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Ik it isn't bitter sunday but like what if tony had a daughter and team free loader tries to go back to the compound and she gives them a piece of her mind ft. Pepper,Rhodey, & Peter

Her name is Vic because of course Tony names his daughter Victory. She is almost as tall as Tony–she’ll get there one day, of that she’s sure–has her father’s curly, brown hair and her mother’s grey eyes–and, as her mother likes to joke sometimes, both of their worst qualities. She’s petty and sharp-tongued and never quite knows when to quit, and she adores Tony almost as much as Tony adores her.

Only Pepper, Rhodey and Peter are smart enough to be terrified of her.

The first time Pepper realises the extend of the Wrath Of Vic™ she’s leading the redeemed Avengers into their old compound. It’s still official SI property and since Tony refused to be here Pepper has decided to handle the team herself. She’s got plans.

Plans she never gets the chance to enact. Because when they arrive at the compound, Pepper is as surprised as everyone else to discover that they aren’t alone. And that every wall–every wall in the entire building, how did she even do that–is painted in the most galling, eye-paining shade of orange she has ever had the misfortune to see.

She doesn’t let any of her surprise show of course. Pepper hasn’t worked for Tony for years for nothing. Besides the returning “heroes” expressions are very gratifying indeed.

The orange isn’t the only new decoration either. In every place where there used to be the trademark Avengers sign, there is now Traitors written in poisonous green letters on the walls. The floors have been covered in a very cheap, very ugly carpet with a lot of suspicious spots Pepper decides she doesn’t want to investigate. The kitchen is filled with food.

Weeks old food.

Pepper is starting to suspect that Vic has been preparing for this ever since the Congress finally decided to take up negotiations on the Accords again.

(She is wrong. Vic has been preparing for this day since she spent seven endless hours in an impersonal hospital waiting room, awaiting the news of her father’s fate.)

The furniture in the personal rooms is mostly still there, if now covered in spray-painted graffitis. Mostly there seem to be a lot of penises and middle-fingers from what Pepper can make out. It’s so pointlessly childish she has to hide her face behind a file for a moment to hide a stubborn smile.

Dirty footprints, drops of paint, greasy hand prints on the windows, dust…the place is a mess.

Pepper is so busy pretending not to bask in Steve Roger’s horrified disbelief, she almost misses the girl sitting cross-legged in the middle of the common room–on the only spot of clean floor available–typing away on a laptop.

“Oh, you’re here,” she comments, shuts her laptop.

Rogers frowns. “Who are you?” he asks distractedly, apparently still in too much shock by the state of his home.

Vic blinks, once, twice, then smiles with all her teeth. “My name is Victory Stark. You may remember meeting my father, Anthony Stark.”

The announcement is met by stunned silence.

“I didn’t–didn’t know Tony had a daughter,” Steve manages to get out eventually.

Impossibly, Vic’s grin widens. 

“Don’t worry,” she says as she gets to her feet, shoulders her bag, “You’re unlikely to forget any time soon.”

And with that she pirouettes on her heels, kicking an open can of Red Bull until it falls over and spills on the ground where she sat just a moment ago, and strides out of the room, humming I’m sexy and I know it as she does so.

[”How did you do it? You’d have to have been painting day and night to do this much damage in such a short time!” Pepper asks curiously a few hours later.

“Would’ve been some well-spent weeks.” Vic shrugs unapologetically. “Wasn’t necessary though. I just asked on craigslist if any Iron Man fans felt the need to make their feelings known to the dear Captain.”

“And proprietary damage is what you came up with?”

“Oh, no.” Vic’s smile is unholy. “That’s just the start. I got together with some girls from my school to brainstorm. Honestly, how more people aren’t deathly afraid of cheerleaders I’ll never know.”

…Pepper knows better than to ask.]


this is my son he’s kind of trying his best


It’s been ten years since I’ve started drawing! TEN YEARS! :D

So instead of redrawing (or redesigning, technically) something from 2007, I took something from 2008. To be fair, this was when I felt I had honest to goodness really started trying. c’:  

Fun fact about the new version: I was so worried about ruining the lineart, that I decided to shade on tracing paper instead. I think it turned out pretty well!

“Just do this, and we’ll be free. How does that sound?

sooooooo i havent actually talked abt whats up w my rose n pearl so!! the rundown

• pink diamond is a new diamond on the block snd already has her sights on a new planet that she wants to make her first conquered colony. thing is, this planet has life, something that gems have never stumbled across before. pink loves the life and plans to keep some for ‘fun’, getting to work on creating a new gem perfectly made to take care of the humans

• around the time theyr all finished up and being taken to where the zoo will be, white diamond has a new pearl delivered to her. when she sees her, she insults her, calling pearl a ‘defective’, semding her back with permission to shatter her if the delivery pearls wish to

• on her way out, our rose catches sight of her. she brings her to pinks attention, saying ‘look at that special pearl’. pink immediatly makes the delivery pearls halt and takes pearl, asking where she was headed. once she knows shes whites unwanted pearl, she asks her if she could take pearl instead. white allows this

• when pink heads back to the zoo w the roses, pearl is let down and follows in the crowd of roses. our rose speaks to her, saying ‘im the one who pointed pink ur way. had i ignored u, so would pink. amd if that happened, u would be shards by now.’. pearl responds ‘what are u trying to say?’. 'u owe me.’

• over the course of some time, rose takes pearl aside and forces her places, one of which being underground shatter rings, where gems take a weapon like the breaking point and attempt to shatter each other until only ones left standing. these are usually held fr high ranking gems entertainment by force. pearl is entered into one by rose. pearl proves herself well, being the last remaining and barely just avoiding getting shattered herself

• rose then one day takes pearl aside and gives her a stolen breaking point. she forces her shatter pink, telling her 'i saved ur gem, u are required to do this’. pearl goes through, taking several tries until she finally fully shatters pink due to her gems size • rose then takes full blame fr pinks shattering, causing the rebellion (and by rebellion i mean 'rose caused a war fr fun but called a rebellion so more gems could join her). pearl is forced to join her and fight in it (pearl approves of the downfall of the diamonds, but doesnt believe in her fighting ability and would rather stay out of the literal war)

aaaaaand we dont find out any of this fr some time. at the beginning, we are made to believe rose was a kind gem who believed in everyone. pearl is made avoident and is rarely seen and only comes around more when its revealed what happened

Character Drawcember: an old character you don’t use anymore, and then redesign them.

Technically all of my Neopets are characters I don’t use anymore, but I wanted to fix Darrell’s outfit a bit to make him look more like a Krawk Islander! He’s now wearing a new Rugged Work Shirt and Vest~

He’s also got a bit more muscle since we last saw him. Working at the Swashbuckling Academy might have been a big factor. >w>