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Hiya! Hope you're having a good day ^.^. I was wondering if you could do a tutorial on how you texture your art on digital? I mean if you don't want to that's fine just ignore this ask. Just want to say I love your art as well and it's inspired me to start my own art blog :)

Sorry for my super late reply (this sat in my inbox for quite a while orz) but as I finally have a workflow I’m kind of comfortable in I’m very much willing to share it and try to explain some stuff ♡ I’m not sure what you mean by texturing my art, I guess I just paint? :’D So I’ll just explain how I build my image!

I work in Photoshop CC!

I always start out with a super rough sketch to get the idea down (this normally takes only some minutes): 

More steps under the cut!

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sketchy, sketchy

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I really love your art and the way you color so I'd just like to ask if you are still using the fire alpaca program like you before? i'm still quite new to it and I just wanted some advice on alternative art programs besides the usual sai/ps. Like how do you get the painterly type of feel ( I'm sorry for bombarding you with all these questions! ) that is in your art or how do u add patterns and textures (again if you don't feel comfortable answering these it's fine as well ) ! Thank you :D

Hi! No, not anymore; I switched over to MediBang Paint (cloudalpaca) a while ago, but they’re very similar since they’re made by the same people.

The main difference is the materials panel which is what lets me add patterns/textures/screentones and stuff like that:

the tiles are repeating, while the tones are single “sheets”. the program comes with a bunch of them (you get a lot more by making an account (free) which also has some other features) and you can upload your own into the program. transparent textures is a site I know has a lot of patterns and textures.

to add textures you just have to drag it onto the canvas, then you can move it around, rotate, zoom using the options it gives you, then push OK. if you only want to cover a certain area, just select w either the magic wand / lasso / select pen / etc, and drag inside there:

in terms of painterly feel.. um… i tend to merge things into single layers as I go along and work on top of those over and over so I dont have any past stuff I can use as examples but in terms of colouring, I dont generally do line art and use my sketches instead, and usually put more attention in the hair, then keep everything else kinda simple? (it’s a style derived from laziness…. ha… ;;;)

I like this sketch of minato’s head from earlier, so I’ll colour it as example:

sometimes they’re clean, sometimes they’re super messy, but in the end it doesnt make a huge difference (I consider this very clean)

i use square bitmap brushes to sketch/colour:

sometimes I might use the mapping pen to sketch on smaller canvases or for really exact details

(I use a lot of quick strokes, and for blending stuff like blushes a lot of quick tapping) (there are other types of brushes like watercolour though if that’s more your thing)

next, I colour in the base colours on a layer underneath. I try to keep inside the sketch, but i dont care if it’s messy inside nor is it a big deal if it bleeds the sketch. Some quick, blocky shading on the skin/clothes. if there are a lot of colours or I want to even it out a bit, I might add an overlay/screen/etc layer on top now, or wait until later to do so. 

after that, I make a new layer over the sketch and colour in the hair w the shade colour entirely, then I shade that with a darker colour. on a new layer, I colour with the base colour. then I merge these, the sketch, and the base and fix some of the shading and lines. I pick colours that show up when I added the base as lighter shading. Sometimes I add highlights, sometimes I dont. then I add some quick blocks of the base to hide the shading and make it, I guess, less shiny?

it looks like a lot of steps, but this is usually done pretty sketchily, with some attention really only being given in 4/5, maybe 6

everything else is just blending the shading with quick strokes, overlapping the base and shade, and cleaning up the sketch. usually done on one layer.

the sketchy/blocky -ness is probably what gives it a “painterly” feel? idk

I hope these answer your questions! (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚*

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Hey Eicinic! I wanted to ask, how do you get that painty-like texture on your art pieces, as they are digital. (I work on photoshop, so I'm wondering about the technique haha) thank you anyway!

HELLO! I have painting texturized brushes!! I actually have a lot of texturized brushes I don’t know what they are for but I like to experiment with adding textures to my pics!! (ノ≧∀≦)ノ  I’m certain you might be able to download some for free on DeviantArt!!!

so i drew miyuki last week so here’s eijun

tbh fanon eijun is just too much of a tsundere and misawa should have a healthly, happy relationship

like, normally you’d expect eijun to jump up and blush when miyuki ruffles his hair but here he just acts if it were normal, cos y’know, maybe it’s because here, they’re in an effing relationship

edit: lol eijun’s left hand if anyone noticed my mistake

don’t think of it as a background, think of it as an environment for a character to live in….

she said after spending almost two hours rendering a fictional alien gong. parallel lines SUCK on digital.

I think I’m about half way through. I’ve got the hair and ear to finalize, final texture on the dress, finish rendering the background and make the colors all go as a composition, and then do “final fussing” like adding stray hairs/minor skin texture/eyebrow detailing which is what really makes a piece pop.

all in all… I LOVE THIS PIECE!!!! THIS IS GOING SO WELL! I keep zooming out and sighing over how good it looks.

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What kind of textures do you use for your art and how do you install them?

just google search “textures”!! i like to use cardboard or paper textures
for example something like this

i use paint tool sai so you just have to select the image by using this tool and fill out the whole image

after that press “ctrl” and “c” on your keyboard and go to the other picture you want to use it on and press “ctrl” and “v”
then set the texture image in a layer above the picture to “overlay

and yeah there you have it
(might wanna change the hue and stuff because it looks terribly bright)
hope that helped!!


yay, more messy texture experiments that i cba to clean up :) I’ve never liked how the NSMBs series looks so i attempted to fix what i hated about it.


  • More harmonious colour scheme (less oversaturated colours, less colourless whites/blacks, more monotonal backgrounds).
  • less bad-90’s-cgi-look more modern-mario-with-pixel-art i.e fix the weird shading of highlights/shadows.
  • less obvious tile repetition (which was very hard to do because of the way they used their textures .___. )
  • better readability i.e clearer delineation between foreground and background, higher contrast boundaries on mario, enemies and collectables (so readable in both light and dark environments), less distracting non-interactable foreground stuff. clearer contrast between actual walkable platforms and non-interactable ground below them.
  • more throw backs to the older games (mainly the SNES ones) i.e less naturalistic (less fences,flowers, tress etc.) more surreal (more weird hill things, clouds w/ eyes etc.). hybrid colours between newer and older (i.e mushroom is closer to the white/red colours of SMB1). less blueish-green foreground stuff.

think it worked our pretty well considering how limited i was by only being able to change textures. I wish I could totally change the floor tiles though. straight lines are boring but the wavy lines repeated too much. boo. (hell i wish i could revamp pretty much the entire artstyle but…)

i was so happy when i changed to the SMB3 bricks tho :’)

will post some comparison shots later (and i’m considering writing up how i improved readability + how i’d improve it even more because maybe some indie peeps might be interested in that?)


Art Improvement of 2014:
-Age 15-16
-Paint Tool Sai // Photoshop CC

January: This month, I was really experimenting with the black/white type compositions? I used a bunch of references and didn’t really know how arms or gravity worked.

February: I experimented with a lot of textures. This month was strictly limited to ‘sand textures’ which I used for almost every art piece I made. |D

March: MORE textures to hide the fact that i had no idea what I was doing with my coloring. //shot I didn’t really have a concept of mood lighting so I’d just color like normal then put textures on top of it when it was all done. Not the best method??

April: I decided to start practicing on lighting and such. This is the first picture where I decided to include the shadows that characters actually cast on the ground. whoa, revelations. |D The lighting was fun here too, and this was the first picture that I actually completed a background. owo

May: More ground shadows. Hiro’s first picture was released this month and I had to draw him! Nothing big this month since it was the end of school and finals and all that. There’s a lot of flaws in this one.

June: I saw How to Train Your Dragon 2 this month and was officially broken. I studied screen caps for shadows and emotions and such in faces and tried to replicate it.

July: This month was all about colors and big pictures pretty much. I had a lot of free time with it being Summer and all and most of my pictures were really loose-lined and not too cleaned up. The first thing that came to mind is what I drew, and I didn’t fix a lot of (or any) anatomical or technical errors.

August: Big, floofy hair. I studied a lot of Big Hero 6 artwork during this time period. I got more comfortable with drawing hair and definitely a lot more confident with hands. Thanks, Hiro!!

September: I tried to not cut off at their shoulders with every piece I drew. I wanted to incorporate hands as much as I could since I found a new love for drawing them. Anatomy was a weak point for me still since I didn’t practice it much. Simple poses, simple poses, but at least it was something different. I also got Photoshop during this time and completely stopped using Paint Tool Sai.

October: I read Blood of Olympus and sort of re-emerged myself into the PJatO fandom. I was introduced to new artists and such while doing so, so this time period was pretty cool! I wanted to work with background again as well as experiment with lighter colors.

November: I’m still trying to put more than two characters onto the same canvas!! It’s a challenge but it’s really fun! More characters means I need to think of more different poses so things don’t become boring. It was great practice!!

December: Ah, yes, here we are now. I guess I’m trying to combine a bunch of things together after slowly building it up all year. Poses, backgrounds, mood lighting, shading, bounce light, emotions. All those things that I’m probably (and hopefully) going to look back at next year and say 'lol you call that a background?’ But yeah, I’m still experimenting a lot and I’m still learning!!

>>Improvement of 2013<<

All art by me
Template made by hope-for-snow. Thank you<3

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What do you prefer more sai or photoshop and why?

As of recent, Photoshop. Why? Mostly because how each program blends in terms of drawing and painting. Photoshop layers it’s colours where as Sai blends them. I enjoy the chalky like texture it creates and since I use a lot of texture in my paintings i found it worked the best for me.

This also effects things like line art.

All in all this is just a preference like choosing a medium. I started out with sai because back then I was more into cell shading and soft shading within line art, where as now I like to do more gestural sketchy lineart and painty strokes.