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Reaction To You Getting Hate From ‘Fans’

NCT 127 + NCT U

Requested: Can i pls request a recation of nct 127 + ten when you are walking with them and then fans see you two together and get jealous and starts yelling ugly things at you .how would they react? THANK YOU SO MUCH, LOVE YOU

A/N: I love you too~ Awe, I hope this never would happen   ; ;


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Taeil would become agitated. He’d push past them agilely, wrapping his arm around your shoulders to keep you close.
“Where should we go next?” he’d ask quietly, pretending as if he did not hear the curses being thrown at you both.
Once away from the crowd, I think he’d discuss it with you quietly, apologizing.


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He’d be upset, obviously, but he’d try to hide it for your sake.
He’d silently drag you along from the small crowd, his grip bruising. He’d ask you to stay close and once the two of you were far enough away from the ‘fans’ he’d apologize.
“Don’t listen to them… I promise I’ll make sure this never happens again-”


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Taeyong would be the most hurt. After being under all the scrutiny of his past, he has heard plenty ugly words of himself. He’d become angry fairly quickly and would let his sharp tongue loose.
“Shut up.”
His harsh words would be enough to silence the small crowd. He’d give them all one last deathly glare before leading you away, staying upset for the rest of the day.


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Yuta would be disgruntled. He’d let out an exasperated sigh, expecting this to happen eventually. He’d give all of the girls sharp looks before leading you away, worried their words would have an effect on you.
“Don’t listen to them… It’s my fault…”


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Doyoung would be upset, but instead of causing a scene I think he’d tug you away from the crowd of girls. His mood would be ruined for the day and he’d keep a sour expression.
He’d mostly be upset with himself for even letting you be in that situation, regretting having not taken the back entrance from the studio.


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Ten would be solemn. He’d be disappointed in the fans and would be on edge, putting himself between them and you.
“You’re not my fans.”
After, he’d pay extra attention to you and the surroundings, worried.


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Jaehyun would become upset when heard their ugly words and their aggressive tones. He would definitely confront them about it, causing a scene. He’d try to be mature about it, knowing they are still his fans, but would ultimately end up embarrassing them as he scolded them.
“If you love me, you should love the people I love as well.”
After, he would make sure you were alright and would be cautious about bringing you out.


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Sicheng would be confused, not understanding what exactly the girls were shouting. However, seeing their malice and hatred he would get the hint, awkwardly tugging on your hand to go back inside.
“Why would they-”


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Honestly, I think Mark might actually confront the ‘fans’…
He’d be upset and isn’t about to let of group of fuming teenage girls ruin your day together.
“Okay, but why would you say that? She’s not a whore.”
Rip, it’d actually be a bit of a scene.


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Donghyuck would be the most bewildered. He wouldn’t understand why his fans were being so ugly. He’d quietly push past them with you in a hurry.
“What the-?”

nct 127 + kun reacting to daddy kink

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Anonymous said to jiraev:  How would NCT 127 (minus mark and haechan) + Lucas and Kun react to you calling them daddy? Please and thank you I loved watermelon head a lot

You sit with him at the dining table, scrolling on your phone. It was dinner, but a little play time on your phone wouldn’t hurt, right?

Well, it does - it hurts your boyfriend’s (who went through the trouble of making you food) pride when you don’t touch it. Was it too cold? - of course it is! She hasn’t even touched it yet!

“Y/N, if I spend a night making our food, the least you can do is try it.” He comments (on your useless habit) as he watches you stare at the glowing screen.

“I’m sorry. Can you pass the salt please, daddy?” You reply to your bothered love, and lock your phone as you await your beloved salts appearance.

“Sure - wait, what did you just call me?”


/’what do you mean?’ croissant/
N o idea what you’re on about. He knows he doesn’t look like your dad, and he knows you know he doesn’t look like your dad you wouldn’t date him if he looked like your dad hjjr, so his innocent croissant self is just so confused?? He’s too innocent hdjfrj. He’d probably think you were just hella outta your mind. “Y/N, I’m your boyfriend,,,,,,,,,,” “No SiCheng that’s not - just eat your pasta.”

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/’happy sexy’ croissant/
Happy as h e l l. He’d probably smile nice and bright bc he knows he’s going to Fuck. You. Up. He’s really excited for what’s to come and the control he has now. He just never said he was into it because he was scared it might make things awkward ;; Except now he knows you like it, and he likes it, so there is n o going back. Y’all wildin behind them bedroom doors now :’) “Do you like hard things?” “No - oh. o H  yes yes I do come @ me w that big friend you got there daddy!11”

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/’disgusted’ croissant/
Probably thinks it promotes incest and he’s like,,,, hella disgusted by you lmao. He’d roll his eyes and just tell you to piss off or something lmao - which is too bad bc lil bunny wanted to gift that nice lingerie he bought but he’s way too turned off rip. There;s always tomorrow though ;) “You’re disgusting, Y/N.” “Don’t kinkshame me you like feET.” 

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/’excited’ croissant/
Hella excited bc he loves trying new things, clothing, kinks, etc. When he hears you call him daddy, there’s like a spark and he knows this is one of the kinks that just,,,,,,,stay. He’s probably thinking of makin sure you can’t walk for like three weeks, and that you beg at your knees until you cry!!11!!!!!! “I hope you like it rough, Y/N…”

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/’ready croissant’ It’s so hard to call him a croissant when he looks like that omg/
This boi,,,,,,,,, This kink fucked him up so bad omg he’ll be ready to break you every time you say ‘daddy’.. s2g he gave no thoughts before he pulls you outta your chair and bends you over the table. Oh and your windows are nice and wide so the neighbours across the street are about to get one hell of a show… “Can you believe what you just got yourself into, Y/N?” just imagine him breathing that into your neck bih hjfr omg

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/’fake innocent’ croissant/
TAEYONG IS SUCH A SOFT BUT HE IS S O KINKY!!!11! He probably felt shy at first. He usually has you in control bc you whip so well?????? Though I think he’d love being in control. He’d probably be trying to figure out how to get the best angle so you don’t feel any muscles after tonight!! When you guys are brushing your teeth he winks at you but like we all know that wink ain’t as sweet and innocent as it seems. “I think the whip will look nice against your skin, Y/N!”

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/’devil himself’ croissant/
Johnny’s a Yuta 2.0! Except Johnny can wait until you actually finish that steak he spent hours making!!!1! Johnny probably can’t think because he’s so excited, but he might be worried he’ll hurt you he’s so big he always hurts you jrjrhdj. Anyways when you see his expression you get a little scared!! Johnny looks like he’s ready to do you so hard against the table your hips might break… “You won’t feel those legs when I’m done with you.”

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/’thinks you’re weird’ croissant/
I was thinking about Taeil and my baby is probably like Doyoung? Just doesn’t have the kink. He’d just smile and give that awkward nod™, cast his gaze downwards and just kinda,,,,, only talk to you when you/he asks for something, or when you initiate a conversation where he mostly listens and gives short answers. You’d feel like a fool lmao but he’d make it up to you by being rough in bed because he felt bad.

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I did the “stay as group” with a couple of cool dudes, and we all naturally were checking each others career profiles while waiting for a match.

When they found that I was a Mercy main, their reactions added ten years to my lifespan:

Guy 1: “OMG Vivid is a Mercy main! I never thought I’d meet one in the flesh! Holy crap, guys, we lucked out!!”

Guy 2: “Wait, really?!” (Checks my profile) “OOOOOOHHHH this is gonna be good! I just gotta say, I am a BIG fan. I tried Mercy once, I have no idea how you do it.”

The third guy was new to Overwatch, and asked what a main is. I explained, and the other two guys told him that it was really hard to find a good support. After hearing about what Mercy can do, the new guy asked if he can try Mercy in the next match.

I consented, and spent the match as beating would-be assassins off of him, giving him escorts up to balconies, and patiently tutoring him in the secret arts of support. After the match, he commented that playing Mercy was a lot harder than he thought it could be. (I privately lol’d. If he thinks it’s hard playing Mercy with a pocket pampering him, he better not play her in soloque!)

The whole experience was something I had ever only dreamed about having… I can now die with no regrets.

NCT Dream, Kun, Ten and Jaehyun reactions when their crush is obsessed with disney. (Quando a crush deles está obcecada com disney)

Jeno: I can watch disney movies with you if you want. // Posso assistir os filmes da disney com você, se quiser.

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ChenLe: Oh, I like disney too! // Oh, eu gosto da disney também!

Jisung: *He gets so happy when he hears you talk about disney because finally he has something to talk with you* // *Ele fica tão feliz quando ele ouve você falar da disney porque finalmente ele tem algo para falar com você*

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Mark: *He finds cute the way that you talk about your favorite disney movie* // *Ele acha fofo o jeito que você fala sobre seu filme favorito da disney*

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Renjun: *Appears from nowhere* You like that movie too? // *Aparece do nada* Você gosta desse filme também?

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Jaemin: *Wears disney themed shirts to show off in front of you* // *Usa camisas com tema da disney para se mostrar na sua frente*

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Haechan: I’ve already appeared in a disney show. // Eu já apareci em um programa da disney.

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Kun: *Watches you while you talk and takes his time to admires you* // *Observa você enquanto você fala e leva o seu tempo te admirando*

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Ten: *Thinks to himself* She should be obsessed with me. // *Pensa consigo mesmo* Ela deveria ser obcecada por mim.

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Jaehyun: *Sings A Whole New World for you* // *Canta A Whole New World para você*

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the 3 stages of fangirling by Winwin + 3 extra dancing kings 😂😂😂

Jeno, Renjun, Ten, Jaehyun, Yuta and Kun reactions when their girlfriend wear their hoodies because she’s cold. (Quando a namorada pega o moletom deles porque ela está com frio.)

Jeno: *He gets embarrassed when he sees you* // *Ele fica envergonhado quando te vê*

Renjun: You can wear my other clothes if you want to. // Você pode usar as minhas outras roupas se quiser.

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Ten: I can warm you in another way if you want to. // Eu posso te aquecer de outra maneira, se você quiser.

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Jaehyun: Wait, isn’t it my hoodie? // Espera, esse não é meu moletom?

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Yuta: And who gave you permission to wear my hoodie? // E quem te deu permissão para usar meu moletom?

Kun: *Is happy that you are this comfortable to use his clothes* // *Está feliz que você está tão confortável de usar as roupas dele*

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