and tell me you don't feel slightly ill

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you don't seem like you have overbite. You always looked fine to me

i mean i can tell u, as an expert on how my jaw sits, i very much have an overbite lmao. it wouldnt seem like it in any pictures i share of myself cuz ill b dead before i post a profile of my face

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Can I have some advice? My boyfriend keeps telling me I have to be 'kin' with something. I feel slightly frustrated, and he told me I have bipolar disorder. He gets really mad at me when I say I don't want to be 'kin' with anything. He told me I'm 'kin' with somebody called 'Sombra' because I'm Latina, and somebody called 'Sans' because I apparently have like 90 mental illnesses now. Diagnosed by him. Should I break up with him?


you dont have to be kin w something and he has no right to be diagnosing you with shit

- Boi