and that 'how will i survive without my best friend' totally broke my heart

Alive - Bruce Wayne x Reader (Smut so obviously NSFW)

Summary : The Batman died months ago…Or, did he ? 

I decided to indulge some of you who keep asking for more Bruce smut so…here’s more Bruce smut. With feelings though because I HATE writing things without any emotions. I’m not into just the filthy smut with no story..and now I surely hope that I was able to write emotions/feelings properly up. NSFW so if you’re not comfortable with those things DO NOT READ ! I’ve got plenty of stories that are totally not NSFW you can check out instead (link to my masterlist down below). Hope you’ll like it :

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Your eyes were betraying you. 


Your brain was betraying you.

That was it, you had tipped over the edge of madness. You were definitely and irreversibly crazy. After months of grief and pain, it finally happened.

Because he couldn’t be there. You had wished for months and months for him to be by your side, and now, your own mind was playing trick on you. Because he could. Not. Be. There. No.

And yet…Yet why weren’t you the only one reacting to his sudden appearance ?

 Your children gasped, and Alfred made a loud sound of surprise. 

And why were Diana and Clark by his side ? If it was an hallucination, why would you see them with him ? Why would you hallucinate them too ? Especially since you still hadn’t forgive them for what they did…

Your oldest is the first one to launch himself towards him, and your boy’s body make a sound as he hits his father’s. A very real sound…You’re confused. 

Ho…how ? Bruce’s arms wrap around his son and…he does seem real.

For a second, you think maybe it’s a dream. One of many you had ever since Bruce’s death. Because this is all too good to be true. 

Because this is impossible. Because…Because you saw him die.

The memory of this awful moments comes flooding to you.


You saw him died. Or rather, you saw him being swarmed by monsters on Apokolips. It was the same thing really. There was absolutely no chance he survived that day. Even less chances he survived that long. The many months.

It was all so blurry, your own mind shielding you from the trauma of loosing the love of your life. You couldn’t remember everything in details.  

Him having to stay behind to disarm a weapon that would wipe all life in the universe. Being the only one who could do it. 

Him begging Diana and Clark to drag you to safety, because he knew you would never leave him willingly…And, trying as best they could to ignore your screams of despair, they did get you safe and sound. 

It was the least they could do. They owed him that much. After all, he was sacrificing himself for the greater good. And though it cost them a lot to leave their best friends behind…They knew they weren’t any other solutions. 

If even the Batman, even the man that had a plan for everything, from A to Z, said : “this is our only chance”…then it was the only way. 

And as the portal to Apokolips was closing, and you were safe back in the Watchtower, the last vision you had of him was his smile to you. Him mouthing “I will always love you”, before a wave of creatures buried him under them. 

Your supplication to open the portal again broke all your friends from the League’s heart. And when J’onn told you it wasn’t possible, that Bruce made sure the entire thing would fry when the mission was done (for safety, so that they wouldn’t bring any of the nightmarish beasts that lived on Apokolips back with them), you lost your cool. Your lost all control. 

Your screams of pain still haunt them at night. 

They had to give you a sedative. And against their will, called your sons to pick you up. They had to tell them…And it’s with a broken and heavy heart that they brought you back home. Took care of you as you always did for them. Because you needed them. You needed their love. Their support. And they needed you. 

One of the central pillar that was holding this family was no more. 

Their father was dead. 

The love of your life was dead. 

Bruce…Was never coming back. 

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Shadowhunters 2.15 - Haunting Memories

Immediate Reaction

  1. This was what I like to call a filler episode - a lot happened while very little time passed and a lot of things were set in motion without resolution. Now let me stress that this episode was necessary to the plot and it helped move a lot of stories forward, while setting up the narrative for the remainder of the season. However, for me, this episode was a bit… Dull. But I digress…
  2. Simon had the A plot here and his heartbreak was done beautifully - the pain weighing on his shoulders, his broken voice, the plasma and free feeding, showing a Vampire’s way of dealing with a hard day and let’s face it Simon is a very young and inexperienced vampire… And he never asked for this life, he is in this situation because of Clary and she just shattered his heart… I appreciate that he hasn’t lost his sense of humor though. #vampireorgandonors Also, I too would rather be accused of draining someone’s blood over having a foot fetish. Feet are gross #relatable…. And that fight scene with Quinn was hella cool. Love me some Badass Simon.
  3. This episode truly showed how much Alec cares for Magnus, without judgement or expectation. At first he felt it best to give Magnus space, but he realized he needed to confront the situation, knowing he would support Magnus no matter what. However, Magnus is truly terrified of losing Alec… this is obviously a setup for their arc going forward. I think I remember Harry mentioning something in an interview about how Magnus’ story was about who truly knows him and from what we’re seeing, Magnus wants Alec to know him, all of him, but he’s scared of the day he reveals too much and Alec leaves (Spoiler alert: ALEC ISN’T GOING ANYWHERE BABY HE LOVES YOU. a lot.)
    1. Kudos to the writers for all the references to previous Malec scenes. #hereforthis
    2. I love that Alec talks to Magnus about his duties as a Shadowhunter and Head of the Institute and Magnus offers his support - also it should be noted that Alec felt conflicted about reporting Luke’s attack on Valentine to the Clave and he chose to keep it quiet - even knowing that’s it’s a serious infraction  - this will come back around
    3. Alec standing proudly beside Magnus as he opens the portal to Idris - Valentine’s snide comment and Alec’s intolerance of his ignorance - this scene was great. However, I have to hope that going forward Magnus doesn’t get blamed for Valentine’s escape (Duncan did it, straight up. Even if he had reasons… this is on him. And the Demon!Sebastian) - and fuck all if Valentine uses Alec and Magnus’ relationship against them because he’s seen first hand how much Alec, a shadowhunter, loves the Warlock Magnus Bane and I have a bad feeling he might exploit that.
  4. Izzy/Jace team up to handle Valentine’s transfer and it’s awesome, they play off each other so well. Badass, totally in control Izzy is what I live for - telling Alec not to let Magnus push him away, telling Jace to give Clary and Simon time because right now, this isn’t all about him and his feelings - being there for Clary and sincerely trying to help her understand her situation because she is still new to the shadow world - Also Izzy confirms that Magnus is the best of all the Warlocks #futureinlaws #YES -  Jace addressing Valentine like he’s the dirt on his shoes and reassuring Alec that knows what he’s doing as a leader (and the institute seems to be running smoothly, too bad Demon!Sebastian is fucking with literally everyone - poor Duncan, you were a dick about Alec but taking a sword through your heart seemed like overkill… ) #sorrynotsorry
  5. Aline was cute and I like that she felt something off about her cousin but didn’t jump to conclusions about it because honestly, I haven’t seen my cousins in years and the truth is, a demon could totally take over any one of them and I wouldn’t know the difference.
  6. Clary needs to sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up for 2 minutes because damn girl, you can’t fix this with a few words. Simon is right to ask for space and admit that it was a mistake to pursue her in the first place because in his heart, he always knew she didn’t feel the same way he did. Also Izzy is right, Jace needs to respect his friends and give Clary and Simon time. 
  7. Sebastian escaping the closet of the Demon wearing his face was awesome but then the Demon!Sebastian killed him so like, not so awesome. We never even met the real Sebastian but my heart broke for him. Poor emo haired dude. #RIP
  8. Luke telling Simon he’s like a son to him and OMG Clary talked to her Dad, Luke, the man who raised her! … WOW… But Luke needs to get his damn partner in check. Like that bitch is out of control.
  9. Raphael needs to stop wearing sex suits if he’s not interested in sex because that boy is a tall drink of water and I’m thirsty.
  10. So after all that nonsense, Valentine escaped the Institute and the Clave and Demon!Sebastian looks like he survived Pompeii, so there’s that. #hellofather #Youcreatedthatvalleyboy #goodjobasshat
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Prompt: “I got you infected.”

Words: 2772

Warnings: Sadness, mentions of breakdowns and an abortion.

A/N: This is my first imagine. I don’t really know where it came from, but I just went along with, so it I hope you enjoy it nevertheless! 
English is not my first language (so there may be some upcoming spelling and/or grammar mistakes in my next imagines), but for this one: Thank you very, very much @outside-the-government for your help!  

Bones slumps down the wall beside the transporter pad, sighing and letting his head fall onto his chest. There are dark circles under his eyes, proof of his lack of sleep in the last few days. He doesn’t know what to do. He’s exhausted from pacing around the med bay all day long, with nothing do to other than to stand by and wait, relieved from his duties for the time being. As much as he hates himself for breaking down so easily and letting his duties wait, he knows that he would not be able to concentrate, not with your life on the line.

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Kisses of the sun >> Baekhyun, You

My entry for Switch it Up Week 2015 by @exoticarmy127 (I’m such a trash to her stories. She’s my role model <3)

Prompte: Sunset would never be the same.

Words count: 3717 (Yes! I managed not to exceed the limited words *grins*) 

Genre: Angst/fluff

Warning: None- Just… Don’t clench your toes while reading! Thank you XD 

Standing over the cliff, legs tilting downward and swinging in the air. A small rock broke from her kicks into the cliff and fell. Fell down, far away into the deep, clear ocean.

She wasn’t scared. She was a free spirit like a bird and wished to fly one day. She had always loved the view over this cleft it calmed her down and relaxed her muscles, with the breeze holding her. It was her thinking spot, her mind refresher and the place that gave her inspiration to move on.

She observed the sun as it kissed the sea, a soft red color that almost was orange spread through the sky and twinned with the white clouds making thin lines of red.

She had always thought that at sunset the sky has the color of a beautiful blushing, shy face. Like a girl in love.

But now all she was thinking about was that it looked like a scar, above high on the sky. A scar that had a lot of pain within it, just like the scar that was made in her heart.

At the moment, she was sure that the sunset would never be the same. Ever again.

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Moving On - Chapter 7

Body Language

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The next morning I overslept, as expected of course. I did hear the alarm going off, but I was too exhausted to get up. I didn’t even remember how I turned the alarm off, but I did and as a result I slept until noon. I just wanted to keep the curtains shut and hide in my room. I felt like crap, but it made me come to the conclusion that I really should cut down the drinking. My body was getting old and it couldn’t take alcohol as easily as I could when I was in my early twenties. I felt like crap, but I still had to appear at work. If I was lucky, then nobody noticed that I wasn’t there, but the chances of my absence being unnoticed were practically zero. I was the head of the law department of my company and everything had to go through me before a decision was made. Long story short, I was doomed.

The CEO gave me a hard time for the rest of the week, and as punishment for coming late. I had twice the load of work that I usually did, but I managed to survive the week without much damage.

“Oh you don’t that look well.” That was the first thing that Kiseok noticed about me, when we met.

I let out a chuckle at his blunt comment and said, ”I blame you for that. I totally slept the whole morning and had to drag my hungover body to work.”

“That’s why I’m buying you dinner today as compensation,” he released a smile, trying to cheer me up. He picked me up from work and we went to a small street restaurant nearby. It was one of my favorites and I really liked the owner. She was a nice lady and she always gave me discounts.

“You look good,” I remarked nonchalantly. “I thought you’d neglect your appearance and drown your sorrow in alcohol.”

“I just had a music video shoot. I have no other choice but to look good,” he said with a laugh.

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Break Ups and Make Ups -Nash Grier

I stared at the plain wall across the room from me.  I was sitting on the floor my back against the wall, my head leaning against it, as i tried my hardest to not let my tears fall. My hair was all messy and tangled since i would run my hands through it every five seconds. Silence filled the air, only mine and Nash’s breath was audible. Nash was on the edge of the bed, his elbows on his knees, his head in his hands. I bit my lip knowing that this was over, our relationship of a year and six months was gone. Lately all we would do is fight for the smallest things, and that small fight would turn into a huge arguement, just like the one we had a few minutes ago. i close my eyes, and the fight that had occurred just a few short minutes ago came into mind.

We walked into the hotel room that Nash and i were sharing. He slammed the door and i flinched knowing that another argument was about to happen. “So you wanna tell me what all that bullshit was about back there?” Nash asked taking off his vans. I roll my eyes “I honestly dont know what you’re talking about Nash.”  “Really because that asshole was basically eye fucking you y/n, and you we’re totally okay with it!” “Maybe if my boyfriend showed that he cared a little more about me then we wouldn’t have this problem!” “Please, don’t turn this on me,” nash poked his chest and then pointed his index finger at me “I give you everything y/n, everything you ever wanted, and all you do is complain. ‘Oh you spend too much time with the guys’ ‘babe why are you always with fans’ nash this, nash that. ‘Stop flirting with fans babe, you don’t love me’  I’m sick of it!” Nash yells and it startles me.  “You know i don’t have a fucking problem with your fans, you’re the one that makes me feel insecure because you can’t stop fucking flirting with some of them!!” I yell at him back. “Don’t act like you don’t do the same fucking thing with guys whenever you get a chance, even some of my own best friends for gods sake! Any fucking chance you get you’re always on top of another guy, maybe if you weren’t such a fucking hoe i wouldn’t flirt with as many fans as i do! I’m just getting even y/n.” “Always accusing me,” i chuckle, by now i’m furious, “Because i’m always the one that flirts with others, and is always being a whore.” “You are y/n!” I scoff “You’re unbelievable Nash, this whole this is unbelievable.” i say in a low voice. “What that you’re a hoe or that you’re a hoe?” Nash raises an eyebrow. I roll my eyes at his stupidity “The fact that we argue this much Nash that’s what’s fucking unbelievable. That fact that i don’t know what to feel about us about this relationship!”

I feel a tear slide down my cheek, and a knot forms in my throat.  I look at Nash, “I can’t anymore” i struggle to get out. Nash lifts his head up, his piercing blue eyes staring into mine. I shake my head and run my fingers through my hair once again, “I can’t Nash, the arguing over stupid shit, the name callings, this isn’t us.” “What are you saying y/n?” I get up and pick up my bag and jacket. “I’m saying that i can’t keep going on like this anymore Nash. I dont  know if you love me or not, we argue at least every other day, and even when it seems like we are having a good day we still find something the argue about.“ "I love you baby and I’m so sorry” nash says getting up and his figure begins to walk towards me. I shake my head  and place a hand in front of me “Don’t Nash, please don’t make this harder that it has to be, you know that we can’t keep going on like this we are just hurting eachother.” “I love you y/n.” Tears escape my eyes “I love you too Nash, but this is the best and you know.” Without another word I walk towards the door, not looking back. My heart broke with every step I took further away from Nash. I love him To much but I knew that I had to do this. The relationship was toxic.

2 months later

It’s been a hard 2 months and in all honesty I don’t know how I’ve survived and lived through them. I have an empty feeling in me, I haven’t felt happy since I left Nash and the smile I wear on my face is fake. I barely eat anymore, without him i’m not me. I huffed as I stood up from my bed. Mahogany and I were going to hang out today and the only reason I decided to go was because I knew that I can’t just stay home and not live. Even if I feel empty and alone, I know I need to have some sort of social life and not cut out all my friends. I grab some jeans and a tank top, i wear a flannel over my tank top and put my vans on.

I hopped onto my car and met Mahogany at the mall. I meet her in the food court. She smiles once she sees my, I smile but then I notice Cameron with her. My smile sort of fades. “I hope you don’t mind Cam being here,” Mahogany says once I reach the both of them. “Not at all,” I say hugging both of them. Of course that was sort of a lie. I didn’t have a problem with Cam, except that he was my ex’s best friend and I can feel the tension already. I want to ask him how nash is doing, if he’s happy with out me or if he’s having a hard time coping through this like me. Even if we did fight a lot, I loved nash so much, and i knew that he loved me too. He showed me his love in every way, shape and form. Mahogany, Cam and i walked around the mall, going in to a store whenever we would see something we liked. Finally we decided to have lunch back in the food court. Mahogany and Cam just stopped their conversation as soon as i reached the table. I gave the both a weird look but brushed it off.

“So y/n, you wanna go back with us and hang out?” Mahogany asked. “I don’t know…” I would love to see everyone again but i don’t want to run into Nash. “Nash won’t be there if you’re worried about that,” Cam said “He’s back home with his family.” I still give them a questioning look “Oh come on y/n, it’ll be just like old times. We will all just hang out and have a good time,” Mahogany stated. “Okay fine,” i say giving in. I did miss all the guys and i missed the old times. I haven’t seen any of them since Nash and i split. We finished our food and we headed back to Cam’s house where most of the guys were hanging out. I walked in behind Cam, and Mahogany behind me. As soon as i walked in I heard the laugh that was extremely familiar to me. My heart stopped and i gave Cameron and Mahogany a death glare. “You said he was back home visiting his family” i say to Cameron. I turn on my heels, ready to go back home when i fell someone hold me back. “Not so fast.” “You’re going to stay and you are going to enjoy your time.” Mahogany says. I roll my eyes in annoyance, and continue on following Cameron into the living room.  “Y/n,” shock was all over Nash’s face. I gave him a small smile and i waved to all the guys before taking a seat on the couch.

Nash didnt say much after just saying my name. This whole thing was just a bad idea, i don’t know why Mahogany and Cam ever even brought me here in the first place. The whole time you could feel the awkward tension between me and nash, and i knew everyone else felt it too. I was basically in my phone the whole time, the only time i wasn’t was when one of the guys would create a small conversation with me. And even then it was just how i was doing, and how i’ve been. I felt the couch sink next to me. I didn’t mind looking up from my phone knowing that maybe it was just Matt, or one of the Jacks. “How have you been?” The voice i knew oh so very well said. I looked up and into the piercing blue eyes that mesmerized me every single time. “I’ve been better,” i reply honestly. “Listen can we talk?” Nash asks me and i give him a look “We are talking.” “I mean in private y/n.” I nod my head and he gets up, i follow his lead and we head to his room. Nash closes the door, and i just stand awkwardly in the middle of his room. I look around, nothing has changed in these two months. The same mess, his bed unmade, everything the same. “You can sit on my bed.” I sit on the edge of the bed and nash sits next to me. His head down, and i just stare straight ahead.

Nash breaks the silence “I’ve missed you y/n.” I look over to him and he’s looking at me, he puts a strand of my hair behind my ear. I close my eyes as he keeps his hand on my cheek caressing it. “I’ve been a mess these past months y/n. I don’t know how i’ve survived without you, the first weeks i didn’t want to get out of bed, or eat, or even go out and do the meet and greets. I hated myself for putting you through the pain i put you through with all those fights. For calling you all those names that i didn’t mean at all,” he stared right into my eyes “You’re my everything y/n. I loved you, i still love you, i’m in love with you. And these past months that we’ve been apart i’ve been a mess, it has been hell for me. I can’t live without you, i feel dead, empty, alone without you y/n. I love you.” I close my eyes, so these months have been hell for him too. “I love you to Nash.” He leans in but i lean away, he gives me a questioning look. “Nash we can’t just go back to where we were, there was so much wrong with us, we fought every day.” “Then let’s take this slow, we can take it as slow as you want to y/n” Nash says. He begins to lean in again this time i don’t move away, His soft lips on mine, and it was almost as if i had forgotten how his lips felt on mine. I felt so much in the kiss, a real smile formed on my face as we pulled away. “I love you so much babygirl.” “I love you to Nash.”

Nash and i walk back to the living room hand in hand, a smile on both of our faces. “About damn time” everyone yells as us. “Finally! That awkward tension was just driving me insane,” Johnson said and everyone agreed. “Now you’ll have to deal with this” nash said leaning towards me and giving me a kiss making everyone scream “get a room.” I just chuckled along with nash, a real smile on both of our faces.


to the simplest, humblest, strongest, most hardworking, most adorable, most caring, most beautiful, most adorable, cutest, and funniest (without even knowing it) guy i know..  to my sunshine, my stress reliever, my happy pill, my inspiration.. to the guy who has no sense of direction, to mnet wide’s “icon of diligence”, to my babyboy, KIM JINWOO.. Jinwoo-yah!! Happy happy happy happy (did i say happy already) happy HAPPIEST birthday to you! ♡♡

Dude, I love you so much! You are both beautiful and handsome, sexy but cute, chic but dumb, you’re such a life ruiner but also my life savior. I love you so much that seeing you sing and perform on stage, slowly realizing your dreams can already make my day more than perfect. Just seeing you having fun with your 4 brothers can make my heart swell with warmth and can even make my bad mood go away. yep, always. I’m sorry if this is the only thing I can do  to repay you with all the happiness you (along with WINNER) gave me since day 1 of WIN. Thank you so much for showing me that a thousand slumps can never, ever stop one from achieving his dreams. Thank you so much for letting me see that no success can amount to the love that your parents can give you. Just… just thank you for existing.. for helping me survive each day with a smile especially in the darkest moments of my life. (istg im not crying) I will try my very best to be there for you, to support you, to cheer for you, to watch you become a better person – as an artist, as a friend, as a son, and as a human being. Please stay the forever innocent (not really) lost and sometimes idiotic hyung we all know. Please always look after your health, keep safe and take a lot of rest as possible. Please continue to surprise us with your not-so-hidden talents a.k.a. vacuum cleaner, rice cooker and bird sound impressions. PLEASE STOP REPLAYING YOUR BEAT PLAYLIST. I KNOW YOU’RE A GD FANBOY (i am too yay) BUT PLS UGH Please keep showing that genuine smile of yours (and that hearty laugh <3) because you don’t know how many days are made because of it. And please dont stop inspiring us with your presence, your words, and your very beautiful voice. Stop belittling yourself, okay? You are one hell of a talented kid so please stop saying it’s all hard work that brought you to where you are now. I dont really know what im saying right now so just thank you for everything rainbows and unicorns you gave me.

Again, to my ultimate bias (pls surprise us with an sns account tonight. im waiting) 생일 축하해요! 나는 당신을 정말 많이 사랑해요! I hate you for making me totally broke lol p.s. changed my mind. u can play crooked all year round. but pls beiber is a “no-no” ♡♡♡ #JinwooMustBe24