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Hope u don’t mind but u seem super nice AND you're America, I have a feeling I can ask you this. There’s something I don’t understand. Sometimes I hear people say Barisi are an interracial ship. Of course Barba’s ethnicity is Hispanic/Latino. But. His *race* is white, right? Can u explain, please? Thanks - Confused Non-American (PS: Of course he might be black/white mixed, Cuba's always been a kind of a melting pot. In that case it probably would make sense to call Barisi interracial? Idk.)

First, I’d like to thank you for thinking so highly of me that you’d think to come to me with such a thoughtful* question as this. And yes, I hear and think that Barisi is an interracial relationship, but at first I wasn’t sure I could explain it without missing some details due to the fact that I am not Latina myself. So I brought the question to my roommate, who is herself a fair-skinned Latina, and she had the perfect response. (she never fails to bring clarity to things like this for me??? bless her honestly) 

It has to do with the fact that Latinx people are (regardless of the color of their skin and at least in the United States), sociologically considered a marginalized minority/identity or person of color, as my roommate says:

“…Latinos are people of color. The Latino community (including, Central/South America and the Caribbean) is super duper diverse in color so we have every skin spectrum imaginable. However, Latinos are considered people of color and the term people of color refers their status as a minority. Fair-skinned Latinos like myself and my family are people of color. Period. Sometimes Latinos identify as white but that’s because of something else all together (i.e. census b.s., society, survival tactic, etc). Raul Esparza is a man of color. He is the son of Cuban immigrants. He is Latino. So it would be considered an interracial ship.” 

I feel it’s also important to point out that, despite the appearance of their light-skin, Latinxs with light-skin do not benefit from white privilege, which adds to the reasons why Latinx people will never be “white”….

Race is a pretty murky concept, given that it’s (messily) socially constructed and mainly conjured up by Americans. A youtuber named Kat Blaque explains race pretty well in this video (x). (Just as a precaution, “white history month” was used as a satirical device within the video series that included this one). 

I really hope this clears things up for you, and thank you for asking! If I’m remembering correctly, Raúl gives a really good response to this issue as well, as he was often casted into white roles. (If anyone knows where this interview is, would you mind linking it?)


I am so sorry for making a big fuss, friends. I’ve been thinking a lot about this and decided not to leave here. I know I’m no one and my whereabouts are hardly important, but I think I should make myself clear. Here are my thoughts;

a) I can ship anything. I’ve shipped Doctor Strange/Ross ever since Civil War came out. I love and respect BP too as a movie itself, I don’t want the movie just for some shipping. And I know other many shippers are the same.

b) Well, I had actually started deleting posts on my blog. I just couldn’t delete my account right away before download all the gifs ‘cause I don’t have my old gifs myself. Shame. But then I found that even after I had deleted my gifs, they would be reblogged forever without their home. And Tumblr even didn’t let me change the blog private. Guh.

c) I kept wondering; if I left here, would I also leave Sherlock or Benedict or Martin fandom or shipping Johnlock, EverStrange(or Stross?) or other things forever? I didn’t think so. I’ll end up coming back here again. With a new blog. Then where’s the meaning of deleting the old one.

d) There are so many good people here. I’ve got lots of sincere and heart warming messages. They gave me precious advice and provided new views that I should consider. I don’t want to bomb my dash with them, so please understand if I don’t reply. I’m so lucky and happy to have people like you, friends. I don’t know where else I can find friends like you. Thank you for your support. I love you all.

So, after making a scene and fully embarrassing myself in front of everybody, I’m still here. I apologize again for this. If someone don’t like having me here, please feel free to ignore / unfollow / block me.
Thank you.


So- I wanted to see if anyone had any cgs of SLBP MC for reference to do the next slbp fanart that they could send me…and I decided to make a cute think of this guy to help persuade you all….. But clearly I got carried away….

I ended up making blank ones for anyone who wants to fool around with them- you don’t have to credit me if you use any of the above images for the slbp fandom…I wouldn’t mind being tagged just to see what anyone does with them though.

OH! but if anyone has any cgs of mc that they would be willing to send me, I would be grateful- I cant find my charger so I cant access my SLBP account…and I cant finish this fanart if I don’t have a good reference photo for mcs color pallet or style. DX

As heartbroken as I am...

as devastated and unhappy and saddened as I am, I am also incredibly grateful.

I’ve never met two characters who touched me, who inspired me, who I rooted for against all the odds, who I loved so deeply. Belle and Rumple have been the most incredible, nuanced, fleshed out characters to go on this journey with. I’ve shared their joys, their sorrows, their ups, their downs, and I’m grateful for Every. Single. Moment with them, even the painful, angsty ones, because, without them, this story would not have been so inspiring, so beautiful, or so true.

This has been the most incredible love story to watch unfold on screen, the most realistic portrayal of a difficult love between two people who somehow find their way back to each other against all the odds, who love each other deeply no matter the problems between them. Rumple and Belle show that love is worthwhile, even when it’s bloody hard work, that it’s worth fighting for. Belle saw the best in Rumple and Rumple saw the best in Belle. They fought, they disagreed, they got angry with each other, they hurt each other, and yet, through it all, their love remained. They never gave up on each other. And for all they’ve been through, they never stopped loving each other.

I’m grateful that they weren’t afraid to go to dark places with RumBelle, to show the problems, the insecurities, the flaws in the relationship and the characters. I’m grateful that the journey was hard, because it was real, and because the happiness that I believe and hope is coming will be earned.

I’m grateful to Emilie and Robert for their chemistry, for their dedication, for their effort, for giving every scene their all. I’m grateful to them for bringing RumBelle to life in a way no other actors EVER could. I’ve said before that the stars aligned when they cast Emilie opposite Robert. We have been truly, truly blessed to have such talented, dedicated actors bringing our Beauty and her Beast to life.

I’m grateful for the story, for the myriad memorable scenes that I will take pleasure in re-watching for many, many years to come (yes, even the painful ones!). There are so many scenes I love, it would be impossible to list them all. We have been so blessed to have such a memorable love story on our screens. At least I feel blessed.

I am also grateful to the writers. They gave us RumBelle and wrote all those beautiful scenes that I love. They gave us this story, however people feel about the execution. I thank them for their work, for creating such a beautiful nuanced pair of characters.

I don’t know, right now, if I’ll be back for season seven. That will depend on the story they decide to tell and whether Emilie ends up being part of it in some way. At the moment, I can’t see myself coming back after the finale, which I hope and feel will provide some happiness for the characters I love so much, some closure to their story that satisfies me, should I decide not to return.

I do know one thing, though. I will always love RumBelle and they will always be part of me now, no matter what I do. They have inspired me to write again, and I love them so dearly for that. I have had endless hours of enjoyment writing stories about these characters, and I would not have missed out on that for the world!

I’ll still be writing. As long as my muse is so inspired, I will write for RumBelle, and even if I stop writing them one day, I will take the characters with me as inspiration for other things that I hope to be able to share.

And I’ll still be around. Maybe not as active (because I won’t be writing so much speculation or meta!), and maybe I’ll drift into other things too, but I will always be a RumBeller and a Oncer, and I will always have time to share my love of the show and my favourite characters with people.

I’ve made some lovely friends through a shared love of RumBelle. You know who you are. Thank you for your friendship: I know it will continue.

I have loved RumBelle. I will always love RumBelle. Nothing will change that.

It’s forever, dearie.