the market.

In 2009, I managed to come to the U.S. as a refugee, and I was happy to leave Iraq behind. But even though I’d given up on my country, I had hope that things would not get as bad as they have today. It is my worst nightmare that an extremist group like the Islamic State has support in Iraq and, though it pains me to say this, the aftermath of the U.S. invasions has brought us to this point.

After the U.S. toppled Saddam Hussein in 2003, some even dared to dream that the country would become as rich as Gulf States like Kuwait. There was no Iraqi government in place for a long time and, for several months, life in Baghdad was free of bombings and attacks.

To make things worse, the U.S. dissolved the Iraqi army and started a process to remove those politically aligned with Saddam, which ended up taking jobs away from thousands of Sunnis and seemed like an unfair witch hunt. Add to these political actions poverty and a lack of basic services, and you end up with a deep, sectarian divide in Iraq that I believe led to the insurgency and the problems that exist today.

So as I read the news on CNN Arabic and the BBC while pacing around the house, I feel as if I’m experiencing a death in the family. I’m going through the stages of grief: denial, anger, sadness, depression. Lately, I’ve even tried to avoid reading the news at all.

Sometimes, I watch old YouTube videos that show the way Iraq used to be. But the Iraq I loved and was proud of — the country I lived in before 1990 — doesn’t exist any more. And I don’t see that changing in my lifetime

—  Saif Al-Azzawi
Happy Birthday, thestarfishdancer!

April 10 - Just wait and see what I’m going to do to you once I get you alone.” Jemma Simmons/James “Bucky” Barnes, for @thestarfishdancer

By @ozhawkauthor


Bucky had really never thought that his softly-spoken, sweet-faced, buttoned-up girlfriend would turn out to be such a goddamn tease. He’d recognized from the first moment the barely-contained passion simmering behind her cool, collected facade, and indeed took great pleasure in drawing it out of her - in the privacy of their bedroom. In public, however, she insisted on keeping him at arm’s length. Literally, today, since they were seated on opposite sides of the big conference table.

Where Jemma was driving him insane, fiddling with the buttons of her blouse, licking her pen in a way that made the blood roar in Bucky’s ears, and casting him long sultry looks from under her lashes that made him wonder why the hell he’d chosen pants this tight.

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Giving You Up | mafia!au

Originally posted by baekhyunsama

Inspired by this reaction made by @wanderlustwriters.  Not requested.

Summary: You grew up with the city of Seoul in your veins, learning its secret and the way blood runs on its pavement. Taking the place of your father, you realize that power comes at a price and your shadow can’t protect you forever.

Trigger Warning: Minor Character Death | Language (?) | Violence

“See what they’ve been forced to do,” your father mutters as he gazes out the window, watching haggard men scurry down the grey alleyways in the wind. Your mother looks up at him apprehensively from the sofa. She hates these days, when he’s waiting for phone call or a knock at the door. He’s restless, introspective, and neither suit him. 

Beside her, you sit drawing a picture with felt-tip pens. Your father had made you turn the television off, claiming that the noise was giving him a headache. She doesn’t ask you what you were drawing. The last time, it was boy being punched in the face with blood spurting everywhere until he got red pen on the carpet. At three years old, you were already learning too much from your environment. 

“Little Y/N, what do you want to be when you grow up?” Your father asks. You don’t even look up.

“Just like you,” you chime back happily. They were virtually your first words. Your mother was worried so much, with all the rioting on the television, that some day you’d parrot back one of the new buzzword instead of “mom” or “dad”. 

“Can’t we leave this city?” She has asked too many times recently, with one eye on the street outside, the one she barely feels safe to tread on any more.

“My life is here.” Your father states. He operates on the illegal side of the vaguely defined line between legality and crime, taking advantage of the cracks in the system. This new atmosphere has given him opportunities beyond his wildest dreams.

“What about Y/N?” Your mother argues desperately, looking down at you. Your father stands up, having given his family enough of his presence.

“She’ll have Seoul running through her veins.”

She shakes her head. “That’s what I’m afraid of.”

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Pairing: Taron x Reader

Requested: Yup!

Pronouns: She/Her

GIF: No clue

Warnings: None. Unless you are triggered by adorableness.

Reading time: 7 Min.

Notes: I’m trying to write a little faster so I did this in just a few hours as opposed to my others which took me up to a week. So I apologize if it sucks. Ha!

Summary: You’ve been away a few weeks and are returning home to Taron at Christmas time.


“Babe, what’s all this?”

Y/N’s eyes widened as she edged through the doorway into the flat they shared. The weight of the suitcases in her hands forced her to turn sideways but she could see he had decorated for the holiday. Taron grabbed a bag from her as he held the door open.

“Merry Christmas love.” He said. Her chest brushed against his and he puckered his lips. She placed a tiny kiss on them and set her bags down in the entryway.

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The only thing more nerve-wrecking than your first date ever...

…is you daughter’s first date ever.

Or in which Kurt helps Tracy get ready and Blaine sulks.

“This is so exciting!”

“No, it’s not.”

“Don’t listen to your father, he’s being Mr. Sour Pants.”

“You should be, too!”

“Oh, hush!” Kurt scolds his husband while twisting his daughter’s curly hair into a perfect waterfall braid. “This is Tracy’s first date and you should be happy it’s with a gentleman like Christian.”

“How do you know he’s a gentleman? You’ve never met him,” Blaine says.

“Because our first born has very high standards,” Kurt states matter-of-factly. “That’s something you get from Mr. Sour Pants,” he stage-whispers to Tracy, who giggles.

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