and that apartment

mbmbam guests rated

weird al: 9/10 grew up listening to that star wars song on repeat
property brothers: 8/10 i watched a lot of property brothers when i was dying of heatstroke once
lin manuel miranda: he’s okay like i like him but i don’t trust white people who like him at aaaaallllllll 4/10
hank and john green: literally who like i don’t wanna give them a score out of ten like who are you

pls take a moment to consider them with withdrawal symptoms every time they get paired with different people for classwork and yams rushing to find kei after dealing with less intelligent people than him for 45 painful minutes


悲しい Android - Apartment - Summer Paradise

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Things overheard in my classroom today:

“I changed my mind about the ‘manhood is defined by providing for a family’ one because Okonkwo did that, but he was so obsessed with being manly that he was actually really mean to his family, and that wasn’t good. There’s more that goes into being a man.”

“Before we read, I thought that a culture that wasn’t technologically advanced couldn’t have an advanced government. But in the book, the people didn’t have a lot of technology, like they called a bicycle an ‘iron horse’, but they did have their own government and systems to deal with conflicts and things.”

“I used to agree that it was good to help people whether or not they asked for it, but now I’m not sure. We normally think of Christian missionaries coming in and sharing the gospel, but they were also spreading government and trying to replace the culture. And that wasn’t really a good thing.”


@todayintokyo, seeing as everyone’s sharing their Japanese bathrooms, I thought I’d throw mine into the mix.

My apartment (I’ve since moved back to the states) effectively had 3 parts to it– the toilet, the shower, and the sink area. The sink area, picture on the right, was attached to the kitchen and only partitioned off by a sheer curtain that I basically never used (I lived alone. There was no point… plus it was sheer). You can see my washing machine next to my sink. I hung my laundry in this area when I couldn’t put it outside.

My toilet room (literally just a tiny room with a toilet) was to the left. You can see a little of the door on the bottom left corner of the picture.

My unit bath was to the right through a sliding glass door. According to my landlady, the apartment was built in the late 80′s and hadn’t been renovated since. As a result, I didn’t have any fancy buttons in my shower. Just a normal tap with a lever that allowed me to move the water flow between the tub’s faucet and the shower head. It seems like I never took a picture of the inside so here’s a screen shot from a video of my apartment.