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Do you have any tips for someone who wants to start drawing for an online audience? Thank you :) I love deep-dark-fears!

Sure! Draw as much as possible, and make things that you enjoy. If you try to make something just because you think it’ll make other people happy, you’ll just wind up with something that might be popular, but that you don’t enjoy making.

Also, don’t be precious with the internet. You can start a blog for free. Don’t make it into a big scary thing. Make a bunch of things that amuse you. That way, if it’s unpopular, you’ll still have fun.

Here are some of my other blogs that are totally unpopular:

My favorite things I find on Tumblr - 1000% less popular than Deep Dark Fears:

I started making comics about a little wizard named “Loafwizard” and then I got too busy with other projects. Made one zine two years ago and haven’t been able to do anything with the character since:

Skip and Vaxo, a couple of characters I was playing with a few years ago. I want to make more things with them, maybe some day!

Just having fun with a closeup-lens camera:

Back when I was working on Blue’s Clues (a long time ago!) I found a bunch of outtakes from 1960′s porno films in a dumpster in Times Square, so I made some GIFs of them:

I was annoyed that a bunch of my students didn’t have blogs, so I made a blog for a roll of tape that was lying around the classroom, and I challenged them to get more active online than an inanimate roll of tape:

For a little while, I wasn’t sure if I would call my fear comics “Deep Dark Fears” or “Fear Pops” so I signed up for both names. I’m glad I went with “Deep Dark Fears.”

Here’s a blog that’s just photos I took inside the incredible natural history museum in Shanghai - one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen. I think it may have been torn down since I was there:

Here’s a blog I started with a few images of the band “Chumbawumba” just because I wanted to tweet, “I should probably be humbla, but I have a chumbawumba blog on tumbla.”

So, what I mean to say, is that it’s free and easy to start something on the internet. Try doing a bunch of things that amuse you or make you curious. One of the advantages of the internet, is that if it’s a total failure, NOBODY WILL EVER SEE IT. So what’s the risk, really?

i know that i haven’t posted here much in recent months but i just wanted to pop in and say that writing this blog indirectly contributed to me signing with a literary agent, and i’m now in the process of revising and editing my first novel! i can’t say much about it yet, but it’ll be a gay love story set in a contemporary high school, and i am very, very excited.

the moral of this story is to always follow your dreams and write elaborate, surreal pseudo-fanfiction about drake and sufjan stevens being married and parenting a child instead of, for instance, focusing on your job, or school.

big thanks to asthmatic kitty and OVO for being good sports about this dumb blog and about six swans. drake and sufjan, i love y'all and i owe you one.

The lovely @ziall has just texted me that that nasty person who wrote those bullshit about larry has officially been removed from @dailyniall so now the blog is safe to follow again! 🌈💖

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ok honestly i've reblogged so many of your posts lately, so maybe you could rec me some of your favorite blogs so i can give them a follow? my dash is so dead right now it's not even funny

gosh, hm….. i have a few! these are just some people i love seeing on my dash and who make some really great edits worth having a look at! ♡

@neiljosthn, @minyardx, @kaitegecko, @neljostns, @freckledparrish, @katiebells, @krvm, @fortaine, @foxxhole, @wildsfoxes, @moreauxjean, @nargles, @mhinyards, @jostenminyard, @minjard and many many more that i’m sure i’ve missed!

There’s nothing like a creamy, dreamy bowl of porridge to start the day😌👌🏼✨ who’s with me?
Thanks to @organicburst maca powder for turning my usual porridge into a caramel delight. Eating healthy, nutrient dense food sure isn’t hard when it makes you feel you best AND means you get to eat dessert for breakfast every single day👅🌿
To make this, I just followed the vanilla brown rice porridge recipe that’s up on my blog and added a spoonful of @organicburst maca powder for the caramel-y flavour + a boost of iron, calcium and amino acids⚡️ Then topped it with banana, strawberries + mangooo.
QUESTION: I’d love to know, what’s your current favourite porridge combo?

IG: @naturally_nina_

The Recruit (Chapter 29) - Mitch Rapp

Author: @were-cheetah-stiles

Title: “Day 106, Part I”

Characters: Mitch Rapp, Stan Hurley, Aiden Breen, Ghost & Reader/OFC

Warning: male violence against female, torture, death. the usual.

Author’s Note: Watch Me! Also, thanks, thanks, thanks to @samann98 for allowing me to use her gif of Mitch straight up abusing that woman. Not only is her gifs great quality, but so is her blog. Go follow her :) She was an instant follow for me. Also, thanks to @obriens for that Mitch drowning gif. what a super babe, like, Linna is my source of all things Dylan and my love for her is undying for that. One last thank you to @sterek for Mitch with an AR, aka, my aesthetic. Really doing me fan service with these amazing gifs.

Summary: On the team’s first day in Rome, Ghost abducts Stan and sets the two young agents on a path that they cannot turn back from.

Chapter Twenty-Eight - Chapter Twenty-Nine - Chapter Thirty

Originally posted by agentrapp

“What is it you think we do here?” Stan asked, leaning back into his chair and looking from the Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi to Mitch sitting across from him at the small table.

“Kill people who need to be killed.” Mitch answered nonchalantly.

Exactly. At least you get that part of the job.”

Play nice, boys. We were all getting along so well for a minute there.” You said dryly through their earpieces. Mitch looked across Piazza Navona to where you sat on the opposite side of the fountain, lazily eating gelato and people watching, trying to blend in with the tourists while actually keeping your eyes peeled for Ghost. “Wait, wait…. I think… Yea, no, I have eyes on Ghost. He’s heading towards the south end of the Piazza.”

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Could you post a picture of yourself ? I'm curious to know who's behind this awesome blog ! You don't have to of course, but I'd love to see you (especially since you said a few time you're a red head, and I love redheads !), thank you very much.

Hum…Sure. Feeling very self-conscious but I mean, it’s asked nicely so…hum…yeah…hum…here, this is me : 

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hey!! so i legit love your blog so much so i was wondering if you would recommend some good blogs for me? i really want to follow some more good taylor ones, thanks so much !!

ahhh, thank you so much, orla!!!!! ily ♥

and sure! here are some blogs that i love: @aitanalovestaylor @afragileline @alittleofswift @betterthnrevnge @cherryslips @colorsinautumnsobright @comicswift @dontlikeyourkingdomkeys @enchanteds @enchntted @fifteeen @fifth-harmony @foundherselfs @gothswift @ialmcstdo @knewromanticks @ludgatelatte @lulalulalullaby @melvdrama @noitsydney @ownheartbeating @silencesquitethisloud @straightlinedownx @take-that-13-for-luck @teardropsonmyguitar @these-sick-beats @thiislove @shakeitoff @shesdeads @selenaslyrics @sreverogers @svifts @swiftiereputation-13 @watchingtayshine @wearingmybestapology @weretroubles @wewriteletters @youlostandlonely @yourbadreams

i know i’m forgetting other amazing people, so you can also check my follow forever here!

Today marks the 2month anniversary of my blog AND my 400 follower milestone, so what better way to celebrate than a follow forever? I can’t believe you would all want to follow me, but I am extremely grateful to everyone who has! In my short time here I have been made to feel extremely welcome in the BTS community and can’t even tell you how thankful I am of that.Below are some of the people that make my dash beautiful (i’m so sorry if I missed anyone!), thank you all♥ My lovely mutuals have a heat because ily♥


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Honestly I can’t believe 600 of you like me/put up with me I love every single one of you guys thank you so much! As a celebration/thank you I thought I’d do some blog rates and also fulfill some headcanons! 


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🌸 happy news 🌸

i may have retired from this blog, but lucky for all of you, someone has volunteered to take it over from here and so i will be handing the blog over to them. it’s not my place to say who it is or when, but the switch will be happening sometime soon! 

it has been a very fun part of my life to run this blog and to interact with all of you, but as i said, in the interest of lessening my online presence and focusing more on myself and my time management, it’s for the best that i leave this blog. i am beyond grateful for the support, interest, and love all of you – all 12,063 of you, omg!! – have given me and so please, please treat your new admin as you would me. 

if you want to keep in touch, find me at the following:

thank you a million times! xxx

On September 17 2017… I reached 300 followers.

Thank you everyone, honestly. 

I never expected to reach a milestone on my birthday. And I never expected to reach 300 on just my third month on tumblr (honestly if you look at my archive it shows 4 months but really this blog started in late 23 so it’s technically just three months and some days so far). Much less meet some amazing people who’ve become close friends to me, and many more who I see as potential friends.

They know who they are :) And you, yes you. Thank you so much for being here on my journey uwu Tumblr is a big and unfamiliar place to me still, and while it’s been a smooth ride so far, I’m under no illusion that it will continue to be that way in the future. Thank you for making my three months being absolutely wonderful and enjoyable here, and I do hope that you continue supporting me uwu

Now excuse me as I message some people who i should really message hhh I feel so bad I mean they’re a friend and crud its been a while since I last messaged them quq;

@they-bone-us submitted:  Heya, Savio here, I know this is p random and stuff but i made this as my take on how the landlady from SSLL looks like, i just wanted to share it with you because this makes me really proud and feeling like ive really improved over time. And besides, i absolutely adore SSLL and the way you write like aaaaaaa i just love you and this blog so much 😭But im getting emotional, keep being absolutely amazing and keep on doing what youre doing, all the love ❤️

the tortoise talks: I keep forgetting that’s your tumblr now.  xP   But ahhh!  This art is freaking amazing.  Holy crap, I love your take on the Lady–she’s so pretty!  And those moon cycles behind her!  I love it, and the night sky.   Thank you so much for sharing it, and I’m so glad you’re still enjoying SSLL and all the silliness that ends up on my blog. <333

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Hi there, love your blog💖 can you write a hadcanon for the rfa+v+saran halping an mc that is terrified from injections and needles and will not allow anyone to get near her with a syringe.

RFA + Searan with a MC who is afraid of injections and needles and hates syringes

That´s a nice idea! Thank you! Sorry that you had to wait so long! Here you are! And thank you for loving my page!!!! (P.s. If you would like, for example, a V reaction for this, just tell me! I have no time right now but I will do it later in the future. But if you tell me now, I will do it now…)


  • You and Jumin weren´t sure but you thought that Elisabeth the 3rd had the Rabies 
  • The vet told you, that it could be very dangerous for you so you both had to go to the doctor to go sure 
  • the doctor told you, that you were both healthy 
  • but for your healthy you should come and get a syringe regularly 
  • Jumin wasn´t interested in his healthy but he was really concerned about yours
  • he could only nod while you got pale 
  • very pale 
  • Jumin was the first one who gor the injection and then it was your turn 
  • but you really refused it telling him, that you were fine 
  • and so he got a little bit angry and told you, everything was fine
  • but he soon noticed, that you were really afraid 
  • you got pale and trembled 
  • that´s when he told them to stop and he talked to you 
  • you cried in his arms telling him that you were afraid 
  • but he calmed you, hugged you and kissed you 
  • everything was fine and he loved you 
  • you hold hands while the doctor made the injections 
  • you cried a lot but Jumin was there for you and calmed you with sweet words and a lot of kisses


  • It was really bad but his costume was torn 
  • somebody had to sew it 
  • in five minutes he had to go stage and he knew nobody who could help him 
  • but he was sure that you, his girlfriend, could help him and so he asked you 
  • and you told him no..
  • wait, no?! 
  • he was shocked but you looked really serious about that 
  • you told a colleagues to do this 
  • but your Zenny wanted to talk with you about this 
  • he was… sad, disappointed and curious 
  • you saw his look and tried to explain….
  • to tell him, that you were really afraid of everything with needles and that you just couldn´t 
  • he was so sorry and told you, that it was okay if you were afraid 
  • you were so happy that he understood and kissed him 
  • but when you wanted to kiss him, he had to go on stage…. yeah that was mean XD


  • because of his job he had to go to the doctor regularly 
  • animals could transport a lot of sickness and he really wanted to stay healthy 
  • so he also took regularly a injection 
  • one day he asked himself when you were taking an injection for the last time and asked you 
  • but you just lied 
  • he found out very fast and it was a really bad discussion 
  • until you cried and told him, that you were just too afraid 
  • he reget his word really fast and comforted you 
  • until you both sat on the couch with a lot of tears 
  • when you finally stopped with sobbing he told you, that it would have been easier if you had told him 
  • you understood 
  • since that day he always hold your hand for the injections and never let you skip one appointment


  • Jaehee knew everything about you
  • your nightmares, your dreams
  • your wishes, your fears 
  • but  she never knew, that you were afraid of needles 
  • she saw a really really sweet hedgehog from porcelain and just had to buy it for you 
  • she gave you the porcelain hedgehog as present and expected you to be really happy 
  • but the only thing you did was crying 
  • she got so afraid that she did something wrong and throw the thing away 
  • when you were calm again you told her about your fear 
  • you couldn´t see anything with needles and also the hedgehog 
  • since that day Jaehee searched out everything about Trypanophobia to help you out


  • everyone knews 
  • Seayoung loved still MEMES 
  • and even if he was Seayoung, in his heart he was still 707, Seven and Luciel 
  • one day he  really wanted to make a joke and so he told you to go out for shopping 
  • in the whole time you were out, he dispersed needles in the whole house so that you were unable to walk 
  • the problem was, that he never knew, that you were afraid of needles 
  • so when you came home the first thing you did  was shouting, crying and freaking out 
  • he had to laugh but when he saw that you cried really, he cleaned everything and hugged you 
  • he was soooo sorry and was so sad about your fear 
  • since that day every joke was without any needles 
  • but still he told you doctor and injections jokes


  • Searan got really ill and so he had to go to the doctor to take a blood sample 
  • it was really bad and you were sooo worried 
  • since that day you took him away his ice cream
  • he was so sad but he couldn´t do anything about it 
  • you cooked really healthy food for him and you were so happy 
  • but then he checked out your last visit at the doctor 
  • one day he told you, that he wanted to took you somewhere when 
  • you stood in a room in white. the medical room 
  • you got scared and couldn´t breath 
  • but Searan helped you to go through like you helped him 
  • you were angry at him but you were also grateful 
  • the next two weeks you ate his whole ice cream in front of him 

anonymous asked:

hey I'd like to thank you for not being racist or transphobic and like, actively being cool about shit. comedy is a mine field for finding out something you enjoyed is shitty, and I'm happy the fleshy orange isn't among that :)

Thank you for saying so! I have had that happen to me so many times. Many people who are so near and dear to my heart are trans, gay, poc, Jewish, Islamic, and I hope my blog can be a source of comedy and safety from the hell that is going on in this world at the moment for all of my followers ❤️

anonymous asked:

*steps in nervously* Hi there; first off you have a really nice blog. <3 Hope I'm not a bother, but I've just recently gotten into the Touken Ranbu series through the animes, and I was wondering if you could give me some info about the different plays/musicals, and how I can watch them? A friend streamed Bakumatsu Tenroden for me the other day, and after loving that one, I want to see the others, and also want to know how to support them. Really new at all this lol; thank you if you can help! ><

Hiya! xD Thank you for the comment ♥ I’m glad that you enjoy my blog :DDD and despite my fangirling, um, insanity, I promise that I’m mostly harmless? xDDD Kind of :P LOL!

Jokes aside, it’s also lovely to hear that you enjoyed Bakumatsu Tenrouden, and welcome to the world of the Musical Touken Ranbu/Touken Ranbu Stage Play! :DDDD This post will be slightly long because I’ve compiled a Guide to the Musical Touken Ranbu and Touken Ranbu Stage Play (including a master list of links) that I hope will be helpful to you, so I will place most of the information under the cut. 

But I would like to start by just answering your question of wanting to know how to support the productions.


Buying the online version of the musicals and stage plays from the DMM Website (which is the official provider for downloads): HERE 

Buying the Blu-ray, DVD and CD: HERE

Buying tickets to attend the actual performances: HERE


As an introduction, the musicals and the stage plays are produced by different companies, and both franchises exist as separate entities that are unrelated to each other:

  • The Musical Touken Ranbu - produced by Nelke Planning Co. Ltd.
  • The Touken Ranbu Stage Play - produced by Marvelous Inc.

And now, on to the guide about the Musical Touken Ranbu and the Touken Ranbu Stage Play franchises.

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I was tagged by @pcyeolmae and @this-is-entertainment (on my old blog) to do the lockscreen, wallpaper, last song listened to and a selfie, thank you angels 😚
My battery is dying, that picture is old(but I love you all so 🍓💘)and no I don’t ship kaisoo they’re just my men and I’ve been deprived so let me live thanks!!!!

I’ll be tagging; @royalyeol @kiungsoo @kittyhunnie @smilingvernon @oshnverse @junyixinqs @loeychateau @d-ks00 @d-kyvngsoo @4bcks @suhosbulge And some some new mutuals - @blackbirx @girlsoo @hunniedae @1huni @chogiwabitch-es @blackpearlsoo @babybaek-gif

please ignore if you’ve already done this 😣

Taylor!! 4.0

I’m so happy you followed my previous follow list, thank you! We are just all excited and crying happy tears. I don’t want to abuse of your kindness but there are so many people that I love who deserve your follow so if you want here are some other blogs that I’m like obsessed with and that you should follow:

Buket: @bucatfearlessgirl1989
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Fernanda: @heythereswiftie
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Shay: @toothfairypower
Lyndsey: @myloveistaylorswift
My side blog! @@taylenahistory

Once again thank you, I love you so, so much.