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Woaw guys this is super incredible! I can’t believe that in only a matter of months this blog has reached so many people! I’m so thankful for the wonderful community of blogs that have helped me get to this point! I love u all!

Thanks again everybody! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

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the title gives it away and I really don’t want to go too deep into detail and make this post all cheesy. Just let me tell you how much I LOVE my time here with Chirrut and how much I adore te support you give me guys. How ya’ll square up when rude anons strike back and I just?? I love this character so much and I enjoy to flesh him out as much as I can and to see that you guys APPROVE of it is the best feeling in the world. So THANK YOU for being here with me and for making my Time here just hella great  ♥ xoxo Antonia ♥

under the cut I will tag ALL of my wonderful mutuals to let u know that I love you and how much it means to see you on my dash because yes, you all are wonderful and perfect. I might not talk to ALL of you but let it be known that I probably stalk your blog and adore you from afar. ( btw, this is in no real order I just scrolled down my following page lmao )

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hi everyonee!! so guess what !! this gal right here just hit 1k followers woooOoOOoOoo honestly i’ve never thought that i would get that huge amount of followers but yall here are so nice & gave me a follow which made me get this huge milestone! i wanted to thank each and every one of you for all the love and support yall have given me, you guys are literally the nicest people everrr!! *virtual hug*

and to thank each and every one of you & celebrate this milestone, i decided to do blog rates! this is just a way to rate your blog in my point of view, and i believe that every blog is super cool! okay so by the way here are the rule for you to be qualified for the blog rates:

  • must be following me 
  • reblog this post (likes only count as bookmarks!)
  • leave me an ask with the emoji 🌙 so i know that you’re asking for a br, and tell me literally anything you’d like! it could be about your day, your fav book, fav song, the weather, or just anything you want! [also leave me a link/tag to your original posts (if any) so that i could find them!]

and that’s it! blog rates will end on june 11

p.s: blacklist the tag ‘dea does blogrates’ in case you don’t want so see these flying around your dash

p.p.s: if this thing gets less than 20 notes let’s just pretend that it didn’t happen

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//Wow! Already to 100 followers guys. And it’s been…well, a real long time, even when I kept changing blogs here and there. I’m happy that you guys stuck around, interacted with my babies and became good friends. So without further ado~  Please let me list off my fave peeps in the world~!

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//And the many more of you~ <3 <3 <3 Thank you for having me, having the muses. You guys are totally the best. If I’ve forgotten someone, just tell me, and I’ll add ya up :D Anyways, again thank you so much. I love you all~!

anonymous asked:

Rob mentions being drunk when they are first in the bedroom in the 2nd half of the first episode. Then I would say to be safe from 15:45-17:00. Also 17:55-18:30. Avoid Bex scenes around those times as well. If self harm is a trigger then also avoid 21:50 to the end of the episode. I think that's all I could see with specific mentions, I hope I got it right :)

anon this is the best message thank you thank you

now i can watch safely. i am honestly blown away you would do this for me?

thank you. honestly. thank you so much!

thank you guys!!! tbh ive been very self-conscious of my art lately and have been feeling very down because I feel like my art has just been…especially bad lately….so these messages really do mean a lot!!!! I’m probably being too hard on myself, but I am working to get better, so thank you for the support!!!!!!  T__T


@cooper-alterni aaaawwwww~! that’s so sweet of you, thank you! x//DD
heh, i’m glad i made you smile~ (you made me smile all day long with this <3)
Hope you have a beautiful day/night as well :DD

anonymous asked:

you deserved that ask tbh just sayin

Don’t u think it’s funny that when one person comes out with a lame ask you get other rats crawling out the sewer to do the same thing because it’s ok!! Someone else has already done it!!

I’m not even gonna validate this with a response, I’m not gonna try to defend myself from someone who’s not only hiding behind a computer screen, but behind an anonymous button too :))


you guys i actually did it!!! i made it to 1,000 followers!!!

i honestly never believed i’d ever get this far, thank you all so very very much for sticking with me and liking my blog!!!

i was thinking of maybe holding an event kinda thing? what do you guys suggest? 

thank you all again for everything you’ve done for me!! <3

- Ruby