and technically he is black

I blame Sub-Zero for a lot of problems in my life ...

When my computer freezes:

When I step outside in the morning and it’s freezing-cold:

When my tea isn’t hot enough:

When the weather gets so bad they predict it’s going to snow:

When Scorpion learns the truth behind his clan’s demise, but not being told to wait to carry out his revenge until Quan Chi can revive the other kombatants, and goes ahead and kills Quan Chi anyway, thus possibly condemning the kombatants to a revenant-ridden life forever, resulting in my heart breaking in the process:

When it’s not cold enough in the forest for Erron Black to keep his clothes on:

Super Husbands

Summary: Blaine fails to mention what he’s really doing when he’s at the library “studying” night after night. But here’s the thing: Kurt already knows.

The title is very obviously a reference to the Flash/Supergirl song from the musical episode because, duh. :)

As always, beta’ed by my own personal superhero and superfriend @a-simple-rainbow. ♥

Rating: PG

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Kurt didn’t plan on telling Blaine what he knows that night but one thing leads to another, and Kurt’s secret about Blaine’s secret is out. Blaine just can’t lie to save a life, though Kurt has got to hand it to his husband – he saves lives like no other.

He’s kept his mouth shut so far, figured Blaine would come to him eventually, but now that he’s caught him red-handed – well, black-handed, technically, since the color scheme of Blaine’s suit is blue and black – he just can’t go on pretending that he buys Blaine’s lies about studying late at the library night after night.

“What are you doing there?” Kurt asks, sleepily yet horrified, as he walks into the bathroom and watches Blaine pull off his cape and cram it into the washing machine.

“Kurt!” Blaine flinches, turning around with an end of the cape still in his hand. “I- I… um, I was trying on a costume for…” He looks lost for a second, and his eyes light up when he finally thinks of something. “Halloween! Um, yeah, for Halloween.”

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rainbow-lava  asked:

If firestar is a red abyssinian, is jake?

yep! jake is a sorrel (aka red) while fire is ruddy tho

i have fire as a ruddy abyssinian instead of red, which means he’s technically “black”. its the only way leafpool could be a brown/ruddy color and have squirrel be dark ginger as well

(jake vs fire, notice that fire has the black forehead while jake is true dark ginger)

no but can we just talk about the fact that obviously Jace is Will’s descendant, but ALEC AND ISABELLE ARE CECILY AND GABRIEL’S DESCENDANTS??? Cecily Herondale. So, Alec and Isabelle and Jace really are related, even if it’s way way back. AND Alec got the Herondale blue eyes/black hair combination, although he’s technically a Lightwood. Idk I know that is super obvious to everyone but me but I just find that sO FREAKING COOL

Okay Shiro is 100% gonna bite the fucking dust so now I’m trying to figure out the logistics of Keith becoming the leader of team Voltron like… In the original series, it was no problem when Shiro/Sven died because Keith was already the Black Lion. But in the reboot… Keith is the pilot of the Red Lion.

So will Keith have to like… Abandon his bond with Red in order to take control of the Black Lion? That’s so… Awful? Not only will Keith lose Shiro, but he’ll also technically lose his Lion. Sure, he’ll get another one, but the Black Lion isn’t Red; the Black Lion isn’t Keith’s lion.

Unless… The show creators are deliberately leading us astray… And instead of Keith ascending to the role of leader, the reboot will stick closer to canon and have Allura become pilot of the Black Lion.

anonymous asked:

I love your art and designs so far! I especially like how certain designs (Hunk's especially) remind me of classic MLP, and I like that the designs aren't directly derivative from Voltron (like choosing to make Luxefite's colors pink/purple instead or red body/black hair). I can't wait to see more ❤

ahah fun story he did technically have black hair originally. I did this before S2 came out (so no one had a cutie yet cept hunk).  But thank you! <3 

Reporter/Muggle Band Star AU

Remus was so glad that he was the one to get this interview. The Marauder band was the new star baby and he knew this would be the boost he needed for his promotion.

The band would be  arriving in two days and  performing the following night before flying to the other part of the world.

Remus didn’t really know anything about them. So he looked for their music and plugged in his earphones and started his research. Apparently, the band was composed of 3 members.

James Potter was the guy with dark skin and incredibly wild hair. He would be on piano most of the time, though he would sometimes accompany the lead singer.

Peter Pettigrew was the drummer and had wispy blond hair. He always looked after the technical part of their concerts.

Then we had Sirius Black. He was truly gorgeous with his long shiny black hair, pouty pink lips and grey eyes. He was the lead singer of the band. All rumours and stories about the band were based on him-be it fans shipping him with any person possible, tabloids propagandizing hook-ups. If Remus was to believe at least half of the stories, then Sirius was quite the the heartthrob: hooking up with anything with a pulse and leaving them without any back glance.

There was also the fact that he was a trans man. Almost every interview he had read had questions about his gender and some were more than invasive asking his dead name or what he had in his pants.

After a few hours of research, Remus prepared his questions making sure each time that none of them were invasive or rude while they still satisfied the readers’ curiosity and fascination.

Finally on the night of the concert, Remus showered and put on some jeans and a clean black shirt.

He went straight back stage and watched the concert from there.

Sirius was swaying his hips with the music, clapping his hand along the crowd and moving his head. He looked like the music was carrying him.

At the end, the band came back. James Potter ran into the arms of a man looking like the exact copy of Sirius and kissing him soundly. When they pulled back, Remus noted the other man was slightly taller than the singer and the edges in his face were sharper.

Turning back, he saw Sirius eyeing him curiously.

“Alright boys. Go wash yourselves. A reporter is supposed to come here in some moments.” A woman with bright red hair said.

Just as the musicians went, Remus presented himself to their manager Lily Evans-the ginger woman.

Sirius was the first out of the showers, grinning with his hair slightly damp.

“Hello Mr. Black. I am Remus Lupin from D8 channel. I am here for an interview with you and your band mates. Would you rather we start immediately or we wait for your friends?” Remus extended his hand.

“Oh we should start right now and… alone.” Sirius said with a lecherous grin.

Remus face felt got but he refused to get overwhelmed. The star probably did this act with everyone else.

Just then, the other Marauders joined them. James hugged him while Peter simply extended his hand. The interview went as well as it could. They all shared a few laughs, while Remus tried his best to stop Sirius’ flirting without being rude.

In the end, James invited him to their hotel for a drink. Regulus, James’ boyfriend, joined them at the hotel bar.

At some point, when he was more than slightly tipsy, the James, Reg and Peter went up to their rooms leaving Sirius and Remus alone.

“I saw you looking at me more than often. So are you pushing me away because of my reputation or because I really repulsed you?” Sirius simply asked.

Shocked, Remus blinked before carefully answering “erm, well I’ve heard about your hookups and to be honest, no-one could be repulsed by you.”

“Well I don’t do that anymore you know. The hookups I mean. I mean I used to do that when I was younger to piss my mother off. But I stopped after some years.”

Apparently, they both moved towards each other during the conversation. Remus suddenly found himself really close to Sirius’ face. He could see the flecks of blue in his blown grey eyes and could even count the creases in his bottom lip.

Sirius cupped his cheek and drew his thumb across Remus lips. “Can I kiss you Remus Lupin?”

Remus simply nodded and their lips crashed. Sirius was biting and sucking in his lips.

“Can we move to your room?

Pulling on his hand, Sirius almost tripped on his feet in his rush causing the other boy to chuckle.

They were both in a rush to remove their clothes. Remus touching and kissing every bit if skin he found. He traced the two moon scars beneath Sirius’ nipples before kissing them.

That night they fucked 3 times before Remus woke up early and ran away.

It was for the best he told himself. The Marauders were leaving for Japan for a 5 month tour this afternoon.

Six months later

Remus had got his promotion. He was now working in the best talk show of the channel.

In fact, he was being interviewed today.

The interview went pretty well up to the question regarding his personal life.
"What would you want regarding your personal life at the moment?”

Deciding on the moment, he sent a bottle in the sea to Sirius. He didn’t want to, but he pined and pined since that night. He dated a few guys but always ended up comparing them to Sirius. He also looked up to what the star was doing late at time when no-one was present to acknowledge that.

“Well, erm, right now, I would love a date with the singer Sirius Black.”

One week later, the interview was published and while browsing through the internet, James saw the article. Reading it, his eyes were like perfect saucers when he saw what Remus said.

Immediately, he called Sirius and sent him the article.

Sirius felt his stomach doing somersault at the end. Remus wanted to be with him or at least give them a chance. He had been pining over the boy for the whole of the tour. He called Lily so that she looked for his number.

An hour later, he got it.

“Hello Remus, it’s me. Erm, Sirius… Sirius Black.”

Remus lips formed a perfect o before rushing to answer.

“Right, of course I know which Sirius you are”

Then they chatted for one whole HOUR before agreeing to a date for the next night.


Cute little piebald deer feet as a “treat yo’self” gift to myself.

Last photo is where they are displayed on a shelf, along with a taxidermy squirrel, three coyote feet, a dog skull, two turkey feet, a golden island fox tail, an antique mink thing, a rabbit / raccoon “coon skin” cap from my childhood, and a jar of Toothless the raccoon’s bones.