and that always delights me tbh

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can u get out of the mcelroy fandom pls now lol

Nah cause I’ve found the McElroys to be some of the nicest funniest and some of the most inclusive content creators I’ve come across. They’re so genuine and kind, and their humour doesn’t come at the expense of others which is always really nice to see. They make an effort to make their characters relatable to their audience, and their other content like mbmbam and the polygon YouTube channel is such a fun delight and brightens my day.

Tbh the kinda malicious passive aggressive asks you’ve sent me reminds me of just why I avoid saying I’m “in fandoms” in general lmao
I prefer to just call myself a fan since so many fandoms seem to reach levels of toxicity on this site (especially in regards to extreme white knighting like SU fans running people off of twitter or Voltron fans threatening the creators) which is a shame to see

Still, despite people like you I must say the fans of the McElroys in general seem like funny and kind people and I appreciate both the great content I’ve seen made by these fans as well as the lovely messages I’ve received!
I don’t know what compels you to go on anon and harass others, anon, but hey have a nice day anyways

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Does it bother you, in the song Take a Break, Hamilton literally says Macbeth onstage? Because it makes me kinda bothered tbh.

It does omfgggg I know some people insist it’s only if you say the name of the play and not the character but I always learned that it was “saying it when not directly portraying the play, and even then, maybe the play’s just cursed”. Like you can say it within a production of the play and no other time under a theatre roof.

ON THE OTHER HAND, the observation that this is basically the moment Hamilton’s life really starts to go downhill delights me. Like on purpose or not, that’s still gr888.

Bonus bit of Shakespeare nerdery from the book:

hey it’s logan!!

since i joined the tumblr aroha, i’ve been lucky enough to gain a whole bunch of lovely mutuals so i’ve had the idea of a follow forever in the works for a while! i also just passed 1.2k followers across my blogs so like wow i love u all!!!!!!!

i tried to track down everyones main blogs and side blogs but if i forgot anyone and/or messed up please let me know so i can fix it!!!!!

i went on a following spree last night so quite a few of the ppl mentioned are new for me!! also like highkey sorry if i used way too many ‘!!!‘ i really cant help it lol!!!!

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double mentions/messages
@amohyunwoo​/@realstro: aaaaa yoelin omg i remember when u first followed me and i turned to my friend and was like heCK do i follow them back????? i want to!! ur so cute n sweet ily

@arimity​: alkdsjaksf my youngjae to my jaebum, my mark to my jackson, my yugyeom to my bambam!!! my sweet wjsn stanning baby i love u so much ♡♡♡

@arohawe​: aaaaaaa jamie ur so nice to me and ur blog is like wow 10/10 also youre hecka cute!!!!

@assstro​: a Good Mutual!!! i’m always delighted to see u in my notifs!! glad we follow each other because tbh i’m blessed to have such a nice follower like u!! lets cry over rocky in glasses together!!!!!

@dreamsanha​: joce!! ur memes are so good lol like u r whole blog is sO GOOD always a pleasure to reblog from bc youre such a wonderful blog!!! url is iconic, would recommend!!!

@fawnave​: hannah oh my gosh your feed is always so nice like the Perfect Mix of aesthetic and kpop i’m shooketh ily

@feltlove​: marlee! u! lovely! person!!!! ily ily ily, my best friend who goes to ikea with me and lets me live at ur house half the time i’m awake. the most iconic leafy stan, the only person i care about!!!!!!

@homosexualdrugaddict​: jill; decent sister, would recommend. amber trash, still nice tho!!!!! u spend every waking hour with jordan and u like never talk to me irl now lmao but that ok ig!!!!!

@hwaiting-hoe: aaaa katie omg i followed u from my old blog like a year ago when you were jacksons-smile!!!! ur one of my oldest mutuals n ily!! i’m slowly becoming an nctzen because of u lol

@locke-writes​: noah!!!! i cant even really put into words what i think of you really ily!!!! i’ve been slowly listening to green day bit by bit!! still getting around to those tags lol! my most treasured mutual!!!!!!! actually stuck with me through all that svu drama! thank you!!

@moonnib​: nicole!! skdfhkjd i remember when u followed me back i was over the moon omg!! a lil while back u had an anon from toronto and!! thats me so yeah hello!!!! small world eh haha,, anyway aaaa i lov ur blog!!

@nohtaehyun​: taylor!!! u replied to my arohaselcaday last month i cried ur so sweet and like heCK how did u get that url omg!!! ur profile pic is so cute i just :)))))

@parkjinchu​: aaaaaaa mary omg my favourite blog??? my favourite writer?????? yes!!!! oh the stars shine is so cute i’m such trash for jincha aaa,, i havent got around to commenting on it yet but expect a lengthy comment from me at some point haha!! ily!!!

@shortview​: the only man i love!!! rocky who?? sorry if i talk to u a bit too much i dont know why i overshare everything but hey!! a Good Artist!!!!!! ur so nice to me i dont deserve it lmao!! king of giving me advice when fucksdfj rain triggers me lol,, n like maybe we could hang out over the summer??? idk? my most beautiful friend!!

in conclusion

i’m just like???? gay for rocky constantly and somehow i have followers???????? what? anyway!! y’all feel free to drop by my inbox or like leave me a message or something! i’m nice i swear lol, not to best at holding a conversation but i’m still friendly hah,,, talk to me about jincha, myungha and MOONROCK omg also i love hotshot…… theyre very….. important to me… and topp dogg ;; i miss them… i hope that pic at the top isnt an eyesore, obviously graphic design is my passion lmao

Fanfic Writer Wednesday - The Back Catalogue Edition (January ‘17)

So, @chocolatequeennk and I chatted briefly the other week about my attempts to roll my fic rec tag into manageable rec posts once a month - and I want to go back to doing that, because it means I get to re-share super excellent fic with you all, all over again. 

So. We’ll go back to January for this week, and go weekly ‘til I catch up and then we’ll do this monthly. Hopefully, it will have the added bonus of meaning I reblog more fic in order to fill the post. Win/win, I think! 

(Long-ass rec post under the cut)

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Monsta X reaction to you dancing and fangirling to All In



He’ll find you very cute and adorable to see you trying hard to follow the dance.

He sees you watching their performance on the TV as you follow along with them. You turn around to do the back roll, only to see Shownu with his cute smile.

“Shownu, how did you guys do that back roll – oh my God, the vocals are really amazing” You say quickly, changing the topics. 

“So is it like this?” Your back move awkwardly, before you drag him closer to teach you. He hesitates, not knowing where to even begin.


He’ll be confuse. Like really confuse.

Your eyes focuses on the screen, fangirling at the same when each member appears. Your feet moves according to the song, a lot more sloppier than them. 

Your vision spots Wonho looking at you, but you decide to ignore him.

“What.. are you doing?”

“Dancing to your song” You reply as a matter of fact. He raises his eyebrows before shaking his head.

“But why??”


He’ll be so proud, so so proud.

You hear claps from the one and only, Minhyuk, making you stop your dancing. He gives a sunshine smile, as his hands moves, indicating for you to go on.

“You look really happy today, Minhyuk” You say, playing back All In again and start to dance again.

“Because of you, that’s why” He replies, in awe looking at you dancing to his group’s song.


He’ll be awkward, (probably judging too)

You scream when you see Shownu moving to the center, rolling his back so smoothly. Your feet naturally follow the steps, while singing the lines.

“Minhyuk is so good looking” You mumble to yourself, still dancing.

“Um” You hear Kihyun’s voice from behind. You spin around, seeing him looking at you with an uncomfortable expression.

“I’m good, right?” You ignore his looks, plastering a wide smile on your face.

“Well, sure” He manage to reply, forcing a laugh.


He’ll get playful with words tbh

“Are you actually fangirling while dancing?” He appears near the door, scanning you.

You nod, pointing at the screen. “You have to teach me that”

He looks, and smirk. “It comes with a price”

“What price?” 

“I don’t know”

“Are you serious, Hyungwon” You roll your eyes.

“I am always serious”

“That’s not the point –”


He’ll be proud too, but he’ll… more excited.

“Are you dancing to All In?” His voice raises in a delight manner. You nod happily, seeing him all excited.

“Go on, let me see what you got” He tells you as he sits down on the couch.


Playful, just plain playful with you.

“I can hear your scream from the room” He says, approaching to you. You continue to dance, ignoring his presence. 

“You actually are good at dancing”

“Look at how you move”

“So smooth” He says, which finally made you stop. You turn to look at him, trying to not get embarrassed over his compliments.

“Thank God you stopped, my heart couldn’t handle it anymore”

darkmagyk  asked:

What does Nana think of Parker and Elliot and Hardison?

oh mannnn, okay. so, first of all, nana would love pretty much anybody that made alec happy! that’s true because she in general wants alec to be happy, but also because there was definitely a period of her life where she’d be out with friends like, “oh god i’m so worried about alec. he is such a beautiful and kind-hearted young man but he never wants to go anywhere or do anything most young people do, he just wants to sit in his room staring at his computer screen??? WHAT IF HE NEVER MEETS A NICE GIRL OR BOY TO SETTLE DOWN WITH?? honestly for a while i was just happy that the pentagon had stopped calling, but lately i’m growing more and more concerned. i keep telling him that he can’t give me any great-grandchildren with computer-generated elves, but he says talking about that kind of thing with me is disgusting and then he makes the same gagging face he does when i ask him to dust! relatedly, have you found that any of your children have the tendency to hoard bottles of hand sanitizer? because that is starting to worry me as well.” like, god love alec hardison – I LOVE HIM TOO MUCH, i relate to him tooooooo muuuuuuuch, so much about him speaks so clearly to my own soul that it is painful to look at him directly – but he is a strange, strange man, and he must have been an even stranger child. he CANONICALLY HACKED THE PENTAGON SERVERS AT AGE TWELVE; basically, that woman is a saint. 

also: my guess is there’s a pretty significant gulf between nana’s understanding of what alec does and what alec actually does, more by his design than out of any inability on her part to understand? like, i feel like he’d have played up the nerd thing really big – because that’s the truth, for sure, if not the whole truth – and used that to avoid going into the details of the whole, you know, “also i’m a super successful career techno-criminal!” thing. i doubt that she doesn’t know on some level what alec does for a living – like, she’s aware that that all of her significant expenses more or less vanished when he was around 18, the dots aren’t so hard to connect – but for her own protection/plausible deniability, they don’t ever really go into it. and as a result, she’s always been kind of like WHERE IS MY ALEC SUPPOSED TO MEET PEOPLE, I AM FROM ANOTHER GENERATION AND THUS WHAT I KNOW ABOUT THE ROMANTIC OPTIONS FOR PEOPLE WHO SPEND AS MUCH TIME ON THE COMPUTER AS HE DOES IS BLEAK, OH GOD, HE IS TOO GOOD OF HEART TO DIE ALONE.

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Send me a url and I’ll write some positivity for it.

//Anna, I’ve been following you since your first week on tumblr as Mimi. You are a great friend, amazing artist, and talented writer on top of all of it. Your muse feels like she is a good fit for Veigar in general and I’m particularly happy that you found a singular Veigar that you fit with better than the rest. (maybe even a tad jealous of them tbh) You are always a delight to see pop up in my feed, and while we don’t talk constantly or even often I find that when we do you only reinforce my great opinion of you. Keep on being amazing.

Also your voice is amazing. Love hearing you sing


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*whispers* i'm asexual and i've always headcanonned that obi-wan is ace and it was so cool to see that someone else with the same headcanon ^^

Hello, anon friend, I’m delighted that we share this headcanon!

tbh Obi-Wan is the acest ace who ever aced. Like, I get that other people have different headcanons and more power to them, but this one is so hard and fast to me that I’m literally incapable of reading fic that ships Obi-Wan with anyone. He’s the poster boy for aro aces and that’s just how it is.

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This isn't really an Ask so much as me gushing over the Wham dynamics of little!alex. Like, not pocket sized, but small enough that wash can pick him up, carry him around (whether he likes it or not tbh), alex sitting on his lap, wash being the big spoon, being hella protective of him bc he'S DELICATE MY GOD WATCH URSELF,,, just,,,, that,,,

ohhhhhh my god this is MY JAM ANON. talk about the tall and the smol… I just, ANYTHING with gwash being hella protective of alex I ADORE ALWAYS AND FOREVER, and with there being even MORE of a size difference hooooooly shit I am so here for it.

thank you for bringing me this delightful image!!!!

thekillercoffeeaddict  asked:

Dxrtyhands and ghezenblessed and maybe my URL too

let me love u | always accepting / @dxrtyhands & @ghezenblessed& @kniiivesdrawn 

    so can i just start off by saying you three are some of my favourite people on this hellsite and in this rpc, and i’m so infinitely grateful that i get to talk and write with you all.  you’re all such lovely people, so nice, so talented, and bless you for making this experience really damn good and bringing your a+ portrayals to the dash.  i’m lucky to have found you all and tbh i’d follow you anywhere.

    and now, i scream:

    dxrtyhands is a delight ;  ari’s one of those people where you can tell right away how well she understands her muse  ( not just kaz but on all of her blogs ) , how much she cares about them, and the level of understanding of and commitment to each one.  and how she writes kaz?  the voice, the character, the internal dialogue - if she told me she’s actually leigh writing kaz i’d probably believe her.  plus, the way she can fit him into basically any au scenario and still have him be 100% kaz that we all know and love is so impressive??

    ghezenblessed might actually be wylan in disguise, because everything she writes is him completely?  when i made this blog i was really hoping i could interact with a wylan, and i couldn’t have found a better one.  garet is always a lot of fun to talk to, to write with, and to plot stuff out with!  it’s a great thing when you click with someone ooc but even better when the muses do the same which i think they have?  and i love that she’s so dedicated to wylan and all aspects of his characterisation, it makes all of her writing a joy to see.

    kniiivesdrawn, listen, i always say this but there were times when this blog was still new and i was kind of eh about sticking around where our interactions were a big part of why i stayed.  really, i think it says enough that the first suggestion for /tagged/ on my blog is your old kaz url.  i remember back when you were considering making inej and boy i am endlessly glad you did because you get her so well, her interactions with everyone are so in-character and getting to develop stuff with kuwei and inej is quite honestly one of my favourite things.

skeletordidntdieforthis  asked:

@soft-saphael deserves the world. She's a god damn delight 💕 also 💝 because I want compliments and validation

BABE!!!!!! I love you you are so fucking wonderful and bright and you always know how to make me smile!! You’re cuter than anything and you interrupt yourself to say hello to dogs and you sing along to the radio and I just love you a Lot I’m so glad to have you in my life

and yeah!!! Shaz is the Best she’s so kind and sweet and she makes the best posts tbh I’m so glad you have such a lovely person in your life

@soft-raphael have some love!!! I hope you have an amazing day!!!

send me a compliment or ask for one!!

akingslayerx  asked:


trading snowflakes for the Lord Commander cloak of protection
(always accepting) || @akingslayerx

so, Meg, we have yet to interact —which i’d very much love tbh—, but i can already say much about you and your lion. your portrayal of Jaime is GREAT, absolutely fantastic even, and it is ever a delight to accompany some of your threads you write with other people. and all of this applies to your multi-muse, as well. as for yourself, and once again not knowing much of you, but it is clear to me you have a wonderful heart and as golden as a Lannister’s armor — you are ever so friendly and helpful to everyone, and you always take care to try and keep this community with a sober head and a happy heart. please keep being the amazing person you are <3

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While Rebecca & Debbie sound great to me (I'm all about any decent wlw rep I can get tbh) I wanna propose an alternative of Rebecca and Victoria together and raising the baby.

I 100% approve of bisexual Victoria and if this happened I would be delighted but for me Debbie and Bex just have the dynamic I’m more naturally drawn to. I am always attracted to couples with a bit of friction, like a culture clash element or something, and for me Vic and Bex is too nice? Like they’re both such sweet people and although I would be happy for them, I’d rather watch Debbie and Rebecca because they are such polar opposites. 


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Hey Kikai! I was wondering, now that you've had time with Creativerse and Minecraft, what kind of differences are there between them? Which did you enjoy more? :) I've got a friend with MC and I'd like to find out more about Creativerse before I go and buy MC.

I definitely enjoy Creativerse much more. I don’t need mods to have fun or install shaders to play a pretty game, and I don’t need to struggle with servers to play with friends. Creativerse will also be Free to Play once it’s out of Early Access whenever that may be. 

I’m not saying Minecraft is bad or you shouldn’t buy it but Minecraft has dulled for me over the years especially when I see all the videos with mods and shaders I can’t be bothered with and Creativerse helped fill that gap + some.

Minecraft feels very limited to me now. There’s a few mobs, a few pets, and once you’re lost, forget about home unless you know the coordinates. (I have a whole notebook full of minecraft coordinates…) Creativerse, however, encourages exploration by letting you craft teleporters and to always warp back home just by pressing T for teleport. And forests and trees are huge and incredibly fun to climb and jump from canopy to canopy.

There’s a lot more biomes and creatures you can only find in those biomes. And each monster has a different way of attacking you (blinding you, throwing you for fall damage, breathing fire or frost damage or poisoning you). And every single monster, even secret bosses, can be tamed as pets. Here’s some of my pets and if you look at the blue one, I put a bow tie and top hat on him.

I feel like there are many more decorative blocks in Creativerse, furniture including shelves and tables, block rotation, blueprint builds, and a larger variety of lighting with significant light radius for each as well as ceiling torches. If you die, you just follow your compass and beacon to your death statue and pick up your stuff, and there’s no race to get to where you died before your inventory despawns (you also keep all the items in your hotbar so you usually keep your mining stuff and swords and armor so you’re not defenseless). I also don’t have to memorize recipes because the game will tell me all of them as I unlock them and it’s incredibly challenging and rewarding to play overall.

Pros / Cons list Under READMORE

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anonymous asked:

idk if it's okay for people to come into ur askbox & talk hcs w/ u & if it's not plz ignore this but the team making up wilder & wilder conspiracy theories to mess w/ kevin and he BELIVES EVERY SINGLE ONE nicky: oh yeah theres no such thing as bees, they're just a mass hallucination constructed by the Ukrainian govrnment allison: wat r u talking abt diamonds are just crushed alien eyes duh matt: all tires are created from the Great Whale renee: grass isn't green They just want u to think that

renee is a massive troll under all that rainbow fluff I one hundred percent agree with that 

tbh I always love receiving headcanons, you are a delight for sending me one so hilarious

because you just KNOW Kevin would pretend to be ~above~ conspiracy theories. he’d do the “nooo, that’s not true,” and try to pull out facts he learned in his history classes for why Bush could not possibly have done 9/11 and the Russians did not have a fully functional base on the dark side of the moon

……. but then while he was alone, hunched over his laptop in bed, face lit up by the screen and his roommates sleeping, he’d google it and read through all the tinfoil hat forum sites and privately believe basically all of them.

to the point that he brings it up in regular conversation with reporters and professors and fellow classmates, and they kind of ???  at him but he’s so “oh no I don’t REALLY think it happened……. but–” and awkwardly uncomfortable with their disbelief that they mostly let him go. it’s more amusing than his fascination with dry history facts (Kevin is totally that history major that’s reeeeally into the statistical analysis of population movements relevant to, like, agriculture growth and the sheep trade)

the Foxes think it’s hilarious. they have a running bet on e v e r y theory and when Kevin will figure out it’s not true.

spoiler: Andrew takes home the pot for once, since he was the only one who said “he’ll always believe in UFOs, Big Foot and the Loch Ness.”

it’s true.

Kevin Day spends a lot of his money donating to the Cause of finding supernatural beasts or aliens. he hides it very very well, and gets away with it until he’s scouted for the US Court, whereupon a reporter digs up where exactly his tax break non-profit donations go.

(every Fox, no matter where they are, calls him up to give him shit about it. even Renee, and especially Andrew and Neil.)

my mom & dad met when my mom was 18, and started dating right away, and were like madly in love & still are! they are rlly rlly in love & spent almost all of college living together & got married as soon as my mom graduated! so sometimes I feel weird bc I’m 20 and haven’t met anyone I wanna marry or even anyone I rlly wanna date, and I always assumed my life would be Just Like My Moms (my mom is really super happy and has a really happy marriage and doesn’t work and just raised me & my brother & had so much fun w us and is such a delightful person) and now it’s becoming p clear that I am not my mom and I don’t rlly think I’ll ever get married! which made me feel sad, but I was talking to my mom and she was like “tbh I’m so jealous of the healthy female friendships you have! I’ve basically never been single since like 13 and I’ve never been good at developing and maintaining female friendships and it’s rlly hard and I struggle even now with it a lot and I would love yr advice” and I was like dang… that’s actually a good point! like obviously there’s no right or wrong way to live yr life, u just have to do what works best for u, but just because I’m missing 1 tiny thing which is the ability to develop meaningful healthy romantic relationships doesn’t mean that I’m at all lonely or that I can’t connect w people in meaningful ways! like I have SO MUCH love in my life! it’s weird that I keep looking at ppl who are in serious relationships and feeling that they are the ones who have their sh*t together & I’m like a massive failure. I’m sure a lot of ppl in serious relationships are super happy and that’s cool and I love it! but I’m also genuinely very happy, and I only ever feel hurt at the absence of romance when I’m looking at my life in COMPARISON to other ppl, not when I’m looking at my life itself! I have tons of friends who I really feel will be my lifelong friends. I’m productive and creative and surprisingly well-adjusted! idk if this makes sense to anyone else. it’s kinda a cliche but it’s tru that “no one has it all” and I straight up need to stop holding my life up against other ppls and trying to quantify the things we have or don’t have because… everyone is very very different and it is incredibly unproductive and unhealthy for me to storm around and get my feelings hurt over what I don’t have ? especially when I rlly only like the Concept of a relationship, but in practice I don’t think it would be a good thing for me at this point in my life at ALL and I don’t particularly think I’ll ever want it? what I’m saying is just bc I’m not just like my mom doesn’t mean I don’t have a ton of love in my life & also doesn’t mean I can’t live a happy life bc there are hundreds of different ways to live happy lives and there’s no one path or formula that I should be following! god only knows why I just put this all together but I’m glad I did I feel very peaceful and better now

look at those a++ photoshopping skills. honestly, i was feeling lazy, but this has been such a long time coming, i can’t even begin to tell you how many times i went “ wow i need to do a bias list ” haaaa !! anyway, i’m gonna put it below the cut so as to not blow up y’all’s feeds. smooches xx

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anonymous asked:

hope and aya are the best international brotp, lbh. they respect each other so damn much and are so happy to compliment each other and praise their abilities. i cry because honestly the american and japanese rivalry is the best because it's all about respect.


apparently Hope said that she’s not friends with players on opposing teams, but Aya is like the one exception obviously. they have such a cute friendship and they respect each other so much after playing together here in the states. for real tho, the Japan/USA rivalry is my favorite because it’s not a really intense “I hate you” kind of rivalry. it’s just two of the best teams in the world playing each other (and always having entertaining games) and then congratulating each other after the game finishes. 

apparently the Japanese players respect our team so much that they always say “sorry” after they foul our players which makes me v emotional. and ofc Abby went over and congratulated the JapWNT after they won the WWC 4 years ago, despite how heartbroken she obviously was. and then there’s the players all being cute together after games (Pinoe bowing to them + ruffling their hair, Aya giving our players candy, u know).

Japan/USA is the GOAT woso rivalry tbh

hey guys, it’s pixie and i never expected to accumulate over three hundred followers considering this show isn’t exactly popular by any stretch. that being said, you guys are all amazing and i’m honestly so grateful that despite not being a popular rp community that the twd, and other zombie apocalypse/post apocalypse based rp community’s have given my violent sinnamon roll a good chance, and just… wow to you all, alright? you guys are the best and have made this community amazing. if i forgot anybody on this list, i’m genuinely sorry and tried to be as inclusive as possible.

operation: bitemark.

@domanders | @taraschmbler: you gave the biggest chance on my portrayal of addy and because of you i have developed addy further than i ever once thought possible. you knew me back when i was so nervous of my portrayal, and gave me the courage to continue writing for her. you may not be on a lot, but when you are it’s always a feels train, and i just?? i really enjoy talking to you because you get exactly where i stand on everything, and help me further develop my own headcanons on how addy’s adapted.

@lxcillesthirsty: actually one of my favorite portrayals of negan ever, even more than that though, you’re a great friend. negan and addy’s plot arc, everything about it is custom made to fuck me up. you write so incredibly well, and you capture all facets of negan which is challenging for any muse let alone one as… exaggerated. who’s so violently expressive, and you hit the nail on the head perfectly. i’m actually in awe of the grasp you have on him.

@planetplease: fuck me up man, like. it doesn’t matter what muse i’m on we vibe so well together that we just make it fucking work and i love it so much. jessie you’re one of the best damn writers on this site, and you don’t dull zod down for anyone and it just??? i’m so glad i met you through the mad max fandom, honestly because you’re a fucking delight.

@mechboomancer@nomercyleft: i forgot your john murphy account tbh. okay, but you knew me before we even actually started talking because i had no idea you lurked my blog and then i saw your the 100 oc, and then i found your gaige and had hearteyes tbh. you’re such a nice person, molls. i also am so glad you got sucked into the z nation fandom.

@savagekiing | @trueheroisms | @pvmpkinqveen: rae i honestly love talking to you because you’re funny as hell. i love watching you and molls interact on the dash because i always end up laughing at the weird shit you two come out with. you’re such a genuinely nice person, and i enjoy our spotty skype conversations. uvu

the z nation family.

the z nation fambam.

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the survivors.

all you amazing noodles.

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