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I can’t stop thinking about flint’s Name Origin Story lately

Did I ever tell you where that name came from?…I told you of my grandfather who raised me…Well, in his youth he was a deckhand on a privateer off the coast of Massachusetts. And one night he was alone on the late watch at anchor in the Boston Harbor when he sees this man climbing out of the water and onto his ship. A stranger…The stranger approaches my grandfather and asks him for a little rum. Man said that he’d fled his fishing trawler. Accused of killing another man. And when asked his name, the man simply replied Mr. Flint. This stranger, he never said whether he was guilty of the killing or why he chose that ship or where he was bound, he just sat there. Eventually, he asked my grandfather for a little more rum from below. My grandfather went off to fetch it, but when he returned the man was gone…It was as if the sea had conjured that man out of nothing and then taken him back for some unknowable purpose.

I feel like they have to be circling back to this in some way. this idea that some iteration of treasure island flint’s end has already been told. a man named flint who asks james mcgraw’s grandfather to fetch aft the rum?!? a man who has been accused of doing dark things, but who seems nothing but a ghost, conjured out of the water and then taken back?!?

every time I read this I’m just……..can this story really end in any other way than with Flint™ being returned to the sea…….

“There may be ways of severing oneself in that way…sacrificing one part to save the other.”

or is part of the tragedy of it all that nothing is ever sharp enough to make the cut

[running around in circles]

Seeing Jemma killing Fitz got me blank.

If it was just a normal killing scene I would have been sad bc they love each other, but it wouldd have been “okay”.

But instead she stabbed his chest eight times like a psychopath and when he tried to call her using his appearance, she cut his throat. 


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You know if they have sex with other people ok(but inside us we are not ok bc we tired and its unfair bc these are in love with each other) but Bellamy falling in love with someone else like Echo or Clarke with Nylah this doesnt make sense,man these 3 episodes of s4 are telling us they are making the romantic bellarke arc this season they are gonna be canon and i'm so sure that we are gonna get a kiss and confession and maybe they first time.

Chill out, nonny. I know nothing about what’s happening in the future. I am not following spoilers. I don’t believe spoilers anyway.  I’m just speculating that other romantic questions may pop up. Because nothing is clear for them yet.

I am telling you that I have been certain of Bellarke since early season 3 and that was why any of the other romances or encounters are not threatening to me, because I understand that the journey they take to get together is the STORY. Obstacles are part of this. And if the writers want to play with other entanglements, in whatever way, this doesn’t keep Bellarke from happening.

I NEVER said Clarke or Bellamy would fall in love with anyone else. Too late, man. They’re already in love. It’s clear on both ends. I’ve thought it was clear for a long time but no one else believed me. I’ve thought they were developing Bellarke romance in season 3, but people did not agree. The whole season. Despite the other relationships. And DEFINITELY once Clarke came back to the delinquents.

All of this true love is happening amidst the apocalypse and politics and other encounters. They are ALREADY married. However, they have not figured this out yet, and the journey to them figuring it out is going to have some bumps on it, whether those are psychological or Clarke reaching out to someone because she’s rebounding or Niyah flirting with Bellamy and making Clarke jealous or WHATEVER.

Don’t get attached to one, easy path for how it happens. It’s the writers’ job to tear our hearts out and keep us yearning.

This better not turn into one of those “kids these days are weird lol things were so much better when we were young” sort of things. I may not be a kid anymore, but that sort of attitude still ticks me off, especially since people still think it’s cool to treat millennials like that :\ Looking at you, Rhett.

“I wanna say that this is ridiculous.” I KNEW IT >.> Look guys, just chalk this up to being a generational thing that you, as almost 40-year-old men, don’t understand. Yeah, your childhood was different, but the world was different then. No need to criticize.

Okay, them all singing together and ending up in the same place was kinda cute.

Sometimes I wonder just how much of a smartass Link was as a kid. It’s a wonder he never got into any fights.

Holy crap, this girl hoisted Link in the air before smacking him? :o Daaang…

“She was into those chipmunk cheeks.” >.> …but you still have those, Link.

pansexualpoedamneron replied to your postjust so everyone knows, mon-el/lar gand is…

Wait wait pls tell me more :’(

well the story has been retold twice or thrice, but mon-el is far more connected to superman, and really had nothing to do with supergirl other than he arrived before her, but after superman. clark was still a kid when another alien crash landed in kansas and had amnesia of all things. tiny clark just up and assumes its his big brother from space because, why the fuck not? clark names him mon-el because he landed on a monday and kids are bad at naming things. and then mon-el picks a human name ‘bob cobb’ because amnesiacs are bad at naming things. (mon-els public name was modernized to jonathan kent in recent versions and i strongly disagree with this choice. fucking stanning bob cobb for life ppl)

but later when bb clark starts to suspect mon-el isnt family/kryptonian he gives him a hunk of green painted led and calls it kryptonite to see how mon-el will react. this, because its the 1960s and plot logic is already running thin in comics, restores mon-els memories so he knows he is really a guy named lar gand from daxam, a krypton adjacent planet/race, who met jor-el like 5 seconds before the planet exploded and set sail for earth (???? dont look at me i diddnt write it) and also the lead is killing him because lead is daxamite kryptonite

really its all very stupid. but in a great way. mon-el is more or less beyond clarks powers to save so he puts mon into the phantom zone. because the clark kent basement is like a scifi movie set lol. i cant remember the comics exactly. but in the zone he can survive until there is a cure. which leads to the legion comics if im not mistaken. but i probs am so ill stop.

but thats the origin story of superman’s kinda sorta big brother figure. and its fun and dumb and silly and sweet and honestly, clark would have some harsh words for kara’s treatment from their kinda sorta realtive/brother/cousin/… phantom-zone-tenant. its weird. but not as bad as the cw made it ok


I am 5200 words into this stupid fic inspired by your prompt, and I’m two thirds of the way done (possibly only HALFWAY at the rate my muse is throwing depth at me. DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH RESEARCH I’VE DONE AND AM STILL DOING FOR THIS THING??). *cries*

So, here’s another snippet:

She crossed to the door, felt his gaze upon her as she reached for the handle, hoping that the drift had receded. She could give him some clothing, usher him toward the village down the hillside, and wash her hands of him. A wall of white met her on the other side of the threshold, and she stifled a groan of frustration. She yanked her sleeve up, pushed her hand into the wet snow to test its depth, and gritted her teeth again when, elbow deep, she still hadn’t reached the other side. She was trapped. So was he. And the thought fed her enduring unease.

She shut the door and cast an unconscious glance in his direction, breath hitching when he pinned her with a hooded gaze. Gone was the amused giant from the day before, replaced by the wild thing she’d known was lurking inside of him. She glared at him, aiming the point of her blade at him.

“One of us will die before you lay a hand on me,” she threatened.

Surprise flickered across his features, and he breathed a soft chuckle. “I’m not that kind of monster.” He rose up, impish smile curling over her mouth as he ambled toward her. “If I lay a hand on you,” he said, “it will be because you begged me to.”

She made a derisive sound to hide the uninvited heat his plain assertion incurred—how it inspired her to acknowledge his physical appeal. “It seems, then,” she replied in cool tones, “that I am safe on that account.”

He threw his head back and laughed, hard and loud, until succumbing to a fit of coughing. “Oh, I like you, little mistress,” he said after he caught his breath, pain and levity straining in his face.

Baze Malbus was not someone who believed in the Force.

Baze Malbus’ last words were “I am one with the Force, the Force is with me.”

All it took for Baze Malbus to believe in the Force was Chirrut Îmwe telling him that, if he found the Force, he would find him.

All it took for Baze Malbus to believe in the Force was a tiny bit of hope to see Chirrut again.


So, I just watched this video on Youtube called How Hamilton Works: Eliza’s Chord Progression by Howard Ho. Basically, it’s a wonderful synthesis and explanation of the musical themes that pervade the show and combine to create Eliza’s own musical theme. This is particularly present in the songs “Burn” and “Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story?”

At many points in Hamilton, the “Alexander Hamilton” chord progression is played. (The chords that open the show) This chord progression is always accompanied by Aaron Burr asking a question. i.e. “How does a bastard, orphan, son of a whore…etc, etc” In essence, these chords represent the narrative drive. They further the story. Except, there is one instance (the last instance, in fact) where the chord progression appears without a question. Without Aaron Burr at all, in fact. This is in “Burn”. Most people recognize the Satisfied-sounding chords played by the right hand on piano, but the left hand is the hand that plays a slight variant of the “Alexander Hamilton” chord progression. This is important, because these chords further the narrative. Yet, in this case, the narrative is being destroyed. On the other hand (quite literally, in this sense) the “Satisfied” chords represent family obligation. Combine these two, a variant of the “Alexander Hamilton” chord progression, and a variant of the “Satisfied” chord progression, and we see something special.

In the words of Howard Ho, “So, why would Lin-Manuel Miranda combine these two themes together? He’s trying to tell us something musically. In a song where Eliza sings “I’m erasing myself from the narrative”, it’s even more heartbreaking that she uses the Alexander Hamilton chord progression, which symbolizes forward narrative motion in order to sing about stopping the narrative. No longer a narrative device, the Alexander Hamilton chord progression becomes here a commentary on narrative devices. And it’s combined with the Satisfied run which represents family duty because Eliza is burning the letters to protect her family. But, the Satisfied run has been altered, turned into the minor mode with a more angular presence. This is the dark side of family duty. That, sometimes in order to preserve your family’s history, you have to destroy it.”

However, when we enter the final song, “Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story?” Eliza has finally put her self back in the narrative. She has forgiven Hamilton for all his wrongs, and is telling his story, yet in her own way. She tells it in a less villainous way than many would. She emphasizes all the great things his ambition provided. Here, we see the same chords of the “Alexander Hamilton” chord progression, the representation of the narrative and of ambition alike, but we see these chords rearranged to something much sweeter. These are Eliza’s chords now. 

LOOK one time i met dan avidan and the space around him was just…. soft, his aura was soft and chill and there was no stress and he made sleepy jokes at me and sleepy smiled at my phone for a picture and i am just so grateful

and then the next day i walked past him on the street and his soft aura of chill no-stress love and peace was 100% STILL THERE. IT’S REAL. like i s2g i SENSED dan walk by me more than i even recognized him because there was like, peace in my heart after we crossed paths

anyways dan is pure soul thank you for reading

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How many cookies would it take to bribe you into telling me a story, Bucky? They're homemade, and any story will do.

all of them. i will tell you the story while i wait for all of the cookies.

once upon a time, a little shit decided to go fight nazis. 

usually when i start a story that way, its a steve story. but this time its a me story.

i too fought nazis, my friend, and it was not fun at all.  it turns out nazis dont like being fought, and will fight back. this caused us a great deal of stress and trenchfoot. 

as you may or may not know, my nazi fighting buddies were called the howling commandoes. we had a reputation as being ‘howling mad’ which most people assumed is where our name came from. 

it is not.

so shortly after we’d signed up as steves unit, we got sent out on a sort of breaking-in mission. it was supposed to be a pretty routine just-behind-enemy-lines gig, mostly to see how we’d do as a team. at that point, we were the first ‘integrated’ squad under american command, so they wanted to be sure we were up to snuff. basically they sent us a few miles into a relatively lightly-fortified occupied area to blow up a few supply trucks. it went pretty smoothly. we were still getting to know each other, a bit. we’d met in the hydra camp in austria and bonded pretty well there but it wasnt like we were sitting around doing icebreaker questions. so on that first mission we spent a lot of time chatting, getting a better feel for each other as people. like summer camp, but with more potential for death, and shooting of nazis, explosions, and overgrown science experiments in spangly pants. 

so maybe not like summer camp at all.  i wouldnt know, i never went to summer camp. 

anyways, we blew up the supply trucks and we were headed back towards base when we came across a nice little stream. most of us were pretty dirty, so we agreed to take a few minutes, strip down and wash up. the area we were in was supposed to be secure; it was a slightly disputed border area, but it had been safely in allied hands for months. probably it wasn’t the smartest call, but sometimes you get dirt places you never wanted dirt and are willing to literally risk death to get rid of that dirt. 

we left our gear in a little stand of trees on the far side of the stream and washed up. 

at this point, dumdum dougan was establishing his reputation as the Toughest Guy Ever, which was a rough gig when one of your squadmates is captain america, who literally walks off bullet wounds like a moron. nevertheless, dumdum had the mustache and was determined to be the manliest man around, so when the rest of us got in, clean, and back out as fast as we could manage, because the water was freezing, dumdum decided to prove how macho he was by pretending he wasnt cold at all, and the rest of us were wimps. 

naturally, the rest of us thought he was ridiculous. we were all pretty much dressed and good to go, and dumdum was still sitting in an ice-cold stream in april, bragging about how tough he was. i, being a little shit, covertly suggested we play a little prank. 

so the rest of us finished gearing up, then grabbed his things and started running. his pack, his gun, his boots…all his clothes except his hat, which was hanging off the handle of a knife he’d stuck in the tree. we knew he’d stop to get the hat, and that gave us a head start.

as soon as we started running, dumdum came out of the stream after us, and as expected, stopped to get his hat and knife. we had a decent head start, and he was yelling at the top of his lungs after us. we were all laughing our heads off, because he looked like a complete idiot, running after us brandishing a knife, in nothing but a bowler hat. 

unbeknownst to us, a nazi squad had been sneaking through the woods ahead of us, and were setting up an ambush on one of our transport trucks. they were all tucked away in the underbrush, waiting for the transport to get close enough, and had just popped out of the shrubbery and fired their first couple shots.

which was approximately when a ragtag-looking, still-wet group of cackling maniacs led by the bastard child of paul bunyan and lady liberty burst out of the treeline, being chased by an angry naked man in a bowler hat with a knife. 

there was a very long moment when everyone stopped shooting at everyone else and stared at us. 

and then everyone went back to shooting at everyone else.  but the ambush was angled to ensnare the transport coming up the road. we came from behind them, and they had pretty much no cover from our angle. as soon as we realized we’d run into a combat zone, we dropped the gear and started shooting. steve used the dinner platter of justice and cleared out about four nazis at once, and dumdum got the worlds unluckiest nazi with his knife. poor guy. there’s not a whole lot worse than your last sight on earth being a naked dumdum dougan.

 we’d unintentionally provided a perfect distraction, and the transport had time to regroup and return fire. between us, the ambush was taken care of in a few minutes. 

but the thing was, we’d broken protocol by stopping to wash up, and as a shiny new unit still on probation, the last thing we wanted was to tell anyone what had actually happened. 

so instead we told them that we’d known about the ambush and had decided to provide a distraction, and were just crazy enough that we thought the best way to do that was run howling straight into it. dumdum’s nudity was explained as a personal preference: the man just likes fighting nazis naked, sir, and you cant say it wasnt effective??

naturally, the story went everywhere and got bigger each time it was told. probably we should have gotten in tons of trouble but the story was such a morale booster that they let it slide. 

and thats why we were called the howling commandoes.