and tell you how bad it is

I can’t decide what characters I should further develop, so it would be great if you would tell me who you find most interesting/likeable/unique! also it is very pretentious because i am very pretentious thank you very much. a lot of quotes in here aren’t mine though! it’s just a collection of things i perceived as fitting

airports at night, a silver crown, the smell of earth right after rain, fog, a single chess piece, “are you a bad person?” “depends on who you ask”, oversized pullovers, open windows, roman temples, blank slates, shards of glass, vintage vinyls, red roses, a ticking clock, poor impulse control, pins and badges, guides on how to start your own country, “ok, so i lied”, bottling emotions up, not caring about consequences, water on skin, “everything is shattering and its my mistake”

pressed flowers, cathedral art, clear nights, raspberries, crying in the dark, champagne, hidden tattoos, the sounds in a library, typewriters, eclipses, the forest at night, foreign films, “i don’t pay attention to the world ending, it has ended for me many times, and began again in the morning”, whispers, “it’s all a bit tragic, isn’t it?”, subtle perfume, echo, neither lost nor found, sea water touching skin, a roses’ thorns

laughing at your own jokes, the feeling of hard alcohol in your throat, smirks, rain clouds, video games, neon signs, soda pop, kisses, short laughs, “the girl i love left me for a revolution”, proving them wrong, scars, holographic material, telescopes, realising the stranger in front of you has a life as intricate and complex as yours, multiverse theory, thrift shops and dark alleys

“everything you do matters. everything you don’t do also matters”, original family disappointment, glasses, screen glowing in the dark, “i need to feel alive”, crystals, mall at night after closing time, life flashing before one’s eyes, the sound of tapping against glass, “every inch a queen”, veins, exit signs, 00:00, long hair hastily tied together in a bun, shutters, self-acceptance bottled in a can

lakritzwolf  asked:

A bad accident involving a bus full of kids (6 years) happens in a large city. I guess ER turns into a madhouse when suddenly ca 40 kids come in, a lot of them severely injured. 3 adults were on the bus, two severely injured, one DOA. How are procedures for identifying kids and getting them reunited with their families when the waiting area fills with panicked parents? Some of the kids are unconscious/not able to tell staff their name. MC is the dad of one kid, how might things happen for him?

Hey there! Welcome back. 

You’re making some assumptions about the way kids are distributed after a crash like this which aren’t exactly true. Let’s walk this back to the scene and talk about triage

First, the kids who are DOA don’t go to a hospital. If the crash is this bad, and some kids aren’t breathing, EMS will try to position their head. If they don’t start breathing, they’ll give them a few quick breaths with a bag-valve-mask (BVM). If they still don’t start breathing, that child is “black tagged” and EMS moves on to people they can save. They simply won’t have the resources to invest in unsalveageable children when there are others – the severely-injured-but-still-living – who can  be helped. 

Covering the bodies with a sheet is polite, here, but are often hard to come by. These kids may simply be laid out and exposed. 

Next are the “red tag” children. These are kids who can’t follow commands or who have severe blood loss, as demonstrated by their vital signs, or have some severe life-threatening injury (e.g. evisceration). These kids will be airlifted or driven to the closest pediatric trauma center. 

All of this depends on exactly where this happens. In or near a big city, these kids will go to a pediatric trauma center, where specialists can care for them. If there are two around, no one center will get overwhelmed. 

All infants go to trauma centers, injured or no, full stop. 

Next are the “yellow tag” kids. These are ones who are hurt and cannot walk, but are not life-threateningly injured. These will be distributed around to other receiving hospitals. This is the first group of kids who aren’t in immediate, life-threatening danger, so they’re more stable, and will go further to keep the pressure off of the trauma centers. 

Finally are the “green tag” kids, those who either are uninjured or have only minor injuries. These kids can, and absolutely will, wait. They can be packed off to the hospital multiples at a time – you can fit up to 4 in an ambulance – but only after everyone else (save the dead) are evacuated first. 

What this means is that hospitals will get steadier streams of kids. First the red tags, then the yellows, and finally the greens. The reds need immediate attention and surgery, the yellows need beds, the greens can sit and wait in the waiting room with staff to keep an eye on them. 

This same procedure, by the way, goes for any mass casualty incident, whether that’s an active shooter event, a landslide, or a bus crash: the dead stay still, the nearly-dead get balls-to-the-walls care, and everyone else can wait at least a little. 

However, you ask, what does this mean for my dad character? 

Dad’s gonna have a hard time with this. 

Kids will be asked by responders on scene who they are, and the unconscious or unable to speak will be identified by peers or adults; EMS will track the names and units and destinations and relay.

Incident command will be established at the scene of the accident, but no system is perfect, and which kid goes to which hospital with which crew can be hard to track, especially with the critically ill – you don’t always know their names. Typically, the bus company will coordinate with the incident commander and the hospitals to find out what kid went where, and someone – the school, the responding agency (police or fire, whoever has command in this region), or the bus company will have a hotline for parents to call. That doesn’t mean anyone actually knows anything. These incidents are chaotic, misinformation always spreads faster than the truth, etc. 

So your dad’s kid might have been airlifted a hundred miles away and no one knows that in particular. They might know a kid was airlifted but not whose

At the hospital itself, they’ll make every effort to identify the kid, from EMS, from the kid, etc. Backpacks, if they came, can also be used for ID; the name on a notebook might be all they have at first. (What if the notebook is borrowed? Interesting question. Misidentified kid.) 

Hopefully, by the time the kid’s dad shows up at the ER, the ER will have an idea of who’s who and what’s what; kids might have phones and “Mom” might be called (almost always “mom,” because reasons that are too much to go into right now on this already hella long post.) Dad will be asked who his kid is, and that name will be compared to a list; docs might ask him for a description if they have an unidentified, or some identifying feature (clothing, hair, eye color, etc. all matter). 

Worse comes to worst, Dad might have to travel to different hospitals. Hospitals get very tight-lipped over the phone after major incidents because of privacy concerns and the sneaky, bastardly ways media tries to get information. 

So the general procedure will be: 1) Call the hotline, 2) Call the hospital, 3) Go to the hospital, 4) Provide info and description of kid, 5) Find kid OR go back to Step 1 and start over. 

Hope this helped!! 

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


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HEY GUYS i’m workin on things i promise!! have some BRAND NEW ENVIRONMENT SKETCHES

but environment sketches FOR WHAT!? i’m gonna work on a project called “The God Squad” which may or may not also become a book, i haven’t quite decided

concepts are still pretty heavily in development as you can probably tell by how sloppy these sketches are. lotsa work to do on this

so pictures you’ll see what i’m calling Archangel Hall, and just some general heaven things. i’m building my own heaven from scratch, but it’s been super inspiring! i’m v bad at architecture and such so this is good for me

Modern Dregs AU #5

The Dregs at Disneyland

  • this trip suggestion came from Inej and Jesper when Tower of Terror was yet to be closed forever
  • “we have to go and ride it one last time!!”
  • and so, once again, they group in Wylan’s mom’s minivan to go to the Happiest Place on Earth
  • Kaz begs to differ
  • “how can you call it happy when the place is flooded with screaming children? it’s a fucking hellshow”
  • but he still goes for Inej’s sake
  • when they get there, Jesper buys the whole group the hats with the Mickey Mouse ears
  • Kaz refuses to wear his
  • they first ride the Pirates of the Caribbean, which has the one really fast drop right
  • of the seven, Matthias probably screams the most (he’s never been)
  • Nina the whole time is singing “A Pirate’s Life for Me”
  • they buy the photo and boy, is it a piece
  • Most of them are laughing
  • Wylan looks like he’s about to cry
  • Matthias, ofc, looks like his soul left his body
  • and Kaz is rocking a Pokerface™
  • next they ride the Matterhorn per Nina’s request
  • when they pass the Yeti, she points to it
  • “MATTY, IS THAT YOU??” “goddamnit nina”
  • for the rest of the day, the group calls him “Yetthias” and it grinds his gears
  • somehow they end up doing It’s a Small World and they realize very quickly that iT WAS A MISTAKE
  • the singing children unnerves them all, especially Wylan
  • “excuse me, can I get off of this thing early? i feel like im descending into the depths of hell” “i told you it wasn’t the happiest place on earth” “shut up, kaz”
  • Kuwei is the only one who even kind of enjoyed it
  • “c’mon guys, it wasn’t that bad” “i’ll lock you in there for two hours, then you tell me if it’s bad or not”
  • they then decide that Tower of Terror should be saved for last, so they head on to the Sailing Ship Columbia
  • Wylan and Jesper go below deck to check out the museum (Wylan likes museums and no one can tell me otherwise)
  • Jesper likes how excited he gets about the maps, it makes him wanna kiss him
  • he does
  • Matthias and Nina stay above deck to keep an eye on Kuwei, since he’s such a spaz sometimes
  • “don’t get to close to the edge, Kuwei, you’ll fall!” “nina, if he falls, that’s not our fault” “hOW CAN YOU SAY THAT, HE’S A CHILD”
  • Inej stays toward the front to sight-see, and Kaz joins her
  • and since they’re alone, they hold hands
  • “isn’t it pretty, Kaz?”
  • he’s too busy staring at her
  • she’s positively glowing under the sunlight, and the wind is causing her braid to ripple in the air
  • and all he wants to do is take out the braid and run his fingers through her hair, he’s just so enamored
  • “absolutely beautiful”
  • so smooth
  • the group then chooses Splash Mountain
  • Kaz HATES it when he ends up the one soaked through to the bone
  • Matthias ends up in the same condition
  • “i smell like a wet dog” “sorry, you’re still a Yeti” “what the fuck”
  • Jesper snaps a picture of the both of them for his insta (”it’s raining Kaz and dogs!!”)
  • neither are amused with the pun
  • in order to dry themselves off, the group then goes to grab something to eat over at the Tiki Room (and the watch the show)
  • at one point, Jesper points to one of the birds that looks like a crow
  • “kaz, is that u” “wow, so original, jes”
  • next up is the Haunted Mansion and Inej LOVES IT
  • she digs the eerie shit
  • then, because Kuwei wouldn’t shut up about it, they decide to do Space Mountain though they end up in line for an hour and a half wait
  • poor Jesper could barely contain himself so Inej came up with the idea of playing Heads Up! from their phones
  • it takes the edge off waiting and they end up having a blast on the ride
  • this time, Kaz couldn’t keep a straight face and Wylan has actual tears in the photo
  • then finally, they head to California Adventures for TOWER OF TERROR
  • and since it’s getting late at night, there’s no wait at all
  • Wylan is freaking out a bit
  • “i already have dreams of falling, i don’t want to actually experience it” “it’s okay, Wylan Van Sunshine, i’ll hold your hand”
  • Matthias is pumped (he’s grown to like the thrill)
  • on the ride, even Kaz screams during the free fall
  • and when they get off, he actually falls on the ground, his legs are wobbling so much
  • Inej helps him regain his balance as they start to leave the theme park
  • but, of course, they have to stay for the parade
  • Kuwei falls asleep halfway through, his head on Nina’s shoulder
  • and as they leave, while he’ll never admit it, Kaz actually had a good time after all
I Just Want To Talk// Harry Styles

heyy i started this a long time ago and finally got around to finishing it!! It’s kind of short but I hope you enjoy it. Send me requests if you wanna :)))

xx naomi


“I just want to talk.”

It was 3:36 in the morning and I was standing at my door face to face with boy that had completely shattered me 1 month prior. I was wearing nothing but an oversized t-shirt and fuzzy socks. His eyes were rimmed with red and were glossy, a dead giveaway that he had been up crying for some time now.

“You never just want to talk Harry.” I replied in a sour tone, partly from being woken up at such an early hour and partly to keep myself from crying.

“No. You don’t understand. I really need to talk to you Y/N.”

I had never heard such desperation in his voice. He was always confident, every word he ever spoke he was sure of it. But this time was different. He undoubtedly didn’t have the right to feel hurt, but he did, and I felt bad for him.

“Alright, you can come in. But this isn’t going- “

I wasn’t even given the opportunity to finish my sentence before I was overwhelmed with his lips. One hand was on my hip guiding me towards my bed, while the other swiftly shut the door.

He was at an advantage, and he knew it.

It was like I was drunk off him. I couldn’t focus and I couldn’t get around to stopping what was happening. His lips sent me into a haze. This time it was different.

“I want to show you how much I love you Y/N. Please let me, please.” His voice was shaking while his words were casually interrupted by the occasional cracking of his voice.

“No.” Slowly my arms found their way from Harry’s hair to his chest, giving it a quick but gentle shove.

“You came to talk remember?” I spat at him, mostly to convince myself that I shouldn’t cave, as I have many times before.

We sat there staring at each other for what felt like an eternity. Me, staring at him with hot tears running down my cheeks as a silent plea for him to say something, anything, and him standing there, lips slightly parted with his arms folded loosely in front of him. I was beginning to run out of patience when I heard Harry begin to speak softly.

“I understand that I am the last person you want to see right now. But I just came to tell you that I’ll never love anyone the way I love you, and I mean that. No one compares to you. No one will ever take your place. I’m sorry for all the nights I was away and didn’t even call you to let you know to not wait up for me. I’m sorry for not treating you the way you deserved. And I know you don’t love me anymore, but just know that when I leave, and we never see each other again, you always own a piece of me, that’s all.”

I couldn’t speak, so I just looked down. I could still feel Harry’s eyes on me and there was nothing I could do about it.

“Please say something Y/N” He pled

“Why are you crying Harry? You did this.” My words caught him off guard. His face was frozen with this look of shock, as if he didn’t see this coming.

“I didn’t fuck this up. I didn’t allow my girlfriend to come home and find me naked in bed with another girl. I didn’t give up 2 years for one night Harry. I didn’t do any of that”.

“Y/N I-“ He tried to defend himself but I quickly cut him off.

“Actually, you know what? I’m sorry. I’m sorry for ever thinking you could commit to me. I’m sorry for seeing the best in you and ignoring what everyone told me. I’m sorry for putting up with all your shit. And I’m sorry for ever falling in love with you, but at least I know now that none of it was real, right?”

I was screaming at this point and Harry was just standing there taking it, until he decided to speak up.

“You know I love you, so don’t ever say I didn’t.” He spoke quickly, as if he was afraid I was going to cut him off again before he could get his sentence out.

“I hope you stay up crying at night, wondering what you did to make the one person you gave everything to, not love you anymore. You deserve to feel worthless, you deserve all the heart ache. And guess what, it’s gonna hurt so fucking bad because I’m the one and you know it.”

I was breathing heavy. Tears were still coming down my face but they had slowed dramatically. All Harry could do was stare at me, there was no way for him to defend himself so I didn’t expect him to say anything.

“I’ll leave.” He said with his voice so low I could barely hear him.

When I didn’t respond, Harry began making his way to the door. I couldn’t move. It was like my feet were suddenly apart of the floor, and no matter how bad I wanted to stop him and tell him everything was going to be okay, I couldn’t.

So, I didn’t.

The slamming of the door brought me out my haze and back to reality. It was finally done. The end of an era. No more Harry and Y/N.

Harry taught me a lot. He taught me that beds were meant to be shared. He taught me to appreciate little things, like hand written letters or smiles from strangers. I needed to learn how to be alone because our bed turned to my bed, our couch turned into my couch, our bathroom turned into my bathroom, and our apartment turned into my apartment.

But lastly, I turned back into me. I wasn’t his girl anymore.

I was me. And my heart was my heart, once again.



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You. You came into my life slowly and then all at once. And I can’t lie I sometimes think about what life could be like with just us. But honestly I’m scared. Scared to think of what the future might have in store for you and I. Hesitant to move forward in fear of our paths no longer connecting. I’m so on &I’m off. Sometimes I feel like the signs are clear and then something throws me off. And I start to think, I guess you’re used to things like that. I’m sure every person you come across treats you right because it’s clear you’re the wife me up type. But I guess that means the effort I put in May sometimes go unseen. To you it’s a normality. To me the realm of factuality is what holds me back. Scared that instead of a blessing you’ll be a lesson. And that in reality you…you were sent by those who want to see me break. Those cruel souls that allowed me to see the path of love but lead me to a dead end. And then counter factual thinking begins to play instead. Every thought lead to a different what if. Thoughts that pulled me back when I wanted to give up. Thoughts that made me want to run when I would start to picture a happy future ahead. And so I deleted the thread but you wouldn’t leave my head. So much time spent with you but was any of it true? I became so infatuated by the idea that you might be the one that I overlooked the truth. I prayed to god that you wouldn’t turn out like the others. If I had my druthers in time you would be mine. I can honestly picture a happy life with you by my side. But reality isn’t one to hide and the truth can be hard to deny. And then I stop and think who am I to define what you feel inside? All these thoughts kept in mind. And now I’m left perplexed trying to figure out if you could ever be mine despite the many signs. And yet I wonder from where does all this hope derive? You given me so little rarely ever met me in the middle. Still here I stand with all my cards at hand. Some may call it stupid or naive, call it whatever you please but I’ll wear my heart on my sleeve and take rejection instead of deception. Or could I be your one exception? Tell me that you feel a connection and I swear everyday you’ll be my selection. Your wants and your needs will never be of objection. But if there was a misconception I couldn’t terminate this friendship. You mean much more than these feeling that I hold. And I want you to know that you’re worth whatever the road has in store. Be it good or bad I wouldn’t take it back. Even if I’m just a story to tell or a chapter with the end, I pray those memories never fail to bring a smile to your face. And when you look back I hope happiness is the only feeling you get. But until then I plan to make it so you never forget no matter how many attempts. Cuz my only intent is to give you the best. But until then the rest is yet to be said…

Blood drips from your lips
The ghost of a grin
From a silver chalice you sip
Looking to the devil to abate you of your sin
But tell me when did love
Become the thing to tip
Your throne from heaven
And when did death become akin
To another nip left on your lover’s hips?

He built you a grave of blood and bone
and still you called him king
Until his muscles turned to stone
And his mouth forgot how to sing
Some say that any despair sown
Belongs to family and family alone
As if because there were no wedding rings
Your grief will not make itself known
But here’s the truth– you were not just some simple play thing
instead you were everything

lnicol1990  asked:

How would things like water affect the toons after they're in the real world? Would it hurt them, or are they too real for that?

A bit of research tells me that the most commonly used inks around the time period when BATIM would be taking place are water-based inks.  This is bad news – if the ink’s solvent is water, then it’s likely that rain or being splashed wtith a hose is going to make the ink run.

It may not hurt them, per se, and they’ll certainly be a bit resistant to it (won’t immediately wash away or anything), but they wouldn’t want to be out in the rain for too long.

Remember, kids – don’t put your ink demons, wolves, and angels underneath a running faucet.

I was talking with @spudinacup last night about the transition to the real world for the toons.  She’d asked me something about whether or not, mirroring Henry’s transition to the toon world and being turned into ink, the toons would still be made of ink upon leaving the toon world and entering reality.  The answer is that they would indeed still be made of ink – there was magic (not the pretty kind) at work to bring things into the Ink Machine’s world, but there’s hardly anything magical about leaving it and entering reality.

In this respect, the toons are an anomaly in reality.  All logic dictates that they shouldn’t be able to exist without the influence of the Ink Machine, and yet they do.  There’s a reason for this.

I AM 32.

One of my mutuals from yesteryear is in the Rise of the Guardians fandom. I’ve never seen the movie myself, but we’ve been mutuals forever and you know how that goes. I replied to a post of someone basically telling RotG fans they’re stupid for liking it because it was a bad movie, and they said they needed to make the same post about once every three months. I told them it was a stupid and rather pathetic post to make – because it is – go outside.

I then had two people including the op reply with “you’re 32″ among other shit. 

Originally posted by wtfxfileshd

Well no shit, Sherlock, you know how to read blog descriptions. Good for you? Your post is still pathetic and pointless. I wasn’t aware adults aren’t allowed to talk on tumblr.

Look at that, I’m 32 and I used a silly gif, too! Surely that’s notable for some reason or another.

I’m 32. 

Did you know I’m 32?

infinite members as neighbors
  • Sungkyu: loud ass singing everyday, repeatedly singing one song, you go to bang on the door but when he opens it, you have no choice to just sigh and say hi (bc he too cute). i heard his fridge is dirty af.
  • Dongwoo: loud jumping and skipping noises,can't tell if the laughing is him or the TV but it is 99% him. really kind. leaves happy quotes and snacks at your door.
  • Woohyun: is he flir- .....???? really nice. apparently a good cook. why does he make hearts so often????smiles to die for. yes.
  • Howon: sarcasm levels up everytime you say hi. nice(?), always hear beats jamming when you pass by. you're really sure he hates you but then he's really nice to you so the mystery goes on
  • Sungyeol: cute, funny, tol, knows how to make you smile on a bad day, has a new hobby every time you see him. also plz turn down tv.
  • Myungsoo: quiet. too quiet? half the time you wonder if he still lives there and then you hear a dorky ass laugh. really sweet dude. has a cat. be friends with him for the cat. he's also 100% cute. crush-worthy.
  • Sungjong: walks out to get the mail 100% fashion ready and you look like a homeless person. Sweet. very kind and friendly. only leaves out lemon candy for Halloween?????

I’ve been playing Dream Daddy and let me tell you how bad I want a mcsm dating sim

You play as Jesse, and you can romance just about anyone (within a reasonable age range) from the games. The game has a sort of tutorial mode the first time, which helps walk you through the route of a fixed character (probably Lukas and/or Petra, given they’re the most popular mcsm ships). Some characters start off with ill feelings towards Jesse, such as any of the Blaze Rods, Stella, even Em, making their routes harder to finish. But every character has a good ending–and a bad one, too. Some even have a secret, more neutral ending (such as setting us one character with another, instead of yourself).

Once you’ve completed all of the different routes for Jesse, you unlock hard mode:

Ivor dating sim

It’s pretty much the same concept as with Jesse, except now, you’re Ivor, and you have the chance to romance the older characters that Jesse couldn’t. I imagine the endings of hard mode would probably be a bit more exciting, if sometimes a bit more bizarre, than the normal mode.

You know how he can be

You tried to keep your worries as hidden as possible so you could tell the cabbie your address.
It was going to be bad and you knew it. The last time John messaged you to come home as quickly as possible was when Sherlock was shot. And you were not ready for something like that again. You never really were.
You felt a burning pain rising in your chest as you watched the city lights hoping the ride wouldn’t take too much.
You paid the cabbie and rushed up the stairs expecting the worst. The room was silent when you entered and the only source of light was the fire from the mantelpiece.
You heared footsteps coming from the hall and you saw John approaching you as you watched him.
“I have to let you know what state he’s in before you go in there. Someone started a fire while we were in that old house looking for footprints. I was in the garden but he was upstairs. He refuses to go to the hospital and he doesn’t let me help him. He told me he’s fine. I’m sorry, you know how he can be.”
You gave him a quick nod and rushed to the room.
You were surprised to see pure darkness so you went on one side of the bed to turn the lamp on.
“Don’t.” his deep baritone voice said.
You stopped startled to hear him and waited a few seconds until your eyes adjusted to the darkness so you could see his silhouette.
He was standing on the other side of the bed with his head down and his hands on the edge.
You knelt down and slowly moved your hands to touch his face but you felt his hand grabbing yours to stop it from the contact.
“I’m fine. John’s making a fuss over nothing.” He said in cold tone. But you knew better.
“Let me see.” you told him barely holding up your tears.
He sighed, tilting his head in a firm ‘no’.
“Let me see.” you repeated raising your voice, feeling annoyed by his attitude but cursing when your voice cracked halfway through the sentence.
He let go of your hand allowing you to finally touch him. You brushed his hair from his face and you gently cupped one side of his face but stopped when you saw him flinch.
“Look at me.” you pleaded. After a few seconds you felt his head rising.
His beautiful eyes were watching you carefully as you looked at his bruised lip and the fresh cut on his temple.
“Where?” You asked him knowing this couldn’t be everything.
“My back.” he quietly admitted after a while.
“I need to see it. Take off your shirt.” You said softly, barely audible.
He gave a stern look in response to that “No need. It’s not bad. Barely feel it”
“Don’t.” You answered sadly while he looked at you surprised at the way your tone shifted. “Don’t tell me it’s ok. Stop pretending you’re not human and that stern look you have when you’re around people. Your eyes decieve you. I may not be a detective but I see the sadness they reflect every time you think no one can see you. I see the loneliness you feel when you look outside the window or when you think. I don’t only see it Sherlock, I feel it like it was my own. And it is. The burden you carry on your shoulders it’s mine too. Because you are as human as I am and I care about you.”
You went to get the first aid kit from the bathroom leaving him alone hoping he understood what you meant. When you returned, he was already facing the opposite side.
You slowly approached, feeling him tense as you gently touched his bare back to take care of the still rather fresh cuts and burnt skin while trying very hard not to cry in his presence.
After you finished you saw him turning around trying to button up his shirt against the pain he was feeling.
“Let me.” you told him waiting for his approval and helping him as soon as he nodded. He took your hand in his as you finished and your eyes met again.
“I feel it too.”
“Your pain. How you worry about me. How kind you are even when I’m a pain in the ass” he told you sincerely making you smile a little.
You looked at him thinking at how much he’s been through and how much sadness you could still see in his eyes now and for the first time tonight you allowed yourself to cry in his presence.
“I wish I could take it away. I’m so sorry.” You confessed.
“You are. Every time I feel you close to me I forget about the pain, and that’s all I need. Stop blaming yourself. You are not the one causing pain. You are the one taking it”
You felt his arms wrapping around you while you remained still, afraid to touch his back and for the first time tonight, you felt peace.

My first ever fanfic. Please be kind.

anonymous asked:

sorry if this is a dumb question but what does it mean when you say a skater needs to fix their posture? Is it like, they don't keep their back straight enough or don't have enough balance or something like that?

ok i’m not really sure how to answer this because to me, good posture should be intuitive? back straight, shoulders down and back and not hunched, head up. basically what parents everywhere tell their kids to do. here are a few screencaps of what i think is bad posture:

nathan used to hunch over all the time, his shoulders were tense and raised up almost to his ears, which was very unattractive. he still does it sometimes but less than before.

rika’s shoulders are also very tense and high, her shoulders and neck do not create good lines

vincent’s shoulders are not that bad in comparison, but his back needs work and he also has a habit of looking down at the ice very often.

these screencaps only capture a few moments but pay attention when you watch videos - when a skater has bad posture throughout their entire program, it becomes very noticeable and makes their skating in general look sloppier.

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Hello! How are you?:3 I was wondering if you could write a fic where s/o is feeling depressed and worthless and prefall!Gabe tells them that their so precious and showers them with affection, pls? With lots of fluff ♡I hope it isn't to much trouble. I love reaper so much XD

I feel like I’m kinda bad at writing Gabe, but this is adorable so here we go, hope you like it! Also, I made this long to make up for me not posting in a while


Gabriel let out an annoyed sigh as he watched the heavy door of his office, his leg bouncing and making his desk rattle slightly. He’d been waiting for at least ten minutes now. After another minute or so of nothing, he decided to go back to work. He had important things and staring at the damn door wasn’t going to make you come any faster. He tried to settle into work again, but he just couldn’t focus with you on his mind. He wasn’t mad, just worried and anxious that something more serious was going on. If anything he was mad at himself. He never wanted you to feel like you couldn’t tell him something. You’d been avoiding him, and seemingly everyone for a few days now, hiding out somewhere obviously hard to find when it was time for training, or when it was free time for all agents. You showed up for meals, but only for enough time to get food and get out, and the only time other Blackwatch agents had seen you in the barracks was at night and early in the morning, before you went off again. Gabriel let out an annoyed huff and ran a hand through his hair, staring down at the head of the next copy of the paperwork, but not really registering the words. His mind was somewhere else until he finally heard the heavy metal door slide open.

You shuffled in, dressed a baggy gray sweat-shirt almost like his and sweatpants instead of the usual Blackwatch uniforms. Your hair looked messy and unwashed, and even from here he could see your eyes were puffy and red. You looked at the ground as you walked over, avoiding Gabriel’s eyes. He sighed in a mixture of relief and heartbreak, so glad to finally see you but disappointed to see you like this. He stood up, forgetting entirely about his work and almost spilling the cup of coffee on his desk. He wouldn’t even have cared if he did. Gabriel brought you into a tight hug before you could do anything.

“I was so worried,” He breathed into your hair and pulled you back slightly to look into your eyes. “Where have you been?”

You just sighed and pulled him back in, burying your face in his chest. He still wanted an answer, but he wasn’t going to push you, so he just leaned down to kiss the top of your head and held you close to him.

“I-I’m sorry I haven’t been showing up to training and stuff,” You finally mumbled, and felt him sigh.

“I don’t care about that,” He retorted and pulled back again in hopes that you would look at him. This time you did, and he smiled softly, caressing the side of your face and rubbing your cheek lightly with his thumb. “I just want to know why you’ve been avoiding me. Did something happen?”

“I… I just,” You sighed, leaning into his touch. “I keep on thinking about you and the rest of Blackwatch and then… me.”

“What about you?” He asked, raising an eyebrow. His grip around you tightened a little. “Is someone bothering you?”

“No, no,” You shook your head, smiling a little at the memory of that last time a recruit bothered you. They were doing three times the workload of everyone else for a week. “No one’s bothering me… I just… I feel like I shouldn’t be here… I don’t deserve to be.”

“Hey, don’t say that,” He retorted, but his voice was gentle. “You’re amazing at what you do, you’re smarter than every other agent I have here, and I wouldn’t trade you for anyone else in the world. And I’m not saying that just because I’m your boyfriend. I’m talking to you as your commander too.”

“I’ve failed my last two missions,” You retorted, looking away from him. You wanted to believe him but a little voice in the back of your head told you he was actually saying it just to make you happy. “You’re… you’re you. You’re the leader of Blackwatch and you can take down giant omnics with shotguns. And I’m just… me.”

“And I’ve almost died a few times. I’ve failed missions,” He shot back, “I’m human, just like you. We all make mistakes. That doesn’t make you worthless. I’ve seen you do amazing things, and what you do on the field doesn’t matter.”

His words were sincere, and the way he looked into your eyes, still rubbing your cheek made them true. You felt your eyes sting, and you pulled yourself closer to hide your face again. You felt his arms tighten around you, and his nose nuzzle into your hair. He continued, “I love you for you. Not how good of an agent you are, although I am proud of that. You’re beautiful and smart and amazing. You don’t know how special you are to me.”

You started crying after he stopped, sniffling into his jacket, but not because you were sad, or he had said anything you didn’t like. They were more tears of joy. Gabriel’s words meant a lot, and you needed to hear them. They didn’t solve everything but they sure as hell helped, and you knew he meant every bit of it. You felt Gabriel’s chest rise as he sighed, placing another kiss on the top of your head. He just held you for a while, murmuring sweet nothings as you got everything out. You felt exhausted after crying, and Gabriel could tell by the bags under your eyes as he looked down at you.

“Come on, cariño, let’s go watch something and then get you some sleep,” He kissed you softly on the lips before he swept your legs out from under you and picked you up bridal style. You yelped in surprise, and he chuckled.

You smiled and elbowed him in the chest lightly, wiping your face with the sleeve of your sweatshirt. Once the dry tears were away you relaxed into him, letting him carry you off to the room attached to his office. “Gabe?”


“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

This is a handembroidery needlepainting I made during my artist residency in Beijing and now in the collection of QingYun International Art Centre ❤️ It shows the sky over Beijing on three randomly picked days, with the levels of pollution of that day. My landscape paintings often are about the relationship between people and their surroundings, and before I went to China I never really thought about the air and the sky; back home, the air just is, the sky just is. In Beijing, you have an app on your phone that tells you the level of pollution and you decide if you’re going to go outside for a run or not depending on the pollution and it feels very normal very quickly, it just becomes part of daily life.  It sounds really bad, and it is pretty bad, but it became normal very quickly and it surprised me how quickly I didn’t even think about it anymore. I thought it was fascinating, so most of my paintings from there revolve around the air.

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:0 did you give the bunny pets!? Did you tell it it was a good bunny?! Did you pick it up?! Did you hold it?! Did you tell it how amazing it was?! Did you love it?! Was it shy?! How cute was it?! How long did you hang out with it for?! What was it's name?! I love bunnies I want one so bad but they're alot of work I hope you petted it and loved it Love Roza

Hi! I didn’t get to pick it up because it was in a pet store and it didn’t have a name yet. I did talk to it and tell it it’s beautiful though! I watched it while Snorlax’s partner got something for our cats! I love bunnies aswell here’s one for you! From Abby

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I don’t understand why young bands don’t want to be outlaws. I don’t understand why young bands want to be anemic. I hear a band and they go (initiates whiny singing voice) ‘oh, oil’s bad.’ Do tell me about your girlfriend, that is what rock is about. Tell me how you killed her, hate her or love her. Every great rock record is about your girlfriend.
—  Alice Cooper [x]

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You have a met internship??!! Oh wow, please tell me how you got that, and what it is you do there. That's amazing and I want to be in your shoes so bad right now! <3

Yes! It’s so awesome!

I don’t remember how exactly I found out about it but there was an application that I had to fill out online, so I did, plus two letters of recommendation.  Then there was an interview - a group interview, there were ten or so of us - and then I waited.  For a long time.  Lots of waiting … and apparently I got it!

It’s only 40 hours of departmental placement, and I’m working with the person who runs the undergraduate and graduate internship program and basically doing market research.  Those interns have to give tours, so I go on two or three tours every day and then survey people who went on them.  It’s actually a lot of fun, but it’s exhausting.  And every Thursday we have “career labs”, in which people from all over the museum come to talk to us on a panel, and then we split up to see their jobs more specifically.  So far I’ve gone to ones with a curator of South American art and a curator in Arms and Armor.  It’s really fantastic.  Other perks include getting to be in the museum all day! (including before it’s open), getting in free to other museums, and really good food in the staff cafeteria :)

Even if we do come from different worlds
I want to be in yours
But it seems you’ve built a wall
To keep everyone out

I can’t tell him how many times I’ve been here before
And how bad it hurts
I can’t tell him I’m mad
Or that I’m confused
I knew it would end up this way
It always does
And I hate that it matters later on
That I come to the right head space
And find the disaster waiting

There still is a deep knowingness about her too
I saw a picture of her last night
And I can’t explain what I felt
All I know was that it was intimate
And I was still blocked out like a pencil mark erased



Walls ©

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Hi! For the two-part drabble. Could you write situation 23. Sentence 20. With Robert? Thanks!!

Here you go anon😊

Miserable/In a bad mood and “Don’t tell me what to do.”

(You have no idea how much I laughed when I got this purely because it reminded me of “Alright, boy racer.” “Don’t tell me how to drive.”)

(Also a warning of homophobic language)

It had been a day from hell. Robert slammed the door and threw his briefcase down on the desk, not caring if the glass in the door smashed or he broke whatever was on the table beforehand. First, he woke up late and alone, after Aaron had left earlier to go and pick up a new truck for the scrapyard. Then, when Robert was driving to his meeting, the lane was blocked by a van that had overturned, so he had to reverse and drive the long way around. Still, he somehow miraculously made it to the new client on time, only to become even more infuriated by him.

Aaron came downstairs at the sound of Robert’s anger. He had been in the shower, something he has to do every time he came home from the scrapyard now because he ended up with oil all over him and heaven forbid there was the tiniest speck of dirt in the new house. “Do I need to get you a tampon from Liv? Sounds like you’re starting your girl time with that racket.” Aaron joked as he threw his shirt over his head.

“Fuck off.” Robert scowled as he ripped his tie off and walked over to the kitchen, pulling a beer out of the fridge.

Aaron’s head jerked back in shock but continued to joke, “Aww, is poor Robert angry?”

Robert didn’t respond, instead just sitting down and toeing his shoes off before resting his feet on the coffee table. Aaron climbed over his legs and sat down next to him. He wrapped his arm around Robert’s shoulder, pulling his body closer to Aaron and letting his hand leave Robert’s shoulder, his fingers now wrapped into the blond hair that covered his head. It was getting longer now, to a length that Aaron adored. The barber had shaved it to short last time and they both hated it right from the start, despite not voicing their hatred. Aaron kissed his temple lightly, whispering “Are you okay?” against Robert’s skin.

Grunting in response, Robert took a swig of his drink.

“What’s up?” Aaron asked, pulling the can away from Robert’s lips and putting it on the coffee table.

“Nothing.” Robert shrugged, leaning forward to grab the beer again.

Aaron stood up and walked to the desk with Robert’s briefcase on. He picked up a random pen and took out a piece of paper from the brown leather case. He chucked them at Robert, saying, “Right well if you don’t want to tell me then write it down or summat.”

“Don’t tell me what to do.” Robert defended, reaching for the TV remote and turning it on.

“Oh sorry.” Aaron said, grabbing the remote from Robert’s hand and turning the TV off, “I just thought I was your husband for a reason.”

Robert muttered under his breath, “Fucking homophobic client.”

Aaron couldn’t hear him so he asked Robert to repeat himself, sitting down next to him once more.

“This client I dealt with today.” Robert started. “He was homophobic. He saw my ring and asked how my wife was, so I just said ‘Yeah, he’s great.’ And he started to get arsey with me. Told me that I’m a disgrace and that he wouldn’t be working with a ‘fag’ like me.” His voice started cracking and tears threatened to leak from his eyes.

Aaron wrapped a protective arm around his husband’s shoulders, but this time, Robert instantly fell into Aaron, fitting his head next to Aaron’s neck. “You’ve never had to deal with that before, have you?” Aaron asked, already knowing the answer before he even spoke.

Robert shook his head against Aaron’s touch, not wanting to speak yet. Aaron put his hand in his hair again, something he’d been doing a lot recently because it made Robert feel protected and loved. “Hey.” Aaron whispered, “You don’t have to deal with him, I’ll ring the business up later and sort it out. He can’t get away with that.”

Somehow, what had started as the worst day for Robert, became a day where he felt so loved and protected by his husband that by the time they led in bed, cuddling each other, it had become the best day.

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