and technically he is black

If James and Lily never died

I’m sorry

- Voldemort would still had tried to kill him, but Lily and James didn’t die for him
- Meaning; he wouldnt be protected by his mothers love
- He would still have his scar, and still be famous, and he would be a bit more arrogant about it, even though Lily tried her best to make him more humble
- James tried too, but he was just so excited about the fact that his son was a hero before he turned 2
- But Harry would still be Harry, obvious & kind
- He went to Diagon Ally with James and Lily instead of Hagrid, and didn’t get to know the man who hadn’t cried when he said goodbye to the infant, cause that never happened
- James, Lily, Sirius and Remus all followed him to 9 ¾, so Mrs. Weasley never had to help him out, and in the big crowd, Harry didn’t notice the big family.
- Harry hugged all four adults goodbye, and he felt so loved. it was a bitter sweet situation cause he was gonna miss them so much
- Ron still sat with him, but Harry didn’t share candy with him. he had promised his mom he wouldn’t spend all the money on candy and instead buy som ‘real’ food
- Hermione still went by and Ron and Harry still disliked her at first
- He wasnt nervous about the sorting hat, cause even though Sirius and James made it sound scary, Lily and Remus assured him that it wasn’t
- The sorting hat whispered about Slytherin, but Harry refused knowing all too well about that house (at least from James, Sirius and Remus’ point of view. Lily seemed to disagree with them)
- He did become friends with Ron, and Hermione too. But he never envied them for their families and he never stayed at Hogwarts during the holidays
- He never really became friends with Hagrid, but he didn’t mind the big guy, he seemed friendly
- Dumbledore still had a soft spot for Harry, knowing that he would be the one to end Voldemort
- Snape never mourned Lily’s death, and so he never left Voldemorts side. He never became a teacher at Hogwarts or a spy.
- But his hatred for Harry was greater, cause now he didn’t have a promise to keep him alive. he could let Harry and James die and have Lily for himself
- Harry was still his curious self, and though Harry, Ron and Hermione weren’t exactly friends with Hagrid, they were still able to get their wanted information from him
- They still ventured down to get the philosophers stone, and Harry still stood face to face with Voldemort
- Except this time, he didn’t have his mothers love to protect him
- And it wasn’t like Dumbledore was gonna arrive earlier for that reason
- So unfortunately Harry didn’t have any magic stronger than Voldemorts
- But even though Harry died at 11 years old, he had lived a happy life filled with love
- He never met Dobby and made him free
- James, Lily, Sirius, Remus, Hedwig etc. mourned his death instead of the other way around
- But Ginny was never possessed by Voldemort, cause Malfoy didn’t feel any need to give away Voldemorts diary
- Sirius had never been to Azkaban
- Peter had still betrayed the family, but he was never in debt to Harry
- Moody was never kidnapped, and he was too paranoid to join the war
- Umbridge never became teacher at Hogwarts, cause the ministry couldn’t hide the truth. Voldemort became powerful so quickly after Harrys death
- Most people gave up, but few still faught Voldemort, for Harry.
- Harry never met Ginny, and he would never be anything else than her celebrity crush
- But of course the story doesn’t end there
- Cause Voldemort was still alive, having killed his enemy
- Which means, that Neville Longbottom would have to step in
- The boy that only few people actually believed in
- The boy with a very low self-esteem
- He hadn’t been bullied by Snape, but he was still very unsure of himself
- He had a lot to live up to, and he couldn’t even ask his parents for advice
- The boy, that didn’t have love to protect him either

I blame Sub-Zero for a lot of problems in my life ...

When my computer freezes:

When I step outside in the morning and it’s freezing-cold:

When my tea isn’t hot enough:

When the weather gets so bad they predict it’s going to snow:

When Scorpion learns the truth behind his clan’s demise, but not being told to wait to carry out his revenge until Quan Chi can revive the other kombatants, and goes ahead and kills Quan Chi anyway, thus possibly condemning the kombatants to a revenant-ridden life forever, resulting in my heart breaking in the process:

When it’s not cold enough in the forest for Erron Black to keep his clothes on:

Cast thy nighted color off- or, that classic soulmate au

My take on that classic “the first words your soulmate says are tattooed on your body” au

Jacob had visited the loop twice already, but he had yet to meet the ever-elusive Enoch. He had heard plenty, certainly- that Enoch was cantankerous, cruel, and that Jacob was better off not meeting him. Their assertions didn’t ward Jacob away. No, he wanted to solve the mystery of this Enoch even more.

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elirian  asked:

Alright, just to bring in some fun speculation into the Shiro fandom again. We now know that what a bayard presents as is specific to the paladin, e.g. Lance always having a type of gun regardless if he's using the blue or red bayard, and Keith always has a type of sword. Since the black bayard is technically Shiro's (he fought for it damn it) what do you think it would be if (WHEN) Shiro finally gets to use it? And oh man I am sending in so many questions lately - sorry!

please don’t apologise for cool Shiro-related questions!

regarding Shiro’s bayard:

i have commented before about how Shiro’s fighting style is very flexible and adaptable and how he doesn’t seem to have one fixed method of fighting. {there’s a meta here about it} but i’ve also pointed out how Shiro fights like a small person despite being well over six foot. which makes sense, because in his year in the gladiator arena he was fighting monsters that were much bigger and stronger than him, so his fighting style is characteristic of a smaller, lightweight fighter even though Shiro by human standards is pretty tall. it’s actually really interesting to see cos he’s the tallest Paladin and he’s this buff, athletic guy but his fighting style is all fluid and quick and dirty and ducking and weaving and using space and his surroundings to his advantage.

Shiro fights like a survivalist and he mixes a lot of different fighting styles. he throws kicks and hand strikes and he uses his arm like a knife but he also sometimes gets a boxer’s stance and throws punches. he moves like a gymnast or a free-runner: up the walls, over obstacles, grabbing onto things and flipping over. he can deadass do a full split, not to mention all his holds and flips and rolls.

Shiro fights like his element: the sky, or space. he’s expansive and fluid and like a gas that expands to fill whatever container it’s in, he’s incredibly flexible. not just physically (although he is, like WOW) - in terms of his approach to a fight he’s very flexible. he doesn’t stick to just one weapon or approach and if he spots something in his environment that might give him an advantage, he uses it.

one interesting thing i’ve noticed about Shiro is that he never uses guns - in the entire first two seasons not once did he point a gun at someone, and it’s part of why seeing Kuron use a gun during his escape is so… disconcerting. the only time Shiro held a gun he turned it around and gave it back to someone else:

even though Allura didn’t even use the gun properly, Shiro doesn’t take it off her to use himself - and he doesn’t pick up a discarded gun of his own, either. i feel like Shiro is maybe… uncomfortable with guns? perhaps because they remind him of the guards, or the Galra soldiers. regardless - he seems much happier fighting with his hands and feet and body, and leaves the guns to other people.

so we have this fluid, flexible, creative fighter who uses multiple weapons, many of which he improvises from his environment. what kind of form would his bayard take?

i think his bayard is going to be flexible and take multiple forms. the black bayard took multiple forms in Zarkon’s hands - and we saw in S3 that Lance could shift his bayard into a longer sniper-rifle when he wanted to. the idea of flexible bayards is solid canon at this point, and a multi-form bayard would absolutely suit Shiro as a fighter. the reason we haven’t seen the black bayard take multiple forms in Keith’s hands is because Keith isn’t the real Black Paladin, so he’s unable to use the bayard to its full capacity - the way it’s supposed to be used.

Shiro, on the other hand, fights like his element and is a perfect match for his Lion. when Shiro gets the black bayard it’s gonna take multiple forms in his hands. i expect to see him switch between a knife or a sword or a grappling hook or a mace or a staff - at will, on the go, mid-battle. like… Shiro is already amazingly good at using whatever’s around him to improvise weapons. imagine what he’ll do with a bayard that - by its very nature - is intended to be flexible and malleable and take multiple forms.

watching Shiro fight with his bayard is going to be A M A Z I N G

Day 3 - Futuristic/ Day 4 - Space

I’m a bit late but as soon as I saw Space I had to think of this. Voltron x Ninjago, nothing new but I liked the idea~
Also I guess it’s futuristic too? Because Voltron’s in the future?

anonymous asked:

Don't the proportions and context of an abusive father in Ishida's latest illustration resemble Torso rather than Amon or Kaneki?

Hey Anons! :)

I agree with you both that the line mentioning an abusive father is rather striking and is what initially made me doubt that Ishida’s new art was about Kaneki… Initially that is, because the character (whose hair is hidden by that black smoke effect for me) has black nails

And since I don’t think this is relating to Takizawa or Uta, the only other character (iirc) who used to have black nails was Shironeki, so Kaneki could be the one on Ishida’s new art. 

As for the “don’t hit me father” part…I’m really not sure and I know people always disagreed, but it’s not because we always knew that Kaneki’s dad died long ago that he can’t somehow have an importance at a later point (I guess). After all, look at what happened with Kaneki’s mom (I know she was mentioned more than his dad ever was though).

Of course, the more :Re goes on, the less it feels that Kaneki’s father will ever be mentioned, especially when Kaneki himself always said he doesn’t have a lot of memories about his dad, except for his books, but then again, Kaneki is of the unreliable narrator type so…  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Extending this line of thought, for all we know it’s not about Kaneki’s father but about one of Kaneki’s father figures: namely it could be about Arima, since we know Arima fought against Kaneki/Haise many times.
Then again, I know, he never referred to Arima directly as “dad” but he did call Akira “mom” once, even if the tone of the scene was light back then (but that’s still something he said with a longing look on his face).

Frankly, I can’t be sure but the way the character is prostrated and the black nails definitely make me think of Kaneki… 

…with either a hint that Kaneki’s father might actually become plot relevant at some point (and in that case, if Kaneki actually remembers about him, we have yet another example of the unreliable narrator trope for Kaneki’s character), or with Kaneki simply losing it altogether and not making sense anymore. 

If not Kaneki, then it’s another character with black nails => Takizawa, Uta…? But I don’t think Takizawa’s dad ever was hinted to be abusive and we don’t know enough about Uta to speculate on the subject. 

I hope it answers your questions Anons, sorry that I don’t have so many ideas! Have a nice weekend :))

some tkf halloween headcanons

- jason is the kid in middle school who makes a costume using normal clothing items so he can wear it to school (even though you’re not supposed to) and he can’t Technically get dress-coded

- trina just wears a black or orange sweater on halloween and she definitely claims it counts as a costume. it’s really Not, but she gets away with it because it’s such a Mom™ thing to do

- trina is the parent who buys a bunch of good candy to give out but mendel is the parent who tells jason to periodically come back to the house and take trina’s good candy and replace it in the bowl with whatever bad candy he got

- marvin used to be a boring man who didn’t really get the hype over halloween and didn’t participate at all, but whizzer enjoys halloween and marvins whipped so he’ll wear matching costumes with whizzer as long as they’re not over the top

- cordelia had the great idea one year to make homemade snacks and give them out, but charlotte, being a doctor and the Voice of Reason™, talked her out of it

- jason, marvin, and whizzer all LOVE watching shitty horror movies. trina hates them, so whenever jason spends the night at marvin’s during october they do movie nights

- charlotte and cordelia are totally the type to wear like. really boring and not at all festive clothes one year and whenever one of their friends asks why they’re not dressed up they say “we are, we’re dressed as straight people”


Cameron Boyce and family celebrating Black History Month and recognizing the Clinton 12

Ok, but you know what we’re not talking about and need to ASAP?

Damian and Jon bonding over having, and losing superpowers. Yes, Jon still has his powers, but he’s always dealing with controlling them, and then there was the whole Manchester Black mess where he did technically lose them bit by bit for a while.

And Damian knows A: what it’s like to have powers and B: what it’s like to lose them.

So, imagine them talking about the feeling of flying, of air rushing through their hair and the freedom that comes with being above everything.

Or of talking about the fear and excitement that comes with heat vision, their eyes literally heating up and shooting beams that could either destroy or help.

Comparing the biggest thing they ever carried. “I lifted a truck.” “Well I lifted the Batsignal.” “You think that’s cool, wait till I tell you about the dinosaurs.”

Discussing what it feels like to run in front of bullets, or have weapons bounce off their bodies.

Of the rush that comes with using their powers, of having them, and being able to use them to help people.

Then the discussion moves to the feeling of loss when powers short out, and the empty feeling in Damian’s gut when he realized his powers were gone, forever. Of him consoling Jon about his powers fluctuating. Them discussing how scary it is to have new powers, and the worry that maybe that new power might disappear.

Damian telling Jon what he can about how he controlled his powers, and helping Jon in figuring out how to control his. Damian being his cheerleader, in a grumpy kind of way because he can’t be too nice or Jon might actually think he cares.

Basically my boys bonding over superpowers.

foxinaforestofstars  asked:

Okay but Soulmate AU (forgive me, I adore Soulmate AUs) where you see the world in black and white until you touch your soulmate for the first time and Robbie thinks he sees black and white because he's technically dead and doesn't have a soulmate but then you (a friend of Chase or whatever) shake his hand in greeting and the world explodes into colour and the first colour Robbie sees that will also forever be his favourite colour is that of your eyes.

(Omg this is adorable!!)
He’d be so shocked that he’s still gripping your hand, even when you’ve come out of your shock and giggling. Chase taps his shoulder, having to flick his ear to pull him out of his stupor.

loud laughter

Originally posted by zenixin

Title: loud laughter
Pairing: Zhang Yixing/Reader
Summary: After years of planning on having a child, Zhang Yixing was finally going to become a father. However, his group of friends and bandmates had a slight competition on who could be the best godfather, if only they knew how childish they looked.
Note: This is a continuation of this scenario. Please read that beforehand.


Yixing had grown attached to many things about his friends, the ones he was with in this group that he loved very dearly, it’s obvious…after years of living with one another, he had learned to love a few bits of them, other things were clearly annoying but after months without seeing each other, he felt…relieved to finally see them and being able to continue with his work in EXO. In this case, after moving in with his girlfriend he had started to miss Minseok’s need for cleaning, Jongdae’s loud singing in the morning, Kyungsoo’s snappy remarks at Chanyeol’s and clearly, Baekhyun’s loud voice and widened eyes as Yixing takes off the white mask he had over his face. Years of relationship, years of pushing their future back and things had happened, it seemed like life wanted them to have a future together, which lead her to being pregnant and have that band on her ring finger that commemorated the day when they finally decided to get married. However, the wedding was due in a few months and the baby he was having was coming sooner than later, in about a month at most. Junmyeon had stopped eating his breakfast the moment he looked at Yixing and the man simply shrugged his shoulders, as if it wasn’t the big deal but to Baekhyun, who had now pressed his palms to Yixing’s cheeks to make him look at him, it was the biggest deal.

The thing was, and she had this conversation with him before, the two were lovers of having a family, they wanted that type of cliché life that included lots of hardships, but also a whole lot of happiness. Yixing was extremely happy the moment he knew his soon-to-be-wife was pregnant and whilst the fans only knew that he was dating someone and not exactly getting married and having a baby, he still felt happy…he was happy and he wouldn’t trade that for anything else. However, it seemed like it was a big surprise because Chanyeol had stopped checking his social media to look at him, as well as the others in the room that had woken up to receive Yixing in their dorms. Baekhyun breathes in before speaking.

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eghfeithrean  asked:

He's still technically the Black Paladin and does still wear his suit, so for him to not wear it is a big "hey I'm not part of the team!" flag. And with the Fight With Voltron thing, I mean...

ashdfksl If you’re terrified of this trend of phasing Shiro(Kuron) out from the team, clap your hands,, 

anonymous asked:

So Sangwoo actually went with the "We are boyfriends" thing woah. You said you'd be disappointed with him if he did that. Are you? Or did the chapter change your mind?

Oh no. People said he’s going to use the ‘I’m his bf so I got jealous when I saw Seungbae aka Bum’s ex’ as an excuse to why he attacked Seungbae. I said that was stupid as hell when he could go with the ‘abusive ex bf’ story and that was exactly what he did. He technically went with both!! It was my fault for thinking in black and white while he could clearly go with both ‘the abusive ex bf’ and ‘we’re also together’ scenario to make their situation better.