and ten didn't do that for rose

2016 in fic

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total number of completed stories:


total word count:


… holy fuckin shit

fandoms written in:

ten/rose (10) and d/b (1)

looking back, did you expect to write more fic than you thought you would this year, less, or about what you’d expected?

i wrote a fair bit more than i expected, but since i can’t really get exercise with my chronic injuries i spend much of my free time writing so it shouldn’t surprise me

what’s your own favorite story of the year?

favorite story i’ve worked on is ep; favorite completed story would be the christmas fic i wrote, light it up for you

did you take any writing risks this year?

starting a new huge multichapter was a pretty big risk, since i already have a whole other one sitting on the shelf… oops! 

on a more serious note, i wrote my first fic including martha (and from her pov too) which was pretty far out of my comfort zone, but i think i handled it pretty well.

do you have any fanfic or profit goals for the new year?

i’d definitely like to finish ep this year. and maybe, hopefully, if the fates allow it, get back to am.

best story of the year?

what do you mean by ‘best’? i feel like if you’re asking which one /i/ think is best, my answer would be the same as what i said for my favorite

most popular story of the year?

the winner is definitely real with both the most hits (2292) and kudos (183) on ao3, and the most notes on here (97)

story of mine most under-appreciated by the universe, in my opinion:

light it up for you… i fuckin loved it so much and it kinda flopped lol. i was sad about it

most fun story to write:

ep is definitely my happy place, but i was like the most joyful i’ve ever been while writing light it up for you… (back to what i said about it being my favorite)

story with the single sexiest moment:

i think the entirety of bw2bw3 is pretty sexy ngl. it’s at least the most smut-filled and explicit thing i’ve ever written

most sweet story:

i’m going to give this award to light it up for you as well… lmao i’m serious guys i loved it and it’s very sweet if you haven’t read it do me a favor

”holy crap, thats wrong, even for you!” story:

i don’t think i can say that about any of my fics. i don’t write anything gross or cracky

story that shifted my own perceptions of the characters & most unintentionally telling story:

it’s got to be am, hands down. it kind of irrevocably altered my perception of tentoo and thereby destroyed my fandom and writing life quite a bit. i’m still in the process of repairing that.

hardest story to write:

am… same reason as above

biggest disappointment:

i was seriously like embarrassed by how rushed and low-quality strip programming was but people seemed to like it nonetheless? that’s definitely a pattern i’ve seen repeat (and yet can still never seem to predict): the stories you love most/work hardest on don’t tend to get as much credit as you’d like, and the ones you kind of half-assed are often the ones that end up getting the most praise.

biggest surprise:

i didn’t expect as many people to be into crescendo as there were - definitely a pleasant surprise. i guess i can also say i’ve been happily surprised by how many people accept or even embrace my headcanon that the doctor is demi, and all my attempts at fleshing that out in fic.

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