and tf bag

  • Yurio: *pulls out a tampon from Milas bag* tf is this?? These ear buds are so wired
  • Mila: *explains to yurio while half dying of laughter*
  • Yurio: *enternaly sceaming*
  • Otabek: *in the distance* ahah rip

prothocrice  asked:

yo why tf milk come in bags out there

You can get more for less, there’s more value it makes sense. Also a lot of people think you only have the bag and you just… pour the bag? It has a holder we still have gravity

- ̗̀ SMS 📱— ??? ̖́-
  • NAOMI: [ sends pic ]
  • NAOMI: okay mybe not?? bUT I STILL NEED HELP
  • NAOMI: i probably over packed ?? 🤔🤔🤔
  • NAOMI: but i couldn't leave out some pieces !!

anonymous asked:

Yo how tf you bag a girl as bad as the one you with I'm tryna get me a girl like that

By being me and not being you. Do you and you’ll get a girl. Just not mines

anonymous asked:

How many days can I IV heroin (or whatever tf is in those bags) before I'll become physically dependent aka feel withdrawal symptoms?

3 days if you’ve previously been dependent, on average 21 days of continuous use or almost daily use (every day except missing only a few) if you’ve never been dependent before. It can be less tho and mental dependency is a completely different game so be careful.