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Rivals? || Peter Parker Imagine

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Word Count: 2238 words

Request by anon: hi, can you please do a peter parker x reader imagine where the reader is tony starks daughter or something and she and peter hate each other but they low key have sexual tension or something like that? and the imagine ends with them kissing or something? idk sorry if that didn’t make sense

No spoilers homie

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Y/N Stark always wanted a normal life. She hated being known as Iron Man’s ​daughter. She hated not being a normal teenager. For her entire life, she was home schooled,being taught from the best in New York. So of course, she wanted to go to a high school, to have the experience of hating her teachers and falling in love.

The first day of freshmen year was strange at Midtown High, most people didn’t know who she was until she told them her name. Rumors had been going around about the infamous Y/N Stark was attending Midtown, but nobody thought of it to be true.

Teachers would kiss up to her, not wanting to face the wrath of her father, Tony Stark. Everyone wanted to be her friend by the Friday of her first week in high school, everyone but one person, Peter Parker. He hated how she got treated like royalty by the teacher and the students, especially Flash, who did anything to get her attention. He hated how her grades were as good as his. The whole school knew about their rivalry quickly into freshmen year.

After Peter got bitten by the radioactive spider that gave him his powers, he knew he had to do something with his ability. Like his Uncle said, “With great power comes great responsibility.” This only convinced him more that he should be out there, protecting the people of New York. He was also happy that he finally got something that Y/N didn’t have.

He would never admit it to anyone, but he thought she was the most beautiful girl in the world. When she was around him, he was captivated by her beauty. They would share glances in the hallway but would both quickly look away from embarrassment.

Y/N didn’t hate him, she tried to be nice to him. She didn’t like how her dad gave Peter all of his attention, but she understood it was for a good reason. The two teens were always battling for first place for everything such as science fairs and debates. They were always neck and neck, him beating her as much as she did him. But, she thought it was cute when Peter did little things like tap his fingertips on his desk when he was nervous or whenever he spoke, she was drawn to his lips. She thought Peter was cute in general.

Most people saw his ‘hatred’ for her as love masked with hate. Everyone thought that by the end of high school the two would be dating. Peter’s friends tried convincing him to talk to her, nicely, but he wouldn’t. Y/N’s friends tried to get the two smartest kids at Midtown High together, but it just failed.

“Hey Dad?” Y/N asked while she sat at the dinner table alone with her father. He looked up from his food, “Hmm?” He mumbled back to her, with food in his mouth.

“Can I go to a-a party tonight?” She questioned, playing with the food on her fork.

“Where is it?” Tony asked, stuffing food into his mouth. Y/N looked up at him, “Queens. In the suburbs. A lot of my friends are going.” She added.

Tony nodded his head, “Fine you can go.” Y/N looked at her dad, eyes wide. “Really?” She exclaimed.

“Yes. But no drinking,” He stated, pointing his finger at her but paused, “Okay. Minimal drinking.”

Y/N smiled widely, nodding her head muttering, “Yeah, yeah of course. Thank you.” She ran up to Tony and hugged him.

She left her chair and went to hug him. “Let me take you.” He said as he hugged her back. Y/N pulled away furrowed her eyebrows, slightly confused at the man, “Why?” Usually if Y/N had somewhere to be, Tony made someone else take her so the act was strange.

Tony smirked, “Come on, you’d be the coolest person there because I have sweet cars.” Y/N nodded her head, agreeing with him. “Okay, well I’m gonna go get ready.” She beamed, running up the stairs.

Tony pulled up to you’re friends house, music blaring and red solo cups already littering the ground. He looked at Y/N, wondering where all the time went. “Ugh, you’re growing up, guess it had to happen sooner or later,” He joked, making Y/N giggle.

“I’m gonna go, I’ll call you when it’s over, or text you if I’m staying the night, alright?” She asked, exiting the car. Some of the teens who were standing outside or just got dropped off were staring in shock. Tony Stark just dropped his teenage daughter off at a party in a, most likely, a very expensive car.

Y/N slammed the door shut, “Bye Dad!” She waved with a smile, waiting for him to drive away.Tony smiled at his daughter, bidding his farewell before speeding away.

“God, she irritates me. She would obviously have her rich daddy drive her here in a cool ass car just to make herself look good.” Peter groaned as he went inside with Ned.

“Or maybe he wanted to take his daughter to a high school party?” Ned suggested, realizing that the statement didn’t make much sense. The boys walked over to the drink table. Booze, booze, booze. Whatever. Peter soon found the fridge and got water, in a red cup so people wouldn’t call him so prude.

Y/N had found a couple of her friends to hang out with. They were already buzzed, she wanted to stay sober just to make sure her friends got home safely.

Halfway through the party, Flash, the host, shouted, “Yo, if anyone wants to play seven minutes in heaven, bring your ass over here!”

About half a dozen people followed him. Everyone at the party was either too drunk to car about his statement or didn’t want to play the game where they were locked in a closet with a stranger. “Come on, let’s go.” One of her friends exclaimed.

“Yeah let’s go.” Herr other friend yelled.

“Um, I don’t think it’s a good idea.” She shouted over the loud music. Her friends rolled their eyes and grabbed either of her arms, dragging her in Flash’s direction. The group of people who wanted to play were already there, sitting in a circle, around a bottle that was resting on a table. She looked at the faces of all the people, and was met with the grimace of Peter Parker.

Her friends found an open spot in the circle so naturally, Y/N sat with them, sitting diagonally across from Peter. “You all should know how the game works. But, to those of you who don’t [cough] Peter Parker [cough].” Flash boomed, making his friends laugh. Y/N felt bad for him, he didn’t deserve to be treated badly. No one does.

“Whoever wants to start, will spin the bottle. Whoever the bottle lands on, you have to go into that closet,” He said, pointing to a closet nearby, “for seven minutes with that person. You can do whatever you want in there cause it’ll be locked. After seven minutes I’ll open the door and yeah. Start the process over again with the person next to you. So, who’s first?”

It was about 4 rounds into the game, and Y/N was getting bored. But she was glad she didn’t have to go in yet. After a pair came out of the closet, with lipstick smeared all over their faces it was Peter’s turn. “Be cool about it, there are a lot of hot girls in this circle man.” Ned whispered when Peter spun the bottle. Peter nodded his head, agreeing with his friend.

The bottle spun slower and slower, Peter’s hands were starting to get clammy. The bottle stopped and he looked up from the green glass. The person sitting in front of it was none other than Y/N Stark. All the teenagers froze, shocked at what had happened. “I-I gotta go,” Peter mutter, standing up from his seat on one of the couches.

“Na-na-na-na no,” Peter felt a hand on his shoulder, turning to see Flash, “You’re gonna go into that closet with your best friend Y/N.” Flash finished sarcastically, pulling Peter over to Y/N, before grabbing her arm and pushing them into the closet. Flash slammed the door closed, making the two flinch.

“Seven minutes starts now,” Flash shouted from behind the door, before walking away towards the group of teens.

It was quiet for about thirty seconds, the two both scared of talking to the other. There was enough space in the closet to leave you both a couple inches apart, but only a couple inches. “Um, I’m sorry you had to do this,” Y/N apologized sympathetically, “I should’ve never come to this stupid party.” She muttered the last part, shaking her head. Peter stayed silent, holding one arm with the other.

“Why do you hate me so much?” Y/N asked, desperate to know.

Peter sighed, “I-I don’t hate you. It’s just,” he paused, not knowing what to say, “I was so used to being the smartest kid in class and suddenly you show up, beating me in nearly everything. I guess I was just, jealous of what you had.” He admitted honestly, slightly frustrated. Looking down in between the two to look at his shoes. “You have everything in the world. You have a lot of money, a rich dad, and a bunch of friends.You’re fucking perfect. I don’t have anything like that.”

“I’m sorry,” Y/N apologized again, feeling bad for him. She started playing with her thumbs, “But, I’m not perfect, I hated what I had. My rich dad gives you more attention now than he gives me because of the whole, superhero thing.” She whispered the last part, not knowing if anyone was listening, “My friends only want to be friends with me because of my name and the money I have. It sucks, ya know?” Y/N finished, a few tears leaking from her eyes.

“I, I didn’t know you felt that way,” He said, regretting the way he has treated this girl for the past couple of years. He moved forward, closing the space between them, moving his hands to cup her cheeks, brushing away her tears with his thumbs.

“You didn’t deserve the way I treated you. I didn’t know what things were like for you. I am so sorry I was so rude to you.” He apologized, leaning his forehead against hers. Y/N reached up and placed her hands on his shoulders, squeezing reassuringly.

“You didn’t know, it’s alright.” She whispered, her breath fanning against his cheeks, and a small, understanding smile on her lips.

“But it’s not alright,” Peter murmured, rubbing one of his thumbs on her cheek. Y/N closed her eyes for a second, “If you kiss me, I’ll forgive you.” He looked at her slightly shocked. But he closed his eyes and tilted his head slightly to the right before leaning in and capturing her lips with his. She closed her eyes once again, putting her arms around his neck and her hands into his hair.

His lips were soft, and hers tasted like candy. Her nose brushed against his cheek, but the act went unnoticed. She started playing with his hair, twirling it around her fingers.

Unbeknownst to Peter and Y/N, Flash shouted that the seven minutes were up. He moved towards the wooden door, not hearing anything coming from the other side due to the loud music. He went to unlock the door. When it opened, he froze. “Holy shit!” Flash shouted making the two kissing immediately pull apart, out of breath.

Peter had a blush rising on his face, mimicking Y/N’s. Most of the people who were playing were curious at what was happening, a crowd forming around the door. “They were just making out!” Flash shouted with a smirk on his lips, making the blush on Peter and Y/N’s face deepen.

“Alright Parker!” Someone in the crowd of people yelled, making Y/N stifle a laugh. Peter glared at her playfully. The crowd of people began to fade away, Flash telling the two to get out of the closet for the next round of people to go in.

Peter and Y/N walked to a place in the house where there wasn’t a herd of people. “So, do you want to go to the movies with me sometime?” Peter stammered, nervous about what her answer might be. Y/N smiled, “I would love too, Peter. Now, go enjoy the rest of the party. I have to go deal with my drunk friends.” She chuckled starting to back away. 

Peter nodded his head understandingly, “I’ll text you then. Yeah?” 

Y/N tilted her heard to the side slightly. “You better. You don’t want to make a Stark angry.” She said with a chuckle, walking back towards her friends.

Peter fist bumped the air, before whispering to himself, “I have a date….. awesome.”

Part Two

Tentacle Boyfriend

I got a lot of requests for a tentacle story, which is one I’ve be wanting to do! Thank you anons! Keep requesting!

   Your cousin came for a visit and gave you a strange potted plant as a gift. She claimed it was a small succulent but you had never seen anything like it before. It came out like thick leaves that formed tightly together into a long cone, going from green to a soft pink color. Your cousin simply told you to keep it watered and sometimes give it sugar water.

   You did so, watering it when the soil got dry and once a week you would use the sugar water on it. You weren’t sure how well you could keep it alive, you had never been a plant person. You had tried keeping herbs gardens and even house plants, but that always ended in tragedy. You had even tried planting wildflower seeds and as it did was result in a bald patch in your yard.

   You were intent on keeping this little plant alive. You did everything the old ladies at the garden shop told you to do, you even talked and sang to the little plant. You kept it on a clear spot on your windowsill and even switched out the pot for it when you were worried it was getting too small.

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I Thought We Already Weren’t (Peter Parker x Reader)

Request: anonymous asked:
Ooh I love angst!! Can you do something where the reader has a huge crush on peter but he likes Liz and he asks her out on date and he asks the reader for help with everything so she basically plans the whole thing for him and he keeps saying things like “wow ur such a good friend” and out of jealousy she asks Flash on a date and they start to go out and Peter says he’s not good enough for her and they get into a huge argument and deicde it’s better if they stop being friends…

Word Count: 2,413 (sorry, got carried away again)

Warnings: Angst

A/N: heyyy more angst! sorry this is quite late, but I finally figured out how I wanted this imagine to go. I did try to shorten it a bit since it is quite long, but I guess this is as short as it’s gonna get 😂 hope you like it, anon! ❤️❤️

Part 2   Part 3

“(Y/N)!” your name carried through the halls above the chatter of the student body. Eyebrows furrowed, you jerked your head out from your locker to see who was beckoning. You spotted Peter’s dark curls bobbing amongst the crowd towards you.

“(Y/N),” Peter gasped. He leant against the locker next to yours, breathing heavily.

You raised your brows in amusement. “Yes?” you asked, curious as to what would motivate Peter to run.

Peter swallowed, “I need your help.”

“With what?” you turned back to your locker to shove your math textbook inside and grab your jacket.

“Ummm… well… it’s about…” he lowered his voice to a barely audible whisper and leaned closer. “It’s about Liz.”

You tilted your head away from him slightly to hide the anguish that quickly flashed on your face. “What about Liz?” you tried to keep your voice steady and calm. A difficult feat, as you felt a pit drag your stomach and your breath catch high in your throat.

“I—I uh—well—I have a date with her,” he stammered

“What?!” you exclaimed, shocked. “Wow, Peter!” You tried to shove out any tone of sadness in your voice. You knew how much courage it must’ve taken this nervous but excited and eager romantic buzzing next to you.

“Yeah,” he breathed.

“Did you just ask her?” you guessed.

“Yeah. Yeah I did,” his ecstatic state quickly turned into a more panicked one. “But I need your help. I have no idea what to do!”

“For the date?”

“Yeah!” Shutting your locker, you swung your jacket over your shoulder and headed for the school doors. Peter bounded after you. “Please, (Y/N)!” he pleaded.

You shoved the doors open, “Why aren’t you asking Liz, though? Isn’t the date with her?” You worried that that might’ve been a bit forward in revealing your subtle bitterness.

“Well, yeah but I—I wanted to surprise her. And I can’t ask Ned ‘cause I don’t wanna mess this up, I mean no offense to him, but you know—(Y/N), you’re my only other friend who can help me!” Your stomach twisted at that word. Friend.

“When is it?”


You sighed, conflicted yet sympathetic. Here he was, the best friend you had slowly but undoubtedly fallen for, asking for your help with someone else. Of course you were jealous. Of course you were dejected and feeling a bit betrayed. But of course you were going to help him. Because, dammit, you were proud and happy for him, too.

After two years of daydreaming, confiding, and awkwardly trying, he had finally gotten courage and motivation to do something about it. You saw how he lit up when she merely looked his way, how he melted whenever she said something nice to him, how jittery and nervous he got whenever he was within a ten food radius of her. You weren’t about to take that away from him just because of your unrequited feelings; because before he was ever your crush, he was your best friend.

“Okay,” you replied. Hope and relief immediately washed out all desperation on Peter’s face. You couldn’t help but smile a bittersweet smile.  

“Really?!” he grinned.

“Yeah, yeah, of course!” you cheerfully affirmed. “Just, uh, come over later tonight so we can think of some ideas.”

“Thank you! Really, (Y/N), thank you so much!” Peter squeezed you in a tight hug that you half heartedly returned. He suddenly pulled away and reached for his phone. You already knew what it most likely meant, so you started past him.

“I’ll see you around seven?” you called back. Peter was already running the opposite direction.

“Uh yeah! Seven’s good!”

Groaning, you got up from your chair and stretched your arms above your head. How could simple chemistry equations somehow make your entire body ache?

You were about to plop back into your chair when a tapping came from your window. Glancing at the clock that read ten minutes past eight, you trudged over, unlocked it, and slid it up.

“Sorry I’m late; some nut job decided tonight was a good night to rob a jewelry shop.”

“Hm,” you nodded as you headed to your desk. Peter stumbled through the window, leaving it open for a quick getaway.

“Your folks home?”

“Nah,” you shrugged. “Both have meetings.”

Peter slipped his backpack off and slumped onto your bed. “So,” he rested his elbows on his knees, “Any ideas?”

You swiveled your chair around. “Not really,” you confessed. “Nothing’s really come to mind.”

Peter hung his head down, groaning, “What am I gonna do?”

“So… okay then. What do you want to do?” you inquired.

“I dunno! I was thinking maybe just dinner and a movie? Chill, not to much fancy expensive stuff…”

“No, no don’t do that. That’s typical, not surprising at all.”

“Ugh,” he muttered. “Has she ever said anything about like what her ideal date would be?”

“Don’t think so…” you racked your brain. You didn’t know Liz too well. Sure you’d shared some classes with her these past two years and had gotten to know her well enough. But you weren’t the best friend she’d confide to about relationships and dating. You also weren’t going to give up your ideal date for Peter to create for someone else.

You both sat in silence, thinking. There was a slight tension in the room that you both could sense, but it was hardly enough to make the setting awkward. You’d also never let it get to that point either.

“I know she likes picnics…” you offered. “Maybe you could get takeout from her favorite place and take her on a picnic somewhere?”

“Oh yeah…” Peter sat up. “That sounds cool!”

“And it’s not super expensive.”

“But do it kind of late-ish,” you added. “And maybe on the roof of a high building. So it’ll be darker and better for star gazing. Liz loves stars.”

“Yeah… yeah, yeah! That’s great; that’s awesome! Oh, okay okay! I got it,” Peter leapt up from your bed and raced over to embrace you once again. “Thank you, so much, (Y/N)! Thanks for being such a great friend and—and helping me and WOOH!” he whooped as he skipped to grab his bag. “I’m gonna go scope out some places…”

As he squeezed through the window you chuckled, “Okay…” That nagging feeling began to creep up on you, and you put your head in your hands. You knew the petty thoughts would begin to fill your mind soon.

You knew you shouldn’t feel jealous. You knew there was nothing you could do to change his mind. But you couldn’t stop it. You were mad at yourself for believing you could ever compete with a girl like Liz Allen. You hated having these feelings of envy and betrayal, because you knew they were futile. It was pointless; this was only going to make you feel even worse.

Okay, you told yourself. Calm down, stop thinking like that. Just be happy that he finally got his chance with Liz. Repeating this over and over didn’t help. Okay… Maybe the date will go bad— NO! No, God, why even think like that?! Okay, maybe the date will be okay but Peter will figure out he doesn’t really like her? Ugh why am I LIKE this?! You felt completely horrible when you realized you actually found solace in that last thought. Deciding you needed to just distract yourself before you could torment yourself any further, you turned back to your notebook with a sigh.

Four weeks and five dates later, wherever you saw Peter, there was Liz. Your one solace, your one hope had fallen through. Peter had begun to hang with you and Ned less and less as the weeks went by. His spontaneous midnight visits had stopped altogether, and sometimes wouldn’t even answer your texts for a good few days.

Distractions were helping less and less as well. No matter how many songs you blasted in your ear, or how many fanfics you poured over each night, or late night calls with Ned about any movie you two could find; the envy kept gnawing away at you. But poor sweet Ned. You finally broke and confided to him; keeping it in was just too much. And try as he might to help you try to get over it and keep you distracted and happy, you both knew nothing was enough.

It also didn’t help that Liz would often come to Peter when he was at his locker. Right next to yours. Even though they tried to keep their voices down to small murmurs, you could hear every sickening and sappy word pouring from their mouths.

“God, I think I love you.”

You froze, gripping the textbook as if it were your composure. That phrase had managed to slip through all the ambient noise and ruckus echoing through the hallway and reach your ears. How many times had you wished to hear those words from him, only for them to be meant for someone else?

Well you certainly didn’t hear much after that. You didn’t hear Liz’s reply, or Ned’s greeting, or your locker slam. The only thing that your ears registered was your booming heartbeat. You felt your whole body heat up, searing with anger and jealousy. You wandered away from your locker, away from them. Meandering through the crowd of students, you couldn’t think of where to go or what to do.

An obnoxious voice broke through the pulsing in your ear.

“Hurry up, move it, (Y/N)!” Flash complained as he breezed past you. “What’re you waiting for? Your imaginary boyfriend to become real?” he jeered.

A sudden drive and confidence took over you, fueled by the anger and jealousy coursing through your veins. You knew what you wanted. You wanted to make Peter hurt. Hurt like you were. And you knew just how to do it.

“Well that’s up to you, Flash!” you called. Flash whipped around, confused. It morphed into amused as you jogged over to him.

“What do you mean?” he crossed his arms.

“Pick me up, my place, Friday at seven,” you challenged. Flash’s face dropped into bewilderment. “Wear something nice,” you added, brushing past. “I expect to be wowed.” As you pushed open the school doors, smirking, you could perfectly hear the shock that rippled through the silence of the hallway. This was certainly one way to get over it.

*tap tap tap*

You startled up from your chair, not sure if you had really heard it. You went over to your window and opened the blinds revealing the red and blue figure. Sliding it open, you leaned out on your elbows, blocking him from coming in but opening yourself to conversation.

“Hey,” Peter breathed.


He shuffled anxiously, tugging at the mask in his hands, “Can I talk to you?”

You shrugged, “I’m listening.”

“Why—” Peter took a deep breath. “Why’d you ask out Flash?” he timidly asked.

You stiffened. “Because.” Guilt started to take the place of resentment in your gut, but you shoved it away. You could tell he was concerned about you doing something so out of character and ridiculous on all accounts. However you refused to sway from your choice. You weren’t going to to back to sitting around moping about how he was with Liz.

“Because why?” he demanded.

“Because I can and I did.”

“But when were you interested in Flash?”

“When was it your business?”

“Since you’re my friend!”

You scoffed, hurt. “Am I?”

Peter squinted at you, “Y-Yeah. Wh—Why do you have to ask?”

“‘Cause it doesn’t feel like I’ve been!” you cried. The rest of your anger was spilling out, but with a different tone this time. This wasn’t a revenge thing or a spur of the moment vent-all-your-feelings session. This was everything that was buried deep, everything that wasn’t revealed to Ned, everything that really hurt.

“You’ve constantly ditched on stuff ‘cause you’d rather go to something else with Liz! You’ve left me and Ned hanging countless times. If it was because of Spiderman stuff, then I’d be more understanding, but it isn’t. You’ve just replaced your true friends with the girl you’ve been oogling for years!” your voice rose several octaves. “You never reply when we text, and you never answer when I need you or even when Ned does! So no, Peter, it doesn’t feel like I’m your friend anymore.”

Neither of you moved, too stunned by the words floating in the thick tension between you.

“So this is a jealousy thing.”

“What?!” you screeched. “That literally has nothing to do with what I just said—”

“No! No no no, it does!” Peter retorted. “You’re jealous because I’m spending more time with her, I get it—”

“No. You don’t.”

“No, I do! Look, I’m sorry if I’m not spending every waking moment with you guys like I used to, but it doesn’t mean we’re not friends anymore.”

“NO!” you cried. “No, Peter! It’s not because we’re not hanging out as much, it’s because we’re not hanging out at all. You’re always so distant with us now and you ignore us and—”

“I don’t ignore you guys!”

“Uh, yeah you do—”

“If I did, then I wouldn’t know that you asked Flash out, and I wouldn’t be here asking why the hell you’d ever do that!”

“Again, what the hell does it matter to you?!”

“He’s a douche!” Peter flailed his arms. “He’s an arrogant, spoiled asshole who’s so insecure that he goes around teasing people. He even teases you, (Y/N)! And you asked him out?!” He howled. Peter took a step towards your window, and you withdrew a little. “He doesn’t deserve you, (Y/N), and you don’t deserve to put up with that piece of shit—”

“You know what?” you glared at Peter, seething, blood boiling for the second time that day. “Yeah, you’re right: he’s a piece of shit who only cares about himself. But I bet he’s still gonna be a better shitty friend than you’ve been this entire month.”

Peter took a step back, appalled at what he was hearing. He pursed his lips and dropped his eyes to the ground. “Maybe we just shouldn’t be friends anymore,” he whispered.

You reached up for your window and numbly slid it shut. Knowing he could still hear you, you muttered as you closed your blinds, “I thought we already weren’t.”

Play With Me (M)

word count: 3.7k (i really tried to limit myself)

genre: smut; idol-verse + established relationship

pairing: reader/jooheon

summary: built up tensions from not seeing your idol boyfriend, jooheon, lead you two to have quite the steamy session on the couch. good thing jooheon has nice thighs and dirty mouth.

requested by: anon #1 who who asked for the reader to have a thigh kink & anon #2 who just wanted some good ‘ol joohoney smut; thank you for requesting! ♡


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Anon asked:

“I hope I’m doing this right, I don’t know if you’d be ok with a poly relationship fic with Sope? I love those two boys so much. I’d really like to see a story with them sharing their love and friendship and lots of fluff and yoongi dying from how cute Hoseok and their significant other is and the other members just looking at them and being amazed how well their relationship is and admiring the cute. Sorry if this is weird 😭 and thank you.”

Yes, you are doing it right. VERY RIGHT BECAUSE WHO DOESN’T LOVE POLY!SOPE????? Why did I name it Luminescence? Because they are both the light of the Reader’s life, and the Reader is theirs. So cheesy, I know.  This is my first time writing a poly one shot. Hope you enjoy~ 2k words

Pairing: Min Yoongi x Reader x Jung Hoseok

Genre: Poly AU!, lots of fluff, implied sex (although I might actually write it separately fml, let me know if you would like that), College AU!

Originally posted by lesbianbts

Yoongi was never fond of sharing, especially the person he considered as the love of his life – you. There were so many things that unexpectedly came out in his life, and one of them was that he ended up feeling for a openly happy, innocent girl like you; which highly contrasted his outward stoic personality. Not that he hated that – he loved you with all his heart, and you did too, just as much.

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anonymous asked:

"i could do a whole Analysis on the hug i just,, really love it so much" Do it. I just love, love your metas/analysis and I'd love to see you talking about the hug <'3

ahhh thanks!! Ok, full sheith hug analysis, sure thing! 

So, the way this all starts. A lot of people will say the handshake somehow makes the hug merely casual and downplays the intimacy of it, but I don’t think that’s the case at all. See, this part is really important because it’s completely different from every other hug we’ve seen with Keith. If you look at any other case, Keith never initiates. Someone else grabs him, and he has no consent or choice in it. Despite the fact that he eventually relaxes and hugs back, everyone else still just assumes the forced contact is fine, and you can see how startled and tense Keith is:

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Starved pt 6

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Chapter Notes: Fluff. All the fluff. It’s fluff. And more fluff. And sap. Fluff and sap. All of it. The whole thing. 

CW: Fluff. Probably that’s about it. It’s fluffy. 

Thanks: Quick shout out to @thuriweaver for being my sounding board and cheerleader throughout this story. <3 you! 

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4 Part 5

They stayed that way for a good long while, the four of them, curled up somewhat awkwardly on the couch. Virgil would have stayed that way forever, in spite of the fact that his legs were starting to fall asleep under Patton’s weight and it really was getting a little too warm with the combination of their body heat and his hoodie. 

Fortunately for his circulation, Logan eventually drew away, and said, “Okay. That’s enough of this.” 

Virgil felt his heart sinking, especially as Roman also removed his arms and Patton climbed clumsily to his feet. Even though he had been getting physically uncomfortable, their touch had awakened something in him, some needy clawing thing, and it was nowhere near satisfied yet. He had the worrying suspicion it never would be, and then where would he be?

But Patton reached out and pulled him to his feet. “Virgil,” he said, and to Virgil’s amazement he sounded almost shy. “I would really like to give you a real hug now. May I?” 

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Tom Holland - Surprise

anon request: Hello! Can you do a ‘dating tom and being Harrison’s little sister’ it’s very cheesy but I think it’d be cute and I haven’t seen one like it yet :) thank you!

part two

requests are open:))

Originally posted by parkrpeters

“haz don’t you dare be late” i growled into the phone. here i was walking through the airport in atlanta to surprise my brothers best friend tom on set of the movie he is starring in. spiderman: homecoming.

i was annoyed because i was stuck on a plane for nine hours. i didn’t want harrison to be late, he was gonna pick me up from the air port and drive me to set where everyone was.

i made my way through the large crowded airport happy to be back on the ground. my luggage rolled behind me, i scrolled through my phone changing the song when it buzzed with a text from harrison.

'don’t text and walk. it’s dangerous.’

i looked up and saw the bright blue eyes of my big brother. i began walking to the boy whose arms were flailing in the air trying to capture my attention. he began jogging toward me with his arms out stretched.

“buggy!” he shouted as we collided into a big hug. “haz!” i said excitedly hugging my brother. tom has kidnapped him for 92 days, he annoys me but a girl needs her big brother.

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secret [richie tozier x reader]

summary: during a sleepover (name) confesses her feelings for trashmouth

a/n: this is written for @superwolfiestar ‘s “Beauty and the Beast Halloween prompt challenge”! this is day 15 and prompt black cat. YA I KNOW I’M LATE SUE ME. also, request by anon:  hi!!!! can I request a Richie Tozier x reader where the reader rlly likes him and all the losers know it so one day they all tease the reader and richie’s like clueless and the reader tells richie and it’s super awk at first but richie just kisses the reader? If you have time thank you so much

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A black cat jumps from the trashcan and walks down the dimly lit street. From the inside of Bill’s house, you watch it slowly trot away out of your vision, having the urge to follow and pet it. Derry is unusually quiet for a weekend night – even if you’re never invited to join a party by your older sister (she is 17 and way too cool for you (her word’s, not yours)) you know what crazy ragers go on since once your mom had drove down a few blocks to collect her. It is a bit foggy too, just in the mood for Halloween. You smile to yourself, catch your reflection in the glass through the corner of your eye along with your group of friends throwing pillows and moving about. It’s late, really late and your mom would kill you if she knew you are still up. But it’s not like you can help it. You’re too happy to sleep. Richie is here, along with the rest of the Losers, but he’s the most important. Why? Well, obviously because you have a crush on him!…

And you plan on telling him. Tonight. When everyone’s asleep already and no one can tease you about it.

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anonymous asked:

Since i wasn't feeling good today, I had a thought.. What IF one of the children gets sick ? Like imagine Aizawa trying to separete the sick one from the healty ones and then getting a panic attack when another gets ill. Jest imagine(And can i have a hug ? Please?)

Aaaah, I’m so sorry to hear that, anon! First of all, have the biggest hug I can offer!

Then, if you’re looking for “The-children-are-sick-and-Aizawa-cares-a-whole-lot”-fics, then there is this wonderful piece of fiction that izuqu wrote some time ago right here: 

Click the link

Just in case you need more of that cuteness.

And now, here we go!

(It’s slightly rushed, I only have a bit more than half an hour break, so I’m sorry if the quality lacks a bit! *bows*)


It had started off with a sneeze, loud and surprising.

Aizawa blinked one eye open almost instantly, shifting slightly where he was lying on the ground, wrapped in his sleeping bag, to gaze over at the living room couch. There, Uraraka was taking a tissue from Tsuyu with a sniffled “Thanks”, tooting into it.

“Uraraka-san, are you alright?” Iida asked, immediately at the girl’s side before Aizawa could even move to stand up.

“I’m fine, I’m fine! Just my nose is a bit itchy!” The girl hurried to reassure, even though her voice was nasally and hoarse. Her face was slightly red and she sneezed again before she could even finish her sentence…

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Back to You | JJ

Pairing: Cheater!Jungkook X Reader

Summary: {Based off Cheater!Series} Jungkook cheats on y/n with her best friend and she finds out. What will happen when Jungkook tries to fix things after not seeing her for the past three years?

Genre: Fluff, ANGST, smut


Word Count: 3.7k

Note: To the anon that requested this I’m so sorry it took this long to get it up. I just wanted to make sure if was perfect. Hope you like it!


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Mine [Daryl Dixon x Reader]

omg I’m so glad I found you! Can you please write some jealous Daryl smut?

Here it is, anon! Hope you like it! 💛

Originally posted by the-walkingdeadimagines

Warnings: smut, swearing, rough sex, oral sex (female receiving)

Words: 1,434

A/N: So nervous to post this! Hope you like it!

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Smoking Area (Taehyung x Reader)

Admin: Candi
“can i request a taehyung smut thanks! – anon”
Fandom: BTS
Member/reader: Taehyung x Reader
Genre: Smut
Warnings: Language, spanking
Words: 2.9k
Authors note: Fucking finally able to write for my bias from BTS, Y E S!

           You were invited to a gig in your local pub because your friends band was playing a gig and you knew they were good so you didn’t hesitate in accepting the invite. You were always being updated on how they’re doing and your friend would send you every song they came out with. Every time you heard a new song of theirs you were blown away so being able to see them live would be amazing. You didn’t know many people that were going so you decided to ask Taehyung; you’ve been talking a lot more recently and it was quite obvious both of you are into each other so this would be the perfect opportunity to get to know each other more.

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passionfruit ❖ taemin

anon requested: Hi there! I fell INLOVE with the kai stepfather scenario, I was wondering if I can request something along the lines of that but with taemin from SHINee and he’s the readers stepfather and there’s a 8-9 year age gap and maybe she unintentionally makes him jealous and so he sort of just goes for it? Lmao and like for it to be really kinky? Like with choking and thigh riding :)) thanks and I hope this is acceptable and that it’s not too much ^~^

(gif not mine, cr to the owner)

4598 words | smut, daddy kink, stepfather-stepdaughter relationship, age gap, car sex | velvet

✎ You don’t see Taemin since you were thirteen, he left your mother, he left you and a big ache in your heart and mind. When you’re eighteen, he comes back and what has to offer is more than fatherly love.

[Warning: If you’re not comfortable with this, please don’t read, thank you]

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Confessions P2

Summary: Y/N wanted to get to the bottom of things but Peter seems to have other plans..

Requested: No

Word Count: 3.8k+

Note: Here’s part two to the Confession Request!! Some of ya’ll really wanted a part two so heres a part two! Thanks Anon! Lemme know what you guys think! x

Warning(s)?: Oral (M>F, F<M) SMUTTT, Swearing, Arguing, angst. FLUFFFFF

masterlist (x) requests (x)


Part 1


You woke up still feeling tired due to the previous events of yesterday. Once you came home after enduring a awkward stare down between you and Peter, you decided to head straight to your room, to think. You were exhausted but you couldn’t sleep, you were over the moon of course but you also felt guilty with how you left things. You decided it would be best to create a plan on how to approach Peter at school today to talk.

“Your going to be late sweetie! Leaving in 10!” You heard your mother call from down stairs. You shouted out ‘One minute!’ before quickly finishing off getting ready for school. You bounded down the stairs and kissed your mum on the cheek, leaving the house to head to the train station that heads to school.


You decided to go to your locker first, grabbing what you needed for first period before beginning to wander the halls for any signs of Peter. You rounded the corner and managed to see him by his locker, pulling out stuff as well for class. You were about to approach him once you saw his friend Ned beat you to it. You decided to still approach anyways, hoping with his friend there things would be less awkward.

“Hi” You said nervously and stood next to Peter who’s head was in his locker. He immediately tensed and Ned furrowed his eyebrows at his friends strange behaviour.

“…hi” he muttered back, finishing grabbing the things he needs before closing his locker. He turned away from you to face Ned now ignoring you completely. You felt your stomach drop and your heart hurt.

“See you at lunch?” He asks Ned, who was still confused by the whole scenario. He just slowly noded, confused as to why Peter seemed to be ignoring the girl who he’s been friggin in love with since forever. Peter smiled at him before walking away, scratching the back of his head as he felt more than one pair of eyes on him.

“Uhh… what was that about?” Ned asks. You turn to face Ned, making sure the tears that were welling in your eyes weren’t noticeable. You quickly wiped at your face and faked a smile, shaking your head before turning around and walking away to first period yourself.


You tried all day to talk to Peter but he avoided you. He managed to dodge you or excuse himself if ever you approached. You sighed feeling more hurt than the first time he did it and gave up around the fifth try not wanting to bug him anymore. You wanted to say you ere angry with his behaviour and that if he opened his eyes he could see that you loved him too but no, you were too hurt to be angry. You just sighed and walked to your locker, packing your things for the day. You debated whether or not to go over to his apartment, hoping he’ll talk to you there but you didn’t want to just randomly show up.

You didn’t want to seem needy. You shook your head at all these thoughts and continued your journey home.

“How was school?” Your mother asked as you walked through the door. What was she doing home early from work?

“We’re going out for dinner tonight hun so dress nice!” She chirps excitedly, flicking through her magazine as she sat on the lounge. Your mood immediately brightened and a real smile appeared for the first time today, liking the door of leaving the house for a few hours.

“Awesome, where are we going?” You asked happily. She turned to you and smiled, popping the magazine down on the coffee table.

“We’re actually invited over to the Parker’s tonight” At these words your stomach drops again for what feels like the fifth time today. You smile immediately fell off your face. She furrows her eyebrows at you and you start to shake your head.

“Why?” You tried to ask casually.

“Well.. Aunt May called and we’ve been talking about how we haven’t caught up in a while and decided to have a family dinner together” Your mother replied with a smile. You just nod your head going along and faking a smile.

Tonight?” You ask warily. Your mother looks at you weirdly.

“Yeah… that’s what I said… are you okay?” she asks, noticing something was definitely off. You quickly shrugged it off and shook your head forcing on another smile. You turned around and made your way to your room. You went over to your bed and fell on top, really not looking forward to this evening events.


“You almost ready to leave sweety?” Your father calls from downstairs. You starred into your wall length mirror, adjusting the dress around your waist slightly, grabbing a light cardigan to wrap around yourself.

You looked at your reflection one more time before responding.

“Yup!” You called just as you shut the door to your room. You hopped down the stairs and decide to pull on a smile. Maybe this wouldn’t be such a bad thing, your family was going to be there and maybe you could ask to talk to Peter quietly and him being polite and awkward wouldn’t decline in front of everyone.

“Let’s go!” Your mother calls out as she walks down the stairs and towards the front door. You held your phone tightly in your hand, your nerves beginning to build for how this dinner was going to pan out. You all hoped into the car, making your way over to the Parker’s.

You guys had arrived 5 minutes later, parking your car underground before getting over to the elevator, taking it up to their floor. You walked over to the apartment where your Dad softly knocked on the door. The door swung open revealing a very happy May, pulling your mum in for a hug soon followed by your dad. Your eyes skimmed past her in hopes of seeing Peter but… nothing.

“How is it you get even more beautiful with each visit?” May questions sweetly before pulling you in for a hug. You hug back and thank her, complimenting her on her wonderful outfit. She moved out of the way and made way for you guys to enter the apartment.

“Dinner will be ready in 15 minutes… Y/N?” Aunt May says turning to face you.

“Can you go let Peter know?” she asks, almost too sweetly. She smirks causing your eyes to widen slightly.

Uhh…okay” You stutter out, turning around to make your way towards Peter’s room. Immediately images from your last visit started replaying in your head, you couldn’t help but to let out a small smile at your thoughts. With each step you took the more nervous you grew. You arrived at his door and slightly knocked.

“Yeah I’ll be out in a minute May!” you could hear his voice call from the other side of the door. You couldn’t help but to smile when you heard his voice. You sighed.

“It’s Y/N… can I come in?” You asked, nerves evident in your tone. You didn’t hear anything on the other side of the door, only saw the door open slightly. You lightly pushed on the door causing it to open further. You stepped in and turned around once you were in the room, closing the door shut behind you. You started planning the words you were going to say to him as you did this, beginning to turn back round.

Your mouth parted slightly once you saw Peter… shirtless.

You couldn’t help but to let your eyes wander over his toned chest.. his defined stomach that were now sporting abs all the way down to his devloping v line. You felt the room grow slightly warmer. You lost all train of thought, your mind to preoccupied with the greek god standing in front of you. You knew he was lean but you never thought he was.. ripped. And honestly it made you drool.

He reached for his sweater and pulled it over his head, your eyes losing sight of the perfect view. Holy hell you need to get a grip.

“Sorry I was in the middle of changing” He apologises, his voice getting slightly huskier as he just now looked down at your outfit. You were in the most gorgeous dress he had ever seen. He couldn’t help but to let his own eyes rake over your body, noticing how the curvy girl in front of him was wearing a dress that defined them perfectly.

“We should probably get going” He says, finally breaking the awkward silence that hung in the air. He made his way over to you, as you were still in front of the door. He reached behind you to open it slightly, you beginning to move out of the way. Without realising your hand lightly brushed his causing your breathing to hitch and tingles to shoot through your hand at the contact.

You began to crave more of his touch.

You placed your hand against his covered stomach, slowly beginning to trail your hand upwards towards his neck, leaning in closer without realising. Peter would be lying if he said he wanted nothing more then to let you continue but he didn’t. He grabbed your hand in his to stop yours from going any further. He noticed you were in a trance, glancing up towards, your mouth slightly parted.

“Don’t” He tried to say sternly, his voice slightly beginning to tremble with want. You looked down to his chest stepping closer, your feet moving on their own accord. You glanced back up.

Why…” you whispered out, feeling his grip on your hand begin to loosen. it was almost like you were getting addicted to him, like he was your new favourite drug and you needed more.

“Because I can’t control myself around you..” At these words spoke you felt you heart melt. He quickly moved past you, instantly losing his contact missing it. You shook your head and snapped yourself out of your trance, willing your heart beat to slow down.

Great, bad enough that the dinner is going to be awkward with your family and his aunt all together… now you also had the urge to run up and kiss him.

This was beginning to become a very long night.

~During dinner

Your parents and Aunt May chatted away happily, discussing the latest gossip and some work stuff. You tuned them out, playing around with you leftover food that was on your plate. You could feel a pair of eyes on you the entire time, you glanced up through your hair to notice it was Peter who was sitting opposite from you at the table. He watched as you spun your fork around the left over spaghetti, biting your lips occasionally secretly driving him crazy.

“Why don’t you guys head into your room for a bit while I finish preparing the dessert, just make sure to leave the door open” Aunt May suggests, your parents agreeing to the idea, already hoping over to the topic of work again as May began collecting the plates and walking into the kitchen. You glanced up nervously to see Peter’s reaction and it startled you… he was giving you the cold shoulder.

He got up out of his chair and made his way into his bedroom, without wanting to cause suspicion you got up and left as well, following him down the hallway. To say the dinner was tense between you two would be an understatement. Unknown to you was he could hear your heart beat throughout the entire thing, noticing how every time you caught her glancing at you it quickened.

He opened the door and walked in making his way into the middle of the room, You walked in and did as May had asked, left the door open. You turned around to face Peter to see him beginning to pace the room, rubbing his eyes.

You looked at him slightly worried.

“Are you okay?” You asked. That was it. He stopped pacing and looked up to you. He listened into your heart beat as it began to race the more he just stared at her. He shook his head, running a hand through his hair.

“Fuck…” He muttered underneath his breath. You were more than confused in this moment and debated whether or not to approach him and decided against it, thinking it was probably a bad idea to do that. You thought now was a better time then never to begin to talk.

“Peter..” You trailed off, trying to get his attention.

“Peter” This time you got his attention and he looked up at you.

“Look… can we talk?” you asked, your nerves returning. He shook his head and looked up towards the ceiling. He shook his head one last time and walked over towards you, leaning past you to close the door.

“No” He says, his voice not wavering a bit. Okay now you were beginning to get angry.

“No? What the fuck do you mean No?” You began angrily, making sure you were only loud enough for him to hear you. He looked taken aback. He glanced up at you in surprise at your sudden outburst. That was it, it was time Peter started listening and he needed to listen now.

“You know what? Fuck you! What the fuck do you think your doing!” You began angrily, pointing a finger to his chest, walking towards him, him taking steps back.

“I haven’t done anything fucking wrong so I don’t deserve to be treated like shit!” You had just realised that tears were beginning to well up in your eyes. You angrily wiped them away, needing to finish off your rant.

“Your the one who’s pushing me away! Your the one who’s acting like a complete asshole and I am sick of it! I’ve tried talking to you all day to apologise than thought why the fuck should I apologise, I ain’t sorry for anything! And you know what Peter, I’m not sorry. Not one fucking bit. Your the one who should be fucking sorry!” You finished off angrily, noticing how you were only mere inches from Peter. You were too angry to care at the moment.

Cause why the fuck should I be sorry that I’m in love with you!” You let out angrily, not realising what you had just said till it was too late. Your face began to drop as he kept his eye contact with yours, his eyes beginning to soften at the confession. You covered your mouth, still not believing the words had escaped. You always had no filter when you were angry.

You eyes glanced down towards his lips. Fuck it.

You reached forward and grabbed his face, bringing his lips down on top of yours, you felt you skin grow hot and your heart begin to race. He began to wrap his arms around your waist, pulling you impossibly closer, moving his lips against yours. You reached your hands to the back of his head and into his hair, tugging slightly for him to release a moan. You took advantage of his mouth being slightly open and slipped your tongue through, your mouth conveying emotions you could never put into words. He picked up on it and returned the kiss with just as much passion, pulling you forwards with him as he walked backwards.

You pulled away out of breath, your mouth still tingling from the kiss me.

“I need you” You whispered against his lips causing his eyes begin to darken with lust. He just recaptured your lips with his and pulled you closer, him beginning to sit down on the edge of his bed, pulling you onto his lap not breaking the kiss. He began to deepen the kiss, making your insides begin to churn with want. He grabbed ahold of your waist and flipped you over so that now you were the one sitting down. He pushed you down gently to lay down across his beds as he climbed over you, reattaching his lips to yours. You put your back into his hair, beginning to tug harder feeling his bulge begin to rub your inner thigh.

You let out a soft moan. He stopped, now facing you with a cheeky smile.

“You have to be quite princess” He says, reaching one of his hands down to grip your ass causing another breathless moan to fall from your lips. You had enough of his teasing so you decided it was your turn. You reached for the bottom of his sweatshirt, beginning to tug it over his body. He broke away and pulled it off leaving him shirtless above you. You wanted to enjoy this moment but foreplay would have to wait, you needed him too much. You began trailing kisses down his neck and his chest, making your way down his stomach. He kept his balance above you as you worked lower and lower, you hands removing the belt from his jeans. His eyes closed as he felt himself harden even more, feeling your hand brush over him through the layers of fabric.

“Princess you don’t have to…” He trailed off, though the want in his voice clearly telling you another story. He wanted your mouth wrapped around him so bad but he wasn’t going to ask, causing your arousal to grow even more. You ignore him and began to pull down his jeans along with his boxers, letting his erection spring free from there confinements.

“I really want too” you whispered huskily, staring in aww at his size. You slowly brought your lips to his tip, kissing it softly causing a soft moan to fall from his lips. You went to the base and kitten licked upwards causing it to twitch against your tongue. Another throaty moan left his mouth. You stopped your movements.

“Remember… quiet Parker” You taunt back, not giving him any time to prepare as you wrapped your mouth around him, beginning to pull him further into your mouth. His eyes clenched shut, immediately loving the feel of your mouth on him. He used every ounce of self control not to begin fucking your mouth, wanting this moment to last for as long as possible. You could only go three quarters down his shaft, you used your hand to reach the rest and pump as you began to bob your head against him.

'Fuck… that’s is baby, just like that“ He moaned just loud enough for you to hear. You continue moving your mouth, now adding your tongue to increase his amount of pleasure. You pressed it against him and certain point almost making him see stars. A few more pumps of your mouth and his member begin to twitch, letting you know h was close. He stopped you, his hand cupping your face pulling you back up.

I need to finish inside you’’ He says, bringing his mouth down to yours. He could taste himself against your lips causing you to moan. His hand reached out to his bedside table, fumbling around for a condom. Your hands made there way to the hem of your dress dragging up towards your stomach. He handed the condom over to you and you held it in your hand. He began to move down your chest and your stomach, reaching your thighs. You rolled your head back, wanting at the place you’ve been needing his tongue for ages. He reached for your panties and began to drag them down, lifting your hips to get them down and over your thighs. He licked his lips at the sight of your arousal. He started at your knee, beginning to make a trail of kisses on your inner thigh. You whined.

“No foreplay tonight I need you, now” You commanded. he found it hot the way you commanded him so requested your demand. Finally reaching his lips to your other lips. He poked his tongue in so far, tasting you that you thought you were going to cum then and there. Your eyes rolled into the back of your head as his mouth began working against you, nipping lightly at your clit here and there enjoying the way you were shaking under his control. He began to make figure eights with his tongue around your clit causing you to grind your hips into his face and your hands to tightened in his hair, pushing his face further in you.

Peter...” You moaned under your breath, already feeling your stomach begin to form knots. You were so close to your realese so you tugged on his hair for him to come back up. He ignored you, finding to much pleasure at how close you were all because of his tongue. If anything he went faster and harder, hitting spots he hadn’t hit before. You kept trying to pull him away as you felt your bundle of nerves begin to form.

Fuck… I-i-m close Peter… Stop” You whimpered, just feeling the beginning of your orgasm coming over. Once it intensified you gave up on pulling him away and instead pulled him closer, making him collect all your cum in his mouth. You grinded against his face, you moaning his name breathlessly as you came undone.

Fuck yes… that’s it baby” You encouraged him as he leapt up all your juice hungrily, riding out your orgasm for as long as possible. Once you had came down from your high he removed his lips, wiping his arm across his face to remove some of the cum off of his face. You opened your eyes and looked at him, not believing how amazing you were feeling in this moment. You peeled the wrapper off and reached to pull closer to you and attached your lips back to his. Your hands fumbled with the condom as you began to roll it over his length, him moaning into your mouth as you did it slowly.

'Fuck you princess“ He moans into your mouth knowing what you were doing which was driving him crazy.

Exactly what I had in mind“ You said as you wrapped your arms around his shoulders, allowing him to move more comfortable inbetween you. He found his position and alined himself up with your open. You could feel his tip at your entrance and you let out a moan. He stilled his movements.

’'Are you sure about this?” He asks. You couldn’t help but to feel your heart leap at his words. You nod your head and pulled him down for a very slow and passionate kiss.

Beyond sure” you replied feeling over the moon.


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A/N: Ya’ll need some holy water after this shittt omgggg

anonymous asked:

Hey Mari! So I saw you said that the Chase's were descendants of Swedish royalty and I was wondering how you think everyone would react if they found out, and how they did, that Annabeth was royalty. Cause I remember early on in PJO Clarisse called her princess and Annabeth was like REALLY insulted by it. Thanks ahead!!!

Arrives 15 months late with a cup of Starbucks. Here is your fic anon, I hope you like it and I’m sorry is not what you had in mind. Inspired by the preview of Magnus Chase and the Ship of the Dead, which is the time to tell you this has tiny minor spoilers of it, also I took some liberties with a few things that could be totally proven canon next week or just thrown out the window.  

Shout out to @nerdyadventures for fixing my terrible grammar.

Annabeth dropped her small suitcase on the bed while Percy looked around their hotel room, touching everything he could.

“When you said a hotel in Boston…this is not what crossed my mind.” Percy was standing looking through the window, where you could see part of Charles River and in the background Boston’s skyline. “I don’t think I have ever stayed in a hotel this fancy, much less a fucking suite.”

“Dad loves this hotel, says he loves to be close to his Alma Mater and he wouldn’t want me to stay somewhere else.” Annabeth started to unpack her stuff. Her dad had made the reservation since he usually stayed in the same hotel chain during his travels he was a member of their points program that gave him discounts or bonuses like breakfast included. Telling her dad she was going to Boston hadn’t really been a problem since the official reason was that she was there for legal reasons…how to tell him that Percy was also going without actually telling him had been the tricky part. Some part of her knew that her dad knew Percy was there, but thankfully he didn’t mention it during his call. “This is where we always stay when we come to Boston.”

“It’s weird staying here, I don’t know.” Percy sat down on the bed and sighed. “This is, without a doubt, the softest best I have ever lay on.”

Annabeth smirked at her boyfriend. “Good, I’m sure we are gonna have a lot of fun on it.” She laughed when she saw him blush. It didn’t matter that they had been having sex for almost a year now, Percy always blushed when she implied it.

Percy cleared his throat. “Do we really need this much space? Why would someone need this much space.”

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Do you think the SeiAki-ship went (a little) down with this chapter?

Hey Anon :) And I don’t know, you tell me…

After such a chapter…

with Seidou deciding that he now wants to live for the sake of Akira, which is basically confessing to being completely in love with her (and which is why he definitely intends on bringing Amon home to her), I really wonder if you can say that this ship went down. ;)

More seriously though, if you’re asking because Seidou thinks Akira is in love with Amon then I’ll just say one thing…

‘Cause Seidou proved to us readers that he definitely grew up but yes, somehow he still thinks that there is no way Akira could like him, especially after everything he’s done as a ghoul (he doesn’t see himself as an investigator anymore, as this chapter confirmed).

See, this is Takizawa talking about Amon in the new chapter…

And this is him talking about himself:

which means that for Seidou, Amon >> himself, so Amon is more worthy of Akira + “Akira would always look at him anyway”… So, “it’s okay”, Seidou can agree to this situation, he’ll live for Akira’s sake even though she’s obviously going to choose Amon at the end………….

But Anon, the thing is, Seidou isn’t in Akira’s head

So he never noticed that Akira looked at him as much as she looked at Amon, even if she felt like he had a grudge against her, just like she would smile at him too, even if he didn’t see that either. 

And she endangered herself to protect him from Mutsuki in the last arc, which is also a huge proof that he isn’t someone random in her life.  

Finally, Seidou still sees Amon as a true investigator while he became nothing but a killing ghoul…

but, Amon aside…

Akira probably won’t be able to call herself a ghoul investigator anymore so… it surely doesn’t matter if Seidou isn’t an investigator either. :)

This is a redemption arc for Seidou, he’s trying to make amends for all the people he killed so there is no way he’d just accept Akira’s love since he doesn’t believe he deserves it after everything that he did.

We’re passed the inferiority complex, it’s not that he sees himself as a failure inferior to Amon, but he doesn’t want to “taint” Akira because he loves her, which is why he’ll simply live for her sake while she’ll be happy with someone who didn’t dirty their hands as much as Seidou did (aka Amon in Seidou’s opinion). 

Except that, again, Akira’s feelings are probably different from what Seidou currently imagines. 

TL;DR Anon, Seiakiramon is true love <3 and both Seiaki and Akiramon still rock because no ship went down in this chapter, on the contrary! :D 

Thanks for passing by and have a nice weekend Anon!

See just above Anon-chan :D :D <3 

Have a nice weekend!

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56 with Jungkook. Thank you!!

Prompt request: “What if I told you I’ve been in love with you since I was eleven?” + “Do you want to kiss as bad as I do right now?”

Pairing: Jungkook/Reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary: A classmate has been bothering you, so your best friend, Jungkook, pretends to be your boyfriend to scare him off. Let’s just say that the act goes a little too well.

Word count: 1k words

“It’s getting worse,” you whined, star-fishing on the floor of Jungkook’s dorm. He stepped over your legs, sitting on an area of the carpet that you weren’t occupying. “This guy literally won’t leave me alone.”

“Just threaten to report him for sexual harassment,” Jungkook suggested. He shook his head violently, his wet hair sending droplets of water everywhere. He had just finished showering in preparation for your (academically irresponsible) movie marathon.

“With what evidence?” you sighed, pulling yourself into a sitting position. You pulled your knees up to your chest. “He’s not a bad guy, I don’t think. He’s just too nice and it’s really creepy.”

“Well, you know what I do about my problems,” Jungkook laughed, turned towards his small TV, scrolling through Netflix. “Ignore them until they go away.”

“You’re not helping!” you shrieked, stretching out a leg to kick Jungkook in the side. He toppled over, laughing as he went.

“I don’t know what you expect me to do about this,” he said after righting himself.

“Maybe be a little supportive,” you pouted, turning your attention to the television. Jungkook was browsing through the different genres. As he skipped over the Romantic Comedy section, an idea dawned on you. A brilliant idea. “Jungkook.”

Your friend turned to you reluctantly, recognizing your tone of voice. He knew it meant something bad for him. “Please, no,” he whispered.

“I’ve got a plan,” you shared, completely ignoring what Jungkook had just said. “You’re going to pretend to be my boyfriend. You’re going to pick me up from class in a romantic fashion. Then, the creep will get the message and leave me alone.”

“I-I don’t know, Y/N,” Jungkook stammered, eyes widening before avoiding yours. “I’m not sure if that’s a good idea. Why don’t you tell him up front that you’re not interested?”

“You think I haven’t tried that?” you snorted. You crawled over to where Jungkook was sitting and latched onto his arm. “Please? For your best friend? Plus, you owe me a favour from May 6th, 2009–if I recall correctly.”

“Don’t bring that day up ever again,” Jungkook replied automatically, cringing at the memory. He heaved a heavy sigh and chewed on his bottom lip. You could tell he was about to give in. “Fine. This is a big favour you’re cashing in, so you better not regret this.”

“Thanks, Kookie!” you beamed, engulfing his frame in a hug. He stiffened underneath you–never one for physical affection–and you let him go. You moved back to your original spot, turing back to the TV. “Put on some rom coms. We need to do research.”

In retrospect, you realized Jungkook was right. This was not a very good idea. Asking your friend to pretend to be your boyfriend for the sake of fending off pursuers? Not the best idea. Asking your best friend, whom you’ve been harbouring a secret crush on for years? The worst idea.

Currently, he had an arm wrapped securely around your waist, somewhat shielding your body with his larger one. Your breathing was strained as you tried to keep it steady, which was nearly impossible with Jungkook’s closeness. Jungkook was not bothered by the proximity, more occupied with glaring daggers at the boy who had refused to leave you alone.

“And who are you, exactly?” Jungkook spat, every word laced with venom. You weren’t entirely sure if this was an act, since Jungkook had walked in when the boy was getting particularly handsy.

“J-just a classmate,” the boy stuttered, cowering away from Jungkook’s wrath. He turned his gaze to you accusingly. “You didn’t say you had a boyfriend.”

“Didn’t realize I had to,” you responded coldly, raising an eyebrow in challenge.

“Bitch,” the boy spat, turning on his heel to walk away.

You gasped as Jungkook lunged forward and jerked the boy back by the shoulder. Your classmates nearby stilled at Jungkook’s aggression. He pushed the boy into the wall, the latter’s head thumping quite loudly against it.

“If you ever say that again,” Jungkook hissed, the veins on his arms popping out as he gripped the boy’s collar, “I’ll fucking kill you.”

“You’re crazy, man,” the boy nearly screamed, wiggling out of Jungkook’s grasp and running out of the room. The spectators eyed Jungkook cautiously, but the boy paid them no mind.

“Let’s get out of here, Y/N,” Jungkook huffed, still fuming. He grabbed your hand, interlacing your fingers with his, and led you out of the classroom. “You didn’t tell me that guy was a fucking asshole.”

“It’s usually not that bad. Don’t be angry. But thank you, it really means a lot to me,” you smiled, walking quickly to match Jungkook’s long strides. As you strode through the busy hallways, you couldn’t help but glance at your interlocked hands. “Uh, Jungkook? You don’t have to keep holding my hand.”

“I want to,” Jungkook said simply, giving your hand a slight squeeze.

“If I didn’t know better, I’d think you actually were in love with me!” you joked, trying to ignore the butterflies Jungkook’s admission had caused.

Suddenly, Jungkook stopped walking. He pulled you to a stop as well, leaving the two of you in close proximity. Jungkook bit his lip, but his eyes pierced into yours. Almost unnoticeably, Jungkook took an unsteady intake of breath.

“What if I told you I’ve been in love with you since I was eleven?” he whispered, his grip on your hand tightening.

Your eyes widened and your breath caught in your throat. “Are you being serious?” you choked out. Jungkook nodded shyly, a light blush donning his cheeks.


A huge smile illuminated your face, and you felt your heart soar. “Well, I would be the happiest person alive,” you laughed, “cause I’ve been in love with you since then, too.”

Jungkook returned your smile with a beautiful one of his own–it made his eyes crinkle and showed all of his teeth, and it was perfect. The two of you leaned into each other’s space, Jungkook’s hands coming to rest around your waist. He looked into your eyes, searching.

“Do you want to kiss as bad as I do right now?” Jungkook asked with a cheeky smile.

“Fuck, yes,” you breathed.

Then his lips met yours, and everything was right in the world.

- Girl in Luv

Thank you so much for reading! I really enjoyed writing this, and I might turn it into a longer one in the future tbh. Hope you liked it!! Thanks to all the anons who requested it. This is our prompts page if you want to read more from us. Happy reading!

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Okay okay but get this.. . ... insecure Lance with vitiligo I cannot believe this isn't already a thing give me my beautiful space son who's fLipping out because the foundation he had on him leaving earth isn't going to last forever and he really really doesn't want the team to know about anything that will make him different and mark him as a freak like everyone has always said

AHHHH I literally screamed when I saw this. 

Thank you <3 

I sorta went a different way with this. Sorry!

“Stop. It. You can’t cry right now.” Lance inhaled as much oxygen as he could before his lungs hitched and he coughed it out. 

“If you cry the foundation will wear off. So knock it off.” Lance ran his shaking hands through his hair. He didn’t know if he was talking to vent or help himself but he wish he would stop babbling like some teenage girl. 

Lance sat down on the edge of the bathtub glaring at the water. Shiro told them to wash up, but how could he wash away the only thing that is keeping him normal. Lance wanted to take a bath he really did. He wanted to try out the Altean soaps and face masks. He wanted to treat himself™ just like he would at the Garrison. Maybe Allura has some makeup, we have similar skin tones. Lance stood up and marched out of his room, he needed to find the princess. 


“Princess?” Lance hesitantly knocked on her bedroom door. 

“Yes Lance? Why aren’t you out of armor yet? Shiro told you to wash up.” Allura stood up from her where she was perched on her bed. 

“I kn-know. But I have a question for you.” Lance hugged his body, praying his sweat didn’t ruin the foundation anymore than what it was. 

“Well what is it?” Allura gestured for Lance to enter her room and he awkwardly stood in the middle of it while she sat on the edge of her bed. 

“Do Alteans have makeup?” Lance’s voice was so small it made him feel 5. 

“Makeup? Well of course!” Allura jumped up from her seat. “We have a lot of different kinds.” She smiled at him, hoping to relieve his stiff posture. 

“Do you have foundation to match my skin tone.” Lance gestured to his face. 

Allura stood up and placed her hand on his face, pretending she didn’t feel him flinch. “I think we do, mine might not work since it was made especially for me however,” Allura grabbed a small scanner off her desk and made her way back over to the boy, “this scanner will give us the number and type we need to match your skin perfectly.” 

She gently grabbed his hand and placed his finger under the scanner. It flashed a purple light for a few seconds before it beeped green and produced a small chip. 

Allura grabbed the chip “Now I’ll put this in a machine and it will have it made by the time you are done cleaning up.” 

Lance released a breath he didn’t even know he was holding. “Can I get it sooner?” 

“Why do you need it so soon?” Allura chuckled a little bit. 

“I just need it that’s all.” Lance said a bit quietly, too quiet for Alluras liking.

“Once it’s done I’ll drop it off at your room. Okay?” Allura gently said. 


“Now go clean up.” And Lance left. 


Lance sunk down into the tub, letting the water surround him. He slowly submerged himself completely under water and let his mind wander. 

Ugly, Freak, Weirdo, Whats wrong with your face?

 Lance could still hear the kids voices like they said them yesterday. He could still remember the snickers he heard behind his back. He could remember how teachers would look at him sympathetically. He could still feel the shoves from the kids when he asked to play with them. He remembered crying to his mama asking why this happened to him. He remembered his sister teaching him how to do makeup and attempting too help his confidence. Sadly he was only confident with 3 different layers of makeup plastered on his face and arms. 

Lance rose his head from the water and touched his face and smeared the makeup off his face. He drained the water, stood up, turned on the shower and started scrubbing his arms and face. 

What would the team think? He wasn’t normal. He was a freak. 

He watched the water drain down, taking the brown makeup with it. After the water cleared he turned of the shower and dried off. 

Lance put on his pants and started to sort through the different Altean supplies. He found something that resembled lavender and started to apply it to his face. He attempted not to stare at the different color patches that scattered his face. He moved down to his arms, where it only started happening a year prior. He dropped the container when he saw a small patch forming on his stomach. 

“Fuck.” Lance leaned over the sink, not even trying to stop his tears. 

“Why, why, why.” Lance grabbed his hair. He was about to get back into the tub when Allura knocked on his bathroom door. 

“Lance! It’s done~” Allura seem to sing. 

“Ca-Can you ju-just leave it out-outside my door?” Lance nearly punched himself for his voice cracking. 

“Are you alright Lance?” Allura asked, curiosity and concern plaguing her voice.


“No you’re, not….I hope you’re decent because I’m coming in.” Before Lance could react the bathroom door was opening and he was face to face with Allura who was holding a bottle. 

Allura opened and closed her mouth and Lance grabbed a towel and wrapped his torso up in it, happy that he was wearing pants. 

After a few moments of unbearable silence Lance bit out “Go on laugh, I don’t care. Just leave the bottle and go.” 

“Lance.” Allura gently grabbed the towel  from Lance and brought his face closer. “I would never laugh a you for something like this.” She opened the bottle and put a few drops of the liquid on Lances face and started to rub it in. 

Lance stared at Allura as she continued to apply the makeup on Lance. “What?” She asked. 

“Why are you being so nice?” Lance mumbled out. 

“Why wouldn’t I be nice? You can’t help this,” she gestured towards his arms. “Plus this doesn’t changed anything about you. I’ll even keep it a secret from the team if you need.” 

Lance started crying again and Allura hugged him. She gently ran her fingers through his hair. 

Lance hugged her back. “Do you think the team will judge me?”

“They would never.” Allura softly said. 

“Should I tell them?”

“Only if you want.” 

“Will you help me?”

“Of course. Now lets get you ready for dinner.” 

Lance smiled and started to distract himself from the voices of the kids that echoed in his mind. 

Happy Ending! I think? 

Thank you for this!! 

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You know you've done gifs of that jib hug about 50 times now? Gif what you want but it's not that big a deal. Gif something new plese

Oh, I’m sorry. Did I gif that too much? Huh. I beg your pardon. I guess I better only do it about 20 or 30 more times. 

Just the basic full hug:

If we were watching this on a newsreel in the 1940′s:


If they were bats:

I know what you’re thinking- what if this was an old-timey flashback? What would that look like?:

If I had a nice camera and filmed this myself: 

AU where I’m “artsy”:

I honestly don’t know if you were being serious or not. If so, don’t tell me what to do. Or do tell me what to do by giving me suggestions on what you’d like to see giffed but be nice about it. If you weren’t being serious, then thank you. This was fun.