and telling him how hes doing such a good job

Everyone talks about how shitty and stupid customers are, why don’t we ever talk about the cool ones? 

-Bilingual children translating for their parents/grandparents like a boss

-The drunk guy you had to deny a sale to and he took it so well and maybe even thanked you for keeping him safe

-The random peeps in a long check out line who stop to tell you you’re doing an amazing job

-The regulars who have your back when someone starts giving you a hard time

-Customers who let you know to keep an eye on someone for shoplifting

-Bros who insist on cleaning up their own mess/spill

-The really upbeat/cheery mom/aunt type customer that just kind of brightens your day a bit

Feel free to add, you guys. You know who they are, let’s give them some love.

Nice things I want to happen in episode 12
  • Yurio and Otabek having friendly bets over which one of them will get the gold
  • Phichit, nervous before his performace, video calls his parents and asks them to see his hamsters and spends at least half an hour talking to them in a cute voice

  • Yuuri thinking that Viktor will avoid him after their conversation, but as he’s getting ready Viktor comes in and styles his hair like he always does

  • Yakov and Viktor talking and Yakov telling Viktor that he’s doing a good job as a coach

  • Viktor congratulating Yurio on breaking his record and being genuinely happy about it

  • JJ realizing that his fans love and support him no matter if he wins or not

  • Before they leave, after the GPF is over, all 6 skaters return to the rink and try to perform each other’s routines as well as they can. Everyone laughs at how weird Chris looks while performing Yurio’s Agape.

  • Viktor joins in and does all the routines flawlessly, because of course he would

  • Phichit uploading tons of photos on IG and his fans realizing that he accidentally caught Yuuri and Viktor kissing in the background of one of them. Phichit freaks out that he hasn’t seen that himself

  • Yurio inviting Otabek to Russia to meet his grandpa (and eat pirozhki). Otabek accepts.

Eleven and the boys:

1. Dustin teaching her that there are better things to eat than Eggos and now whenever he gets home from school they have a mini snackathon

2. Will is quiet and Eleven likes that all the other boys are rowdy and loud but Will is all soft smiles and kind words and he teaches her how to draw and let’s her borrow his nice crayons that Jonathan bought him while he was in the hospital

3. Lucas still feels kind of bad for calling her a weirdo so he tries to make it up to her by teaching her cool bike tricks and signals and such

4. Mike is Elevens favorite lately Joyce has been teaching her how to read (something she absolutely adores) and mike bought home a book of beautiful fairytales from the library that he reads to her and sometimes she even reads a little and mike always tells her she’s doing such a good job whenever she does

Bonus +1 Jonathan

Jonathan is like an older brother he makes her feel safe and gives her rides to places and ruffles her short hair and sometimes even lets her play with his camera (which seems like magic to her)

Ideas for a Coffee Shop AU I’m working on


  • Owner of coffee shop
  • Opened it so teenagers can have a safe and healthy environment to hang out after school
  • Will always let employees have time off to study because “education comes first”
  • Treats all of the employees like his children
  • Hates Starbucks with a burning passion


  • Started working there because Lance made him
  • Actually loves it a lot and is really good at his job 
  • Makes really good drinks and innovates new recipes
  • Really sweet to costumers
  • Prides himself on always making the bathrooms super clean
  • “The shop needs to be a safe place to poop, Lance” “Literally no one notices the ‘shine quality’ of the mirror” “I do”
  • All of the old ladies tell him how handsome he is


  • Frazzled college prodigy student
  • Regular at the coffee shop
  • Basically lives there
  • Lance is pretty sure there is no plasma in their blood. Just coffee.
  • Complains about being poor all the time but constantly refuses Shiros job offers
  • Has the most frilly drink order possible
  • Is the taste tester for Hunks newest concoctions always


  • Very successful CEO of the fashion company “Altea”
  • Somehow totally oblivious to the fact that Shiro is in love with her
  • Orders something different every day
  • Is So Over Lances flirting
  • Always offers to help Pidge with homework even though Pidge doesn’t need it
  • Helped Shiro design the interior of the shop and the uniforms
  • Is a major social rights activist and always manages to get Pidge to come to rallies with her


  • Allura’s doting assistant
  • Hardcore Shallura shipper
  • Everyone loves him
  • Hunk has named a latte after him


  • Guy who works there after class
  • Always hits on costumers
  • Is low key such a hopeless fucking romantic
  • “One day I’ll have my own coffee shop au, Hunk, like in real life” “Is that why you wanted to work here” “You know it”
  • Hates drinking coffee sticks with his job for the Romantic Potential
  • Bodacious Bisexual
  • Somehow spills something on his jeans every shift
  • Doesn’t actually make any coffee drinks
  • He’s just the cashier
  • How does he spill coffee on himself
  • He is literally never near the coffee
  • What the fuck Lance


  • Angsty musician
  • Plays at an open mic night and Lance falls in love
  • Lance continually writes cheesy stuff on his coffee cups
  • “I’m not gay no really I’m not”
  • Is totally gay
  • Very much has the hots for Shiro and it drives Lance insane
  • Eventually begins to hang out around the shop as much as Pidge
  • Lance has his order memorized


  • The coffee shop is called “Five Kitties” but Lance thinks it’s lame because “how am I gonna be like oh yeah I work at the Five Kitties” so he calls it “Voltron Coffee”
  • Shiro named it Five Kitties because of the five cats that visit his shop at night
  • Lance, Hunk, Shiro, and Pidge each take ownership of one cat, and name them Blue, Yellow, Black, and Green, respectively
  • When Keith starts hanging around the shop more, he names the last cat Red
  • They’re in constant competition with the “Galra Bean” coffee shop across the street

This is just what I have so far! Please please please let me know what you think!

Supernatural Preference- When you’re having trouble with homework

Gadreel would kind of be a bit of a smart ass about how you were acting but would eventually come back around and help you.
“This homework is being dumb, like you!” You told him, getting angrier by the minute.
“Oh, I’m dumb am I? Ok then.” Gadreel told you as he walked away to give you a bit of time before he came back and helped you.

Lucifer would be super proud and encouraging; he didn’t want to give you all the answers but he helped you slowly.
“The answers 48! I know how to do it!” You told Lucifer as you turned around.
Facing him you could see a proud smile on his face.
“Good job, y/n!” He tells you as you get back to work.

Adam would get just as annoyed as you and it would involve a bit of fighting but you’d get there eventually.
“Alright lets never to that again. Next time you need help, ask Sam.” He told you as he walked out of the room.

Kevin would obviously understand what was happening, being the genius he is, and would be super patient with you and gracious.
“Kevin, how are you so smart and I’m not?” You asked kinda bummed.
“Y/N you are smart. Everyone has there strength and weaknesses and thats totally normal.”

Reaction when another member points out a hickey they didn’t notice

Anonymous Asked:  Can you please write a reaction for when you(reader) gives the boys a hickey and they didn’t notice until another member brings it up.

Sure thing! Thanks so much for the request!

JB: He first notices that everyone is staring at him but he just attributes that to him just doing a good job that day. It isn’t until the giggling and whispering starts that he begins to get suspicious. When they finally tell him he gets kind of surprised but then he remembers what the two of you were doing the day before and he tries to brush it off. He even gets a little smug about it but he’s planning on how to get you back later.

Mark: Surprised that you would have left a mark on him, He thought that you had been so careful. Still he can’t help but be kind of happy that you were excited enough to leave him with a hickey. The other members tease him a little but he doesn’t mind. He has one and they don’t so really he won. 

Jackson: He’d go to the bathroom after they pointed it out trying to remember when he had gotten it but it’s not really a huge deal to him. He’d show it off a little bit and be smug because it’s like you’re saying that he’s yours and that gives him a little thrill. 

Jinyoung: Would be completely shocked that you left a mark on him. He’s not angry about it just surprised because if he hadn’t noticed then anyone could have seen it and that means it may have been caught on camera when he was filming a drama. It’s not a very high possibility but he’s a worrier. Now that he knows about it though he’ll be better about hiding it. 

Youngjae: Shock and awe. At first he’s like, not my Jagi, she’s not that frisky and then he’d remember what the two of you were doing the night before and get really quiet because maybe he was wrong. But then he’d get really happy to know that you have a sexy side along with your cute side. 

Bambam: OMG She did what! Runs to the mirror and wonders how he didn’t catch it when he was getting ready in the morning. He acts smug for the rest of the day. A lot like JB but he’s extra about it. Like of course she gave me a hickey, I’m her Oppa after all. 

Yugyeom: At first he notices that everyone is teasing him a lot more than usual, like a lot more. So when he’s taking a break and goes to the bathroom he sees the mark and it suddenly starts making sense. He gets all squishy and shy because you like him enough to do that. 








Am I the only one who’s not pissed at Julian telling Barry to quit (though I wish the show hadn’t gone there, as the reasonable response to “we want more CSI Barry Allen” isn’t “well how about he quits his job, then?”)

From Julian’s point of view, Barry’s a cop who’s asking him to lie to cover up a kidnapping, assault, and possible attempted murder. For someone who may kidnap and murder in future. Because the criminal in question is a friend of his.

When cops do that shit in real life, we rightly call for their badges. Because friendship isn’t good cause to throw justice out the window. And if Caitlin does kidnap and murder someone, that person wouldn’t have been in danger (from Julian’s POV) if she’d been held accountable for what were actual violent crimes in this episode.

anonymous asked:

Hey) I like those high school headcanons about founders trio, so how about continuation of hc that Tobz and Madara are in one project group with a girl and she has to make almost all work, because those two are busy with their dislike

This is good shit

•Tobirama tries to get the project done because that’s just the type of guy he is. That annoying guy that takes on all the responsibility in a project (though that’s sometimes a blessing, right?) because he doesn’t trust anyone else to do the job right. But Madara probably tells him something like “You’re doing it wrong” and Tobirama immediately loses his focus because he wants to jump over the table and strangle Madara. How dare an Uchiha speak to him without permission???

•They just make snippy little comments to each other the entire time like “Maybe you should let me try” “That is exactly what I told you to do in the first place” or “If you want us to fail then fine, do it your way” 

•At some point the girl is just going to be like…… okay I might as well do something. Because with all the arguing Madara and Tobirama are doing, nothing is getting done. When she first intervenes and says “Fine, I’ll just do it myself” the boys want to protest, because that’s the chivalrous thing to do, right? But neither of them speak up because she looks so focused and she had a little attitude in her voice neither of them expected so they’re kinda like “damn ok”

•She probably started a groupchat for the project but she gets pissed because Madara and Tobirama refuse to actually text in it. They prefer to text her separately. They’re such babies. They don’t even text each other. If Tobirama thinks Madara should work on a certain part of the project, he’ll tell her “Tell Madara he has to do this part” and she’s like “Why don’t you tell him yourself?”. And Tobirama is like…. fine

•Which doesn’t go well. Tobirama and Madara would probably just ignore each other’s text messages. Madara sees ‘Tobirama Senju’ pop up on his phone and he’s like ew ignore. NO WAIT. I bet they don’t even have each other’s numbers saved. That’s too much of a courtesy. They always get that “Who is this” text if one tries to text the other

•Honestly I don’t even know where to go with this but let’s say in the end they get their shit together and actually work as a team. Tobirama and Madara can be civil if they really try (Madara tends to try and ignore him, while Tobirama can’t help but let the spite seep out, but he tries) and yay project is done good riddance. This girl had a constant migraine this entire project, poor thing

How They React To You Moaning When You’re Making Out (GOT7)

Requested by a lovely anon <3

Feel free to send in requests guys! We do Reactions, Preferences, Fake Texts, and Scenarios! Just tell us who you want, what you want, and how you want it! <3  (MalexFemale, MalexMale, FemalexFemale)

*Don’t own the gifs yo*

Author: Taebaby

JB: Even though it prob happened all the time, he would never get used to the musical moans that left your lips. He’d savor every sound you made and it would bring a big smile to his face knowing he was the one causing them 

JR: It would make him so happy, oh mu gosh. He would take the moan as a sign that he was doing a good job and might even stop you for a minute just to tell you how happy and appreciative he is of you (v cutely)

YOUNGJAE: He wouldn’t of expected it at first, so he’d be seized by a sudden laugh attack (kinda annoying you) but he’d calm down quick and explain that it made him feel good hearing those kind of noises coming from you (and he plains on hearing more of it *obvious wink*)

JACKSON: It would put him in a trance for a hot minute before he realized he’d stopped. Then he’d sake his head, grinning from ear to ear, his eyebrows doing their thing. He’d pull you closer, whispering about how he’s gonna make you do more than moan

MARK: Not gonna lie, this would make him hard in like .05 seconds. He might try and stall you from continuing, but honestly he could never say no to those lips of yours (like never. at any time, anywhere)

BAMBAM: This little shit, he’d prob have a little celebration ceremony for himself for being ‘the best kisser ever, boiii’ After that, he’d most likely try extra hard, getting a bit too into it, to get you to make more noises for him

YUGYEOM: He’d prob be like Bam and be proud of himself for making such a noise come out of you, but he wouldn’t be as EXTRA. Like he’d be really happy and all, but he’d focus more on you and how you’re feeling

Having a child with Eugene Porter would include :

(Woowooo more prompts :D Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owner.)

-Him and your child acting out of mischief together

-Your child telling him how cool his hair is and him bragging about it

-Him and your child spending the day in to play video games and you telling them to go outside for a break

-Him and your child always playing hide and seek intensely and you always finding him in strange places

-Him just casually going to council meetings with your child on his shoulder

-Him always telling your child they’re doing a good job whenever they’re trying something new and doing their best

-Your child always wanting to help him whenever he works and him letting them

-Your child always being able to cheer him up whenever he’s down

-Your child always running to hide behind him and hug his leg whenever you’re scolding them for their misbehavior

-Him usually wanting to cuddle as family before falling asleep

-Your child imitating his tone of voice and making everyone laugh

-Him always being able to convince your child to eat something no matter how new it is to them

BTS: Suga - As A Boyfriend

A/N How did you not see this coming? yoongi is the perfect mix of rude and tough past AND soft and must be protected - it’s my ultimate weakness. I just hope you enjoy this long ass drabble hahahah

Originally posted by minpuffs

  • Where do I start. I must do this right.
  • Getting into a relationship with Yoongi before he reaches 30 will be tough luck I swear. Good job, if you managed to do it because I genuinely think of him as someone who wants to focus on his work just to prove to others (And to himself) that he can succeed in this field.
  • But you sure as hell can be best friends and idk how you guys might meet but let me tell you, Suga is the kind of person you can meet after 5 years and you can pick up from where you left off.
  • Very awkward meetings in the beginning until he finds common ground with your shared hobbies. Say you like to read or you enjoy music too much, he’ll cheer up and start getting into the conversation more.
  • This harabeoji is tired 24x7 please let him live. You’ll have to make sure he remembers you exist in the first few months by constantly checking up on him.
  • “Have you eaten? I mean 3 meals. That’s proper eating. And no, snacks don’t count.” “Yes. I did.”
  • “Have you been sleeping well? Jin said you’ve been working a lot I’m worried.” “yeah I got some shut eye no big deal im good.”
  • “You feel like taking a break? I could come over sometime… i don’t know do you want to?” “No it’s fine.”

Originally posted by jinful

  • The entire relationship seems like you’re doing too much, but its only because it’s the beginning and because you try to make up for the lack of communication he provides, he’s gonna close up more.
  • when you go out of the country for a business trip or something or visit home and he realizes he actually misses you checking up on him all the time. The first time you’re not around (physically or virtually) he realizes just how much he needs your reminders. He forgets his vitamin supplements, he forgets to eat or sleep or take a break and jin jokingly says, “idk how y/n kept you alive.” and yoongi will mutter to himself “I never realized she was doing so much.”
  • When you come back, he’s already outside your apartment and you’re a bit shocked because suga doesn’t just show up like that. You let him in, growing utterly quiet because something is definitely wrong. You sit him down, getting two cups of tea because by now taking care of him is just second nature, and he starts the entire conversation awkwardly.
  • He has a whole lecture prepared for why he is so sorry that he didn’t realize how much you did for him before, he’ll work hard at the relationship, he’ll be the best boyfriend ever, he’ll make more time for you. He kind of just rambles on and on and on and you’ve got to stop him sometime in between.
  • “Do you think so little of our friendship?” You were careful with your words. He needs to be reminded that before you’re his gf or you’re an ARMY, you’re his best friend. That’s not going to change. You don’t expect him to change or up his boyfriend game because that’s not what friends do. Friends compromise and accept you for who you are.

Originally posted by bwiyowo

  • After this though, he does make more time for you and stops by your house more often and suddenly with all this change in the “caregiver” position he realizes little things about you.
  • Like how nervous you get before a meeting, how your family might stress you out or which friends expect too much from you. If you’re the kind of person who can’t say no to those asking for favors - he’ll notice. little things you know? How you NEED atleast 3 cups of tea in a day and you have a certain routine in the morning and if one thing goes wrong, you’re a bit pissed the entire day.
  • He’s going to love this phase and trust me, it’ll show in his songs too. When you’re just being you in the house, he’ll just watch quietly from the couch and you get concerned because “why are you so quiet? something wrong?”
  • “I like watching you be you. It’s relaxing”
  • If that’s not the sweetest way to say i love you, i dont know what will met your cold cold heart.

Originally posted by suga-of-daegu

  • YOUR DATES ARE SO VARYING ITS ANNOYING. One day it’s just a casual cuddle day but instead you guys head home (him coming from work and you coming from uni/work) and just crashing into bed and taking a nap. That’s what adult relationships are about. But some days you get dressed up and he shaves and puts on a dress shirt and  pants and you guys pick a nice place in a small town to visit because sometimes you both need to feel special and sophisticated.
  • but some dates are about going to an orphanage in daegu or an animal shelter and the both of you make a huge donation and just sit there and have lunch with the kids or play with the dogs/cats all day. you can’t help but feel so nice about the entire thing and suga feels like this has been a good day off
  • Basically he looks to you to refresh him and you look up to him to motivate you when you’re in a creative slump. Both of you come from different places and opinions (and ofcourse have things in common) but you guys provide each other with diff perspectives and it changes you. It’s amazing. the entire relationship is just so encouraging and productive, its amazing.
  • There will be days when neither of you want to see each other. The best part about you guys is that you’ve become really good friends through the relationship and because he’s so honest he’ll just tell it like it is. “Y/N i need a break for a while ok?” and no hard feeling, you get that. He needs to have his own time. He loves and encourages you to take some time off too.
  • He’s really into eating alone sometimes and just people watching and you admire him even more for it because how many adults can handle having lunch or dinner alone?

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

  • He’s a stubborn and mean asshole when he’s on a working trope so you’ll have to end up at his studio and make him eat. Some days you only eat like 5hrs after you get there because he keeps saying “i’ll finish this and we’ll eat” but he doesn’t make it out soon enough and you refuse to eat without him not because that’s the sweet thing to do or anything but because this idiot won’t take care of himself unless he knows he’s hurting someone else in the process too
  • him having the best cheer-me-up speeches ready because he knows what depression and anxiety feels like and he never wants you to experience that without the knowledge that hope is always present and he’ll be your hope.
  • having a marriage like relationship pretty soon. bra is optional and no cute nicknames because you’re “ya” and he’s “oi” and thats enough
  • you helping the kids (i mean the maknae line) out a lot even if some of them might be older to you.
  • he is pretty close with your family and places a lot of importance on maintaining a good rapport with his family because he’d like the same for you and his parents too.
  • being a totally different person around your family or his and you’re like “no stop being nice its creepy i feel like ive been lied to my entire life.” and him being sassy af because “EXCUSE YOU IM NICE DONT SAY SUCH MEAN THINGS GOD Y/N”

Originally posted by sugutie

  • sexual tension galore because both of you workaholics and lone wolfs hate to admit it but you love the idea of needing each other
  • he slips into bed really late at night and pulls you close, his arm winding around your shoulder and bringing you to face him, you unconsciously move your lips to meet his and you guys just keep kissing. soft and slow, in a very dream like state. its kinda blissful and you only realize it the next morning because oh hell bite marks. *blushes a thousand shades of red just thinking about it*
  • Sex is demanded for. “Y/N. YOU ME BED NOW.” and you can try and be sassy to get revenge on him but i don’t think it’ll work. haraboeji has a knack of throwing you over his shoulder and kissing you senseless.
  • doesn’t need lingerie or extensive foreplay just good for some lowkey pleasure centered sex because god life is already too fast paced and you’re home for him.
  • sex just means more to the both of you but that doesn’t mean you’re not KINKY AF ASSHOLES.
  • always making jokes around the boys about what goes down in the bedroom and yoongi faces perpetual second hand embarrassment but namjoon just FRICKING LOVES THE JOKES GOOD LORD BRING IT ON!
  • Jimin tries to kiss yoongi for fan service and you just straight up kiss him on the lips and they’re in the rehearsal space and they’re all staring but you just smirk and say “and that’s how you do it.” and jin finds grudging respect for you but kookie is a blushing mess because THIS IS SOME ADULT SHIT OK

Originally posted by beagletae

  • oh god getting shit drunk with him and coming home disoriented and all you guys can say to each other “is get it off fucking get that shirt off we’re having sex right now”
  • subconscious touching and so much of it. when you come by the studio to meet him (and he is in work-suga mode) you just sort of stay behind and play with his hair and watch the entire process. he plays with your hands when you guys are watching tv. wraps the scarf around you tighter when you’re going out and plays with your ear lobe subconsciously as you tell him about your day
  • loves playing with your hair and reads fanfic over your head
  • probably is reading this right now oh god shit ABORT MISSION
  • but yeah a relationship with yoongi is going to be a lot of work and so hard to settle into but its no joke its not pretty and cutesy and maybe thats why it lasts. you guys end up developing a dependency but youre also aware you guys will be there for each other and that sometimes it means letting the person figure out what they want before telling them what it is.
  • suga is just… he’s my type ok bye

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

I’m sorry if its way too long but you know…. suga.

(it was so fun to write this! that also sounds like a very cool job!)


  • shook but in a good way
  • it’s just so cool!! how can he not be exited??
  • if MC invites him to any of their performances he’s gonna faint from happiness
  • calls MC his little mermaid
  • tells his LOLOL guild “my honey js a mermaid no joke”
  • when MC comes home after work he always wants to listen to them talk about how work was that day


  • she’s kinda curious about what exactly MC does- after all, describing can only do so much
  • so MC takes her to one of their shows
  • Jaehee has never seen anything so beautiful and majestic
  • it feels like something straight out of a dream
  • bc that’s her lover with a mermaid tail underwater and they are beautiful
  • from there on MC in their mermaid costume will pop up into their mind at least twice every hour


  • the first time he attends MC’s performance he’s entranced
  • like he almost forgets it’s his partner inside the tank
  • all his mind can process is this entrancing majestic mermaid inside this water tank that’s making eye contact with him out of all the people in the crowd
  • would gladly smash all his mirrors if it meant he could see MC performing instead
  • probably gets into modeling a mermaid suit just so he can put his mermaid pic next to MC’s mermaid pics
  • he just finds it so beautiful……. His love…….
  • whenever he eats goldfish bread he is oddly reminded of MC for a reason or another


  • he just can’t understand? people who dress as mermaids?? he thinks it’s like some sorta dance show because he doesn’t know better
  • so when he goes to watch MC in the aquarium he’s…. So amazed
  • is it safe??? Is MC safe??
  • he’s concerned at first but then he sees how much MC is smiling while performing
  • his heart can’t take this
  • also prob thinks the mermaid suit is hot


  • he found a video of MC on the internet and couldn’t believe his eyes???
  • makes Mermaid MC his computer background
  • he wants to go see MC live but stupid work never lets him free during her performances
  • kills him inside when he looks at the clock and he knows MC must be performing at the time and he can’t go watch them
  • the day he manages to grab a break from work he goes watch MC without telling them
  • Hacker Falls In Love With Partner All Over Again™
  • and just, seeing all the people smile watching MC- especially the children- he can feel his heart becoming p u r e


  • he thinks the job fits MC
  • because he knows people who go see them perform become very happy and imaginative when seeing them
  • MC makes sure the aquarium is well-lit and it’s a day show when they invite V
  • even though taking photos has become so hard for him he still brings his camera and takes a few shots
  • when MC sees the photos it’s like their heart is exposed bc
  • not only are the photos so beautiful, but the fact V took them after he hadn’t taken photos in a while is just so heartwarming
  • MC would ask people to record their performances and then give the videos to V for him to watch when he was away
  • he memorizes every little sound in those videos, the splashes of the water and the cheerings of the crowd, to perfection
  • Aaron: I just want the truth.
  • Rebecca: What are you doing here?
  • Aaron: You see, it's my birthday...
  • Rebecca: I know.
  • Aaron: And well, he's a terrible liar. Actually no, he's not, he's a really good liar. Well, what I mean is, he tells lots of lies.
  • Rebecca: I'm not with you.
  • Aaron: You know what I'm talking about. Robert.
  • Rebecca: Uh, not this again. Don't make a fool out of yourself.
  • Aaron: Why? Cos that's your job? Are you seeing him?
  • (cut)
  • Aaron: How long’s it been going on?
  • Rebecca: What?
  • Aaron: You and Robert.
  • Rebecca: That's not what this is.
  • Aaron: Just be honest with me, I can take it.
  • Rebecca: He's planning a surprise and I helped him.
  • Aaron: What are you on about?
  • Rebecca: I got a mate who did him a deal on a trip to Vegas. And before you ask, it's not for me and him, it's for you and him. Flying first class, limo from the airport, tickets to a show, the works. Happy now?
  • Aaron: Vegas? (Sigh) I just... I thought he didn't care about my birthday.
  • Rebecca: That was the plan.
  • Aaron: And now I've ruined it.
  • Rebecca: Only the surprise. Still get the holiday. And the man.
  • Aaron: Robert's not exactly big on the whole romantic gesture thing. This was a huge deal for him and now I've ruined it. Now I know.
  • Rebecca: Well not if he doesn't find out. I won't tell him if you don't.
  • Aaron: You'd do that for me?
  • Rebecca: Call it my gift. Since I didn't actually buy you anything.

WIP kumari?(people respect him as living god or somethin.. don’t have to kumari I just got insperation from it and it’ not right Im rly sorry nephal)zenyatta and robber genji

zenyatta can’t walk cuz his foot never touch a ground, and never go out of the temple, and he got some.. future vision?
and he looks hard to find his gender and how old he is and looks lil’ bit sad
actually he know it’s a pseudo religion
(you know, a start was good but it goes wrong way faith?)
he has a wonder of outside world but can’t tell anyone
oneday the robber genji trying to steal some gold stuff from the his temple and he find a real gold…
and he crushed, and kidnap zenyatta
he was scared but he realize It’s only way to go outside world so he let him do his job

It was so good when it in my head tho…

Supernatural Preference- What they would be like as your parent


Meg would be a proud parent, proud of whatever you do really from standing up for your beliefs to having your outfit on fleek.
She look at you from a distance see you telling off someone for being a jerk to a chubby little girl in your class.
‘Thats my girl.’


Dean wouldn’t take your shit and would sass you back just about as much as you sass him.
“Ner my names Dean I would let my daughter hunt because I’m a jerk.” You imitate your dad.
“Hahahah GOOD!!” He sasses back at you.


Michael would be a very serious parent and would want you to have a good typical life.
“Y/N I want you to do well in life, to get a good job and become some lucky mans wife.” He told you not understanding how out of date his statement sounded.
“Okay, dad.” You tell him with a smile not wanting to disappoint him. 


Crowley would be the type of dad that didn’t really care and wasn’t there a lot of the time but if you were ever in trouble or danger he would be there for you, no matter what.
“Y/N your fathers come to pick you up.” You heard the guard at the holding cell tell you.
You look through the door and see him waving at you.

Over The Moon by i_kinda_like_writing (G, 32.8k)

Stiles and Derek spend a night together, and Derek, thinking he’s protecting Stiles, tells him it was a mistake.
Stiles leaves Beacon Hills. He also leaves behind 6 letters to say goodbye to the pack.
From his letters, the pack thinks he’s killed himself.
Meanwhile, Stiles is in NYC, living with Jackson, going to Columbia, oh, and he’s pregnant.

Okay. Normally, I HATE miscommunication in fics, but this one was done in a kind of un-overbearing way. I was really curious as to how this whole situation would pan out, and I thought that the author did a really good job in doing it organically. I also really loved how it affected the pack (and I loved the pack the author created; I thought that it was really well done and could’ve been canon if the show’s writer wasn’t so fucking stupid… Sorry, I’m not over Jeff Davis even though I stopped watching 2 seasons ago). Anywho, I really loved Stiles and Jackson’s bro-lationship. I love brotp:Stackson so much. They had so much potential. Anyway. Good fic. Not overbearing, well thought out. 

What If...

steven j. mcgarrett actually adopted nahele? how would it happen? what are the circumstances? i have some ideas.

there’s the obvious canonical option of nahele’s dad going to jail again and nahele being left without a guardian. that would be the way to do it, right?

but what if that weren’t a thing?

how about steve, upon seeing how good nahele is doing but also sees him struggling in ways that no kid, previously homeless or not, should, invites nahele to live with him on the condition that he keeps his job and stays in school. nahele has his own room for the first time in forever, has privacy and real, home cooked meals, and steve takes to being a guardian like he’s always had kids to look after. one day, months into their arrangement, nahele comes home and tells steve all about how he SLAYED the competition at the science fair and steve pulls him in for a hug and murmurs, “proud of you, son.” and nahele is like… “i could be.” and steve smiles, pulls him back in and says “yeah, yeah you could.”

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anonymous asked:

Do you know those strippers that danced for like five months, and are "so glad they got out of it," "I was an entertainer/a dancer" "I never had to get naked" "Nobody ever touched me" "I was just getting through college" "Just paying rent until I got a real job" "I never did what those other girls did" There's is one of those at my school and she tries to buddy with me since she found out I'm a stripper, but girl you're being so offensive we're not pals. Like, what do you want a badge?

Ew thank goodness I don’t know anyone like that. I DID know someone (an old boss) who was constantly telling me how bad the strip club is and how he doesn’t support those places but then I saw him at the club. Ironically enough, an old co-worker who ALSO worked for that boss used to act all disgusted with me stripping then she was a baby stripper like a year after I quit. 😣 Some people……