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Two Rooms

Title: Two Rooms – Warmth Series Part Four

Characters/Pairing: Dean x Female!Reader, Sam (mentioned)

Word Count: 2030

Warnings: Some kissing, implied future smut.

Summary: It’s the final part in the series, I don’t want to spoil anything!

Author’s Note: Wow, the final part! I can’t thank you guys enough for all the sweet things you’ve said about this series, I had a great time writing it, and I hope the final part is everything you were hoping it would be! And I’m sorry if the ending feels a little rushed, I was pressed for time this weekend. Enjoy, guys :)

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     After eating another pathetic excuse for dinner with the boys and deciding where you were headed next - deeming it a pointless trip to have come so far and only do one hunt in the area - you gathered your things, the second motel key off the table, and limped out of the room to go find your own. Which was, as it turns out, even smaller and more frigid than the last one.

     The cold air hit you like a brick as you stumbled out of the motel room, using the wall for support and dragging your duffle bag behind you through the freshly fallen snow. Dean had, of course, tried to help you with your bag and get you safely to your new room, but you’d turned down his offer and opted to do it yourself, your newly stitched leg screaming in protest with every clumsy step. When you got to your lonely little room you collapsed on the bed with a groan.

     Ever since you had started hunting with the boys you’d always gotten your own room, every time without fail, and it never fazed you in the least. You enjoyed the quiet, gratefully took the seldom found privacy, and couldn’t imagine a worse fate than having to share an already cramped and more often than not dirty motel bathroom with two men. You were happy with the arrangement – or, as happy as a hunter could be when bouncing around from one dive to the next. But now? You just felt lonely.

     The room was too quiet. You found, to your surprise, that you didn’t mind giving up some of that privacy if you were giving it in favor of being near Dean. Even sharing the amenities was something easily avoidable if you managed to wake up before the Winchesters. You liked sharing a room with them – you liked sharing a room with Dean.

     And you missed him.

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Hey everyone, so I have seen a lot of talk about people feeling left out or unloved or favorites being played or people saying they’ll never be noticed or meet Taylor. Just overall a whole load of negativity and it has been bothering me a lot - not only because I know you how you feel, but also because I know we’re wrong and there isn’t enough support and positivity going around on this website. 

So I have decided to type out a giant text post regarding the way I feel about all of this, and I think some of you may find it really helpful or comforting, and some of you may brush it off.. and that’s fine as well. I just have a lot of thoughts right now, so I’m putting them into words.

1 - I’m going to start with a blanket statement that I’m sure a lot of you that are feeling upset or left out are tired of hearing but i promise this statement is true: Taylor Swift loves each and every one of us who love and support her. She does. End of story.

2 - I feel like giving up all the time, she’ll never notice me or want to meet me because I don’t post that many selfies and I don’t talk about my everyday life as often as some do, I am too insecure to post funny videos or to do a live stream on instagram. But when my anxiety settles and I take a look around - that is not what Taylor is looking for. Does it attract her attention sometimes? Yep, of course it does. But so do posts about her music, posts about how much we love her, stories of what she’s done for us, dad jokes related to her or just general freak outs when she releases a new single, a new video or even just an AT&T commercial that’s 30 seconds long.

3 - It is so easy to feel small and feel like she will never notice you because there are just too many of us - and while the fact that there are a ton of us is true, it doesn’t mean she won’t ever find you and it does not mean that it’s never going to be your time, there are people I know - mutuals, that had never been noticed by Taylor and had been here for years and randomly one day Taylor started liking all their stuff, all the time. I realize that I don’t know Taylor personally but if I know anything about the women that I have spent over the last decade dedicated to - it’s that she truly loves us and goes out of her way to find us and make sure we all feel special and loved, and she tries on a daily basis to find new blogs that have been out there rooting for her - so please just be patient - it is NOT because she hates the stuff you post or thinks your weird or doesn’t like you or just ignores you, it’s not! We’re all funny, we’re all witty, we’re all beautiful, we’re all fangirls and we all love Taylor - we all post a million things every day that she would like if she saw it. So just be patient, she’ll see it one day.

4. Meeting Taylor may seem impossible now, and I am going in and out of feeling that way myself. So your feelings are completely valid and absolutely one hundred and ten percent understandable and normal to feel. BUT, please try and keep an open mind and stay positive about it. I obviously can’t sit here and say every single last one of her hardcore and casual fans will meet Taylor, because there are MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of people that like Taylor Swift. But I CAN say that those of us out here going the extra mile, those of us who have been here for long haul, those of us out here with blogs dedicated to her and living the swift lifestyle will get our day. And I swear to you - I know it in my gut - Taylor is out there trying to figure out how she’s going to make it happen. Also, Taylor isn’t going anywhere anytime soon - there is time, be patient. 

5. Seeing people meet Taylor can be hard, because jealousy is a real and perfectly normal emotion especially when it comes to something you’ve dreamed of for so long and seeing so many other people get this can make you feel so small. And then you start to feel selfish and it’s an endless battle because you don’t want to be jealous. So start with this thought process: Those fans have wanted to meet Taylor just as much as you do, and they too at one point said to themselves “she’ll never notice me, she’ll never want to meet me” but look at them now! So try to be happy for them, because they have lived out one of their dreams by getting to meet her, and that is such a beautiful thing to happen to anyone, it really is! Even though it makes me a little jealous and sad - honestly, I LOVE seeing my mutuals and even people i’ve never spoken to meet Taylor, because of first of all you have photographic evidence of people meeting the one person they’ve always wanted to meet - the person that saved their lives or made them chase their dreams or feel brave enough to fal in love, and everyone deserves the chance to hug and thank Taylor for all those beautiful things. I think about how happy I would be if that were me, and then I realize THAT’S how happy those fans are, and that is such an amazing thing to see people so happy. Just try to embrace it, try to be happy for them even if its hard sometimes. But also, realize that it is okay to have moments of sadness and doubt, but don’t let it consume you because your time will come. 

6 - Think about it this way - the more people that get to go to sessions and meet Taylor and get noticed or whatever it may be, the more room there is for you to get your chance! So be excited that people are meeting her! It means you’re one step closer to having your moment with Taylor. Seeing that she’s out there actively trying to meet as many people as possible, even if it isnt you right that moment, means that she is doing her best and WANTS to meet us. ALL OF US. 

7 - Remember to be thankful - remember that Taylor does not have to do any of this. Sometimes I think this fandom as a whole, myself included at times, gets spoiled with the fact that Taylor does all of these things for us - packages, over the top tours, ticket programs so we don’t lose tickets to scalpers, meet and greets before and after her concert, welcome us into her home, joining live streams, reblogging and commenting and liking tumblr posts, following us on social media… no other celebrity does that, because they do not have to. Taylor literally owes us nothing and yet she gives us everything. So try to stay humble and remember that… try to remember that this fandom as a whole is so blessed to begin with that Taylor is so good to us… that even if you don’t get noticed anytime soon or don’t get invited to meet her.. we still have been given so much by Taylor and she does the best that she can. 

8 - I can’t speak for Taylor but I feel like it hurts her when she sees negative posts about her not liking us or not noticing us or never going to want to meet us because we aren’t good enough. She loves all of us and you know better. You know she doesn’t want to make any of us feel left out or hurt or isolated or not good enough… she’d include every single of us if she could at one time. We just have to wait for our time. Patience is key.

I don’t know if anything I said helped, or made sense or if anyone even read this far (hi, thank you if you did) but I just really wanted to get that out there… incase anyone needed to see it. 



Okay, so this is what I’ve been waiting for!!!

Eremin Month!

I’ve been planning this for a year+ and I have finally been getting ready for it!

It’s February now so I’ll give you all a running head start! August 1, 2017 will be the start of Eremin month.


There are none! You are free to participate as little or as much as you want/or are able to! If you’d like, you can submit things that are not on the prompt list as a contribution or post variations of the prompts.

You can be as standard or as creative as you like! Cosplays, food, fiction (ff, poems), visual art, scripts/skits/blurbs, AMVs, etc. Any form of expression will be accepted and appreciated!

Please tag your work as #ereminmonth (and #eremin collectively) so we can uniformly have a tag to see can all see your beautiful work. Everyone is encouraged to join in. ANYONE is welcome! This is to spread love and joy of our wonderful, blessed ship – especially for those of us who cannot participate in the week-long ship celebrations due to other lack of time or other responsibilities. This is an accommodation.

SO that’s all for now! If you have any questions, suggestions, or need any clarification, you can message me or send me an ask!

Thank you all. Love, love, love you all.

Below, are the prompts in case you want to copy/save them etc.

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anonymous asked:

Hello! It's Detour anon :) So I'm on the 3rd day of my field work and sharing my room with a colleague. I have pretty bad wheezing and my roommate stares at me all the time and is always trying to help me out but I try to let her know that I'm ok. That sort of reminded me of the whole cancer arc and how M and S would have shared a room back then. I know its been done numerous times but I would love your spin on it from either pov or both (this is what happens when you spoil someone rotten)

Tada! It’s done! Thank you sooo much, Detour anon for this prompt. I also used another one I still had in my inbox from who knows when: 19. “I’m fine.” “You don’t look fine.” “Well then stop fucking looking.” So here you go. Cancer arc fic. 

When the receptionist tells Mulder that yes, she has two rooms, but no, they’re not adjoined, and no, they’re not on the same floor, he doesn’t think, he just reacts.

“We’ll take one room, please.” He finds himself saying, nervously looking over his shoulder, checking if Scully is there, catching him. She is not. She is still over in the lobby sitting on the dingy couch, her legs outstretched, her head leaning heavily against the wall. Her eyes are closed, her mouth slightly open; it wouldn’t surprise him if she’s fallen asleep. Mulder hates this. Hates dragging her places, like this one, seeing her do autopsies, working her ass off like this. She keeps telling him that she’s fine of course, and while he believed her at first, wanted so badly to believe, he sees it’s a lie. No amount of make-up can cover up her pale complexion. The exhaustion that follows her around, palpable in every move she makes.

“Here you go, Sir.” The receptionist hands him the room key, jolting him back to his deception. The motel is one of the better ones; he refuses to stay in yet another hellhole just because the FBI is cheap. He’ll pay for the room himself if he has to, because Scully deserves more than a flee-ridden, way too soft mattress and dirty bathrooms. He approaches her slowly, the key dangling from his hand, jingling gently. She does not wake.

“Hey.” His fingers brush her cheek, cool against his touch, and she startles awake.

“’m sorry.” She mumbles stretching, but not getting up just yet. “Did you get the rooms?”

“Room,” he says swallowing his guilt and handing the key over to her, “They only had one room left.” If Scully is on to him, she doesn’t comment on it. She merely nods at him, accepts this fate like any other. She gets up with difficulty, wincing once she’s on her feet. Mulder wants to sweep her up and carry her. Not that she would ever let him, sick or healthy. He lets her lead the way and stays a few steps behind her, giving her space. She tries her best not to let him know, to let him see, in how much pain she is. As much as he loathes it, as much as he wants to tell her to lay it all on him and let him in, the only decent thing he can do is respect her wishes, ignore her pain and his own, and pretend not to see.

“It’s a nice room, at least.” Scully sounds surprised when she enters and she is right; the room is spacious, bright and smells clean.

“Only the best for my partner.”

“Yeah right.” But she chuckles when she says it. Mulder puts down their bags on the queen-size bed and tests the firmness of the mattress. Seems all right, he decides, and hopes that Scully will find some rest here. Right now she looks dead on her feet. As if sensing his thoughts, she turns to him.

“Can I use the bathroom first?” Mulder nods and watches her disappear into the small room, closing the door quietly behind her. Unable to move, he sits there on the bed and listens to the intimate sounds of her nightly routine. There is comfort in these noises he’s heard a thousand times before. It’s as if nothing has changed, as if everything is as it should be. When in reality nothing is. One day, maybe soon, this will be gone. This is not the first time they’re sharing a room, but what if it’s the last? There will come a day when Scully won’t be with him. Not in the same room, not in the same hotel. She’ll be home withering away; barely able to breathe, to hang on to life. Then, one day, she’ll be gone. He swallows hard, tasting tears, tasting guilt. One day is not today. Tonight he’ll keep an eye on her, pray silently to a deity he’s never believed in. He’ll do anything to keep her here, to breathe life back into her until he finds a cure. And he will find one. There is no other way.

When Scully returns a few moments later, she is barefoot and wearing green satin pajamas. Green, the color of hope. She looks cute, but Mulder bites his tongue, not sure she’d appreciate it.

“I can sleep on the floor if you want.” Mulder offers when he sees her glance at the bed. Singular. They might have shared rooms before, but not the bed. He doesn’t plan on sleeping much anyway. All he wants is to be around her.  

“No. No, it’s fine. I was just wondering if you have… a side you prefer.”

“You choose. I usually sleep on a couch, remember?” Scully gets in into the bed and the mattress barely moves. He watches her for a moment like someone might watch a child.

“Stop staring, Mulder.” Scully tells him, her eyes closing already. She’ll be asleep in no time, he realizes. He’s glad.

“I wasn’t staring. I just – is the bed comfortable enough? Do you need another pillow? Another blanket?” One of her eyes pops open, shimmers in an angry blue.

“Mulder, I’m fine.”

“Are you sure because I can-”

“Can you just shut up? I’m fine.” Both eyes are open now as she puts emphasis on the fine. This time he can’t stop himself, huffs, keeps going as his mouth opens and the words just tumble out.

“You don’t look fine.”

“Well then stop fucking looking.” The words feel like a slap against his cheek, sting feverishly, and he bites his lip, nods. He’s gone too far. Maybe he should just tell her that there is another room available after all. Not even on the same floor, Scully, you can get as far away from me as you want. Instead, Mulder grabs his pillow and sits down in the small armchair across the bed.

“Mulder, I’m sorry. Please come to bed. I’m just really tired. I didn’t mean it.” He turns to her. Her eyes seem huge on her sunken, pale face. She might be a lot of things, fine is not one of them. If she were, he would not have needed to lie, to take just one room. The thought of not being with her, of making sure that she sleeps peacefully, doesn’t miss one breath, is unbearable. But she doesn’t want him here, worrying, caring about her.

“You’re not fine.”

“I didn’t mean to snap at you.”

“Can you just admit it, Scully? Just this once?”

“Mulder, I feel fine,” she sits up to be able to look at him, to make him see it if he can’t believe her words, “Now please come to bed so I can sleep.”

“Oh Scully,” he says, carrying the pillow back to bed, treading softly, “you just want to sleep with me.”

“Hm.” Half asleep already, eyes closed, but a small smile playing around her mouth. Mulder watches her a moment, lets himself enjoy the sight, before he rummages through his own bag to get changed in the bathroom.

He expects Scully to be fast asleep when he returns. He sits down at the edge of the bed carefully, scared to wake her up again. She doesn’t stir and he reaches to switch off the light before he too lies down, facing her. He keeps his eyes on her, not ready to let sleep claim him just yet.

“Mulder?” Her voice is soft, an unsteady sigh, and at first he is not even sure he is just imagining it. “I’m not fine.” She admits finally, a sob breaking free. For the second time this day, Mulder doesn’t think. He moves closer, takes her into his arms and holds her tightly against him.

“What do you need?” He whispers into her hair, kissing her there.

“Can you just hold me for a while?”

“Of course, Scully,” he presses another kiss against her forehead, where the intruder sits and waits his turn, “I’ll hold you for as long as you let me.” They fall asleep intertwined, no beginning, no end.

français // Jack (pt 1)


“this gal has a jack x reader request because this gal is learning french! so could ya do me the honours and write this request? Jack and the reader have been dating in secret and often speak french to each other one of the boys use google translate or somehow figure out what they’re saying and finds out that they’re dating pretty please with a cherry on top” - anon

(1,176 words)

a/n: I had to make this two parts bc it got too long aha but I hope you enjoyed this! And I copied and pasted these translations straight off of Google so I’m sorry if they’re crAp. (Also, shoutout to @veryweirdintrovert for getting me into Jack’s lane to write this ahaha ly babe)

“No, you idiot!” I smack Corbyn suddenly, “The other side!”

“Sorry, sorry!”

“What are y’all doing?” Jack walks toward Corbyn and I carrying a bowl of caramel popcorn. He reaches his arm out and hands us the snack. I munch on the sugary goodness and explain why we’re suspended on a tree branch.

“We’re trying to set up the Halloween decorations but this dumbo isn’t helping too much!”

“(y/n), I said I’m sorry! I just got distracted by-”

How realistic they make the decorations seem nowadays, I know, you’ve said that three times in the last half-hour, Corb.” I tease as he shovels a fistful of popcorn into his mouth.

I hand the bowl back to Jack and he also stuffs his face with the treat, “Wahy-halp g-”

“I can’t understand what you’re saying, Jack.”

He chews quickly and swallows hard, “I saaaaiiiid good luck with that, then.”

“Go away, ugly duckling.” Corbyn flings a dead twig at Jack as he walks away, then focusing on the decoration set up once again.

Before Jack can walk back into the house, I catch his attention, “Hey, moron,”

“What?” He turns around, his lips wrapped around a kernel of popcorn.

“Je t'aime, ma petite nouille [I love you, my little noodle].” I smile.

“Et je t'aime, ma chérie.[And I love you, my dear.]” Jack grins.

“What the-” Corbyn looks between Jack and I, confused as ever.

“Nothing.” We both say quickly. Luckily, Corbyn was so caught up in the spooky spiders that he didn’t quite interpret our not-so-secret language. We hadn’t told any of the boys, so we decided to keep our feelings as undetectable as possible.

Even though we tried to keep our PDA extremely low to none at all, it would sometimes slip and we figured the boys would find out soon enough, so we started learning French and using the foreign language to say cute little things to each other while the boys were around, but still keep our relationship a secret. I knew that the boys would figure it out one day, but I thought that we would be able to stretch the time by using at least a different language. Yes, the boys are bright, but they really are all idiots on the surface.

“Okay, so now you want me to put skeleton over here or over here?” Corbyn interrupted my thoughts and I shake away the rest of my feelings.

“Put it over there.” I mumble, wondering when the blonde boy would figure out about Jack and I.

“Ready for the pool, yet?” Jack asks me as he shakes out his curly hair.

“Mhm, let me just go get a towel and I’ll be right out,” I say, walking towards the closet.

“Get me one too, yeah?”

“Whatever,” I roll my eyes and grab two towels either way.

I skip back to my secret boyfriend and throw the roll at him, “Ici, vous allez, tête de mouton [Here you go, sheep head].”

Merci mon doux bébé [Thank you my sweet baby].” He responds and throws a slight smile my way.

“You’re welcome, bébé moche [ugly baby].” I wink at him. He rolls his eyes and coaxes me to walk alongside him as we head outside.

We stroll outside and all the boys turn to us at the same time.

“What?” Jack and I ask in unison.

“You two came out at the same time.” Zach squints, suspicious.

“So?” I retort nervously. I wasn’t going to have Zach find out and spoil our secret relationship. Not today.

“Doesn’t mean anything, Zach.” Daniel throws his empty water bottle at the 16-year-old’s head, “They probably went to get towels and waited for each other. That’s what you would do, right?”

Zach shrugs, still not completely convinced but putting the thought to the side, “I guess. Whatever you say, Dani.”

“Hey, (y/n), are you gonna go in?” Jack asks, pulling his shirt off.

I nod and start to remove my top as well, leaving the bikini under. I twist so that the boys wouldn’t be looking at me while I was changing, but when  I turn back around, I notice Jack staring at me while the rest are distracted with other things.

“Oh my… être foutu [damn].” He says and I blush.

“Merci, petit garçon [thank you, baby boy].” I smile shyly.

“Tu es magnifique, tu le sais, non? [You’re gorgeous, you know that, right?].” He crosses his arms across his bare chest, approaching me, careful of the boys getting any clues.

“Je ne le suis vraiment pas, mais merci [I really am not, but thank you.].”

“Non, vous devez accepter que vous êtes l'être humain le plus éblouissant sur cette planète, (y/n). [No, you need to accept that you are the most stunning human being on this planet, (y/n)].” He frowns.

“Je t'aime [I love you],” I whisper as he pulls a strand of loose hair behind my ear.

“Je t'aime tellement plus [I love you so much more]” He glances back to make sure the boys aren’t looking then pecks my forehead.

I grin and push him away jokingly, “You’re stupid. I’m not going to the store to buy pool noodles. We already have enough noodles right here.”

He’s confused for a few seconds then remembers and goes along with the act, “Ugh, fiiiiiiine.”

I turn away sarcastically and strut to Zach, who is watching our actions closely from the poolside.

“What, apple-face?” I spit sassily.

“That… that was French, wasn’t it?”

“What was French?” My heart races. Zach can’t know, out of all people. Not Zach. He’s not one to keep little secrets. He can’t stop his mouth from running all over the place, spilling important facts.

“What you were speaking just now.”

No,” I roll my eyes, “Jack was trying to get me to go to the store, that’s all.”

“Hm,” Zach squints at me. We give each other a dead stare as he searches my mind using only his hazel eyes. Like if he were reading a book, Zach scans my eyes and when he hits a certain spot, his gaze widens.


“It’s French. You’re talking to Jack in secret.” He blurts.

“What about it?”

“What are you even telling him?”

“Nothing. We make inside jokes and references.”

“That’s not all.” Zach raises his bushy eyebrows.

“It is.”

“Nuh uh.”

“Zach, will you get off my case?” I place my hands on my hips.

“Until you tell me what you tell Jack, I won’t.”

I sigh, “I don’t say anything important,”


“Heeeeeey hey hey hey,” Jack breaks up the conversation and turns to Zachary, “What’s going on, here?”

“You have a secret language with (y/n), don’t you?” He asks.

Jack scoffs, “Pfft, what about it?”

“You guys are speaking in code so that no one else can understand what you’re saying. That must mean that you’re saying something only you two should know,” Zach thinks out loud. Suddenly, his eyes widen and he gasps. Then, Jack pushes him into the pool.

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hey what kind of cool things can witches do on the summer solstice

Oh man, oh man - so the summer solstice marks the beginning of summer and all the good things that come with summer. It’s my favorite; I love summer. 

  • Have a feast! Or, haha, a nice lunch or supper celebrating the first fruits of summer. If you’re in a position to, get fresh produce from the farmers’ market and celebrate what summer gives to us. Or have a bbq, I don’t know. 
  • Go to a bonfire! Or, if that’s not possible, light your grill. Or even a candle. This is a great time to rededicate yourself to your particular gods. You could do a fire ritual if you wanted - collect nine herbs to throw upon the fire or your fireproof dish (look into Midsummer’s Fire rituals). You can also use the ashes from the bonfire/miscellaneous fire rituals to boost your wards and various other things, so if you can get your hands on some summer solstice ashes, I would. Also, you could set some water out on Midsummer’s Eve and let it charge through the solstice. Mix a little bit of the water with the ashes from the fire - this is really good for protection. Dab it around the house to boost protection. 
  • Celebrate those who’ve come before you. This is a great time to honor your ancestors and your roots. If you have the time, take it to look into your family history. Light a candle, honor their memory and thank them if applicable. 
  • Midsummer’s Eve is a great time to harvest herbs and flowers for your magical workings. Herbs gathered at this time are said to be incredibly potent. Also, I imagine that crossroads dirt gathered at this time would have that extra something-something. 
  • Decorate your altar for summer! If possible, set your altar near a sunny window or outside. Decorate it with things that remind you of the goodness of summer. Offer the spoils of summer to your deity. 
  • Have a sun ritual! Celebrate the sun and all it provides for us. Incorporate sun symbology into your ritual. This is a pretty good outline of a sun ritual, but, you know, adapt it and make it your own. 
  • Recharge your witchcraft tools! It’s a nice time to give your tools a boost. 
  • Insert something cool here about fairies. Most of my interaction with fairies is of the variety of “leave things for them so they’ll leave me alone” but I imagine that if one works with fairies, the summer solstice is a great time to work with them. 
  • Go swimming. Water is a big thing during the solstice as well. 

A lot of these thing can be combined into one big Summer Solstice celebration or your could pick one or two or you could come up with your own Summer Solstice rituals! 

ShukaBlog 2017.02.28: From 0 to 1.

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First of all. Thank you for telling me things like
“It’s okay if you take your time with your blog” and “It’s alright”.
You guys spoil me with your kind words.

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anonymous asked:

Omg all the pregnant headcanons are so cute! Maybe we can have some headcanons of Toshi, Aizawa, Hizashi bringing their new baby to school? Just imagine Aizawa wearing a baby carrier during class!

Toshinori Yagi

  • “Your baby is very cute, Toshinori, but don’t let the drool soak my paperwork's or my desk, please. ” Toshinori brings his baby for one day and he’s already getting comments for it, he doesn’t get paid enough for this. However the teachers are thrilled to see a baby, it lightens up their days every time!
  • Toshinori panics so many times because he doesn’t keep his eyes on them while doing his own paperwork, and if he does take some glances, they’re not there! He literally trashes the whole office until one of the teachers return with his baby… only to see the room tattered. He’s in trouble with he principal,.
  • Izuku will be Toshinori’s first pick when it comes to babysitting the baby at school secretly, and Izuku feels like he has no idea what-so-ever on taking care of infants. He also panics whenever something happens, even something little. “aHHHHHHH THE BABY IS CRYING. *puts pacifier in mouth.* Phew……… oh…… w-wah…. now I gotta change the diaper!? WHAT.” Toshinori shakes his head, but Izuku is good with children’s too.
  • Even Toshinori’s old teacher, Gran Torino visits him at school sometimes, he is going to be one heck of a good grandfather-like figure and he’s going to spoil the baby when they grow up, “Oh,oh? do you want this? You can’t have it! Oh who am I kidding, you’re adorable. *gives pieces of taiyaki*” “Don’t spoil the baby so much, I want them to grow up thankful for everything- *gets hit in the face by his jet foot*”

Aizawa Shouta

  • He brings his newborn baby into the class and he’s literally surrounded by all/most of the students. Everyone: “Sensei, do you think your baby is going to attend U.A someday?!” Kirishima: “I hope your baby will be as strong as us too uncle and aunties too!” Momo: “I’ll make all the clothing’s and everything, don’t worry about it sensei.” He’s surrounded by EVERYONE.
  • Tries to teach his class seriously, but he gets interrupt every time because few of the students takes turn cradling the baby. Squeals can be heard here and there, baby talks, cries and all that. “Sensei, they’re so cuuttte!” - “Sensei, looks like they’re about to cry…” - “SENSEI YOUR BABY IS HOLDING MY FINGERS.” Aizawa shakes his head, can it be quiet just for a few minutes or hours?
  • Since he brought his baby for a few days, that means he cannot sleep on the job as much and he is going to have to watch his baby at all times. Sometimes he has to excuse himself and let another teacher take over, or when there’s an emergency, the students would have to take care. 
  • Aizawa is going to need a baby carrier whenever the students are training outside or attending anywhere for relater purposes. Sometimes he can’t be taken seriously and he gets irritable with them. Kaminari & Sero: “Pffffftttttttt-” Aizawa: “Do you both want a detention?” Kaminari & Sero: “We’re sorry, sensei……….”

Yamada Hizashi

  • It’s no surprise when Hizashi is going to take his baby to school and going around showing them off to everyone, “This is (baby’s name), isn’t my baby so cute?! And no, you cannot carry them, they’re my baby!!” And he doesn’t let anyone hold his baby either, except play with heir tiny fingers and such.
  • The whole day he is playing with his baby in the teachers office/lounge, he mimics all the baby talks whenever he’s interacting and it does make him look funny. So all the teachers just watch him silently while eating. If they ask him to be quiet, he whines.
  • Takes every pictures of his baby, whenever and wherever, he doesn’t care as long as he makes some memories. He would show up everyday just to shove the pictures in the teachers/students faces. “I miss (baby’s name). Cries*” - “We get it, you miss them and they’re cute.” (He would remind me of Hughes from FMA with a baby… sad.)
  • Mentions his baby every time though the  school intercom, and it leaves all of students and teacher just whining. Hizashi is going to announce that he’s a proud, happy father. Even if it tortures others.

Quick lil sketch for @psukho ~

Sooooo…. what to say ? First sorry P for posting this cause you still didn’t make it official but well…. you shouldn’t show me awesome design like that ! And I had some time at the airport anyway..
And second : thank you <3
It was wonderful to meet you, to hang out with you, to speak english with ya even if we’re both french, to talk all the night until the parents were coming to complain about us, to joke about… your know, to create An and develop him, to draw together, to laugh and laugh so much that I was coughting ! To spoil you about my stories, to be spoiled about your stories, to see you scream by reading the rp with PT, to be able to hug you despite my fears, to totally trust you, to smile and just enjoy being two friends together <3

That’s not over… I know ! I’m moving, but I’ll come back to France next summer… but geez it will be long until then :’>

So until then, stay determined, sweetheart. You can do it ! You can become a great doctor like you want to be ! And smell like this creepy human that is-… Anyway !

Thank you for everything, hun, I’ll feel lonely in Reunion Island without you :’3
Stay as awesome as you are, you’re a wonderful friend ! *hugs*

… I’m not a crybaby, just sensitive ;;;
Don’t you dare cry by reading this !! And enjoy the replies to the rp !! HAHA !!

… :’>

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Does Tony try to spoil Steve with a lot of courting gifts? Is Tony old fashioned when he woos his love or does he ignore “dating rules“ because they changed way to often over the decades?

Tony doesnt believe in dating, he thinks its a waste of time. Obviously humans only use dating as a chance to get others into bed, and there are much easier ways to sleep with someone than having to call them multiple times, pay for expensive dinners, put up with families and pets and odd habits— all just to fuck someone? 

No thank you.

He tries to spoil Steve, he buys him old books, expensive art supplies, and gets all his clothes made by Tonys favorite tailor, but he doesnt understand the constantly changing rules of “Dating”, especially since up until Steve he hadnt really had the desire to spend the night with someone he had drank from. Thats not to say that Tony hasn’t slept with (more than) his fair share of men and women over the decades, but he had never wanted to spend the night with them.  

But he likes sleeping next to Steve. So he spoils him with new pillows and beautiful blankets as well. 

(those might be more for Tony than Steve. Who ever decided that polyester felt good enough to sleep in? Tony prefers the highest count cotton, or when he is feeling particularly slutty, silk.)

                                       Music Event 2k17 

I just wanted to say that this event was a godsend and that the team really outdid themselves this time, considering all the trouble they go through to release this kind of stuff to us. So to @chinomiko and the Beemov team, thank you! ♥ Thank you for spoiling us rotten and giving us these type of fun and amazing events, because I’m sure I speak for most of the fandom when I say that we really appreciate what you’ve done so far, and what you continue to do for us! 

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Hi! I know you have a lot of requests rn but I like how you write hc/reactions :3 What if the lords are having a nightmare? What would it be about, and how would they react to MC waking them? Thanks!

Hello ♡
Thank you, I feel flattered! :)

spoiler for Mitsunari’s, spoiler for Hideyoshi’s

The fire was crackling, growing bigger and bigger as the wooden beams couldn’t withstand the flames and the temple collapsed in phases.
Nobunaga noticed himself sweating when a cool breeze brushed his damp hair, while he was standing outside, watching the building decay, listening to the shouts of the desperate that were caught in it, surely to be perished of the heat. He stared for a while, until he could discern known faces inside the temple. Nobuoki and Nagamasa were amongst all those other people, screaming in pain themselves. Their skin was already mangling, blackening and finally falling to the ground in pieces of flesh.

He woke up to a clearly distressed __ who was shaking him, calling his name cautiously and silently, yet so uneasy and intrusive. She was worried, he understood immediately. His robes were sticking on his sweaty skin, his hair disheveled and his expression disturbed. As he sat up in a flash, she followed, her hand on his back, her expression full of worry and compassion. Without a word, he placed his head on her lap and closed his eyes, trying to catch his breath again. And without a word, she started stroking his hair, not asking questions she could already assume the answers to.

The wind was whistling in his ear, as he was crouching atop of the tall building, adjusting his marksman’s rifle, taking a breath, holding it and -Boom! Man down.
One single shot from Mitsuhide was enough to kill a man, so shooting them down one after another, was a fast deal. As he aimed for the next man, one of the few that were still fighting there, he finally noticed something that left him dumbstruck. Sewed on the armor of the man who was in the same army as all the others he had already killed, was the crest of the Oda Clan.
Frowning, Mitsuhide tried to understand what he was even doing, who the fighting parties were and what was going on, until another loud shot that made the man slump over, brought him back from his confusion.
Startled he looked at his rifle again, still holding it, only to perceive that its trigger was loosening itself, the shots firing without him doing anything anymore.

Feeling his body shake, Mitsuhide awakened, discerning the face of his lover, her soft features and her eyebrows lowered in worry. After having calmed down a bit and getting his bearings, he decided to tell __ about it who listened to every word with an understanding nod.
“It’s due to all this exhaustion, surely.”, she spoke finally with the most loving smile on her face, as she stroked his hair.

He knew this room from his childhood. It was like a dungeon, cold and dark, filthy puddles on the cracked, hard floor. But this time, Ieyasu wasn’t alone. Tadatsugu was standing next to him, motionless just like Toramatsu and Tadakatsu who were contrasting with Yasumasa, who was pacing up and down, his footsteps echoing angrily. His expression was annoyed, while the other three were like puppets, their eyes and faces dull.
Before Ieyasu could understand what was going on, a stripe of blinding light followed the screech of the heavy door, which was opening. Yasumasa was the first one to leave the room in quick steps, dragging an apathic Tadakatsu with him. Toramatsu left out a faint sigh that echoed through the room before following them. As Ieyasu wanted to go out of the triggering room himself, he ascertained that his feet were coalesced with the floor beneath. He looked around frantically, his breathing becoming more and more ragged, his eyes darting around, searching for Tadakatsu. But the only thing he could see was his back in the very last moment, as he left the cell himself, shutting the heavy door behind him with a boisterous sound.

Simultaneous with the snapping open of his eyes, Ieyasu sat up in his bedding, breathing heavily. He blinked a few times and realized that it was only a dream. And he was not alone. __ embraced him from behind, her arms under his own, clutching the front of his shoulders and nuzzling his back.
“I don’t need your pity.”, he snapped, still panting, but as always, he didn’t shake her off.

The sun was shining brightly, making Mitsunari squint as he wandered in a place he hadn’t ever seen before. The leaves of the trees were vivid, green and shiny, birds singing loudly in uneven cadences. From a distance, he spotted two persons standing amidst blooming flowers. He could only see the back of… Saki? But if Saki was there, who was he?
Uncertain of what was going on, he was distracted by a face he could see, the face of the person who was talking to her. Sakon. He tried to approach her and told her something before disappearing in the forest behind them, leaving Saki slump to her knees.
Still utterly confused, Mitsunari went up to her, attempting to touch her shoulder. But once his fingertips brushed her, she fell over completely, laying on the ground.
Even though this was enough to shock Mitsunari, that wasn’t all, as all kinds of insects crawled out of her empty eyes in their quick, unpredictable motions.

He didn’t quite know when he woke up, but __ was still shaking his shoulders, having noticed that he was having a nightmare.
However this dream made him realize that Saki was as dead as his mother now and that he would never have to be Saki again. Now, thanks to __, he could just be himself.
“Do you mind….holding me for a bit?”

That laughter was unmistakable, resounding loudly in the hall where Masamune was standing. It was full of scorn, hatred and grudge, yet so satisfied, as if the villain of a fairytale finally achieved what they wanted for so long. It was the Lady Yoshihime’s voice, growing louder once Masamune started running down the hall, certain that whatever she was doing, she was up to no good.
His legs felt shaky as he first jogged, then sprinted, noting that the hall he saw the end of, grew larger with every step, making it impossible for him to reach its end. Nevertheless, his mother’s voice was closing in, spurring her son to continue running.
Finally, he spotted a door next to him, despite it seemed like he ran on the spot all the time. Gingerly he opened it, the relieve of the fact that the laughter stopped once he entered the room not lasting long. What he saw inside wasn’t his mother laughing and despising him, but __ who was laying on the floor in an empty, huge room. He wanted to run up to her, but noticed that she started writhing in pain once he moved, which repeated itself after every step he took. When he stopped, she was trembling, but once he put one foot before the other, she started convolving in panic.

He let out a sigh of utter relief, as he realized that he was tossing and turning in the bedding he shared with the person he dreamt of. She was staring at him, steadying herself on her lower arm as she was turned in his direction, her hair cascading on their pillow. Before she could ask anything, he pulled her down in a firm embrace, hoping to dream of her again, but this time with a happy ending.

Kojuro was frozen. Not exactly the perfect situation to be in when on the battlefield, but he couldn’t feel his limbs anymore, as he saw the enemy on a distance, aiming his rifle on a clueless Masamune who was facing other opponents. For a skilled fighter as Kojuro this wouldn’t be a problem, if not __ was surrounded on the other side of the battlefield, the men approaching her with every passing second.
He had to make a decision, in that very moment, if he didn’t want to lose both of them. Desperately he toggled his gaze between Masamune and __ who were both struggling, showing no hint of giving up anytime soon.
Kojuro felt petrified, as if his blood stopped coursing his veins, his brain overburdened by a choice he couldn’t make, as it happened at last.
He heard the unmistakable sound of a blade that cut through flesh, the only sound he could perceive because of the blood starting to course through his ears and before he could react, the sound of the rifle’s shot woke him up.

He opened his eyes and was relieved that the first he saw was __’s face, as he was bending over him. Her hand wandered from his shoulder, she shook apparently, to his cheek.
“Shh… It’s fine…”, she soothed with the most enchanting voice, making him smile.
“My precious girl…. Thank you.”, he whispered, relishing being spoiled for a little while.

Everyone was gathered in a huge hall, surrounding Yukimura who was kneeling amidst the crowd. He felt dizzy as he looked around, seeing retainers that were inferior to him in an angle he wasn’t used to.
Imposing, in front of them all, closest to him, there was the Tiger of Kai, looking at him with a strict expression, lacking its usual warmth and mirth.
Yukimura looked down at his hand that was holding a sharp blade turned to his own stomach. For a last time, he looked up again, to see Shingen who didn’t seem to have averted his eyes for a second, yet wasn’t meeting Yukimura’s gaze, almost as if he wasn’t real, but an imposing statue.
The sound of someone snivelling made him look over and amidst the retainers he saw __, quite striking with her colorful kimono in fact, now that he noticed her. She was teary-eyed, but not looking at him. He was confused, felt like either all the people who were surrounding but not looking at him were not real, or as if he wasn’t there at all.
Nevertheless, he fastened his grip on his blade, piercing through his lower abdomen, going deeper and continuing alongside his whole underbelly. However, regardless of what he did and despite the cutting blade, there was no blood coming out of him.
Yukimura had no time to be surprised, as he was distracted by a short thud that made him look up again. __ was lying lifelessly on the floor, her stomach opened completely.

Shaking his head in shock, he finally woke up, realizing that __ was embracing him, gripping his waist and shaking him. He smiled when seeing her worried, yet vivid face again that was so full of emotion and expression.

Saizo’s heart was pounding wildly in his chest, as he looked at __ kneeling before him, surrounded by several ninja, that were holding her arms behind her back. He tried to orientate himself, looking around, for anything that could save him from this situation. It was a dark forest, the trees seeming to close in with every passing second, making the night darker than it already was.
It was silent, not a single crow or chirping insect that could be heard. The only sound that broke the silence was the chesty voice of one of the masked men that stood next to those that were holding __. He said something of a secret that Saizo should tell them, a place? A name? He didn’t know. Actually he didn’t know about anything, just frowning and squinting his eyes, as if a terrible headache was haunting him.
Wanting to tell them that he had no clue or at least asking some questions that would serve to rescue __, Saizo had to note that no voice was escaping his mouth, regardless of how much he tried. After several attempts he finally guided his hand to his face, only to find that there was no mouth on the spot where it should normally be.
Getting impatient, once the men threatened to cut off her finger, if he decided to remain silent, __ started to scream.
“Saizo! Do something!”
With her next words her voice turned shrill in her throat due to desperation and dread.
“Just tell them already! SAIZO!”

This earspitting sound made him open his eyes, facing __ in the bedding next to him, who whispered, unlike her version in his dream. “Did you have a nightmare?..You were turning and groaning in your sleep.”
“Was I now?”, Saizo replied with a smile on his face, not answering her question. But indeed he was relieved, her breath in her whispering voice soothing like nothing else in this world.

Something was holding him in place, he couldn’t move, nor wave his arms, nothing, despite being free in fact. Toshiie couldn’t make out what it was, as the only thing he could see was the scene in front of him.
Several man were surrounding __, pushing her around between them, clearly doing things they shouldn’t be doing. He saw her desperate face, as she tried to steady herself, escape the touches of the men, but it was of no use. He tried to run, to move, wave his arms, but the only thing he could feel was the anger welling up inside of him, like a fire spreading through a lit cord.  
His rage was evidenced by his harsh words he spitted towards the men that didn’t hear a thing due to their own tumult.
“I’m hungryyyy~”
A familiar voice stopped Toshiie in his contumelious language, making him turn his head to the side. “Keiji?! KEIJI! KEIJI, GO AND DO SOMETHING DAMN IT!”
But said person didn’t seem to be bothered by what was going on, as he strode through the hall, skimming over his belly without a care in the world.
As if everything wasn’t stressful enough, __ started screaming, her voice tainted by constant wailing. “Inuchiyo, heeeelp!”
“Help me, Inuchiyo!” It grew louder and louder, more and more persistent, disturbing in his ears.

Toshiie shook his head quickly, startled by a loud voice, awakening him.
“Finally! Everything alright?”, __ asked from her place next to him, quite startled and stressed herself. He was still trying to catch his breath, as she suddenly chuckled. “You’re really done with Keiji, aren’t you? Calling his name even in your sleep. Maybe you should dream of me this time?”

It was quite chilly on the hilltop, but still Hideyoshi was sweating due to distress. He could discern Hanbei, Nagaharu and __ below, the former suffering severely from all kind of wounds.
Hideyoshi could hear his coughing from here, more precisely from a few meters next to him. Confused he turned to learn where it came from and saw Mitsunari gazing into space and coughing, just like he was used to hear from Hanbei, with the exact same voice, the exact same tone. There was nothing and no one else, just an expressionless Mitsunari standing stiffly, not looking anywhere or reacting to anyhing.
Looking at the trio at the lower end again, he saw Hanbei hunching after every cough coming from Mitsunari and finally crumpling to the ground. Just as Nagaharu was lounging to kick him in his stomach, Hideyoshi wanted to turn around, to go back down and help his retainer.
However he couldn’t, as his feet refused to turn, forcing him to watch Hanbei die after having been brutally battered.
Meanwhile __ was desperately trying to hold Nagaharu back, only to be shoved aside constantly, kneeling next to Hanbei herself now.
As if something was hoaxing him, Hideyoshi found himself next to them in the very second Hanbei died, as if he was held in place until now, only to be released when he couldn’t have changed things anyway.
As soon as he was next to Hanbei’s corpse and a weeping __, Mitsunari and Nagaharu vanished, she lunged at him, clutching his armor from the front and shouting in his face.
“He is dead, Hideyoshi!! It’s because of you, it’s all your fault, Hide-”

The same voice, albeit much more compassionate and worried, awakened him from this nightmare. __ stroked his damp hair out of his forehead, wiping his tearstained cheeks with her sleeve. And even though she couldn’t steal away his grief completely, he felt much more at peace with her support.

anonymous asked:

Dee are you ok? You're like updating 30000 times per month and as spoiled and as blessed we all feel I hope you are doing okay and not putting too much pressure on yourself with writting! Remember we all love you and we will be patient always! I can't be thankful enough about you sharing your amazing talent with us so thanks a lot and take care❤❤

Thank you for being so nice and understanding! I think I’ll take a break from updating for a while until I finish my masters because that needs to come first. I’ve been writing every day for months now and I should have spent that time working on my masters. I think I’ll start writing again when I finish my masters because I can’t promise I’ll write before. I’m so stressed out over it that I can’t even write anymore because whenever I sit down to write I just think about how I should be working on the masters. So yeah. I won’t be updating for a while, but I’ll be back :) I need to sort out my life first. 😘

Effort and Understatements (1/3)

Chapter one below the link

“No,” the words echoed in the agonising silence as Alec tried to process what was happening. He had just asked the man he loved to marry him and he had turned him down.

He was fused to the spot, unable to lift his knee from the floor for fear that he would fall. His whole world was upside down. He was broken, body and soul, and Magnus could see that in every inch of Alec’s face.

Taking a knee as well Magnus lowered himself to the floor. He rested one hand on Alec’s bent leg and cupped his face with the other, bringing Alec’s face back up to his. Alec was confused by the touch, his mind racing with a thousand thoughts at once. Sensing this internal war Magnus broke the silence first.

“Alexander, please… don’t take this to mean that I don’t love you… I do… so much that I will never be able to fully express that to you.”

“I know you do,” Alec said standing, unconsciously backing away as Magnus stepped closer to him, “you just don’t want to marry me … I shouldn’t have asked… I’m sorry.”

Magnus’ heart sank, Alec had nothing to apologise for. In fact, he should be the one saying sorry. He had very strong feelings on marriage that had nothing to do with their relationship, he should have made that clear to Alec long before things got this far, but it had never occurred to him that they would. No-one had ever stayed this long before. Alec was the exception to every rule, and Magnus was constantly surprised by him.

“Look at me” Magnus pleaded, taking Alec by the arm as he started to walk away. Alec hadn’t met his eyes since Magnus had answered. “It’s not that I don’t want to marry you. Marriage is a wonderful institution,” he said echoing an old sentiment, “It’s a pledge to spend the rest of your life with someone,” he paused, how to explain this without Alec feeling like he was lacking in some way,“ but I made a decision a long time ago to never make that pledge to someone else if I couldn't keep it. As much as I want to, the rest of my life isn’t something I can give to you.”

“Ok,” Alec said, his voice void of emotion. He’d just bled out every last one he had.

But it wasn’t ok. Magnus knew that Alec would be questioning everything about himself, about them. He’d never believed that he deserved all the things that he had.

“This isn’t a reflection on my love for you Alexander, I want to cherish every moment I have with you…. until I can’t do that anymore,” he added as an after thought, he didn’t like to dwell on thoughts like that.

“Sounds a lot like a marriage to me” Alec said, firmly but not cold. He just didn’t understand the difference.

“I know, but I can’t make that promise to you… or to myself, it isn’t fair.”

Alec sighed in resignation, he was hurt, there was no denying that, but he couldn’t help but understand Magnus in some way. Forever wasn’t an easy promise when only one of you was immortal. Alec would leave Magnus one day whether he wanted to or not, he had no choice in that. Maybe by not making that vow, that day would be just the tiniest bit easier for Magnus when it came.

“I understand,” Alec said, “I won’t pretend it doesn’t hurt, but I understand.”

They stood in awkward silence for what seemed like an eternity until Alec’s cell phone broke the silence. “It’s Jace” Alec said, “I should get this…..Yeah, what’s up?” he asked, trying to mask the pain he was in.

“He said no?” was all Jace said, he could feel Alec’s anguish across town.

“Yeah, that’s right,” Alec said feigning that he was talking business, “I’ll be right there……I’ve got to go,” he said to Magnus, hanging up.

“Ok,” Magnus said, nervous as Alec headed to the door, “I’m not going anywhere.”

“I’m not sure how late I’ll be… so uh, don’t wait up ok?”

Alec closed the door behind him leaving Magnus alone in the loft they now shared as a home. Magnus’ eyes fell to the ring box discarded on the floor. Alec had dropped it, unable to keep his grip as the pain took hold. His fingers played with the latch but he didn’t dare open it, it felt wrong to. He walked to his safe and sealed the ring away, hoping that he wasn’t locking away the love that had come with it as well.

It was past midnight when Alec climbed into bed that night, weary and tired to the bone, but not from his job as a Shadowhunter. His heart ached, he’d been completely ripped open.

Izzy and Jace had spent the day comforting him, it had helped, but he still hurt so much. Magnus lay with his back to him and Alec just started at him for the longest time, realisation finally setting in that, yes, he would love be able to call Magnus his husband, but he already had the gift of calling Magnus “his” and that was enough.

“Magnus,” Alec whispered, lips almost touching his ear,

“My love,” Magnus replied turning to face him, he had clearly not slept all.

Alec smiled a crooked smile at the name and settled himself into Magnus’ arms.

“Alexander, I’m sorry,” Magnus started but was silenced by a kiss.

“It’s ok,” Alec smiled, finding that he truly meant it this time, “I don’t need a ring or a piece of paper to know that I love you…and that you love me. You show me that everyday and that is all I need. I don’t want to spoil the time that we have together with any awkwardness because of this, can we just go back to us?”

“Of course….. and thank you for understanding my decision…. I am yours and yours alone, for as long as you will have me.”

“Then I'll keep you for my forever,” Alec whispered, knowing Magnus would understand that he knew that he couldn't be Magnus’ forever, but that Magnus would always be his. 

“Forever,” Magnus whispered softly, stroking Alec’s hair as he slept, "I would give up every second of mine to have even one more day with you, my love. Forever is nothing, if you aren’t there to share it with me.“

Chapter 2 to come tomorrow

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I haven't really seen any Noelvember posts... is it an annual thing or did it just happen once? (I'm equally obsessed all year round.)

oh my sweet baby julian as jesus its november 2nd isn’t it nonny!! thank you for pointing this out - i have been utterly swampped at work this week and honestly haven’t been tracking the days very well (clearly, i’m so distracted i nearly took two allergy pills just now) but now that you mention it, i haven’t either…i know @bythepoweroftopshop usually spoils us this time of year but real life has been happening for her as well and that’s okay. so let’s consider this a general PSA and reminder that noelvember is definitely an annual thing. many of us who been around for a few years and longer have a “noelvember” tag (here’s mine) so please feel free to nose around in the basement and reblog past years’ goodies to your hearts’ content. And, of course, new content for this awesome month is welcomed and appreciated! 

i will try to take some time to set up a queue of new stuff myself this weekend, it will be a welcome change of pace after this crazy week!

-Dear Folks-

When life gets tough

Think of the clouds

Sometimes they smile

When they’re all blue and white

Sometimes they cry

When they’re all gray and black

When all you can see are the worst

Of everything

Changes are constant

Like the trees

When some of it’s leaves are falling

Some new ones are about to grow

When all around you is trouble

Say a prayer

Hold your peace

Like the raging sea

Those big waves shall rest

Everything shall fall into place

There’s always time for everything

Time is all we got

Time is all we need

Time is like breathing

Time will make us wise

So, hold this thought

Make this your comfort

I’m about to spoil the ending

Someone out there

Has gone through worst

Than what you’re already been

So be thankful

Be grateful for every sunshine

Rejoice in every season

For life is short

& please

Don’t waste it


Don’t complicate

//Me to You//

-If you’re reading this. Godbless you.


anonymous asked:

Sometimes I hate being in this fandom cause of people like this (saying rude comments to you guys) I apologize on their behalf. When people say some armies are rude and nasty I don't blame them, some really are...

this isn’t really a question but ❕ take things slow. i don’t know how many others agree with me but your mental health and the place you stand on emotionally is MUCH more important than a blog. especially since you’re in university, so take things slow. maybe take a break or so? whatever you decide to do, put yourself first. you deserve a break. i’m not just saying this because you’re attending this blog, but because you’re human, you deserve a rest. esp since you’re in uni. take time for you!

hey i just wanted to say thanks for everything that you do to help keep international armys updated (afterall, middleman parties like subbers and fan accounts that help the fandom grow by making content more accessible) in my honest opinion there was nothing wrong with what you said, and it makes perfect sense. exclusive content is called exclusive content for a reason, in fact it shouldnt be freely shared especially when you’ve paid for it and its against the rules. keep up the good work ^^

You got this, babe.

im sorry your getting these messages. as someone who ran a fansite for years, sometimes its just easiest to block and delete rude messages and focus on the nice ones. the rude messages will really get to you if you let them, so try your best to ignore them! anyway, we all appreciate your work very much, please remember that. 💖

Hello. I just want to say that I really appreciate this blog for all the updates regarding BTS. It must be very hard to maintain a blog that translates, post pictures from fansites, updates ARMYs on BTS’ activities, all while having your own lives to keep up with. It pains me to see that there are some people who sends you rude comments and asks stupid questions. I just want you to know that there are a lot who are more appreciative of what you are doing. I hope the admins are happy and healthy.

Hello, I just want to say that I love your blog and appreciate all the things you guy doing here. Please be strong, don’t let these negative take you down and keep going on with BTS for a really long time. Have a lovely day!

I love this blog 💕 screw the haters, I appreciate what you do 💕 hang in there buddy ☺️☺️ good comments are usually the ones you never remember to write so I’m sorry for not supporting what you do enough 💕


Do I need to beat up some anons? *rolls up sleeves*

I think the number of messages of this kind will only increase from now, because BTS is becoming bigger and bigger and especialy new ARMYs know very little about the fandom and sometimes even about the whole kpop world.. I feel sorry for you, because as a great source of BTS info you’ll probably attract many of those new ARMY. I just wanted to say I’m very grateful and really appreciate your patience and how nice you are to explain even the basic stuff. Please, rest well when times are tough! <3

kylie you’re so sweet pls don’t be angry ily💕💘

Hey!! Just stopping by to say that I really appreciate this blog and your hard work! Just know that there are a lot of people out there who think like me and are really grateful for people like you! Don’t think about those rude messages too much! You are doing such great work and I really wish you all the best!! <3

Hi dearie, just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate everything you do and how much you contribute to the international army community! You’re not obligated to do any of this, and you’re not obligated to do anything you don’t want to do. Some people maybe have been spoiled by you translating everything and having access to translated content so they forget how lucky they are to have people like you who willingly and graciously help us out. Thank you for everything you do and stay strong!

Thanks for everything you do for this fandom. I appreciate it a lot! Thanks and take care.

Thank you so much for all of your hardwork!!

Your blog is amazing. Thanks for all the work and time you put in it <3

I can’t believe that people actually have the nerve to demand translations from you. Unless you pay them, be happy that you get any translations whatsoever. Also it irritates me seeing people offended by you calling yourself an official army. Come on, you know she didn’t have anything bad in mind. The admins are always super polite, professional and helpful, just from that you can tell that they’re good people and care for others. Girl, you’re doing a great job, don’t let them get in your head.

Hey, I just wanted to say that I really appreciate all that you do, and how well you run this blog. You don’t deserve to be treated like shit at all. I saw a couple asks and just really wanted to let you know that. I hope you’re okay, and that uni ends well for you this year. You’re a lovely person and are so appreciated.

I know these messages are a bit old, but I really wanted to reply to them all and tell you all how thankful I am that you guys support not only the blog but us as individuals as well. I read these messages multiple times and it give me strength each time. I will continue to work hard for this blog. Thank you for all of the love and support again. I can’t explain how much it means that you guys spent your time to send these messages! 
- Kylie

Reputation Secret Session

Okay. So, I’ll like to begin this soliloquy by saying that NO, I was not at the session. So maybe what I’m about to say won’t matter to you or maybe it will. But anyway. I’ll just say what’s on my mind.

Here goes

So .. Taylor invited these people over for a SECRET session. She selected them carefully (by hours and hours of stalking) and basically made them promise her that they won’t give away anything (ANYTHING) about the album. (Except for the fact that it’s better than RED) Anyway, these unbelievably lucky folks got to spend more than 4 hours with Taylor and her family and that’s something we all wish for! Okay true. But does that give us the right to be mad at the fans who were invited? Hello? But like, THEY WERE CALLED. They didn’t go uninvited and omg if you ask me, we should be beyond happy for them!!! I mean, how many of us get the chance to see our favourite human being, tell them we love them in person and spend quality time with them? Being jealous is okay. It’s normal. But attacking someone? Or harassing them into telling us what they did at the session and make them divulge the information that’s supposed to be confidential? I’m sorry to break it to you but it’s the most shitty thing you can possibly do.

They cannot tell us anything. Please respect that.

Like why’s that so hard for some people to understand? Taylor trusted these fans with something she’s worked her butt off for and now y'all just want someone who attended and made Taylor a promise to spill the beans and break her trust? Please, don’t do that. You’re not just ruining this for yourself but for everyone else too! Many of us have waited 3 years for this new music. This album is way too important for some of us. For Taylor.

Things we all need to be doing:

  • Stop trying to get the deets.
  • Respect this album. Respect the fans’ promise to Taylor.
  • Stop posting things you know about the album.
  • If you attended the ss and are being repeatedly questioned by media outlets OR other fans, REPORT THEM/BLOCK THEM/IGNORE THEM. DO NOT TELL ANYONE ANYTHING.
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY, NO ONE OWES ANYONE AN EXPLANATION. Don’t feel bad if you didn’t tell your friend about the details, they’ll thank you later. You’re being a good friend by not spoiling it for them.
  • Be stoked cos Reputation is out in 26 days! OMG (Time flies like paper planes *wink wink*)

Also, If you invitees continue to spill the beans, Taylor might not do this again and the rest of us could miss the chance to meet her.

Thanks for reading,

Love ya! Xx

@taylorswift we can’t wait for reputation and I honestly can’t express how pumped I am for it!!

styles217  asked:

Yeah I totally agree. He was a jerk for what he said but you could tell he didn't actually mean it. I think 89 would be super cute!

Thank you for helping me with a request! I didn’t think this story would be as interesting as it turned out. So here is the final part! Or is it…

Also thank you @harrywavycurly for answering my pregnancy questions and supporting me!

89. “You’re the best part of me.” 

Part One, Part Two

Part Three Of “Excuse You”

Warnings: Just really fluffy dad!harry

*Four Months Later*

It had been four months since our fight that night. I was now five months pregnant and my belly only kept getting bigger.

It took a while for things to go back to normal between me and Harry. He now insisted on always having me around. I went to every one of his shows and even his recording sessions. 

Jeff had let it slip that he had never seen Harry so happy. And I had let it slip to Jeff that I had never been so happy.

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We’ve Got Company

Pairing: Joker x Reader

Request: Can I have an imagine where you are Frosts daughter and you meet Joker for the first time and he takes a liking to you. Thank you!

Description: Y/N is Frost’s daughter, and when she sneaks out to see what her father is really doing, But when she gets too close, she meets just who her father works for.

Smut: No

Words: 1889

Requests are open!


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