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Auothers note: the gif makes me think of Gabriel and Sam love child, doesn’t it? I mean take a good look at him and say you can’t see Gabe and Sam in that face

Dean and Sam had thought it was for the best, it’s been a couple of years now and with Sam and Dean always dying then being brought back they basically looked same as before still young and stuff.

Mary. There mother on the other hand has been aging and now around the age of 90 they decided it was best to put her in a hunters retirement home, which Bobby told them about.

Arriving in front of the retirement home both men gasped at the view, the home looked like a castle, that’s how huge it was.

“Would you boys hurry up it’s not like im getting any younger!” Mary grumbles out which snapped the boys from their thoughts.

Sam got out first and held the door open for his mother while she got out, Dean was grabbing her bags from the trunk of the impala. All three Winchesters made their way forward. Sam knocked on door and waited before a women who looked to be around their age opened up the door, “Come in.” she says with a smile, “My name is MaryAnn. I’ll the receptionist here at Hunters Safe Care Home. How may I help today gentlemen?” MaryAnn askes.

“Well you see our mother is getting a bit old for hunting and we just want her to be safe.” Sam explains while Dean looks around the room.

“Bobby sent us.” Dean added his eyes following the back of a (h/c) haired male who wheeled a women around the hallways into a back room where he could see other men and women talking with each other.

“Ah yes the Winchester brothers mom, Mary. Bobby called a head to let us know you would be coming, here I’ll take you on the annual tour.” MaryAnn says.

After a hour long tour Mary and the boys agreed that this place was safe enough for her to stay in, they had so much protection here with the young hunter and huntress working here and a couple of safe rooms which could fit forty people in there incase of a attack.

This place was safer then the bunker in a way. “Last but not least this is the living halls. We call it that seeing as how most of every retired hunter and huntress stays here during the day and night.”

Taking a lot around Mary, Sam and Dean went off to sign the papers for Mary’s stay. “Oops sorry.” Dean stumbled back a bit at the body which ran into his, Dean bent down to help pick up the papers that the other had dropped. “Ah (M/n) I see you brought the papers and also bumped into Dean.”

After gathering all of the papers Dean eyes meet with (e/c) ones. His mouth is agap and a small sigh leaves past his lips.

‘He’s beautiful.“ Dean thinks.

“Yeah i got them MaryAnn, here you go.” (M/n) says his eyes never once leaving dean’s.

They stared at each other taking in the others appearance not even realizing their giving each other lovely dovey eyes.

Their hearts are pumping so much blood to their cheeks, a light shade a red hints on their cheeks hinting of them blushing.

“Aww what a cute couple.” A elder women says as she walks past the two with her walker, a smile on his rosey painted blush cheeks.

Snapping out of their glazes both men blush, (M/n) clears his throat and looks towards the elderly women. “Sully. Me and Mr. Dean here don’t date.” (M/n) says.

“Well y'all two should.” Sully snaps and wacks (M/n) on the back of the head before walking off.

“You okay?” Dean askes taking a look at (M/n)’s head.

“Yeah Sully is just really concerned about my love life.” (M/n) says with my love life.

“Well then let’s not worry her anymore. How about I take you on a date?” Dean askes.

Crossing his arms over his chest (M/n) tries to fight the smile creeping it’s way onto his face. “You don’t even know me, hell I don’t even know your name or anything about you!”

“I’m Dean Winchester, currently 46 and I’m a hunter and you are?” Dean says with a fake British accent.

(M/n) can’t help but burst into laughter, “ Well then Mr. 46-year old Dean Winchester who’s a hunter, I (M/n) (L/n) 39-year old hunter would love to go on a date.”

“How about the diner across the street tomorrow?” Dean says.

“I’ve got a better one, my lunch break is in 4 more minutes how about we hit up the cafeteria and eat there.” (M/n) askes.

“I would like that very much.” Dean replies with a smile which (M/n) returns.






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Match Made In Heaven

Requested by: @avengersohyeah

Pairing: Kevin Tran x Male Reader

Auothers note: Kevin needs fucking love!

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The awkwardly adorable couple.

That’s what Kevin and (M/n) were known as. Kevin and (M/n) were often low on PDA in public but they would hold hands under the table while blushing.

That’s just the kind of people they were.

Kevin even got the boys to meet his boyfriend at a near by diner a few miles away from bunker.

“Don’t worry they’ll love you.” Kevin reassured his boyfriend followed by a quick kiss on the cheek which made the (h/c) haired boy cheeks flare up with a light red shade.

And it was true.

The boy’s enjoyed seeing Kevin gush over his boyfriend and watching (M/n) sneak peaks at Kevin.

They were cute with each other, the brother’s enjoyed hearing how they met each other apparently it was at the local library, both boy’s were reaching for the same book and got tongue tied after stuttering a few words out.

Kevin and (M/n) were like a matched made from heaven couple.

So it didn’t come to much of a shock when boy males got engaged a few years after.

Dean and Sam were the groomsmen, Castiel was the ring holder as well as another groomsmen, Chuck married them off and Bobby wheeled (M/n) towards his soon to be husband.

Everyone that the boys and (Y/n) knew were there which wasn’t really a lot, just a few old hunting buddies, Kevin’s family and (M/n) boyfriend who just so happened to turn out to be Meg, the demon.

It was a happy moment for the two, when they both read their vows and spoke their I do’s, when they shared a very passionate public kiss in front of everyone, when they cut the cake and even when both (M/n) and Kevin announced that were adopting and got accepted to adopt a beautiful set of twins, one boy and one girl.

Kevin couldn’t be happier with his husband (M/n), their two beautiful children Nemo, their son, and Amana, their daughter.

As well as their loving and supporting guardian angel, Destiel. Who by the way was a newly created angel given to them by Chuck himself.


DreamWorks Animation + Villains

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I Worry Because I Care


Requested by: @emojit

Paring: Clark Kent (Henry Cavill version) x Male Reader

His eyes widened in horror.

He couldn’t believe how easy (M/n) was knocked down by the enemy.

The (h/c) haired super-hero was thrown into a nearby building and hit his head so hard that when he slid down the buildings side he was unconscious.

That seemed to trigger Clark. Using his flight Clark flew in the direction of the villian and used his super strength to punch the villian in the face which sent him flying backwards.

Wasting no time Clark flew forwards and jumped onto the man. One fist after another Clark didn’t hold back as he continued to jam his fist into the enemy’s face over and over again before stopping upon hearing the police siren.

Getting up from off of the villian Clark flew over to (M/n) who still lied on the ground, his suit had rips and tears in parts all over it but the back had a big slash mark on the back of his suit.

Hearing a groan erupt from (M/n) Clark lifted his head up from at his wombs to his face. The (h/c) haired male was slowly waking up, his (e/c) eyes shot open followed by a groan afterwards.

“What happened?” (M/n) askes, “(V/n) hit you pretty hard with their super strength and you hit a building before passing out, but at least your wombs are healing.” Clark replies.

“Why do you look like your about to cry?” (M/n) askes, “Because I am;” Clark says as he pulls (M/n) into a hug making sure not to squeeze him so hard, “You scared me today (M/n); and that made me realize something.”

Clark takes a deep breathe before pulling back to stare into (M/n) eye’s. “I love you (M/n). I don’t know when this happened, it could’ve been when I first met you, or even when you’ve saved me a few times in the past but it made me realize that I love you. I love you so much that seeing (V/n) knock you out got me so upset I wanted to destroy him. I haven’t felt this hurt in a long time.”

(M/n) couldn’t take it anymore leaning upwards the (h/c) haired male placed a kiss onto Clark’s lips, “I don’t know when I fell for you either but I love you too Clark. More then you could ever imagine.”


If you wanna stop this, then stand up! Because I’ve just got one thing to say to you! Never forget who you want to become!"★ Todoroki Shouto | requested by @s-houto (✿´ ꒳ ` )★