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Okay, remember when I said I wouldn’t talk about 1d anymore? Let me do this last thing.

Okay so literally, the whole stalking culture/wanting to be famous? Okay, let’s talk about another larrie problem: the secret larrie club.

What is the secret larrie club? You know those people in kindergarten forming super exclusive circles of Cool Kids and ruining the fun for everyone else? Yo, now bringing back the kindergarten fun in fandom, we have the amazing Secret Larrie Club (SLC for short, and no, I’m not talking about Salt Lake City, though SLC Punk was a film that shaped my teenage years).

So, what does this club do? Nothing, mostly, except like, inflating each other’s ego in a big circlejerk. They think they’re the ones who have all the supersecret infos, and they stalk or use stalkers to obtain those, and then (this is particularly important, kids, listen up) they make it so that their Opinions are More Right than other people’s opinions.

To get deeper into what the SLC does: they stalk people, or become friends with people with the purpose of obtaining info from them. And this not only makes them not trustworthy by people who have actual info (which, *Alanis Morissette’s voice* isn’t it ironic), but also is totally useless for any purpose that’s not gaining popularity in the Larrie world.

Like, why do you need to know Harry’s plane info? To establish that Larry is real? Well, big fucking deal then, I thought we all knew since, like 2012. No, you need that info to say you’ve got that info to your follower, and subsequently being treated like a queen Bee. Only to say you don’t actually stalk the boys because you don’t go and meet them in the street, when there are actually multiple ways to stalk someone. And boy, do they notice that, I can promise you ;) but I’m digressing.

Anyway, the lack of self-awareness is one of the most ridiculous things, like, we have two different groups of people acting like stalkers, and both denying it. Only, one of the groups has that holier than thou attitude, and publicly denigrates the other group for stalking (and privately is all buddy buddy with them, just like De André sang in La città vecchia: quella che di giorno chiami con disprezzo…)

And after you’ve hurt people you claim to care about (because they do see you stalking and they’re obviously not happy about it) you use those info to gain popularity on your tumblr blog, and to establish yourself as a Trustful Info Source so you’ll gain followers from that.

But you have to be the only Trustful Source (you and your pals), or everything will be lost and you won’t be the queen bee anymore. Hence, the opinions thing.

And from that, it’s just natural that if someone has  an opinion differing slightly from the SLC Opinions, they must be cancelled, erased, and sent in the eighth circle of hell (which is where Falsifiers are punished, according to Dante Alighieri our lord and saviour and if you say he wrote a fic I’m decking you). You still think that Larry is real, babygate is fake, but you don’t think that people should stalk? Omg, you’re an anti for sure, let’s send anon hate your way. Or you don’t think that a particular piece of information is valuable? Anti, anti, anti. And also deluded. like, basically they throw around the word anti just like in that queer meme where every thing upsetting you is homophobic.

Of course, this is a perfectly acceptable kindergarten behaviour. Kids are still small and still learning, and adults gotta teach them. And if you consider fandom like kindergarten, good for you. I guess.

But there’s nous autres who don’t really consider fandom like kindergarten, who maybe want to live in a nicer environment where you can express you opinions without being viciously attacked (by “””””your side””””” too, lmao) for it, and who think that stalking is always wrong, and slut-shaming is too :)

And yet. The SLC is ought to get us, unfortunately.

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But not this time, SLC, not this time around. This time around you can go stick that sense of self-entitlement up where the sun doesn’t shine (namely your nose, of course, we’re classy people here, I would never wish anal upon anyone). or you can go eat pineapple pizza, which is even worse :)

For any hate you might have, come @ me, my block list is too short.

Daddy’s Princess

Summary: Y/N was the teenage daughter of Dean Winchester and with that was his highest priority. When she told him that she wanted him and her Uncles to meet her new boyfriend, he, of course, didn’t like the thought of that. Only time would tell whether he would accept her boyfriend or not.
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Words: 995

Pairing: Daughter!Reader (x) Father!Dean

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Warnings: None.

Teenagers. They were unreadable. You never knew when they would pop and throw a tantrum or when they would come running into your arms and love you.

If you told young Dean Winchester that he one day would have to take care of a 17-year-old teenager, he would have laughed. But now here he was, sitting in the library of the bunker, with a 17-year-old daughter.

“Dad? Can I bring someone home with me tomorrow? I really want you, Uncle Sam and Uncle Cas to meet that person,” Y/N asked as she handed him some of his favorite pie. Whenever she did that Dean knew something he wasn’t going to like was about to come.

“Oh? And who is that someone?” he asked and looked at her while starting to dig into his pie.

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It only ever appears to me how amazing life is the fact that Kirk is L I T E R A L L Y 40 years older than me. (Sarcasm at amazing part) like he's so perf?! How does he do it?! Why am I young?! Kirk is too old for me. But I like him cause he's really super chill and he's trash for comic books just like me I'm trash for comic books too. I feel like we'd be really good friends tbh

Thats pretty much the same reason I love him as well. He’s so chill and just sweet and dorky, how could you not love that man my god.

So fricken cute


same characters, drawn 1.5 years later! i never really realized how much i’ve improved until i compared my current output with my older works (that aren’t even that old!). i would hope this inspires any artists out there that are way past their teenage years. you can improve at any age, i definitely have!

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Since we know Victor has starred in Yuuri's fantasies since his teenage years despite his anger towards the man, did post chapter 10 (which I think is the point where Yuuri is starting to look at their sexual encounters without any hatred-maybe a little guilt, but he's mostly focused on how good being with Victor feels) Yuuri start fantasizing/remembering about Victor whenever he's jerking off to relax? I can see him being too in denial to do it before that, but by then he's too thirsty

My friend, Yuuri has been in-denial jerking off about Viktor since he was eighteen, the only change over the years is he went from pretending it meant nothing and was only because Viktor was hot to fully acknowledging that it was very much not ‘nothing.’ Also he eventually had memories to use not just fantasies ;)

Back To The Future

Summary: Six years after the murder of Jason Blossom, Jughead finds himself in the same spot where he’d finally told Betty about his pathetic plight; and reflects on what Riverdale has become now.

Part One:


Riverdale hadn’t changed much.

Well, apart from the absence of the ever-present mist that shrouded the small town six years ago. But, even in the span of almost half a decade, Riverdale still retained its ‘50s vibes, only exaggerated by places like Pop’s, with its bright neon lights.

It was upon this diner that Jughead currently sat upon- on the roof, a place which he’d occupied so frequently through his teenage years. He was surprised he’d never been caught- maybe old Pop just turned a blind eye. Emphasis on old- the chock’lit shoppe had been taken over by a new generation of Pop Tate’s.

Jughead had yet to try out its food- he was waiting for his girlfriend of, well, six years.

He honestly didn’t expect Betty Cooper to stay with him that long.

The past few years had been amazing for him. He’d been accepted into NYU, and was almost completing his second year there. His novel on Jason Blossom’s murder had been finally published two years ago, and he’d finally been reunited with Jellybean- after many long years of separation.

Things had definitely changed for him- he’d been homeless at one point, and now, he was paying for a dorm in Manhattan.

He owed most of this to the Andrews family- they’d taken him in when he’d been helpless, and had offered to pay for his college. No need for the last part though- he’d gotten a full ride scholarship, after his novel had been published.

His legs dangled from the neon-lined roof- Betty would arrive in ten minutes- visiting Polly right now, Archie in half an hour, with a mystery girlfriend in tow. Veronica would be here too, though Jughead wasn’t sure when, as well as Kevin.

This reunion had been purely accidental- it was winter break and everyone happened to be visiting, and Jughead was really looking forward to it.

He wanted to go back and tell his sixteen year old self that everything would be okay- life would finally take a turn for the better.

He tilted his head back and basked in the winter sun on his face.

He’d missed Archie. He’d practically become his brother, after Fred Andrews took Jughead in, and they literally went to two different sides of the country- Archie to UCLA, to pursue his music, and Jughead to NYU, for writing. It had been a year since they’d seen each other, their only communication being text and social media.

He was also eager to see who’d taken over the Blue and Gold- it had thrived when the detective duo of Riverdale High took charge; and when they graduated, the pair was sad to let it go.

The Blue and Gold allowed Betty and Jughead to spend time together, which was what brought them closer.

Although, the fact that they attended university together was also a factor- Betty had taken forensics, which had, to say the least, surprised everyone. The girl next door and mysteries? Too much of a contrast, they’d thought.

But Betty was thriving, and so was Riverdale’s entire class of 2019. A class that had been scrutinized and thought badly of, in the wake of their most talented footballer’s demise.

It was what had brought them together, in the end, which was why Jughead had been waiting with anticipation for this very trip.

“Juggie!” A mellifluous voice whispered in his ear.

Like all those years ago, Jughead jumped, once again just managing to hold his footing and not topple over to the sidewalk.

“Betty, you do know one day my reflexes will go out of hand and I’ll fall off.” He smirked, once he regained his composure.

“Then I’ll be heartbroken, Juggie.”

She sat next to him. “How do you get up here without ruining your clothes?” She said. “Jeans with holes in them are supposed to be trendy,” she pointed at hers, “but I’m not sure they’re supposed to be deliberate.”

“You?” Jughead quirked an eyebrow. “Little miss cheerleader?”

Betty shoved him in response.

They paused, and looked out at the now-bare trees.

“Juggie, remember all those years ago? You confessed that you were homeless in this very spot.”

“Ah, yes. My over-emotional teenage years.”

Betty raised her eyebrows. “You had  reason to be emotional.”

“True. I’m glad I’ve- we’ve- come a long way since then.”

Betty’s hand pulled Jughead’s face towards hers, gently kissing him.

Jughead loved Betty. He’d realised it when both of them had crashed at a 24-hour diner in New York, studying all night for finals, and it was that very moment that he could safely say that yes, he loved Betty, truly loved her, and would want to spend the rest of his life with this beautiful human being.

He pulled away to take a breath and said, “I love you, Elizabeth Cooper.”

“I love you too, Forsythe Pendleton Jones the Third.”

He groaned. “I can’t believe Forsythe is still a name, and a name which belongs to me.”

He remembered their graduation, where the high school refused to award him his diploma while keeping his real name under wraps. The whole school had collectively gasped and then laughed when Principal Weatherbee said, “Forsythe Jones!”

“Well, to me, only Jughead suits you. As weird as that name is.” Betty tickled his nose.

He looked at Betty- really looked at her- and found himself so happy and so grateful that he was as lucky to have found someone like Betty- she’d traded her high ponytail for a bob that ended at her chin, but her clothes’ colour palette remained the same- pastel hues. She looked positively radiant in her blue pea coat, but all Jughead wanted to do was see that pea coat on the floor of his bedroo- ahem.

But he sneaked in another kiss, which satiated him for now, and whispered words of admiration and love into his girlfriend’s ear.

They sat like that in companionable silence, him playing with her hair and her tracing out the features of his long, lean hands.

“Oi, lovebirds!” Came a shout from below them. When they peeped over, they saw Archie Andrews waving up at them- with Veronica Lodge by his side. “Come on down.”

They looked at each other- was Veronica Archie’s mystery girl?- and made their way down.

When they did, all four of them ran forward and hugged each other in a huge group- the core four had been reunited once again.

Wanna be on Top?

Rating: T

Warnings: Bad attept at a pickup line.

Summary: Alfred is living the fast paced life of a model on the go, but is frozen in his tracks by a beauty the likes of which he’s never seen.

A/N: Written for @elvenrain because they inspired me during their livestream!


Modeling had always come easy to Alfred. Ever since he was a baby, he’d been on diaper boxes and rice cereal brands across America. By his grade school years he was acting in cough syrup commercials and Mc D*nalds ads on every TV in the nation. In his teenage years was when his career had really taken off. Makeup brands, music videos, and various other portions of the fashion industry were using him. He even had a special name, Goldenboy.

Everything was going oh so right in his life. Dreams of being in Paris for fashion week were practically within his grasp at the ripe age of nineteen. Alfred was feeling unstoppable, on top of the world, a god among mortals.

All of that came screeching to a halt in a matter of seconds.

Alfred’s eyes followed a beautiful stranger on the street corner outside, his view from the windowside table of the coffee shop being perfect. The rain outside did nothing to obscure his view, thanks to the canopy out front. He dared not look away for a second, as if the earth may shatter should he let the man slip from his vision.

As luck would have it, the gorgeous blond haired creature was coming this way, and the door to the shop soon opened with the sound of a bell.

Alfred snapped out of his thoughts as his name was called, his order being ready now. How cruel fate was, giving him no more time to stare at the seemingly flawless skin of the other. He had work to get to, after all, and was only allowed a small break today. There were too many photoshoots lined up one after the other for him to dally too long.

The back of his mind begged him to ask the man’s number, use a cheesy pickup line, ANYTHING. The first words to leave his mouth were not what he had intended. “Oh man, your eyebrows are huge!”

Shit. Shit, fuck, mother of–

“Excuse me??” Came the obviously offended voice of the man he had been watching.

Sweet lord have mercy, the man had an accent. One of Al’s biggest kinks, he had found, were accents. Too dumbstruck to reply, Alfred simply gave his brightest smile and an awkward wave.

“I, uh, I meant to say..” Al took a moment to attempt to collect a thought “I think your eyebrows are cute! Really make your eyes pop, yanno? You ever considered modeling?”

Touchdown! Expert recovery, if he did say so himself. When he looked into the startled eyes of his mystery man, he expected to be brushed off or maybe even slapped. How did he even know if this guy was batting for his team? Oh Alfred, you done fucked up now, didn’t you?

Surprisingly enough, the emerald eyed man started laughing. Alfred watched as this beautiful human being laughed, and by the gods was his laugh the most incredible sound he’d ever heard. The sound was contagious too, as Al soon found himself laughing as well.

Moments of giggle fits and heavy breathing later, the two men had calmed down from their high. A hand was extended to Al, his eye candy giving a small, but still noticeable, smile. “I’ll give you credit, I have never heard that one before. I’ll assume you were hitting on me?”

Al shook the hand before him eagerly. “Not my best pickup line. Mind giving me another chance? Name’s Alfred. Alfred F. Jones.”

“Arthur Kirkland.” Came the man, Arthur’s response. “I suppose I could suffer through another, for a handsome lad like yourself.”

A slip of paper was slif into Alfred’s hand, when had he written anything down? A number was clearly scrawled across it, the name in an elegant cursive script. Alfred’s grin rivaled the sun.

“Really? You asked for it~!” Alfred cleared his throat, “Are you Tyra Banks? Cause I wanna be on Top~”

He deserved the slap he got for that one.

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*slides into the room* have you ever heard of a thing called HoMeStUcK!? If not.... *leans next to your ear* Let. Me. Tell. You. About... Homestuck~ *slides back out the room*

Ah yes. Homestuck. I can remember it from my teenage years…. Eeeeeeeehhhhh it was bad…

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well i also disagree with the last unpopular opinion of this anon, like why would hanbin lie about not being in any relationship in the past, i don't see the point like he even make fun of himself bc he've never been in any relationship, he didn't really have time anyway he spent all of his teenage years working so hard. also and not everyone inevitably was in a relationship during their teenage years, even if they're freaking handsome like hanbin is

He joined YGE when he was 13 years old. He lived in the us before that for a few years and he always worked on songs even before he joined YG. He didn’t have one free minute during his trainee years and after debut there was only time for his group, his family and work. So tbvh? I don’t believe he ever even had a real chance to meet someone. Plus the dating ban on top of that. I really hope he’ll find the love of his life one day tho. He really seems like the honest type of guy who would do anything for his babe. I wish he could experience what he always reads in books or sees in movies and dramas.


shin hoseok modeling for sportswear
feb. 19th, 2017 seocho’s training facility

Modeling… Weird…  If you asked Hoseok a few months ago if he saw himself ever modeling again, he probably would have answered with a firm ‘no’. But don’t take it the wrong way, it was definitely something he enjoyed. He spent quite a chunk of his childhood and early teenage years prepping for photo shoots and smiling for the camera. It basically became a part of him. Truthfully, it’s probably what helped turn him into such a charismatic person in the first place. The boy wasn’t shy at all, and that’s why he had a lot of confidence in himself. Sadly, despite the fact that he constantly has confidence in his appearance and socialization skills, he doesn’t always manage to obtain the confidence to succeed. Back after he didn’t win the KT & Royal contest, he kind of had a moment of realization; not everyone gets what they want. Everyone wanted to come out victorious, likely as much as the next person, but many enter, only few will win… That’s life.

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Top 10 books by transgender authors featuring trans characters

Cisgender authors can write great trans characters, but trans authors live the experiences of their characters every day and their voices need to be the loudest on trans issues, argues teen writer John Hansen. So here’s a list of the best trans YA and middle grade books by trans and non-binary authors