and thank you :(

  • ml at sdcc: hi guys here's a preview of the new live action movie and some new merch. also season 2 will be out really soon! :-)
  • ml at seoul comic con: whaddup nerds. here's 20 new clips of season 2. go wild

So- I wanted to see if anyone had any cgs of SLBP MC for reference to do the next slbp fanart that they could send me…and I decided to make a cute think of this guy to help persuade you all….. But clearly I got carried away….

I ended up making blank ones for anyone who wants to fool around with them- you don’t have to credit me if you use any of the above images for the slbp fandom…I wouldn’t mind being tagged just to see what anyone does with them though.

OH! but if anyone has any cgs of mc that they would be willing to send me, I would be grateful- I cant find my charger so I cant access my SLBP account…and I cant finish this fanart if I don’t have a good reference photo for mcs color pallet or style. DX


I am so sorry for making a big fuss, friends. I’ve been thinking a lot about this and decided not to leave here. I know I’m no one and my whereabouts are hardly important, but I think I should make myself clear. Here are my thoughts;

a) I can ship anything. I’ve shipped Doctor Strange/Ross ever since Civil War came out. I love and respect BP too as a movie itself, I don’t want the movie just for some shipping. And I know other many shippers are the same.

b) Well, I had actually started deleting posts on my blog. I just couldn’t delete my account right away before download all the gifs ‘cause I don’t have my old gifs myself. Shame. But then I found that even after I had deleted my gifs, they would be reblogged forever without their home. And Tumblr even didn’t let me change the blog private. Guh.

c) I kept wondering; if I left here, would I also leave Sherlock or Benedict or Martin fandom or shipping Johnlock, EverStrange(or Stross?) or other things forever? I didn’t think so. I’ll end up coming back here again. With a new blog. Then where’s the meaning of deleting the old one.

d) There are so many good people here. I’ve got lots of sincere and heart warming messages. They gave me precious advice and provided new views that I should consider. I don’t want to bomb my dash with them, so please understand if I don’t reply. I’m so lucky and happy to have people like you, friends. I don’t know where else I can find friends like you. Thank you for your support. I love you all.

So, after making a scene and fully embarrassing myself in front of everybody, I’m still here. I apologize again for this. If someone don’t like having me here, please feel free to ignore / unfollow / block me.
Thank you.


this was inspired by @r00dbirb ‘s art style because i adore it pls go follow