and telling me i should make it

[movie playing in background]

kolton: [whispers] z… do you maybe wanna.. go to your room?..

zia: um.. m-maybe.. i don’t know, if i’m.. ready, kolton..

kolton: mm.. babe, are you su-

zia: yes kolton.. i’m sure.. i’m sorry, i just. i’m not ready.. 

kolton: uh.. okay thats fine, we can just make out then?

zia: actually.. i’m not feeling very good, i think i just wanna chill alone for a little

kolton: zia.. i’m sorry.. i didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable..

zia: its not you, i just need to rest.. i haven’t been sleeping well lately and my tummy hurts.. see you in a few days?

kolton: see you, babe. lemme know if you need anything.

Johnny, Taeyong & Yuta reaction to their s/o being insecure about their height


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He would keep telling you how beautiful you are. Johnny’s that type of guy to overrun you with compliments. it would make you feel a lot better about your height. “You should wear what you like, and stop caring what others think!! and I mean you look great in those heels babe”


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“who cares about beauty standards, wear the heels you want!! You’re just perfect for me” (imagine you’re mark dhjkd) 


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Whenever you had your downs because you felt insecure about your height, Yuta would try everything to make you smile again. He really wouldn’t care about beauty standards at all. “the only one who can stare at you is me, so don’t care about the others baby” 

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tell me one thing that makes ontae so great?

you sure want one thing? T.T

hmm I think because they are special case, the two met on the rooftop when none of them knew each other, jinki offered to be his vocal teacher and gave him private lessons. he didn’t say “ taemin is another trainee, I should not help him, he might debut and not me” he genuinely helped him. i feel just happy with the thought of how their reaction was when they debuted together. it’s obvious that onew has a soft spot for taemin and taemin has a soft spot for onew as well. taemin isn’t afraid to even say how much he likes onew to public and he stated  that he loves him. i think the best was when a fan asked him to write something heart fluttering and he wrote ” i love you onew hyung”. there is a saying that if you stayed with someone a lot you will end up doing what he does and copy him and you can see that in ontae(probably every member copy each other but ontae more) i’m going to do a post about that later btw. whether you think of ontae as a father and son or leader and maknae or you are an ontae shipper you know how special they are and i think that what makes them so great  and lastly i want to put some gifs to cleanse my soul

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the one that made every ontae shipper and the world explode

and lastly my favorite (basically the mc called onew taemin and taemin onew and that was their response )

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How can you be so mean to Larries when you were once one yourself?

Someone needed to tell me to grow the fuck up when I was a Larrie too.

Why would anyone have needed to be polite telling me that my fantasies were hurting people? If I was sat there going “But they’re my fantasies and they make me feel good!” Why should people baby me? People are nice to Larries when they have questions or want to talk about it but when it’s some self indulgent tirade about how these fantasies make them feel good so they should be allowed to have them - no.

The only baby involved here is Freddie and he’s the only one people should be concerned with protecting over everything else.

I like to imagine that the Mass Effect universe has some kind of Buzzfeed because the thought is endlessly amusing to me.

“Asari Maidens try Human Make Up Trends.”

“21 of the Weirdest Stories We’ve Heard About Commander Shepard.”

“Create Your Dream Apartment and We’ll Tell You Which Palaven Composer You Should Marry.”

“Quiz: Does Your Quarian Crush Like You Back?”

“This Video of Gas Bags Snuggling Is The Gift We All Need.”

“Hi! It’s Ladylike and today we’re trying to the Spectre Fitness Test!”

me: if an article has a clickbaity headline and no cited references and makes wildly speculative claims maybe you should open a new tab and google what theyre saying to make sure its not a load of horseshit if you cant already tell that its ~Fake News~

some rando on this worthless website: ummmm thats ableist because i have a mental health condition that makes me believe everything i hear and makes me incapable of operating google dot com. why do you hate disabled people OP?

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Whats a good and relatively cheap brand of nail polish?

My first reaction was to be very, very sarcastic and tell you to google it. Because I don’t tolerate trolls on this page. But then I realized this may be a trans women who has never purchased nail polish and she may need some advice .

Honestly I would check out Target and anything around 5-6 bucks should do you solid.

Sinful Colors is good and I think like 2 bucks a pop


*EDIT* I gave the example about trolls not because I think trans women are a joke but to show people how they can easily misinterpret an ask. Dot make me seem like a dick. I genuinely care and that bothers me.

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jerma985 should be casted as scout

I looked at people with movie/TV acting & physical performance experience. I’ve got nothing against YouTube stars, but they weren’t on my radar at all. Like I said, I picked a dancer because of the physical demands of the role, and I stand by that. You are, however, free to disagree with me!

By all means, make your own case for who you’d cast and post it for the world to see. Then you can also have your inbox flooded with anons telling you how wrong you are! It’s super fun.

Signed Sealed Delivered: Jealousy

Written for a prompt SSD: Robin is jealous (actually ended up filling at least one other prompt too).

And okay, you guys know that my fics are usually a bit raunchy but i’m letting you know that this is VERY raunchy, as in, the filthiest thing I’ve written to date.

Thanks SO MUCH to everyone for keeping me going on this fic and telling me not to delete all the porn and make this PG rated. @somewhereapart, @repellomuggletum15, @the-alpha-incipiens, @starscythe, @brookeap3, you guys are the best.

special thanks to bea for being my beta, and to Jen for great sex toy advice, lol. The toy featured in this fic is the womanizer and everyone should have it.

He hadn’t been snooping. Truly.

He’d just been using her computer to check his email, just to make sure nothing pressing was happening in that full week between Christmas and New Year’s. He’s taken the whole week off after Christmas Eve, and despite it being a verryyy last minute vacation, his employer had understood, assuring him it would a slow week, and it would be unlikely any clients would call with pressing needs. Besides, as his boss Carmella had conveyed, he needed another mini-honeymoon with his wife.

So he had just been reading over his emails, calming any anxiety about his impromptu holiday. And then the chat window had appeared out of nowhere.

Hey, beautiful. Long time no chat! I texted you but I didn’t hear back. Just checking— are we still meeting next week?

His breath is still caught in his chest, heart still racing as he pours over the message for the fifth time..

He shouldn’t click that chat — he really shouldn’t. But he does anyway, because he’s a weak, sad little man.

It takes him to Regina’s profile.

He can’t breathe. Good god on high, she’s so bloody beautiful in the photos she picked. It’s nothing sexy, just these very natural, candid shots of her — two of which he can remember taking himself — and she just looks, well, perfect.

Roland is not pictured on her profile but she mentions him, and the fact she’s a package deal and those who cannot love children need not contact her.

It seems this requirement has done nothing to take down the amount of suitors, however.

He should not be looking, but he’s so hurt and scared, he can’t help him himself. He goes to her inbox and checks recent messages. Of course her page is full of messages from men. Of course it is.

He swallows down the bile rising up his throat as he reads messages from men to his wife, his, dammit.

It cuts deeply, and it’s terrifying. He knows Regina is a catch, he’s never lost sight of that fact.

But these men, some of them aren’t really bad men (he shouldn’t be looking, shouldn’t be looking at this). They are good looking professionals. Doctors and engineers and architects, a vice president of a large tech firm… wealthy men. Powerful men.

Men who might be able to give her a better life than he can.

It’s strange, though. She doesn’t reply all that often. He can see a day or two where she responded to a couple of men, with something short, but there are no long conversations (he should not be looking at this, should not at all, the voice repeats in his head like a dull drum beat he’s set on ignoring, apparently). She’s very selective. But there are a few men she’s responded to, and this guy who recently messaged her appears to be one of only a handful that she’s ever written back. Someone she talked to quite a bit (he sees the string of messages and resists reading it and pouring through every last word).

Robin snoops on this guy’s profile (his name is Andrew, but the man doesn’t deserve a name at all in his opinion).

This is a man who, he recalls, has Regina’s phone number, fuck, she trusted him that much. He’s a pediatrician who works in the city and lives in Mclean, Virginia. He’s has dirty blonde hair and these bright blue eyes and has a six-year-old son of his own.

Robin hates him. Hates him, despite the fact that on paper they seem like they would get along just fine. They both enjoy rugby, a good lager, and activities Robin has come to enjoy in the states like whitewater rafting, skydiving, and mountain climbing. And he loves his family, two brothers and a very loving mother and father who love their grandchildren.

He thinks of his wife going on long camping weekends, his child playing with this guy’s child, and it’s enough to send him into a mini-panic attack.

He almost lost everything.


Almost, but he didn’t.


It’s been three days since Christmas Eve, and Regina and Robin have… been a little preoccupied. Each day has been filled soaking up every activity they can milk out of Roland, and quite frankly they have fucked each other into exhaustion every night (not that he is complaining).

They haven’t really talked too much about the future yet, besides the little talk on Christmas Eve where Regina made it clear she wants him to live with her. She made her choice, he knows she did. She’s not leaving him. They are together.

But some deep rooted insecurity inside him has him wondering why the ivy-league, all-American doctor with a mansion in McLean and a beautiful family isn’t a hell of a lot better than Robin. He won’t be able to afford that, he can’t give her first-class trips to Rio and Peru and Tokyo. He can’t give her a picture perfect family right out of a Hallmark movie. His family is broken and messy and complicated and not what she deserves.

And it sounds silly but he worries maybe she didn’t make the right choice.

He closes the browser and deletes the browser history, his mouth dry and his stomach flip flopping.

He should not have seen this. It’s an invasion of her privacy, and shamefully pathetic that he even looked at all. He should just pretend he never saw it, right?

He shouldn’t talk to her about it. He has no right to be upset or hurt. She did nothing wrong.

But frankly he promised her honesty and the thought of keeping this from her seems worse than confessing.

He’s still trying to work out what to do when she comes into the den, oblivious to what has just happened.

“Hey, babe,” she leans over to kiss his cheek. “Roland is out like a light.”

He swallows thickly, tries to put what he’s seen out of his head. “He had a busy morning,” he replies, trying to keep his voice steady and nonchalant. But she can tell something is off right away, raising an eyebrow and looking rather concerned.

“What’s wrong? Did something happen with work?”

“No, everything’s fine at work,” he says. He’s still sitting at her little desk, laptop opened to his work email. He shouldn’t tell her, it’s just going to start a fight, she’ll be so mad at him for this, and she has every right to be so, yet…

He takes a deep breath and turns to her, swiveling the little chair away from the laptop.

“I… uh, saw something I should not have,” he says, motioning back to the screen.

She looks genuinely confused, searching her mind for what he could have seen.

“A message for you popped up, and I know I shouldn’t have, but… I looked, and…”

“What message?” she asks. She sits on his lap and motions at the computer, and okay, this is a good sign. She doesn’t seem terribly upset.

He sighs and types in the address of her profile. He doesn’t look at her face, so he misses the way she frowns at the sight of it.

She takes his hand off the laptop and replaces it with her own, and checks her inbox.

“Oh. Andrew.”

He grimaces. He doesn’t like hearing that man’s name out of his wife’s mouth.

“Yeah…” Robin says dumbly, not sure how to voice exactly what he’s feeling.

She sighs and turns to him, looking a bit defensive as she reminds him, “Robin, we were broken up. And you fucked Marian. And at the time I thought you two were still dating and this is none of your—” she starts to get off his lap as she speaks, but he is a weak man and the idea of her leaving him is awful, so he reaches out for her, urging her to sit back on his lap. She does.

“I know, I know, I’m not mad at you and you had every right to move on. I mean, you have every right to… you still have that right.” His voice sounds high and pitchy, and he hates it.

“What are you saying?” Her head tilts as she stares at him half-annoyed, half-curious.

“I… looked at his profile,” Robin explains, holding his hand up as she stiffens and opens her mouth to protest, “I know, I have no right, but it happened so fast, and I just…” he shakes his head. “I have no excuse. But he’s a good man, it seems, with a good family, and plenty of money, and…”

She furrows her brows. “Are you jealous of Andrew?”

“Not just Andrew,” he says before he can think better of it. “There are so many guys who want you—”

“You looked at other messages?”

“No, I just… I saw them and looked at the profiles of some—”

That’s enough, it seems. She gets off his lap, putting her hand in her head as she walks away. He feels the loss of her immediately, and it leaves him cold and anxious. Shit, this is a mess. “You read those, oh god…” She sounds less angry than he expected more… upset. The way her cheeks pink and flush he’d almost swear embarrassed is the emotion she feels, but that can’t be it. She has nothing to be embarrassed about.

“I didn’t read them, I just…” He sighs. God, herself ’s an ass. “I visited some of the profiles of those you wrote back to but I didn’t read the conversations, I swear, and I’m not accusing you of anything, that’s not what that is about.”

“Then what is this about?”

“I’ve always known that you could have anyone you wanted, never doubted it for a second, but seeing it, it’s just…”

A shy smile spreads over her face. “Oh. I was quite popular on that site.”

“Of course you were,” he says emphatically. “You’re a catch in every way. And those are men who… they can give you things I can’t.”

She sits down on the couch, that smile splitting wider across her face. “You mean like a summer home in Tuscany and a six-bedroom home in an exclusive neighborhood right outside of D.C.,” she surmises.

He nods.

“When have I ever cared about that sort thing?”

Never. If she had cared, she would have married one of those men her mom kept trying to set her up with.

He knows this, he should know this, but hearing her say it brings him more relief than he would care to admit.

“You still deserve it. And I want to be the best for you.”

“You already are,” she assures. She walks back towards him and takes a seat back on his lap. “You give me things no one else can.”

She’s too good to him. She knows he needs affection now and she gives it freely, nuzzling into his neck and cuddling him as if he were a child (he is, at this point). His fingers skim down her back.

“Like what?” He cannot help but ask, insecurity bleeding into the question.

“Do you want to read the conversations?” she asks. “I feel like all jealousy you have will be gone if you read them. Though I’m dreadfully embarrassed of my flirting skills in text form.” She cringes, and so does he, but for different reasons.

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I've been researching the bowl for months now and think I'm pretty well read at this point. The one thing I haven't seen much on is the fake story. I know I should use a fake name and I shouldn't tell him where I go to school. But if he asks me if my fake name is my real one, do I pretend it is? Won't he think it's weird he can't find anything on me? And do I make up a different school? What if he asks me a question about it that I can't answer? Do I tell him the details are fake for my safety?

If you tell him it’s a fake name he will want to know your real one 90% of the time. Maybe he won’t at first, but at some point he will, and it will cause problems. I always say my sugar name is my real name, and I actually have a sugar facebook for my tinder. If tries to find your facebook and can’t, or any other social media, just say you don’t have it. Because of your lifestyle, you prefer privacy or something. If he asks something you don’t have an answer for, just tell him you’d prefer not to discuss it at this point.

How can we improve Asiavision?

I have come to the decision that I (Kat) will still run Asiavision in the fall. While I am holding off on making a new schedule and revised rules until Amerivision is underway, I would like your input! I am considering test-driving a new televote system, but beyond that - could the schedule be improved? Should I create or relax any regulations? Is there any aspect of Indian culture you’d like to see involved in New Delhi 2017: Passing The Torch? I want to hear from YOU! Send me a message, reply to this post, or send me an ask telling me what you want to see. I hope to hear from you <3


someone please help me stop second guessing myself

alright so i’m walking down the sidewalk on the right side, like you’re supposed to, and i noticed this group of like 5-6 people (adults) coming in the opposite direction. only they’re all walking side by side and taking up the entire sidewalk.

so i look up, make eye contact briefly with the person directly in front of me, and keep walking. only as i get closer, none of them seem to be moving over so i make eye contact again and raise an eyebrow, a sort of “come on really?” type of thing. only they STILL don’t move out of the way. and at this point i’m committed. i’m not moving over just so these assholes can maintain squad formation. so i keep on going and at the LAST SECOND the guy in front of me decides to swerve over but not fast enough that i end up shoulder checking him.

and as they keep going, without appologising, i call out “rude” because they should have had the decency to not take up the whole sidewalk in the first place, right? 

What should l I be working on?

  1. The scarecrow nygmoblepot future fic?
  2. Freezewald?
  3. Tailor Oswald?

I need your input. Drunk Lee can’t make decisions.

Just One Look at You should be updated tomorrow, that’s why it’s not a part of this.

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If you are still salty about s4 why don't you move to another fandom? I don't mean to be rude and you are not being annoying I just don't see the point of dwelling in negative feelings half a year later when you can find a hobby that's more enjoyable to you and doesn't make you feel like that. Once again this is a genuine question I am not criticizing any of your posts or anything!

Um…wow..literally you are telling me what I should do and what I should not…just wow..

Well to answer your question I am an BBC Sherlock blog and probably love the show more than you do and a season will do nothing to change that love and I can be salty about it too. I am also an ACD canon sherlock blog with a love of most of Sherlock adaptations and also A blog focusing on Ben and Martin. So really I see no point in moving anywhere. 

Honestly do everyone feel like this about me? Like I am not enjoying blogging and being too negative and depressive and should move to another fandom? I am not making anyone happy anymore? 

Dear Krie

@fischotterchen / @spacefischy

Dear Krie,

I was looking at a beautiful sunrise on planet A'tu yesterday. Planet A'tu has green and silver sunrises; as the greenish light bathes the sky the white stars fade into the expanse of the heavens. I was drawn to the thought of your smile and your freckles. And like a heavy weight it dawned on me that I do not truly appreciate how wonderful you are.

So first let me apologize for initially objectifying you like a cheap prize to be won when I first met you. I should have treated you better than that.

Secondly, I am far from a perfect being. I have a plethora of faults that make me an ill canidate for a friend. But do trust me when I say that I wish to improve our relationship together, if you’ll allow me the chance. Help me to better cherish you. Tell me how I can become a better protector and provider.

Thirdly, the little satchel attached to this letter has some delicate diagnostic testing equipment. It’s a small and light disk that’s designed to be used in the field for immediately identifying chemical makeup of plants and other living matter. I hope you find it useful.

Now then, I am going to finish downing the rest of this bottle of Nunvill. You take care and wait for me. I’ll be back on Arus soon.

With fondness,