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Crying for the Moon: Part 23- Finale

MikoTotsu Werewolf AU

Pairing: Mikoto/Tatara

2,385 words. For MikoTotsu Week 2016.

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(It’s finally finished! I can’t really believe it’s over tbh; this fic has been my baby for months, and I kinda wanna tear up a little knowing I’ve finally finished it! I don’t think I’ve ever been quite this proud of something I’ve created, and that comes down to the incredible response I received from everyone who read it. The comments and sweet tags you guys left fuelled me through this thing, and it was always a delight to see that I’d had a new comment on this fic. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for all of your support through this fic, it’s been an absolute joy to write and share with all of you. I hope to see you guys again for the sequel!)

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milollita  asked:

You probably get this a lot but your tags give me life. When I read your tags, I feel your excitement through my screen and it makes me just excited about whatever you posted. They're always to fun to read and it brightens up my day! Thank you for giving such great energy to my dash! <3

Hahah to be honest this never fails to make me happy! Every time someone mentions this I squeal in delight, Raven waves her tail, my skin clears, my crops flourish… ^^

I’m used to being the way too loud, gets overly excited about everything friend, so when people actually enjoy that, enjoy my rambling and my eagerness, that’s a fucking awesome feeling, tbh (:

Thank you for this! <333

my mom & dad met when my mom was 18, and started dating right away, and were like madly in love & still are! they are rlly rlly in love & spent almost all of college living together & got married as soon as my mom graduated! so sometimes I feel weird bc I’m 20 and haven’t met anyone I wanna marry or even anyone I rlly wanna date, and I always assumed my life would be Just Like My Moms (my mom is really super happy and has a really happy marriage and doesn’t work and just raised me & my brother & had so much fun w us and is such a delightful person) and now it’s becoming p clear that I am not my mom and I don’t rlly think I’ll ever get married! which made me feel sad, but I was talking to my mom and she was like “tbh I’m so jealous of the healthy female friendships you have! I’ve basically never been single since like 13 and I’ve never been good at developing and maintaining female friendships and it’s rlly hard and I struggle even now with it a lot and I would love yr advice” and I was like dang… that’s actually a good point! like obviously there’s no right or wrong way to live yr life, u just have to do what works best for u, but just because I’m missing 1 tiny thing which is the ability to develop meaningful healthy romantic relationships doesn’t mean that I’m at all lonely or that I can’t connect w people in meaningful ways! like I have SO MUCH love in my life! it’s weird that I keep looking at ppl who are in serious relationships and feeling that they are the ones who have their sh*t together & I’m like a massive failure. I’m sure a lot of ppl in serious relationships are super happy and that’s cool and I love it! but I’m also genuinely very happy, and I only ever feel hurt at the absence of romance when I’m looking at my life in COMPARISON to other ppl, not when I’m looking at my life itself! I have tons of friends who I really feel will be my lifelong friends. I’m productive and creative and surprisingly well-adjusted! idk if this makes sense to anyone else. it’s kinda a cliche but it’s tru that “no one has it all” and I straight up need to stop holding my life up against other ppls and trying to quantify the things we have or don’t have because… everyone is very very different and it is incredibly unproductive and unhealthy for me to storm around and get my feelings hurt over what I don’t have ? especially when I rlly only like the Concept of a relationship, but in practice I don’t think it would be a good thing for me at this point in my life at ALL and I don’t particularly think I’ll ever want it? what I’m saying is just bc I’m not just like my mom doesn’t mean I don’t have a ton of love in my life & also doesn’t mean I can’t live a happy life bc there are hundreds of different ways to live happy lives and there’s no one path or formula that I should be following! god only knows why I just put this all together but I’m glad I did I feel very peaceful and better now