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Omg I'm doing zens route for the first time and I feel sad causes baehee is being mean dx ( I love your blog Hun <3 I hope you have a fabulous day ~ )

have fun during zen’s route. he’s my absolute babe so BE NICE TO HIM HAHAHA

also, i get why people might be annoyed by jaehee during his route, but i kind of understand her, she’s just concerned because she’s A PURE ANGEL LIKE THAT 

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To christen the newly opened inbox ;P How do you feel that rogue one ended up making New Hope a more powerful story because it explains why the Rebellion was so desperate and tiny in A New Hope after loosing most of their fighting force at the instillation. Their fleet has dropped dramatically in size, they probably lost at least a third of their fighter wings in the fighting and a lot of their political support left in the fact of the death star.

Thank you for welcoming the inbox into existence!! 

OH MY GOODNESS YOU GOT STRAIGHT TO THE POINT OF WHY ROGUE ONE IS AMAZING. Of course, I love the characters and the plot and the way the movie was filmed and the diversity (ACCENTS!) and literally everything about this movie as a standalone, but when you look at it in the context of the entire Star War series, it becomes a whole new type of amazing. 

The first thing I think it affects is the opening scene of A New Hope… Vader literally saw Princess Leia fleeing the battle at Scarif, knows that she’s a member of the Alliance, and yet Leia decides to look him in the eye and lie. Before Rogue One, we didn’t have context for her ship being overtaken by the Empire. Had they been involved in a long and drawn out “police chase” for lack of a better term  or had they just suddenly been overpowered? Was Vader searching many Alliance ships, hoping one of them had the plans, or did he know that it was specifically this ship? With the dramatic last minute of Rogue One I’m still not over that fight scene tbh we know that Vader knows this ship has the plans. Everyone, hands up for our #1 BAMF Princess “I’m on a diplomatic mission to Alderaan” Leia. 

But I’ll be writing forever if I’m going to talk about every scene in the original trilogy that is changed by Rogue One, so I’ll try to focus on the biggest theme to me. 

Personally, it really re-enforced the depth of the rebellion to me. Just as Cassian accused Jyn, “suddenly the rebellion is real” to me. Before Rogue One, I never considered what the Rebellion was doing before Luke Skywalker came waltzing into base. Of course, that’s ridiculous: It has a history that goes back to the beginning of the Empire (”I’ve been in this fight since I was six years old”), with spies intelligence specialists scattered across the galaxy. Maybe they weren’t involved in any direct battles, but they were probing the galaxy for the Empire’s weakness, waiting for the proper moment to strike. The meeting we’re shown, when Jyn is presenting her intelligence about her father’s plan, shows that the Alliance isn’t one united front: like in the Senate, even though the members have the common goal of toppling the Empire and restoring peace to the galaxy, they disagree about how to do this. 

The original trilogy does, of course, have all the minor characters that a rebellion needs to stay afloat: random members in the War Room, tracking the flights of the X-Wings, or on the radio, keeping in contact with members we can only guess about, but the focus of episodes IV-VI is on Luke Skywalker and his journey on the path from nobody moisture farmer to Jedi Knight, becoming the Jedi’s “New Hope”. What Rogue One does is shift the focus directly to the rebels and, I think, give a double meaning to Episode IV’s name. 

Yes, Luke Skywalker is the new hope of the Jedi Order, but Rogue One is the new hope of the rebellion. 

And that is how Rogue One rewrote the story of a movie that’s been out for forty years. 


Somewhere inside a college AU, Kuroo is being an embarrassement in public for his first day at uni and Daichi gets a good laugh about it when he comes visit the next week-end.

(i am weak for college Kurodai plz don’t judge me)

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Supercorp: Kara takes an unnecessary risk during a fight and gets injured. Alex, deciding that Kara needs another person to give them a piece of their mind, calls in Lena (BTW they're married in this AU). Needless to say, a piece of mind is very much given

Indestructible, defined as that which cannot be destroyed, unable to destruct.

Used in a sentence? Everyone who knows her knows Kara Danvers likes to believe she is completely and utterly indestructible, but she isn’t. No matter what she does, says, tries to prove, she is not indestructible. She confuses indestructible with immortal. 

Which she isn’t either. 

It’s a bothersome, nerve-grating thought to most of the people in her life, the way Kara leaps right into the line of fire with a damn smile on her face. She believes her purpose in life is to take care of those who need her, to save those who need rescuing, to be a protector when she sees others exposed, and while that might be the case, it certainly doesn’t make anyone else feel better watching as she smiles when people aim their weapons towards her. Bulletproof, she may be, but she can certainly be killed. Can get injured. Can die. And if that gets to her any, at all, it doesn’t show on her face. She just keeps running into the arms of danger and when she evades it, she goes back for round two to remind it what she’s made of. Steel.

But steel can melt, and that’s the only seed of doubt that needs to be planted for people to worry about her and her constant dance routine around death.

It bothers no one more than it does Lena Luthor.

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josuke didnt really think this through


y tho

HEYYY my first time drawing this guy! I kinda made him a bit chibi-ish because it was a cUTE REQUEST OK

[Proferror belongs to @loverofpiggies!]

love you guys ♥

ahhh so much positivity in such a short time! thank you so much to every single one of you for all the support ♥

let’s bring tonight to a close before there are anymore misunderstandings LOL happy 2017 ~

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vminkook havent had sex yet and when sit to talk about it jimin reveals that he likes to be used like a sex toy and vkook likes it :) can you write both the convo and sex and aftercare? oh and jiminie likes to be held and hear whishpers of praises after sex ^^

Our Little Toy = Jimin liked to be used.
» vminkook. smut. fluff.

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pls dont reupload
pjm // 160617


Alfred: The theme for this year’s Halloween Party would be “Partners”. Everyone and their chosen partner is free to choose as to what duo they should dress up as, but since I lost a bet…

m!a: royals