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Trope-A-Dope #1

@killingmeitsso2yearsago said: One of my favourite is when one of them is doing a liveshow and somehow they slip up and they coming out live :-)

I loved this, so I made it a 5 + 1 (I know, how many more times am I gunna do this with a simple prompt?)


And don’t forget to Send me prompts for this project with the most-used Phanfic tropes.

It’s Worth Deciding

(~5k, Fluff, coming out, 5+1)

The five times Dan and Phil nearly came out in a live stream. And the one time they did.

Title from Half Life by Duncan Sheik: “Before the truth goes back into hiding I want to decide ‘cause it’s worth deciding”


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anonymous asked:

I never experienced art theft until one of my works became unexpectedly popular- since then, I've found my work reposted, redrawn, and used as reference for cosplays. It's been exhausting, both seeing it, and not knowing WHERE I should stand on the issue. I've let redraws slide (with credit), but I plan on not allowing future ones from occurring. How do you deal with art theft? How do you continue drawing without thinking about the disrespect thrown at you during bad/failed confrontations?

I am so, so incredibly sorry this happened to you, and empathize very strongly with you. Art theft SUCKS, few things can be quite as demotivating as a creator than having something you’ve worked your ass off on swiped by someone else. And unfortunately, given the current internet culture, if you continue as an online artist it’s inevitable that it’ll happen at one point or another.

Because sure, of course part of the reason why we create is because we want to, but a large part of the motivation for sharing it is to hopefully get some response that people like it, whether it be in the form of likes, reblogs, comments, asks, tags, or anything else. That is the tangible PROOF that our work touched someone, and for someone who put in zero effort and has no idea how we felt while creating to receive all of that instead of us…sucks.

I think where you stand on the issue is up to you, and it’s okay for it to change. YOU always have the right to decide how you’re comfortable with people sharing your art, and your feelings are valid regardless of how they change.

Ironically enough, I just had another art theft on Instagram (my Anniversary post) super recently, so I was like HAH when I got this orz

This rant got a bit long, so the rest beneath cut but here’s a rundown about how my feelings towards art theft have evolved over the years.

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Retrograde (9/?)

A/N: I’ve had the ending to this chapter written out for about a month now. Yup. One chapter to go, guys. Shit’s getting real…this chapter isn’t as long as my others, and it’s very conversation based, but fuck me is it huge….

Title: Retrograde. 

Warnings: Swearing. 

Description: Dan is involved in an accident that leads to major consequences…he wakes up with amnesia. The good news, he still remembers Phil. The bad news? He thinks it’s 2009, that he’s only 18 years old and that Phil Lester is just the YouTuber he obsesses over behind his laptop screen who doesn’t know he exists. Together, they help Dan rediscover who he’s become and watch him fall in love with Phil all over again.

Word Count: 2000


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When they see 2 members arguing but then they make out

Oh my god XDD sure I will try my best haha this is going to be fun!~

sorry for the long wait! I hope it was worth it ^_^~


‘’ Oh god Sehun and Luhan are arguing again. This is the 5th time today, I’m so sick of it and all because Sehun ate the last piece of cake. Gdi.’’

*When he sees them make out he films everything and takes photos, uploading them later on instagram, twitter, tumblr etc. Gets over a million views and likes in just an hour*

‘’ This is gonna make me rich.’’ 


*After he comes back from practice he hears Baekhyun and D.O fight again*


Baek: *Giggles* ‘’It’s nothing! It looks better now! Sweets you more don’t ya think? What do you think Chanyeol? :D’’

*Both turn to him. D.O glaring and Byun grinning from ear to ear*

CY: ‘’No nooo leave me out of this!’’

*After some painful shouts and cries later he runs back to see if Baekhyun is still alive, only to see him and D.O make out in the middle of the living room*

CY: ‘’OH MAI GARD’’ *Takes a picture, so he can blackmail them later on*


* Hears Tao and Suho argue again for the 3rd time today* ( Most probably about how Suho is really embarrassing for Tao )

*Just as the argument gets really heated, they suddenly start to make out in front of him*

’Oh my god I did not need to see this. I won’t be able to sleep for weeks. Thank you very much.’


*He’s in the kitchen and hears Kris and Lay bickering in the background.*

Lay: ‘’What do you mean, unicorns aren’t real and that I can’t really heal !?’’

Kris: ‘’Oh god Lay for the hundredth time YOU.DON’T.HAVE.SUPERPOWERS. Get it together jfc.’’

Lay: ‘’But, but I-’’


*Kris tackles Lay on the ground, kissing him in the process*


*After dance practice Chanyeol and Baekhyun keep arguing.*

Baek: ‘’ God Chanyeol you don’t understand, it’s going to be hilarious you gotta trust me on this!’’

CY: ‘’ Are you crazy? No! I’ve told you like 7 times already, we’re not going to dye Chen’s pants pink. Just what is wrong with you today?’’



Kai: ‘’Ya. Can you please shut up you two I’m tired.’’ *Seriously annoyed*

*All of a sudden both of them make out right in front of him*

‘’…. What’s this? Weren’t you both about to kill eachother?’’ *Laughs at the sudden mood swing, didn’t expect THIS to happen’’


*Luhan and Xiumin have been arguing over something for quite some time, Kris doesn’t even understand what the argument’s about anymore*

‘’I lost count of how many times they changed the subject just why are they so angry. Ugh.’’

* Xiumin and Luhan make out all of a sudden. Doesn’t change Kris state of confusion *


*Chen and Tao arguing*

Tao: ‘’ I’m so fed up with you pranking me all the time! Seriously man you’ve gone too far the moment you used my gucci for one of your pranks!’’

Chen: ‘’ Oh come on it wasn’t that bad and it was worth it!’’

Lay: ‘’G-Guys maybe you two should u-uhm stop it.. please?’’

*Tao and Chen angrily make out*

‘’Oh well that’s good too, I guess.’’ * Happy they found a ‘way’ to end this stupid fight*


* Kris and Chanyeol keep arguing about what is art and what shouldn’t be defined as it *

Kris: ‘’ What’s that even mean?’’

CY: ‘’ Oh please Kris! You seriously can’t think that that dude’s picture is ‘art’. Come on even you did better.’’

Kris: ‘’ What’s that supposed to mean!! Are you picking a fight with me Park Chanyeol!?’’

Luhan: ‘’Oh gawd guys, just stop it. I’m so fed up with your arguments.’’

*After some useless attempts to make them stop, both of them start to make out on the sofa*


*Kai and D.O are arguing after dance practice*

D.O: ‘’ Why are you always defending them when they’ve done something stupid! It’s making me so mad!’’

Kai: ‘’ They didn’t mean it in a bad way, they just don’t know how to socialise.’’

CY & Baek: ‘’HEY! We can hear you!’’

Kai: ‘’ You’re overreacting Hyung.’’

D.O: ‘’ You’re on the wrong side Kai! ‘’ *points at him and glares*

Sehun: ‘’Let’s bet! 20 bucks on D.O for winning this fight. Anyone?~’’

*Kai tackles D.O and they make out on the floor*

Baekhyun: ‘’Ya! I won~! Gimme the 20 bucks Sehun-ah. ‘’


* Xiumin and Sehun don’t seem to get along very well for the past 2 weeks. They start arguing early in the morning.*

Sehun: ‘’ - well at least I did not cry ugly tears at the press conference 2 weeks ago.’’

Xiumin: ‘’ Stop bringing that up! You’re so childish! At least I have more parts than you when we’re singing it’s like you’re non-existent.’’

Sehun: ‘’Why you - you don’t have that many lines either short stuff!!’’

Suho: ‘’ I swear if you guys don’t tone it down now I will seriously throw you out of this dorm.’’

* The two of them make out in the kitchen all of a sudden*

‘’Ya, could you two maybe- well- no? Just- .. forget it.’’


*Goes into the kitchen and sees Chen and Kai argue*

Chen: ‘’You have to use everything you have Kai! You really slacked at practice today.’’

Kai: ‘’ What do you know about dancing Chen! Right Tao!?’’

*Both turn to him*

*eats the cake and ignores Kai and Chen for a while, the moment he turns around he sees both of them having a hot make out session*


*steps into the living room and sees Lay and Suho argue*

Lay: ‘’ But whhhyy I don’t understand.’’

Suho: ‘’That’s because none of you ever listen to me.’’

Lay: ‘’ Aish you’re so frustrating today!’’ angry unicorn

Suho: ‘’Just forget it!’’

*All of the sudden both of them start kissing*

‘’Wait! What is this! Weren’t you angry a second ago!’’

Okay that was a  fun request XD I hope you like it I rly enjoyed making this one haha!

RequestBOX is open! I make BTS and EXO reactions ^_^

To Forget About the Stupid Little Things (4/14)

TFASLT | After Phil Lester is in an accident leading to the loss of his every memory of Dan - and just how badly they’ve ruined each other over the years - the two of them work to find out just who they are to each other. But is history doomed to repeat itself, or can Phil fix where he went wrong in the first place, even if he doesn’t remember it?  | Phan | Mature | Co-Written withnotanannoyingfangirl | Words: 28, 361

This part: 2,749 words

Disclaimer: In no way do I claim that this is real or cast aspersions on Dan or Phil.

Warnings: This fic talks about the v-day vid a lot though it never directly quotes the video. This fic also discusses other events such as Phil and Charlie’s friendship. However, we are not claiming that any of this is actually what happened. The purpose of this story is for entertainment purposes only

I nearly forgot to post today. Like, I remembered last night, but then I nearly went to work without this going up, which means no one would have gotten it until like 10 pm PST, and that’s just rude x3 Anyway, I know we’ve been suffocating you all with angst, but I think this chapter is a good indicator of the boys actually making a move to move forward in the situation and problems they’re facing. We’ll see if you agree. Update on Wednesday on notanannoyingfangirl‘s blog, and thanks as always to our awesome betas mostlikelyprocrastinating and justanotherlittlefangirlll

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Phil really hadn’t meant for it to happen. He’d only been home for two days, but it had been so easy to settle into being comfortable when he was living with his best friend, they way he’d been dreaming of doing for months.

So it really wasn’t his fault when he forgot to pull on a t-shirt and instead wandered out of his room in nothing but a loose pair of pajama bottoms and no glasses to grab himself some breakfast.

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