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It had been a few years after the year of Jason Blossoms death. Betty and Jughead lived together in a small apartment close to the Riverdale University campus. They were sitting on their soft worn out couch watching UP on their small TV. 

Betty snuggled closer into Jughead’s side leaning her head on his chest. He gave her a small kiss on the top of her head, breathing in the scent of her peaches and cream shampoo. 

Betty let a few tears fall as they watched the married life montage. Knowing that at sometime she would either have to leave Jughead or he would leave her like Ellie left Carl made more salty tears fall down her soft cheeks. She turned her head so it was in the crook of Jughead’s neck as he leaned his head against hers. 

“We’re going to be together for a long time. Right Jug?” Betty asked out of the blue, now looking up at her long term boyfriend. 

Jughead gave her another small kiss on the head and leaned his head back on hers. “Longer then a long time Bets.” He said turning his attention back to the movie. 

About 30 minutes later they were still lying on the couch cuddling. They were at the part when the talking dog Dug came in. Seeing the dog on the TV gave Betty an amazing idea. 

“Hey Jug?” Betty asked, looking back up at the beanie boy. 

“Yeah Bets?” he said, looking down at her and her batting eyelashes.

“Wanna get a dog?” she said, her right hand playing with one of his suspenders. 

Jughead raised one of his eyebrows and grabbed her hand. “Why do you suddenly want a dog?” he asked, rubbing his thumb over her soft hand.

“I don’t know, the dog in the movie is just so cute.” she said, turning her head back to the screen.

Jughead was still looking at the ponytailed beauty. “Are you sure that’s it?” he asked, playing with a few strands of her honey blonde hair.

Betty just sighed and continued to look at the movie. “I don’t know. You said we would be together for longer then a long time. I was thinking that if we got a dog together it would prove that were really committed to each other. It would be like a promise ring.” she said as she shrugged her shoulders, sitting up crossed legged on the couch.

“Like a promise dog?” Jughead asked, pulling his girlfriend back into his chest, chuckling.

Betty giggled at the thought of a promise dog. “Yeah. But, if you don’t want to, we don’t have too.” she said, going back to playing with his suspenders.

“No Bets, let’s do it. Let’s get a dog. I am totally in love with you and if we have to get a dog to prove that let’s do it. Plus, I love dogs.” he said, kissing her forehead. “We’ll head to the shelter tomorrow. Deal?” he asked.

She just shook her head yes and snuggled in closer to Jughead’s toned chest, finishing off the movie. 

The next day they both got up and started to get ready so they would be the first to get to the shelter. Betty decided to wear a pair of light wash jeans and her famous blue cardigan, while Jughead wore his famous dark jeans and flannel. They both pulled on their coats and headed out to the used jeep wrangler that they shared.

“Ready to get a new family member?” Betty asked, as she sat in the passenger seat finishing tying up one of her white converse. 

Jughead felt his cheeks heat up to a scarlet colour as she mentioned family. “Let’s do it.” he said as he started the car.

On the way to the shelter Jughead let Betty roll down the windows and play her music, something that she was never really allowed to do. Jughead had a rule that the driver gets to choose the music. But he realized that she was so excited about this that he let her do what she wanted. It was her day.

They walked into the shelter and Betty’s face instantly lit up. They talked to the lady at the counter and then were allowed access to the back, where all the dogs were kept. 

When they walked beside all the cages, Betty had to stop at every single cage and look at all the dogs, while Jughead just walked around aimlessly. 

Betty turned around to look at her boyfriend and show him what she thought was the perfect dog. It was a medium size german shepherd that was already potty trained and was named Daisy. When she turned around he noticed Jughead standing outside of the cage at the very back of the hallway. She walked up behind him and hung onto his arm. 

“See something you like?” she asked, leaning her head against his shoulder. 

Jughead shook his head, bringing himself back to reality. “Hm? Oh, no. We’ll get which ever one you want.” he said. Betty started to tell him about the german shepherd but soon realized that he was still standing outside of the one cage. 

“I like that one.” she said, going back to stand next to him, pointing at the dog that he was staring at. Jughead gave her a huge smile and kneeled down so he was eye level with the dog. The dog was a large size and was white and shaggy. He had deep and dark brown eyes, but you couldn’t really see them because of the long fur that was covering most of his eyes. He had a black nose and a cherry red tongue. 

Betty went and told the lady at the front that they had chosen a dog, while Jughead stayed in the back, bonding with his new best buddy. 

When the lady and Betty came back into the kennel Jughead stood up from his sitting position and grabbed Betty’s hand. 

“This one?” the lady asked, pointing to the white shaggy dog. Betty and Jughead shook their heads, smiling. “Lucky for you, this one was just found. He doesn’t have a name, so you get to choose. Well get a name tag for his collar. So, any ideas?” she said, smiling. 

Betty turned to Jughead and hung onto his arm. “What are you thinking about right now.” she asked, looking up, tucking the one curly strand of hair behind his ear.

Jug looked down at Betty with a puzzled look on his face. “Um… Hot Dogs.” he said, shrugging his shoulders.

“Ok,” Betty said, turning back to the worker, “His name is Hot Dog.”

The lady just smiled and walked towards the front so she could carve his name into his tag.

“Betty,” Jughead said, “Hot Dog? Really?”

Betty just chuckled and grabbed both his hands. “I want to remember this day forever. If hot dogs were what you were thinking about, I want to remember it.” she said, giving him a small kiss on his cheek. 

Betty and Jughead smiled as the lady came back with a bright red collar with a gold tag on it. It read HOT DOG on it, and they loved it. Betty went and bought a matching red leash and other stuff that they would need as Jughead continued playing with him. They payed for all the stuff, attached the leash to his new collar and walked out of the animal shelter, heading to there car. 

As Jughead stepped into the car he gave his girlfriend a kiss and messed up their new dogs fur. He started the car and said,

“Welcome home, Hot Dog.”

Hey! I just wanted to say thank you to @bugheadjones-the-third for this idea! I hope you liked it :)

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Evie is very proud of her cute, adorable, little brother Frank.

…she just kind of forgets that he’s not so cute and adorable anymore…
To Frank’s annoyance.

He forgives her though because she’s the sanest of her sisters they’re blood.

  • Biden is a 4-month-old Golden Retriever named after the former vice president.
  • His owner Sidney took him to the Capitol to see Joe Biden give a speech.
  • “As soon as Joe Biden saw the dog during his speech, he pointed at the dog, and then started like cracking up. Right towards the end, I kind of signaled him, and he gave me a wink to come over,” Sydney said. “When I told him his name was Biden, his face lit up and he started kissing the dog, which is like exactly what I expected Joe Biden would do”
  • By the way, Biden the puppy has an Instagram