and that poster

I’m excited to announce I’ll be doing a signing at New York Comic Con on Friday, October 6th, from 10:30–11:30 AM at the First Second Books booth, #2239. We’ll be giving away free copies of this 11x17″ poster for my upcoming graphic novel series Threadworlds during the signing. If you want to bring Avatar/Korra stuff I’ll be happy to sign that too.

TO BE CLEAR: Threadworlds: Volume One is not finished, nor is there is a release date yet. I’m still hard at work on the layouts, which should be finished this year; then I’ll be tackling the final pages and color next year. But I’m excited to share the above artwork with you to give you an updated look at the characters and a glimpse into the world; and to poke my head up out of the ground for a bit to say hi at NYCC!

(I’ll also being doing another signing with Dark Horse at NYCC on Saturday 8/7. I’ll post about that separately soon.)

See you soon! Love, Bryan

oK but, everyone’s borders match the lions they’re currently in, which is why Lance’s is red. So that means if Keith gets a poster his will be black, and Kuron might not even get one at all?? my poor baby clone??

and if he gets one that says something about joining the galra empire I’m gonna scream I think it’s also likely Keith might not get a coalition poster either though just because I feel like he’ll be very much against “advertising” for it which is why he wasn’t putting on a show in the trailers 

reputation poster exchange system

Hey everyone!

Since reputation comes with 1 out of 5 posters and not everyone can buy a bunch of albums to get them all I thought it would be nice to do an exchange system.

So how I think it would work is people would tell how many of each different poster they have that they’re willing to send someone else and also what poster(s) they need. Then they could find someone who has an extra of the poster(s) they need and they send their extras to someone else.

Reblog/like if you are interested. I will coordinate more as it gets closer to album release.

The Opera Mantle (1851). Augustus Leopold Egg (English, 1816-1863). Oil on canvas. Harris Museum & Art Gallery.

A young woman reading a poster lettered with “Royal Italian Opera / On Thursday August 22nd / Le Prophete.” Le prophète (The Prophet) is a grand opera in five acts by Giacomo Meyerbeer. The French-language libretto was by Eugène Scribe and Émile Deschamps, after passages from the Essay on the Manners and Spirit of Nations by Voltaire.