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Won’t You Be The Light I Need Part 2 (Draco x reader) REQUESTED

Part 1


Anonymous: Hello! I was wondering if you could do a part 2 to Won’t You Be The Light I Need? You did such a great job!

A/N: Ah okay since you guys were crazy about part 1. I hope this is alright itll never be as good as part 1❤️

He had to do it. Confess to her, tell her how he feels. He couldn’t keep these emotions in him any longer. He walked shakily up to her.

“Please see in me what I can’t see, I’m begging
Please won’t you be the light I need so desperately”

His heart was thumping in his chest so hard, it was going to jump out of his body any time. His vision blurred, but only Y/N came into focus. His palms were sweaty, he had goosebumps on his arms.

“Y/N? I need to talk to you. I’m in love with you.” His insides were wrenching, his mind praying and praying that she would feel at least a tiny bit the same.

“Please see in me what I can’t see, I’m begging
I’m begging, I’m begging… “

“Oh my god. Draco I-I dont know what to say. Um can we walk?”

“Sure.” Draco stammered. Oh god, what did he just do, oh god what the hell did he just say.

“Draco, I really really apreciate that. But um I dont think I know you well enough to say it back.”

“Okay. Let me prove it to you. Let me prove how good I can make you feel. How happy I can make you.”


So all hope wasn’t lost thought Draco. He just had to prove how much he loved her. This was his chance.


And so the following weeks began. They were absolutely wonderful, the happiest of your life even. Draco did everything to prove himself to you. Everyday, he’d do something to make your day. 

(By the way the following are just little events, they dont necessarily happen right after one another.)

“Y/N let me hold your books.”

“Thanks Draco, but some of this is really hea-”

He grabs all the books you’re holding and walks you to class.

“-vy.” you finish. “Wait Draco you dont even have Charms right now, you’re going to be late for your next class!”

“Don’t care. Have a nice class love.”

“Man I’m so dead.” You sigh after a long day of school. You collapse onto your bed but feel something crunch under you. You pick up a little piece of paper that says:

“Hey Y/N, If you’re having a rough day, dont worry about it too much. Everything’s going to work out allright. Don’t stress. Love, Draco.”

You couldn’t help smile and forget about all your worries about school as you drift off to sleep, his note tucked under your pillow.

You sit in class as you atempt to braid your hair. No success, you always sucked at french braids anyway. As you let go of your hair, you feel 2 gentle hands pick it back up.


“It’s alright Y/N trust me.” He does something to your hair and as you turn torwards your friend she gasps.

“Y/N that’s the most beautiful braid I’ve ever seen.”

“I know. You’re gorgeous Y/N.” Draco says softly from behind you.

As you ate your breakfast in the Great Hall, you looked up and saw 3 owls bringing a huge bouquet of roses. To your surprise they landed in front of you, in the flowers a note said 

“I will stop loving you when the last rose dies. -Draco”

And you see in the middle of the bouquet a bright red plastic rose.

You let out a sob. The exams were coming too soon. You didnt have enough time. The stress had hit its peak. You feel an arm grab yours and you’re guided outside. When you realize Draco had brought you in front of the Lake, you sat down beside him and just cried into his shoulder. He didn’t say anything, he just held you. And within the safety of his arms and the soothing sound of water ringing in your ears, you calmed down.

A month has passed since Draco confessed to you and you were ready to tell him that you loved him too. Each and every little gesture he made made your heart melt. You wanted to be with him. You were now in the library finishing an essay. What you didn’t notice however was that Draco was sitting at the table behind you. 

“Hey Y/N, I couldnt help but notice your skirts a bit high. Got some nice legs there.” Cormac McLaggen said as he walked by you. You were used to getting hit on by now, so you just brushed it away. 

“Just focus and get this homework done, then you can go see Draco” you thought.

After what seemed like the 3rd boy to come up to Y/N and compliment her, Draco let out a desperate sigh. This was hopeless. Tons of guys also liked Y/N, why on earth would he think that she would like HIM back? Y/N was Y/N, whereas he.. He was nothing compared to her. The tears slowly came and he knocked the table out of his way as he ran out the library.


You heard a clang behind you and before you knew it, a blond boy was running out the library. Draco.

“Mister Malfoy! Put back your chair!” shrieked Madam Pince. You ignored the librarian and ran out after Draco. You found him in an empty classroom, crying. The sight broke your heart.

“Draco?” you said softly. You sat next to him and took him in your arms.

“Draco I have something to tell you.”

“Its okay i know. I know you dont love me, that you’ll never love someone like me. Its okay. You want to be with someone whos liked at this school. You deserve that. You dont deserve me.”

“What? Draco you are the most sensitive, caring, loving sweet guy I’ve EVER seen. I mean the past few weeks? They were the best of my life. The bouquet of roses, the little note, you holding my books to class everyday.. You genuinely care about me. And you made me happy. I want to be with you Draco.” you said, voice breaking slightly.

He lifted his tear-stained face and looked up at you through his watery blue eyes.

“Really?” he croaked.

“I love you.”

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