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Edward Petherbridge in the ‘The Exorcism’ episode of the BBC’s Dead of Night series, 1972

On December 5th, Dawn Kraut, a senior at the University of Washington and sister of a Seattle detective, gave a statement to King County Detective Kathleen McChesney concerning a lengthy conversation she’d had with Ted Bundy a day earlier in the school’s cafeteria. What follows is a portion of that statement:

On Thursday, December 4th 1975, I was at the undergraduate library cafeteria at the University of Washington where I am a senior in psychology and anthropology. I had a class from 1:30 to 2:30 P.M. and then went to the cafeteria by myself. I sat alone at a table and was studying. At about 3:00 o’clock I noticed a man I recognised as Ted Bundy from the newspapers, sitting about two tables away. I have never met Bundy. I wasn’t really sure it was him as I thought he was in Salt Lake City. The man i thought was Ted Bundy was talking with a hippy-type of guy, he was about 25 years old and had long blond hair. “Ted” was eating a hamburger and laughing and smiling, although I could see under the table a kind of dichotomy- his legs and feet were moving as if he were very nervous. 

I wasn’t able to hear much of their conversation and when they stopped talking the blond man and Ted got up from the table and parted. Ted was going near the door and I went up towards the vending machine to get something to drink. I wasn’t very far from Ted then I quietly said Ted? “Ted” turned around and said “Do I know you?” I said “no” and he nodded his head and asked my name. I frowned and he said “Just your first name.” I said “Dawn.” “Ted” said “I saw you looking at me, it was more than just a double-take.” I said, “I never forget a face.” Then I didn’t want him to think I recognised him from seeing him in person before and I told him I had seen his picture in the papers… At first “Ted” seemed nervous and then composed as we talked longer. He told me he was Ted Bundy. He was wearing nicely pressed old jeans, new reddish brown loafers, a navy blue turtleneck and a beige and brown striped sweater with a loose cloth belt. When he was eating his hamburger he wasn’t wearing gloves but now he was… We stood by the door and had a conversation for about 45 minutes…

I asked how the case was going and he smiled and said, “Well,” and then started talking about the sensationalism of the press. He also said, “It’s something people will never forget.” I told him I thought people would forget. He disagreed with me about this, he seemed certain people would remember… We didn't talk about anything other than him. I asked him what he was doing in the library and he said he had come from the law school where he was told that they didn’t want him there using the facilities because of his reputation. Ted told me that I was the first person that recognised him that didn’t previously know him. He asked me if an attractive young woman like myself wasn’t afraid to know that “Theodore Bundy” was around campus. I shrugged and didn’t answer. 

I told him I knew one of the girls who disappeared- Denise Naslund. Ted said, “Oh, that’s a shame.” “I feel sorry for the genuine friends and family of the people who disappeared.” “I can really see why they’d be bitter and want the person or persons caught.” “It must have been a terrifying nightmarish experience.” I recalled that he only spoke about the incidents with the girls as being disappearances.”

Source- The Bundy Murders A Comprehensive History by Kevin M. Sullivan

So life sucks and finals are probably stressing everyone out but here’s a cute mental picture: teen Sherlock getting home from dance practice and flopping on his bed, throwing his left arm around Redbeard who had been following him through the house and has just jumped up to lay next to him. Sherlock then reaches out with his right hand to grab the rotary phone off of his bedside table (the phone is the same shade of pastel pink as the shortshorts he’s wearing over his leotard, which ALSO matches the shade of nude pink lipstick he’s wearing). His tongue sticks out a bit as he holds the phone up to his ear with his shoulder and painstakingly dials John’s home phone number. John, who has been sitting next to the phone for the past half-hour ever since he got home from rugby practice, picks up on the second ring and immediately answers with a “hey babe,” and Sherlock can hear John’s smile in his electronically transmitted voice. Sherlock presses the phone tighter to his ear as his cheeks blush and his legs kick in the air. They’re happy and innocent and in love. Thanks for coming to my ted talk.

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