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Stydia meme: [1/1] Underrated scene
↳ Lydia’s birthday gifts


So- I wanted to see if anyone had any cgs of SLBP MC for reference to do the next slbp fanart that they could send me…and I decided to make a cute think of this guy to help persuade you all….. But clearly I got carried away….

I ended up making blank ones for anyone who wants to fool around with them- you don’t have to credit me if you use any of the above images for the slbp fandom…I wouldn’t mind being tagged just to see what anyone does with them though.

OH! but if anyone has any cgs of mc that they would be willing to send me, I would be grateful- I cant find my charger so I cant access my SLBP account…and I cant finish this fanart if I don’t have a good reference photo for mcs color pallet or style. DX

On this day last year I posted a “birthday poem” I’d written for Bono. I was so happy with it that almost a year later, I ended up reading a much tweaked-and-edited version in front of a live open-mic audience! They seemed to not hate it (they didn’t really know who it was about, because they were not of the Fam) so I figured I’d try again. Also, I can’t actually give him a present or anything, so what else is there to do? So this has a little compressed autobiography and stuff about 1980 and Reagan and boring radio and then… Here it is.

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Reboot of The Outsiders

they need to make a reboot of The Outsiders and these are the people who i believe need to play the roles.

Ponyboy Curtis- Tye Sheridan/ Jace Norman
Sodapop Curtis- Zac Efron/ Ross Lynch
Darry Curtis- Liam Hemsworth
Dallas Winston- DYLAN O'BRIEN😍
Johnny Cade- Asa Butterfield/ Isaak Presley
Two-Bit Matthews- Tyler Posey?
Steve Randle- Nick Robinson
Cherry Valence- Holland Rodan/ Debby Ryan
Bob- Daniel Sharman
Randy- Tanner Buchanan
Marcia- Sofia Carson

In light of the unfortunate recent events, I just wanted to say something. I know on this blog I would occasionally reblog news relating to world events and politics but recently I have decided not to anymore. Life is stressful as it is, and to be surrounded by this bad news all the time is just extremely exhausting. I want my blog to be a place I can come to so I can feel safe, so I can relax and forget about the bad. And I want it to be that for others as well.

I hope no one is upset with me for not reblogging anything. But please know that I do care.

Thank you and ily all. ♡